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Guide and Walkthrough by lordyuanshu

Version: .95 | Updated: 04/11/2006

Suikoden V


a) Updates
b) Introduction
c) Walkthrough
d) 108 Stars of Destiny
e) Unites
f) Ending

a) Updates
4-9-06 - Began assembling from website version.  Go to above link if you want
picture version.

b) Introduction

There will be spoilers throughout this guide.  

c) Walkthrough

(Ship > Lordlake)
Initially, you go through a sequence with your party of Sialeeds, Lyon, Georg 
and yourself. They are your body guards as you're the prince of the matriarchy 
of Falena, and son of Ferid and Arshtat. Anyway, you'll be introduced to the 
characters more or less and won't have much control over things, so just get 
acquainted to things and watch; your choices will not be very important. 
Eventually, you'll be in Lordlake with Talgeyl.

He explains that the town is bitter towards the Queendom as their dry spell is 
a direct cause of the Prince's country. That said, you're sent to "investigate"
the cause, but the villagers can see through the charade; you don't help the 
root cause of their problems. The lady (Silva) at the Clinic will be very mean
and pretty much everyone will be bitter towards you or at least cynical in some
way. The music and overall setting add to this vibe that the villagers are 
giving off. 

There are a few treasures in Lordlake, as there is one in the southeast corner 
of town (Escape Scroll) and a Medicine in the Rovere Mansion. To continue the 
story, go to the back of the Rovere Mansion and your allies with give their 
opinions on the shape of the town. Compounding matters, you see Talgeyl (and 
what looks to be Goesch) on the other deck, back towards where the little kids 
are playing. It is kind of hard to find actually, but they seem to be upset 
over a boy named Toma who wandered into the forest in hopes of an oasis, or 
something. You volunteer to help, since you "do this for a living" according 
to Georg.

The guard now lets you into the plagued forest at the south part of town. The 
monsters here are nothing challenging, and Georg will probably massacre most 
if not all of them. Your other members are competent also fortunately, and try 
out the Unite attacks that the Hero has.

As far as directions go, follow the path until you go down a staircase and are 
by the save point. Continue south, going left at the first fork south of the 
bridge. Then take a right, and you'll be at a three-way with a sign. Head 
south, and then left for a Medicine. Now, head back to the sign and go right. 
Take the lower path and continue heading east until you get a Mega Medicine. 
Head back and take the northeast path instead of the southeast (where you're 
coming from). You'll get to a short cut-scene where your party notices a patch 
of water and knows that the little boy is close.A little further north and your
party will see the kid being attacked by three "Ulse's", wolf-life creatures. 
You get a chance to decide; if you are hesitant your party insists you go help 
(Sialeeds especially). A cool scene then occurs with Georg and the prince 
cutting the monsters off from harming the kid. 

Really though, These Ulse's are less dangerous than you'd think. Georg got one 
of them immediately, and then the other two attacked. The attacks are weak, but 
they attack with two swipes and hit a large portion of your group if they 
connect. I kept to Unite's and Georg's attacks, pretty easy stuff though.  
You'll get a Boost Piece, Violence Piece, and some inconsequential item (I 
always click too fast).  After the battle the little boy complains to you about
how the animals are ravaging the land because of the conditions. 

(Sol-Falena Sun Palace)
Now you're back in front of your mother at Falena. She gives you a little 
background information; this group rebeled and stole the Dawn Rune, one of the
three treasured runes of Falena. Because of this, she deems her actions as
just, regardless of whether or not it's affecting innocent ones. Ferid steps in
as your party (and you if you wish) is arguing with Her Majesty Arshtat. 

You'll get control now again, with Sialeeds and Georg going off. You and Lyon 
are left to explore, so do so. Head to the west path first, where you will 
eventually find "Lym's" room at the top. Talk to the people around here; one 
guy gets into a detailed explanation of the past war that your country 
overcame. The maids will tell you Lym is out so head to the other side of the 
building and head south when you get in the first corridor. You'll overhear 
some rich fellows talking badly of you, but Kyle walks in to stand up. Be nice 
to him afterwards, he'll jion you as you continue to look for your sister. Head
to the north and go up the stairs, and check the rooms around here. The 
bottom-right room has a Dress and a set of Refined Clothes. Not useful now, but
leave and head onto the balcony. The third floor has a Rune area, where the Sun
Rune used to be until your mother took it. After talking to the experts, you 
can tell that your mother's chaotic thinking may be due to Sun Rune.

When you're done exploring, head to the right path/balcony combo and take the 
path; once inside, head south and take the last door to get in the Guard 
Knight's room. A big discussion will ensue regarding Her Majesty and her use of
the Sun Rune. Arguments will cloud the room until Ferid comes in and assures 
you that being constructively critical of your mother is not a bad thing. It 
seems though that even the Knights are splitting into factions, which can't be 
healthy. After things settle down you can talk to each Knight by themselves, 
with many prompting choices for you. When you are ready, attempt to leave and 
you'll bump into Lymsleia and her bodyguard Miakis will bump into you. 
Evidently she's not pleased you haven't seen her yet. She's just a little girl 
though, don't worry. Your dad will then come in and declare that the prince 
will go off to Stormfist to "check on the preparations for the Sacred Games". 
The others (Kyle, Miakis, Lymsleia, and Lyon) will want to go also, so they 
join you. Lyms is only in the entourage, but Miakis and Kyle are both 
formidable. Sialeeds joins you after you get out of the room, and then you can 
leave the palace. You've just had a massive amount of new characters introduced
to you and the game is hitting you pretty thick with the storyline but expect 
it to continue for a little while longer and then it will all make sense.

(Sol-Falena exterior)
Now you are finally outside of the Sun Palace. Walk around and talk to 
everyone; this is an obvious concept but one that is even more important in 
your home land. You'll get a lot of historical based information regarding your
allies and the past war. Anyway, go south and take a right down the stairs; 
this leads to a Scarf (accessory). Return back and head further south, going 
down the stairs again when you get the chance. On the bottom floor of the 
Senate House is a Mega Medicine (southern area), along with several more people
to talk to. When you're ready, return back up and to the top of the Senate 
House. The guards will ask you what's up and let you in.

(Sol-Falena - Senate House)
Inside, the people will speak of the political issues around the land, many 
surrounding the Barows and Godwin family. Evidently they're both power hungry 
and are vying for as much control as possible. You meet Euram and Salum Barows,
a couple of shady aristocrats who contend that they will win the princess (your
younger sister). Those jokesters will do their thing for a while and then 
leave, in which case you can go back upstairs and talk to the guy in the 
northwest part of the room to go in.

Your party will analyze the 70 applicants and give their two cents regarding 
the ones they are familiar with. Turns out Sialeeds ex-fiance', Gizel Godwin,
is vying to win the competition and marry Lymsleia. Evidently these 
"challengers" can hire "champions" to help them in their fight (which is what 
the weak Euram gloated that he will do). Anyway, you'll have a pretty good 
background about what's going on at this point. Head around the Senate for a 
few more scenes and then leave. Lymsleia, Miakis, and Sialeeds go back to the 
Sun Palace to study, protect, and rest respectively. Kyle suggests seeing the 
new Rune Master (must be talking about the Suikoden goddess Jeane). 

(Sol-Falena exterior)
I was never quite sure why Suikoden made sure Jeane would be the one in each 
game so far. I guess since she is the Rune master on all games, it makes sense
that she should be in the area when a True Rune story is about to unfold. 
Anyway, head south when you are ready. The town area is huge. This Sun Palace
truly is as grand as it looked from the exterior. Explore it all and visit the 
shops. You won't have much Potch or ability points (SP) probably, but I spent 
what I had on the blacksmith for Lyon and the Prince, since they seem like the
type to be in your party for a long tenure. Check out the other places though 
just to get acclimated to how the shops in Suikoden V work. Do spend 200 Potch
for "Salt". You'll understand later, but basically having six of them allows 
you to get a 108 Star of Destiny. Head east of here and search the area, 
procurring a Bandana.

The west side of Sol Falena has some goodies as well. There is a Mega Medicine
raised on a platform. Further west is the Rune Shop, where you will find no 
hot rune sage (which you probably suspected was Jeane). Instead, the part-time
employee is there, much to the dismay of Kyle. Afterwards, Kyle will hear a 
scuffle. Chase after him and step him, or at least I did. Fighting them nets 
you easy Potch, as the six thugs are nothing with Kyle's devastating blows. 
Chances are you'll dodge/parry half the attacks, if not more. With things as 
they are, it's time to head back to the Sun Palace.

(Sol-Falena Sun Palace)
Back at the palace, you see a different Arshtat. It seems she is actually 
quite appalled by her own actions, and she professes this to Ferid. Lyon and 
the prince are having the same sort of conversations regarding the stance of 
the kingdom. Later, you are finally told to go to Stormfist. Your orders are 
to view the surroundings and learn some things about the Godwin family. 
Sialeeds, Georg and Lyon go with you. Again, I'd sharpen your weapons as much
as possible before you leave to the southwest. Run down some stairs to get to
the bottom of the Pier. Kyle is down here, and he'll be the last to warn you 
about Stormfist.       
Now you'll finally be on the ship, once again talking about your mother's 
unstable condition on the Sun Rune. Georg will freak out after a while, as he
seems to have noticed something. A white and red lizard named Zadom will flop
on the boat. If you sharpened your weapons, this should be a very easy 
battle. Regardless, Georg will do enough to slaughter this beast himself. He
gives up a Fire Sealing Piece, Medicine, and a Breath of Ice, along with 
3000/20 Potch/SP. After the battle, two more of them will appear behind 
Sialeeds, although Gizel Godwin shoots the two creatures with some arrows to
save her. The Godwin ship pulls up and offers to protect you until you get to
Stormfist. Immediately after, Sialeeds thinks this is all a conspiracy on the
Godwin part (ie setting up the lizards and killing them to be "hero").

When you get there, Lord Godwin (Gizel's dad) is there to greet you. Very 
hospitable, again makes your party curious. At any rate, Gizel joins and 
you're left to explore the area. Heading into the arena, you'll see the 
Dragon Horses racing about on both land and water. Impressive, very similar
to the lizards of Suikoden III. You can go out to meet them, although they 
are gone when you go. Head to the center of the arena to get a pre-battle 
between Childerich and Zegai, the "Champions" of the Godwin and Barows family
respectively. Zegai wins and the Barows boy will taunt Gizel Godwin. Continue
to the south-most floor, where you will find your luxurious accomodations, 
along with the Infirmary and Jail area. Outside and to the north of here is
the courtyard-like area, where the Dragon Arms ability and the Old Book 7 
are. The Old Book is in the northmost part, easy to find. The Dragon Arms, 
not so much. Head south and just keep pressing X. It's sort of cut off by the
screen and since you can't switch views you will barely be able to see it. 
This is your first new formation (provides +2 defense/magic defense), so I'd
equip it and re-form. Return from whence you came and you'll have a scene, 
assuming you've seen everything.

Near the southern exit on the bottom floor, Gizel will spot a disgruntled 
rejected applicant. Evidently this happens frequently. You are then advised 
to check out the town, while Gizel and Sialeeds discuss some things. You'll 
be in a bustling town area now, with a Leopard demonstration. When you can 
control things, head far west for a Medicine. Take the eastern path now, and
go south when you can. You'll get a Bandage, and then you can head further 
west, where you will get the jump on Shoon, who was "following" you. He's a
Gladiator, and he joins you. You'll have a short scene between Gizel and
Sialeeds. Now go back north and take the east path, which takes you south 
towards the Skill Shop. A Mega Medicine is outside; you may wish to use the
Skill Shop while you're here as well. West of here (the central area, just 
south) is Gavaya, a perv who likes your little sister and then hits on Lyon. 
Great, he'll be fun to recruit.

Further south is the "new" part of town. To the left is the exit and a Save 
Point. Just to the southeast of here is a Bracelet. Head to the center of this
new town area and head south, you'll find a Leather Hat. Go to the Inn now. 
There you will meet a very anxious Inn Keeper and you will then discuss 
Gladiator abuse with Shoon. You then leave to get Sialeeds, who declined the 
banquet with the Godwins thankfully. Back at the Inn now, you'll join up and go
to the sewer at night. 

(Stormfist Sewer)
Evidently no one knows about these tunnels. You can go in and out of here as 
you wish. Anyway, past the savepoint is a switch, with opens a path with an 
Antitoxin in your way. Head back and go north instead and you'll come across 
Egbert, who used to be in the royal family. He absolutely hates the Godwins as
they stole the power from his former ruling family. After he scares your party,
advance eastward until you hit the wall, then get the Sacrificial Jizo there. 
The cells just south of these have a Leather Armor (great defense) and another
switch. Hit each light brown switch you run across, as they open the jail-like
doors that are around here. Somewhere in the center you'll come across another
Save Point. You're almost there, and when you get there (further northwest), 
little Shoon will open the door.

(Gladiator Jail)
The gladiators all say hi and then point you to the northwest corner; Georg 
kicks the door open after hearing voices, only to find the Barows champion 
here, along with a few other suspicious characters. Choose to run after them, 
and then go do so. You'll catch them in the forest, and they shouldn't be too 
hard. Sialeeds and the prince have a hit-all unite that works well here. After
you consult with everyone about Zegai, you realize he is from Armes! Euram 
Barows claims to know nothing of the sort, but basically Zegai is deemed as
Armes and is confined to the room he is currently in. More importantly, the 
Barows have no champion for the competition, putting the Godwins as the 

(Stormfist Sacred Games)
Later, papa Godwin tells Gizel Godwin not to scheme so much. Turns out Gizel 
manipulated part of this situation, knowing things may drop in his favor. 
Anyway, after this you're taken to the big scene as your family is now there in
the royal seats. Great visuals are everywhere, with the Dragon Horses running 
around and lighting things. It's like the Suikoden Olympics, basically. You are
then in control to do a ceremonial duel. 

Another great scene here, and nothing too hard. The duels are identical to past
ones in concept, but they look and feel a bit different. You are timed, and 
it's tough to distinguish between "attack" and "special". Still though, you 
fight Shoon and he's pretty predictable. Once he's done, Lymsleia will come and
tell you that you are brother and sister and can't marry. Miakis has been 
telling her lies again evidently, but the two of them join along with Lyon. Now
head back to the royal floor (the stairs west of the arena exit; keep heading 
south from the infirmary) and take your seat.

You'll watch the fighting. The Godwin supporter will win easily, and then 
Belcoot will cut down the knee of a big goof named Junku. Anyway, after the 
games for today are done, go outside and look for this Belcoot fellow. Before 
you go you'll have a scene with Murad who found someone cheating with 
anesthetics. As you leave you meet a martial artist named Nikea, who wants to
enter despite being a female. She then leaves, so head due south a few screens.
You'll see a dwarf blacksmith be discriminated against; made me feel bad 
watching it. Evidently it's "legal" to kill non-humans, including dwarves, in 

Head west and you'll see some thugs tell Belcoot what to do. Georg expected 
this as it's beneficial for the nobles. Belcoot responds intelligently and the
thugs get pissed that he didn't back down. Instead, they try to coax him into 
disqualifying himself (evidently fighting outside while the tournament is 
going on = DQ). Belcoot is so determined that he tells them to beat him up as
he won't do anything to get himself disqualified. Under these conditions you 
are forced to help him if he won't defend himself, so work these thugs. 
Belcoot then joins you, regardless of whether it looks suspicious or not. Head
back to the Inn and Marina the overzealous innkeeper will stop you and ask you
and Belcoot to come in. You'll have a talk with him and turns out he was a 
former gladiator who fled to Kanakan, only to come back to attempt to win the
competition and abolish the gladiator system.

After the time at the Inn is finished, head back to the arena. Belcoot vs. 
Childerich for the championship are the results. This being the case, Georg is
especially worried that they're going to be after Belcoot before tomorrow's 
match. You go to the inn to find that Marina has been kidnapped and is being 
held in the woods you entered for a short time. Belcoot joins you after a lot
of bickering and you can go south out of town now. Before you go, buy all the
salt you can, along with a trip to any stores necessary. After the sewer trip,
you should have a bit of Potch. If you have the Dragon Arms skill, you can 
have George and Belcoot in front, thus creating a dominant front that 
blocks/counters nearly everything. But now it's time to investigate what is 
going on behind the scenes here, and see how the end of the competition turns

(Western Forest)
Your first trip to the overworld. Better than traveling on ships the entire 
time right? Fight around for a while, but you can't go anywhere (attempts to 
cross the bridge will be met by the annoying Lyon). Head to the forest when 
ready, and take the north path that Sialeeds suggests. The path is hard to 
follow at some points, but after a while of going north you'll see a fork 
going northwest or east. Take the east to get the Goose tactic, another solid
choice for your current party. Further north is another crossroads, with the
north path giving you a Mega Medicine. West leads you to the cabin.

Those same goombas from before (in town assaulting Belcoot) are here. Belcoot
charges right in and downs two of them, and then the front guards come in. 
There are five of them but nothing you can't handle. Marina will cry profusely
and then a man (Dolph) will appear at the door and then leave; hmm, maybe he's
going to tell someone? Head out of here now.

Now you head out the front way rather than the back way. There are two roads
that jut out from the main path, but both are hard to see. The first is on the
right side of the road and leads to a Feather Ornament (head defense), while
the second one of the left side of the road is a Silence Orb. The Orb is a bit
farther down, and try to just walk against the wall to make sure you find it.  

You'll see as scene with Gizel and the guy who was watching you. Afterwards
you'll be at the Inn with things settled down. You'll have some talking and
choices to make but nothing important. In the morning, Marina doesn't feel 
well but the party and Belcoot must hurry to the arena for the match. Head to
the royal seats for it to take place. Belcoot will stumble in, half asleep. 
Childerich will destroy him, and you'll get the chance to stop it.

Head to the infirmary where Belcoot is being tended to by the doctor. Marina
will admit to poisoning him "because she didn't want him out of her reach". 
Quite selfish, but Georg suspects something greater controlling this. Anyway,
head to the jail to talk to Zegai, and then back to the Queen's room. Talk to
them, but don't leave yet. Talk to everyone else in town (Shoon in the jail,
Norma in town, Belcoot/Marina at the inn) and then talk to your dad to leave.

(Leaving Stormfist)
The Godwin's send you off happily, and then there is a cutscene of the two
Godwins discussing things. The dad seems to be the insightful one who realizes
that Gizel's schemes are being found out by you and your friends, thus ruining
your loyalty towards them. Gizel seems overconfident. Meanwhile, your family
plans on standing firm against the Godwin's but in secrecy.

(East Palace)
You are then asked to accompany Lymsleia as she has journeying to do before she
marries Gizel. Head to the east palace (leave through the east part of town)
but don't forget to check the trade shop for some more Salt. Anything else
you'd like to buy or upgrade, you should do that before you leave. Once in the
overworld, head east and you'll find it. Chat with the folks here, but head
north into the big building, and then further north into the rune room. You'll
talk about how things have been steadily worse since the Dawn Rune has been
gone. A mysterious woman will them come to insult you for your incompetency.

The others waiting outside didn't see the woman go in or out, so you're left to
go on to Lunas and let the guards deal with the woman. Before you go, get the
treasures in the northeast (Cape), northwest (Glass Slippers), southwest
building (Arrowhead Tactic), southeast (Sunbeam piece), far east (Sleep Orb)
and a Cheesecake from the person just west of the Sleep Orb. Be careful with
the Sleep Orb, it is hard to find, but if you find the white-brick road that
leads across the water and then wraps south, you've found it.

Now you must head north of here, and look for the Sanctuary of Lunas, where you
are to meet Isato and Haswar. She is a cousin to Sialeeds and your mother, and
her and Miakis accompany Lymsleia with her trials. You are then allowed to roam
around freely while this is going on, so get the two treasures just east of
this building for a Jewel Necklace and a Defense Ring. Venture south and east,
into the buildings along the way to get an Old Book 5. The person just west of
the room will give you some juice. The bottom floor should be your next
destination, where a scene will take place. One cleric will bicker about the
succession, saying cousin Haswar should have taken over instead of Arshtat. 
This leads to more historical information about the two. Haswar will then join
you, but before you return to the mansion, get the Water Orb and the Magical
piece in the bottom-floor rooms that are right by you. 

