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Guide and Walkthrough by ThePatrick

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/04/2006

                              RYUUGA GOTOKU
                            (a.k.a. "Yakuza")
                          A F.A.Q. / Walkthrough
                                  by Patrick Coffman

Version 1.3 (Complete, but needs re-writing)--last update 9/4/6

NOTE:  This FAQ does not include the Japanese text import gamers may need to
  play this game, to make the correct choices and what-not.  I'm still looking
  for a place to host that as apparently I can't get the Unicode version onto
NOTE (um, also):  This FAQ is based on the Japanese version of this game and
  the translations are the author's, so they will be different from the North
  American release.

  1a.  How to Use This F.A.Q.
  1b.  A Word From the Author
  1c.  Mini-F.A.Q.
  1d.  How to Pronounce Japanese
f2.  The BASICS
  2a.  The Adventure
    2a-I.  Controls
    2a-II.  Health and Shopping
    2a-III.  Building Up
    2a-IV.  Story Progression
  2b.  Fighting
    2b-I.  Commands
    2b-II.  Defeating the Different Enemies
    2b-III.  Advanced Techniques
  3a.  Prologue
  3b.  Chapter 1
  3c.  Chapter 2
  3d.  Chapter 3
  3e.  Chapter 4
  3f.  Chapter 5
  3g.  Chapter 6
  3h.  Chapter 7
  3i.  Chapter 8
  3j.  Chapter 9
  3k.  Chapter 10
  3l.  Chapter 11
  3m.  Chapter 12
  3n.  Chapter 13
  3o.  Quick Walkthrough
  4a.  Missions
  4b.  Romancing Cabaret Club Girls
  4c.  Main Characters List
  4d.  Items
    4d-I.  Weapons
    4d-II.  Defense Items
    4d-III.  Healing Items
    4d-IV.  Miscellanies
  4e.  Coin Locker Keys
  4f.  Map
  4g.  Shops
  4h.  Skill Games
  5a.  Hidden Shops
  5b.  Hidden Moves
  5c.  Underground Colisseum
  5d.  Haruka's Trust
  5e.  Secret Boss
  5f.  Battle Review Mode
  5g.  Trivia


1a.  How to Use This F.A.Q.

Navigating the F.A.Q. should be simple.  Even notepad has the "Find" feature.
I'd suggest using "Find" and typing in the exact text as it appears in the
Table of Contents.  For instance, if it says "8a-1.  The Abyss," then typing
in "8a-1.  The Abyss" would get you there.  Typing in "8a-1." would probably
work, too.  I know F.A.Q.'s can get rather lengthy....

1b.  A Word From the Author

The main point of this F.A.Q. / Walkthrough will be to offer information on the
SEGA game, "Ryuu-ga Gotoku", a fairly cinematic, free-roaming, "brawler"-type 
game set in the seedy underworld of Japanese gangster movies and your generic 
"action flicks."
  At the time I bought this game, there were no reference materials available
in English, and so I figured I should write this up for those of you who wish
to import this game and play it, but know little Japanese.  However, it still
will contain most of the information on how to do certain things in the game
as well as advice I can offer to ease the frustration of the sloppy game engine.
  So, I've included Japanese text to help the importer, but I figure that this
F.A.Q. will still come in handy if the game actually does come out in areas
outside Japan.  So far, they've announced that the game will hit North American
retailers as simply "Yakuza."

1c.  Mini-F.A.Q.

Q:  What're all those annoying voices in the background?
A:  They're people saying random bits of common Japanese speech (similar to
    "What're you talking about?" or "OK!" or "How you doin'?" in English).
    Different areas seem to have their own different background noise and
    sometimes it seems to be generated by specific people.
    For example, the bum in front of the movie theater says "Chotto!" ("Do you
    mind?") when you run past him.  Other people say things when you rush into 
    The most commonly-heard "background" vocals seem to be "Hima desu ka?"
    ("Are you doing anything right now?"), "Sugoi!" ("Wow!"), "Jaa ne!" ("See 
    ya!"), "Irasshai!" ("Please come in!"), "Ne-, ne-! ("Look here!"), 
    "Oniichan!" ("Mister!"), "Ohisashiburi!" ("It's been a while!"), and a 
    bunch of others....

Q:  What's wrong with Kazuma??!  Why won't he face the frickin' enemy??!
A:  The action in this game is fairly clunky, but there is a system to it, and
    until you get used to it, he'll apparently just stray from enemies and
    sometimes seem to never be able to even look at them.
    In this game, sidestepping is very much present, and it's almost not even
    apparent in any way.  Even just holding down the targetting button and 
    walking to the side can avoid attacks often.  "Shift Motion" (the command-
    based sidestep) sometimes doesn't have any apparent animation at all, and
    renders the character invincible for a short period.
    The upshot?  You don't "target" people very well.  I'll explain it better
    in the section on fighting, but for now, you should know that it gets a
    little frustrating until you're used to it.  A simple thing to remember
    that makes the going a little easier is to let go of the target button (R1)
    and press towards the enemy for a moment before hitting it again if you
    want to face them.

Q:  How do you save?!
A:  From any telephone.  The small, blue circles on your mini-map with "S"'s
    in them will direct you.  Once you're near one, hit the circle button to
    start the save.
    Unfortunately, the menu pulls nearly all obnoxious, bad programming stops.
    It asks if you really want to save first.  Your cursor will be on the
    "no" selection.  You'll want to move it to "yes."  Then, it will check the 
    memory card and prompt you to select a file.  If you select one you've 
    already written to (because making a hundred save files is ridiculous), 
    it'll ask you if you want to overwrite it.  Again, you'll be on "no" and 
    need to move it to "yes."
    OK, you've saved.  Now, it will ask you to confirm it was saved and you'll
    need to hit circle.  Then, for some reason, it brings back the list of save
    files.  You'll need to back out of the menu.
    Just in case, you should know that in Japanese, "yes" is a two-syllable
    word and "no" has three.  This is something to keep in mind if you want to
    navigate menus in import games but speak no Japanese.
    The game also prompts you to save at the end of a chapter.  Again, you'll
    be set to "no" and need to move it to "yes."

Q:  What's so good about this game?  I mean--I played it for a while and I don't
    get it....
A:  I can't claim that this is the world's greatest game in terms of mechanics
    or programming; it's not very well-polished.  However, if you like action
    cinema (especially yakuza films), then this game should bring you some
    It's very cinematic, and once you get the hang of the fighting system, the
    fights are actually pretty enjoyable.  I think that others in the "brawler"
    genre should take a page from this game's basic, effective system.
    So...if you don't like the feel of this game, don't worry; you're not
    alone--even I was put off by the fighting.  Just know that it does get
    better, especially as you build up your character.

Q:  I heard this game is Japan's answer to Rockstar's "Grand Theft Auto."  How
    similar are the games?
A:  Well...I guess you fight people in both games and both involve roaming
    around a city filled with criminals.
    That's about it.  There's no driving, no senseless killing, no blowing up
    cars and stuff, your main character isn't out to have sex with hookers or
    steal cars, um...and hundreds of other differences.
    The reason people think it's "Grand Theft Auto" is because of an interview
    with the game's producer that appeared in a Japanese gaming magazine
    (Weekly Famitsuu).  In this interview, he stated that he decided to make 
    this game because he saw games like "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" coming 
    out and thought that the American game designers had the wrong idea and that
    he wanted to tell the tale of gangster-like "street" life from a
    more Japanese perspective.
    This is a cinematic brawler, where you can walk around and solve side-
    quests ("Missions") and beat up random thugs to develop your character and
    buy items.  It's not an open-ended gore fest.
Q:  Ohhh, this is that Shenmue game!  Is it a sequel or what?
A:  This game shares the same character design and modeling teams as Shenmue,
    supposedly.  You fight, you look like you're in a movie, you trigger
    events, and ... and that's about it.  It isn't Shenmue 3.
    In fact, the producer of this game is the same as the "Spike Out!" games
    (and their scrapped brother "Slash Out").  So, look for more brawling and
    smashing people in the face with objects than Quick Time Events.

Q:  What extra content is there in the game??
A:  Well, there's not much to unlock in the game--it's more like this is just
    a good experience to play through the story.  As for "extra" stuff...well,
    once you play through the game, you'll open the "Premium Box" selection
    from the main menu.
    In here, you'll find "Adventure Review," "Battle Review," and "Movie
    Recollection."  The last one will bring up the various cut scenes from the
    main story (these are also viewable during the game in the two "Hint
    Rooms.")  "Battle Review" gives you a rather long list of challenges and
    grades you on certain key factors such as speed and damage taken.  Some are
    easy, some are very hard.  If you get all "S" (the top grade) in this mode,
    you'll unlock the other unlockable in the game, "Fighting Master Mode."
    This is selectable once "New Game" has been chosen from the main menu, and
    apparently allows you to use all "Heat Action" or "Special Attack" moves
    regardless of Heat Gauge.  It's another one of those "at that point, you
    don't need it" rewards.
    The other thing you unlock is a little stranger.  "Adventure Review...."
    All I can assume is that you're supposed to use this to practice things
    like what to do in certain missions.  Basically, the whole map is open,
    Yakuza thugs attack you randomly, all coin locker keys are there (but you
    have to buy the ones found in special areas only in the main story), most
    missions are available, but there is no story.  So...you actually can't
    even do 100% of the game because you won't ever fight the bosses and you
    won't be able to do the missions that involve towing Haruka around.
    It also apparently has no end, and you can view your percentage completed
    in the Hint Rooms.  So, why bother...?  I guess so you can find out where
    all the coin locker keys are and what to do in the various missions, so
    the next time you play through Story Mode you can get 100% if you'd like.
    Oh, yeah!  One more thing:  the salesman in the River Styx appears
    to have more items for sale in this mode, for some reason.

Q:  What do I do if I hate your guts?  What if I hate your F.A.Q.?
A:  I don't know!  Calm down?

