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Character Endings Guide by The_Masamune

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/12/2006

Suikoden V Character Endings Guide

Joshua Walls (The_Masamune)


If you are a Suikoden fan, then you know that each of the games (excluding
Tactics/Rhapsodia) entails the recruitment of 108 different characters to
your army or cause. At the end of each of the mainstream games (the ones
numbered I through V), there is a listing showing what happens to each of the
characters after the conclusion to the storyline. This guide was created as a
reference guide to the endings for the 108 Stars of Destiny for Suikoden V.
As such, it will entail major spoilers for that game. Not plot-specific
spoilers, but it most likely will detract from the ending, if you have not
beaten the game and seen the endings for yourself already.

I've compiled this list in order to offer an easy reference guide for those
that would like to see the endings without playing through the game one or
more extra times. Some people might not have the time, or might not read
quite as fast as others, or then again some people are just plain lazy.
Whichever one it is, it doesn't matter to me, this list is here for you.

Legal and Credits

It might not be a whole lot of work compared to other guides floating around
(especially on Gamefaqs, where there are a lot of good contributors), but
I did put forth all of the effort to copy down the endings, repeating the
ending sequence over and over again for perfection's sake (and as a result,
I now know more about the endings for Suikoden V than I could possibly know
what to do with). As such, I would appreciate it if you would at least ask
me before using the guide anywhere else.

Credit for the alternate (male) Tenfu Star's ending goes to Jackson.

Also, obviously Suikoden is a trademark of Konami, and is not my work,
blah blah blah...


You have been warned.

*Note - In three instances, there is a word in parenthesis ( ). These words
refer to the name given by the player to the army and the castle.

If you're looking for a specific character's ending, make use of the 
"Ctrl+F" function, then type in the character's name to go straight to
the ending.

Tenkai Star: Prince, Hero V
Stands tall as guardian and queen's knight commander. Legends of his courage
and strength endure to this day.


Bidding his homeland farewell, he sets out to explore the worlds's
many lands.

Tenki Star: Lucretia Merces
Though considered an obvious choice for the new land's Prime Minister, she
instead slips away in the night.

Tenyu Star: Craig Laden
Ashamed of the crisis his inflexibility caused, he resigns, asking Rahal to
take over and reform the cavalry.

Tenmou Star: Boz Wilde
Focuses on improving the Queen's Royal Navy, expanding the port of Estrise
and developing maritime trade.

Tenei Star: Lyon
Becomes the youngest-ever Queen's Knight, and devotes herself to the
protection of the queen and her brother.


Accompanies the queen's brother on his journey.

Tenfu Star 1: Eresh
Leaves Falena unnoticed. Nobody could ever again look upon the ruins of
her shrine.

Tenfu Star 2: Euram
Gives up his status and estate. He and his family dedicate themselves to
the restoration of the Queendom.

Tenko Star: Kyle
Retires from the Queen's Knights, but instead of returning home to Lelcar,
lives a life of peace and quiet abroad.

Tenritsu Star: Isato
Stays on after the war as assistant to Lady Haswar. Returns to Alseid
only once more in his life.

Tenan Star: Belcoot
Teaches swordsmanship at the recruit training school -- formerly the arena
-- and helps out at the inn on days off.

Tenku Star: Ax
Grows into a magnificent three-horned dragon horse. He and Nick become
the Dragon Cavalry duo to watch.

Teni Star: Georg
Returns to the northern continent, and joins in many wars under many
different names.

Tenbi Star: Killey
As he hunts for Sindar treasure Lorelai lures him back to Falena, where
he lands in prison after a riot.

Tentai Star: Shoon
Travels from country to country, training all the while, on a mission
to reunite his fellow gladiators.

Tenken Star: Volga
Nudged from all sides, he finally agrees to take a "friggin' desk job"
as Mayor of Lelcar.

Tenzai Star: Wasil
Represents Lelcar in the New Parliament, where his mediating skills keep
the peace and promote new partnerships.

Tenpai Star: Orok
Devotes himself to rebuilding Lelcar, but disappears mysteriously just
before its successful completion.

