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Armor Guide by Blazefeeler

Version: Saint | Updated: 10/16/2008

>>>>>>Suikoden V Armor-Set Guide<<<<<<
By Blazefeeler (Kooptsk@hotmail.com) 

1. Introduction
-A) Contribution History
-B) Copyrights

2. Armor Sets Guide

3. Special Armor

4. Credits

The Introduction
This guide came into production on 3-27-2006, the 
same day that I first began tracking and logging 
rune piece drops and trying to confirm their drop rates 
with help from the OSG. With this most recent update, 
10-14-2008, I hope to have (for once and for all) put 
an end to the questions surrounding some of the 
previously held disputes about where and how to obtain
some of the rare pieces from the sets in the game. 
However, I am only human. So, if you see a mistake 
somewhere in this guide PLEASE email me so that I can 
correct it for future reference. Thank you. 
-A) Contribution History
3-24-2006 Recieved and started playing (NA) SV.
3-27-2006 Started work on the Armor Set Faqs. 
4-9-2006 Finished up Version 1.0 of the Faqs.
6-15-2006 Update/Edit to drop locations.  
1-24-2007 Copyrights Update. 
10-14-2008 MASSIVE update. 

-B) Copyrights
This guide may not be posted in any other website other than
Gamefaqs.com without my expressed and prior written approval.
I will more than likely grant permission if you simply ask and 
give credit where it is due. If you notice an error, or have found 
something not listed in this guide, please email me and I will 
correct the faqs and give credit for your find. This guide may 
not be sold or bartered for on Ebay or any other website 
for sake of profit. If I see my work on said site, or any like it, 
I will report it immediately and legal action will more than likely 
be taken against the user who violated this copyright of original 
content if an agreement can not be reached or communication is 
not returned. This could include action being taken by said site 
staff on my behalf against said offender, if said offense occurs. 

Comprende? Good. 

>>>>>>>Armor Sets<<<<<<<<<

The following sets of armor can sometimes be obtained 
several pieces at a time, or can be found around 
the same area. Several pieces you can obtain in 
various ways, such as mini-games, war battles, etc..
You can even find some by just checking out the local 
shops as you make your way around Sol Falena. 

I have only included those that I have been able to 
find myself and verify in-game. If you find them elsewhere,
let me know and I can add it to the faq, with credit 
to you included for the find. Also, keep in mind that
like Suikoden IV, one of the best sets of armor, the
Sun Set, won't carry over into a New Game +.


2.1) Fish Set
A) Fish Head (Phy. Def. +10, Water Defense +1)
B) Fish Body (Phy. Def. +18, Water Defense +1)
C) Fish Fins (Phy. Def. +6, Water Attack +1)
D) Fish Tail Fin (Phy. Def. +12, Water Attack +1)
E) Fish Badge (Magic Defense +5)

Bonus when worn as a set:
Water affinity is raised to rank S. 

--Where you can find the pieces--

All pieces except the Fish Badge can be found in
the Fishing Mini-Game at your HQ that Sabula runs. 
The Fish Badge can be obtained at the Raft-Fleet Item Shop. 


2.2) Prosperity Set
A) Prosperity Hat (Phy. Def. +11, Potch from battle +10%)
B) Prosperity Tunic (Phy. Def. +55, Potch from battle +10%)
C) Prosperity Armband (Phy. Def. +7, Potch from battle +10%)
D) Prosperity Sandals (Phy. Def.+3, Potch from battle +10%)
E) Prosperity Ring (Potch from battle +10%) 

Bonus when worn as a set:
Potch Earned from Battle is Doubled

(Please note that an in-game glitch (NA Version) keeps the set from 
being effective when worn by one party member. You must scatter the set
out between more than one party member for it to kick in to full 

***Special Mention Here. You can stack Prosperity
Equipment with Egbert's Find Potch Skill. You will also
notice that you can abuse the Prosperity Rings. Every
one you equip on a character will count. Meaning,
6 characters in ABP, 4 rings per character, 24 rings
with the Prosperity Set and orb included, will mean 
Massive Potch Gains. The Prosperity 
Items will only be effective on people in your ABP. ***

