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    Feitas Guide by SerraAngel13

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/12/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                      by SerraAngel13
       I. Version History
      II. Recruiting Fuyo
     III. Feitas Instructions
      IV. Tiles, Points & Rune Chains
       V. Difficulties & Prizes
      VI. Strategy
     VII. Credits / Thanks
       I. Version History
    v.0.1 - 04.07.2008 - Recruited Fuyo and started Feitas notes
    v.0.4 - 05.02.2008 - First draft of Feitas Guide
    v.0.5 - 05.06.2008 - Second draft, added recruiting guide
    v.1.0 - 05.12.2008 - Submittal draft, added various tidbits
    v.1.1 - 01.22.2009 - Added prizes under Expert mode
      II. Recruiting Fuyo
    In order to recruit Fuyo you'll need to recruit Oboro, since she joins when
    he does. You can do this after the Battle of Rainwall. Visit Oboro's ship in
    the port in southeastern Rainwall. Enter the ship and talk to Fuyo, Shigure,
    and Sagiri. Leave the boat, then go back inside and Oboro will be there.
    When asked by Luserina to hire him to investigate what happened in Lordlake,
    talk to him and he'll accept the job.
    Be careful with your answers during these scenes or else you may not be able
    to immediately recruit him (and will have to do so by talking with him
    five times later). Head to the Inn and speak with Nordon (the drunk at the
    bar). Speak with him until he repeats himself, then leave the Inn. Watch a
    scene outside and choose "I'll go too!" Follow the man towards where Oboro's
    ship is docked. Watch a scene here and choose "I want to see how this
    unfolds." Now head north, up the stairs and watch another scene. Continue
    up the next flight of stairs to the eastern side of the Barows' Mansion,
    where another scene plays. Choose "So that man is in the mansion?" and then
    go back to Oboro's ship. During the next scene, choose "I've come this far!
    I can't leave!" The Prince & Lyon change clothes, then you can go back to the
    Inn and talk to Nordon again. After this, go back to Oboro's ship again.
    During the scene, choose "Shall we take him ... there?" This will
    automatically take you to the docks north of Lordlake. Travel south along the
    river to reach Lordlake. After the scene, travel back up to the docks. You'll
    be forced into fighting six of Barows' soldiers. Kill them and you go back to
    Raftfleet; not Rainwall. Oboro and the others will not join you just yet.
    Once Raftfleet becomes your temporary headquarters, Oboro's ship can be found
    docked next to the Save Point. If you finished the investigation event while
    in Rainwall, Oboro, Fuyo and Shigure will join you when you ask him to. If
    you didn't help him earlier, you will have to ask him to join five times to
    get him to join you. He won't give you the option every time you talk to him,
    so you will need to have recruited party members and/ or advanced the plot in
    the meantime. Oboro (along with Fuyo and Shigure) is a missable character!
    After the Queen's Campaign, his ship will leave Raftfleet and never return,
    so make sure you recruit him before this happens. If you don't recruit Fuyo,
    you cannot play Feitas.
       III. Feitas Instructions
    Fuyo can be found inside Oboro's ship, to the right of the small table. When
    you want to play a game of Feitas, just talk to her and she'll gladly play.
    This is what Fuyo tells you about the game when you choose "Instructions" on
    the main menu of Feitas:
    "In the game of Feitas, two people take turns removing tiles."
    "During your turn, you remove two tiles with matching portraits, but you
     have to follow certain rules."
    "First of all, the line connecting the two tiles you want can't turn more
     than two corners."
    "Next, there can't be any other tiles besides the two you want to take on
     that line."
    "Each tile is worth a certain number of points. In the end, the player with
     the most total points wins."
    "Most pairs of tiles are with twenty points, but some pairs are worth a
     hundred points!"
    "There are also special tiles called 'Rune tiles.' These aren't worth any
     points, but they let you do 'Rune chains.'"
    "'Rune chains' remove tiles from 2 spaces next to each Rune tile. Highlight
     a Rune tile to see which spaces it affects."
    "Tiles taken by Rune chains are worth 1.5 times more than normal! Pretty
     nice, huh?"
    "The game is over when all tiles have been removed."
    "To make things more interesting, I'll give you a prize if you win, Prince!"
    A few things Fuyo leaves out:
    - Before a match, two flipped-over tiles are shown. If you pick the one
      bearing the Sun Rune, you go first. If you pick the one with the Prince's
      portrait on it, Fuyo goes first.
    - In the event of a Draw (a tie game), no one wins and no prize is awarded.
    - In games with turn time limits (Intermediate & Expert), if you run out of
      time on your turn, a random pair of tiles are matched for you. The match
      happens at a -20 point penalty, so a normal match is essentially +0 points,
      a special match is +80 points, etc.
    - You can get Help about what tile pair to make by pressing the Circle Button.
      The two tiles are highlighted in purple.
    - You can Give Up during your turn in a match by pressing the Square Button.
       IV. Tiles, Points & Rune Chains
    In the main menu of Feitas, you can change which tiles are used in the game.
    You can switch from the default tiles to a tile of any other character you've
    already completed recruiting.
    The default tiles have blue borders, and they are:
    Beginner:               Intermediate:
    - The Prince            - The Prince
    - Lyon                  - Lyon
    - Georg                 - Georg
    - Sialeeds              - Sialeeds
                            - Kyle
                            - Lucretia
    - The Prince
    - Lyon
    - Georg
    - Sialeeds
    - Kyle
    - Lucretia
    - Raja
    - Kisara
    The three special tiles have a thin orange border. These tiles will always be
    Queen Arshtat, King Ferid, and Princess Lymsleia; they can't be changed to
    other characters.
