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Character Recruitment Guide by yangxu

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/21/2008

Character Recruitment Quick FAQ
by yangxu (jyanglaststar@gmail.com)


Version 0.1
-Added recruitment info on 73 characters

Version 0.2
-Added recruitment info on all 108 Stars

Version 0.3
-Fixed errors related with Haleth's recruitment and some spelling 
 mistakes related with characters' names, added the non-SoD character 
 recruitment section

Version 0.4
-Updated Jeane's recruitment information, fixed errors regarding 
 Mohsen's recruitment, added more information on Josephine's, Norden's 
 Ax's, Nick's and Yoran's recruitments

Version 0.5
-Updated Sorensen's, Mohsen's and Dongo's recruitment information, fixed 
 some errors related to Raja and Toma

Version 0.6
-Many updates have been made regarding Mohsen's, Murad's, Faylen's, 
 Faylon's, Retso's, Sorensen's and Genoh's recruitments. Thanks to all 
 who emailed me the corresponding information

Version 0.7
-First of all, I'd like to apologize and thank all of you who emailed me 
 in between the last update and this one, because I've been having a lot 
 of finals in April, I wasn't able to check my emails at all during that 
 period. My mailbox basically flooded when I logged on today, it'll take 
 too much time to reply to every single mail, so I think I'll give my 
 deepest and most sincere gratitude to you all here, I have tried my best 
 putting everyone's contribution in this update, but if I happen to miss 
 anyone, please let me know and I'll add you right away, thanks!

 Number of updates regarding Mohsen, Byakuren, Takamu, Alhazred, and many 
 other's recruitment info.

Version 0.8
-More updates on recruitment info on Bastan, Hazuki, MiFaSo, and Genoh. 
 Thanks to everyone that mailed me!

Version 0.9
-I'd like to thank all who mailed me for corrections on various character 
 recruitment methods. I've been treated with consecutive exams lately, so 
 I don't have time to reply to all you good contributors in time. Please 
 forgive my rudeness, your contributions, however, will be noted in the 
 guide as well as under the acknowledgment section. For those who mailed 
 me asking for helps, I'm sorry I can't give you immediate responses,
 hopefully our board members have solved your problems already.

 Gavaya, Bastan, Alhazred, Oboro, and Nakula get corresponding updates on 
 their recruitment info. Minor updates on 

 The characters now have star indications next to their names, hopefully 
 this will ease up your search if you don't know the character's name yet.

Version 1.0
-It's been forever since I updated this FAQ, but now that I do, there 
 are quite a number of updates on specific character recruitments. I have 
 received countless emails over the year, although I could not reply to 
 every single one of them, I sincerely thank all of you for your passion 
 for Suikoden V and kindness to help making this FAQ even better.


This is just a simple FAQ that answers your five Ws and one H 
questions during your character recruitment quests. I've listed each 
Star of Destiny in alphabetical order, it should be less confusing 
than ordering them according to their positions on the SoD Tablet.

If you want to know which characters are missable, press Ctrl + F to 
pull out the find box and type the word "missable" in the text box, 
then press enter. The highlighted word should appear under certain 
characters' names (press enter a few more times to allow the browser to 
skim through the FAQ for more), these people are the ones you should 
pay close attention to during your playthrough if you want to get all 
108 SoDs.

Note that this FAQ has some minor spoilers, use it at your own risk if 
you are afraid of being exposed to anything you haven't seen or heard 
so far. You are welcome to email me if things are not clear or wrong 
and I'll gladly credit your contribution.

Quick FAQ

Before you start reading, I'd like to point out a few things, there are 
spoilers in this section, so please read it at your own risk.

1. Some characters can die during major wars, the chances are very low,
   however, they can still die, meaning you'll lose them forever. Thus, 
   always always always always always save before you start a major war, 
   you won't know when a character will die as his or her squad gets 
   trashed by the enemies.

2. There are certain points in game when characters can no longer be 
   recruited, so make sure you get as many as you can before these events 

   -Coronation Ceremony/New Queen's Campaign
   -Liberation of Stormfist

Thanks to Webapprentice for reminding me about random yet permanent death 
of character during major wars.

Hero/Prince (Tenkai Star)
-Protagonist, joins as soon as you start a new game

Alhazred (Chisui Star)
 Do the following before you begin the siege on Stormfist.
 Meet him at the trade shop in Rainwall first. After Lordlake's been 
 revived, go to Tricolor Inn's second floor to find a fortune teller in 
 one of the rooms, pick the choices given in any order and he'll give 
 you a book. Store it at Chuck's place and rest at the inn in your HQ. 
 Come back to Chuck and he'll return the book to you saying that it 
 might be cursed. 

 Return the book to a woman at the room where the fortune teller was 
 in Yashuna and head for Estrise to look for Alhazred who's standing 
 at the town square. If he's not there, sleep at the inn to refresh the 
 game's setting... Tell him about the book and take him to see the 
 fortune teller in Yashuna only to find the book's slowly draining the 
 guy's soul away. You'll be thrown into a battle with the book, defeat 
 it and watch the scenes, Alhazred will join in the end.

 Thanks to Michelle for pointing out that the fortune teller's at the 
 Tricolor Inn (bath house), not the normal inn; Robert Andrews, keric, 
 Xaneorath, ravenbear, mastertwo, matthall, sebhyres, darkstar_dragoon, 
 and reinsel002 for updating me on the timing of his recruitment.

Ax (Tenku Star)
-Joins automatically if you choose to abandon your castle during the 
 joint assault by Armes and Godwins. If you choose to defend the HQ, 
 then you'll have to bring a male party to Gordius again to recruit 
 Nick, Yoran and Ax. Credit goes to Andrew for providing the info on 
 their recruitments.