Back at the mansion, the ceremonial bath is taking place. You, Georg, Lyon and
Isato are left to wander around, and when you go north Lyon will hear voices,
so you'll check that out. Head north and you'll come across a scene with Logg
and Lun, father and daughter. Inside, you'll decide to bring them back to where
they are from, Raftfleet, as they are friends of the leader there. In turn,
Sialeeds wants you to meet them. Talk to everyone at night, and then go to bed.
Logg and Lun don't fight with you unfortunately. Head due south to Raftfleet,
which actually is southeast of the East Palace that you were just at.

Raftfleet is an interesting place to say the least. A beaver named Meroon will
run up to Lun and start asking to "play". Interesting, evidently beavers reside
in the forest deep to the south. Well, head east now into the trade shop. The
sixth Salt should be here (and the old man behind the trader, Sairoh, is the
guy you're getting all these for. But of course, he can't be recruited yet). On
the left side of the screen is an Inn and a house, which have a Thunder Piece
and Fire Sealing Piece respectively. Now continue heading north through the
appraisal shop. You'll get to a fork within a building; the left goes to
Dahaka, the main ship, while the other leads right to some more treasures and
shops. Follow the southwest path and you'll come across the Sacrificial Jizo
and the Mega Medicine. The far south doesn't have much except for a blacksmith
(to level 5) and a Silver Robe. The item store to the east of these parts
doesn't have much, but the person in the back hands over a Fish Badge. The
Armor shop and Rune shop have some nice things for you, but at this point you
can go to the big ship now.

(Raftfleet > Dahak)
Travel up the stairs and save. Head north now and you can upgrade your skills;
further up is Raja and Kisara, who is the wife to Logg. They scold the
gold-diggers but Raja admits she was pressured into asking them to get some. 
Nobles are demanding gold for their mercenaries. Talk some more and then you
can head to Sol-Falena.

Before you go, try to be prepared in terms of abilities, weapon level, and
armor for Sialeeds, the prince and Lyon. You'll find out soon enough. Back in
Sol-Falena, head to the Sun Palace to talk to Ferid and Kyle. Now go talk to
your mom. She says you have a plan. Well now, go to bed and you'll be at the
banquet. Sialeeds will join, and then talk to Ferid to go to bed. A cut scene
will occur, with Gizel using the same drug on the guards that he did on
Belcoot. You'll have an Assassin in your room, but you'll be ready for him with
Sialeeds and Lyon. A couple of Unites with Lyon should do him in. Save (in a
new save spot, I suggest) and then head downstairs for another scene. Careful 
of the random battles, Godwin soldiers are around. 

Now, as you head further south, you'll get a scene with Childerich and Dolph. 
Then, they'll fight you. This was the fight I was telling you to be prepared
for. The two of them will just attack, but they both do pretty good damage. If
you're around level 20 and your weapons are level 5, you should be okay. I had
Lyon with the Water Rune and the prince with the Lightning rune (with Sialeeds
having her standard Wind Rune). Lyon and Sialeeds could heal, while the prince
could use attack magic. Careful though; both Dolph and Childerich have high
agility and probably will go before Sialeeds, so if you're healing take this
into consideration so that the person she heals isn't dead before she can pull
it off. Anyway, use spells and Unites on one (I chose Dolph) and then when that
one is dead, things should be easier. If you pull it off (winning isn't 
necessary) you'll get a Prosperity Piece and a rich sum of SP and Potch.
Afterwards, Kyle and Zegai will save you just as the other two are

You are now with Kyle and Zegai, discussing what to do. Whatever you choose,
Kyle will go in front of you and Zegai will join you. Not having Kyle sucks but
Zegai is an absolute monster, like you would probably suspect. When you leave,
you'll see Georg. He'll be in a bad mood, and he tells you that your parents
are dead, but that your sister is safe. Godwin virtually has the place under
their control, and you must flee via the secret passage by the guard's room.
The princess will be fleeing with Galleon and Miakis, but will be cut off by
more of the assassins, and by the seemingly traitorous Zahak and Alenia. You
are no longer safe here, so you must flee to Lunas. If you wish you can check
out what's left of Raftfleet, but they were smart enough to flee. Anyway, head
to Lunas.

Once in Lunas, Isato will join you and you'll tell them what happened and rest.
In the meantime, the Godwin's are plotting their scheme and know that you must
be dead. They seem to know where you are as well. Miakis is with the princess,
who is obviously distressed over the situation. Your party doesn't sleep long,
and early in the morning you hear that a few clerics abandoned Lunas to rat you
out. Knowing this, you must retreat through the north woods with Isato and make
it to the Barows family.  Halfway up the trail, Isato will show you a trail in 
what appears to be a hallucination only taking place with elves present. After
this, you'll be in the overworld in no time. 

(Haud Village)
Directly southeast is Haud Village, so head over there. The place looks like a
carnival basically. Head north to rest, getting a Power Piece and a Wind of
Sleep around the Inn area. An old lady is at the appraisal shop, but evidently
she's just a con-artist who favors the Barows tastes. The southern part of town
will yield 1000 Potch, a Boost Piece, and a Drain Piece. If you head to the
eastern part of town, Lord Wilde will come to rescue you, being that he's a
friend of the Barows. Zegai unfortunately will leave you, as he "disgraced" the
Barows name and doesn't want to go back there anyway. Now if you haven't
purchased six salts you best do so here. Well, head to the armor/item shop in
the middle of town (getting the Cross Tactic while you're there) and then head
to the Inn to speak with Boz.

You'll end up sailing down the river to Rainwall. Boz joins, and now it's time
to check the place out. Save, and then go west for 1000 Potch, and then east
along the southern border of the house for a Mega Medicine. West of the item
shop is a house with a Silk Cape in it, and a Prosperity Ring lies in the Inn's
second floor. Finally, east of the Rune and Armor store is a Magic Absorb 
Piece. By the trading post you'll come across Alhazred who warns you and the
trade shop owner about a cursed tome that can never be opened. If we find it
we're supposed to tell him about it, or something. East of here is a house with
a Crescent Tactic and a Wind of Sleep upstairs. Go left now to get a Fortune
Piece, and finally you can check out the Barows house. 

They'll greet you, and then you'll meet Chuck as you go upstairs with Luserina.
Chuck is the storage guy and you're probably full of pieces and salt and Old
Books and such, so drop them off. Go upstairs and to the lower-right room when
you want to rest; Lyon will reveal that she used to be a part of Nether Gate, 
although you probably expected that with some of the hints she gave. Well, 
when you wake up you'll hear that the princess ordered a search party to bring 
you, Georg, and Sialeeds back. Lord Barows suggests taking up arms and you 
being the leader; accept, but tell him to wait so you can save first. This is 
your first major battle, so be as prepared as you can.

You'll have five units; You/Lyon (infantry), Sialeeds (archer/rune), Boz
(spear) and Boz's two infantry troops. The enemy will have two infantry troops
and 1 archer troop. Basically, gang up on the center infantry troop, and then
jut out with a few to take out the archers, and keep Boz and his infantry units
in front against the other infantry units. Sialeeds has a Cyclone ability that
helps, as does your Charge ability. When you win you'll receive the Hungry
Wolf tactic. A celebration will be waiting for you when you return.

The next day Dinn will be here, reinforcements from a hamlet named Sable that
was aided by your parents. It is then suggested you build your military power,
as Barows suggests going to Raftfleet and Dinn suggests going to Lordlake.
You'll see the mysterious woman in town, along with Murad who was at the
infirmary. Pick the second option, although he won't come with just yet. Now
leave the town and check the nearby areas.

(Big Hole > Haud Village)
The hole in the northwest has some enemies that are pretty difficult, along
with a rune scholar and his pupil, but they won't join yet. Head north of
Rainwall (on the east side of the river) and you'll be back in Haud. Go west
and enter the house just south of you to fight the Do Re Mi elves. Once
defeated, a composer named Cornelio will join you. You will then go into a
battle with him against a pink elve, so use his rune to recruit it. He wants
you to get the other five now. More importantly, you have two new members. If
you want a third, head southeast of Rainfall and fight around until you find
the green Do Re Mi elf, Fa So La.  Note that these DoReMi elves are not part
of the 108 Stars of Destiny, but do allow you to unlock the Suikoden V
soundtrack if you get all 5.  

Head east of Rainwall to get to Estrise, the place Boz was telling you about.
There isn't much to do here. The blacksmith can get you to level seven 
although it's expensive, and there are plenty of treasures; Mega Medicine, 
Silence Orb, Rage Piece, Cyclone Piece, and a semi-hidden Stone of Strength
near the wharf.  Nothing else to do, time to head to Raftfleet. 

(Raftfleet > Lordlake)
Talk to everyone around town, then head to the main area to talk to Raja. She
discusses how she doesn't want to be a part of the Barows' cause but supports
you. Then she suggests dealing with the Lordlake situation to appease the
people. So, get out of here and head to the northeastern part of town and
you'll find Logg. Ask to go to Lordlake and he'll take you on his boat. When
you get there, go up to talk to Talgeyl. Unfortunately he too doesn't trust the
Barows, but does say that he doesn't like the Godwins either. It's becoming
increasingly apparent that you're going to need to split from the Barows to
earn the trust of the rest of the people, otherwise they'll think it's another
political battle.

(Raftfleet > Baska Mine)
Well, it's due time you get a tactician who will consider your cause. Head to
Raftfleet to ask for a boat ride. Logg and Lun will attempt to take you there,
but instead will backtrack to the Baska Mine and then join your party. Upon
entry to the Baska Mine, head east to grab a Resurrection Piece and a Turtle
Orb. The beaver Moroon will bitch at you and will not join or prompt a choice.
Go into the mineshaft.

Venture north a little and then right. You'll see a cart to your north so check
it to push it through the fence. Continue on through this recently-created
passage and you'll see a Martial Arts Garb to your north. This should be
useful, and further on is a save point. The bats around here should not provide
too much obstruction, although if you didn't bring Antitoxin you may be in for
a treat. Remember to utilize the Unite attack of Lun and Logg, as it attacks an
entire row. Anyway, north of the save point is Sound Set 4 and another cart to
push. Lastly, head right for a Mother Earth Piece and then west to leave.

(Dwarf Camp)
You are now in the Dwarf Caves. Interesting, so we must be going to the prison
via a tunnel? Well, talk to these Dwarves. They don't seem to care about the
external affairs, but rather just focus on their way of life. You'll see the
blacksmith who was yelled at by the guards at Stormfist. Unfortunately,. he
won't join you or sharpen your weapon, as he needs a hammer. There are two
chests in this area; one behind the blacksmith for 1000 potch and 1 in the
appraisal shop that is a Skullcap. When you are ready, head to the left ladder
to meet Gunde, or "Gunny" as Logg calls him. Logg is a helluva guy, let me tell

If you have a Do Re Mi elf (or two) then you'll have to send one to the
Entourage section. There are no treasures here, just a series of trails in
which you generally want to head north in. The enemies aren't bad and your
party is pretty good so leveling up a bit wouldn't hurt. When you get to the
northmost point you'll come to a wall. Gunny will break it open for ya and you
can go through.

(Agate Prison)
Gunny will now leave you unfortunately, regardless of which option you choose.
Head into the door, up the stairs, and into that door. You'll be at the prison
area with several cells. Run south for a while and you'll get to a Military
Uniform. A little east of here is a Guard Ring, and finally you'll come to four
guards. They're pretty tough, but if you unload some of your top attack spells
(Soaring Bolt - Hero, The Shredding - Cornelio is what I had) they should all
drop. After the battle they'll reveal that they're against the Godwin's, which
you'll respond by saying that you're the prince, and thus they'll join you.
Cius and Lelei are guards here, and after a while they'll trust you and show
you to Lucretia. She'll join you, but warns that if you do something that she
deems is "wrong" then she will betray you just as she did Lord Godwin.

(Agate Prison > Raftfleet)
Backtrack and talk to the red guy in the cell. That crazy fellow Killey will
teleport out of the cell and then walk out via the hole you dug. Well, you head
back via the Wharf and trick your way onto a boat. Plenty of warships are on
the way to Raftfleet so you'll head there first since they aren't attacking
quite yet. When you're back in Raftfleet, go through your inventory and equip
anything you can to your new characters and sell whatever off that you can.
Finally, use the blacksmith and then talk to Raja. 

You discuss the situation and then choose the second option to start the first
naval battle. It's against old man Luger's fleet, a former Raftfleet commander.
Lucretia has the dams shut to stop a few units of the enemies, so they'll send
out Luger (archer), another archer unit, and an infantry unit. Remember, use
archers on the infantry unit and the ram (Boz) on Luger and the other archer.
You should have no problem and you'll have numbers as well. A Luck Ring is your
reward after, although I received a Flowing Piece during the battle as well.

Afterwards, Raja and Kisara will thank you and join you. Before you leave
Raftfleet, get the Old Book Vol. 1 and the Flowing Piece on the deck to the
left of the stairs just as you get out from talking to Raja. Somebody outside
the Inn will give you a Tomato Salad, and the Item Shop owner Shinro will join
you for saving Raftfleet. (Note - For some reason I completed this battle and
then walked around for a bit, and then went back to the main ship and the game
had skipped back to right before that battle. Lucretia asked if I wanted to
assist, and I said yes, and the battle just started over again).

(Haud Village > Rainwall)
At this point I sold the six salts to Sairou at the trade shop in Raftfleet,
but he didn't join. Later I realize this must be done so that it raises the
price of Salt, so hang on to your precious Salts until the time comes. When you
leave Raftfleet you'll be back in Rainwall. By the way, you can head over to
Haud Village and get the eccentric Josephine, being that you have a beautifully
dressed Sialeeds in your party. Rest at the mansion and you'll talk about
getting a detective, so go head to the detective agency as the head of it is
now available. They'll investigate Barows involvement with the Lordlake
incident, so when talks break up head to the Inn and talk to the drunk guy.
When you leave, two of the detective agents will have been watching him, as
this guy is named Norden and he was an important figure in the Barows force
against Lordlake. Head to the agency area and you'll see the Shady Man talking
to Norden, warning him to watch what he tells people. Basically, go along with
this story and continue to pick the second choice (continuing the search
instead of leaving). When you're at the agency with Norden, pick the first
choice to take him to Lordlake.

He'll get freaked out and eventually you'll be back in Raftfleet. Don't worry,
Norden will tell you all later. Talk to Murado, although he won't join you and
must stay neutral. Go back to Rainwall now and make sure to save. Head to the
manor and Kyle will join; you can talk to him for some more dialogue. Go to
your room now, and at night Lord Barows will visit you. Choose the first option
three times to move on. If you want the first bad ending, choose the second
option on Barows third question, and then choose the second again after Lyon
comes in. It'll be game over, as Barows will have taken advantage of you and
you'll see a vignette at Sol Falena with your sister bearing the Sun Rune and
the Godwin's and the Guard Knights going about their business. Obviously, this
is not how you continue, but it is interesting to see. Continue on into the
center room in the morning.

Talk to Salum and Lucretia and head up to your room; you'll discuss the matter
of Salum joining the Armes nobles and the fact that there are Armes troops in
the southern forest. Wilhelm and Mueller will be downstairs, as they will be
your "allies". If you're ready, choose to fight the battle. Now, immediately
move your army into the southern forest. This wasn't the plan so the other
troops that aren't in your clique will not know what's going on (Boz, Wilhelm,
etc.) but continue into the very southern forest. Take out the Godwin's that
follow you, but don't worry about the spear guy you can't kill him. Instead,
the Barows plan is ruined now as they didn't expect you to sniff out the Armes
ambush. The Godwin's then join with you to fight Armes, so use the left-over
Godwin forces to take the brunt of the Cavalry hits from the Armes folk.
Anyway, hold you saved some archers, hopefully enough to whittle down Jidan.
You get a pair of Guardian Boots for your troubles.

Inside everyone will question why the Armes troops are there, and then Euram
will come in begging Salum to use the Dawn Rune on them! Hm, not smart. Georg
and Kyle will detain the Barows while you go downstairs to see the rune with
Sialeeds and Luserina Barows. Chuck protects it and you must defeat him in a
duel. Old Chuck ain't the smartest fella around, and distinguishing between
his "attacks" and "specials" can be tricky, although you'll get the idea soon
enough. Hopefully your prince has some decent equipment and a sharp weapon, if
so you should have no problem.

Downstairs, you'll see a boarded up piece of furniture that will bust open,
exposing the Dawn Rune and causing the prince to get it. The creepy
black/yellow clothed lady from the East Palace will show up and remind you that
you must be worthy of the Dawn Rune or she will kill you. Okay...go back
upstairs. Salum will be exposed, and Oboro will bring in Norden to further
explain the situation. Everyone will leave the Barows, including the Luserina
Barows. Hell, even Chuck runs out to join you at the end. Salum and Euram know
they're screwed as the tables have been turned on them. Before you leave
Rainwall, you'll see Mueller and Wilhelm; pick the second option, but they
aren't joining you yet. Explore around or just head to Raftfleet, either way
you've acquired the Dawn Rune and managed to rid yourself of the Barows family,
so things are looking good. 

It's definitely nice being situated with the Raftfleet people as opposed to the
Rainwall folk. They're just more genuine, if not a little stupid. Talking to
Raja is your goal, so do that. Raftfleet will move so that you can walk to
Lordlake. During the move you'll discuss some important issues about your
recently removed army, like what the name is going to be of it. When you're
done with all of this explore Raftfleet as it has changed. Gavaya from
Stormfist is here, but you can't recruit him. The detective agency is here
also, and when you go near here (south of the trading shop) you'll get a scene
with two of the Dragon Horses and Dragon Knights that you saw during the
Stormfist festivities. Ask them to join, but they won't yet.

Inside the Oboro detective agency you'll find that creepy jerk Dolph, who will
try to get Lyon to join him. Dolph will then talk to Oboro and leave. Head back
in and ask Oboro to join, and the agency will join you except for Sagiri. Norma
and her tiger are in the Inn room, but you can't get either as they are still
looking for the wizard. Norden is in the room next to it and he's ready to
avenge himself for his drunkard-like behavior. He'll join, if you ask him. 

(Baska Mine > Agate Prison)
Put Cius and Lelei in your party (the Agate Prison guards) and talk to Logg.
Logg can bring you places with his boat, so choose the Baska Mine in order to
get to the prison again. So, head back in the area that Gunny brought you to,
but go left instead of continuing to the prison. You'll run into your old
friend Egbert, who seems to have been right about those Godwins. Now, when he
starts talking slowly with his crazy face, DO NOT press anything until he is
finished talking. Once he is done, then press a button to trigger another
dialog from him, and so on and so forth. Just make sure not to press anything
while he's slowly talking. Afterwards, he'll join you. Now, continue on to the
prison. You'll see a guy in one of the first western cells; if you brought the
guards, they'll let him out. He'll ask for his map, so backtrack and it should
be in that previous save room. Search the northeast corner of the room and it
is indeed his luggage. You get the Map of Falena and he joins you. Now go back
to Raftfleet.

(Lunas North Woods)
But we're not done getting characters yet. Now go to Haud Village and leave,
heading northwest to the Lunas North Woods. Takamu will take you through the
area that only Isato previously could take you through. Go to the top of this
hill now, where you found Logg stealing gold initially. Halfway up you'll meet
Urda the elf. Head back from whence you came, and exit to the world map. Pick
the second option so she leaves (don't worry, you'll get her later). Head back
in now and go to where you just found Urda. Zegai will be up here with a lizard
he slaughtered. He offers you some of the meat, but choose the second option
twice to ask him to join. Zegai will do just that, since you're not associated
with the Barows anymore. Now talk to Urda and go to Lunas via the path left of
her. Once there, it seems she asked you to bring her there so you could tell
Isato he can return home. Isato says no and that he is sworn to serve the
Oracle. He then gets into deeper reasons as to why he supports the Oracles
cause, as these elves would suffer if not for the protection of the Oracle.
He'll go upstairs, so follow him and ask him to join. He still won't. Stubborn
elves...we'll return later. It's nice to go on those classic Suikoden 108 Stars
of Destiny hunts, and this was definitely one of them, but now it's time to
advance the plot. Return to Raftfleet, and leave via foot and walk to Lordlake. 

Talk to Talgeyl. You'll then go to the clinic to see the horrific condition of
the patients, and then will leave. Outside you'll see the kid you saved back
from your first visit, Toma. He'll join if you choose the second choice.
Nothing else to do, so head back to Raja. It'll be decided that you're to ask
for the help of the beavers, so go to Logg (bring Cornelio if you want to
recruit another Do Re Mi elf).

