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Newspaper Guide by Blazefeeler

Version: Jidan | Updated: 10/15/2008

>>>>>Suikoden V Newspaper Guide<<<<<

By Blazefeeler (Kooptsk@hotmail.com)


1. Introduction
-A) Contribution History
-B) Copyrights

2. Taylor
3. The Articles
4. Credits

1. Introduction
In the Suikoden Series, we've had an opportunity to
really get a feel for the political spectrum as well
as what is going on behind the scenes by way of often
reflective, as well as introverted characters found in 
game who give us a bit of narration to the overall story. 
Suikoden V has been no exception to this rule with the 
inclusion of Taylor, who chronicles the "Dawn Times". 

I'm not going to go into recruitment details on how to 
obtain him, as there are already many fine guides on how
to bring him and others into the fold. What I will detail, 
however, is all of the information contained in game and 
delivered up for you in the story by way of his newspaper 

Please keep in mind that several names, mainly those of your
army and headquarters, may differ from something you may read 
here in the guide. I'm going to try to filter out all 
references to names that I use in my own games, but if I miss 
one or two, you'll just have to bear with me until I notice it
and can correct the error. 

These articles are often based on both what we see firsthand
playing the game, but sometimes more importantly, what we 
do not get to see going on behind the works with characters
in the story as they come and go. I hope you find as much 
interest in reading this, as I do in bringing it to you in 
this guide. Enjoy! 

-A) Contribution History

10/14/2008- Initial Entry

-B) Copyrights
This guide may not be posted in any other website other than
Gamefaqs.com without my expressed and prior written approval.
I will more than likely grant permission if you simply ask and 
give credit where it is due. If you notice an error, or have found 
something not listed in this guide, please email me and I will 
correct the faqs and give credit for your find. This guide may 
not be sold or bartered for on Ebay or any other website 
for sake of profit. If I see my work on said site, or any like it, 
I will report it immediately and legal action will more than likely 
be taken against the user who violated this copyright of original 
content if an agreement can not be reached or communication is 
not returned. This could include action being taken by said site 
staff on my behalf against said offender, if said offense occurs. 

Comprende? Good. 

2. Taylor
Enigmatic and blunt, you'll find his character key to your 
unlocking of his collective works as you won't be able to take 
advantage of the newspaper feature in game without him. As I 
mentioned above, you can recruit him into your party early on 
in a scenario that plays out mostly around the HQ. If you 
need help in recruiting him, I suggest you read up on one of the 
other guides or feel free to ask on the board. Sending me an email 
works as well, but overall, he's really not that difficult to bring
into the fold. 

3. The Articles

You often get new "issues" of the newspaper after any of the story
related events get completed, post recruitment of Taylor. They are
usually broken down into a front page, back page, and serial article. 
You'll want to play close attention to all three of these, if you 
are seeking more information on your enemies, their motives, and 
the backdrop to this epic story. 

With all of that being said, we're going to start out proper here 
by going from Issue #0 on up. This would be the very first issue 
in the series and acts as a "Preview Edition" of what is to come. 

Issue #0

"The Dawn Times" -Preview Edition

Thanks to the kindness of Prince, our newspaper, "The Dawn Times", 
will soon be ready for publication here at the castle. And now, 
with publication nigh, there is one thing we hope our esteemed
readers will understand: 

Although "The Dawn Times" does support His Royal Highness' cause, we 
are not an arm of the Prince' Army. Our purpose is strictly to report
the news from an unbiased perspective. We will be ever-vigilant in 
pursuit of the truth. 

Taylor, "The Dawn Times" Reporter. 

Issue #1

Front Page-

"Queen's Knights Reduce Lelcar to Ashes" 

According to top-secret sources, "The Dawn Times" has learned that 
during the recent battle for Lelcar, the Godwin army set fire to the 
town in order to facilitate their own speedy evacuation. 

After pouring fuel throughout the western islet and igniting it, the
Godwin troops waited for the Prince's siege to let up, then evacuated. 
Although many Lelcar residents still remained behind, the Godwin troops
then ruthlessly destroyed the western bridge to make sure they couldn't
be followed. 

Thanks to rescue efforts of the Prince's army and Orok, the leader of 
the western islet, casualties were kept to a minimum, but the 
populace is furious over the Godwin faction's barbarous act. And the 
fact that the Godwin commander was a Queen's Knight, sworn to protect
Falena, is inciting even more anger. 

Back Page-

"Lelcar Strikes Alliance with Prince"

The representatives of Lelcar's three islets, Volga, Wasil, and Orok, 
have recently promised full cooperation with the Prince's army. 
Lelcar's islets have long been known for their disparate political 
views. Since the start of the war, hostility between these factions 
has only intensified. 

However, the cowardly actions of Queen's Knight Zahhak during the 
recent battle over the town have instilled a great anger and resolve
in all the peoples of Lelcar; all factions are now firmly in the 
camp of His Royal Highness. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Introduction"

In this special serial publication, "The Dawn Times" hopes to use its
extensive investigative acumen to focus on the heinous cast of enemy 
characters who continue to threaten the Prince Army and, indeed, the
very way of Falenan life. 

Many of our esteemed and loyal readers have been gravely injured or 
had family members maimed, murdered, and kidnapped by this rogues' 
gallery of scoundrels. Therefore, it's natural to wonder why anyone
would want to learn more about them. 

However, in order to achieve victory, it is vital to know one's enemy
as one knows himself. Therefore, "The Dawn Times" firmly believes that 
this series, however controversial, can help contribute to the 
eventual victory of the Prince Army. 

Next time, "Portraits of the Enemy" will take an in-depth look at the
traitorous Queen's Knight Zahhak, who cowardly set Lelcar ablaze during 
the recent battle over that town. 

Issue #2

Front Page- 

"Prince Living Double Life as Bandit?"

Rumors have been circulating that the Prince has been spotted in Sable 
performing what are described as "bandit-like activities". This news has 
caused much consternation among the Prince's forces. However, there are 
conflicting reports that state the Prince was in Lelcar at the time. 