Babbage (Chisou Star)
-After the coronation ceremony, your HQ should expand a level down 
 such that you can explore the floor below where Luserina's standing. 
 With Sorensen in your active party, head down and go for the 
 northeast door, in the next area, look for the room that has "Gear" 
 displayed as its title. Attempt to enter to get a scene. When it's 
 over, depart for the Babbage lab in Estrise, once the event's done, 
 take Babbage to the gear room. Leave the castle completely then 
 revisit the gear room and Babbage will join the SoD.

Bastan (Chisei Star)
-First try recruiting Sorensen and you should get lots of ?Paintings 
 during your journey inside the Revolving Bridge. Return to Haud after 
 that quest and enter the appraisal shop. Talk to Bastan, if the 
 normal appraisal menu appears, speak to him again. Eventually, Bastan 
 will ask you something about the ?Painting you're carrying, and will 
 join you when he's done with his babbling.

 It doesn't really matter where you get the ?Painting, as long as you 
 have some in your party items, you can go recruit Bastan. Sorensen is 
 NOT a mandatory pre-requisit! Michelle confirmed this by recruiting 
 Bastan using the ?Paintings she got in Ranro Mountain. porcell78 told 
 me that exiting and re-entering Bastan's shop after each dialogue is 
 not mandatory, all you have to do is talk to him agan after the 
 previous conversation ends, which saves a lot of time.

 ZeovisMu provided an extensive analysis on Bastan's recruitment since 
 a lot of people seem to struggle to get him, I'll quote what he wrote 

 "I would like to point out an error in your FAQ. Sadly, additional 
  errrors are printed in the official strategy guide from Brady Games, 
  Hence the number of people who've had trouble recruiting Bastan late 
  in the game.

  I have a save file that is directly after the death of Lord Barrows. 
  I have several unidentified paintings in my inventory, from Wyverns 
  by Stormfist, and Revolving Bridge enemies. I've talked to Bastan 
  100 times, cancelling out when I get the appraisal menu, and then 
  trying to talk to him again. I also brought him many paintings and 
  had him appraise them - individually, leaving the shop and returning 
  for each painting. It blew my mind that a random event could be this 

  But then I loaded an earlier save file (just before the New Queen's
  Campaign). I took one unidentified painting from the Revolving Bridge 
  (I did verify it was a graffiti first), and then talked to Bastan 11 
  times, cancelling out of the appraisal menu each time it came up - 
  without even leaving the shop. And I recruited him the 12th time I 
  talked to him.  I haven't tested it much, but it looks like you have 
  a 10% chance to recruit him each time you talk to him while an 
  unidentified painting is in your inventory.

  From the posts I've read about fellow players with this problem, it 
  sounds like everyone is past the Stormfist Seige like I was. I'm not 
  positive if the point of no return is the Stormfist Seige itself, or 
  the death of Lord Barrows. I did notice the dailogue of several Haud 
  NPCs change after Barrows death, though.

  I also have a save at the point where you have to choose to abandon 
  your headquarters or not, but at the moment, I can't go to the 
  Revolving Bridge or to Haud (because of the enemy blockade).  I am 
  thinking that once I regain access to those two places, it will 
  probably be a snap to recruit Bastan, but I can't say for sure.

  By the way, many players who waited to recruit Bastan did so most 
  likely because of the strategy guide published by Brady games. I did, 
  for instance.

  Here is the exact quote from the guide about Bastan:

  'Bastan works as an appraiser in Haud Village, and he'll join you if 
   you bring him a particular ?Painting. The best place to look for it 
   is in the Revolving Bridge (see Sorensen) where enemies drop it 
   randomly.  It's extremely rare, so bring characters with Treasure 
   Hunt ability and kill foes till you have dozens of ?Paintings. Then 
   bring them all to him for appraisal. Later in the game you can get 
   it more easily from the Wyvern enemies outside of Stormfist.'

   So, what do you deduce from this paragraph?  Well, I took it to mean 
   1) I don't have to worry about recruiting Bastan until I get access 
      to Stormfist.
   2) It will be easier to recruit Bastan at Stormfist.  
   3) As who NEEDS an appraiser at the HQ anyway, why work harder just 
      to get Bastan early in the game?

  It doesn't help that the official guide also claims the point of no 
  return for recruitment is the Sol Falena Seige, and provides no 
  indication that Bastan is a missable character whatsoever. I'm also 
  kinda annoyed that though I can't recruit Bastan after Stormfist 
  Seige, I can still investigate him with Oboro, which again makes me 
  think he's still recruitable."

  Thanks a lot for your in-depth analysis on Bastan & ZeovisMu!

Belcoot (Tenan Star)
-When you get your HQ, head to Yashuna Village and look for him near 
 the inn. Ask the whereabouts of Marina and persuade him to join. Get 
 in the inn and watch the scene. Tell her to go to your castle and the 
 couple will join the SoD.

Bergen (Chishu Star)
-Joins with Levi

Bernadette (Tenjyu Star)
-Joins by default

Boz (Tenmou Star)
-Joins by default

Byakuren (Chido Star)
 Each time you recruited 20 characters, you'll encounter it at the 
 hanging bridge before exiting your HQ. If you have Levi or Genoh 
 joined the SoD already, when you defeat it, it'll join you. You only 
 have 5 chances to recruit it, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LEVI OR GENOH 

 Another way to recuirt her is to bring Genoh with you and visit the 
 lower level of your castle right after the expansion.

 Thanks to DerangedFlame for letting me know the exact requirement to 
 get her to appear on the hanging bridge and level4paperboy for 
 providing the alternative method to encounter Byakuren.