1d. How to Pronounce Japanese

I know many people take Japanese now, and are used to hearing it from their
subtitled DVDs and such, but when I was growing up in America, there were many
people who couldn't say anything right ever.  "Ryuu" (the character from "Street
Fighter") became "RYE-you," and his famous "Shouryuuken" move became all sorts
of things--the "All You Can" is my favorite.
Anyway, enough ranting.  Japanese is a fairly monotone language filled with
polysyllabic words.  Here's how to pronounce the consonants:

"k" = "k" as in "kite."  The "k" sound is harshly aspirated in Japanese and
  sometimes sounds like a "t" to English speakers because of that.  In other
  words, a strong puff of air comes from the lungs when saying this often.
"g" = "g" as in "good."  This is a voiced "k."  Also,
    = "ng" as in "fang" when it comes in the middle of a word quite often,
  especially in the Tokyo area.
"s" = "s" as in "lapse."  The "s" in Japanese is a rather "hard" "s".  It's
  actually with the tongue pressed up closer to the roof of the mouth than in
    = "sh" as in "shape."  This occurs before the "i" and "y" sounds.
"z" = "dz" as in "gadzooks!"  The "d" is slight, so often it will sound just
  like an English "z;" a voiced "s."
    = "j" as in "jam."  This occurs before the "i" and "y" sounds.
"t" = "t" as in "top."  Actually, this "t" is not heavily aspirated, so it
  may sometimes sound like a "k" or a "d" to some English speakers.
    = "ch" as in "chopper."  Again, not seriously aspirated, this appears only
  before the "i" and "y" sounds.
    = "ts" as in "lets" before a "u."
"d" = "d" as in "don't."  A voiced "t."
"n" = ... This is difficult.  There are two different sounds written "n" in
  Romanised Japanese.
  "n" at the beginning of a syllable = "n" as in "not."
  "n" by itself is its own syllable; no vowel is needed.  This is a different
     "letter" in the Japanese writing system, and is similar to the French
     "n."  In other words, the tongue doesn't touch the roof of the mouth and
     a nasal sound is produced.
     Before "p," "b," and "m," the lips close and this sound comes out like
     an "m."
"h" = "h" as in "hat."  This is actually a "hard h;" the tongue is, again,
  raised up agains the roof of the mouth (farther back than the "s") and the
  air almost hisses out.
    = "f" as in....  Well, our "f" is just an approximation.  When the lips
  are pursed for "u," the air puffs out and sounds like an "f."  The lip should
  not touch the teeth, generally.  This occurs only before the "u" sound.
"b" = "b" as in "boy."
"p" = "p" as in "pad."
"m" = "m" as in "map."
"y" = "y" as in "you."  Not that this comes right after other consonants
  frequently and should be pronounced the same but with the other consonant
  attached to its front; NOT AS ANOTHER SYLLABLE.  For example, "kyuu" is
  not "KYE-you" or something like that; it's more like "Q" as in "the letter
"r" = ...  Well, unfortunately, this one's a bit tricky.  The tongue generally
  flaps against the raised ridge behind the front teeth on the roof of the mouth
  and sounds like the "tt" in "butter" in the middle of words, and comes fully
  in contact with them at the beginning of words to make more of a conventional
  "l" sound.
"w" = "w" as in "wane."

There are five vowels in Japanese writing:

"a" = "a" as in "father."
"i" = "ee" as in "feet."  After a "voiceless" consonant (p, k, etc), the "i"
  sound is muted; almost whispered with no voice.  To many, it sounds like it
  vanishes, but it doesn't completely.
"u" = "oo" as in "loop."  Just like "i," after voiceless consonants the "u"
  sound seems to vanish, but just gets quite muted and becomes almost voiceless.
"e" = "ay" as in "say," sorta.  It's kind of between there and the "e" in "bet."
"o" = "oh" as in "oh, man!"

Vowels are read each after the other (without the gutteral break in "uh-oh!").
This makes pseudo-diphthongs as such:

"ai" = "ah + ee."  Sounds similar to "eye."
"au" = "ah + ooh."  Sounds similar to "ow" as in "cow."
"ae" = "ah + eh."  No equivalent.
"ao" = "ah + oh."  No equivalent.

Also, vowels can be lengthened.  This means you say the vowel twice (again
without a break); making it last longer.  It doesn't mean there's some weird
other sound (such as the difference between long and short vowels in English).

Here is a list of the ways I will lengthen the vowels:

"aa" or "a-"
"ii" or "i-"
"uu" or "u-"
"ei" or "e-" or "ee"  Note that "ei" is sometimes pronounced as two "e" sounds
  and sometimes as an "e" + "i."  The difference is negligable and most Japanese
  people wouldn't distinguish it.
"ou" or "o-" or "oh" or "oo"  Again, "ou" is sometimes pronounced as two "o"
  sounds and someitmes as as "o" + "u."  The difference, again, is negligable.
  The reason for "oo" to show up is because of the way the word would be written
  in Japanese script, usually using the word "big" ("ookii" or "ooi" [rare, but 
  used as a prefix often].)

In other words, it's not "GOW-key."  It's not "GOO-key."  It's "GO-key." (the
"Street Fighter" character Gouki, that is.)

Consonants can be lengthened, too.  This makes it sound like the word has
stopped and paused for a split second.  Hold your mouth in the position of
the consonant.  Sometimes it makes it sound a bit more stressed; like the
muscles were more tense than usual in the mouth.  This takes a bit of practice
sometimes.  Most consonants can do this, and they will be written twice.

Here is a listing of all the syllables that occur in modern Japanese:

a  ka  sa  ta  na  ha  ma  ya  ra  wa    ga  za  da  ba  pa  n(or "m")
i  ki  shi chi ni  hi  mi      ri        gi  ji  ji  bi  pi
u  ku  su  tsu nu  fu  mu  yu  ru        gu  zu  zu  bu  pu
e  ke  se  te  ne  he  me      re        ge  ze  de  be  pe
o  ko  so  to  no  ho  mo  yo  ro  wo*   go  zo  do  bo  po

   kya sha cha nya hya mya     rya       gya ja  ja  bya pya
   kyu shu chu nyu hyu myu     ryu       gyu ju  ju  byu pyu
   kyo sho cho nyo hyo myo     ryo       gyo jo  jo  byo pyo

*--This is really pronounced the same as "o" except by some pre-WWII people.
   It's listed here because it's usually used as a "particle word."

"Stressing" syllables should usually only occur with elongated vowels and
syllables starting with a stopped (doubled) consonant.  There are some words
that have clear "stress," but many words have none at all.

Lastly, note that I will use an apostrophe to separate sounds that I feel
need to be separated so you can pronounce them correctly.  This will probably
only occur with "n" sounds in the middle of words (that's the nasal, solitary
"n" that is its own syllable) and long vowel patterns.  For example, "Ma'ou"
should be pronounced "ma + oh (long)"--tho' I'll probably forget the apostrophe
sometimes in this instance.  "In'e" should be pronounced "i + n + e;" not "i +

2.  The BASICS

2a.  The Adventure

2a-I.  Controls

NOTE:  This is for the Japanese version of the game.  They tend to flip the
"decide" and "return" functions in America from Circle to X and X to Circle

D-Pad:  Use to select choices during conversations or on menus.
Left Analog Stick:  Use to move Kiryuu around and to select choices during
  conversations or on menus.  Also, use to move Kiryuu's aim during the
  shooting level.
L3 Button (depress the Left Analog Stick):  Not used.
Right Analog Stick:  Use to move the area displayed in the mini-map on the
  bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
R3 Button (depress the Right Analog Stick):  Use to toggle the mini-map on
  the bottom left-hand corner of your screen between a close-up map, a
  long-range one, and to have no map at all.
Square:  Use for basic attacks.  Also use to step on grounded enemies.  Quickly
  tap in certain battle instances to make certain events happen--when using
  the "Goku" attack with hammer / wrench-type weapons to continue the attack,
  when using the "Goku" attack versus a downed foe when Kiryuu's health is low
  to continue the attack, to dodge a car when Shimano grapples you during the
  second fight against him, to retaliate against Hades Nishizawa in the Magnum
  Force Grand Prix during a certain grapple, and a few others.  Also use for
  basic attacks when wielding a weapon.
Triangle:  Use for heavy attacks.  Use for all "Goku" or "Heat" moves (also
  just called "Special" moves) besides the Giant Swing and Finish Hold attacks.
  This button finishes your "rush" or "combo" attack strings.  Use to stomp 
  grounded foes when not in Heat Mode once "Pursuit Mastery" is learned (Mind
  level 6).  Hit when prompted during "Goku" attack that slams an enemy into the
  wall to stomp on the back of their head.  Use for the Tora'otoshi learned from
  Master Komaki.  Also use for heavy attacks when wielding a weapon, and the 
  "Goku" attacks of those weapons in Heat Mode once "Weapon Mastery" is learned
  (Mind level 3).  Also use for selecting the  "List" option when building up 
  your character from the Pause Menu.  Fires the gun in the shooting level.
Circle:  Use to pick up items, talk to people, and interact with objects when
  not in a battle.  In battle, use to pick up weapons, throw weapons, and
  grapple enemies.  Use with directional input to throw an enemy, or without
  directional input if not in Heat Mode once Giant Swing has been learned
  (Technique level 9).  Once the Giant Swing has been learned and you are in 
  Heat Mode, use while holding an opponent with out directional input on the 
  Left Analog Stick for the Giant Swing.  Use when in Heat Mode at the end of
  strings after the heavy attack for Finish Hold.  Use for the Ukenagashi
  reversal learned from Master Komaki.  Tap repeatedly when grappling a heavy
  opponent to throw.  Confirms selections in most menus and during
X:  Backs out of most menus.  Tap repeatedly when prompted during battle to
  escape grapples and mounted punches.  When in "Shift Motion" (holding down
  R1), use plus directional input on the Left Analog Stick to "Sway."  Gets
  Kiryuu to go inside the car and reload, using the car as a shield, in the
  shooting level.
L1:  Guard.  Also used fo the Hikigaeshi learned from Komaki.
L2:  Camera reset.  Use to put the camera behind Kiryuu unless camera is in
  a fixed location.  Use to turn the camera 90 degrees counter-clockwise in
  the shooting level.
R1:  Shift Motion.  Use to keep Kiryuu facing a certain direction or a certain
  enemy--also called "locking on" or "strafing."  Use to zoom in during the
  shooting level.
R2:  Taunt.  Use to turn the camera 90 degress clockwise in the shooting level.
Select:  Use to pause the game and bring up the Quit Menu (the left choice
  is to continue playing; the right choice is to quit).
Start:  Use to pause the game and bring up the Pause Menu.  Also, if the
  "Event Skip" option has been turned to "ON," use to bypass cut scenes.