But and eyewitness from Sable who requested anonymity is sure the culprit
is indeed His Royal Highness. "I seen him with my own two eyes." the 
witness said. "He was walkin' all regal. Ain't no doubt it was the Prince". 
Perhaps not even an official denial by the Prince will put an end to 
these suspicions. 

Back Page- 

"Yashuna Village Hot Springs Dry Up?" 

"The Dawn Times" has learned that Yashuna Village, a tourist resort 
famous for its hot springs, is experiencing a strange and sudden reduction
in the amount of hot water coming from its subterranean source. The 
proprietors of the hot springs inn are at their wits' end. 

Adding to the stress and heartbreak for the citizens of Yashuna is that 
no one can pinpoint the cause of this mysterious drop in water volume. 
"None of us can figure out what's gone wrong!" an inn proprietor 
tearfully exclaimed. "If something doesn't happen soon, we'll be out of 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Zahhak" 

As promised in the previous installment of "Portraits of the Enemy," 
"The Dawn Times" will share what we have learned about the traitorous 
Queen's Knight Zahhak. To begin with, we must mention that Zahhak is of 
noble birth; he is actually a distant relative of the Godwin Family. 

In fact, it was Lord Godwin who first discovered Zahhak's talent for 
swordsmanship and recommended him for a position as a Queen's Knight. 
Zahhak's first real taste of battle was during the Armes invasion 
eight years ago, where he proved himself among the strongest of the 
Queen's Knights. 

Zahhak is known for his quiet, measured disposition, but he's actually 
more cold and unfeeling than calm and composed. Those who have worked
closely with him reveal an almost megalomanical personality--one who 
would do absolutely anything to achieve his goals. 

"Portraits of the Enemy" has uncovered the reason Zahhak turned his 
back on the royal family. According to insiders, Zahhak is firmly 
convinced that Lord Godwin's iron-fisted methods are truly the best 
way to make Falena into a more powerful nation. 

Zahhak's unwavering devotion to the strong-arm tactics of Lord Godwin
is probably the reason he set Lelcar ablaze. In Zahhak's judgement, this 
tactic was probably the best way to put the Prince's forces in disarray
and secure the Godwin faction's rapid evacuation, even if it put many
innocents at risk. 

Former comrades of Zahhak now say that they won't put anything past him
in the future. "I was surprised at the time, but now that I think about 
it, that's just the kind of cold, calculated maneuver he'd make in 
battle." former Queen's Knight Kyle said. "I was a damn fool not to 
expect it." 

Issue #3

Front Page- 

"Euram Barows Behind "Bandit Prince" 

"The Dawn Times" has learned that, as expected, the Prince was indeed 
innocent of the "bandit-like activities' ascribed to him by witnesses
in Sable. The Prince's forces succeeded in capturing a band of bandits
on Ranro Mountain outside of Sable; the bandit ringleader had been 
pretending to be the Prince. 

It turns out that Euram Barows was the mastermind behind this scheme;
in his words, he wished to "sully the Prince's name." But the Prince's 
forces were able to lure Euram to Sable and revealed his scam in public, 
clearing the Prince's name. Instead, it is the Barows family whose name
has now been "sullied". 

Back Page- 

"Sable Corps Joins Prince's Camp"

With the "Bandit Prince" scandal resolved, "The Dawn Times" has learned
that Lord Raulbel of Sable has declared complete support for His Royal 
Highness. Lord Raulbel officially announced that the main force of the 
Sable Corps, led by General Dinn, would be placed under the Prince's 

On the condition that he join the Prince Army, Roy, the leader of the 
bandits, was pardoned of the crime of "gross impersonation of a regal 
with the intent to profit and deceive." Roy himself has now personally
sworn fealty to the Prince; he is currently residing in the Castle. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Euram Barows" 

In this installment of "Portraits of the Enemy," we examine one Euram 
Barows, the man behind the "Bandit Prince" scheme. 

Due to his incompetence and other shortcomings, we strongly considered 
whether he was even worth including in this series. However, his plot 
could have severed ties between the Prince Army and Sable, so we will 
take a closer look at him. 

As our readers doubtlessly know, Euram is Lord Barows' second son. 
Because his eldest son, Hiram, was assassinated during the battle over
succession between Princess Falzrahm and Princess Shahrewar, Euram is 
in line to eventually become head of the Barows family. 

Euram is certainly not the ideal candidate to head up a Senatorial 
faction, lacking common sense, strength, and bravery. Furthermore, he 
is hugely unpopular among the citizenry. "Portraits of the Enemy" has
reason to believe that this chicken-hearted man is not done scheming 
against the Prince. 

According to Luserina, Euram's sister, the two of them were very close
when they were children. But as she got older and began to help their 
father with his work, Euram became cold and distant. Around this time, 
he became deeply--indeed, some might say obsessively--attached to 
Princess Lymsleia. 

Issue #4

Front Page-

"Nether Gate Sets Fire to Beaver Lodge"

Beaver Lodge was set ablaze last night in a bold and shocking pre-dawn
attack. Fortunately, the Prince's forces rushed to the scene and 
performed search-and-rescue operations, keeping casualties to a minimum. 
However, most of the Beaver Lodge's residences were severely damaged in 
the attack. 

According to the Prince's forces, Nether Gater, the assassin group that 
also participated in the assault on the Sun Palace, was behind last 
night's arson. One of the attackers is alleged to have declared that the
purpose of the assault was 'complete and total genocide' against the 
beavers and their community. 

Lord Godwin has often made public references to Falena's historic, racial, 
and cultural identity being 'subverted by the continued existence of the 
inferior demi-human races.' There is little doubt that his scurrilous 
beliefs are behind this surprise attack on the beaver community. 

Back Page- 

"Beavers, Prince Strike Accord"

The morning after Nether Gate's sudden assault on Beaver Lodge, 
Fuwalafuwalu, the beaver elder, expressed his deep appreciation to the 
Prince for rushing to help his community in its greatest hour of need. 
He formally announced the beavers' official intention to ally with His 
Highness and to oppose the Godwins. 