Cathari (Tensoku Star)

 If you haven't recruited her after the liberation of Stormfist, you 
 will never be able to get her to join you again. To make her your 
 companion, first speak to the man at the western entrance of Port 
 Spinacks, then head back to HQ and ask Logg to take you to the newly 
 accessable Hershville Port. Talk to Cathari there. When you finished 
 the Twilight Forest quest, go back to Spinacks and speak to Cathari 
 again (she's near the rune shop). Pick the second choice on her second 
 question and she'll join your party. Bring her back to Lucretia in the 
 War Room (3rd floor) of your HQ and she'll permanently join the SoD.

 Cathari can be recruited even before you head to Sauronix Castle, all 
 you need to do is follow what is being said above and she'll join the 
 SoD. Thanks to Rion for this update.

Chisato (Chiken Star)
-Be sure to watch Chisato's puppet show during your first visit to 
 Nirva Island, bring Bernadette with you and pay a revisit there (take 
 the ship in Estrise), watch some scenes unfold and speak to Chisato, 
 tell her it's too dangerous and watch the scenes that follow. Once 
 you freed the kid, exit the inn and ask Chisato again at her booth 
 and she'll join the SoD.

Chuck (Chison Star)
-Joins by default

Cius (Chikai Star)
-Joins by default

Cornelio (Chigaku Star)
-Visit the large mansion in Haud (south to the appraisal shop) and 
 defeat all the DoReMi Elves in there. Cornelio rushes out and scolds 
 you for your irresponsible actions. He then joins the party and a 
 battle with a Doremi Elf after you exit his house automatically 
 ensures. Capture it with Cornelio's Doremi Rune or kill it and he'll 
 join the SoD. 

 Thanks goes to FruitOfTheLoom for pointing out that killing the elf 
 doesn't affect Cornelio's determination to join your party.

Craig (Tenyu Star)
-Joins by default

Dinn (Tenman Star)
-Joins by default

Dongo (Chiko Star)
-If you have a Silver, Gold or Platinum Hammer, you can return to Drawf 
 Camp and ask Dongo to sharpen your weapon to the maximum level the 
 corresponding hammer allows. You'll get to watch two events involving 
 Dongo and his master, followed by his request to join the SoD. Giving 
 Dongo the Iron Hammer will warrant a cutscene, but will not be enough 
 to recruit him. 
 Thanks to Ji Hui Lim, Michelle, jaguire, springgan, Meowakin, porcell78 
 and jon france for corrections and updates on the exact criteria for 
 Dongo's recruitment.

Egbert (Chihei Star)
-Once you rescued Lucretia, go to the dungeon beyond the Dwarf Camp 
 and head all the way till the split path before the entrance to 
 Agarte Prison. Take the left path until you find Egbert. During your 
 conversation with him, there'll be a part when he talks extremely 
 slow (letter by letter), DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING UNTIL THE ICON THAT 
 correctly, Egbert will join you in the end. If you fast-forwarded his 
 passionate speech, exit out to the worldmap and come back to talk to 
 him again.

Eresh (Tenfu Star)
-You'll need to recruit Jeane first. After your HQ upgraded to its 
 second level, revisit the Big Hole and you should encounter Eresh not 
 far from where Levi was standing. She'll join your party and you'll 
 need to go all the way into the Underground Ruin room where Jeane 
 examined the altar. A new path should be revealed which leads you 
 deeper into the ruins. In the deepest area of this new dungeon, you 
 will have to fight a very tough boss, you must make sure you are at a 
 high enough level before you handle this (level 60 is good). When you 
 win, Eresh will join the SoD. Note that if you recruit her, you'll 
 have to give up on getting Euram since both of them share the same 

 Thanks to Ben who discovered that Jeane's letter regarding a revisit 
 to the Big Hole as well as her presence in your active party are not 
 mandatory factors to recruit Eresh. Eresh will still join you even if 
 the whole letter mess didn't take place. The only difference from 
 what I can see so far is if you read Jeane's letter and brought her 
 with you to see Eresh, there are additional dialogues between them 
 suggesting some unknown relation between the two sages. 

Ernst (Tensatsu Star)
-Joins with Norma

Euram (Tenfu Star)
-You must first recruit Isabel and Alhazred. When Stormfist has been 
 liberated, go to Rainwall and talk to him at the Barrow's Manor then 
 watch the scenes that follow. Talk to him again to get him to join 
 the SoD. Note that if you recruit Euram, you cannot recruit Eresh 
 anymore (both of them share the same star).

Faylen (Chiin Star)

 Joins with Roy when you choose "I was just trying to clear my good 
 name" when Solis thanks you followed by your agreement on releasing 
 Faylen and Faylon upon Roy's request (credit goes to Robert Shin who 
 pointed out the correct choices the Prince needs to pick. 

 If you happen to select the wrong answer when you respond to either 
 of the questions, a small quest must be done to recruit Faylen and 
 Faylon. Bring Roy with you and revisit Solis' house in Sable. Talk to 
 the people on the first floor, then head for Roy's base on Mountain 
 Ranro for an event. Take out the 3 stolen items and return them to 
 the people in Solis' house and the two will join you.
 Now if you still haven't recruited them before the Armes' invasion, and 
 you chose to defend HQ, Roy will die but The couple will live on. You 
 can then find and recruit them at the cemetary area below your castle. 

 Thanks goes to Josh Patterson, Robert Shin, Bob Spamoni, Apokk, Aaron P., 
 lucas.broster for clarifying the deaths related issues with these two 

Faylon (Chisu Star)

 Joins with Faylen

Flail (Tenson Star)
-Joins by default

Fuwalafuwalu (Chikyou Star)
-Joins by default

Fuyo (Chizen Star)
-Joins with Oboro

Galleon (Tenyu Star)
-Joins by default

Gavaya (Chibi Star)
-Bring Viki, Norma and Faylen to Raftfleet. Talk to him at the platform 
 before the inn and he'll join.