Tensui Star: Nick
Admitted to the Cavalry soon after the war. Together with Ax, he gives
Roog and Lance a run for their money.

Tenkoku Star: Mueller
Keeps Wilhelm working part-time by prodding at him full-time.

Tengou Star: Raja
Just after plans for naval reform materialize, she retires. The rest of
her days breeze slowly by in Raftfleet.

Tenkan Star: Zerase
Just after the Sun Rune returns to the Sun Palace, Zerase vanishes and
is never seen again.

Tenyu Star: Galleon
Despite broad support, he retires from his post, then returns home to
rebuild Lordlake and teach the young.

Teni Star: Nakula
Departs for Nagarea on a continuing hunt for Nether Gate surviviors.
Leaves Sagiri with a promise: "I'll get you last."

Tenki Star: Talgeyl
Becomes the first chairperson of the New Parliament. Uses Lord Rovere's
style of diplomacy to introduce a new system.

Tenman Star: Dinn
The Southern Seraph gains great fame -- and rumor has it the hand of
Lord Raulbel's daugher, Salisha.

Tensyo Star: Zegai
Weary of the civilized world, he leaves for the wild where he becomes
an exterminator of extremely large pests.

Tensyo Star: Haswar
As the oracle of Lunas, supports the new queen both publicly and privately.
One day she announces a suprise wedding...

Tenyu Star: Norma
With Levi alongside, goes to her home of Zelant to free Ernst from his curse.

Tensoku Star: Cathari
Thought to have returned to her home country. The northern states would not
meddle with Falena for decades to come.

Tensatsu Star: Ernst
Returns home with Norma and Levi and turns toward the ruins where his curse

Tenkyu Star: Shula Valya
Per King Jalant's wishes, helps forge a pact of friendship with Falena,
where he later resides as ambassador.

Tenjyu Star: Bernadette
Returns to the Island Nations, her post as Vice-Captain and her father's
perpetual mind games.

Tenhei Star: Lance
Is assigned to the Sun Palace with Roog, where he becomes quite popular among
the people of Falena.

Tenson Star: Flail
Celebrates Rahal's promotion by taking leave to lay an egg --Lance is the
father -- then returns to action.

Tenrou Star: Yoran
Tends Sauronix Castle's dragon horses. He treats them with care and earns
their respect.

Tenbou Star: Wilhelm
Famous after his (Dawn) army stint, he finds work wherever he goes, but never
finds quite enough girls.

Tenkou Star: Toma
Armed with Galleon's training, he takes an apprenticeship at the Sun Palace,
hoping to become a Queen's Knight.

Chikai Star: Cius
Abandoned by Lucretia, he shakes off his sadness and takes the post of
military police chief.

Chiyu Star: Shinro
Builds a trade route to Armes under Boz's trade expansion policy, and watches
his business take off.

Chiyu Star: Norden
Works tirelessly on Lordlake's reconstruction. Cries with joy at the return
of his wife, who he happily remarries.

Chiei Star: Mathias
Remains by Isabel's side until the end of his days.

Chimou Star: Roog
Becomes commander of the newly-formed Sun Palace Dragon Brigade, which
defends Falena along with the Queen's Knights. 

Chisei Star: Bastan
Returns to appraise art in Haud, now seemingly at peace with its eccentric

Chitou Star: Goesch
Steps into Talgeyl's old role as mediator of Lordlake politics. His
youthful spark inspires everyone.

Chian Star: Richard
Though his fellow mercenaries suggest that he create his own unit, he
instead continues to fight alongside Mueller.

Chikai Star: Luserina Barrows
Donates the Barrows estate to the resoration effort, then continues to
help as a new administrator.

Chiyu Star: Mohsen
Teams up with his craftsmen to sell wholesale. Together they supply superb
Zelant-quality armor to the queedndom.

Chijyu Star: Murad
Uses Nether Gate's leftover specimens to concoct many new groundbreaking

Chikyu Star: Hazuki
Becomes a sword trainer in the hopes of facing off against Belcoot again,
much to Marina's dismay.