The beaver community is known for its ability to stay out of conflicts. 
During this war, the beavers have done well to maintain their neutrality,
but after discovering that the Godwin faction was plotting their 
extermination, they deemed it pointless to maintain this position any 

Prince heartily accepted Fuwalafuwalu's offer of an Alliance. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Dolph" 

This time, "Portraits of the Enemy" examines Dolph, the enigmatic young 
man apparently behind the surprise attack on Beaver Lodge. Dolph is a 
member of the notorious assassination organization Nether Gate, and we 
have reason to believe that he played some role in the assault on the 
Sun Palace as well. 

However, "Portraits of the Enemy" has been unable to uncover the 
slightest hint about his personal history prior to joining Nether Gate. 
In fact, even his place of birth and parentage are shrouded in mystery. 

We do know however, that he has been known to go by the alias of 
"Michafute." This name is strikingly familiar to that of Takefute, who 
was supreme commander of Nether Gate at the time of its dismantling 
eight years ago. But we can only speculate on the relationship--if there
is any--between the two. 


Front Page- 

"Rainwall falls into Enemy Hands" 

Around the same time Beaver Lodge was attacked, the Godwin Army 
stormed into Rainwall and gained control with little resistance. 
But the townsfolk had little sympathy for Lord Barows, now knowing 
that he had secretly conspired with Armes to divide our beloved
Falena. Some even said that he deserved this defeat. 

Back Page-

"Lyon Snaps at 'Bandit Prince'

'The Dawn Times' has learned that, upon capture of the 'Bandit Prince,'
the Prince's bodyguard, Lyon--known for her mild disposition--openly
unleashed her fury on Roy, the one who had been impersonating His
Highness. Lyon apparently urged him in no uncertain terms to repent
for his actions. 

Rumor has it that this "talk" with Lyon is what persuaded Roy to 
give up his bandit ways. Allegedly, Lyon was sent over the edge
after Roy persisted in addressing her as 'sweetie' and calling
His Royal Highness a 'coward'. 

'The Dawn Times' attempted to reach both parties for interviews,
but was rebuffed in both cases. 'Please, don't ask me about that!
I'm so embarrassed." Lyon said. Roy was less cordial, simply 
snorting and walking away, muttering what sounded like, "Crazy -
ass reporter!' under his breath. 


"Portrait of the Enemy: Salum Barows" 

This time, we examine the actions of Salum Barows, the unscrupulous
head of the Barows family. When Rainwall collapsed, Lord Barows was
forced to surrender to the Godwins, his long-standing enemies. 
The public, however, tired of his constant selfish maneuvering, has
shown no sympathy. 

After all, it was Lord Barows who pushed for Princess Falzrahm to 
ascend to the throne despite her being only second in line to the 
title, igniting the Falzrahm-Shahrewar conflict. And it was Lord
Barows who pushed dam construction forward, which planted the 
seeds for the Lordlake uprising. 

Lord Barows even stole the Dawn Rune and allied with the New Armes
Kingdom. Lord Barows' intentions were decent, as his goal was to 
maintain peace by preventing the rise of the hard-line Godwin 
faction. But he is a man who would sell Falena out to accomplish 
that goal, a true blight on our nation. 

Issue #6

Front Page- 

"Godwins Planning Lymsleia Coronation"

According to reliable sources, the Godwin faction is planning to push
forward with Princess Lymsleia's 'coronation' ceremony as soon as the 
period of mourning for the late Queen Arshtat has ended. 

After suffering a series of humiliating losses to His Royal Highness, 
"The Dawn Times" believes that if the Godwins cannot defeat the Prince
militarily, they will out-maneuver him politically. 

"Please, this isn't even worth commenting on." a spokesperson for the 
Prince Army commented. While the Prince's forces may be putting up a 
facade of nonchalance, there is little doubt that, in private, schemes
are being hatched to stop this 'coronation.' 

An informal survey by the 'The Dawn Times' reveals that the Godwins 
have little support among the common folk. "The Godwins have already 
taken one Queen from us." said a townsperson who requested 
anonymity. "Do they really plan to further desecrate the throne by 
installing their own puppet ruler?" 

Back Page- 

"Godwin Coronation: International Affair" 

With Princess Lymsleia's 'coronation' ceremony approaching, sources
say that the Godwins have sent out invitations to all the surrounding
nations. The Godwins are no doubt planning to use the presence of 
international delegations at the ceremony to prop up the legitimacy
of their suspect regime. 

Recipients include the Island Nations Federation, The New Armes 
Kingdom, the Scarlet Moon Empire, and the Dukedom of Gaien. In a 
shocking development, an invitation was even sent to Nagarea. We 
have not had formal diplomatic relations with this violent 
theocracy since their invasion of Falena generations ago. 

While the invited countries surely have heard rumors about the 
legitimacy of the 'coronation', none are in a position to make
waves by turning down such an invitation. Reliable sources say 
that all the invited nations are expected to show diplomatic 
courtesy; all will be sending delegations to the ceremony. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Gizel Godwin" 

As soon as Princess Lymsleia's 'coronation' ceremony is held, Gizel
is expected to assume the role of Commander of the Queen's Knights. 

His father, Lord Godwin, is a man who makes his presence felt, while 
Gizel lurks in the shadows. But insiders say that Gizel is the one 
who's really dangerous. We have reason to believe that he was the 
brains behind Childerich's victory at the Sacred Games. 

While Lord Godwin is known for taking only necessary action, Gizel 
is the opposite. He loves to meticulously set traps and then watch 
his victims squirm in the palm of his hand. One can only imagine 
what sort of diabolical schemes he'll have in store as Commander
of the Queen's Knights. 