2a-II.  Health and Shopping

In the Kamuro district, there are many things to do.  You have certain freedoms
and certain restrictions.  When you aren't in battle, you're probably just
wandering the streets.
  Before you continue the story, you'll probably wanna just wander around and
interact with the people.  There are side quests that don't effect the main
story to solve, punks to beat up, casinos to gamble in, and items to buy.
  The meat of this game is the fighting, however, so you're going to want to
be sure that while you wander around and build up your character in preparation
for the next boss fight, you'll want to buy health items and such.
  On the map, red "no" symbols (like the "no smoking" symbol) will appear.
These are areas you can't go--basically, the borders of your little world.
There are little pink squares with "T"'s in them that represent where taxis can
be ridden (think of it as short cuts). There are blue circles with "S"'s in them
where you can save your progress.
  Most buildings are grey on your map.  There will also be a few colored ones
you can enter:  white for places that deal with the story, blue for mini-game
areas such as pachinko parlors and video-game arcades, purple for bars and
night clubs, but most importantly, orange for shops, yellow for eateries.
  Why?  Because at eateries you can get health back.  At shops, you can get
items to use.  The only ones you'll probably care about are healing items.
  When shopping, the annoying thing is that you'll have to highlight the
desired item and press right or left to adjust the amount you'd like to buy
before you can purchase it.  If you hit the circle button to confirm while
the item is selected, it usually won't do anything.
  Of course, the number of items you have is displayed (out of nine for normal
items and three for weapons) at the top of the window and your money is at the
bottom, if you can't figure it out.
  I'll list the items available at the different shops in the appendices, but
the most important thing to know is that once chapter 4 has been reached, the
best healing items will be available at the Kotobuki Pharmacy located near the
center of the map in Taihei Street (near the Milennium Tower and across from
the Taihei Akagyuumaru restaurant).  You'll probably just end up buying the
Staminan X, XX, and Royal.  There are two better healing items, but you can't
buy them--namely Staminan Spark and Haruka's First Aid Kit.

2a-III.  Building Up

As the story progresses, you will need to go around and solve the Missions and
fight the punks and yakuza who randomly appear in order to give Kiryuu a chance
in the story battles.
  On the pause menu, the second choice from the top will enable you to use the
experience gained to develop Kiryuu's fighting ability.  Your experience is
displayed above your orange health bar as a thin yellow bar that fills up every
thousand points, and a number to its right that tells you how many thousand
you have.
  There are three different attributes to raise with your experience points:
Mind, Technique, and Body.  Mind mostly has to do with your Heat Gauge (your 
"super" moves), Technique has to do with...well, what techniques
you have and how well you escape throws, and Body raises your health and raises
the damage you can inflict during Heat Mode.  These three range from level 1 to
level 10.
  When I play through the game and build up my character, I tend to first get
Mind to level 5 or 6, then Technique, then Body first.  Special moves are more
important than almost anything else in the game, it seems, and that's what the
Mind attribute offers you.  You'll probably want to get Weapon Mastery pretty
early on, but you'll definitely need Pursuit Mastery (at level 6) quickly, too.
  Enemies do stop randomly appearing at certain times and Missions are not
available in all chapters, so there does seem to be caps set to how much you
can raise Kiryuu's abilities as the story progresses.  So, make sure you get
the most out of every fight.  Using "Goku" attacks (when the red kanji
flashes at the top of the screen, hit triangle) gives an experience boost.
Simply defeating an enemy doesn't normally yield too much experience, so if
you wanna develop your ex-yakuza hero, you'll want to use them as much as
  There are other skills you'll have to learn.  These are mostly from Komaki,
an old master a homeless man makes a reference to early on in the game.  He
can be found in the River Styx--a place you'll need to find
in the main story.  Other than from him, you can learn the Turn Kick from a
magazine obtained from Coin Locker Key #50--found at a dead end near the
movie theater.  When starting a new game, once you reach Chapter 4, get this
  Here's a quick list of the abilities, what they do, and when they are

Mind of a Beast (Kemonono Kokoro)  Mind level 2  (1000 EXP)
  When low on Health (when bar flashes red), Heat Gauge will automatically,
  gradually replenish.
Weapon Mastery (Bukino Kiwami)  Mind level 3  (1500 EXP)
  When weilding a weapon, with Heat Guage full, Triangle while "Goku" kanji
  flashes yields a special attack.
Strong-Body Discipline (Goutaino Kokoroe)  Mind level 4  (3000 EXP)
  When Heat Gauge is full, it becomes hard for Kiryuu to be knocked down.
Iron Will (Tetsuno Ishi)  Mind level 5  (4000 EXP)
  The Heat Gauged depletes more slowly.
Pursuit Mastery (Oi'uchino Kiwami)  Mind level 6  (8000 EXP)
  When attacking a downed opponent, with Heat Gauge filled, when the "Goku"
  kanji flashes, Triangle will yield a special attack.  Note that this attack
  changes when "heavy" weapons (such as signs) are used or when Kiryuu's health
  is low.
Taunt Grade 2 (Chouhatsu Grade 2)  Mind level 7  (12000 EXP)
  When taunting a foe, Kiryuu's Heat Gauge fills slightly.
Iron-Arm Discipline (Tetsuwan'no Kokoroe)  Mind level 8  (17000 EXP)
  When Heat Gauge is filled, Kiryuu can block most weapon attacks.
Steel Will (Kuroganeno Ishi)  Mind level 9  (23000 EXP)
  Heat Gauge depletes more slowly than Iron Will.
True Strong-Body Discipline (Shin Goutaino Kokoroe)  Mind level 10  (30000 EXP)
  When Heat Gauge is full, it becomes even more difficult to knock Kiryuu down.

Charge Kick  Technique level 2  (1000 EXP)
  Standing Triangle attack can be held down to charge its power.  After Kiryuu
  grunts, kick will do more damage, knock opponents down, and break the foe's
  guard.  (hold triangle, release)
Kick Combo  Technique level 3  (1500 EXP)
  Extends the basic string from three weak attacks to four, complete with an
  additional strong attack afterwards.  (square x 4, triangle)
Escape Grade 2  Technique level 4  (3000 EXP)
  Less repeated tapping of x required to break opponent's throws.
Heat Hold Combo  Technique level 5  (4000 EXP)
  When Heat Gauge is filled, while holding an opponent, a powerful, three-hit
  combination can be performed with weak attacks.  Each attack drains the Heat
  Gauge slightly.  (circle, square, square, square with Heat Gauge full)
Hold Grade 2  Technique level 5  (4000 EXP)
  It becomes harder for foes to break free from Kiryuu's grasp.
Escape Grade 3  Technique level 6  (8000 EXP)
  Even less repeated tapping of x is required to break opponent's grasp.
Drop Kick  Technique level 7  (12000 EXP)
  When running (which occurs in just two or three steps), strong attack yields
  a drop kick attack.  (running triangle)
Heat Hold Kick  Technique level 8  (17000 EXP)
  When Heat Gauge is full and while holding an opponent, strong attack will
  change from a hook to a more-damaging kick, similar to the Charge Kick.
  (circle, triangle with Heat Gauge full)
Hold Grade 3  Technique level 8  (17000 EXP)
  It becomes even harder for foes to break from from Kiryuu's grasp.
Giant Swing  Technique level 9  (23000 EXP)
  When Heat Gauge is full, while holding a foe, throwing them without any
  directional input results in the giant swing professional wrestling attack;
  Kiryuu spins enemy around by his legs, clearing other foes away.  (circle,
  circle with Heat Gauge full)
Finish Hold  Technique level 10  (30000 EXP)
  After finishing a combination string with a strong attack (besides the
  additional, final attack gained from the Kick Combo), the grapple attack can
  be used for an additional attack, but only while the Heat Gauge is full.
  (square x 1-4, triangle, circle)

Heat Force  Body level 2  (1000 EXP)
  When Heat Gauge is full, Kiryuu's attacks do more damage.
Health Improvement 1 (Tairyoku Kyouka 1)  Body level 2  (1000 EXP)
  Adds to the Health Gauge.
Health Improvement 2 (Tairyoku Kyouka 2)  Body level 3  (1500 EXP)
  Adds to the Health Gauge.
Sway Grade 2  Body level 4  (3000 EXP)
  Kiryuu moves farther during the "Sway" technique, and seems to have a longer
  invulnerable period of time.  (hold R1, directional input + x)
Health Improvement 3 (Tairyoku Kyouka 3)  Body level 4  (3000 EXP)
  Adds to the Health Gauge.
Health Improvement 4 (Tairyoku Kyouka 4)  Body level 5  (4000 EXP)
  Adds to the Health Gauge.
Quick Downed Recovery (Tanjikan Down Fukki)  Body level 6  (8000 EXP)
  When knocked down, quickly tapping the four major buttons and jostling the
  analog stick will get Kiryuu up more quickly.
Health Improvement 5 (Tairyoku Kyouka 5)  Body level 6  (8000 EXP)
  Adds to the Health Gauge.
Sway Grade 3  Body level 7  (12000 EXP)
  Kiryuu moves even father during the "Sway" technique and seems to have an
  even longer period of invulnerability.  (hold down R1, directional input + x)
Health Improvement 6  (Tairyoku Kyouka 6)  Body level 7  (12000 EXP)
  Adds to the Health Gauge.
Heat Force II  Body level 8  (17000 EXP)
  When Heat Gauge is full, Kiryuu's attacks do even more damage.
Health Improvement 7  (Tairyoku Kyouka 7)  Body level 8  (17000 EXP)
  Adds to the Health Gauge.
Health Improvement 8  (Tairyoku Kyouka 8)  Body level 9  (23000 EXP)
  Adds to the Health Gauge.
Health Improvement 9  (Tairyoku Kyouka 9)  Body level 10  (30000 EXP)
  Completes the Health Gauge.