--Where you can find the pieces--

*-Prosperity Hat- (Underground Ruins B3 Level, Eresh recruitment)
*-Prosperity Tunic- (Underground Ruins, Jeane recruitment)
*-Prosperity Armband- (Secret tunnel in the Baska Mines Area) 
*-Prosperity Sandals- (Eastern end of Yashuna Village)
*-Prosperity Ring- (Hershville Naval Base Shops)


2.3) Pale Moon Set
A) Pale Moon Casque (Phy. Def. +26, Dark Attack/Defense +1)
B) Pale Moon Leather (Phy. Def. +69, Dark Attack/Defense +1)
C) Pale Moon Gloves (Phy. Def. +15, Dark Attack/Defense +1)
D) Pale Moon Boots (Phy. Def. +15, Dark Attack/Defense +1) 
E) Pale Moon Beads/Necklace (Dark Attack/Defense +1)

Bonus when worn as a set:
Recover 10% of Max HP after each turn. 

--Where you can find the pieces--

*-Pale Moon Casque- (The far North-West end of Doraat in a chest)
*-Pale Moon Leather- (Dragon Racing, Doraat War Prize)
*-Pale Moon Gloves- (Ranro Mt. 1st Vine-Tier, Doraat Siege-Com. Ship Drop) 
*-Pale Moon Boots- (Ship Graveyard-Outside Passage between ships)
*-Pale Moon Beads- (Waterfall Basin Area-1st crossing)


2.4) Destiny Set
A) Crown of Destiny (Phy. Def. +14, Max Hp+10)
B) Robe of Destiny (Phy. Def. +38, Max Hp+10)
C) Armband of Destiny (Phy. Def. +15, Max Hp+10)
D) Anklets of Destiny (Phy. Def. +3, Max Hp+10)
E) Cape of Destiny (Phy. Def. +8, Max Hp+10)

Bonus when worn as a set: 
Max Hp+50 and 20% chance of being
revived to full health if killed in combat. 

--Where you can find the pieces--

*-Crown of Destiny
--(Sable-Near eastern gate/past the inn)
--(Childerich Pursuit Battle-Dilber Spear Unit) 
--(Armes Pursuit Battle- Lower Infantry Unit) 
*-Robe of Destiny- (Ship Graveyard-Second shipwreck)
*-Armband of Destiny
--(Final Defense Campaign #1 (defend the castle-Archer Unit)
--(Final Defense Campaign #2 (defend the castle after the 
duel-Archer Unit) 
--(Recapture the Castle -(occurs if you fled instead of 
defended when given the option, Archer Unit)
*-Anklets of Destiny- (Lelcar-West Islet/South End Chest)
*-Cape of Destiny
--(Twilight Forest Ruins)
--(Lordlake Defense Camp-Cavalry Unit) 
--(Lelcar Defense-Wilhelm/Mueller Cavalry Unit if you did
not recruit them)


2.5) Guardian Set
A) Guardian Casque (Phy. Def. +20, Magic Defense +10)
B) Guardian Chain (Phy. Def. +69, Magic Defense +10)
C) Guardian Gloves (Phy. Def. +17, Magic Defense +10)
D) Guardian Boots (Phy. Def. +10, Magic Defense +10)
E) Guardian Scarf (Magic Defense +10)

Bonus when worn as a set:
Additional Magic Defense +10

--Where you can find the pieces--

*-Guardian Casque- (Lelcar-Located on the Central Islet)
*-Guardian Chain
--(Lake Ceras Ruins-West Wing)
--(Lelcar Campaign)
*-Guardian Gloves
--(Lelcar Campaign-Victory+)
--(New Queen's Camp.-Archer unit on the left of map)
*-Guardian Boots- (Rainwall Defense Campaign-Victory+)
*-Guardian Scarf- (Doraat Siege-Victory +)


2.6) Classic Set
A) Blue Jacket- (Phy. Def. +24, Max Hp +5)
B) Bandage- (Phy. Def. +1)
C) Long Boots- (Phy. Def. +7, Evasion +2) 
D) Strength Sash- (Strength/Attack+5)

Bonus when worn as a set:
Additional Max Hp +10, Attack +5

--Where you can find the pieces--

*-Blue Jacket- (Dwarf Camp-Armor Shop)
*-Bandage- (Stormfist Shops)
*-Long Boots- (Raftfleet Armor Shop, Very common.)
*-Strength Sash- (Raftfleet Armor Shop, very common.)