Issue #7

Front Page- 

"Coronation Ceremony Held" 

The Godwins announced that Princess Lymsleia's 'coronation' ceremony
was held at the Sun Palace yesterday, celebrating the new Queen's 
enthronement with grandeur. They also demanded the Prince's 
allegiance to Queen Lymsleia and immediate cessation of rebellion, 
calling for unity throughout Falena. 

"We will not negotiate with a corrupt and tyrannical occupying regime,'
a spokesperson for the Prince said. 'We will continue to demand the 
immediate halt of Princess Lymsleia's unlawful detention and an end
to the illegal occupation of the SUn Palace." 

Back Page- 

"Meeting with Island Nations Delegate"

More than ten days before Lymsleia's 'coronation' ceremony, the Prince
traveled to Nirva Island for a secret meeting with the Island Nations
Federation delegate, Admiral Skald Egan. The Prince was able to 
negotiate an alliance with Admiral Egan, sure to be a strategic ally 
from now on. 

In the interest of full disclosure, 'The Dawn Times' had received word
of this meeting beforehand. However, in the interest of protecting the 
safety of His Royal Highness and Admiral Egan, we decided to hold off 
on running the story until the well-being of both parties could be 

Side Notes: 

"The Dawn Times Editorial Position"

The Godwin faction has announced Princess Lymsleia's enthronement, 
proudly proclaiming her the new Queen of Sol-Falena. However, "The 
Dawn Times" entirely supports the Prince's opinion that this 
'coronation' was completely illegitimate, illegal, and invalid. 

While we maintain the utmost respect and reverence for Her Royal
Highness the Princess, we do not recognize the puppet Queen of 
an occupying regime. Therefore, "The Dawn Times" will continue to 
refer to Prince as 'His Royal Highness the Prince', and to 
Lymsleia as 'Her Royal Highness the Princess.' 

We hope we have the understanding and support of our esteemed 
readers on this matter. Please note that, due to space limitations, 
the 'Special Series' column will not appear in this edition. 

Issue #8


"Notice: Publication To Be Suspended"

Due to circumstances beyond our control, publication of "The Dawn Times" 
has been temporarily suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience this 
may cause to our loyal readers. 

We will, however, return before long. We plan to resume publication in 
time to cover the next big military operation. Thank you for your 
patience, loyal readers. 

Issue #9

Front Page- 

"Prince Proves Military Superiority" 

Pushing his forces into Doraat, a strategic position for the Godwin
faction, the Prince succeeded in capturing the city. In the middle of the
battle, the people of Doraat threw open the castle gates, which 
contributed largely to the Godwin Army's defeat. 

The news of the Queen's Knights setting fire to Lelcar had spread 
throughout the Queendom so, wanting to avoid a similar fate, the people 
of Doraat were probably trying to evacuate as quickly as possible. 

With the capture of Doraat, His Royal Highness is now in control of more
than two-thirds of Falena. The Prince' Army holds an overwhelming 
advantage over the Godwin faction. 

Back Page- 

"Twilight Rune Used" 

The siege on Doraat ended in triumph for the Prince, but "The Dawn Times" 
has learned that the Godwin faction, in its desperation for victory, 
brought the sacred Twilight Rune into battle. The Queen's Knight Alenia
held the Rune, but was unable to handle its power, nearly causing the 
Rune to go berserk. 

The Prince's forces have strongly condemned this action. Not being 
Falenan royalty, it is blasphemous for the Godwin faction to bring the 
Twilight Rune--a sacred symbol of the Royal House of Falena--onto the


"Portraits of the Enemy: Alenia" 

This time, "Portraits of the Enemy" takes a look at the traitorous 
Queen's Knight Alenia, who recently carried the Twilight Rune into 
battle during the siege of Doraat. 

Her father, also a Queen's Knight, trained her with a blade. When he 
fell in battle during the Armes invasion, Alenia said that he "died
because he was weak." Thus, she hates for anyone to imply that she is 
following her father's footsteps or trying to avenge his death. 

For some time, she has made no secret of her strong affinity for the
Godwin faction --or rather, the Godwin family itself. This affinity
is thought to be the reason for her betrayal, unlike Zahhak and his 
unshakable convictions. Indeed, Alenia seems to often act based on 
her emotion rather than logic. 

Special Issues

"Aethelbald Family Tree Discovered" 

Prince recently acquired a chart of the Aethelbald family tree. Even 
though the Aethelbalds fell into ruin 100 years ago, they are still 
considered one of the most prestigious families in all of Falena, as 
one can trace their lineage to the country's founding. 

The family's brilliant history is gloriously inscribed in the chart
that His Highness obtained. The family tree is deemed priceless as 
both a museum piece and a historical artifact. 

However, a mysterious thief known only as "Crow" has been targeting
the family trees of the aristocracy recently, so the Prince has asked
the detective Oboro to safeguard the precious Aethelbald chart. 

"This 'Crow' is nothing more than a third-rate thief," Oboro said, 
his lips forming a confident smile. "I've caught him in the act
before, and I'll do it again. Believe me, the Prince has got nothing
to worry about!" With such an experienced detective on the case, it 
appears the Prince can rest easy. 

Issue #10

Front Page- 

"Princess Lymsleia to the Front?" 

Fresh from defeat at Doraat, the Godwins have released a shocking 
statement: 'Our new monarch, Queen Lymsleia, intends to go into battle
to personally put down the rebel army." a Godwin spokesperson said. This 
plan is surely not Princess Lymsleia's own; many feel the Godwins have 
forced her to the battlefield.

However, the Prince's tactician, Lucretia, remained characteristically
unfazed at this development. 'We were expecting something like this," 
she said. 'We need only deal with whatever the enemy may bring. We 
cannot allow the enemy's actions to fluster our ranks and cause panic
and dissent.' 

Back Page-

"Mysterious Man Appears at Big Hole" 

"The Dawn Times" has learned that a peculiar-looking old man was recently
seen at the Big Hole north of Rainwall. A Prince' Army guard on duty at 
the Big Hole said that he man had a dwarven companion with him, and 
continously stared at the western sky with a look of grave concern. 