Turn Kick  Technique level 4
  Pressing away from Kiryuu and the hard attack yields a back-kick that turns
  Kiryuu in the opposite direction and hits foes behind him.  Kiryuu must be
  in "Shift" mode to use this attack (locked on).  (holding R1, back + triangle)
  Find in Coin Locker #50.  Key is in the dead-end just south of the theater,
  where the side-mission "Suspicious Gun" takes place.  Get this straight away!
Komaki-Style Swordsmanship (Komakiryuu Battoujutsu)
  Kiryuu gains a different set of attacks with "Sword"-style weapons, doing
  more damage.
  Learn from Master Komaki in the River Styx.
Komaki-Style Turning Strike (Komakiryuu Zoriuchi)  Technique level 6
  During combination strings (even the "Kick Combo" extended string), hitting
  away from the direction Kiryuu is facing plus the strong attack will yield
  a different finishing attack that will strike enemies behind him.  (square x
  1-4, back + triangle)
  Learn from Master Komaki in the River Styx.
Komaki-Style Punishment Strike (Komakiryuu Sabakiuchi)  Technique level 6,
    Body level 6
  During "Sway" technique, hitting the strong attack button will yield certain
  attacks, differening depending on which direction you moved.  (holding R1,
  directional input + x, triangle)
  Learn from Master Komaki in the River Styx.
Komaki-Style Cat Flip (Komakiryuu Nekogaeri)  Technique level 7, Body level 7
  When knocked down, hitting x just before touching the ground will make Kiryuu
  flip onto his feet (aka "Ukemi").  You can repeatedly tap the x button when
  in the air to increase the chance of timing it correctly.
  Learn from Master Komaki in the River Styx.
Komaki-Style Parrying Reversal (Komakiryuu Hikigaeshi)  Mind level 7, Technique
    level 7, Body level 7
  Just when opponent starts to throw an attack towards Kiryuu, tap the guard
  button to cause him to reverse the attack and knock them back.  You can hold
  the guard down if the opponent is going to strike you just when you're done
  with the animation of a move, and if there's enough time to just barely guard,
  it'll reverse the attack.  Note that certain attacks cannot be reversed.
  Learn from Master Komaki in the River Styx.
Komaki-Style Tiger-Killer (Komakiryuu Tora'otoshi)  Mind level 8, Technique
    level 8, Body level 8
  Just when the opponent starts to throw out an attack towards Kiryuu, hit the
  strong attack button.  He'll crouch, throw out a heavy punch, and knock the
  opponent down.  Note that certain attacks cannot be reversed.
  Learn from Master Komaki in the River Styx.
Komaki-Style Flowing Catch  (Komakiryuu Ukenageshi)  Mind level 9, Technique
    level 9, Body level 9
  Just when the opponent starts to throw out an attack towards Kiryuu, hit the
  grapple button.  He'll sidestep the foe and clutch him a' la a Thai kickboxer,
  pressing his knee into their chest and stunning them on their feet for a 
  moment.  Note that certain attacks cannot be reversed.
  Learn from Master Komaki in the River Styx.

Usually, when I play through Story Mode, I start with the Mind attribute, and
get it to level 3 during the fight against the inmates or just before.  Then,
I'll build it up to level 5 and boost Technique to level 3 and Body to level 2
before the funeral fight.  After that, I'll get Body to level 6, then Tech-
nique, then boost Body again to 7 and Technique to 7 before entering the
River Styx, or during the big fight there in the underground arena.
  From there, you'll want to get Mind to 7, then get all three to 8 and 9 and
finish it all off.  If you want, you can concentrate on Technique and get it to
level 10 quickly so you have the Finish Hold, a powerful technique that makes
the going a little easier, but I find that this method of gettin all three up
to 7, 8, and 9 to get Komaki's techniques faster is better because he teaches
some pretty good things such as the Nekogaeri, Zoriuchi, and Sabakiuchi.

2a-IV.  Story Progression

Here's the basic run-down on what happens in this game:  the game is divided
into 13 chapters.  There's some adventuring--walking around and talking to
folks and such, and then eventually a boss fight...well, except for the couple
of chapters that are basically just all fighting.
  In the adventuring part, you'll want to get Coin Locker keys, fight the random
battles as they appear, and do the Missions.  This will give you experience and
help you build your character (as I mentioned before).
  When I give the Story Walkthrough, for each chapter, I will mention things
that will become available to you, such as what Missions to do.  Be sure and
use the reference sections to do these, as some of them are pretty time-
  So, be aware when you've progressed the story far enough to get to the boss

2b.  Fighting

2b-I.  Commands

Unarmed Attacks:
Square (x1):  Lead Jab
  Kiryuu's fastest attack.  Very low damage, adds very little to Heat Gauge.
  Useful by itself on dodge-type enemies (such as "boxers") to force them to
  move, so that you can attack them again at the end of their motion.
Square (x1), Triangle:  Lead Jab - Overhead Swing
  After his straight, right jab, Kiryuu leans down and throws out a long,
  overhead punch that knocks most enemies down.  Really large enemies will just
  stagger, and it's a little slow.  The second punch will break opponents'
  guards and make them stagger a little.
Square (x1), Triangle, Circle:  Lead Jab - Overhead Swing - Dragon Screw?
  (uses some Heat Gauge; move must be learned--Technique level 10)
  After the overhead hammer punch, Kiryuu grabs the opponent's leg, turns, and
  throws them onto their face on the floor.  Pressing the analog stick in the
  desired direction while Kiryuu is grappling the foe will make him slam them
  into that direction, knocking surrounding enemies off their feet.
Square (x1), back + Triangle:  Lead Jab - Backwards Sok Klab (move must be
  learned from Komaki Soutarou)
  Decent Heat Gauge build-up, knocks down and breaks guards.
Square (x2):  Lead Jab - Uppercut
  Fairly fast, this is a rather safe way to lead into enemies to see if they
  will dart to your side before you finish your attacks.
Square (x2), Triangle:  Lead Jab - Uppercut - Right Body Hook
  The third attack is a powerful blow to the body which causes most foes to
  grab their stomachs and slowly collapse.  Since there aren't really "juggles"
  in this game, this can be repeated over and over and over.  The final attack
  will break opponents' guards and make them stagger a little.  Large foes will
  sometimes just stagger a little instead of being stunned, but the range of
  the final blow is very good and it will often hit sidestepping opponents.
Square (x2), Triangle, Circle:  Lead Jab - Uppercut - Right Body Hook -
  Argentine Backbreaker to Slam  (uses some Heat Gauge; move must be learned--
  Technique level 10)
  After hitting the opponent in the body, Kiryuu will put him on his shoulders
  and throw him off his left shoulder.  The attack can be guided by hitting the
  opposite direction than the desired direction on the analog stick.  This is
  a very good attack because Kiryuu can quite literally launch the enemy into
  a crowd and knock foes down.
Square (x2), back + Triangle:  Lead Jab - Uppercut - Backwards Spinning
  Backfist  (move must be learned from Komaki Soutarou)
  Hits foes behind Kiryuu, knocking them down, breaking guards, gaining a
  decent amount to the Heat Gauge.  Has a wide attack range.
Square (x3):  Lead Jab - Uppercut - Left Overhead Hook
  This is definitely past the point of no return for side-stepping enemies;
  Kiryuu will be wandering off a little once they move.  These moves still add
  very little to the Heat Gauge.
Square (x3), Triangle:  Lead Jab - Uppercut - Left Overhead Hook - Uppercut
  The final blow knocks foes down.  It also breaks guards and staggers big
  foes, like the other combo enders.
Square (x3), Triangle, Circle:  Lead Jab - Uppercut - Left Overhead Hook -
  Uppercut - Mini Giant Swing  (uses some Heat Gauge; move must be learned--
  Technique level 10)
  Kiryuu grabs the opponent's legs and swings him around, knocking any nearby
  foes down, and lets go, throwing him into the crowd.  The attack may be
  guided like the other ones.  It seems like it will end up being almost 90
  degrees to the left (counter-clockwise) from the direction pressed on the
Square (x3), back + Triangle:  Lead Jab - Uppercut - Left Overhead Hook -
  Turn Kick  (must be learned from Komaki Soutarou)
  Kiryuu ends with a back kick similar to the Turn Kick move, but with added
  motion lines and a little improved hit range.  Knocks down and breaks guards.
Square (x4):  Lead Jab - Uppercut - Left Overhead Hook - Roundhouse Kick
  (move must be learned--Technique level 3)
  Like the other weak attack combos, except that the final attack can actually
  break guards, stagger enemies, and adds a large amount to the Heat Gauge,
  almost like a strong attack.  Use on side-stepping foes only when they're
  backed into corners or against walls.
Square (x4), Triangle:  Kick Combo (move must be learned--Technique level 3)
  The final attack of this combo is a heavy kick that will knock opponents
  back, break guards, and stagger very large enemies.  It will also add a great
  deal to the Heat Gauge.  The best part of this is that if the opponent guards
  the final weak attack, their guard will break and they'll be pretty much
  forced to take the final hit of the combo.
Square (x4), back + Triangle:  Lead Jab - Uppercut - Left Overhead Hook - 
  Roundhouse Kick - Backwards High Spin Kick
  Hits behind Kiryuu, knocking foes down and breaking guards.  Adds a decent
  amount to the Heat Gauge, and has a large hit area.
Square above downed foe:  Stomp
  This stomp will prompt downed foes to get up, and will add a great deal to
  Kiryuu's Heat Gauge.
Triangle:  Straight Kick
  This move is fairly slow, but most enemies will guard it rather than try and
  sidestep it.  It adds a fair amount to the Heat Gauge.
Triangle above downed foe:  Stomp  (when Heat Gauge is not full or before
  Pursuit Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  The same stomp as with Square.
Triangle above downed foe:  Stomp or Stomach Kick  (when "Goku" kanji flashes;
  when Heat Gauge is full; uses a great deal of Heat Gauge)
  Sometimes it seems like the head stomp results when the foe is face-up and
  the stomach kick when he is face-down.  A Special or "Goku" attack, this will
  yield bonus experience as well as deal a large amount of damage.  If the 
  stomach kick results, Kiryuu will be facing the foe, but will be turned around
  from his original position.
Triangle above downed foe, Kiryuu's health low and flashing red:  Mounted
  Punches  (when "Goku" kanji flashes; when Heat Gauge is full; uses a great
  deal of Heat Gauge)
  Kiryuu mounts the foe and starts giving swinging hooks to his face.  Quickly
  and repeatedly tap the square button as prompted to continue the attack up
  to 22 strikes.  This deals a *great* amount of damage, and is a Special or
  "Goku" attack, gaining bonus experience.
Hold Triangle, release:  Charge Kick  (move must be learned--Technique level 2)
  Kiryuu crouches at the beginning of this move, making "high" attacks such as
  jabs go right over him.  This is a mysterious property and sometimes seems
  to bear fruit and sometimes seems to be ignored by the A.I.  Once Kiryuu
  grunts, the charge kick will come out, knocking foes down and breaking guards
  and staggering very large enemies.  It also adds a great deal to the Heat
  Gauge.  This move is perfect to use when an enemy is starting to get up.
  After a pursuit with triangle, continue holding triangle to start the move,
  then hit them just as they get up.  Again, this can be sidestepped, but
  rarely is.
Triangle timed with enemy attack:  Komakiryuu Tora'otoshi  (move must be learned
  from Komaki Soutarou with all three attributes at level 8)
  Kiryuu leans forward and fires out a fast, heavy, straight punch to the
  opponent's gut, knocking him down.  This move adds a great deal to the Heat
  Gauge and does a considerable amount of damage.
Running Triangle:  Drop Kick  (move must be learned at Technique level 7)
  Kiryuu jumps in the air and does a double drop kick a' la a high-flying
  pro wrestler, leaving him on the ground, toppling most foes, breaking guards,
  and adding a decent amount of Heat Gauge.
Circle timed with enemy attack:  Komakiryuu Ukenageshi  (move must be learned
  from Komaki Soutarou with all three attributes at level 9)
  Kiryuu steps to the opponent's right side, putting his hands on the foe's
  upper back and pressing forward while bringing his knee into the enemy's
  chest.  This stuns them, standing, for a short while, adds to the Heat
  Gauge rather considerably, and does a good amount of damage.
L1:  Guard
  This can be broken by certain attacks, but is strengthed by Iron-Armed
  Discipline learned at Mind level 8, so that when the Heat Gauge is full,
  most weapons besides guns can be guarded.
L1 timed with enemy attack:  Komakiryuu Hikigaeshi  (move must be learned
  from Komaki Soutarou with all three attributes at level 7)
  Kiryuu pulls the opponent in and then slaps them back with his forearm.
  Bosses will recover from the knockdown and it adds little to the Heat
  Gauge and does little damage.
R2:  Taunt
  Kiryuu says "Koi yo" ("Come at me") all manly-like and prevents his Heat Gauge
  from depleting for a moment.  This also can supposedly cause foes to attack
  you.  There is apparently a maximum range from foes before Kiryuu will taunt.
R2:  Taunt 2  (move must be learned at Mind level 7)
  Kiryuu says "Kiyagare!" ("Come on!") all forceful-like and gains a fair amount
  to his Heat Gauge.  This also supposedly causes foes to want to attack you
  more.  There is apparently a maximum range from foes for Kiryuu to taunt.