(Yashuna Village)
He'll take you to the Yashuna Village, where you should go south upon arrival.
The Arrow Stance tactic is here, not a very conventional one but good if you're
a long-range specialist. Far to the east are the Prosperity Sandals, and there
are a Mother Earth Piece and a Cyclone Piece in the southern part. Before you
leave though, check out the Inn with the hot springs, as they have a beaver you
can meet.

(Mountain Path > Beaver Lodge)
In the overworld, head to the southeast to get to the Mountain Path. It is
extremely linear and long, but do bring Cornelio along in case you run into
another Do Re Mi elf (SoLaTi). Use his DoReMi rune to do so. Exit this very
long path and head west on the overworld. If you want to build up the recently
recruited SoLaTi, put him in the back. Currently I have Zegai in front with a
Drain Rune, and he's basically an unstoppable tank, and having Sialeeds with to
do the Unite with the prince is a good idea as well. And for some reason, I
continue to bring Cornelio along. Maybe it's because I find him funny but he
seems to be an effective magic user with a decent physical attack. Regardless,
there is a tough boss fight in a bit so it's best to have a solid party instead
of an experimental one. Far to the west is Beaver Lodge, so go explore in

Everything is locked, except the elder's hut up the ladder. You'll meet
Fuwalafuwalu, who will apologize to Toma for the Lordlake incident. Maroon and
Muroon will too come out and speak with you. Ultimately, the beavers want to
help you in your efforts to take down the structure, although they advise you
it will be hard. Maroon will go with you though if you pick the second choice.
When you're done talking, get the Flowing Piece to the east of you, and then
leave to meet Lucretia. She'll discuss matters and Fuwalafuwalu will come back
out. You are to go to Ceras Lake now and meet someone "mysterious" who can help
us with the fortress. Take the long walk back to the Yashuna Village, where you
will not go southwest instead of southeast. Zweig will join you outside here,
and he's a solid (although under-equipped) fighter. Save and head in.

(Ceras Lake Ruins)
These ruins are a little tricky. First of all though you will find Lorelai, who
you may remember from past Suikoden's. Accept her request for a duel. I did not
have much of a problem, she either attacked or did a special every time and it
was pretty obvious which one was which. Let her join afterwards and you'll head
in now.

There are three main parts here, with the north being blocked off. Head west
first. You'll notice the enemies are pretty difficult around here. Take the
north path at the fork, and then take the west at the next fork. You'll go in a
door and find a Guardian Scarf. Now head back out and go north at that fork,
stepping on the switch to open a door. This door is south of this switch, so
keep heading south and then west into the room that just opened. Take your
first north for another switch and continue west, taking a short detour south
for a Robe of Destiny. Now continue to head west, it'll be a bit of a long
path, but you'll get to a room with the Old Book 2 and a large switch. 

Back in the central room (with the water still preventing the northern path)
take the eastern path this time. Go south at the first fork you come across,
which will lead you to a switch and a Window Set 2. Return back to the previous
intersection and go east instead of south now. The switch you just hit will
have opened the door in this area so you can continue north into the next room,
and to another intersection. Going north here is a switch that triggers the
door in the area you were just at, while east has the second big switch and a
hard to see Tiger Tactic in the northeast corner. Now, starting heading back.
Before you leave to the center room though, head south and then east through
the recently-used switch. Continuing east will only lead to a dead end, but
north will lead to the final big switch and the Basic Magic item, allowing your
tutor to be upgraded. Leave the place and save, and then go north where the
water was.

You'll find out that Ceras is artificial, and a little further north and you'll
be fighting two recognizable Suikoden enemies. These Sun God's use plenty of
spells, but you too should have saved your powerful runes. The Lightning rune
was particularly effective, but as long as you have a person or two with the
Water rune to heal, you should be in good shape. Further north is an advanced
Sindar-created room, and Zweig is pleased. It's time to go to Raftfleet now he
says, and he'll explain further then. 

When you are outside the ruins, Viki will teleport in. Viki along with Jeane
(parden me if I am incorrect) are the only characters in each Suikoden. Anyway,
she doesn't know where she is, but she asks to join. Do so, and she will
teleport your party to Raftfleet. Head to Raja and you'll talk about creating a
tsunami effect with the lake ruins. Before that though you must handle the
ships in front of the gate. They're pretty stationary, just make sure you match
them up right. Timing is the key; you don't want to allow the enemy to initiate
contact with something it is strong against, so protect your weaknesses. You
have a decent amount of ships but so do they. After a while they'll give in and
it's time to release the gates. You get a Thunder Helm for your trouble.

(Yashuna Village > Ceras Lake Ruins > HQ)
Go to Chuck's warehouse and you will see Viki took up shop right next to him.
Have her teleport you to Yashuna Village, and then walk to the Lake Ceras Ruins
to open the gate. Great visuals all around here, and everything works out as
planned. Lordlake has water amazingly. And after all the water is drained, a
beautiful castle is shown. This castle will be your HQ, as you may have
guessed. You'll go through a few more scenes, and Zweig will ask you to inspect
another Dawn Rune room. After this Zerase, the mysterious black-dressed woman,
will show up and join if you let her. Also, the Dawn Rune gets a level 2 spell,
and a pretty good one at that. Head to the downstairs to talk to Viki, who will
give you the Blinking Mirror to return back there anytime you wish. Outside,
Toma and Maroon will join you and ask to go to Lordlake.

It's about time we see what Lordlake looks like now. Afterwards, we'll take a
trip and see who we can recruit. Lordlake looks wonderful. Toma, Goesch,
Talgeyl, and Silva will all join you for restoring Lordlake. Head east from
this area and south across the bridge, and search this area. You'll find an
Iron Hammer and a Wall Orb. Return to the Beaver Dam and go back to the HQ. Now
it's time to recruit some new members.

(HQ > Raftfleet)
Just as you return you'll see Muroon near you. Talk to her, she'll join if you
ask. Check out the HQ, and go to the second floor. Walk outside from here and
you'll see a scene with Killey. He's an arrogant fellow but be nice and you'll
go see the Dawn Rune room on the fourth floor again. He'll figure out what he
needed to know and he'll leave, but worry not. Put Viki, Lun, and Takamu in
your party and teleport off to Raftfleet. Go to the Inn and you'll see Mueller
and Wilhelm, the guys that fought with you for a while when you were in that
last war battle with the Barows. Anyway, ask them to join and they thankfully

Leave here and go north of the Save Point and you'll see a fisherman complain
about Raftfleet moving. It's Lun's friend Subala and if you ask her to join
you'll be back at your place in a fishing contest with her. Not too tough, took
me a few rounds to get it done though. When you catch more cumulatively than
her, she'll join.

(Dwarf Camp)
Take that Iron Hammer you received in Lordlake and teleport to the Dwarf Camp.
Go to the blacksmith from before and he'll take it, but he can get your weapons
up to level 10. Do so immediately with Lyon and your prince. Dongo the
blacksmith will be happy but his master will scold him for working on weapons.
He won't join yet but you'll get him later; until then, utilize that level 10
sharpening skill he has now. Go near the Rune shop and climb the ladder; you'll
see two dwarves, one being hidden behind the other. Talk to the hidden one, the
female dwarf Zunda. She'll ask for a Window. You have these, probably in
Chuck's inventory. The funny dwarf-girl will run with you until you get to
Lunas with Takamu.

Get Urda along the way and go out to the left of her. The enemies around here
are much improved by the way. Enter the mansion and go in the first room on
your left and walk near the window. Her creative thoughts will begin to flow
and she'll join you now. Return to the HQ, dropping off Urda in the process.
Then it's off to Yashuna Village again.

(Yashuna Village)
Belcoot and Marina are here. Belcoot will join only on the condition that
Marina goes with; fortunately, Marina is turned down at the local Inn, allowing
you to swoop in and recruit the two of them. Go to the other Inn now, the
Tricolor Inn. Follow the stairs and then take the first room, to talk to a
fortune-teller who believes you have an ominous fate. He gives you a strange
book, which you should take to Chuck. Now, teleport somewhere else and rest,
and then return to Chuck and he'll give you the book back, saying it glowed at
night. Strange book indeed, well take it back to the guy in the Yashuna
Tricolor Inn. The Innkeeper is there but the fortune-teller isn't, so give her
the book by choosing the second option. Back at HQ, teleport to Estrise and
head north, talking to Alhazred whom you met in Rainwall earlier. Mention that
you saw a strange tome and he will go crazy and say you must go to Yashuna
ASAP. Save and then go there; the fortune-teller will be dying while the Book
of Condemnation is working it's magic. A boss fight with the huge book begins.
If you're prepared it should be easy, just throw all the tough runes you have
(I killed it in turn one). A Resurrection Piece is your reward along with
plenty of Potch and SP. Alhazred will join you if you ask and give you the
Condemnation Rune. The seer? Just Euram Barows, who got impatient because you
didn't open the book and opened it himself, causing all of this.

(Beaver Lodge > Waterfall Basin)
A few more trips to go. Teleport to Beaver Lodge and exit via the west exit.
From here, walk along the river until you get to the Waterfall Basin. Head
south upon entry and east along the rocks to get to the other side. Then head
north for some Pale Moon Beads, and then go directly south (ignoring the right
path). You'll cross some more rocks into the southern area, where you should
follow the road until you get a Resurrection Piece and a Stone of Luck. The
Stone of Luck is along the path north of the Resurrection Piece path, but it's
hard to see so just continually press X at the end of that path or something.
Head back to that eastern path you ignored and take it until you can south
across another river via rocks. Immediately head east for Voice Set 4. Further
south is a long path that leads to Richard. He will not join you, even if you
ask, but will mention Mueller. Go back to HQ and talk to Mueller in the Inn
(southwest of floor two). Mueller will give you some information to relay off
to Richard, who will then join you when you talk to him next. 

Time for a quick advancement of the plot line, and then another Star of
Destiny. Go to the Beaver Lodge and try to get Maroon to join; he won't though.
In the chief's hut, talk to Fuwalafuwalu three or four times. He'll tell you
different things each time. Try to get him to join; Fuwala, just like many
other beavers, enjoy being neutral, so he won't yet. He will mention something
about "boss" and about old people. Bring an older person (I had Alhazred in my
party) to the Waterfall Basin, where you found Richard. Alhazred will make note
of a large boulder, but it'll be a huge talking tortoise named Genoh. He didn't
join for me right away; evidently you need an old man who is a level below or
higher of the hero. Alas, Alhazred was a few levels behind, but taking him to
the Lunas woods got him up to speed. Genou takes up two spots, and you can only
use the Blue Dragon formation. He has a Parent Turtle Rune, which prevents half
of your status ailments, not to mention some gaudy attack and defensive stats.

(Estrise > Revolving Bridge)
More recruiting to do. Teleport to Estrise and go to the Inn to meet Linfa, who
challenges you to a card game for 2000 potch. You can't win, so just raise all
your tokens to end it early. She takes your 2000 potch and gives it to a
mysterious guy and leaves. Obviously you've been cheated. Well, talk to
Sorensen and Babbage on the southeastern end of town and then go to Logg and
have him bring you to the East Wharf. Head north and talk to the soldier at the
Revolving Bridge, and then go back to Sorensen. Pick the second choice, and
those two will join you and go outside for Lu to join you (pick the second
choice). They're both underdeveloped so you may wish to do something about
that, so speak with Logg to go there when you are ready.

When you get there, four giant and bright green mechanical guards will come
attack you. They go down pretty easily though and give up the ?Painting item,
which will be used in Haud Village shortly. Anyway, head west for an Epic Skill
"Armor of Gods". Go east a little and up the stairs. The stairs immediately to
your right is a Lightning Ring, while the left stairs advance. An Equilibrium
Piece is right in front of you here, then head south to continue further up
another flight of stairs. Sound Setting 3 is here, then rest up and head in.
This big horse is the Differential Gear. Again, it's pretty big, but it
couldn't handle a Meteor Shower and two Furious Blows. Babbage will shut the
Revolving Bridge down and you can then leave. Return back to Estrise though to
recruit Sorensen. 

(Haud Village)
One more recruit left. Go to the northeast section of Haud Village and check
out the appraisal shop (with one of the ? Painting's you just received). Bastan
will randomly ask you about the painting, and will find out it's an Ivanov
Painting (Ivanov from Suikoden I). Bastan will then join you.

Okay, that was a lot of recruits. Time to head to the war room to advance the
plot finally. Sable will have backed it's support off and combined with the
Beaver's turning you down, this is demoralizing. Head south out of the 2F area
to get a scene with the reporter Taylor, who will ask you a series of questions
and then will be brought into the War room. It is decided that you will be
going to Lelcar; Lyon and Kyle will be going with you, as Kyle grew up there.
Fill up the rest of your party and head out to Logg who will take you to

As soon as you get off the boat, Wasil will come running up to you and will be
able to recognize both you and Kyle. Time to explore Lelcar. Keep heading north
and you'll find a White Rose Brooch. South and east (between two buildings) is
a Guardian Casque, a very good head defense choice for the Prince. Further to
the southwest you'll see four townsmen bickering between you and the Godwins.
Around here is the house of Wasil, so you'll talk there for a bit and head out
to experience the culture here at Lelcar. Well, head south past the Trade Shop
and past the house next to it, but search near the tree on the west end of the
last house. You should see a treasure, which is a Tri-Tactic. Go to the West
Inlet of town now, and go to the south for the Anklets of Destiny. Check out
the Armor Shop now; be sure to buy several items, as Mohsen will appreciate it.
Go to the Inn and talk to Nikea. She'll be eating, you'll remember her from the
Stormfist contest. Leave and head to the north, across the rocks for a Rage

It's time to head to the east part of town now. Go to the south part of the
east section to strike up a scene with Volga and the townspeople, who are
talking about a revolt. You'll volunteer to go see this jerk Orok who is
kidnapping and stealing but claiming that he's "drafting soldiers" and
"collecting taxes". The Inn on the east end has a Basic Combat, by the way,
very useful. What's more, a Sacrifical Jizo is in the northwest part of town.
Time to return to the west end and confront these Godwin supporters. Head to
the south of this part of the area and you'll be at Orok's. They'll let you in,
but some guy will recognize Kyle because Kyle stole this guy's girlfriend in
the past. The battle isn't hard, don't waste your spells. Head left and grab
the Raging Lion Epic. Go down the stares to meet the coward Orok, who will have
bought out Nikea. You'll be fighting Nikea and five thugs now, so throw
everything you have. She's tougher than the thugs, but you have six characters
that are probably better than she is. You'll get a Baked Cheesecake and a
Master's Robe for your trouble here. 

Orok will leave and so will Nikea. You should also, and when you do you'll see
a scene with Orok being interrogated by Zahhak. Zahhak knows the prince is
there, in turn he will order everyone to advance and take the town over. You'll
be back in Wasil's place, and you'll learn that Zahhak is putting the town
under martial law. Lucretia is busy but you're backed up from Raftfleet. Pick
the second option twice and you'll be in battle.

This battle was the first tricky one I experienced, if for no better reason
than it's so hard to juggle between the ship fighters and the land fighters
near town. I dominated near the town, but I was suffering in boat warfare.
Luckily, I held my own and wasn't blow out there. Change your troops up though,
before you get into battle. You'll want a Cavalry Unit to deal with all the
Spear and Infantry Troops, especially Zahhak at the end. Once all the town
troops (including Zahhak) were gone, they set the town on fire and the battle
was over. You receive a Guardian Chain for your victory.

You'll be around town now, and six Godwins will attack you. The city is ablaze,
and when you go to look around you'll see Orok helping out. Wasil, Volga and
Orok will all join you now. Head into the Rune Shop just north of you (or any
shop for that matter) and then go outside of the Armor Shop to see Mohsen. If
you bought enough stuff from him, he'll join you. If not, he won't but you can
get him later. Head back to the HQ and the War Room specifically, where Kyle
will leave you and Sialeeds will join, as you're going to Sable to surpress the
"Bandit Prince" who has taken over your identity. Before that though...more of
the 108 to get. 

At your very own HQ, you'll see Taylor by the Inn. Talk to him and allow him to
do his documentary or whatever he's doing. Then, go to the Dawn Rune room on
the top floor, where you will see him again. Give him permission once again,
and then go near Georg's room to give him permission again to check things out
and he will join you.

(Estrise > Yashuna)
Teleport to Estrise now. Nikea is at the Inn, and she'll duel you if you ask
her to join. Accept it, and be careful; she's very aggressive. That said I
didn't get hit, because she's so obvious with her choices. She looks out of
shape too. Oh well, she'll join you now and she's actually formidable and
leveled up. Make a quick trip to Yashuna Village now. Linfa will be to the
north east of the Rune Shop here, and she'll give you the 2000 potch back
(since she screwed you out of it) and then she'll run off once she's pursued by
another debt-collecter. 

Take a trip to Lelcar again and go to the west part of town. Murad will be
towards the north part of this area, and he'll be very upset at the Guardian
Knights actions. Finally, he'll break his neutrality and join your cause (I
believe you have to talk to him in Raftfleet and Rain Wall as well, and
possibly Lordlake. If you failed to do this, you'll have to continue to ask him
when you find him in other places). Go to the Rune Shop now, where Jeane will
be situated. Ask her to join, and she'll request you help her get something out
of the Big Hole that is northwest of Rain Wall. Go along with all of this and
put her in the party; she's a deadly magician. Return to HQ and go to Logg;
have him take you to the East Wharf. Now you're at Raftfleet's initial
location, so head northeast and you'll be at the Big Hole.

(Big Hole)
If you're a nosy fellow like me you'll have already messed around at the Big
Hole before and met Levi and Bergen. They still won't join you but they'll
notice the Dawn Rune you have. Just a tad north is a sealed door than Jeane
unlocks, previously inaccessible. This Sindar-created area is huge; you'll get
a far-view of the entire place and then you'll have to make your way north. One
nice thing about this area is that it is littered with Magic Drain Piece's,
which are crucial to making your top-flight magicians (Viki, Zerase, Jeane)
unbeatable. First, head left, north and then left for a set of the Anklets of
Destiny. Go all the way to the right now, then south, then right, then up. Not
too confusing when you're walking, a lot of quick turns. As you are heading
north, turn off east for some Devil Beads, and then west (FAR to the west) for
a Prosperity Tunic and a Holy Amulet. Go back to the four-way intersection and
go north, west, and north again. Head into the central structure and take
either staircase; you'll be going to the opposite one soon enough. The left
staircase leads to another stairway that has a Sorcery Tactic, while the other
side has a Mother Earth Piece. The Sorcery Tactic, need I mention, is one of
the best in the game in my opinion. It makes an already-abusive Zerase even
more destructive. In the center area, Jeane will go get a treasure; then it'll
be time to go, but not before you are prompted to ask her to join via the
second option. Do so, and she'll finally be on your side. Don't leave quite yet
though. A Magic Ring is up the northeast stairs, while a Dragon Incense is in
the northwest. Furthermore, if you head southeast you can get the Mystic Ring
(Magic Defense + 10) and in the southwest corner is a staircase that takes you
to the Champion Rune (no random encounters for enemies that are far under your
level). You probably won't be able to see the chest, just do the usual pounding
of X to make sure you get it. 

East of Lordlake is your destination. You'll be at the Sable border and you'll
fight some guards. Defeat them and you'll talk to Dinn and Boz, who will then
go with you east to Sable. You'll meet the leader there, Solis, who wants to
ally with you but says that the fake prince has ruined your reputation among
the locals here. The only way to turn this situation around would be to
apprehend the bandits in the Ranro Mountain. When you get control again head
south for a Fate Control Epic item, and then leave west. There will be another
chest, the Elementary Magic. Leave into the town and go by the Armor Shop; go
left and you'll find a Silver Hammer, which you can give to the blacksmith
dwarf for recruiting purposes and for leveling up to level 12. Head east and
then northeast for a trail that leads to a Crown of Destiny. Back at the Inn,
go to the second floor to see the wounded Armes Soldier, and instead of heading
back down the stairs go south and then east. This will be a long path that
takes you to the Old Book Volume 8. Remember the Armes soldier though, you'll
have a limited amount of time to get him after the bandit situation.