The Prince' Army guard called out to this enigmatic elder in an attempt
to get his attention, but the man didn't respond, and proceeded to enter
the Big Hole. The soldier gave chase, but both the old man and the dwarf 
had mysteriously vanished. 

This sighting occurred on the same day as the siege of Doraat. The old 
man appeared to be looking in the direction of Doraat, but one wonders
how he could have seen it from the Big Hole. But the Prince' Army guard
reported that the man didn't seem to be simply looking in that direction
by chance. 


"Portrait of the Enemy: Queen's Army" 

This time, 'Portraits of the Enemy' won't discuss a single person, but
will instead investigate the newly formed force that the Godwin faction 
has chistened the 'Queen's Campaign Army.' 

The battleground against the Queen's Campaign Army will probably be 
on the plains northeast of Doraat. Thus, this will likely be a battle
of ground troops only. The strongest Godwin ground soldiers are 
General Novum's troops, but they haven't budged from Rainwall. 

This means, then, that the main main force of the Campaign Army must
be the Imperial Defense Force stationed in Sol-Falena. And Queen's 
Knights such as Zahhak and Alenia will most likely head them up. 

Normally, the Commander of the Queen's Knights takes control of a 
campaign army, but these are hardly 'normal' circumstances at the 
Sun Palace. Thus, it remains a mystery whether Gizel himself 
will show his face in battle. 

Issue #11

Front Page-

"Prince Prevails Northeast of Doraat" 

The Prince's army engaged the Godwin main force, which approached from 
the north, in a battle northeast of Doraat, and succeeded in driving 
them back. Princess Lymsleia herself accompanied the Godwin Army, but 
it is thought that she safely withdrew to Sol-Falena along with the 
core of the Godwin Troops. 

'The rebel army has gone too far even for them! Imagine, to revolt
against our fair Queen herself?' a Godwin spokesperson said. The 
people of Falena aren't buying this propaganda, however, and popular
perception is that the Godwins themselves put Princess Lymsleia in 
harm's way. 

Back Page-

"Lyon Severely Injured" 

'The Dawn Times' has learned that the Prince's bodyguard, Lyon, was 
critically wounded in the recent engagement northeast of Doraat. Even
though she seems to have narrowly escaped death thanks to the healing
efforts of Dr. Silva, Lyon remains in a coma, critically wounded. 

Without a hint of celebration anywhere in the Castle over the recent
victory, we have been strongly reminded of exactly how important 
Lyon really is to our cause. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Queen's Knights" 

In the engagement northeast of Doraat, the Queen's Knights--meant to 
serve and protect the Royal House of Falena--were instead divided into 
two camps and forced to do battle, essentially destroying themselves
from the inside. 

Today, we focus on the Queen's Knights. Their history dates back to 
the founding of Falena, but they were originally a part of the 
Imperial Defense Knights, with hundreds of members. 

But when the capital was relocated to Sol-Falena, an Imperial 
Defense Corps was organized separately. Instead, the Queen's Knights
were assigned as 'personal bodyguards' to protect the Queen and her
closest relatives alone. 

Their numbers were also drastically reduced, with less than ten at 
any given time. Being chosen as a Queen's Knight, therefore, meant
being recognized as one of the best warriors in Falena; there was 
no higher honor. 

It is certainly distressing, then, to see warriors given such a 
distinguished honor become mere puppets of the Godwin faction. 

Issue #12

Front Page- 

"Prince to Meet with Dragon Cavalry" 

'The Dawn Times' has learned that the Prince is scheduled to visit
Sauronix Castle to officially meet with the leader of the Dragon 
Cavalry. The cavalry is forbidden to get involved in domestic disputes
within Falena; it seems unlikely that the Prince will gain any immediate
support from them. 

However, because it's impossible to deny the possibility that the Godwin
faction, caught in an inferior military position, might conspire with 
foreign powers, we believe that the Prince would like to discuss this 
scenario in advance with the Dragon Cavalry. 

Back Page-

"Oracle Haswar Returns to Lunas?" 

Ever since the Godwin faction occupied Sol-Falena, the oracle of Lunas, 
Haswar, has stayed at the Sun Palace as a show of support for Princess
Lymsleia. However, we have received word that she returned to Lunas 
following the recent 'coronation' of Her Royal Highness. 

Information within Sol-Falena is being strictly regulated these days, 
so this rumor is difficult to confirm. However, we have received 
confirmation from several different channels. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Sialeeds" 

It is with the deepest regret imaginable that 'Portraits of the Enemy' 
runs this column. But there is no denying that it was Sialeeds who 
interfered with the operation to rescue Princess Lymsleia during the
engagement northeast of Doraat. Sadly, we now have no other choice 
but to call her an 'enemy'. 

So, what caused Sialeeds' sudden turn to the enemy's side? An 
investigation reveals that her turn may not have been so sudden. 
About ten years ago, Queen Falzrahm was crowned with the help of the
Barows family. Despite this, however, she was always careful not to 
let their influence grow too great. 

To preserve the balance of power between Senatorial factions, she 
engaged her second daughter, Sialeeds, to be married to young 
Gizel of the Godwin Family. 

However, Gizel and Sialeeds, rather than being distressed about being 
forced together for political reasons, were actually quite pleased. 
In fact, Gizel is said to have practically worshipped Sialeeds. 

It would probably be too simplistic to assume that Sialeeds' relationship 
with Gizel is the reason for her traitorous actions. However, 'Portraits
of the Enemy' can find no other plausible explanation. 

Issue #13

Front Page- 

"Dragon Cavalry Promises Cooperation" 

After a meeting at Sauronix Castle with Commander Craig Laden of the 
Dragon Cavalry, the Prince received a firm promise of full cooperation
in the event of foreign military intervention. The talk was quite 
cordial from beginning to end; Commander Laden couldn't hide his 
sympathy for the Prince's cause. 

However, the discussions didn't end with a simple confirmation of 
the Dragon Cavalry's intentions. Instead, they will take a much more 
active role than originally anticipated. 