Grapple Attacks:
Circle:  Grapple
  Bigger enemies and bosses can break your grasp much more easily than small
  foes.  Make sure you don't tap the circle too much as you get them into
  the grab, or a throw will always start.  Sometimes, you'll want to use other
  attacks from the grapple.
Circle, directional input:  Pull
  This will tow your enemy around.  You can lead them towards walls, shutters,
  vending machines, trucks, cars, planters, balconies, ponds, and such things
  to use the "Goku" or "Special" attack.  Again, big enemies and bosses will
  break this quickly.
Circle, Square:  Headbutt  (without Heat Gauge or before Heat Hold Combo is
  learned at Technique level 5)
  After the first hit, the grapple is suddenly and immediately broken.  Kiryuu
  will be able to almost immediately go into a combo or grapple again.
Circle, Square (x2):  Two Headbutts  (without Heat Gauge or before Heat Hold
  Combo is learned at Technique level 5)
  Same as the first hit, but repeated.
Circle, Square (x3):  Headbutt Combo  (without Heat Gauge or before Heat Hold
  Combo is learned at Technique level 5)
  For the final headbutt, Kiryuu leans fairly far back and then breaks his
  hold by slamming his forehead into the opponent and knocking him down.  This
  adds a great deal to his Heat Gauge, but is fairly slow and leaves him open
  to other opponents' attacks.
Circle, Square:  Headbutt (when Heat Guage is full after Heat Hold Combo is
  learned at Technique level 5)
  More damaging than the normal headbutt, this takes off some Heat Gauge.
Circle, Square (x2):  Headbutt, Knee (when Heat Gauge is full after Heat Hold
  Combo is learned at Technique level 5)
  More damaging than the two headbutts, but uses Heat Gauge, unfortunately.
Circle, Square (x3):  Heat Hold Combo  (move must be learned at Technique level
  5, takes off Heat Gauge)
  A more damaging attack than the normal headbutt combo.  Unfortunately, the
  combo also drains off as much energy as a "Goku" attack, and is probably the
  only move to be avoided.  The last move is a right hook similar to the
  Circle, Triangle one.
Circle, Triangle:  Hook (without Heat Gauge full or before Heat Hold Kick is
  learned at Technique level 8)
  This attack knocks the opponent down and adds to Kiryuu's Heat Gauge.
Circle, Triangle:  Heat Hold Kick  (with Heat Gauge full after move has been
  learned at Technique level 8)
  A move similar to the charge kick will occur, knocking the opponent down
  and dealing a great amount of damage.
Circle, directional input + Circle:  Ipponze'oi or Sukuinage?
  Kiryuu grabs the opponent's arm and turns his back, judo-style throwing them
  to the floor in the direction pressed, if the foe is facing him.  If the
  enemy was back-turned, he spins slightly and hurls them to the ground with
  his hand on their back.  This move does decent damage and adds a decent
  amount to Kiryuu's Heat Gauge.  Against large enemies, the circle button 
  will need to be tapped repeatedly, so be ready and start rapidly tapping
  when initiating throw.
Circle, directional input + Triangle:  Head Bash or Back Break, Head Stomp
  (when Heat Gauge is Full and while pressing towards an object such as a 
  wall or planter and the "Goku" kanji flashes)
  A special attack, this drains a great deal of Heat Gauge, but yields bonus
  experience.  For the follow-up attack, you'll have to wait until the small
  "Triangle" flashes in the middle of the screen and hit the button then.
  It flashes when the opponent hits the ground and will make a sound when it
  does.  The timing isn't extremely tight, but you don't seem to be able to
  simply tap the triangle button to make the move continue.  Both hits will
  inflict great damage upon the foe.  Objects that will take the attack include
  some walls, especially those with shutters, lamp posts, planters, oil cans
  used to make fires for homeless people, pedestrian railings, trucks, and
  cars.  NOTE:  Only the follow-up stomp seems to gain the bonus experience!
  This move also deals so much damage that it's better to use other "Goku"
  Attacks to get experience, since you can get in multiple pursuit mastery
  moves or weapons mastery attacks before the opponent dies, and quite few
  of this head bash - head stomp types....
Circle, directional input + Triangle:  Toss (when Heat Gauge is Full and while
  pressing towards a balcony railing or pond and the "Goku" kanji flashes)
  This special attack drains a great deal of Heat Gauge, but kills the opponent
  instantly and yields bonus experience.  Places this can be used include the
  second story of the Ji Wa Chinese restaurant's dining hall, on the second-
  floor banister in the Toujokai's manor and at its koi pond, on the second
  floor of the night club, Deborah (which yields a rather comical result when
  fighting the Bloody Eye members), and off of Teruda's yacht.
Circle, Circle:  Ipponze'oi or Sukuinage?  (without full Heat Gauge or before
  Giant Swing is learned at Technique level 9)
  Same as with the directional input.  Listed twice because of the Giant Swing
Circle, Circle:  Giant Swing  (with full Heat Gauge, move must be learned at
  Technique level 9)
  Against large enemies, the circle will need to be tapped repeatedly, so be
  ready.  Kiryuu grabs the opponent's legs and swings them around, cleaning
  house.  Drains Heat Gauge.

Hold R1:  Shift Motion
  This targets a specific enemy or a specific direction.  While holding this
  down, Kiryuu cannot run, but can walk around with the analog input.  If you
  want to target an enemy closeby and they've sidestepped you or you were
  already targetting a static direction, release the button and hit it again.
Hold R1, back + Triangle:  Turn Kick  (must be learned from Coin Locker #50,
  Technique at level 4)
  Kiryuu throws a back kick with his right leg, dropping his leg and turning
  his hips and heel to end facing behind him.  This move knocks foes down and
  breaks guards of defensive enemies.
Hold R1 + left + X:  Left Sway
  Kiryuu dashes to the left of the direction he was facing during shift motion.
  During Sway, he is invulnerable for a period.  
Hold R1 + left + X, Triangle:  Left Sway, Left Cross Hook  (move must be learned
  from Komaki Soutarou with Technique and Body at level 6)
  Kiryuu dashes to the left, gains the invulnerability, and then throws out
  an attack that yields decent damage and Heat Gauge.  These sway attacks are
  also pretty good for forcing enemies in certain directions; use them to guide
  foes towards walls and such for "Goku" attacks.
Hold R1 + right + X:  Right Sway
  Same as Left Sway, but to the right.
Hold R1 + right + X, Triangle:  Right Sway, Right Cross Hook  (move must be
  learned from Komaki Soutarou with Technique and Body at level 6)
  Same as Left Sway, Left Cross Hook, but to the right and with the right fist.
Hold R1 + forward + X:  Forward Step
  Same as the left sway, but towards the enemy or direction Kiryuu is facing.
Hold R1 + forward + X, Triangle:  Forward Step, Shoulder Charge  (move must be
  learned from Komaki Soutarou with Technique and Body at level 6)
  Kiryuu dashes forward with a period of invulnerability and hits them with a
  shoulder charge, with similar effects of the Left Sway, Left Cross Hook.
Hold R1 + back + X:  Back Dash
  Swaying away with a period of invulnerability.
Hold R1 + back + X, Triangle:  Back Dash, Back-Stepping Toe Kick  (move must be
  learned from Komaki Soutarou with Technique and Body at level 6)
  Another, similar attack, this one's use seems to be to avoid people crowding
  in behind you.  Its hit range is deceptively large; foes who seem to be too
  far behind you will often still be hit.

Armed Attacks:  NOTE:  some particular weapons will have effects, such as
  the Stun Gun, which can stun a foe with each hit.
  Weapons will be dropped automatically if any character is caught in a grapple
  attempt.  You cannot taunt with weapons, which is kinda bad because there
  will be many opportunities for the Heat Gauge to suddenly drop.  Also, some
  weapons (namely Large and Medium) are too heavy and Kiryuu can neither run
  nor Sway with them in hand.  All weapons can be used to guard with, and most
  will help Kiryuu guard against knives and other such weapons.