(Ranro Mountain)
A couple things now before you go northeast to confront the bandits; you just
acquired the Elementary Magic and the Silver Hammer, so put them to use.
Specifically, go to the Dwarf Camp to give the blacksmith the Silver Hammer and
he'll join you if you choose the first option. Teleport back to Sable when
you're ready and go northeast on the overworld. Save and then you'll see a
scene where some soldiers try to apprehend you but Dinn steps in. Take the vine
north of the Save Point for a set of Pale Moon Gloves. Continue left until you
get to another vine, and continue climbing until you get to a choice between
climbing a vine on the left or right. The vine on the left will take you to
another vine and then a Circle Tactic. The right vine takes you to another
choice, of taking a vine up or down (this is on the far right side of this
area). Climbing down the vine leads another vine which leads to a Swift Foot
Epic. All of this is really pretty simple, just a lot of slow vine-climbing.
Take the vine going up now, and that'll lead to another vine. Again, you're at
another right/left intersection, with right being the Window Setting 4 and the
left leading to a path near a Save Point. Save, as you have a battle against
Roy (fake prince) and his friends coming up. 

There are six bandits here but if you have some quality magicians they'll be
done in no time. A Kite Orb and ? Painting are your rewards. Hopefully you
saved because it's time for a duel (and if you lose you get the second bad
ending). Head into the northeast cave and take the right path, leading to a
Taira Armor. The north room has a Wind Ring (good for Sialeeds) and the west
room has Roy. Roy is strikingly similar but with yellow eyes. His life wasn't
as pleasant as yours and it seems like he's using that as an excuse to steal
and leave a dishonest lifestyle. He'll challenge you, if you choose the first
option. Again, if you lose he takes over and you get the second bad ending.
Once you beat him (he's aggressive and deceitful, watch out for his hints)
he'll have lost his wig and looks nothing like you now.

The other two, Faylon and Faylen, will run in and beg you to spare Roy. Choose
the second option and all three of you will go back to Sable to figure out who
plotted this. Grab the Cyclone Piece here and leave for Sable (Escape Talisman
works). When you get there, you'll rest in Solis' house, and afterwards you'll
be treated to a scene with your old friend Euram Barows. It seems he was
pulling the strings behing all of this to slander your good name, but Sialeeds
has a plan. Your group (Sialeeds, Lyon, Faylon, Faylen and the Prince) is
stationed at the gate, and Euram sets himself up to be the hero. He fights you
with five bandits, and yields the Firefly Orb, Rose Brooch and a Mega Medicine.

Euram yells at you thinking you're Roy (Roy was to lose to make Euram look like
the hero) and then you show him the Dawn Rune. Euram smartens up about the
situation but it's too late, as Roy comes out in a prince costume and ruins
everything for Euram. The villagers understand what's going on now and about
fifteen of them give chase after Euram. Back in Solis' mansion, he'll thank you
and will give you a choice. Choose the second one, and Dinn will join you. Roy
will then interrupt and ask you to release his two friends, so pick the first
choice to do so. They'll be happy and join you. Now, return to the War Room
when you are ready. 

(Sable > HQ > Raftfleet)
You will be allowed to rest after your long journey, but refrain from going to
your room; you have work to do. A few characters who become unrecruitable after
a certain time period are worth searching out at this point in time. First of
all, return to Sable. The Armes soldier should be awake and coherent, so talk
to him for a while and tell him to rest. He'll go on about how some of the
assassins killed his parents and how he wants revenge on the girl he saw do it.
Anyway, it's suggested you go see Oboro in Raftfleet for more information, so
do so. Actually though, when you get to Raftfleet go to the Inn first and play
that card game with Linfa again. You should be able to beat her this time, and
either way she will join you. Pay her 5000 potch to the Innkeeper (pick the
second choice) and that will be enough to get Linfa. Now go out and talk to
Oboro. The group will join and you'll go see this person of interest in Sable,
also known as Nakula. He'll recognize Sagiri as the girl who killed his
parents. It is then revealed that the Oboro agency was involved with Nether
Gate. Both Nakula and Sagiri (finally) will join you, and thankfully as if you
wait a little longer they are gone forever.

(Beaver Lodge)
Now go back to the second floor and sleep. During the night Lyon will wake you
to show you that the sky is red near Beaver Lodge. This spells doom, certainly,
and hopefully not the use of the Sun Rune. Go downstairs and put some people in
your party, then go to Viki to bring you to Beaver Lodge. It'll be night time
on the overworld, so head west and you'll see a place burning...Beaver Lodge! 

Inside an Assassin will come up to you; he should not be too hard and he
dropped a Crazed Orb when he passed away. Go into the elder's hut, where Dolph
will be confronting Fuwalafuwalu. Evidently, the Godwins have deemed a complete
beaver genocide necessary. You'll fight Dolph now, and he'll go after Lyon
exclusively. You have six characters though and he'll be done in a few rounds.
A Resurrection Piece and a Twin Tactic are your rewards. Goesch and Toma will
come to help out the beavers evacuate. When the fire is done, the group will be
talking outside of the burnt-down beaver chief hut. The beavers will blame you
at first but Maroon will make them realize it was their own isolation that
caused it. The Godwins want them exterminated so they must fight. Automatically
they'll join you here. On your way out, go northwest and talk to one of the
beavers for a Toy Beaver. If you leave and re-enter, plenty of shops will have
sprung up. Most contain beaver-type equipment but there are other varieties as

(Estrise > Haud Village)
You're supposed to go to the War Room to advance the plot line (like usual),
but take this time for a few more SoD's. Go to Estrise and make like you are
going to see Babbage (go east upon entry). You'll run into some thugs, and then
Mathias and Isabel will show up. Those two takes out the thugs and then leave
saying they are looking for the Prince. Go back to the HQ, and talk to Boz and
Luserina (note that if this is immediately after the Beaver Fire, Boz will be
busy in the war room, thus making you wait). Luserina will have gotten a letter
from her brother Euram about some "intelligence" regarding the Godwins and that
you must go with a small party (3 people). Bring a good magician (Zerase) and
walk into Haud Village. Euram will have set you up, but Mathias and Isabel
won't fight for him. Instead, Euram gets six guards to fight you (Prince, Lyon,
your choice, Isabel, Mathias) but they shouldn't bother you. Euram will flee
and the two Maximillian Knights will join you.

(Estrise > Nirva Island)
Back in the War Room, you'll be discussing foreign relations with the Island
Nations. Eventually it is decided you are to visit Admiral Egan of the Island
Nations and form an alliance. Go to the Estrise port and Boz will have you
ready to go. When you get there you'll be met by the Admiral, and then you can
search around. Lots of Suikoden 4 references in this area, for those who have
played. For treasures, go to the right of the Inn. It's hard to see, but it's
in the grassy area to the right of the Inn, and it's a Voice Setting 3. Left to
the Inn is the second part of town, where there are shops. Further to the right
in this second area are Flare and Brandeau (puppets of Suikoden IV characters).
Chisato is the puppeteer here and if you talk to her a few times you can ask
her to join; unfortunately she's too embarassed to join you at this point.
South of here is a VERY hard to find Toy Boat in the southeast corner of the
area. It's not in the exact corner, but search around the west corner and you
should get it (you won't be able to see it).

The stairs to the north take you to Skald and Bernadette. Offer to help (second
choice) and Bernadette will join you to go to the Lighthouse. Before that
though, go north and then west for a while. You'll come across a Divine Right
Epic and the Window Setting 7. Go into the nearby Great Lighthouse and go up a
few sets of stairs and you'll come to the Striking Arrow Tactic and a Stone of
Speed. At this area you'll try to go further but Georg will suggest splitting
the group into two; Lyon steps up to be the agile one climbing the ladder, so
go with her (choose first choice). Leave the lighthouse and to the left is a
ladder that will eventually take you all the way up. You'll listen to the
Pirates for a while then you'll fight them; 5 Pirates and a Pirate Captain. A
Strike-back Orb will be your present. More dialog and just make sure you allow
Bernadette to join, and then walk back to the ship and ask to leave.

After seeing Lymsleia accept the Sun Rune, this means the Godwins have the
necessary power to be on the offensive. First things first, more of the 108
SoD. As your castle has advanced, check out the area. On the exterior, take the
bridge leading west (past Logg and Genou) and you'll meet a Giant Snake. Defeat
it in battle (not hard at this stage of the game) and Genou or Levi will come
up and allow you to recruit it. Her name is Byakuren, who has lived in this
lake for many years evidently. Allow her to stay at your HQ instead of have to
find a new place. Genou will appreciate the company.

(Yashuna Village)
Next is to Yashuna Village to see Miroon, the beaver at the Tricolor Inn. Bring
the other two beavers you have, Maroon and Muroon (you might just need Muroon),
and then offer to help fix the Hot Springs by checking the nearby door. Go to
the end of this area (tough monsters by the way) and you'll see some dwarves
who messed up the Hot Springs. It'll take a while to repair so you can invite
Miroon to your HQ, so do that. 

(Beaver Lodge > Baska Mine)
Put all three beavers in your party and have Logg take you to Baska Mine, so
you can talk to that other beaver Moroon. He thinks you're lying when you say
Beaver Lodge burned down, so teleport there. Little Meroon is there, wondering
if Moroon knows of the Lodge burning. Well, you obviously know he doesn't know
about it since you just talked to him and he told you off when you suggested
the Beaver Lodge burned down. So, recruit Meroon and take her to Moroon at the
Baska Mine once again. Moroon STILL thinks you're lying so take Moroon to the
Beaver Lodge, where he will be in denial, saying it's the fault of the beaver
for getting involved. The other four beavers will voice their opinion until
Moroon finally gives in and you can thank him (thus having him join).

(Estrise > HQ)
The beavers will leave for the HQ, so you should too. Take Sorensen to the
bottom of the expanded HQ and have him go to the Gears room. He'll get excited
and mention something about the professor seeing it. Well, time to go to
Estrise with Sorensen, and then bring the two back to the gear room. It'll take
a while so let them look at it. Meanwhile, read the paragraph below and try to
get Retso the cook. When they are finished working, head to the gear room and
they will reveal that they got the gear working, and that you have an elevator
because of it. Fabulous. 

Retso in Raftfleet is another character that is accessible now. Talk to him and
ask him to join, but he's on a mission to find Sashimi. You must find this fish
to please him, so go to HQ and play the fishing game until you find "Strange
Fish". It took me four or five rounds to get it; it was a smaller fish, if that
matters at all. Not entirely sure if it's random or what, but after a while
you'll get good enough to get several fish per round, and in turn you'll come
across the Strange Fish eventually. After you quit out of the fishing contest,
Subala will mention that the fish tastes disgusting regardless of how you cook
it. Well, head back to the Raftfleet Inn now. Have Retso examine the fish and
he'll cook it, but it will not taste good. Retso and Shun Min then join, so
head back to the HQ. Take them outside and a scene will begin near Sabaru and
Logg, and Retso and Shun Min will join here. At this juncture, if you were
waiting for the Babbage gear-inspection to ensure, you can check back and he
should be done with it.

After the Babbage recruiting is done, you can now get Lu. Bring Sorensen to the
Babbage shop in Estrise, and Lu will be there. She lost a gear and needs you to
help find it (or actually you can offer to help). Search around (it's on the
bottom-right side of the screen, but a little left from the southeast corner of
the room basically) and when you find it, Lu will join you permanently.

(Nirva Island)
Put Bernadette back in your party, and go back to the Estrise port so that you
can visit Nirva Island again. Pirates will be on the loose as soon as you
enter, and you can offer to help. Head west and you'll get a detailed
explanation on Rune Cannons (Suikoden 4). With Bernadette, go talk to Chisato
in the back part of town. Tell her she can help, and Bernadette will form a
plan. Chisato is to be the Pirate Leader and she is to be exchanged for the
hostage. When the hostage is safe, the pirates are to be dealt with. Once the
pirates fall for it they're screwed, and afterwards go find Chisato again and
ask her to join. She will and she takes the Voice Settings you've been coming
across. Take her back to your HQ and she'll leave. Oddly enough you're not done
at Nirva Island so head back there.

If you have Bernadette and you go to the Inn (you MUST go back to HQ if you're
doing the Chisato story. You can't get them all at once) you'll see Nelis and
Yahr, subordinates of Bernadette. After talking to them and seeing the Rune
Cannon in the southwest of town, try to leave. As you tell your port-guy that
you're ready to go, Nelis and Yahr will impose on you and ask to go with. On
the way there you'll see a light and will veer off with the rest of the ship
towards it. You are now in a Ship Graveyard area, and talking to the guy near
you takes you back to Falena or allows you to rest. Anyway, head east for a
Water Ring and then west to continue into the ship. Go northeast for Taira
Armor and then south and you'll be fighting a boss named Dagon. Not too tough,
he'll drop a Water Orb, Flowing Leather, Fire Sealing Piece, and a Stone of
Luck. Go south and east to go deeper into the ship graveyard area. East is a
Robe of Destiny and south of this is a set of Pale Moon Boots. Head out east of
the Robe of Destiny room and climb the rope. In this area, head east and north
into a room for a Blinking Rune Piece. Continuing on, when you get on the ship
deck go west for the Window Setting 8. The opposite end of the ship is three
pirates and then your group will examine the Rune Cannon. However the boss you
defeated earlier is back, and you are prompted to choose between "..." and
"Rune Cannon!". Choose "The Rune Cannon" to shoot the monster and to get Yahr
and Nelis. This is a timed choice and doing it fast allows you to get Yahr and
Nelis right now, although ultimately you can still get them if you don't choose
that in time. Anyway, assuming you chose "The Rune Cannon!" fast enough (and
assuming you ask them to join at the port), Yahr and Nelis will join you. That
does it for the Stars of Destiny that you can recruit as of right now. 

The War Room is where to go now. Lucretia is there alone, and she asks you if
you could take up arms against your own sister (since the installation as Queen
means this is a likely scenario). She then suggests going up against Doraat as
that would decrease the moral boost the Godwin's received from the Princesses
Coronation. However with Doraat being one of the more heavily guarded
strongholds in the area you're not quite ready to go straight up against it.
Instead, you'll have the Oboro Agency and Taylor infiltrate the town to spread
rumors (truths, actually) of the Godwin army. You'll be in your room and the
next scene at the War Room will prompt the invasion of Doraat.

This battle isn't too hard, as the enemy is on the defensive. Re-make your
squad, with more Cavalry Units and a Beaver unit or two. The Beaver's are fast,
as are the Cavalry. The enemy ground units are littered with Infantry/Spear
type, so send those three Cavalry units to destroy them. The ships are pretty
spread out so hopefully you have some options there also. After a few turns,
Oboro and friends will "burn" the city, although it's really just a little
smoke. This, combined with the rumors about the Lelcar fire just a few scenes
earlier, allow our army to make it look like the Godwin's are setting Doraat on
fire. The Beavers should be dominating whichever unit gets in their way, and
try to kill all the ship units for some nice items. Alenia will use the
Twilight Rune, but it shouldn't do much. You can't harm her unit though so just
get the hero in town to end the battle. A Guardian Scarf is your reward.

Inside, your army will want to charge to town, but don't be so hasty. That
magic Alenia used was dangerous, so you don't want her to be able to harm your
army with it. Zerase will come in, saying it's imperative that whoever used
that rune be stopped. Sialeeds will go around back and you'll go in front.
Don't take the gate to the northeast of you though, go south a little then east
and follow that until you see a raised treasure (Quad Tactic) and the Window
Setting 8 at the very east end. Now head back and take that initial gate that
is front in front of Lucretia and the rest of the army. Head to the northeast
now for a Pale Gate Piece and a Pale Moon Casque. Now go to the southeast for a
Crane Wing Tactic and a Flame Ring. It is time to face Alenia now

Head into the "Fortress" where Alenia and her Godwin friends are. She shows you
the Twilight Rune that you knew she had and then Zerase will say a few words to
her. When the battle begins, have Zerase abuse her Star Rune on this group of
six and it'll shortly become a group of one. Alenia didn't do anything but
attack for the two turns she was alive. I used Goesch, Zegai and Kyle as the
other three characters, by the way. A Red Ribbon and a ? Painting are your

Alenia will self-destruct after the battle and then will be saved by Dolph. Go
east now and then northeast into a room with a Blinking Rune Piece and a Triple
Harmony EP. Backtrack and take the left door and then go southwest for a
Guardian Chain. Take the right stairs when you are prepared.

A depressed and crying Miakis will be waiting at the door, so ask her to join
and you'll duel her. What a sad situation, well you must defeat her. After the
battle Miakis will apologize for not being able to protect the princess.
Meanwhile Dolph will find Miakis, and there will be a scene will Zerase and
Jeane regarding the runes. Then you'll be at your HQ trying to figure out why
the Twilight Rune didn't work. Go talk to Zerase on the fourth floor sealed
room. Leknaat will appear and the Stone Tablet will too. You'll get some
invaluable information regarding the Dawn Rune, Sun Rune and Twilight Rune, and
how they are all intertwined. Check out the tablet when you are allowed to; if
you have as many Stars of Destiny as I have at this point, you should have a
lot (nearly all of the lower-half of the tablet).

Heading down you'll say hi to Georg. Miakis will see him and get upset. She has
a flashback of Georg killing the queen. Georg does not say anything regarding
it and walks away. Georg then walks past Lucretia on the bridge out of the HQ,
but they seem to have an understanding. Miakis will go into your room at night
and apologize, but with make assertions that Georg truly did kill your mother.
Maybe that's what Ferid asked of Georg the night before all of this happened so
that Arshtat didn't use the Sun Rune. Hm...

The scene switches to the Godwins, where a shamed Alenia is with Zahhak and the
Godwins. Gizel tells Alenia that he is going to take the rune from her and she
takes it like a demotion. Lymsleia then yells at everyone and says she's going
to battle herself. Shades of her mother's blind ambition and self-righteousness
if you ask me. Time to recruit some more before another war battle.

(Big Hole)
Now that you've finished the Doraat section, go to Haud Village and then south
to get to Rainwall. From there, go northwest to the Big Hole and go to Levi and
Bergen. Levi knows you're around some high-powered magic and Bergen is a
magic-fiend that needs to see some "craaazy" magic. They'll join you and this
is good because Levi is the skills teacher for magic users, not to mention a
top notch in-battle magician himself. He's right up there with Zerase, and it's
not like you need another dominant magician. Bergen isn't much though, at least
starting off. Head to Raftfleet now, with Levi in the party. 

Go to the left room in the Inn to talk to Norma and Ernst. If Levi is there, a
scene with Ernst will occur where Ernst turns into a human for a short period
of time. Ernst however will turn back. The two of them dislike this but can't
remove the rune and neither can Levi; not yet at least. They'll join you, so
ask them to come with. Also in Raftfleet is that pervert Gavaya, who will join
you if you have the Pretty Girl triad in your party; Viki, Norma, and Faylen.
He's not much but now Raftfleet is clear of recruits I believe.

(Sable > HQ)
Speak with Solis (leader of Sable) and he'll mention a break-in at his place.
Someone made off with the family tree for whatever reason. Talk to Oboro at
your castle for some ideas. He'll send Shigure with you to find someone in the
castle who might have an idea. Family tree...well, go talk to Egbert in the
Inn. He'll give you the Family Tree Chart, and take that back to Oboro. Taylor
will write up an article and spread it around so that Crow will hear. Take a
rest at the Inn now, and you'll wake up and capture Crow. He gets upset and
says his name is Raven since he has the Raven Rune.

Before you continue on, put Cornelio in your party and go to Doraat Fortress.
Head to the Armor Shop and buy a bunch of armor to get Mohsen to join (I
believe 50,000 total potch is the trigger). Outside of the fortress to the
southeast (in the forest) is another Do Re Mi elf, the orange one Mi Fa So.
Before you go to the War Room, get Roy and especially Kyle up to speed with
levels, equipment, skills, etc. They'll be important soon. Save, rest, and go
discuss the next move.

(Queen's Campaign Battle)
The plot is to kidnap the princess, as that would end the Godwin's legitimacy.
To do this, you'll have three different groups; one led by Roy, one by Kyle,
and one by you. Roy will have Zerase and four others, Kyle will have five
others, and you will have Sialeeds, Miakis, Lyon and two more. Try to load up
Roy's party, although Zerase is a great magician. Hopefully you have Jeane,
Viki, Levi, and some other magicians to spread around; they are the key. Try to
position them in the order you would like them, as you won't get to customize
them at all (they'll start in the standard formation). The night before the
battle you can talk to everyone and then talk to your maid to get the battle. A
strange scene with Dolph and Sialeeds is next.