Georg Prime (Teni Star)
-Joins by default

Genoh (Chihi Star)
-Do this as soon as you can when you gained access to Beaver Lodge, it
 will save you time later. After you met Fuwalafuwalu, talk to the 
 beaver standing outside his house to get some info about "boss", go 
 back and talk to Fuwalafuwalu for an extented explanation.

 Have someone old in your active party (like Alhazred, Galleon Levi, 
 not Jeane or Zerase) and make sure that person's level is no more than 
 1 ~ 2 levels below the Prince's. Head to Water Basin's deepest area 
 (where you recruited Richard) and kindly ask Genoh to join you. 
 If Fuwalafuwalu moved to your HQ before you could get your info on 
 "boss" (make sure you talk to the beaver standing outside the elder's 
 house in Beaver Lodge first), you can find him in the Beaver Lodge 
 room located on B1F, second room from the elevator when your HQ 
 upgarded the first time. You can also find him standing near Logg, 
 Lun and the dwarfs after the New Queen's Campaign.
 Thanks to Webapprentice for correcting me on the characters you can 
 bring to recruit Genoh. Thanks also goes to JC, Webapprentice and 
 Michelle for correcting my mistake on who to bring and how far apart 
 the level should be between the Prince and the old folk; Rem for 
 mailing me about the pre-requisits for recruiting Genoh; JC, OSC740, 
 chopstickev, Andrew Kung for telling me the whereabouts of the old 
 beaver in the HQ; and benoit levesque for mentioning that Zerase and 
 Jeane should not be in your team when you recruit Genoh.

Goesch (Chitou Star)
-Joins by default

Gunde (Chibun Star)
-Joins by default

Haleth (Chikou Star)
 Once HQ has upgraded for the second time, go to the Administrator's 
 Office in Hershville and talk to him. Return to HQ and watch the 
 scenes in the tavern (Lower Basement Level, just take the elevator), 
 then go back to Hershville. Enter the leftmost house near the armor 
 shop for more scene and leave Hershville. Come back AGAIN and talk to 
 the person in the Administrator's Office (where Haleth was standing 
 originally). Drop in at HQ's tavern again to recruit him. If he 
 didn't join you by the time Stormfist is liberated, you won't be able 
 to recruit him any longer.

Haswar (Tensyo Star)
-Joins with Urda

Hazuki (Chikyu Star)


 The quickest way to recruit Hazuki is to kick out Marina and Belcoot 
 from your party (if you have them) and talk to her at Port Spinacks 
 first, then bring Belcoot (and Marina if you want extra dialogues) 
 back to Hazuki to recruit her.
 However, if you happened to talk to Hazuki with Marina in your party 
 the first time, she'll disappear for a while. When this happens, you 
 can go ahead and finish your mission at Sauronix Castle first, then 
 blink to your HQ, add Belcoot in your party, and teleport back to 
 Port Spinacks. Hazuki should be there, talk to her again and she'll 
 join the SoD.

 Big thanks to Matsuura, maxence ulala, Squeenix Man and Heretic for 
 pointing out some of the crucial details on Hazuki's recruitment.

Isabel (Chii Star)

 After the discussion about coronation, attempt to head toward the 
 Babbage Lab and a scene will take place (if you can't trigger this, 
 try recruiting Alhazred by going through the event about the cursed 

 Go back to HQ and talk to Luserina, have less than 3 people in your 
 party and head for Haud. Some scenes will take place as you enter. 
 Agree to exterminate evil with Isabel and the pair will join the SoD.

 If you still haven't recruited her by the time Stormfist has been 
 taken over, you'll miss them completely.

 Thanks to xander and Jax for pointing out that cursed book scene may 
 influence the event involving Isabel, Robert Andrews and Gilberto for 
 verifying that Alhazred is not a mandatory requirement to recruit 
 Isabel and JaX for pointing out that Isabel's a missable character.

Isato (Tenritsu Star)
-Joins with Urda

Jeane (Chiketsu Star)
-First, head over to the Big Hole and talk to the soldier there. When 
 Lelcar's been burnt down, head over to the rune shop to meet Jeane. 
 Pick the first choice for her first question and second choice for 
 her next question and she'll join your active party. 

 Make sure to bring some strong party members with you, then revisit 
 the Big Hole. Go beyond where Levi's standing for a scene, and head 
 all the way to the end of the new Underground Ruin for another scene. 
 Jeane should join the SoD permanently after that.

Josephine (Chichin Star)
-If you have Sialeeds in her fancy royal costume in your party, go to 
 Haud and talk to Josephine at the southwest part of the town and ask 
 her to join you. You can also bring Sharmista or Shula with you to 
 recruit her if you didn't do so with Sialeeds. Thank TMR_Xenith for 
 providing names of other specific characters that can recruit her.

Killey (Tenbi Star)
-Once you saved Lucretia from the prison, bring Cius and visit the 
 eastern wing cells for a scene with Killey. When Lorelai and Zweig 
 have joined you, you'll encounter Killey again at the entrance of 
 your HQ, be nice to him and he'll leave. He'll join the SoD once the 
 events at Twilight Forest are over.

 If you didn't save him from the cell after the Twilight Forest scenes 
 have taken place, simply follow the above instructions and head for 
 Ceras Lake Ruin's deepest area to get him to join.

 Several people have been forwarding their concerns on Killey as the 
 events in Ceras Lake Ruin would not trigger at all, thereby making 
 him a missable characer. The only thing I can say is that I was able 
 to recruit him when I missed him the first time using this method, 
 but it would definitely be a good idea to get him when he first 
 becomes available. I apologize for any inconveniences this information 
 might have caused you.

Kisara (Chisatsu Star)
-Joins by default

Kyle (Tenko Star)
-Joins by default

Lance (Tenhei Star)
-Joins by default

Lelei (Chifuku Star)
-Joins by default

Levi (Chizen Star)
-After you've taken Doraat, head to the Big Hole and speak to Levi in 
 the cave's tunnel, both he and Bergen will join the SoD.