2.7) Samurai Set
A) Minamoto Helmet (Phy. Def. +14, Attack +3, Tech +3)
B) Taira Armor (Phy. Def. +53, Attack +3, Max Hp +10)
C) Fujiwara Gauntlets (Phy. Def. +30, Attack +3, Tech +3)
D) Tachibana Greaves (Phy. Def. +34, Attack +3, Evasion +3)

Bonus when worn as a set:
Critical Hit +10%, Double Critical +10%

--Where you can find the pieces--

*-Minamoto Helmet- (Estrise Armor Shop)
*-Taira Armor- (Mt. Ranro-Bandit Cave, Ship Graveyard Ship #1)
*-Fujiwara Gauntlets
--(Twilight Forest Ruins)
--(Sol Falena Siege #1, Right Cavalry Unit) 
*-Tachibana Greaves
--(Final Dungeon, the Mini-boss Nemesis on Lyons Path)
--(Sol Falena Siege #1, Left Cavalry Unit)


2.8) Windspun Set
A) Windspun Helmet (Phy. Def. +48, Wind Defense+1, Evasion +2)
B) Windspun Armor (Phy. Def.+100, Wind Defense+1, Evasion +2)
C) Windspun Gauntlets (Phy. Def. +35, Wind Def. +1, Evasion +2)
D) Windspun Greaves (Phy. Def. +36, Wind Def. +1, Evasion +2)
E) Windspun Cape (Wind Def. +1, Evasion +2)
F) Windspun Ring (Wind Attack. +1, Evasion +2)

Bonus when worn as a set:
Luck +20, Evasion +12, Speed Penalty-0%

(The Luck +20 to stats is information from the OSG.
There doesn't seem to be any indication in your menu
screens as to it being in effect, however.) 

--Where you can find the pieces--

*-Windspun Helmet- (Godwin Castle-2nd Floor)
*-Windspun Armor
--(Deep Underground Ruins-Nemesis Drop)
--(Ashtwal Mountains)
*-Windspun Gauntlets
--(Stormfist Siege-Victory+),
--(Godwin Castle)
*-Windspun Greaves- (Godwin Castle -1st Floor)
*-Windspun Cape
--(Childerich Pursuit Battle, Victory+)
--(Armes Pursuit Battle-War-Victory+)
*-Windspun Ring
--(Underground Ruins-Eresh Recruitment), 
--(West Palace)


2.9) Sun Set (Note: This set does not carry over to NG+) 
A) Sun Helmet (Phy. Def. +50, Sun Attack +1, All Stats +1)
B) Sun Armor (Phy. Def. +110, Sun Attack +1, All Stats +1)
C) Sun Gloves (Phy. Def. ++32, Sun Attack +1, All Stats +1)
D) Sun Boots (Phy. Def. +32, Sun Attack +1, All Stats +1)
E) Sun Ring (Sun Attack +1, All Stats +1)

Bonus when worn as a set:
Wearer gets +5 to all Stats. When Prince (Hero-V) 
equips all 5 pieces he gains an additional +5 to 
all basic Stats. 

--Where you can find all of the pieces--

*-Sun Helmet- (Ashtwal, Hero's Path)
*-Sun Armor- (Ashtwal, Zweig Path)
*-Sun Gloves- (Ashtwal, Zweig Path)
*-Sun Boots- (Ashtwal, Zweig Path)
*-Sun Ring- (The Sun Palace)


3.0) Special Armor

Most of the armor that you'll find listed briefly below,
are some of the more rare items in the game that can 
rarely be purchased, and more than likely, only found 
in one place. 

A) The Corruption Shell-

-Defense +120, Magic +50
--Price- 999990 Potch
--Purchased from Mohsen
--Character must have 350+ Hp and 100 
enemy kills to equip this armor. 