Large Type (e.g. bicycles)
NOTE:  With these equipped, Kiryuu cannot sway or run.  He also drops these if
Square:  Swing
  Knocks foes down, deals a great amount of damage, adds a great amount to 
  the Heat Gauge, staggers large foes.
Square (x2):  Two Swings
  Two attacks with similar effects.
Square (x3):  Three Swings
  The final attack is a bit slower than the first two and does more damage.
  It seems to knock large foes down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Overhead Slam, Jumping Double Stomp (with full Heat
    once Pursuit Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji
  A *powerful* attack that also yields bonus experience.
Triangle:  Overhead Slam  (without full Heat Gauge or before Weapon Mastery is
    learned at Mind level 3)
  Knocks foes down, does a great deal of damage, adds to the Heat Gauge, can
  be held down to charge for more damage.
Triangle:  Overhead Slam Special  (with full Heat Gauge, learned at Mind level
    3, when red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Floors foes and deals a large amount of damage.  A special attack, this yields
  bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the item at the enemies.  Slow.
Circle, X:  Throw cancel

Medium Type (e.g. trash cans)
NOTE:  With these equipped, Kiryuu cannot sway or run.  He also drops them when
Square:  Overhead Slam
  Staggers foes and seems to break their defenses.
Square (x2):  Double Overhead Slam
  Another swing.
Square (x3):  Slam Combo
  The last one is, again, a little slower and knocks most foes down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Overhead Slam (with full Heat Gauge, learned at
    Mind level 6, when red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  A very damaging slam that usually destroys the item and yields bonus
Triangle:  Overhead Slam  (without full Heat Gauge or before Weapon Mastery is
    learned at Mind level 3)
  Similar to the final swing in the combo, it can be charged by holding the
  button down to deal more damage.
Triangle:  Overhead Slam, Face Punch (with full Heat Gauge, learned at Mind
    level 3, when red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  A very damaging, special attack that yields bonus experience and drains the
  Heat Gauge.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the weapon at the opponent.  Slow.

Small Type (e.g. Potted Plant)
Square:  Overhead Swing
  Breaks guards.
Square (x2):  Double Swing
  Two, similar swings.
Square (x3):  Swing Combo
  The third attack knocks most foes down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp Special (with full Heat gauge once Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Same as the unarmed version.
Triangle:  Powerful Swing  (without full Heat Gauge or before Weapon Mastery
    is learned at Mind level 3)
  Knocks foes down, can be charged by holding the button down for more damage.
Triangle:  Headlock with Repeated Blows to the Head  (with full Heat Gauge
    once Weapon Mastery is learned at Mind level 3, when red "Goku" kanji
  Continuously and rapidly tap the Square button to continue dealing hits, up
  to seven.  Deals a good amount of damage and yields bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the weapon at the foes.
Hold R1 + directional input + X:  Sway

Spear Type (e.g. Ornamental Spears)
NOTE:  Kiryuu drops these items if he's hit.
Square:  Horizontal Swing
  Breaks foes guards, usually.
Square (x2):  Double Swing
  Two swings.
Square (x3):  Double Swing, Overhead
  Two horizontal swings and a sluggish, overhead, vertical attack that knocks
  foes down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp Special (with full Heat gauge once Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Same as the unarmed version.
Triangle:  Overhead Swing  (without full Heat Gauge or before Weapon Mastery
    is learned at Mind level 3)
  Knocks foes down, can hold the button down to charge the move for more damage.
Triangle:  Gut Stab, Throw (with full Heat Gauge once Weapon Mastery is learned
    at Mind level 3 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Deals out plenty of damage and yields bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Fairly slow, Kiryuu tosses the weapon at the opponents.
Hold R1 + directional input + X:  Sway

Club Type (e.g. Golf Club)
Square:  Overhead Swing
  Breaks guards.
Square (x2):  Double Swing
  Two, similar swings.
Square (x3):  Swing Combo
  The third attack knocks most foes down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp Special (with full Heat gauge once Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Same as the unarmed version.
Triangle:  Powerful Swing  (without full Heat Gauge or before Weapon Mastery
    is learned at Mind level 3)
  Knocks foes down, can be charged by holding the button down for more damage.
Triangle:  Neck Choke, Kick to the Back (with full Heat gauge once Weapon
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 3)
  Deals a large amount of damage and yields bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the weapon at the foes.
Hold R1 + directional input + X:  Sway

Bat Type (e.g. Baseball Bat)
Square:  Overhead Swing
  Breaks guards.
Square (x2):  Double Swing
  Two, similar swings.
Square (x3):  Swing Combo
  The third attack knocks most foes down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp Special (with full Heat gauge once Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Same as the unarmed version.
Triangle:  Powerful Swing  (without full Heat Gauge or before Weapon Mastery
    is learned at Mind level 3)
  Knocks foes down, can be charged by holding the button down for more damage.
Triangle:  Crippling Blow, Hit to Temple (with full Heat Gauge, learned at
    Mind level 3, with red "Goku" kanji flashing)
  Deals a large amount of damage and yields bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the weapon at the foes.
Hold R1 + directional input + X:  Sway

Sword Type (e.g. Iaidou Sword)
Square:  Overhead Swing  (before Komaki-Style Swordsmanship is learned)
  Breaks guards.
Square:  Stepping Overhead Swing  (once Komaki-Style Swordsmanship is learned)
  Deals much more damage than the normal swing.
Square (x2):  Double Swing  (before Komaki-Style Swordsmanship is learned)
  Two, similar swings.
Square (x2):  Stepping Overhead Swing, Upwards Slash  (once Komaki-Style
    Swordsmanship is learned)
  Deals much more damage than the normal swing.
Square (x3):  Swing Combo  (before Komaki-Style Swordsmanship is learned)
  The third attack knocks most foes down.
Square (x3):  Stepping Slashing Combo  (once Komaki-Style Swordsmanship is
  Third attack knocks down, whole thing yields much more damage.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp Special (with full Heat gauge once Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Same as the unarmed version.
Triangle:  Powerful Swing  (without full Heat Gauge or before Weapon Mastery
    is learned at Mind level 3)
  Knocks foes down, can be charged by holding the button down for more damage.
Triangle:  Slash to the Stomach, Overhead Slash (with full Heat Gauge once
    Weapon Mastery is learned at Mind level 3 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Deals a large amount of damage and yields bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the weapon at the foes.
Hold R1 + directional input + X:  Sway

Knife Type (e.g. Old Dosu)
Square:  Slash
  A horizontal slash, doesn't seem blockable by most foes.
Square (x2):  Double Slash
  Two slashes.
Square (x3):  Double Slash, Stab
  The final stab thrusts forward and knocks the enemy down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp Special (with full Heat gauge once Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Same as the unarmed version.
Triangle:  Stab  (without full Heat Gauge or before Weapon Mastery is learned
    at Mind level 3)
  Knocks opponent down.  Can be charged by holding the button down.
Triangle:  Stab Special (with full Heat Gauge, learned at Mind level 3, when
    red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Deals out large damage and yields bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the weapon at the enemy.
Hold R1 + directional input + X:  Sway

Lighter Type (e.g. Modified Lighter)
Square:  Overhead Swing
  Breaks guards.
Square (x2):  Double Swing
  Two, similar swings.
Square (x3):  Swing Combo
  The third attack knocks most foes down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp Special (with full Heat gauge once Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Same as the unarmed version.
Triangle:  Spray  (without full Heat Gauge or before Mind level 3)
  Hold the button for a longer spray.
Triangle:  Headlock with Repeated Blows to the Head  (with full Heat Gauge
    once Weapon Mastery is learned at Mind level 3, when red "Goku" kanji
  Continuously and rapidly tap the Square button to continue dealing hits, up
  to seven.  Deals a good amount of damage and yields bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the weapon at the foes.
Hold R1 + directional input + X:  Sway

Gun Type (e.g. 9mm Auto)
Square:  Overhead Swing
  Breaks guards.
Square (x2):  Double Swing
  Two, similar swings.
Square (x3):  Swing Combo
  The third attack knocks most foes down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp Special (with full Heat gauge once Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Same as the unarmed version.
Triangle:  Fire
  Make sure you're holding down R1 and facing a foe.  Knocks down.  No bullets
  fired by the player can be guarded.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the weapon at the foes.
Hold R1 + directional input + X:  Sway

Bomb Type (e.g. Lightening Bomb)
Square:  Overhead Swing
  Breaks guards.
Square (x2):  Double Swing
  Two, similar swings.
Square (x3):  Swing Combo
  The third attack knocks most foes down.
Square over downed foe:  Stomp
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp (without full Heat Gauge or before Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6)
  Just like the unarmed version.
Triangle over downed foe:  Stomp Special (with full Heat gauge once Pursuit
    Mastery is learned at Mind level 6 and red "Goku" kanji flashes)
  Same as the unarmed version.
Triangle:  Powerful Swing  (without full Heat Gauge or before Weapon Mastery
    is learned at Mind level 3)
  Knocks foes down, can be charged by holding the button down for more damage.
Triangle:  Headlock with Repeated Blows to the Head  (with full Heat Gauge
    once Weapon Mastery is learned at Mind level 3, when red "Goku" kanji
  Continuously and rapidly tap the Square button to continue dealing hits, up
  to seven.  Deals a good amount of damage and yields bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the bomb.  The bomb will detonate soon, so stay away!
Hold R1 + directional input + X:  Sway

Rope Type (e.g. Rope)
Triangle:  Strangle (behind enemy; sidestep an attacking foe, with Mind at level
    3 and full Heat Gauge, with red "Goku" kanji flashing)
  Kiryuu strangles the foe and breaks the rope, inflicting great damage and
  gaining bonus experience.
Circle:  Throw
  Tosses the weapon at the foes.

Knuckles Type (e.g. Dragon Fist)
Circle:  Spin Attack
  Kiryuu charges up his energy and spins with whirlwind effects all about his
  body.  This move is powerful and adds a great deal to the Heat Gauge, as
  well as offering a large window of invulnerability.  Breaks defenses.

2b-II.  Defeating the Different Enemies

There are six major types of enemy in this game:  Brawler (your standard yakuza
or punk), Boxer (those annoying guys who are always dancing around), Roughnecks
(those really big guys), Kickboxers (who usually stand in Muay Thai poses),
Martial Artists (sometimes using a "monkey"-looking, "ng zo kyun"-style pose, 
sometimes using more of your typical "karate" or "siu lam"-like stance), and 
bosses.  The bosses, of course, have unique move sets, such as luchador and 
gun-fu, and will require specific strategies to defeat.
  However, most foes you'll encounter will just be one of the first three types,
and so you should know general ways to defeat them.