Linfa (Chishu Star)
-Once your HQ's been established, head to Estrise's inn and talk to 
 Linfa. Agree to play her card game and lose 2000 potch to her. Head 
 to Yashuna Village and meet her again near the rune shop. Look for 
 more stars and allow the story to advance further, then head to the 
 inn in Raftfleet (Linfa should be there before the coronation event 
 takes place). Speak to her and play the silly game again (doesn't 
 matter if you win or lose), agree to help her pay off the debt to 
 the old hag and she'll join your force afterwards.

Logg (Chitan Star)
-Joins by default

Lorelai (Chikatsu Star)
-Joins by default

Lucretia (Tenki Star)
-Joins by default

Lu (Chikei Star)
-Once Babbage has joined the SoD. Bring Sorensen with you and head 
 back to the Babbage lab for a scene. Agree to help her find the lost 
 gear (examine the left area near the entrance) and she'll join you.

Lun (Chikaku Star)
-Joins by default

Luserina (Chikai Star)
-Joins by default

Lyon (Tenei Star)
-Joins by default

Marina (Chihi Star)
-Joins with Belcoot

Maroon (Chima Star)
-Joins by default

Mathias (Chiei Star)
-Joins with Isabel

Meroon (Chiku Star)
-Joins with Moroon

Miakis (Chiin Star)
-Joins by default

Miroon (Chiretsu Star)
-Once the coronation ceremony has completed, take Muroon with you and 
 visit the Tricolor Inn. Talk to Miroon there and investigate the cave 
 by exiting the door to the right of the counter. Walk all the way to 
 the end for a scene, give permission to allow Miroon to set up a bath 
 house in your HQ and she'll join the SoD.

Mohsen (Chiyu Star)
-Be sure to talk to him and purchase some equipments from his shop 
 before Lelcar burned down. Thanks to Webapprentice who points out 
 that buying some stuff from Mohsen's shop in Lelcar WILL have an 
 effect on whether you can recruit him right after Lelcar's incident. 
 Talk to him again after his store's destroyed and he'll join you when 
 you offer him the opportunity to open an armor shop at your HQ. 

 If you didn't talk to him before Lelca's destroyed, or if you tell 
 him to "Pull yourself together" when you are given a choice, you will 
 have to buy 6 items at his shop in Doraat to recruit him. Note that 
 the 6 items you purchase must be items in his regular stock, not the 
 rare find ones!

 After a certain point in game, Mohsen cannot be recruited at his shop
 in Doraat, you'll need to head over to Hershville to get him to join 
 Credit goes to Pete for providing me the insights on how to recruit 
 Mohsen if you missed him in Lelcar; Rem Ogaki for clarifying that 
 the 6 items doesn't include rare finds; and Takeshi for informing me 
 on Mohsen's availability in Hershville when he can no longer be 
 recruited at his shop in Doraat.

Moroon (Chibou Star)
 Bring Maroon, Miroon, Muroon with you and take the boat to the Baska
 Mineshaft. Talk to Moroon near a collapsed house and head to Beaver's 
 Lodge for Meroon (she's standing in front of the trade shop). Bring 
 the 4 of them to see Moroon again, then revisit Beaver's Lodge for a 
 scene. Thank Moroon and he'll join you with Meroon.

 If you still haven't recruited him after Sol-Falena's been liberated, 
 he's gone forever. Thanks goes to Jonathan Van En for emailing me on 

Mueller (Tenkoku Star)
 Joins with Wilhelm

Muroon (Chiman Star)
-When you first get your HQ, talk to him twice at the entrance of the 
 HQ port where a save point is located and he'll join the SoD.

 Thanks goes to jon france for pointing out its gender.

Murad (Chijyu Star)

 You need to persuade this guy 3 times before he decides to join you. 
 Murad moves from town to town, and will always show up in the town 
 where a major war took place to help the injured. He is MISSABLE! If 
 you are unable to recruit him after the liberation of Stormfist, he
 will never show up again!

 Based on the timeline of each major war, Murad could be showing up in 
 the following order (this may vary in your game, just make sure that 
 you look around in town after a war has taken place there):

 Rainwall ---> Raftfleet ---> Lordlake ---> Lelca ---> Beaver Lodge
 ---> Doraat (after you claimed it the first time) ---> Sable (after 
 liberation) ---> Stormfist (after liberation). 

 Credit goes to bobert123 for adding the info on Murad's presence in 
 Doraat and Brett Bellmore for his correction on Murad's presence in 
 Stormfist (after liberation) after the liberation of Sable.

Nakula (Teni Star)
 Head into the inn's second floor and meet Nakula on your first visit 
 to Sable. After the events at Sable involving Roy are over, teleport 
 back there and talk to Nakula, then speak to Oboro at his detective 
 agency in Raftfleet and head back for Nakula. Once the dialogues are 
 over, Sagiri and Nakula will join the SoD. 

 In some people's playthrough Nakula may no longer be available if you 
 didn't talk to him between getting Roy and going to Nirva Island for 
 the first time, other people have had the experience of being able to 
 recruit him by bringing Oboro to him after the battle of Doraat without 
 talking to Nakula beforehand, try both methods if one didn't work out 
 for you. 

 Big thanks to P.J.Reed, Deathguise0 and Roy&Mary Bohling, and Nick Toft 
 & Jessica Hjelsand for providing Nakula's recruitment info!

Nelis (Chitai Star)
-Joins with Yahr

Nick (Tensui Star)
-Joins automatically if you choose to abandon your castle during the 
 joint assault by Armes and Godwins. If you choose to defend the HQ, 
 then you'll have to bring a male party to Gordius again to recruit 
 Nick, Yoran and Ax. Credit goes to Andrew for providing the info on 
 their recruitments.