In the morning you'll have Boz cheering for your army. Great. Now it's battle
time. Lot's of freedom here. 9 units to choose, so try to keep them somewhat
equal. You'll be on the defensive here as your power-monger sister is stressing
to push forward. Set up your army to receive the enemy; spread out so you can
match up the strengths/weaknesses. Your good friends Zahhak and Alenia are
Infantry Units while your sister is a Rune Archer. 

At the beginning of the battle, every unit moves towards you except the three
listed above. Eventually they stop, with the three Cavalry Units in the center,
the Archers on the ends, and the Spears in between. Slowly work your way
towards them; once you get in a certain proximity, they'll go after you. Also
of note is that my Catapult-type unit that Sorensen was leading, well, he had
150 HP but died in one encounter with a Cavalry Unit. Not sure why that
happened though but be careful I guess. Overall the enemy puts up a good fight
and even when you have a strength against their weakness, they'll do some
damage. Recover when you can and Rest when you can, you'll need it with the
last three.

Now, the others would go after you when you were in a certain proximity; these
three, you can basically sit in front of them and they won't go at you. Having
Cavalry with the Rest ability allows you to sit and wait until you have a full
100/100 to go kill the Infantry troops of Zahhak and Alenia. Once they are
gone, send Roy towards Lym to end this thing.

You're near the enemy camp and Alenia runs up to you. Roy does a horrible job
acting as you, but it doesn't matter. Alenia is with six godwins, basically the
same fight you had with her earlier. Her magic defense is pretty high, but a
Meteor Shower by Zerase should put Alenia in a pretty bad position. She Parry's
most of your physical attacks, but you would assume as much since you can do
what you want with runes on her. Alenia gets pissed and then the scene switches
to Kyle and Zahhak. By the way, if you lose any of these, you'll get Bad Ending
number three.

Kyle taunts Zahhak and that goes back and forth for a while. The battle is the
same, although Zahhak is a bit tougher than Alenia, as you would have probably
assumed. Not to mention my party wasn't quite as stacked. Luckily, my one
powerful magic user (Viki) managed to lock in a level 4 Lightning Rune Chain
Magic to quickly knock Zahhak out. Afterwards, more shit-talking on Kyle's part
and Zahhak doesn't back down. The two fight again and the scene shifts to the

The Prince will run up to the Princess's quarters and Galleon of all people
will be protecting it. He won't reason with you although he goes about his job
a bit differently than Zahhak and Alenia. For this battle I had Levi and Jeane
as the other two members and I absolutely destroyed poor old Galleon.
Afterwards, a Rage Sword Orb is your treasure.

The princess will now come out and tell Galleon to stand down. Now, mayhem
ensues. First, everyone is happy to see eachother after being away for so long.
However, Dolph comes out of nowhere to stab Lyon in the back, and then Sialeeds
grabs the princess and says she's going to take her to...Sol-Falena. Lyon is in
critical condition here, until the Dawn Rune fixes her pulse somehow.

Back at the HQ, Roy will be blaming you. Silva then walks up and says you can
see Lyon now, and that she's fine. Meanwhile, Lucretia is trying to figure out
why Sialeeds betrayed the Prince. What's more, why she didn't do more to ruin
your army. That said her motives are unclear. Go back near your room to speak
with Galleon, Kyle and Miakis. Galleon gives his version of what happened on
that fateful day when your parents died.

Ferid, Galleon and Georg defended the Queen from the Nether Gate assassins,
only to have Arshtat snap and use the Sun Rune on a few of them, even Ferid.
Previously, Ferid had asked Georg a special favor. Obviously this favor was to
take out Arshtat when she got out of control, and Georg does just that. Arshtat
even thanks Georg as she's dying, for saving Falena from the fate she was about
to bring down upon it. Thus Miakis didn't see the entire thing while Galleon
did, allowing you to truly understand what went down on that night. Because
Galleon knew the truth he was kept under lockdown until now.

Go to the infirmary now, where Lyon will still be getting looked at. Miakis
will join you and it is suggested you go to Zerase and find something out about
saving Lyon with the Dawn Rune. At the rune room, you won't get much help from
Zerase other than that you've only harnessed half the Dawn Rune's power. Zweig
will be sitting there listening in and reminds you of the Sindar's connection
to the Dawn Rune, and says to explore the Western Ruins because of this. So,
west of Doraat is the Deep Twilight Forest, and that is your destination. Zweig
and Lorelai will join you for this. Return to the War Room to explain this to
Lucretia, who says that it's probably a selfish thing to do. You can agree or
disagree, but she mentions going to see the Dragon Cavalry, as they only help
when foreign nations are involved. Considering the Godwins and Armes relations,
the Dragon Cavalry could very well aid you now. Before all this though, it's
time to get a few more SoD's. Leave out the first floor and you'll see a scene
with Galleon leaving. Ask him to join (first choice) and he'll still want to
leave until Silva comes and changes his mind. Galleon, a powerful knight, now
is yours.

(Lunas North Woods > Lunas)
Teleport to Haud Village and go northwest to the Lunas Northern Forest (with
Takamu, mind you). Bring Urda back to the Master's Mansion where Haswar will
apologize for Sialeeds' act and will ask to join you. Pick the first option to
do so, and Isato and Urda will come with also. When you leave the Lunas North
Woods they'll join you permanently. 

(Deeper into the Big Hole)
Check your comment box often. After a while you'll get one from Jeane regarding
a return to the Big Hole. Actually I went there before getting this comment and
Eresh was still there waiting to explore the lower levels. So yeah, go to the
Big Hole with Jeane. Eresh will be where Levi and Bergen were, and she'll talk
in third person and you can offer your help. Do so and she'll join you. She is
a solid magician, a tad underdeveloped though. Take her into the dungeon and to
the last part where she will request to go further down! Scary, you haven't
been this far before.

Follow the path for a while, and then go left for a Dark Amulet. Return and
continue, taking the next left for a Pale Gate Piece. Further down go straight
south for the Voice Setting 5, and then right to continue on. You'll be at a
large gate, but go east for a Stone of Magic before you go in the gate. Now
you'll be down one more level. Go straight north for a Windspun Ring, and then
left to another intersection. Left once again and then a quick north for a
Resurrection Piece. South leads to another intersection, where you should go
left for an ImmortalMedicine. Further south is another intersection, where
south gives you a Blinking Rune Piece and east leads to the exit. On the third
floor, take the north path for the Old Book 4 and then go south for yet; you
guessed it, an intersection. North leads to a Fog Robe, south leads a
left/south intersection, with left being the Armes Armor and south being the
last intersection here. Finally, go right for a Prosperity Hat and north for
the gate. Be sure to save, a boss awaits.

Expect a tough fight. Shepcesska has some powerful attacks at it's disposal. It
has a multiple physical-attack that will kill nearly anyone in one hit, unless
they are a tank (I had Gavaya). Other than that it'll use a Lightning attack
that hits everyone for a decent but not fatal amount. It can stun some of your
members for a turn though. I got very, very, very lucky when I fought him, as I
had only Eresh left and I was able to get Yell off twice to revive Jeane and
the Hero for two last spells that finally did him in. Bring all the firepower
you have; you're going to need it. Your rewards are 33000 potch, 150 SP,
Cyclone Piece, Mother Earth Piece, and a Sacred Oath Epic. I just pray that you
have an Escape Scroll in your inventory so you don't have to walk all the way
back. Remember now, that since you have Eresh you cannot get Euram Barows later
in the game, as they share the same star on the 108 Stars of Destiny chart.
Anyway, that about does it for now, so talk to Logg when you're ready to go to
Spinacks Harbor.

(Spinacks Harbor)
Upon arrival head to the northeast for a set of Pale Moon Boots and a Thunder
Helm. Work your way around the exterior of the port to get to the northeast,
where there is a Rage Piece and a Stone of Skill. Along the way you'll meet
Hazuki who will be looking for Belcoot. Tell her you know about him, then go
get him and bring him there to get her to join. Don't bring Belcoot to her
first though, make sure you meet her alone. Also, talk to the guy in the
southwestern part of town, near the save orb. He'll mention something regarding
Hershville Naval Base. Go back to your port guy and tell him to go to

The shops at Hershville are very nice. For items, go up the stairs in the
center past the two Godwin guards for Intermediate Magic and a Blinking Rune
Piece. What does Intermediate Magic do? Oh, just allows your tutor to upgrade
to S. Inside the Administration building next to you is a Thunder Rune Piece
and the Voice Setting 2. Now go a ways north and you'll find Cathari looking
for Sol-Falena. Return to Spinacks and head to the east part and you'll run
into her again. She'll catch a Nether Gate assassin behind you and then ask to
see Lucretia. Bring her there and notice she has the Godspeed Rune; 100%
escape rate and 2x field movement. Makes the game faster that's for sure. Take
her to HQ and you'll talk in private and she'll join if you let her. Note that
she is a commonly missed 108 Star of Destiny so be sure to do this as soon as
you get to Spinacks.

(Sauronix Castle)
Head to Sauronix Castle now, another place to search around. Don't go in the
gate quite yet. Head to the northeast and check the houses; one of them has
the Elementary Combat. East and a little south of here is the Old Book 12. Two
houses west of this has the Stone of Evasion and the Sound Setting 5. Further
west is Rania's Workshop where you can talk to the lady and then leave. Three
Dragon Horses will be outside, and Rania will too come out and then go back
in. Follow her in and ask her to join (second choice) and she'll join. Give
her all the Sound Settings you've accumulated. West and through the gate and
you'll get a DragonHorse Choker.

Inside you'll have a scene with Craig Laden, the head of the Dragon Horses.
Exit out now and get the Thunder Piece east of you. Leave the interior
completely and when you're outside go to the northwest and take the long walk
up the ramp and then circle around until you get a White Rose Brooch.
Southeast of here (where the southernmost Dragon Horse is looking) is the
Untold Clarity EP, although it's impossible to see, just search around.
Hopefully you had the Godspeed Rune for this. Back down the ramp and all the
way west for a Flowing Piece. Talk to everyone else, then you can leave.
Return to Spinacks and go west to get to the Twilight Forest.

(Twilight Forest)
Around here you can fight the last Do Re Mi elf, La Si Do. It is white, and by
getting all of them you can reveal the games tracks at HQ if you talk to
Cornelio. Now, time for the forest. Skip the first east path and take the next
one; Window Setting 5 is your treasure. Work your way to the southeast as the
path wraps around for a Pent Tactic. Then, go to the northeast and work your
way northwest to get to the next screen. Save and go into the ruins, picking
up the Cyclone Piece as you get in. The next two intersections have the same
path so don't worry which direction you choose, and eventually you'll come to
a Mother Earth Piece. Further west from here (eventually) is a Cape of Destiny
and another intersection. Go right and up for a scene and two treasures
(Guardian Gloves and Fujiwara Gauntlets). Continue on and choose either path,
they both lead to the Golden Hammer and another intersection. Either way leads
to a save crystal, so save and rest up. You'll be at a door with a Twilight
Rune symbol, but you'll use the Dawn Rune to open the door. 

Killey will reveal he is searching around here also, and Miakis will ask him
to join. You can accept by choosing the first option; he comes with a Rage
Rune, so that is good. Anyway, boss-time. You'll be fighting a huge tree, and
it's tough. As usual, strong magic is the key, despite it having a good magic
defense. This Ancient Creeper has a tough physical attack that hits the front
characters several times. Also it has a move that hits everyone and
potentially puts them to sleep. Keep your health up though and you should be
fine. As usual, you get a hoard of treats for this boss. 45000 potch, 70 SP,
? Painting, Cyclone Piece, Silver White Robe and a Pale Gate Piece.

You'll now be in front of the Twilight Rune, as it reacts to the Dawn Rune.
Leknaat will come and say you're witnessing the past in these visions. She
also lets you know that your encounter with the Sun Rune is going to happen
soon. Use an Escape Talisman to leave and Killey will join, if you ask him.
Leave and return to the HQ, and don't forget to drop the Golden Hammer off
with Dongo so you can get weapons up to level 15 now. We are missing one
optional recruit now, and we'll get that in a bit.

Back in the Infirmary Lyon is saved by the Dawn Rune. Lucretia then talks
battle plans with Lelei, and finally Gizel hires a new Guard, which looks like
Childerich. The next day Miakis will come in your room and say to visit Lyon
again. Go visit her and Miakis will go get Silva. Then Lun comes in and says
something terrible is happening but won't tell what. In the War Room, it is
reported that Childerich, Dilber and Luger are invading Doraat currently.
Meanwhile, Sable and Estrise are being invaded by Armes. Evidently Armes must
have got a sweet deal because they're sending a lot of troops that you can't

Jidan, Zahhak and another Armes general are in Sable, bickering over terms.
Meanwhile Alenia and Shula Valya of Armes are in Estrise. It's evident that
Armes is not communicating well and is acting on their own agenda. Childerich
will be killing townsman in Doraat, while Bahram and Dilber talk about how
insane Childerich is. You are then to go to the cave dwarves to have them dig
to Sauronix Castle, since the enemy has Doraat (just east of Sauronix).

(Dwarf Camp)
Teleport to the Dwarf Camp, where Wabon and some village folk will accuse you
of being murderers. Of course good old Gunny comes in to bail you out. Wabon
evidently can hook you up with some mining carts, the fastest way west. Check
the cart to the east of camp to go. Some of your friends from Nether Gate are
around unfortunately. Don't waste too much on them, you'll get a Crazed Orb for
your troubles though. Afterwards, Gunny, Lun and Logg will go back to help the
dwarves. You are to continue your journey to Sauronix. West a little and
another Nether Gate guard will be near you. You'll try to escape but you can't,
as this is a "Raging Assassin". Now drop everything you have left on this guy
and he should be gone, assuming that Lun/Logg/Gunny leaving didn't leave you
too shorthanded. A Crazed Orb and a Thunder Piece are your rewards. Evidently
Nether Gate has been drugging their warriors and they can fight for extended
periods of time but when it wears off, they die. So that cracked out Nether
Gate assassin you just fought had these symptoms.

(Sauronix Castle)
You'll end up in the Twilight Forest at the end of all of this. Wabon and Gunny
will join your cause as well. At Sauronix, Godwins will be everywhere so you
can't go in. Return to Spinacks and the guy right in front of you will say you
just missed Roog and Rahal and that you must meet them in the Twilight Forest.
Roog and Rahal will say that shady things have been going on and they'd like
you to talk to the commander first. So, go up the stairs and go east into the
building. Go all the way up, and then to the northwest room, where Craig
refuses to tell you what is going on. Roog and Rahal however cannot stand this
neutrality and join you. Lance and Flail can't come with unfortunately. 

(Lordlake Defense)
Save your game and then go to the War Room. You can either defend Lelcar or
Lordlake here, and I'm not sure if it matters either way. I am choosing
Lordlake, as for some reason it seems like that's the proper town to be
protecting. This battle is tough, as the enemy is MUCH more aggressive and
merely being patient will mean you'll be overrun. Load up on people with Charge
abilities and good Runes. Let's face it, the flawed battle system of V shows
here. The enemy takes off ridiculous amounts despite having twice the size of
each of your units. You must in turn rely on your Abilities obviously, and
realize that you only have to defeat half their army. Do realize though that
they will storm after you and you mustn't let them get near Lordlake. Be wary
of their "retreats", another poor aspect of this game. For example, the enemy
will often times retreat in a favorable position (say, right in front of
Lordlake). Really though, keep your force all in the center, as the enemy will
concentrate it's forces there. Jidan will pull back halfway so you won't have
to worry about him. Still though, the enemy Archer units will use Barrage on
your Cavalry and absolutely demolish them; be careful of this.

Afterwards they realize that soon the enemy will bear down on your castle.
Well, Lucretia brings up fleeing the castle. Take the third choice and go save.
Now if you wish to get all 108 Stars of Destiny, you have to flee here. The
idea is to prolong this and to increase the likelihood that the lack of loyalty
on the other army's part sways the war in your favor. However Childerich and
Jidan have taken over your base and are meddling around joking with eachother.
Meanwhile, Roy is in Raftfleet convincing the enemy that you are located there.
Fortunately, you are in the Dwarf Camp! This will buy you some time to go to

Before you go, understand you cannot bring females to this location. Instead,
bring your best male rune users and attackers. In case anyone is keeping track,
I put Roog and Rahal in the Entourage since I didn't have the money to build
their weapons up. Instead I brought along Gavaya, Alhazred, Cornelio, Levi and
Zegai. That's a classic representation of the Lord Yuan Shu Army, although
Goesch should probably be in there somewhere.

Go through the mining cart area and into the Twilight Forest. Then, go through
Port Spinacks and south past Sauronix to Gordius. Head into the left tent for
the Old Book 13. South of here is Ax, Nick and Yoran, who will join you. Go
back to the tent to the far west in the initial area. You'll plan to
investigate what those three were investigating, and you'll need to get the
jump on the guards to do so. All the way down and another scene. Choose the
first option to bring them along and head in.

Save your game, then take a left at the first intersection. Sound Setting 2 and
the Spun Silver Armor will be your rewards. Head all the way to the right now
for a Pale Moon Necklace and then northwest to continue. You'll come to four
assassins and the Dragon Horses, and Ax will yell. Use high-level spells here
to knock these four down. A Crazed Orb (again) and a ? Painting are your gifts
after this fight. There will now be a standoff between Dolph and your army, as
he threatens to destroy the eggs. Fortunately, Georg cut off Dolph's
reinforcements so Dolph is forced to retreat and Georg joins, while Roog and
Rahal leave. Before you go, get the All-Out Strike north of you and then walk
out. Finally, return to the Dwarf Camp via the Twilight Forest.

(Dwarf Camp)
Back with Lucretia, you'll talk with Georg who will prompt you a question
(choose the first). The time to re-take the castle is coming. Go back and come
in, Craig and Lance will join. Pick the first choice and you're off to the
Ceras Lake ruins with Zweig. Oh, and take the mining cart, it will take you
there. Grab the Earth Ring along the way too. Continue to take the trail all
the way up and you'll be there shortly. You'll use the rune and then head back
to Lucretia. The rest of the Sauronix people will join your forces and you can
march on your HQ when you wish.

Childerich will be messing around your room and Lucretia's plan will work to
perfection. The water level will rise, causing the Armes and Godwins to panic
and get upset at eachother. Jidan, Childerich and Maha will be discussing
things and then they'll hear that you are waiting outside the castle to lay
siege. As for this battle, it is not as difficult or fast-paced as the other
one. The enemy is in disarray and you generally can send whomever you like at
whichever unit you like, the enemy is rather passive overall. Childerich will
suggest using the Godwin soldiers as human shields, being the nice/considerate
guy he is. Half of Armes has fled and the soldiers left don't care at this

You'll have a few Dragon Knight units, and make a few Beaver units. They'll
quickly swarm the two weak ship units the enemy has to offer, and then there is
just an Archer, Jidan, Childerich and Maha. I didn't even touch Childerich or
Maha but took Jidan pretty low, and then they all retreated. A Fog Robe is your
reward here. Oh, and there's the little thing about you getting your HQ back.
Your morale is high and the Godwins is at an all-time low. Their relationship
with Armes isn't exactly healthy and Gizel is running out of options.
Meanwhile, Alenia will be getting on Shula, and then he'll talk to Sharmista.
Shula basically will tell Alenia off to her face, while Alenia is in disbelief.

Back at the castle you are given the option of going after Childerich or Jidan
or waiting. Choose wait and then save. Personally, I'm choosing Childerich this
time around. As for your battle formation, well, you should have a pretty good
handle on what is successful for you and what is not. As I've said before,
Beavers and Dragon Horse units are versatile and that helps, but try to get an
even amount to match up the weaknesses/strengths (again, this is another
passive-enemy battle, so it is easier to match up). Childerich has locked
himself in Doraat while Luger is in the lake and Dilbur is in front of the
gate. Now those Beaver and Dragon Horse units, have them help the ships to take
out the enemy naval units. After this is done, converge on the castle. All you
need to do is get the Prince in Doraat. Your reward is a Windspun Cape.