Brawlers:  You'll know a brawler because he seems to sport a very generic
  stance, shoulders slightly lowered and knees slightly bent, and doesn't look
  very limber when he moves about.  These guys are the easiest to handle, as
  they rarely sidestep and use moves surprisingly similar to Roughnecks, but
  without any resistance behind anything.  Just using generic strings should
  shut them up.
  Sample attacks:
    Two punches + kick string
    Backdrop (yes, believe it or not)
    Ducking shoulder ram (avoids highs)
Boxers:  Oooh--I hate these guys the most, I think.  You'll know them because
  they look very loose and are always dancing and bouncing in place with their
  hands hanging lower and their backs fairly straight.  Hyperactive, they tend
  to sidestep everything.  Your strategy of success?  Usually, you'll want to
  throw them to the ground or throw others into them and repeat.  You can also
  use weapons, of course.  Note that you can apparently sidestep throw attempts
  and throwing someone as their attack is coming it is also impossible.  So,
  you'll probably miss throws often, but don't despair or give up.
  Sample attacks:
    Jab--fast and usually avoids high attacks.
    Three Punches--the second hit usually breaks your guard, third sometimes is
      unblockable (ouch)
Roughnecks:  Big guys.  Almost all big guys will be like this; the ones who
  aren't are special enemies such as bosses.  Though they rarely sidestep, they
  do have a few moves that appear invulnerable and follow you as you move
  around.  Big deal, though.  These guys are pretty darned easy, and they have
  a lot of health, so you can use your special attacks a few times on them,
  which is nice for experience.  I think the programmers thought these guys
  were harder because of their lengthy life bars, but....  It's not so bad.
  The only other thing you'll have to be aware of is that throwing these guys
  will require you to repeatedly tap the circle button, so if you start a throw
  attempt, start mashing on the button like mad or you'll end up falling on
  your back and taking damage (grr).
  Sample attacks:
    Two Punches, Kick Combo--slow.  Easy to sidestep!
    Running Headbutt--should be illegal.  Seemingly invulnerable, slow, and
      tracks you as you avoid it.  Annoying.
    Jumping Overhead Hammer--should be banned, again.  I hate these attacks.
      It tracks you and they're airborn, so even if you get a hit, they'll
      just fall out of your string.  They'll often use it when you aren't facing
      them.  Annoying.
Kickboxers:  Their fists will be raised and their arms held out in front of
  them, elbows slightly bent.  They will rest their weight on one foot and leave
  the other leg bent and sort-of lightly resting on their toes.  These are close
  to the boxer type, but with different attacks and without sidestepping as
  much--but still doing it.  They like to break throws more than boxer types,
  but throwing is still adviseable.  They also grapple often.  The number one
  most annoying thing about these guys, though, is that they tend to jab twice
  and then retreat.  So, even if you sidestep or guard their attack, they'll be
  safe from retaliation.
  Sample attacks:
    Two Advancing Jabs, Sway Back--invulnerable as they retreat
    Jumping Knee--ducks low and avoids highs before jumping
    Clinch--he'll grapple and start to knee Kiryuu; hit X repeatedly to escape
Martial Artists:  Most of their attacks come from Lau Ga Lung.  They like to
  flip around and avoid attacks, but aren't quite as overactive as the Boxer
  type.  They grapple more than a boxer and often use swords.  They're really
  a rare enemy.  I suggest sparring with them; attacking and then swaying a
  lot.  Try and get them to use a big attack and sidestep it.  Grappling works
  fairly well.
  Sample attacks: 
    Twin Kicks--knocks down.
    Three-Hit Jumping Kick Combo--unfortunately, hitting them during the third
      attack knocks them out of the air before you can get a string in on them.
      There doesn't appear to be enough time to retaliate usually if guarded.
    Three-Hit Double Palm Combo--this one does leave them open to attacks, and
      starts the same as the other'n.
    Splash, Double Palm--the first attack can break guards; the second seems
Bosses:  Well, it varies from boss to boss, doesn't it?  I'll give strategies
  for defeating them in the walkthrough and in the characters list in the

There are three basic strategies for fighting the enemies, and you should get
acquainted with them.  You will.  It just takes a little practice.  The fighting
in Ryuuga Gotoku is a little different from other games, and is kinda sluggish
at times.  It's sorta unique, but it gets really fun once you get the idea.
  The first strategy I'll use often is the "knock the guy down, stomp on him,
knock him down again" strategy.  Throwing is recommended here.  If you do 
successfully throw someone, you are invulnerable to the rest of the crowd while
the throw is going on, and then you'll knock him and surrounding opponents down.
Stomping on them can be a special attack to grant bonus experience, which is
good, and gives you back a lot of Heat Gauge if you don't use the special.
It also forces the guy to stand up.  While they get up, why not charge up the
Charge Kick and use that to knock them down?  If they start to stagger from
guarding it and there's a weapon around, pick it up.  If you keep getting your
Heat Gauge up by knocking people down, then they have very little window to
retaliate and you'll start massing good damage and experience.
  Another strategy I employ is the "guide the guy to the hazard area" strategy.
Hit 'em a few times, without necessarily finishing combos, and use the
Sabakiuchi (sway attack) to push the foe in the direction you want.  You can
throw and stomp 'em, too, to make them get up near where you want 'em.  The
point here is to get them over to a wall, planter, pond, flaming barrel, lamp-
post--whatever it takes, so you can grapple them and use the red "Goku" attack
on them.  This attack usually does quite a lot of damage--especially if you get
the follow-up down.  It even instantly kills opponents if you throw them off a
balcony or into the water!  You can guide 'em over to weapons, too, but you'll
probably wanna knock 'em down before trying to pick it up, because if they're
too close, you'll grab 'em instead.
  The final basic strategy I use is the hardest to master, but really quite
useful against those enemies who buzz around like annoying flies.  This is what
I call the "spar with the guy" strategy.  Basically, use a few quick attacks,
such as the first two Square attacks (armed or unarmed for that matter), and
then get ready to either lock onto them again or just sway backwards or to the
side.  Some enemies are really..."shitsukoi" as the Japanese say.  Tenacious?
Something like that. (to quote the ex-Akebono)  These guys will need you to do
this until they attack.  The point here is just like in boxing; you want them to
attack so you can sidestep or intercept.  Remember that if they're side-turned,
or back-turned, it's hard for them to guard or shift away from you.  Then, you
can unleash a long flurry of attacks, or just a few heavy ones.  Also, remember
that after two weak attacks, you can hit the heavy attack for that big body hook
attack, which hits people who are slightly off to the side easily--and usually
ends up stunning 'em (hee hee).  Don't be afraid to mix in a throw, and if you
sway backwards, don't forget that you can use the retreating toe kick (R1 + back
+ X, Triangle) to hit opponents who appear to be too far behind you to hit, so
you don't get surrounded.
  Besides that, the only other advice I can give is to use weapons as you want,
but usually just do the first two square attacks until you build up your Heat
Gauge and use the "Goku" attack on the staggering guy.  Usually, weapons cause
people to stagger slightly, and some even stun them.  Weapons do a lot of
damage, but they run out of attacks, and more importantly, they change your
entire attack style.  So...I don't use them *too* much.  I usually just grab 'em
to deal the "Goku" attack.  Oh yeah, one last thing about weapons--this is
THEIR WEAPONS.  Except for some bosses, if someone gets a weapon, walk over and
grab 'em!  Even if they break the grapple, they'll drop their weapon.  Weapons
cause a lot of damage, so...you should probably avoid getting hit with 'em.

2b-III.  Advanced Techniques

You can "buffer" sways in this game.  In other words, when caught in the middle
of some animation such as an attack string, you can make sure that Kiryuu
immediately sways in one direction.  To do this, simply hold down R1 and X and
the direction you want to sway while in the other animation.  You can't buffer
a sway from a sway, but you can buffer it out of the attacks from swaying or
from a taunt used during a sway.
  You can also buffer a charge for the Charge Kick.  During animation such as
breaking a trow or throwing a character, just press and hold down Triangle.
Onced Kiryuu is done attacking, he'll crouch down for the Charge Kick.

There are a three inputs available during Sway, and each has its own use.
You can press Triangle (once the technique is learned from Komaki) to add on
an attack near the end of the invulnerable animation, which is very good for
moving the fight around, press R2 to taunt, or press L1 to guard.
  The last to commands actually cancel the Sway.  The only trouble is that you
can't sway quickly after swaying the first time.  You'll notice this if you
countinue to shift in a direction and keep tapping the X; there's a period of
time when you won't be able to sway again.  So, neither guarding nor taunting
will make you able to sway immediately.
  The taunting sway cancel will keep your Heat Gauge from falling or even add to
it if you get Taunt Level 2.  This is good for trying to make enemies follow you
to a certain area, either to get a weapon, get near a hazard area, or to force
them into a corner (as in, with Majima Gorou).
  The guard one will stop the Sway animation.  You can tap the guard and then
start an attack, which is sometimes preferable to just skating around all over
the place while you miss a window of opportunity.  It'll also provide you with
a way to reverse people who try slow attacks that catch you at the end of the
  Both of the ways of cancelling a sway will allow you to buffer into sways;
you can just keep holding a direction and R1 and x to sway immediately after.
Also, the window of time in which you have to wait to sway again starts right
after the cancel; it usually would start right after the entire sway animation.
So, it does shorten the amount of time between sways a bit.  With the taunt, if
you buffer a sway, it'll start right afterwards--but that's because you can't
cancel the taunt animation like you can the guarding one....

You can delay almost all attacks in a string; you don't need to have them come
out immediately but have the option of pausing slightly before executing the
attack.  Sometimes, this is the best way to catch swaying enemies; you can
throw out a couple of punches, then wait to see if they try to get around you,
then throw out either a triangle or back + triangle.

There are three different animations for breaking a throw:  one when an
opponent facing you tries to throw you and Kiryuu grabs his arms and throws
them off of him, making them stagger slightly, one when kickboxers and the
like try to grapple and knee you, where Kiryuu pushes the foe far away, and
one when a foe grabs you from behind and Kiryuu hits him in the face with an
  If you push the foe far away, you won't be able to follow up at all, and your
Heat Gauge will almost certainly deplete.  For the one where Kiryuu grabs the
opponent's arms and throws them off of him (the most common), you have a small
window of attack.  Usually, only one punch will land after this, but you can
always try and grapple yourself.  You can throw out a standing Triangle, and
if they guard, use that to your advantage.  Just don't let throw breaks go
  For the last kind, when they're behind you, you can *always* get in a Turn
Kick after breaking the throw.  The Turn Kick causes two things:  either it
knocks the foe down or they stagger.  Both are to your advantage, so exploit
this window of opportunity!