'Both Commander Laden and His Royal Highness the Prince are well-aware
that Falena will be in grave danger if the Godwin faction conspires 
with any foreign powers.' a spokesperson for the Prince said. 'The 
two sides will work together to actively pursue any leads on the 

Back Page-

"Lyon Recovers" 

The Prince returned home to a surprise after his meeting with 
Commander Craig Laden of the Dragon Cavalry. Lyon, who had been in a 
coma, suddenly took a turn for the better and has regained conciousness. 
Her subsequent prognosis is turning out to be quite favorable. 

Some are of the opinion that the Prince saved Lyon by using the Dawn 
Rune's new powers, but 'The Dawn Times' is unable to confirm the 
details of this story. Regardless, morale inside the castle has 
improved for the first time in what seems like ages. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Enemy Mysteries" 

On their way back from Sauronix Castle, the Prince's forces investigated
the ruins in the Deep Twilight Forest. Inside, they were suddenly 
attacked by a gigantic tree and forced to fight it off. Huge, 
mysterious monsters also appeared in the Ceras Lake Ruins. 

While these creatures are not directly involved with Lord Godwin's 
forces, one can certainly call them 'enemies' nontheless. However, 
they seem to only appear in Sindar ruins. Why might this be?

Issue #14

Front Page- 

"Godwins Begin Counteroffensive?" 

In a daring pre-dawn attack, the Godwin Army has quickly and decisively
brought Doraat under their control. And we have word that in concurrent 
attacks, the Armes Western Marine Corps invaded Estrise, and the 
Armes Southern Mountain Corps made an assault on Sable. 

With simultaneous attacks in Doraat, Estrise, and Sable, it seems 
clear that the Godwin faction has made an alliance with the Armes Army,
suddenly putting the Prince in an inferior military position. Just as 
had been feared, the Godwins have conspired with a foreign power. 

But, the Prince' Army had anticipated the possibility of an attack 
like this, and came up with a detailed evacuation plan. In Sable, 
evacuation was carried out quickly; everything went according to 
plan, without a single casualty. 

In Doraat, too, the evacuation proceeded smoothly, but pro-Godwin
residents refused to go along with the plan, choosing to stay behind. 
Now, there is much concern about how the Godwin Army will treat them. 

Some reports claim that Estrise fell without a fight, though 'The
Dawn Times' has yet to confirm this. 

Back Page- 

"Alliance Between Godwins and Armes"

In the past, Lord Godwin has been quoted as saying that Falena 
should use the unparalleled might of the Sun Rune to take control 
of all 'barbaric' nations. It has long been believed that, were 
Lord Godwin in a position of military authority, the New Armes
Kingdom would be first on his 'hit list'. 

Armes, too, has long been aware of Godwin's supremacist beliefs, 
and has never tried to conceal its animosity toward the Godwin

That is why this alliance is all the more incomprehensible. 
There are rumors that the Godwin faction has promised Armes
some kind of grand 'reward' for their cooperation, but our sources
are unable to determine what exactly this 'reward' might be. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Childerich" 

Today, we focus on Childerich, newly appointed as a Queen's Knight. 
Just as with Dolph, however, information about him is surprisingly
limited. Everyone knows that he was the Godwin faction's representative
at the Sacred Games, but his activities before then are a complete 

The only thing we can say for certain is that he is a member of 
Nether Gate. But while most Nether Gate assassins show no emotion, 
the cold-hearted, cruel Childerich is quite different. 

After gaining control of Doraat, rumor has it that he enforced 
discipline in the most brutal of ways--ways so violent and cruel, 
in fact, that they are unsuitable for printing in this newspaper. 
Childerich is sure to remain a key enemy of the Prince' Army. 

Issue #15

Front Page- 

"Dragon Cavalry Doesn't Respond" 

After the Armes invasion, the Prince rushed personally to Sauronix Castle.
The Prince and the Dragon Cavalry had agreed to an alliance in the event 
of a foreign invasion, but Commander Craig Laden refused to go through
with an attack, not even giving reason for his actions. 

There are rumors that the Godwin faction is blackmailing the Dragon
Cavalry in order to keep them in line. However, with war raging, there
is simply no time to investigate the matter any further. 

Back Page- 

"Cave Dwarves, Prince Reach Alliance" 

His Royal Highness has gained more allies in the fight against the 
occupying regime. Lord Godwin, still determined to wipe out the 
'inferior' demi-human races, recently ordered Nether Gate to 
annihilate the cave dwarves, with several murders successfully carried

However, the Prince's forces happened to pass through the cave dwarves'
underground lair just as an attack was taking place. In great debt to 
the Prince, the cave dwarves have sworn vengeance on the Godwins. 
They are the newest members of the Prince' Army. 


"Portrait of the Enemy: Nether Gate" 

Thanks to the Prince, the Nether Gate assassins who attacked the 
dwarves were turned back. Upon investigation, these assassins were
using a powerful drug called Raging Nostrum, which temporarily 
gives an ordinary man superhuman strength. When its effect wears off, 
however, the user invariably dies. 

At one time, there was a division of Nether Gate that specialized in 
drug development. 'Portraits of the Enemy' believes that Raging 
Nostrum and the Dark Arcanum used in the Sacred Games and the attack 
on the Sun Palace are, without question, creations of that allegedly 
defunct division. 

That leads to this question: Could the Nether Gate drug division have
been revived? 'Portraits of the Enemy' will investigate this matter 
with the greatest vigilance possible. 

Issue #16

Front Page- 

"Lordlake, Lelcare Fall to Enemy" 

With the Armes Southern Mountain Corps bearing down on Lordlake, and
the main force of the Godwin Army approaching Lelcar, the Prince' Army
advanced on both towns. 