Inside, Childerich will be desperate, saying he'll kill anyone if the rebels
attack. Luger and Dilber will finally stand up and complain that Childerich
lost the trust of the people because of his malicious tactics. Luger then is
looked at as a traitor and denies it, saying he'll prove he isn't a traitor.
Meanwhile, you're just arriving at the scene, and you are prompted to choose
your allies; Roog and Lance are in your party already, so choose a bunch of
magicians and a few good tanks. My party (these guys are regulars for me) is
Gavaya, Prince, Zegai, Jeane, Levi and Eresh, in the Sorcery position. Levi is
an unstoppable force in the back while Gavaya has four Eyeball Rings and a
Drain Rune to make him invincible. 

Luger will be attempting to escape, but Raja will cut him off. This gives you
and Lance some time to catch up. Bahram Luger, with his unwavering defense of
the Godwins, will fight you with five Imperial Guards. The guards will waste
their attacks on your tank, which was Gavaya, thus enabling your Rune users to
cast at will. Bahram can use the Water Rune to attack you, but alas he should
be gone in two rounds if you have some quality runes. You'll get The Shredding,
Resurrection Piece, and a Berserk Blow Scroll. Luger will pass away as Raja and
the Prince look on, saddened to see one of the few quality people in the Godwin
army go down. The rest of the Godwin army fled.

Meanwhile, Dinn and Boz will take out the Southern Mountain Corps of Armes and
kill Jidan Guisu. Lucretia and friends are still worried though, as Gizel is
getting desperate and must have some more tricks. A scene will show him asking
something of Sialeeds, and then it fades out.

One last non-storyline Star of Destiny to get (unless you missed Eresh and are
planning on getting Euram later), so go to Hershville and talk to the guy in
the Administration office. In fact, talk to him three or four times, then go to
the bar (very bottom floor) of your HQ. Kisara will be yelling at Logg for
doing illegal business but Logg will run out. Go back to Hershville now, and go
in the shop two doors down from the Armor Shop. You'll see Logg with that
Bureaucrat who you saw in the Administration office. Actually, Logg introduces
you to him and his name is Haleth, a guy working for the Godwins but one that
is apparently a good guy and helps the Lord Yuan Shu Army out with "access to
vital foreign commodities". Those two will leave, so return back to the castle,
and quickly go back to Hershville. At the Administration's Office, the guy in
place of Haleth will say that Haleth was caught smypathizing with your army and
fled. Return to your castle again and check out the bar. Haleth will be hanging
out, so ask him to join (second option). Again, this should be the last
optional star, assuming you got Eresh. In fact, you should only be missing four
stars currently, and they are all automatic. 

(HQ > Yashuna)
Back at the War Room you'll receive a message from some of the Armes troops
from earlier, and they are in Yashuna. Teleport there and go to the Great Hot
Springs Inn to see Sharmista, and you'll go upstairs and talk to Shula, the guy
who ignored Alenia in the last war. Basically he says Armes knew that the
Godwins would never pay up and that they just wanted to buy time for the Sun
Rune to be analyzed. Be nice to them and trust them, and Nifsara, Shula, and
Sharmista will join you. One more star left! 107 stars total (106 if you're
getting Euram). Back at the castle, Josephine will walk by and Shula will
recognize her as his sister Yuma.

Again, go to the War Room and you'll discuss something important; the use of a
powerful rune at Stormfist. Zerase will come in and mention that whoever is
wielding the Twilight Rune is the true bearer of the rune, thus creating a
difficult situation for you. You can probably guess who it is if you think
about it. Anyway, accept this idea of attacking Stormfist and you'll be in
another battle. This is a siege battle so don't expect the enemy to move. After
a bit, a unit that looks like it is being led by Shoon will show up and aid
you. Immediately take that unit away from the castle and put it with the rest
of your army. Remember, just get the Prince inside Stormfist, and then the
Twilight Rune will be used on the Prince's unit. A Master Garb is your reward.

After the battle Shoon will talk to you. He will advise you to go in with a
small party so as not to expose yourself to the power of the Twilight Rune. So
it is decided that you, Shoon, Zerase, and Georg will go. I brought along Levi,
Jeane and Zegai (one of them replacing Shoon). Go south to the Underground
Passage. Follow your way to the cell, and go left when you get out. Head to the
center area where the duels were long ago and Childerich will have plenty of
archers waiting for you. Fortunately the bearer of the Twilight Rune will take
them out for you, but then Childerich will challenge you to a duel. If you have
Zegai/Belcoot/Richard with, they'll offer to fight. I had Zegai with and
allowed him to fight, and I didn't have much of a problem. Childerich will drug
himself before the fight, so he'll only mumble what he is going to do, although
you can still get the impression regarding when he's going to do a regular
attack or a special attack.

Unfortunately, Childerich's drugs will have killed him. Go south and then
upstairs, working your way to the north part of the castle so you can leave
toward Godwin's castle. At the gate will be Dilber and four Imperial Guards. If
you have Georg in front, he can probably handle everything the guards and
Dilber will throw at you. Dilber then didn't have much of a chance against me,
since I had Levi, Prince, Jeane and Zerase casting high-level runes on him,
along with Zegai taking off a heavy chunk. He lasted two rounds, and he drops a
Killer Orb, Thunder Piece, and a Clay Guardian. Another one of the more
commendable generals passes away, such a loyal and quality general to pass away
like that. Georg tells everyone to move on, so head into the castle area.

Go right first, getting an ImmortalMedicine and the Windspun Greaves. A
hard-to-see room on the east side (before you get to the previous treasures)
leads to a Royal Paradise EP. Take the west path now, and go into the first
west room for a Platinum Hammer. To the northwest now there is a pair of
Windspun Gauntlets which you cannot see but you should search around to get
anyway. Exit out west now to get a Pale Gate Piece in the southwest near the
lake, and the Blood Scale Mail in the northwest. Go back to the central area
and take either set of stairs up. In the lower left room is Sialeeds with the
Twilight Rune. Before that though, go to the upper-left room for a Windspun
Helm and the lower-right room for the Old Book 3.

I'm not sure about this battle. She used the Twilight Rune on me in turn one
and it put Zerase to sleep, and she didn't get another attack off. Sialeeds
will retreat to Sol-Falena and you cannot catch her. Go downstairs and you'll
see Boz and Craig; Stormfist is yours! Lorelai will get you quick, saying to
check the upstairs, so check the upper-right room on the 2nd floor. Zweig will
find documents that were left behind, but nothing too important. Go back
downstairs and you'll see a scene with the Godwins and Sialeeds. Explore around
and talk at the War Room, when you go to your room it'll fast forward to the
night where Sialeeds will kill Salum Barows, leaving the incapable Euram to
pull for the family. Seems this was the plot of Gizel.

(HQ > Rainwall (if you need Euram))
At this point, you can get Euram Barows if you didn't get Eresh. Otherwise,
Euram won't be in Rainwall (likewise, Eresh won't be in the ruins and you won't
be able to get to that second underground level). When you are ready to advance
though, go to the War Room like usual and say to advance. However advancing on
Sol-Falena means advancing on the Sun Rune, a dangerous proposition. At night,
head into Sialeeds' room, where Kyle will barge in and talk to you for a bit.
Talk to Lyon and Georg and whomever you'd like, then talk to your maid to
sleep. The next day, it's the final War.

Again, nothing too hard. You just need to get the Dahak to Sol-Falena; however
I had the enemy retreat before I got there. You'll be at Raftfleet now, with
Sialeeds about to do something. Hurry to the first floor to Luserina to change
party members; put in the best members you have, it's another boss fight. Leave
the Dahak and Logg will take you there, where Zerase will be losing to
Sialeeds. The fight begins, and use your best moves, she has some dangerous
moves with the Twilight Rune. Actually, all she did was one weak move with the
Twilight Rune on the Prince that took off less than 100, and she died in the
first round from a Zegai critical hit. A Magic Bracelet is your reward.

Alenia will say that Sialeeds is dying, and thus Gizel will use the Sun Rune
and all hell will break loose. The dam will break and the Dahak will be in some
trouble, but all will be okay. They will attempt to use the Sun Rune once more,
but Sialeeds and the Prince block it with their runes. Sialeeds will lay down
and the Twilight Rune will choose Lyon. Lyon and the Prince will then run off
for the rest, while Sialeeds talks to Lucretia and others. Time for the final
war battle.

A lot of units are set here, but try to make two Beaver units. They will help
you survive in the water. Unfortunately, the water units can't go on land here
and vice versa. You can however go from the east and west sides of the lake via
north of the Sun Palace. Careful on the bridge; it's hard to manuever, luckily
there are only a few units here. Push through Zahhak or Alenia or both with
Charges or Arrows and have the Prince go in to end the battle. A Fortune Piece
is your reward.

Choose your party well before going into the Sun Palace. Characters like
Zerase, Jeane, Eresh, Viki, Levi, Zegai, Richard, Belcoot, Georg, and Gavaya
are all suitable options, although it really comes down to who you have been
using throughout the game and who you are comfortable with. Remember, Lyon has
the powerful Twilight Rune (while your Dawn Rune advanced to level 4). Head in
and save; you'll meet Zahhak and Alenia at the entrance past the second save
point. Nothing too tough, but don't blow everything in this battle. You'll get
a Viper Orb and a Lion Orb. After the battle they'll drug themselves and you'll
have to fight them again. It's sad how persistent these two have been
throughout the entire game. They yield a SilverWhite Emblem, Rage Piece, and a
Soaring Bolt Scroll. They're a bit tougher here and more aggressive with
physical attacks, but if you saved a decent amount of spells you'll be fine.
They go down in Culgan/Seed fashion, a la Suikoden 2.

Save, rest, do what you want, and go to the Audience Chamber to duel Gizel.
Before that though, go to the eastern part of the 2nd floor to get a few
treasures (Advanced Magic and a Sun Ring). Duel-time. Gizel is pretty obvious,
nothing especially tricky despite this being the great Gizel Godwin. After the
battle you'll go to the rune room to find that it is gone, that Lord Godwin
took it. Sniveling fool he is.

After the battle head out to talk to Lorelai and Zweig. Killey of all people
will know what Lord Godwin is doing; he took the rune to the north, to a
different set of ruins to attempt to harness it's power. The light flashes you
saw at the previous runes (your HQ) was these very mountains which you must go
to now.

You'll end up in your room, with Lyon coming by your room when you leave. Go
down to the hall now, and you'll be going to Lunas now with Isato and Zweig. Go
to the bath area and use your two runes to open up a path to the ruins. Isato
and Haswar will leave you now so replace them and head in. This is the end
though so don't go through here quite yet.

(Stormfist > West Palace)
Teleport back to HQ and then go to Stormfist. From here go east to the West
Palace. Head west and take one of the north bridges to an Advanced Combat. You
should have both this and the Advanced Magic at this point, so building up
abilities should be easy from here on out. Far west of here is a Windspun Cape,
and then go in the Rune Room to the right of this for the Zen Sword Epic. The
building to the right of here has an Illusion Tactic in the southern part of
it, and a Windspun Ring on the east exterior of it. Last, in the southeastern
house, there is a Resurrection Piece. Note that it seems rather hard to enter
this house, for some reason. 

Go to Lunas now, and Haswar will show you the entrance via the bath-area from
Lymsleia's retreat to Lunas way back at the beginning. Save at the save point
and make your way east for a Dragon Incense. Just a tad northwest of here is a
Hunter Orb. Try to direction yourself northeast of where you came in and you
should find an ice bridge leading to the second part of this area. From here,
heading east a bit and then taking the south exit gives you a Blinking Rune
Piece. Heading all the way west gives you the Mixed Herbs (all MP back). When
you reach the end (which is to the northeast of this second section), you'll
come upon an entrance and three doors; one for each rune (Twilight/Sun/Dawn).
In turn, you'll split up into three groups, with you going the Dawn Rune route,
Georg and Zweig going north to the Sun Rune, and Lyon going west to the
Twilight Rune. Luserina will be there to form parties (and to leave when you
want to). Also note that you MUST get at least to this point to get Luserina to
appear back at the HQ, otherwise she'll stay in Sol-Falena which is a huge
inconvenience to switch party members. Thus it is advised you at least get this
far and then pull out to train for the last battle.

(End Cave)
Try to build up your parties evenly; you'll want some S's with level 16 weapons
and solid armor and you'll want plenty of spellcasters with high-level runes
and Magic Drain Runes. Each group of seven (1 entourage) fights a Mini-boss,
and then joins together and you choose another group out of those three groups
that you brought along. Basically it's like Final Fantasy VI, and you switch
between your three groups with the O button.

Starting off with the Prince, go right and up to a wall and switch. With Lyon's
group you should do the same. Zweig's group however has a panel in front of
their wall, so stand on that to lower the wall. Get the treasure north for a
pair of Sun Boots. Move to the right a little for another wall and switch to
Lyon's group. Take the elevator up and stand on that panel to reveal the
Prince's path. So, switch to the Prince and go up the elevator, and then down
the elevator north of you. Further north is another panel, so switch back to
Lyon again. Go north down the elevator and then west for a Gray Hat. Retreat
back south a little and then left to take a platform up. North of here is yet
another panel, and now you should switch to Zweig's party. With Zweig, go right
for a platform up and then one down. North leads to a wall and south leads to
another panel and a Royal Garb, so go south. Back north, the wall will be gone
and you can go through, and take the long passage to a Sun Armor eventually.
From this treasure, go west to a panel and switch to the Prince.

North a bit is an elevator, but skip that and go east for a Sun Helmet. Return
to that elevator and take it up and then down, following the path to a wall.
Switch to Lyon now who will have a long path and then a west/north
intersection. Go west first for the Sun Gloves, and then north to a panel.
Switch twice to the Prince's group, where you should go east to an elevator and
eventually another panel. Continue north and then right for a Fantasy Half Coat
and north to move on to a wall. Switch to Lyon now and a boss will be shortly
to the north of her. Girtablulu isn't too tough if you saved some Rune
firepower. In fact, all he did was attack Gavaya for three turns (powerful
attacks, but Gavaya had a Drain Rune and four Eyeball Rings). His defense is
tough, or rather his magic defense is. Physically, you should be able to take
him apart. He drops the ImmortalMedicine and Tachibana Greaves. Defeating him
will also open a path east for someone else. Before you switch though, take
Lyon to the end of her path (it'll switch automatically when you are there, no

North for Zweig will illicit the appearance of Gudalim. He's a quick little
creature who also happens to have a decent magic defense, but a poor regular
defense. Seems Suikoden V learned (but only at the end) that any boss can be
killed in a turn or two with runes. The magic defense upgrade prolongs the
battle for a few more rounds, but Gudalim still shouldn't bother you. Another
ImmortalMedicine and a Wind Ring is your after-battle plunder. Take Zweig the
rest of the way north and only the Prince's group will be left.

The Prince has a battle against Enmesharra, who again has a high magic defense.
Physical attacks work better, but either suffice really. The third
ImmortalMedicine is yours, as is a Water Ring. Take him to the same place the
other two groups are at, and you'll be prompted to take a small party further
north while the others fight the guardians pursuing you. However your party can
only be from the members you brought along in the three groups, and furthermore
it cannot be Georg or Zweig but Lyon and the Prince (obviously) must be
included. You can have four Entourage members also. Look, it's the final
battle, so bring who you'd like. For the record, my party was littered with my
best rune users; Bernadette (Flowing/Pale Gate), Viki (Magical/Thunder), Jeane
(Magical/Thunder), and Zerase (Magical/Star/Cyclone). Other rune users Eresh,
Levi, Alhazred and Cornelio are in the Entourage. Cornelio and Alhazred you
say? Well, they are nice with the Flowing and Condemnation Runes, respectively.
Anyway, you'll move on and can't go back. Dolph will be in front of you, but
you have to advance north to trigger the event. 

Lyon will ask to duel Dolph, as he is all that stands between you and Lord
Godwin. Dolph will be cocky as usual and is probably the trickiest duel to
figure out (it is the last). If you lose with Lyon the Prince will fight him.
Careful of his super move, where he turns invisible and attempts to recreate
the previous scene he had with Lyon where he stabbed her from behind. After the
duel though, Dolph gets up and suggests he may have overdosed since his wounds
don't bleed and he feels no pain. He attempts to attack you but you pull out
the Dawn Rune and disintegrate him. Now...walk in.

Marscal, Lord Godwin, admits he underestimated you. Eventually he tells you
you're no different than him and that you'll abuse the Sun Rune's power just as
he did. He then releases something and his body burns up quickly, while you and
Lyon hold your runes up and a battle ensues.

The Sun Rune Incarnation, Guardian Heat Sprite, and the Guardian Light Sprite
are your final enemies. The two Sprites revive even if you kill them, so focus
on the Incarnation. The Incarnation has some crazy looking spells. The Green
Sprite has an absorb attack that attacks you and heals the Incarnation, which
can be pretty annoying but it isn't much. Bernadette was my main healer but was
slower than all the enemies, so I tried to use Lyon (my other healer, who had
high agility) if I needed to heal before the enemy attacked. Really, that is
the only thing that can prevent you from losing, since the two Sprites don't
too too much damage if you are prepared, and the Incarnation has some powerful
attacks but you can probably heal between the time it attacks next. Do not use
Earthquake against it, as that will do nothing. All in all, if you're a
cautious and patient fighter, this should be easy for you. Most Suikoden bosses
are, and this is no exception (although I will say I was overprepared for it,
but that's beside the fact).

After the battle, you'll hold the hand of Lyon and she'll collapse strangely.
She'll then talk a bit and pass away. You'll see a vision of her outside of her
body talking to you and then she'll run away and burn up in the fire. More of
these will come up, with Ferid, Arshtat, Sialeeds, Gizel, Marscal, Dilbur,
Luger, Alenia, Zahhak, seemingly all praising you. For whatever reason this
revives Lyon. Leknaat then comes and explains what happened and then the scene
will be in Sol-Falena.

The senate is now going to be represented by members from each area. There will
then be a scene with Lyon, Prince and Georg, where Georg takes off his eyepatch
saying he was never blind. He then says he must leave because he killed the
queen, and asks if you want to come with. You'll be going along on your ship
and see the Island Nation people (Bernadette, etc) and the rest of your allies
will appear on boats also. A very nice scene if you ask me. After this is the
what-did-this-character-do-after scenes, which are much more witty than past
ones. Finally, the credits, with a Suikoden 1 guitar remix and the Suikoden V
character sprites floating through the screen. It's best seeing Cornelio and
the five Do Re Mi Elves, I must say.

Finally, it'll be The End and you can save. If you load this saved quest, you
can start a New Game + sort of. You'll know it's a New Game + because the time
carries over and the name of the Prince is green instead of white.

Part of Suikoden is the 108 characters, as this is a constant in each Suikoden
classic. Suikoden V offers a very similar recruiting system as the past four.
The order will be relative to when I got the character (or when I thought that
character was accessible).

More or less, there are two types of recruits; those who are storyline-based
and that require no extra effort to get, and those that are completely
optional. Generally, just ask these optional characters and they'll join. Some
have certain triggers (buy from their shop, have X character with, talk to them
on several different occasions, etc) but you can not really mess up a character
by just speaking to them. Be upfront and ask them to join, but most of all try
to consider them in all instances (like Zegai at the beginning; always support
him). If any character listed is not where I say they are, advance the
storyline and try again. I can't stress this enough, especially when it comes
to some of the missable recruits, like the Oboro agency.

1/108 - Prince

War - Dawn Rune/Charge

Unite - Sworn Protector (Miakis/Lyon), Perfect Likeness (Roy), Royal Power
(Sialeeds), Falena's Finest (Galleon/Georg/Lyon/Miakis/Kyle)

Notes - He's the hero. You get him from the start. He's good at a lot of things
in this game, like any other Suikoden hero.


2/108 - Lyon

War - Charge (2)

Unite - Sworn Protector (Prince), Falena's Finest

Notes - She's with you for most of the game, until she is injured. Later on
though she joins once again. Definitely one of the more consistent characters
and can do more physical damage than you might think (assuming you keep up with
her weapon). She also gets the Twilight Rune later on.