Nifsara (Chimei Star)
-Joins by default

Nikea (Chiaku Star)
-When Lelca's been burnt down, head to the inn in Estrise and duel her 
 and she'll join you when you win.

Norden (Chiyu Star)
-First, talk to Norden inside the inn (near the bar counter) for a 
 scene, and head over to Oboro's detective agency to trigger the next 
 series of events. Once the investigation ends, talk to Norden near 
 the entrance of Rainwall and he should join the SoD. Credit goes to 
 Pete for reminding me about the details on how to trigger Norden's 

 If somehow Norden doesn't join you after the investigation scene is 
 over, Corey Fisher mailed me explaining that an alternative way to 
 get him on your team is available:
 "All you have to do is talk to him one time in Rainwall and then wait 
  till Lordlake has been restored, then go to Oboro's Detective Agency 
  where one of them tells you that Norden has left for Lordlake. Go to 
  Lordlake and he should be somewhere to the left of the entrance."
 Thanks Corey!

 Katie Nicely also added that Norden will appear in Raftfleet's inn 
 if you miss him the first time, he'll reject you a few time, but will 
 eventually join you after Lordlake's liberated.

 Furthermore, Takeshi commented that: 

 "You don't have to talk to Norden in Rainwall ever other than the one
  time that Oboro automatically brings him in when you get the Dawn 
  Rune. You can still get him even if you never enter the bar there."
 Thanks Takeshi.

Norma (Tenyu Star)
-Talk to her without Levi in your party at the inn in Raftfleet first, 
 then talk to her again with Levi in your party and she will join the 
 SoD along with Ernst. Thanks to Ben for his addition about the effect 
 of Levi's absence and presence on Norma's recruitment.

Oboro (Chiyu Star)
 In Rainwall, when Lucretia asks you to find Oboro to investigate the 
 Lordlake incident, go to the port in Rainwall to find Oboro's ship, 
 and you'll get a series of scenes and several choices to make within. 
 you did this correctly, you can recruit Oboro and Shigure by visiting 
 them once the agency moves to Raftfleet.

 If you didn't choose to stay with Oboro during the investigation on 
 Lordlake, you'll have to visit his ship in Raftfleet from time to 
 time (whenever there is an advance in story) and ask him to join you. 
 He'll refuse several times before deciding to be recruited. It's 
 very important that you fetch him before the new queen's campaign 
 begins, otherwise Oboro's ship will leave Raftfleet and will not be 
 found for the rest of the game.

 Rem mailed me about the specific number of times you should visit 
 Oboro before he disappears:

 "If you fail to recruit Oboro during the Lordlake investigation in 
  Rainwall, he'll refuse four times before agreeing to join on the 
  fifth time. There are six opportunities to recruit Oboro between 
  Lordlake and the coronation, so I think you can afford to miss only 
  one opportunity to ask Oboro to join or you will miss him entirely."

 Luminaria sent me further clarifications on the exact steps to get 
 Oboro if you missed your first chance, which is extremely helpful:

 "[y]ou can still recruit him if you passed up the opportunity to help 
  him investigate stuff in Rainwall (which the Bradygames guide doesn't  
  even mention...), and you do need to ask him to join you 5 times. 
  He'll refuse 4 times, then join on the 5th. Your guide was a little 
  vague on when you're able to ask Oboro to join you, so here are the 
  times when I asked, and when he finally joined:

  1) After Lord Barrows kicks you out of Rainwall, but before you 
     actually leave town.

  2) After destroying the dam at Lordlake and recruiting Nord

  3) After defending Lecar

  4) After you rescue the Beavers from Beaver Lodge when Godwin's 
     forces set it on fire

  5) After talking to Lucretia in your war room, but before actually 
     going to Nirva Island (He joined here)

  If you've done all of this, Oboro et al will move to your castle 
  after the siege at Doraat

  You really cant stress the importance of Oboro enough. Recruiting 
  Oboro lets you also recruit Fuyo, Shigure, Sagiri, Nakula, and Raven. 
  Six SoD all depend on you getting Oboro." 
 Reidge also wanted to mention that the number of times Oboro refuses 
 you depends on when you decided to drop the investigation on Norman's 
 relation with the Barrows: 

 "The number of Oboro's refusals to join prince's army depends on how 
  long you stick with him when you investigate Barrows' case in 
  You said that Oboro will refuse us 5 times, but in my case, I choose 
  to leave the investigation at the last time, so he only refused me 
  once. It will be different if you choose to leave the investigation 
  at the second time or third time"

 Thanks goes to Rem for his discovery, Brian Hofrichter for letting 
 me know that Oboro can be recruited before the new queen's campaign 
 takes place, Luminaria for the in-depth analysis and Reidge for 
 pointing out Oboro's refusal times in relation to when you decide to
 drop the investigation on Norman.

Orok (Tenpai Star)
-Joins by default

Rahal (Chiki Star)
-Joins by default

Raja (Tengou Star)
-Joins by default, thanks to Joan for pointing out my missing info 
 on this character.

Rania (Chisa Star)
-Bring Miakis with you and talk to her at her house in Sauronix, some 
 events will unfold as you exit the house. Invite her afterwards and 
 she'll join the SoD.

Raven (Chisatsu Star)
-Once Doraat has fallen into your control, head to Sable and speak to 
 Solis at his mansion, he'll tell you that his family tree has been 
 stolen. Return to either Raftfleet or HQ and speak to Oboro at his 
 agency (near the Gear Room on the first floor if you plan to visit 
 him at HQ). Afterwards, talk to Egbert at the HQ inn to receive his 
 family tree and give that to Oboro. Watch the scenes that follow and 
 rest at the inn. Oboro'll come to you at night time and you'll need 
 to investigate the Storage Room. Check the top right corner and Raven 
 should reveal himself. When you get a choice to pardon his behavior, 
 choose to forgive him and he'll join the SoD.