They carried out bold defensive battles in both Lordlake and Lelcar but, 
in the end, the Prince's forces were hopelessly outnumbered. Not being
able to maintain the front lines of either town, they were forced to 
retreat, regrettably allowing enemy troops to take both Lordlake and 

But the defeats were not a total loss. The strong defensive fight 
shown by the Prince's forces gave the townsfolk enough time to 
evacuate completely. In fact, sources say that the safe evacuation of 
Lordlake and Lelcar was the reason behind the Prince' Army presence
in the first place. 

Back Page-

"Prince's Forces Hanging on by a Thread" 

After losing Lordlake and Lelcar, the only territories still held by 
the Prince's forces are Raftfleet and his HQ Castle. Fortunately, 
these areas can probably withstand a siege. But with Lord Godwin
gaining much military might, the Prince's outlook seems grim. 

Still, the Prince's tactician, Lucretia, isn't showing the slightest
bit of anxiety, and the Prince and his staff seem to be maintaining
their composure as well. How can they be so calm? Does the Prince's 
inner circle have some sort of trick up their sleeves in the event
of invasion? 


"Portrait on the Enemy: Jidan Guisu"

Jidan Guisu is the leader of the Armes Southern Mountain Corps, 
who invaded both Sable and Lordlake. Many of our readers will also 
remember that Guisu also once conspired with Lord Barows. Yesterday, 
Barows. Today, Godwin--he certainly lacks loyalty. And he has apparently
always been this way. 

'That guy only got where he is by kissing Commander Sparna's ass.' an 
anonymous Armes insider said. 'He'll make a deal with anyone, anywhere,
as long as it'll get him ahead. And once the deal's over--or even
before--he'll stab you right in the back if he finds something better.'

Issue #17

Front Page- 

"Prince Floods Out Foes" 

The Prince had to flee his own castle and literally go 'underground,' 
but recently was able to return safely. First, he managed to secure
the services of the Feitas Dragon Cavalry. Then, in an ingenious plan,
the enemy occupation met a swift and speedy end. 

The Prince closed the sluice gate that controls the water level of 
Ceras Lake. In the ensuing flood, the enemy forces that had been 
occupying his HQ Castle were forced to evacuate. With His Royal 
Highness recapturing his base of operations, things are looking up 
for the first time in a long while. 

Back Page-

"Godwin-Dragon Cavalry Blackmail Plot" 

'The Dawn Times' has uncovered the truth behind the Dragon Cavalry's 
recent refusal to repel the Armes invasion. It turns out that the
Godwin's took dragon horse foals and eggs as hostages, threatening to 
slaughter them if Sauronix Castle did not agree to complete silence
and compliance. 

'The Dawn Times' has learned that it was none other than His Royal 
Highness the Prince who uncovered this malevolent consipiracy. The 
Dragon Cavalry is said to have sworn vengeance on the Godwins for 
their reprehensible act. 

Side Notes-

"Armes Western Marine Corps Goes Home" 

The Godwin Army and Southern Mountain Corps' defeat at the Prince's 
castle has apparently convinced the Western Marine Corps, which 
had been occupying Estrise, to withdraw to its native Armes without
incident. Despite a long period of occupation, Estrise appears to 
have suffered little damage. 

With its return home, the Western Marine Corps has essentially 
deserted the Southern Mountain Corps, who still occupy Sable. 
However, the valya Family, the head of the Western Marine Corps, 
has always been known as a moderate Armes faction. 

In fact, 'The Dawn Times' has learned that the Western Marine Corps
may have not been dispatched for fighting purposes at all. Sources 
say they were sent only to keep the more hard-line Southern 
Mountain Corps in check, preventing the wholesale slaughter of 
major Falenan cities. 

Issue #18

Front Page- 

"Doraat and Sable Recaptured" 

The Prince's forces have recaptured Doraat and Sable in two separate, 
spectacular military triumphs. After the valiant defense of his Castle, 
the Prince dispatched units to pursue the fleeing enemy. The main force
of the Godwin Army holed themselves up in Doraat, where they were 

Meanwhile, the Armes Southern Mountain Corps fled to Sable, where they 
were intercepted by the Prince's forces and repelled. With these two 
victories, the Prince' Army has succeeded in regaining the territory 
originally lost in the shocking Armes invasion. 

'The Dawn Times' has confirmed that General Bahram Luger, Commander
of the Godwin Navy, and General Jidan Guisu of the Armes Southern
Mountain Corps, both perished during these recent skirmishes. 

Back Page- 

"Prince repels Southern Mountain Corps" 

Leading the pursuit of the Armes Southern Mountain Corps, His Royal 
Highness and General Dinn stormed into Sable. They defeated the enemy
General, Jidan Guisu, and completely expelled the Armes forces, finally
liberating Sable from the iron fist of Armes. 

According to information gleaned from the battlefield, part of the 
reason for the Armes collapse is due to the traitorous actions of 
Southern Mountain Corps Commander Maha Sparna, who secretly fled
back to her native Armes while Guisu was engaged in the defensive. 

Furthermore, Sparna even demolished Sable's southern gate, creating
a blockade so that the Prince couldn't pursue her. As a result, Guisu
and his men were boxed into Sable, forced to fight to the death. 
After stabbing her own men in the back, Sparna will surely not be 
welcomed back with open arms in Armes. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Maha Sparna" 

Maha Sparna, the great Commander of the Armes Southern Mountain Corps, 
cowardly deserted Jidan Guisu in an attempt to save her own skin. But
after all the trouble she went through to escape back to Armes, her
country apparently didn't give her a very warm welcome. 

The nation of Armes is an alliance of five major clans, and the 
Sparna family is a prestigious member of the Darja Clan, one of these

The recent invasion of Falena came about because of collusion 
between the Darja Clan and the Godwin faction. However, 
even from the very beginning, there were apparently many who feared
that an invasion would be imprudent. 

Even King Jalat himself could not have been called enthusiastic 
about the idea. And when the invasion ended in failure, the Darja
Clan turned on Maha, making her a scapegoat for the entire Armes

This means that after being used by the Godwin faction and betraying
General Jidan, Maha was betrayed by her own clan as well. Due to her
selfish actions on the battlefield, 'Portraits of the Enemy' 
cannot say that her ultimate fate is undeserved. 