3/108 - Cornelio (optional)

War - Water

Unite - None (although his DoReMi elf rune is based on the amount of elves in
the party)

Notes - As stated above, Cornelio has a very strong relationship with the
DoReMi elves. You'll find them all over Falena, and they are listed at the
bottom since they are not a part of the 108 Stars of Destiny. Cornelio however
is very much a part, and he is a quality rune user who can attack rather well
with that Conductor's Wand of his. By getting all 5 DoReMi elves you'll unlock
Cornelio's fourth spell on his DoReMi rune. This is quite a powerful spell
(1500 damage to all) but you must have them all in your party. Also, if you
recruit all the elves you can talk to Cornelio at the HQ and he'll allow you to
listen to any track of the Suikoden V OST.


4/108 - Sairou (optional)

War - Supply

Entourage Ability - Trade In

Notes - Sairou is the Trade Shop owner of your HQ. In order to get him to join,
you must visit him in Raftfleet and talk to him when there is a shortage of
salt in the area. He will mention something like this and then sell all six to
raise the price. He'll be impressed by your work and will join you.


5/108 - Lun

War - Recover (2)

Unite - Family (Kisara/Logg), Dad and Daughter (Logg)

Notes - You'll first meet Lun with her father Logg at the top of the Lunas
Woods. They'll be stealing gold but you'll later help them, and in return
they'll join you when you go to Raftfleet.


6/108 - Logg

War - Barrage

Unite - Family (Kisara/Lun), Dad and Daughter (Lun)

Notes - You'll meet Logg with Lun and then help them out. Later on, Logg will
assist you with boatrides anywhere you'd like almost, and will also introduce
you to some quality people like "Gunny" and Haleth.


7/108 - Lucretia Merces

War - Fury

Unite - N/A

Notes - Lucretia is your strategist, who you break out of prison. Her two
guards, Cius and Lelei, join your cause as well. Throughout the game she is
generally the one to talk to in the War Room to advance the plot.


8/108 - Cius

War - Charge (2)

Unite - Lockdown (Lelei)

Notes - Cius joins automatically with Lucretia.


9/108 - Lelei

War - Barrage

Unite - Lockdown (Cius)

Notes - Lelei joins automatically with Lucretia


10/108 - Egbert (optional)

War - Charge

Entourage Ability - Potch Finder

Notes - Egbert is a tricky one to get. You must find him in the tunnels to
Agate Prison on the way to Lucretia (on the way back actually) and he'll go on
about the Godwin's again. Now don't cut him off when he's speaking to you
otherwise he won't join you. If you listen to his speech patiently he will. If
he messed up, leave and re-enter. When he joins you can play a game with him at
the HQ.


11/108 - Kyle

War - Recovery

Unite - Falena's Finest (Georg/Miakis/Lyon/Prince/Galleon), Maze of Steel
(Georg/Miakis/Galleon), Flash of Steel (Georg)

Notes - Kyle is an automatic recruit that is highly involved in the general
story. He joins you a little earlier in Sol-Falena but doesn't permanently
until you meet him in Rainwall after getting Lucretia.


12/108 - Raja

War - Barrage

Notes - Raja is the head of the Raftfleet and the Dahak. On several occasions
she'll be one of the main generals in your wars and cannot die. She joins you
after saving Raftfleet.


13/108 - Kisara

War - Barrage

Unite - Family (Logg/Lun)

Notes - Kisara also joins you automatically after the battle of Raftfleet.


14/108 - Boz

War - Charge

Notes - Boz is also one of your head commanders in war with that sturdy Spear
Unit of his. He does not officially join the Stars of Destiny until much later
but he'll fight with you after you meet him in Rainwall and will desert Lord
Barows and join you after that whole debacle.


15/108 - Shinro (optional)

War - Supply

Entourage Ability - Trade In

Notes - Shinro is a Raftfleet local who joins you after you save Raftfleet in
the battle against Bahram Luger.


16/108 - Josephine (optional)

War - Fire (2)

Unite - None

Notes - Josephine can be recruited at the south end of Haud Village with
Sialeeds after the battle of Raftfleet. It is possible that other nicely
dressed females can recruit Josephine also, but you're better served to just do
it while you have Sialeeds.


17/108 - Takamu (optional)

War - Shortcut

Entourage - Escape Route

Notes - Takamu is in jail at the Agate Prison. Visit him with Lelei or Cius
after the battle of Raftfleet to open the jail cell. After this you'll have to
find his equipment which is in the room with the save orb. After this he'll
join you and give you a map of Sol-Falena. Also you will need him to traverse
the Lunas Woods, something only Takamu and elves can do.


18/108 - Luserina

War - Morale

Notes - Luserina Barows is the younger daughter of Lord Salum Barows. Once you
expose Salum and acquire the Dawn Rune, Luserina will join you and will be the
one who forms your parties.


19/108 - Chuck

War - Stabilize

Notes - Chuck also is acquired right after you expose Lord Barows for hiding
the Dawn Rune. Chuck acts as your storage guard (he did before he joins) in
Rainwall, Raftfleet, HQ, and even the Dwarf Camp. A useful character for only
this reason, although you do duel him before you get the Dawn Rune.


20/108 - Zegai (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Crowd Favorites (Shoon/Belcoot)

Notes - Zegai is another highly involved yet optional character. You'll meet
him much earlier than you can recruit him, but be nice and always take his side
during his time in Stormfist. If you do this (or so I hear) you'll have a
better chance of getting him in the Lunas North Woods. Anyway, take Takamu with
you so you can cross to the left of the area and take Urda with you. Go into
Lunas and talk to Isato with her to get that storyline going and then leave the
Woods and return. Now, where Lun and Logg were, go talk to Zegai. If you were
nice to him (and the number of recruits you have might matter as well) he'll
join you if you ask. He's a powerful warrior and also acts as the Combat
Teacher in the HQ. Lastly, he can duel Childerich if you bring him along for
that (much, much farther down the road).


21/108 - Oboro (optional)

War - Rumor

Notes - Oboro is one of the more easily missed characters in Suikoden V. You
can get him as early as after the Raftfleet battle, but you MUST get him before
the Queen's Campaign. As soon as you finish the battle of Rainwall, go to his
ship in Rainwall (southeast part of town). Ask him to investigate Lordlake
(this will be talked about at the Barows Mansion so go to Oboro when you first
hear about it). He'll accept the job, and afterwards go to the Inn and talk to
Norden several times. Leave the Inn and follow the sequences with the
Investigative Agency and don't leave them no matter what. Eventually you'll get
Norden to give in. If you do all of this, go to him at the end of the Raftfleet
battle and ask him to join. Also note that if you fail to do this, you can
still get him by asking him five times, although you have to do this after each
storyline event. So, basically you're going to want to visit him all the time
if you missed the investigation. Otherwise he joins with Shigure and Fuyo.


22/108 - Shigure (optional)

War - Ambush

Unite - Fugitive Hunt (Sagiri/Raven), Case Closed (Sagiri)

Notes - Shigure will first meet you after you talk to Norden and leave the
Rainwall Inn. Follow him along as he is a member of the Oboro Agency. At the
end when Oboro joins you, he will as well.


23/108 - Fuyo (optional)

War - Rumor

Notes - Fuyo is another member of Oboro's Agency that joins you when Oboro does
in Raftfleet.


24/108 - Norden (optional)

War - Charge

Notes - Norden is the drunkard at the Rainwall bar that the Oboro Agency
investigates. If you go through this entire investigation and stay with the
entire time, Norden will join you if you ask him at the Rainwall bar (or he'll
be in Lordlake if you wait). Also note that Norden is only involved in warfare.


25/108 - Zweig

War - Find Weakness

Unite - Sindar Surge (Lorelai/Killey)

Notes - Zweig is a knowledgeable man who is along for most of the Sindar ruins
that you visit. He'll be outside your HQ before you explore it, and will also
be one of the four party leaders at the end of the game so it is advised to
keep him leveled up.


26/108 - Lorelai

War - Find Weakness

Unite - Sindar Surge (Zweig), Fate (Georg/Killey/Viki)

Notes - You meet Lorelai right after getting Zweig. She'll challenge you to a
duel and she's not too difficult. She'll join your party to investigate the
Sindar ruins and will join you permanently shortly thereafter.


27/108 - Viki

War - Wind Magic

Unite - Fate (Georg/Killey/Lorelai), Oops! (Genoh), Pretty Girl (Faylen/Norma)

Notes - Viki is outside the Sindar ruins that act as your HQ. You'll recognize
her from past Suikoden's, and she'll teleport you to Raftfleet once she joins.
From then on, she is used at the teleporter for fast travel. That said, she's
also one of the top magicians in the game.


28/108 - Zerase

War - Star Magic

Unite - Pride of Magic (Levi), Conceit (Cathari/Isabel)

Notes - You'll meet her in a few places, like Rainwall, but you can't get her
until later. Zerase joins you automatically when you go up to the tablet room
with Zweig right after acquiring the HQ. She acts as your Tutor until you get
Levi. Her Star Rune and overall magical ability make her one of the top 5
usable charactes in the entire game.


29/108 - Toma

War - Survive

Notes - Toma follows you around before Lordlake is restored but doesn't join
until you first visit the restored Lordlake. He is utterly useless, more or
less he's another Lordlake ambassador for your army.


30/108 - Talgeyl

War - Earth Magic

Notes - Talgeyl joins automatically at the restored Lordlake.


31/108 - Silva

War - Medicine

Notes - Silva also joins automatically and acts as one of the two medics (with
Murad) at the HQ.


32/108 - Goesch

War - Charge

Unite - Endless Blows (Yahr)

Notes - Goesch joins you automatically at the restored Lordlake. He is also the
farmer of the HQ.


33/108 - Muroon (optional)

War - Gnaw

Unite - Beaver Rush (Miroon, Moroon, Maroon, Meroon)

Notes - Muroon will aid you in taking out the dam preventing water from
reaching Lordlake. Then he (she?) is at the HQ by the docks, where Muroon will
join you if you ask.


34/108 - Wilhelm (optional)

War - Charge

Notes - Wilhelm first fights with you with the Barows. If you bring a pretty
girl (Viki for example) to him and Mueller at the Raftfleet Inn after the HQ is
acquired, he will join you.


35/108 - Mueller (optional)

War - Charge

Notes - Mueller is with Wilhelm and will join with him at the Raftfleet Inn.
Like Wilhelm, he is only available in War situations, although the two of them
are two of the best cavalry fighters you can choose from.


36/108 - Subala (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Petty Rivals (Lun)

Notes - After getting the HQ, go to Raftfleet with Lun in your party. Subala
will challenge you to a fishing contest, one that took me a few times to win.
Once you do win though, she'll join you. Also note that you can make a decent
amount of money from all the ? pots you'll find.


37/108 - Zunda (optional)

War - Shortcut

Notes - Zunda is hard to spot. She is hiding behind another dwarf northeast of
the blacksmith, after climbing the ladder. She'll talk about windows so bring
her (with Takamu) to Lunas and enter the first room in the master mansion.
She'll join you then and will take your Window Settings that you come across.


38/108 - Marina (optional)

War - Rest

Notes - You meet Marina in Stormfist but cannot recruit her until after you get
the HQ. She'll be at Yashuna with Belcoot, and when she is turned down for a
job at the Inn offer her a place at your HQ. She'll join with Belcoot and will
run your Inn.


39/108 - Belcoot (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Crowd Favorites (Zegai/Shoon), Sword Master (Dinn)

Notes - Belcoot joins after Marina at Yashuna Inn. You'll use him for a short
period at Stormfist and will realize his brilliance then. He's far and away one
of the top fighters in the game and his Falcon Rune is dominant.


40/108 - Alhazred (optional)

War - Earth Magic

Unite - Shining Scalp (Isato/Wabon)

Notes - Alhazred takes a few steps to get. First of all, you'll find him at
Rainwall, going off about tomes. Next, when you get your HQ go to Miroon's hot
spring Inn and check the upstairs rooms to find a fortune teller (Euram Barows)
who will give you a mysterious book. Return to your HQ and give it to Chuck and
then sleep at your Inn. Talk to Chuck again and he'll give you the book back,
so take it back and leave it with the maid at the hot springs Inn in Yashuna.
Now, go to Estrise to find Alhazred just north of the entrance and he'll say
that you must go deal with that book now. He joins and then return to Yashuna.
Now at the hot springs Inn you'll have to help Alhazred fight the book and when
it is over ask him to join permanently. If you don't he'll be in Estrise.


41/108 - Richard (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Pretty Boy (Nick/Roy), Sword Sage (Hazuki)

Notes - Richard is at the Waterfall Basin that is southeast of the Beaver's
Lodge. Go through until the end, the same spot where you find Genoh (further
below) and you should see Richard. He won't join right away but he'll mention
Mueller. If you recruited Mueller (you should have) then talk to him at your HQ
Inn. He'll have some information to relay to Richard so go back to the
Waterfall Basin and Richard should join you at this point. It is widely
regarded that Richard is THE best fighter in the game, although I don't use him
ever. Too much parrying and countering, makes it too easy. If he's built up, he
won't even get hit, and his Swallow Rune (!) is good as well. But if you're
looking for a fighter that will rival Georg and Belcoot, Richard is that guy.


42/108 - Genoh (optional)

Unite - Oops! (Viki)

Notes - Genoh is a classic. You'll need to talk to Fuwalafuwalu (or another
beaver if you wait too long) to hear about Genoh. You'll have to talk to Fuwala
several times, too. Eventually he'll bring up Genoh, and he is at the same spot
Richard is (well, the same screen. You need to walk on those rocks to your east
to get Genoh to come from under the waterfall). However you must have an elder
character in your party and that character must be up to speed in relation to
the Prince's level (up to speed constitutes being no lower than 1 level beneath
the Prince). Alhazred is the only available old person currently but later on
Levi works as well. Still, bring Alhazred to Genoh and he'll be pleased that
you use older characters and will join you.


43/108 - Sorensen (optional)

War - Catapult

Unite - Shoot and Smash (Lu)

Notes - Sorensen works with Babbage and Lu in eastern Estrise. After you
acquire the HQ, go talk to both of them several times and return to your HQ.
Have Logg bring you to the Eastern Wharf, where you can walk northeast to the
Revolving Bridge. Talk to the guy here and then return to Estrise. Take the
three with you to the Revolving Bridge via Logg and you'll enter. After going
through the area and defeating the Differential Gear, return to Estrise and
talk to Sorensen to have him join you.


44/108 - Bastan (optional)

Entourage Ability - Appraisal

Notes - Bastan is in northeast Haud Village, at the Appraisal Shop. Generally
he is easiest to recruit about the Revolving Bridge area, as you'll gain
several ? Paintings there. Take one of them to Bastan and have him check it out
and he'll join eventually. If none of this comes up and you have the ?
Painting, just keep talking to him and eventually he'll bring up the dialog
window instead of the shop window.


45/108 - Wasil

War - Barrage

Notes - Wasil is the buffer between the HQ and Lelcar. After you defend the
town despite the fire, he'll join you with Volga and Orok.


46/108 - Volga

War - Charge

Notes - Volga will join you after the battle of Lelcar.


47/108 - Orok

War - Muddle

Notes - Orok is the former-corrupt leader of a faction in Lelcar, but later
shows his loyalty for the town and also joins you after the battle of Lelcar.


48/108 - Mohsen (optional)

War -

Entourage Ability - Trade In

Notes - Mohsen is loyal to the Godwins, until you buy a certain amount from
him. I've heard various answers, but I bought about 50,000 worth and got him so
I would suggest saving your money and getting good armor from him. If you don't
buy enough at his Lelcar shop before it burns down (which I didn't), he'll be
back at Doraat where he will stay until you buy enough armor from him.


49/108 - Taylor (optional)

War - Rumor

Entourage Ability - Analyze

Notes - You'll meet Taylor when you first get your HQ, and after the Lelcar
battle he'll be outside the Inn and asks to conduct an interview. Allow him to
do this and you should find him next outside the Sealed Room and in front of
Georg's room. After you allow him to do it outside of Georg's room he will join


50/108 - Nikea (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Sacred Greenhorn (Gavaya), Speak with Fists (Shoon)

Notes - You'll find Nikea at Stormfist and Lelcar. After the Lelcar battle,
she'll be at the Inn in Estrise. Ask her to join and you'll duel her, and once
you win (not too hard) she'll join you.


51/108 - Linfa (optional)

War - Muddle

Entourage Ability - Escape Route

Notes - Initially you will meet Linfa at the Estrise Inn, where you should
accept her challenge to her game, but alas you are cheated essentially. You'll
see her again in Yashuna, where she'll at least give you back the 2000 potch.
Fortunately once you finish up the Lelcar battle you'll find her at Raftfleet
where you can challenge her and she'll join regardless, although you'll lose
money if you lose to her.


52/108 - Murad (optional)

War - Medicine

Entourage Ability - Treatment

Notes - Murad is another often-missed character. You'll find him at several
locations after the town has been victimized by war. Evidently you only have to
talk to him three times but I got him at the fourth town he visits (Lelcar). In
order, they are Rainwall, Raftfleet (after the war), Lordlake, Lelcar (after
the battle), Beaver Lodge, Sabe. If you don't get him at Sable, he'll be gone.


53/108 - Jeane (optional)

War -

Unite - Kiss Goodbye (Sialeeds/Nelis), Kiss Goodnight (Sharmista/Nelis)

Notes - You'll meet Jeane as early as Sol-Falena, but after you've finished the
battle of Lelcar and after you've talked to the guard at the Big Hole, she'll
be at the Lelcar rune shop where you can assist her. She needs to go into the
Big Hole and once you take her all the way through, she'll join your cause. She
is one of the most powerful rune users you can get so be sure to use her.


54/108 - Dongo (optional)

War - Shortcut

Entourage Ability - Forge

Notes - You'll need to have the Silver Hammer (treasure by the Armor Shop in
Sable) and you'll have to give it to Dongo, who can sharpen your weapon to
level 12. After you've sharpened one character's weapon to level 12, he will
join you.


55/108 - Dinn

War - Charge

Unite - Fancy Lad (Rahal/Mathias), Sword Master (Belcoot)

Notes - Dinn will be a regular in your war battles as early as the Barows
battle. However he won't join you until after the Sable bandit liberation.


56/108 - Roy

War - Charge

Unite - Pretty Bog (Nick/Richard), Perfect Likeness (Prince)

Notes - Roy is the prince-like bandit in Sable. He joins you automatically
after the events, but later on in the story he can die and prevent you from
getting the 108. For more details look at the later sections of the walkthrough
that relate to Roy.


57/108 - Faylen

War - Charge

Unite - Brotherly Love (Faylon), Pretty Girl (Viki/Norma), Teen Rebellion

Notes - Faylen joins with Faylon after you release them at Sable, otherwise you
have to get them at the Bandits Hideout at Ranro Mountain.


58/108 - Faylon

War - Charge

Unite - Brotherly Love (Faylen)

Notes - Faylon will join you with Roy at Sable if you choose the first option
and release them. If not they'll be at the Bandit Hideout in Ranro Mountain
again, where you will have to aid them and bring them to Sable where they will
then join you. Be smart and just pick the right choice the first time.


59/108 - Nakula (optional)

War - Charge

Notes - Nakula is another often-missed character. You'll find him first at the
Sable Inn, passed out. After the Ranro Mountain and Sable liberation stuff,
check back with him and he'll be up. Whenever you do talk to him and he's up,
go to Oboro and have him investigate it. He'll join you and when you go see
Nakula, both Nakula and Sagiri will join you.


60/108 - Sagiri (optional)

War - Ambush

Unite - Fugitive Hunt (Raven/Shigure), Case Closed (Shigure)

Notes - Sagiri joins with Nakula (read above).


61/108 - Fuwalafuwalu

War - Water Magic

Notes - Fuwalafuwalu is the head of the Beaver Lodge and he will join you
automatically after the Beaver Lodge fire.


62/108 - Maroon

War - Gnaw

Unite - Beaver Rush (Muroon/Moroon/Meroon/Miroon)


63/108 - Isabel (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Maximillian (Mathias), Conceit (Cathari/Zerase)

Notes - After the Beaver Lodge attack, go to Estrise with 3 or less characters
and head toward Babbage's Lab and the two of them will come by. Agree to help
them and you'll go to Haud. Euram will have tried to set you up but Mathias and
Isabel won't fight for him. Instead you'll fight some Euram guards and after he
will flee and the two will join.


64/108 - Mathias (optional)

War - Charge (2)

Unite - Maximillian (Isabel), Fancy Lad (Rahal/Dinn)

Notes - Joins with Isabel.