Chizen Star: Levi
To break Ernst's curse he starts from the beginning, traveling with Ernst
and Norma across the western sea.

Chikyou Star: Sagiri
Oboro leaves her behind, so she continues to work under Fuyo. Every so
often her smile slips a little.

Chisou Star: Babbage
Uses (Sun) Castle's gears as the groundwork for more advance ideas.
Becomes known as "Mr. Gear".

Chimei Star: Nifsara
Goes to Sol-Falena as Shula's bodyguard. Often checks in on Toma's
training, teasing him all the while.

Chitai Star: Nelis
Yahr's accomplice, She disappears with him and flees, with Skald hot on
their trail.

Chisui Star: Alhazred
Heads for Nagarea in search of arachaic tomes, but is refused entry. Of
course, that's hardly enough to stop him.

Chiin Star: Miakis
Serves Queen Lymsleia as guardian and confidant for life. The two of them
remain as close as loving sisters.

Chiri Star: Zunda
Realizing that "men are only dependable when they feel like it", becomes
the dwarves leader, scaring men everywhere.

Chiraku Star: Cornelio
Becomes determined to recuit at least 50 members for the newly-created
DoReMi Elf Symphony and Orchestra.

Chisoku Star: Zweig
Searches for the location indicated by Killey's "Crimson Pilgrims"
legend, but only finds a single towering tree.

Chikei Star: Lu
Assists babbage while Sorensen is off at the ruins. Does a bang-up job,
with a few glaring exceptions.

Chiyou Star: Taylor
Pokes around Armes for a scoop. Ends up exposing massive corruption among
the hard-line chieftans.

Chifuku Star: Lelei
Disappears with Lucretia but turns up years later. Able on and off the
field, she is known as the Crown's Brililiance.

Chiku Star: Meroon
Takes the job of hauling Moroon home every time he runs away, a job she
quickly learns to enjoy.

Chizen Star: Fuyo
Cheerfully works to keep up the detective agency, home to Sagiri, Shigure,
and occasionally Oboro.

Chikaku Star: Lun
Joins the cavalry to oblige Rahal's reforms. After rigorous training, she
becomes the world's first female rider.

Chizou Star: Retso
Determines the secret of his teacher's dish, but keeps it under lock and
key, then he meets the Chef Jinkai...

Chison Star: Chuck
Determined to help luserina, he becomes the best damn storage guard the
Sun Palace has ever had.

Chisatsu Star: Kisara
Serves as both Raftfleet's leader and delegate, but still makes time for
family whenever Lun is at home.

Chisyu Star: Linfa
Having mastered the twin arts of the enormous debt and the quick getaway,
she now studies how not to cheat.

Chiin Star: Faylen
Goes to the nothern continent in search of Roy. Finds him in training, and
practically smothers him with care.

Chisou Star: Urda
Moves back and forth between Alseid and Lunas. Not expected to settle down
anytime soon.

Chiken Star: Chisato
Her storytelling and voice talents, put to use by a traveling puppet show
troupe, entertain children everywhere.

Chizoku Star: Roy
Discovering a love for acting, he joins at theater group up north. After
grueling training, a star is born.

Chisatsu Star: Raven
swears off thievery until Oboro's return. In the meantime he volunteers to
help Fuyo's agency with stakeouts.

Chiketsu Star: Jeane
Returns to Sol-Falena and carries on with the rune business, but eventually
stops showing up for work.

Chii Star: Isabel
With the help of King Jalat and Shula, she travels to Armes to fight
injustice and corruption.

Chiki Star: Rahal
After succeeding Craig as commander, he works to reform the cavalry. Among
other moves, he opens the ranks to women.

Chibun Star: Gunde
Succeeds Wabon as the dwarves' delegate to the new parliament. His speeches
are few, but intense.

Chikatsu Star: Lorelai
Helps herself to Zweig's research materials, which point her up north
-- towards the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Chikyou Star: Fuwalafuwalu
Already old in beaver years, he passes away soon after the war ends. Maroon
and his siblings take the elder's place.