The ultimate outcome of the Armes invasion, then, may well be a 
positive one. The military failure has greatly weakened the hard-line
Darja Clan's position within the country. Wanting to avoid future
conflict, the more moderate Ishvaak and Madra Clans have taken 
over leadership. 

Issue #19

Front Page- 

"Godwins' Stronghold Collapses" 

The Prince' Army recently pushed its troops into Stormfist, the Godwin
faction's stronghold and, after a fierce engagement, succeeded in 
capturing the town. A group of former gladiators joined forces with the
Prince's forces, contributing significantly to the victory. 

Lord Godwin and the main force had already moved to Sol-Falena, so the 
capture of Stormfist doesn't mean an end to the war. But General Novum
and Childerich both died during this battle so, combined with the 
loss of their castle, the Godwin faction has been dealt a heavy blow

Back Page- 

"Sialeeds with Twilight Rune?" 

During the recent siege of Stormfist, the Godwin faction once again 
showed its desperation by using the Twilight Rune. This time, however, 
it was in the hands of the Prince's aunt Sialeeds, not Queen's Knight
Alenia, and its power was noticeably stronger. 

Sialeeds' actions are becoming more and more enigmatic and unpredictable.
Many in the Prince's inner circle have privately confided to 'The Dawn
Times' that Sialeeds' erratic behavior is becoming a grave concern. 


"Portrait of the Enemy: Dilber Novum" 

Novum, who was defeated by the Prince during the siege of Stormfist, 
was known as a warrior among warriors. Many, including Lord Wilde, 
lamented his death. As with his friend General Luger, siding with the
Godwin faction was Novum's downfall. 

However, one can understand Novum's devotion to the Godwin faction. 
During the Armes invasion eight years ago, Novum's unit was so 
enraged by the brutal tactics of the enemy that they deviated from 
tactician Lucretia's strategic plan and charged the Armes forces. 

But they soon found themselves boxed in by the enemy--only a valiant
charge by the Godwin family troops, led by Marscal, rescued Novum
and his men. From that day forward, Novum never forgot the debt 
he owed the Godwin family, and vowed to do absolutely anything for

However, because that devotion led to his ultimate demise, 'Portraits
of the Enemy' wonders if he was satisified with his choice in the 

Issue #20 

Front Page- 

"Sun Palace Recaptured, Princess Rescued" 

The Prince's forces have stormed the Imperial Capital Sol-Falena, 
stamping out the last of the Godwin forces. During the assault, 
Princess Lymsleia, who had been held captive in the Sun Palace, was
finally rescued. The long war against the occupying regime appears
to have finally come to an end. 

Back Page- 

"Lord Godwin Steals Sun Rune, Flees" 

'The Dawn Times' has learned that Gizel Godwin, pretender to the 
position of Commander of the Queen's Knights, has died in battle. 
Almost all remaining Godwin underlings, including Queen's Knights
Zahhak and Alenia, have also fallen in combat. The Godwin faction 
is now nearly completely annihilated. 

However, the remains of the occupying regime, including Lord Marscal
Godwin himself, have fled Sol-Falena and, in a cowardly and desperate
act, seized the Sun Rune and are now at large. With such a powerful
weapon still at their disposal, Falena is not yet free from the 
tyranny of the Godwin Faction. 


"Portraits of the Enemy: Marscal Godwin" 

Now that he has lost Gizel, his only blood relative, and nearly all of 
his men, we wonder what Marscal will do now. Marscal had a cousin that 
he was extremely close to ever since childhood, and they continued to 
be very close even into adulthood. This cousin was Mardas, the man 
who married Princess Shahrewar. 

And Marscal was said to have a very loving relationship with his wife, 
Rosalind. But Marscal lost both Mardas and Rosalind during the 
succession conflict. While these tragedies no doubt influenced 
Marscal's current behavior, they are no excuse for the bloodshed
he has brought on this nation. 

Issue #21

Front Page- 

"Feitas Water Level Rises Rapidly" 

In an urgent special report, 'The Dawn Times' has learned that the 
water level of the Feitas River has risen considerably, quickly reaching
dangerous and deadly heights. 

According to unname sources within the Prince' Army, it is believed that 
while Marscal was making his getaway, he used the Sun Rune to melt the 
Ashtwal Mountains Glacier. His Royal Highness has expressed his intention
to go there immediately and investigate. 

Back Page- 

"Yashuna Village Hot Springs Recover?" 

'The Dawn Times' has learned that Yashuna Village, whose very existence
had been threatened by an unexplained reduction in hot water volume
from its famed hot springs, has experienced a sudden, miraculous 

Business at Yashuna's once-popular hot springs inn, which had been 
drastically reduced since the drop in water volume, has now 
returned to normal. 'The War is over!' an unidentified inn worker 
exclaimed, beaming with joy.'We're back in business!' 


"Portraits of the Enemy: The Sun Rune" 

The Sun Rune is one of the 27 True Runes and is also a symbol of the
Queendom of Falena. The Sun Rune, however, has revealed its frightening
side to its people. This weapon of unimaginable power is now in the 
possession of Lord Godwin. 

According to an investigation by Zweig and others, an inscription on 
an ancient tablet gives precise instruction on how to draw out the
Sun Rune's power. Marscal apparently brought this tablet with him 
to the Sun Palace. 

If Marscal is still able to unleash this power, must we fight the 
Sun Rune as our enemy? And can we hope to win such a battle? Many 
feel that only the Prince's Dawn Rune and Lyon's Twilight Rune
can stand up to such brutal power. 

4. Credits

-Thanks to Konami, for yet another excellent addition to the 
Suikoden Series. 

-Thanks to Gamefaqs for providing hosting and posting of this
guide in all of its forms. 

-All of the posters at Gamefaqs, for which this guide is
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-Last and most importantly, thanks to my family for being 
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