65/108 - Bernadette

War - Water Magic

Unite - Island Storm (Nelis/Yahr)

Notes - She joins automatically when you get to Nirva Island and go on the
lighthouse search.


66/108 - Byakuren (optional)

Unite - Secret Crush (Flail/Miroon)

Notes - Byakuren will be near the hanging bridge each time the HQ advances.
You'll have to fight it and if you win and have Genoh or Levi, it will join


67/108 - Miroon (optional)

War - Rest

Unite - Beaver Rush (Moroon/Muroon/Meroon/Maroon)

Notes - Miroon is at the hot springs Inn at Yashuna, and if you bring Maroon
and Muroon there after the Queen's Coronation, Miroon will ask you to help her
find out what's wrong with the hot springs (they aren't working). You'll have
to go through a cave with tough monsters but in the end she'll join you.


68/108 - Meroon (optional)

War - Rest

Unite - Beaver Rush (Moroon/Muroon/Miroon/Maroon)

Notes - First, get Maroon, Muroon and Miroon. Then, talk to Moroon with the
three of them and he'll say he doesn't believe Beaver Lodge burned down. Now go
to Meroon and she wonders if Moroon knows, so she'll join so you can go see


69/108 - Moroon (optional)

War - Gnaw

Unite - Beaver Rush (Miroon/Maroon/Muroon/Meroon)

Notes - Moroon is the last beaver you get. After you get all four bring them
all to Moroon who is outside of the Baska Mines at the port there. He'll be
stubborn but will eventually join.


70/108 - Retso (optional)

War - Gourmet

Entourage Ability - Cook

Notes - Retso the cook is at Raftfleet and he will ask you about a special fish
that he cannot get his hands on named Sashimi. Talk to Subala to fish and
eventually you will find a "Strange Fish" and Subala will mention something
about it when you quit. Take it to Raftfleet where Retso will cook it up and
join you ultimately, with Shun Min.


71/108 - Shun Min (optional)

War - Gourmet

Entourage Ability - Cook

Notes - Joins with Retso.


72/108 - Babbage (optional)

War - Catapult

Entourage Ability - Treasure Hunt

Notes - Bring Sorensen to the gear room in the expanded HQ (after the Queen's
Coronation) and he'll go nuts about the gears and will tell Babbage in Estrise.
Bring Babbage there and he'll go nuts on it. Unfortunately you'll have to give
them some time and check back later, but when you do Babbage will join you.


73/108 - Lu (optional)

War - Barrage

Unite - Shoot and Smash (Sorensen), Teen Rebellion (Shoon/Faylen)

Notes - After the Babbage events, bring Sorensen back to her at the Babbage
shop in Estrise. She'll have lost an important gear, so look for it for her. It
will be in the southeast area of the room and when you find it she'll join you.


74/108 - Chisato (optional)

War - Muddle

Notes - Chisato is in the Island Nations and you'll see her puppet show when
you go there initially. After the Queen's Coronation bring Bernadette back with
you and visit Chisato, and Chisato will help you with the pirate problem. After
this minor problem she'll join you and will act as your Voice Setting adjuster.


75/108 - Yahr (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Endless Blows (Goesch), Island Storm (Bernadette/Nelis)

Notes - Before attempting this, note that you must return to your HQ and come
back if you already got Chisato on this visit. Otherwise, take Bernadette and
visit the southwest area of Nirva Island where you'll hear about rune cannons.
Go to the Inn now to talk to Nelis and Yahr. Now attempt to leave via the
port-guy and Nelis and Yahr will ask to go with. You'll enter a Ship Graveyard
area if you search the light on the way back, and this area will lead to a boss
fight. You'll then see 3 pirates sitting on a deck and the boss you just beat
will show up again, and you'll be prompted to choose and you must do this very
fast. The correct answer is the second one and you'll will handle the boss by
doing so. In turn Nelis and Yahr will join you now, otherwise you will have to
get them back at the Nirva Island Inn.


76/108 - Nelis (optional)

War - Barrage

Unite - Island Storm (Bernadette/Yahr), Kiss Goodnight (Sharmista/Jeane), Kiss
Goodbye (Sialeeds/Jeane)

Notes - Joins with Yahr.


77/108 - Miakis

War - Recovery

Unite - Friends Forever (Roog/Rajal), Sworn Protector (Prince), Falena's Finest
(Prince/Lyon/Galleon/Georg/Kyle), Maze of Steel (Georg/Kyle/Galleon)

Notes - Miakis joins automatically after dueling her in Doraat.


78/108 - Levi (optional)

War - Fire Magic

Unite - Pride of Magic (Zerase)

Notes - Levi is in the Big Hole with Bergen, and although you can meet him much
earlier, he won't join you until you finish the Doraat section. After this
section just visit him and they'll join since they know you're around
high-powered magic. Levi, by the way, is one of the top magicians in the entire
game and is also your Tutor at HQ.


79/108 - Bergen (optional)

War - Charge (2)

Unite - Tunnelin' Thru (Wabon/Gunde), Looks Can Kill (Ax/Moroon)

Notes - Joins with Levi.


80/108 - Norma (optional)

War - Recovery (2)

Unite - Beast Tamer (Ernst), Pretty Girl (Faylen/Viki)

Notes - You'll see her and Ernst in several areas, but once you get Levi bring
him to the Raftfleet Inn, where Norma and Ernst will join you after a short


81/108 - Ernst (optional)

War - Recovery (2)

Unite - Beast Tamer (Norma)

Notes - Joins with Norma.


82/108 - Gavaya (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Sacred Greenhorn (Nikea)

Notes - Gavaya likes girls and will only join if you have Viki, Norma and
Faylen with you.


83/108 - Raven (optional)

War - Muddle

Unite - Fugitive Hunt (Sagiri/Shigure)

Notes - Raven requires you to go to Sable and speak with Solis after Doraat has
fallen. The family tree has been stolen, so speak to Oboro who will know this
is Raven. Go to Egbert at the HQ Inn to get the Egbert family tree and go to
Oboro now. You'll set Raven up, but once you catch him pardon his behavior and
he'll join you.


84/108 - Galleon

War - Charge

Unite - Maze of Steel (Georg/Kyle/Miakis), Falena's Finest

Notes - Galleon will join you automatically after the battle with the queen. He
will attempt to leave your HQ but Silva will convince him otherwise.


85/108 - Haswar (optional)

War - Rest

Notes - Haswar is an important storyline character despite the fact that she is
optional. When you initially get Takamu and go through the Lunas North Woods,
bring Urda to the master mansion to speak about leaving to Isato. Isato will
not leave however. After the Queen's Campaign, go back to Lunas with Urda,
where it will be decided that you're all going to your HQ. Take them all out of
the forest and all three will join.


86/108 - Isato (optional)

War - Barrage

Unite - Shining Scalp (Alhazred/Wabon), Arrow Storm (Urda)

Notes - Joins with Haswar.


87/108 - Urda (optional)

War - Barrage (2)

Unite - Arrow Storm (Isato)

Notes - Joins with Haswar.


88/108 - Eresh (optional) or Euram

War - Lightning Magic

Notes - Eresh is in the Big Hole. You'll get a note about it outside your room,
if you check that letterbox. I've heard you need to read the letter to trigger
Eresh. This is untrue. I just went to the Big Hole and a little north of where
Levi and Bergen are, Eresh was there. She joins after you descend all the way
down and defeat the boss. Also this is VERY important - if you get Eresh you
cannot get Euram, as they are the same star. Likewise, if you get Euram you
will not be able to get Eresh.


89/108 - Hazuki (optional)

War - Charge

Unite - Sword Sage (Richard)

Notes - Hazuki is in Spinacks Harbor, where she is looking for Belcoot. Be sure
to talk to her without Belcoot first, and then bring Belcoot to recruit her.


90/108 - Cathari (optional)

War - Barrage (2)

Unite - Conceit (Zerase/Isabel)

Notes - Cathari is in Hershville and is probably the most commonly missed
character. Talk to the guy in the southwestern part of Port Spinacks and he
will talk about Hershville. Go to the port guy in Spinacks and he will take you
to Hershville if you ask. Go to the northwest part of town to talk to Cathari
and afterwards you'll find her back at Port Spinacks. She'll catch a Nether
Gate assassin behind you and ask to see Lucretia. Bring her to the HQ and talk
to Lucretia with her and she'll join. Note that she has the Godspeed Rune,
which allows you to run anytime you want and your field movement is much more


91/108 - Rania (optional)

Entourage Ability - Bard

Notes - Rania is in her workshop in Sauronix. Bring Miakis there and there'll
be some events so go along and go in and out of the house and ask her to join
afterwards and she will. Rania allows you to change the Sound Settings.


92/108 - Killey (optional)

War - Fire Magic

Unite - Sindar Surge (Lorelai/Zweig), Fate (Georg/Viki/Lorelai)

Notes - Killey is another difficult character to get. Before the Queen's
Campaign, let Killey out of his cell at Agate Prison with Lelei or Cius in your
party. After returning to your HQ you'll see Killey at the entrance and you'll
have a scene with him. Finally, when you're in the Twilight Forest ruins Killey
will show up and join you if you allow him. If you don't pick him up here he'll
be at the final area of the Sindar Ruins outside your HQ.


93/108 - Gunde

War - Charge

Unite - Tunnelin' Thru (Bergen/Wabon)

Notes - Gunde helps you in the Dwarf Camp much earlier than you can get him. He
joins automatically when you arrive at the Twilight Forest via the Dwarf path.


94/108 - Wabon

War - Charge

Unite - Shining Scalp (Isato/Alhazred), Tunnelin' Thru (Gunde/Bergen)

Notes - Joins automatically once you get to the Twilight Forest via the Dwarf


95/108 - Roog

War - Charge

Unite - Friends Forever (Miakis/Rahal), Dragon Cavalry (Rahal/Nick), Scarlet
Charge (Lance)

Notes - Joins automatically after the second Sauronix visit.


96/108 - Rahal

War - Charge

Unite - Friends Forever (Roog/Miakis), Azure Charge (Rahal/Flail), Dragon
Cavalry (Roog/Nick), Fancy Lad (Mathias/Dinn)

Notes - Joins automatically after the second Sauronix visit.


97/108 - Nick

War - Charge

Unite - Pretty Boy (Richard/Roy), Violet Charge (Ax), Dragon Cavalry

Notes - Joins automatically at Gordius if you abandoned your castle. If not
you'll have to bring another 6-person guy team to Gordius to get him and his


98/108 - Yoran

War - Survival

Notes - Joins with Nick


99/108 - Ax

Unite - Stampede (Lance/Flail), Violet Charge (Nick), Looks Can Kill

Notes - Joins with Nick. He's a baby Dragon Horse and he's purple.


100/108 - Georg

War - Charge

Unite - Falena's Finest (Miakis/Kyle/Prince/Galleon/Lyon), Maze of Steel
(Miakis/Galleon/Kyle), Fate (Viki/Killey/Lorelai), Flash of Steel (Kyle)

Notes - Okay, so we all know that Georg is actually one of the first characters
and one of the main characters in Suikoden V. However he doesn't officially
join until after the previously three, in a scene where he cuts off Dolph's
reinforcements in Gordius and turns the tide in the war. He's one of the best
fighters and with his litany of Unite's he should be a solid part of any Falena
party at the end of the game.


101/108 - Craig

War - Charge

Notes - Joins automatically after Gordius is finished.


102/108 - Lance

Unite - Scarlet Charge (Roog), Stampede (Ax/Flail)

Notes - Joins automatically with Craig after Gordius.


103/108 - Flail

Unite - Azure Charge (Rahal), Stampede (Ax/Lance), Secret Crush

Notes - Joins automatically with the rest of the Sauronix members.


104/108 - Haleth (optional)

War - Muddle

Entourage Ability - Haggle

Notes - Haleth is the last optional character to recruit (unless you want to
get Euram). You can get him after you recapture the HQ. Go to Hershville and
talk to the guy at the Administration office several times. This is Haleth. Now
return to your HQ and go to the bar to see Logg getting yelled at by Kisara as
she has suspicions of illegal business being done by Logg. Return to Hershville
once more and go into the building two doors south from the Armor Shop. Inside
you'll find Haleth and Logg being jokers and trading illegal goods. You'll find
out he's actually a good guy who favors you. They then leave so you should
return to the HQ and then go back to Hershville a third time. At the
Administrations office talk to the guy who was standing right in front where
Haleth was. You'll hear they found out about his illegal trading so he left.
Back at the bar you'll find him where you can recruit him.


105/108 - Shula

War - Charge

Notes - After retaking Sable or Doraat you'll see him at the Great Hot Springs
Inn with Nisfara and Sharmista. He'll say all along that Armes wanted your army
to win and he'll join you along with the other two.


106/108 - Nifsara

War - Charge

Unite - Armes Greeting (Sharmista)

Notes - Joins with Shula


107/108 - Sharmista

War - Charge

Unite - Armes Greeting (Nifsara), Kiss Goodnight (Jeane/Nelis)

Notes - Joins with Shula.


108/108 - Shoon

War - Charge

Unite - Crowd Favorites (Belcoot/Zegai), Speak with Fists (Nikea), Teen
Rebellion (Lu/Faylen)

Notes - Shoon is one of the first characters you meet and you duel him,
actually. However he is a gladiator so he is stuck in Stormfist until you
liberate it. Actually, while you are attacking during war his unit will join


* - Euram (optional)

Notes - Euram joins you at Rainwall after you've recovered Stormfist and after
the Godwin troops pull out of Rainwall. Furthermore you must also have Isabel
and Alhazred, other characters who depend on Euram in their sidequests, before
you can recruit Euram. Also note that EURAM ONLY JOINS YOU IF YOU DIDN'T GET


* - Sialeeds

War - Wind Magic

Unite - Royal Power (Prince), Kiss Goodbye (Jeane/Nelis)

Notes - Sialeeds is with you from the beginning and all the way to where you
are about to capture the queen, your sister. She then betrays you and ends up
being one of your main adversaries towards the end of the game, as she bears
the Twilight Rune. Her motives for betraying you are not very clear. Prior to
her betraying you, her Unite with the Prince is pretty dominant for large
groups of enemies.


* - ReMiFa

Unite - DoReMi (FaSoLa/SoLaTi/MiFaSo/LaTiDo)

Notes - ReMiFa is the first DoReMi elf to join you. Remember, for all of these
you need to use Cornelio's rune (1st level spell) and you must have a spot in
your army for it. For this one though, you'll just have Cornelio and it'll be
your first one.


* - FaSoLa

Unite - DoReMi (ReMiFa/SoLaTi/MiFaSo/LaTiDo)

Notes - FaSoLa is in the forest across the bridge and to the southeast of
Rainwall. You will find him randomly (it may take a while) but he should be one
of your first overall recruits, along with ReMiFa. Also note that if you kill
them they'll still come back.


* - SoLaTi

Unite - DoReMi (ReMiFa/FaSoLa/MiFaSo/LaTiDo)

Notes - You will find SoLaTi at the Mountain Path. It is a very long and linear
path so you should find him naturally without having to fight around too much. 
He is blue.


* - MiFaSo

Unite - DoReMi (ReMiFa/SoLaTi/LaTiDo/FaSoLa)

Notes - MiFaSo is yellow and is hanging out in the forest to the southeast of
Doraat. If he is your fourth one you can use Cornelio's final spell on his
DoReMi rune, which is devastating.


* - LaTiDo

Unite - DoReMi (ReMiFa/SoLaTi/FaSoLa/MiFaSo)

Notes - LaTiDo is white and you'll find him at the Twilight Forest. He is the
final one and once you get all five you can listen to the game's soundtrack. 

Unite attacks can involve 2-6 characters and generally the groupings make sense
(Island Storm being the Island Nation recruits, Cius and Lelei having Lockdown,
etc). Most of these characters are related to eachother in some way
storyline-wise, although some are completely random pairings (Wabon, Isato and
Alhazred). Experiment with who you like best, as not all of the listed
characters are going to be your top characters.

Bernadette, Yahr and Nelis - Island Storm - 1.3x damage to one enemy

Miakis, Roog and Rahal - Friends Forever - 1.3x damage to one enemy

Flail and Rahal - Azure Charge - 0.9x damage to row of enemies

Rahal, Nick and Roog - Dragon Cavalry - 0.6x damage to all enemies

Roog and Lance - Scarlet Charge - 1.2x damage to column of enemies

Flail, Lance and Ax - Stampede - 0.7x damage to all enemies

Cius and Lelei - Lockdown - 1.2x damage to one enemy

Levi and Zerase - Pride of Magic - 100 basic damage to all enemies (takes off
more than that though)

Bergen, Ax and Moroon - Looks Can Kill - 0.5x damage to all enemies

Wabon, Isato, and Alhazred - Shining Scalp - 0.5x damage to all enemies

Mathias, Rahal and Dinn - Fancy Lad - 1.4x damage to one enemy

Dinn and Belcoot - Sword Master - 1x damage to column of enemies

Richard and Hazuki - Sword Sage - 1x damage to column of enemies

Roy, Nick and Richard - Pretty Boy - 0.5x damage to all enemies

Subala and Lun - Petty Rivals - 1.2x damage to one enemy

Isabel and Mathias - Maximillian - 1.5x damage to one enemy

Shigure and Sagiri - Case Closed - 1.2x damage to one enemy

Shigure, Sagiri, and Raven - Fugitive Hunt - 1x damage to one enemy

Sharmista and Nifsara - Armes Greeting - 1.2x damage to one enemy

Nick and Ax - Violet Charge - 0.8x damage to all enemies

Goesch and Yahr - Endless Blows - 1x damage to cluster of enemies

Logg and Lun - Dad and Daughter - 1x damage to row of enemies

Logg, Lun and Kisara - Family - 0.6x damage to all enemies

Faylen and Faylon - Brotherly Love - 1x damage to cluster of enemies

Roy and Prince - Perfect Likeness - At least 1.2x damage to one enemy

Prince and Lyon or Miakis - Sworn Protector - At least 1.2x damage to one enemy

Prince and Sialeeds - Royal Power - 0.7x damage to all enemies (I think)

Urda and Isato - Arrow Storm - 0.7x damage to all enemies

Shoon, Faylen and Lu - Teen Rebellion - 1.3x damage to one enemy

Flail, Byakuren, and Miroon - Secret Crush - 0.5x damage to all enemies

Viki and Genoh - Oops! - 1x damage to cluster of enemies

Muroon, Moroon, Maroon, Meroon, and Miroon - Beaver Rush - Instant Death or
1.2x damage to 1 enemy

Killey, Zweig, and Lorelai - Sindar Surge - 0.6x damage to all enemies

Wabon, Gunde and Bergen - Tunnelin' Thru - 1.3x damage to one enemy

Zerase, Cathari, Isabel - Conceit - 1.3x damage to one enemy

Prince, Lyon, Galleon, Georg, Miakis and Kyle - Falena's Finest - At least 0.2x
damage to all enemies

Georg and Kyle - Flash of Steel - 1.2x damage to one enemy

Georg, Kyle, Miakis, and Galleon - Maze of Steel - 0.4x damage to all enemies

Sialeeds, Jeane and Nelis - Kiss Goodbye - 0.5x damage to all enemies

Sharmista, Jeane and Nelis - Kiss Goodnight - 0.5x damage to all enemies

FaSoLa, SoLaTi, ReMiFa, MiFaSo, LaTiDo - DoReMi - 0.5x damage to all enemies

Shoon, Zegai and Belcoot - Crowd Favorites - 1.3x damage to one enemy

Gavaya and Nikea - Sacred Greenhorn - 1.2x damage to one enemy

Sorensen and Lu - Shoot and Smash - 1.2x damage to one enemy

Shoon and Nikea - Speak with Fists - (for some reason the game doesn't let me
use this in battle. any ideas?)

Georg, Killey, Lorelai, and Viki - Fate - ??? (Every time I used this, Viki
would teleport Killey and Lorelai on Georg, doing zero damage)

Viki, Faylen and Norma - Pretty Girl - 0.5x damage to all enemies

Norma and Ernst - Beast Tamer - 1.2x damage to column of enemies 

i) Ending
This is all for the Suikoden V Walkthrough.  If I'm missing anything or 
something is wrong, let me know.  If anyone would like something added that can
be done as well, with full credit of course.  Before I go I'd like to thank
Konami, GameFAQs, Suikosource, and my Suikoden V disc.    

Everything has been done by me and any copying of it is illegal unless you
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