     Basic Points
    Matching two normal tiles = +20 points
    Matching two special tiles = +100 points
    Matching two Rune tiles = +0 points (see Rune Combos below)
     Rune Chains
    When you match two Rune tiles, the Rune eliminates any tiles (and their
    matching tile) within their areas of effect and gives you 1.5 times the
    points. (Example: Using a Rune tile to eliminate a special tile pair would
    get you +150 points.) However, if no tiles are in the Rune tiles' areas of
    effect, you get +0 points. This is because the Rune tiles themselves are
    worthless; it's the chain of other tiles being eliminated that get you more
    points. The Rune tiles' areas of effect are as follows:
    - Lightning - tiles touching the north and south
    - Water - tiles touching the southwest and southeast
    - Fire - tiles touching the northwest and northeast
    - Wind - tiles touching the southwest and northeast
    - Earth - tiles touching the west and east
       V. Difficulties & Prizes
    Total tiles: 40 (in a 8 by 5 grid)
    Total normal tiles: 32 (16 pairs, 2 per character)
    Total special tiles: 4 (2 pairs of Arshtat)
    Total Rune tiles: 4 (2 different, random Rune pairs)
    Time limit per turn: None
    Penalty for using Help: -0 points
    Prizes: Medicine (x5) or Escape Scroll (x3)
    Special Prize (win by +200 or more points): Mega Medicine (x3)
    Total tiles: 60 (in a 12 by 5 grid)
    Total normal tiles: 48 (24 pairs, 4 per character)
    Total special tiles: 8 (2 pairs of Arshtat and Ferid)
    Total Rune tiles: 4 (2 different, random Rune pairs)
    Time limit per turn: 30 seconds
    Penalty for using Help: -5 points
    Prize: Sacrificial Jizo
    Special Prize (win by +300 or more points): Sacrificial Buddha
    Total tiles: 84 (in a 14 by 6 grid)
    Total normal tiles: 64 (32 pairs, 4 per character)
    Total special tiles: 12 (2 pairs of Arshtat, Ferid, and Lymsleia)
    Total Rune tiles: 8 (4 different, random Rune pairs)
    Time limit per turn: 15 seconds
    Penalty for using Help: -10 points
    Prize: Water Sealing Rune Piece
    Special Prize (win by +400 or more points):
     Fire Sealing Rune Piece or a Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, or Lightning Ring
       VI. Strategy
    Beginner and Intermediate modes are pretty easy to win, but if you're going
    for the Special Prizes, you might need some pointers of how to trick Fuyo
    into making mistakes:
    - Using Help is generally pointless.
      When you press the Circle Button to get Help from Fuyo, it is almost always
      a tile pair that will let her get a Rune or special tile pair on her turn.
      Only follow her advice if you can't figure anything else out or are just
      learning to play.
    - You can "pause" the game if you need to (sort of).
      Pressing the Square Button to get to the Give Up confirmation screen is a
      handy way to "pause" the game during intense matches to catch a breather.
      The tiles will all be flipped over, showing their green backs, so it won't
      help you find pairs. When you're ready, choose not to Give Up to go back
      to the game.
    - Always try for special tiles.
      If there's ever a special tile available on the board, Fuyo will always go
      for it. Try and trick her into making special tiles available by sticking
      to normal tile matches and/or leave her only available move to be opening
      up a space where you can get a special tile match.
    - Fuyo will always go for Rune tile matches.
      This can be very helpful in tricking Fuyo into getting no points on her
      turn. If you free up a Rune tile match *and* free up a special tile match
      at the same time, Fuyo will *always* go for the Rune tile match, even if
      the match will not get her any points. Use this to trick Fuyo into getting
      a +0 point Rune tile match so you can get what you want on your turn.
    - If you're losing by a lot of points, Give Up the match.
      Giving Up the match by pressing the Square Button is a lot quicker than
      finishing up a match you know you're going to lose. If Fuyo has gotten more
      special tile matches or 200 more points than you and there's no way to
      catch up, just give up the match. That way you can start another match
      more quickly.
    - Change your tiles.
      It's not so bad during Beginner matches, but when there's a lot more tiles
      on the screen, all the flesh-tones can make it harder to find matches. What
      I usually do is keep the Prince because of his hair color, but switch some
      of the other tiles to characters with different colors (Zerase, Wilhelm,
      etc.). This makes it much easier to pick them out during a match.
       VII. Credits / Thanks
    Thank you so much to:
    - Konami and all the people who contributed to making Suikoden V.
    - Gamefaqs.com and its contributors for such a useful site.
    - KFCrispy from Suikosource.com for inspiring me to make a FAQ.
    If you have any questions, comments, or would like to add information that
    you feel like I left out, please send me an e-mail at this address:
    serra_013['at']hotmail.com. Please include "Feitas FAQ" somewhere in the title
    of your e-mail, or it might be deleted or filtered out. If I don't respond to
    an e-mail it's probably because I never got it, so try to send it again if I
    don't answer in a week. I will add names of contributors to this section:
    - Thanks to namhoram (Matt) for the info on winning elemental Rings in Expert. 
    Copyright: A. Hansen (aka SerraAngel13), all rights reserved (c) 2008
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site (other than gamefaqs.com) or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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