Retso (Chizou Star)
-Persuade him at Raftfleet's inn to join you after the coronation 
 ceremony, make sure you've recruited Subala and have unlocked the 
 fishing minigame. Retso'll mention something about sashimi. Go back 
 to HQ and play the fishing game till you pick up some "Strange Fish".
 Note that you can only play the game when you are free from missions 
 that affect the progress the story (eg. before an upcoming battle). 
 Return to Retso and ask him to examine the fish for a scene, then 
 take him and Shun Min back to HQ (if you used the Blinking Mirror, go 
 outside south from where you are) and the two will join the SoD 

 Credit goes to Webapprentice for letting me know that the two can only 
 be recruited after the coronation ceremony; and JC for pointing out 
 that the fishing minigame only becomes available when you're free from 
 missions that can affect the progress of the story.

Richard (Chian Star)
-Once Mueller's joined the SoD, go to Water Basin south of Beaver's 
 Lodge (stick to the river bank). Do not bring anyone old with you 
 (eg. Alhazred or Levi). Go to the deepest area in this dungeon and 
 ask Richard to join. When he refuses, look for Mueller in one of the 
 rooms in the inn in your HQ and revisit Richard at Water Basin. He'll 
 then join the SoD.

Roog (Chimou Star)
-Joins by default

Roy (Chizoku Star)
-Joins by default, however, if you want Faylon and Faylen to join at 
 the same time, pick the first choice when he asks you if you could 
 release Faylen and Faylon.

 otherwise you'll permanently lose Roy!

 Thanks to Kean for stressing the importance of the choice you make 
 before the enemies' counterattack.

Sagiri (Chikyou Star)
-Joins with Nakula

Sairoh (Chikou Star)
-Buy 6 salts at any trade shop, then check for rumors with the guy 
 at the trade shop in Raftfleet from time to time after Shinro has 
 joined the SoD. If you see the information "the price of salt has 
 skyrocketed", talk to Sairoh beside the guy until he asks you to 
 bring down the inflation. Sell your 6 salts here and talk to Sairoh 
 again and he'll join the SoD.

 Thanks to TckeyTheGlove for telling me that Shinro isn't required to 
 recruit Sairoh.

Sharmista (Chii Star)
-Joins by default

Shigure (Chikou Star)
-Joins with Oboro

Shinro (Chiyu Star)
-Once Raftfleet becomes your ally, talk to Shinro at the item shop 
 and he'll join the SoD.

Shoon (Tentai Star)
-Joins by default

Shun Min (Chishu Star)
-Joins with Retso

Shula (Tenkyu Star)
-Joins by default

Silva (Chirei Star)
-Joins by default

Sorensen (Chishun Star)
-You can recruit Sorensen right after you left Rainwall for Raftfleet 
 provided that you met the trio in Estrise's Babbage lab.
 Go to the Revolving Bridge and talk to the soldier there, visit the 
 Babbage lab again, talk to the two nerds and bring them to the 
 Revolving Bridge again. Head all the way up to fight a boss, and 
 watch the scenes when you enter the room behind. Sorensen should join 
 you after this quest's done. During your picnic there, you probably 
 encountered numerous gear enemies, they drop a hell lot of ?Paintings, 
 be sure to keep some because you'll need these to recruit Bastan 

 Big thanks to Joan and Ji Hui for pointing out the missing info on 
 recruiting Sorensen; and Takeshi, Shoelip and Alexander W for letting 
 me know that Sorensen can be done right after you left Rainwall.

Subala (Chikei Star)
-Bring Lun to Raftfleet once you get your HQ and talk to her on the 
 platform before the Inn. Agree to compete in the fishing game with 
 her. Beat her in that minigame and she'll join. If you lost, go back 
 to Raftfleet and talk to her again to play the minigame until you 
 beat her.

 Thanks to Rem, Shoelip and Michelle for correcting my spelling error 
 on her name.

Takamu (Chimou Star)
-Right after you freed Lucretia from prison, bring Cius and Lelei (Lelei 
 alone does not trigger this event) with you and visit the prison's 
 western wing (the areas after your save point). Cius will free Takamu, 
 agree to find his suitcase for him (in the top right corner of the room 
 with the save point) and Takamu will join the SoD. Note however that if 
 you are on a mission that advances the story, you cannot recruit Takamu, 
 you can only get him to join you when you get the time to scout for 

 Thanks to Dragon Valhall and Dave Smith for letting me know that Cius 
 AND Lelei are required to free Takamu, thanks to black_sword_rune for 
 clarifying that having just Lelei in your party does not trigger the 
 event with Takamu.

-Joins by default

Taylor (Chiyou Star)
-When you first get your HQ, head outside for a scene with Taylor. 
 When Lelca's destroyed, give him the permission to do his interview 
 by talking to him in the following order in your HQ: Outside the inn, 
 in front of the Sealed Room, in front of Georg's Room and he'll join 
 you. If you rested at inn before you get him to join you, you'll have 
 to start over again.

Toma (Tenkou Star)
-Joins by default, thanks to Joan for pointing out the duplicated info 
 on Toma.

Urda (Chisou Star)
 After you rescued Lucretia, put Takamu in your party and visit the 
 Lunas' Norther Forest to find her. Agree to accompany her to Lunas 
 (the path behind her) and talk to Isato in the Oracle's Conclave. 
 Once the major battle following the coronation is over, visit the 
 Oracle's Conclave with Urda again and some events should take place. 
 Escape from Lunas and Urda, Haswar and Isato should join the SoD.

 She can no longer be recruited after you liberated Sol-Falena, so be 
 sure to get her before that happens.