B) The Saint's Cloak-

-Defense +130, M.Def.+50
--Price- 999990 Potch
--Purchased from Mohsen
--Character must have 300+ Hp, 
  and less than 30 Kills made. 

***Special Mention Here-

Saint's Cloak Strategy~

This is probably common sense to most, but I wanted 
to post it anyways. An easy way to get your characters
equipped with the Saint's Cloak around the point after 
you can travel to the H.Ville Naval Base is to use the 
Prosperity Set/Rings (Obviously, to help you afford the
high cost of buying them) but to only take out a 
team of the same 5 recruits + Hero V or the Prince).

This may sound stupid, as you will eventually max their 
skills and want to switch and play with other characters,
I understand. But skill points, once maxed even, can be 
moved to party skill points, and from there used to level 
up people who haven't even fought yet. Ideally, you would
take advantage of people with the Potch Finder skill 
during this time as well. 

If you can pick 5 that you like to play with, this will 
let you purchase Saint's Cloak at a pace of about 1 every
15-20 minutes, depending on where you fight, and how 
much you can take advantage of the Prosperity items. 
Once you purchase the Cloak, you can simply press O and 
equip it onto a character in your reserves 
(Which will be many) you haven't used much in 
battle that meet the requirements. Those who do not yet 
meet the requirement (likely because of HP deficiency) 
will have to be leveled up. This can also be safely done 
from lower levels by switching them in one or two at a
time into your party. You'll probably want to make sure
they have as much defense as possible to survive, or 
that you have fast, hard hitting members, to take out
the enemy swiftly so that the lower level allies can 
reap the rewards. 

Voila. Fast and easy Saint's Cloaks all around.

C) The Gray Coat-

-Physical Defense +68, Magic +10, M. Def+5
-- You can't purchase this armor from any vendor. 
--Found in the first Sol Falena War battle and 
dropped from the (Thunder) Rune Archer Unit. 

D) The Gray Hat-

-Physical Defense +32, Magic +20
--You can't purchase this armor from any vendor. 
--Found in both the Sol Falena series of battles, 
as a war unit drop, and also in the final ruins area, 
on Lyon's path. 


E) The Fantasy Half Coat-

-Physical Defense +72, Evasion +20
--You can't purchase this armor or find it as a unit drop. 
--Found in the final dungeon and ruins area of the Ashtwal 

F) The Bloodscale Mail-

-Physical Defense +105, All Stats +5, Cursed status,
 User takes damage at the end of turn.
--You can't purchase this armor from any vendor.  
--Boss drop from Shepeczzka -Underground Ruins, 
 and Hellsteed area boss.) 

G) The Thunder Helm- Victory +, Hatred Fortress Battle.

 Physical Defense +38, Lightning Defense +1

H) The Sprite Gauntlets- Lelcar Campaign, Combat Ship.

 Physical Defense +20, Attack +5. 

I) The Fog Robe- Victory +, Recapturing the Castle. 

 Physical Defense +55, Water +1

J) The Karaya Armband- Sol Falena Siege #1, Victory +

 Physical Defense +22, Hp + 10, Magic +10

K) The Royal Garb- 

I can't recall ever locating this in game, but it's listed 
in the OSG as being a "Light" clothing type that has a
Physical Defense rating of +100, Magic Def. +10. If you 
find it, let me know and I'll give you credit for the 
confirmed information. 

4. Credits

-Thanks to Konami, for yet another excellent addition to the 
Suikoden Series. 

-Thanks to Gamefaqs for providing hosting and posting of this
guide in all of its forms. 

-BradyGame Guides and Official Strategy Guides


-All of the posters at Gamefaqs, for which this guide is
 intended to help.

-Bluemoon, and CybNuclear for their discovery of the Pale
Moon Leather Armor. Jim Irwin for his awesome find of 
the Armband of Destiny. The_Masamune for another 
location of the Gray Hat. 

-Captain K for the correction on the location of the 
Tachibana Greaves. 

-Pierre K for the location of a second set of 
Fujiwara Gauntlets.

-Last and most importantly, thanks to my family for being 
so patient with me and my hobbies for all of these long years. 

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