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Welcome Back Suikoden! 03/20/06 Blue Moon
Worst Suikoden ever? I don't know; Suikoden 4 WAS pretty bad... 08/09/06 ElDudorino
It's an uphill battle for the Suikoden series... 02/22/07 Berserker_Blade
Suikoden V is a flawed, yet good return to form for the series. 09/08/06 Black Hayate
I enjoyed the game but it still lacking quite a bit... 06/14/06 blackravenrakka
Not perfect, but critisized for all the wrong reasons. 09/14/06 BlackWizardMagus
A return to form, and a solid entry in the series... 04/04/06 CynicalZealot
A good storyline with interesting characters, what more does a RPG need? 08/03/06 damogamo
The moral of the story is winner's don't do drugs. They don't do world destroying runes either, but mainly not drugs 10/06/06 DarthMordechai
Part V makes an uphill climb... and fails to make it to the top. 01/03/07 Dinkybarrel
It is good to be the prince. 08/01/08 DragonClaw01
10/10 is not EXAGGERATING!!! 06/15/06 Fat_Chocobo_F3
Not perfect, but Suikoden is well on the way to redemption. 04/19/06 Gylgamesh
I haven't felt this in a long time. 03/30/06 hecktic00
The tale of the orange Mumu. 07/16/15 Kashell Triumph
Well, it's a step in the right direction 03/22/10 LordShibas
Fans of the series, old and new, rejoice 04/03/06 Matt620
One of the best RPGs on the PS2. 01/28/08 Nosferatu_Z0dd
Suikoden V is very good, but it's not "wreck your marriage" good. Of course, that may be preferable to the alternative. 04/11/06 pcook930
So Prince.. How was it?..Oh come on! You know what I'm talkin' about! The purification rite! 09/30/08 ploder44444
Suikoden's triumphant return to glory! 03/30/06 poorguy171
108 Characters that you see once, and never again. 07/05/07 Poyozo
NOW LOADING... ... ... 12/06/07 RequiemDawn
One of the best RPG's to hit on the ps2 ! 01/22/07 ryudo500
Finally, another good Suikoden game 05/30/06 seraphite
A beautiful girl with two black eyes 05/14/06 Zotmaster

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