 Thanks to Thomas Shelton for pointing her unavailability after Sol-
 Falena's been liberated.

Viki (Chibin Star)
-Joins by default

Volga (Tenken Star)
-Joins by default

Wabon (Chijiku Star)
-Joins by default

Wasil (Tenzai Star)
-Joins by default

Wilhelm (Tenbou Star)
 Once you get your HQ, bring Viki or some other cute girl with you and 
 talk to him at the Raftfleet inn. Mueller and Wilhelm move from time to 
 time (Raftfleet ---> Lelca ---> Doraat), however, if you still haven't 
 gotten these two to join by the time you get your final upgrade on your 
 HQ, you won't ever find them again!

Yahr (Chisin Star)
-Note that if you are on your way to recruiting Chisato, you'll have 
 to come back here later to recruit Yahr and Nelis. YOU CANNOT GET ALL 
 OF THEM IN ONE TRIP (evil, evil Konami...).

 Bring Bernadette with you and revisit Nirva Island by taking the ship 
 at Estrise. At the bottom left part of the port, you'll get an 
 explanation about rune cannons from a soldier. Head into one of the 
 rooms at the inn to get a scene with Nelis and Yahr. Attempt to 
 return to Estrise and the pair will join you. Some scenes will take 
 place on the sea, choose to investigate the light and you'll be 
 thrown into a ship graveyard followed by a boss fight. When you 
 defeat the creature, go deeper into the wrecked ship till you see a 
 group of 3 pirates sitting on the deck. Approach them for a scene and 
 the boss you faced returns. You'll get a time-limit choice here, if 
 you quickly pick the second choice (fire the rune cannon), Yahr and 
 Nelis will join you later. Otherwise, you'll have to recruit them at 
 the inn in Nirva Island once this whole mess is over.

Yoran (Tenrou Star)
-Joins automatically if you choose to abandon your castle during the 
 joint assault by Armes and Godwins. If you choose to defend the HQ, 
 then you'll have to bring a male party to Gordius again to recruit 
 Nick, Yoran and Ax. Credit goes to Andrew for providing the info on 
 their recruitments.

Zegai (Tensyo Star)
-Whenever you get a choice involving Zegai, always defend him for the 
 good cause. After you've recruited enough SoDs, come back to Lunas' 
 Northern Path and finish the first part of the quest involving Urda 
 (bring her to Lunas and talk to Isato). Exit to the worldmap and come 
 back in, head for where Urda's standing and a monster's squeeking 
 sound should be heard. Go up the path to meet Zegai. If you have 
 enough SoDs, he will join; otherwise, come back later when you've 
 recruited a large number of companions.

Zerase (Tenkan Star)
-Joins by default

Zunda (Chiri Star)
-After getting your HQ, head for the Dwarf Camp and go up the ladder 
 near the rune shop. She's behind the man standing on the building 
 (zoom in with R1 if you can't see clearly). Talk to her and agree 
 to show her see a window. Make sure to bring Takamu with you, go to 
 Lunas and visit the upper room as soon as you enter the Oracle's 
 Conclave for a scene and she'll join the SoD.

 If you recruited Urda, Isato and Haswar before you recruited Zunda, 
 you'll need to bring Urda with you in order to take Zunda back to 
 Luna, Takamu won't work at this point in time.

 Thanks goes to Ben for reminding me to bring Takamu along in order 
 to enter Luna's Northern Forest before the Dragon Knight's scenario. 

Zweig (Chisoku Star)
-Joins by default

Non-SoD Recruitable Characters

Besides the 108 Star of Destiny characters in this game, there are 
also 5 more non-SoD characters (more like monsters) you can recruit 
and these are the DoReMi Elves Cornelio's after. If you manage to get 
them all in your first playthrough, you can listen to various 
background musics in Suikoden V by talking to Cornelio at the cafe 
in your HQ.

These elves can only join you when you have Cornelio in your battle 
party, which means you can't put him in the Entourage group. This is 
because you'll need his DoReMi Rune's first skill to tame the elves. 
Furthermore, you MUST ensure that at least one position is empty in 
your active party (battle or entourage), otherwise, no matter how 
many times Cornelio uses his rune, the elf won't join.

The elves are met in random encounters at specific locations, you can 
kill them if you wish, they'll keep coming back until you recruited 
them, so no need to worry whether they are missable or not.

-Automatically encountered after Cornelio joined the SoD. If you 
 accidentally killed it, you can capture it in the northern forest 
 near Estrise on the worldmap through random encounters.

-Can be captured in the forest southeast of Doraat on the worldmap 
 through random encounters. It can also be found in a forest with one 
 tree across the river directly to the west of Baska Mine on the world 
 map, get there by trekking southeast from Doraat (thanks to Shoelip 
 for the alternative location to capture MiFaSo).

-Randomly encountered by running around the forest southwest of 
 Rainwall (cross the bridge to the right of Rainwall and go down and 
 left till you see some forest) on the worldmap.

-Randomly encountered IN the mountain path between Yashuna Village 
 and Beaver's Lodge, NOT ON THE WORLDMAP.

-Randomly encountered IN the Twilight Forest before the ruins, NOT 


I'd like to thank the following people who helped me out greatly 
during the FAQ construction:

-Ji Hui Lim
-Rion Guardona
-Brett Bellmore
-Robert Shin
-Katie Nicely
-Jonathan Van En
-Takeshi Kubo Templin
-Michelle Taylor
-Thomas Shelton
-Bob Spamoni
-Brian Hofrichter
-Andrew Kung
-maxence ulala
-Squeenix Man
-Roy&Mary Bohling
-Nick Toft
-Jessica Hjelsand
-Robert Andrews
-jon france
-Bob Spamoni
-Aaron P. 



Unpublished work Copyright 2005 by yangxu (jyanglaststar@gmail.com)
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