Chijiku Star: Wabon
Passes the role of dwarves' delegate to Gunde, then rolls up his sleeves
and hammers away on the railroad tracks.

Chisa Star: Rania
Continues making dragon horse flutes. Takes on one apprentice after another,
but none of them really measure up.

Chirei Star: Silva
Declines an offer to become Sun Palace doctor and opens a practic in Lordlake,
where she looks after ordinary folk.

Chibi Star: Gavaya
Searches the island nations for a wife, failing to understand that the goal
of coutrship is tenure, not high turnover.

Chibaku Star: Moroon
Attempts to live the life of a wanderer, until Meroon drags him back. Repeat
ad nauseum.

Chikou Star: Shigure
Even as the top investigator, he slacks off at every opportunity. Still, he
always looks out for Sagiri.

Chihi Star: Marina
she works so hard at the stormfist inn that she might take it over some day.
She becomes more direct with belcoot.

Chikou Star: Haleth
Makes the rounds among his former associates to collect on his bets. "The
prince won. Pay up!"

Chisin Star: Yahr
Returns to the Island Nations, sneaks into the armory, destroys all the rune
shells, and is gone without a trace.

Chiman Star: Muroon
Becomes Beaver Lodge delegate to the New Parliament, at Maroon's urging, and
works to restore Falena's south dam.

Chisyu Star: Bergen
Loses interest in magic, determined instead to create wonders with his hands.
Becomes apprentice to Wabon.

Chii Star: Sharmista
Assigned to Sol-Falena along with Shula. Her wisdom and grace soon wins the
hearts of Falena's people.

Chisyun Star: Sorensen
At Babbage's request, makes a chilling, lonely trek up the Ashtwal Mountains
to examine the ruins' contraptions.

Chitatsu Star: Viki
Glancing up at the sun during the victory celebration, she lets out a sneeze
-- and disappears.

Chichin Star: Josephine
Hauled back home, she promptly runs away again. Heads north in search of
more sophisticated culture.

Chima Star: Maroon
Succeeds the late Fuwalafuwalu as leader, contributes to the harmonious
coexistence of human, dwarf and beaver.

Chiyu Star: Oboro
Leaves the agency to Fuyo and departs apparently to Nagarea, to "settle
things once and for all."

Chihi Star: Genoh
Returns to the waterfall basin. Often visits the Ceras Lake to tease Byakuren
and annoy all the fishermen.

Chiko Star: Dongo
Despite Dongo's new recognition as a smith, Wabon keeps browbeating him.
He doesn't mind so much anymore.

Chitan Star: Logg
Busy assisting his wife, now Raftfleet's leader. He tries to visit Lun at
Sauronix Castle, but it never goes well.

Chisyu Star: Shun Min
Grows into a fine young beauty. Falls in love with a chef known as Hai Yo,
and then...

Chihei Star: Egbert
Stays down in Stormfist's underground passage, apparently just for the sake
of being eccentric.

Chido Star: Byakuren
As guardian of Ceras Lake, she continues her watch over (Sun) Castle, which
is now at the bottom of the lake.

Chiaku Star: Nikea
Still wreaks havoc at Martial Arts events, but only to save cash for an
international eating spree.

Chisu Star: Faylon
Follows his sister, who is following Roy, to the northern continent. Ends
up in Roy's troupe, building stage sets.

Chikei Star: Subala
Becomes a fisherwoman in search of the Big One. Disappears at sea one day,
but everyone knows that she's safe.

Chiretsu Star: Miroon
Runs an inn in Yashuna village. Hires help for everything but the bath.

Chimou Star: Takamu
Takes on the maddening task of mapping the underground water vein while
the dwarves tunnel all around it.

Chikou Star: Sairoh
Finally retires (for real) in Raftfleet, where he drinks with Raja, and
lends a hand to Shinro every now and then.


Thanks for reading the guide, I hope it is able to help somebody in some
way. Also thank you to Konami, for yet another wonderful Suikoden game.
Thanks to Jackson as well, for supplying the ending for Euram.

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