Many enemies are the type who seem to think "I'll just stand here and sway
away from the first attack Kiryuu throws out!"  This type of A.I. is annoying,
but good practice in your own ability to shift and sway.
  Almost all foes in this game will stand still, shift a little, then attack.
Approach them with the shift button held down (R1) and walk to the either side.
Once you've had enough experience, you'll know which sides to step to; most
enemies seem more effectively dodged if you walk to their right (your left).
When they start to attack, that's the time to sway.  Many strings will be
completely avoided if you avoid the first attack.  There are only a couple of
boss characters who will continually home in on you and give you a hard time.
  For most fights, you won't have to be cautious, but if you try and circle
around foes and then dodge right as they attack, you'll usually be able to
attack them better.  Remember that a side-turned foe will usually get hit with
the first four weak attacks of Kiryuu's string and will quite often try to sway
the wrong way and be hit by his Lead Jab - Overhead Swing or Lead Jab - Upper-
cut - Right Body Hook strings.
  If you hear and see Kiryuu get hit while swaying, but he keeps moving, then
it was a really close call, but you won't take damage.  Also, I might note that
it's best--but much harder--to go for the Tora'otoshi (Triangle) reversal move
instead of a sway.

When armed with a small, club, spear, or medium-type weapon (including bombs,
guns, and lighters), Kiryuu's second attack causes enemies to stagger for a
moment.  Actually, most foes won't ever be able to respond to this, so if you
pick up most weapons, attack twice with square.  Most nearby foes will have to
stagger around.  You can actually repeat this ad nauseum with most enemies, but
I recommend doing it until your Heat Gauge is filled and then doing a Heat
Action with your weapon.
  You can do a similar thing with Kiryuu's Lead Jab - Uppercut - Right Body
Hook string, but many enemies won't be affected by the third attack and there
is a larger window of escape (after the second weak attack).

This is the hardest thing to do in the battle system and may even be a glitch.
Kiryuu's strong attacks from his strings and the fourth weak attack in his
Kick Combo seem to be moves that you can cancel into a sway.  The timing is
very, very picky, similar to the infamous "Just Frame" moves in Tekken 4 and
5.  I'm fairly certain it is a glitch as it seems to only happen once in a very
very long time and I can't seem to replicate it at will.
  The only other attack I seem to be able to cancel is the Throw (circle) for
large weapons.  Hit x to cancel.


For this walkthrough, I'll start each chapter with quick notes on things that
must be accomplished in that chapter if you're looking to get things like the
secret boss or to get all the coin locker keys.  When marked with a %, this
means that missions will span chapters (in other words, part of it can be done
now, but it won't be completed until a later chapter).  When marked with an *,
the mission should be completed in that chapter, or you missed your chance!

3a.  Prologue

Kiryuu:  Un ga warukatta n da yo, omaera wa.
  ("You're in the wrong place at the wrong time....")

Caption:  Densetsu no gokudou
  ("The Yakuza of Legend")

Haruka:  Atashi wa 'Haruka.'  'Omae' ja nai.
  ("It's 'Haruka;' not 'you.'")

Caption:  100 oku en no shoujo
  ("The 10 Billion Yen Girl")

Caption:  Futari no tabi no hate ni....
  ("What awaits them...")

Nishiki:  Yachimatta...toujoukai no...daikambu wo....
  ("I've killed him...the Head of the Toujoukai!")

Caption:  ...matsu mono wa nani ka....
  ("...at the end of their journy...?")

Nishiki:  Toutou ninku mo no kashikinko ni atta no kumi okane...hyaku'oku...
  nusumareta tte wa hontou desu ka na?
  ("I've been trying not to ask this, but is it true that 10 billion yen of the
   money in our family's accounts...has been stolen?")

Shimano:  Yakamashi wa!
  ("How dare you!!")

Caption:  Ikiru koto wa nigenai koto
  ("To Live Is To Not Run Away")

Kiryuu:  Tekagen wa shinee...shinitee yatsu dake, kakatte koi!
  ("The gloves are off; come at me, only if you wanna die!!")

This is the story of a man, Kiryuu Kazuma, who had nothing but the yakuza, but 
now, betrayed by his old life completely, has found something to protect; some-
thing to live for.
  He was raised in an orphanage, "Sunflower," with a boy and a girl who were
like brother and sister to him, Nishikiyama Akira and Sawamura Yumi, respec-
tively.  He developed a strong bond to these two, and both boys seem to have
fallen in love with the girl, but left those feelings unsaid and those dreams
  Rising up quickly in the ranks of the powerful group of yakuza known as the
Doujima group, founded and lead by Doujima Souhei, Kiryuu earned the nickname
"the Dragon of the Doujima" ("Doujimano Ryuu").  He used his influence to
introduce Nishikiyama to the group and to start a life for him there, too.
  Then in 1995, everything changed.  Doujima, apparently a philanderer, tried
to take Yumi by force.  Nishiki ran to her aid and ended up shooting the boss
to death.  Kiryuu showed up shortly, before the police did.
  Nishiki's sister was in the hospital, recovering from an operation.  The
doctors expected this may have been the last one they could have done for her,
and that she had little time left.  What's more, he had just made his debut and
was just starting this new life.
  So, for the sake of the man he considered his younger brother, Kiryuu decided
to do the unthinkable and take the blame for him....

3b.  Chapter 1


(No missions or coin locker keys to get)

1995, the Kamuro District.  First, Kiryuu will talk to Shinji and say he'll
help him collect payment for him.

"Go and Collect"

Meet Shinji halfway up Kamuro street and talk to him.  He'll run north; follow
him, and he'll stop and talk again, then run east.  He'll stop in front of a
business there called "Peace Finance."  Go in, and you'll fight your very first
  This is actually a tutorial.  Land the attack listed in the lower right-hand
corner of the screen the number of times written in green to pass each test.
The opponents have infinite health, though they do die at points.
  After beating up Hirata and his crew, you'll get an attache case full of the
payment they owed.  Your next task is to go to Serena (highlighted in red) and
meet up with Reina, Nishikiyama, and Yumi.  As you get near the alley that runs
behind Serena, you'll bump into a yakuza who will start an argument.  Fight him,
beat him, and then Majima will show up in a cut scene.  Now, go up the stairs
to Serena.

"Head for the Kazama Group Office"

Now that you've met with your friends, it's time to deliver the money.  The
highlighted area on the map is the office.  Before you go there, Tamura shows
up at the alleyway.  Tamura is apparently a small-time reporter friend of
Kiryuu's, using the info from a friend of his, Aoki.  He's there to introduce
you to Aoki right now.  Talk to them and go.
  You can get in another fight en route--if you want the experience (which you 
probably do).  Walk north from the Serena and you'll meet up with a tough guy 
who'll automatically fight you.
  Bring the case into the office (note the save point if you will) and go
through the door directly across from the entrance.

"Head for the Doujima Group Office"

Leaving Kazama's office, Kiryuu will get a cell phone call.  Answer it with
circle and then go north to the highlighted area.  You can run along the street
on the west, near the theaters, if you wish, but if you just charge north,
near the pachinko slot parlor, you should meet up with Hirata from Peace
Finance.  Fight these guys and beat them.
  Now, the big set-up for the story happens.  Kiryuu will take the fall for
Nishikiyama, who's shot Doujima over Yumi.
  After the movies, Kiryuu will be eating in prison.  The guard leaves, and a
fight breaks out.  Beat Prisoner #1356 (he's the one with the knife and fork)
to end the fight, but I'd recommend defeating all the characters.

3c.  Chapter 2


Mission available:  False Molestation

"Head for Stardust"

Back on the streets, huh?  Kiryuu decides that his best bet is to find Tamura.
Heading north up Kamuro, near the T-junction with Taihei street, you'l run
into a punk, Abe (that's "ah-beh," not "Abe" like "Honest Abe").  He'll offer 
you information.  No matter what line of questioning you pursue, he'll fight 
you, so I usually pick the middle choice, refusing his help right away.
  Beat him, and he'll tell you to go and see Aoki.  Aoki (whom you met in
Chapter 1 leaving Serena) stands in the square in front of the theaters, near
the center on the north, near Club Sega.  Talk to him, and he'll remember you.
He'll tell you all the information you need about Serena and Tamura. It seems
Tamura's been sleeping with the fishes since five years ago for looking into
your case....  Yikes!
  Anyway, you only really need to ask him about Stardust, which is the middle
option.  Once he's told you where Stardust is, it'll appear on your map.
  Head there.  I'd recommend running around and encountering as many random
yakuza and street punks as you can, first.  Once you reach a certain amount of
experience, they'll stop coming around.  One hangs out near where the "False
Molsetation" mission occurs, one at the northeastern edge of the square in
front of the theaters near the pedestrian guardrail, one at the southwestern
corner of the square, one just south of there near the intersection south of
the theater, one in the middle of the road on Tenka'ichi as you near Stardust,
and one off to his west down the alley at the dead-end.
  You can buy information from a man at the eastern edge of the square, too.
All he'll tell you is that the head of the Toujou (that's Sera) has apparently
been killed.
  Once you go near Stardust, Yuuya will attack you.  Beat him, and then you'll
automatically go inside.  Go up the stairs and talk to the owner, then yakuza
will bust.  Go downstairs and talk to them to start the boss-like fight.
  After beating them, Shinji will wait by the door for you to get you into the
funeral so you can meet with Kazama.  Tell him you're ready to go (bottom
choice), but first check out the items box if you haven't already.

3d.  Chapter 3


(No missions or coin locker keys in this chapter)

"Meet Shinji"

Kiryuu needs to sneak into the funeral; he's been cut off from the yakuza.  To
do this, he'll need to find Shinji and sneak in a back way.  At the main gate,
you can see the entrance to the mansion and a bunch of guys in black suits
attending the funeral.  You'll also notice guys wandering around.  These are the
guards you'll have to avoid.
  You need to reach the sign-in desk near the entrance (in a white tent, off to
the entrance's right) without being spotted.  Get spotted, and they'll toss you
out.  My advice is to enter, walk to the right into the parking area, wait for
the guard there to move so you can get past him, get to that middle alley, wait
for the guard there to not be walking straight towards you and turn away, then
run up the stairs to the right and stick to the right.  Talk to the last man
there, who's seated with the tent over him.  Write a fake name (second choice),
then answer you were an old member of the Doujima Group (top choice).
  Now, you have to get a pass to go to the back gate, as the guy there won't
let you in without one.  Go inside the mansion and walk along the right-hand
side to the guy at the desk.  Talk to him, and he'll mention that he dropped his
pass outside.  Walk back out, walk to the right, and you'll see it gleaming not
too far away.  Pick it up, then walk across to the guy who wouldn't let you in
before, and he'll let you in now.
  Walk over to the red area, and you'll be blocked by some big guy who's been
told to bring you to his boss.  He'll fight you.  After beating him, go inside
and see Shinji, who'll lead you in the back gate.
  Head inside the door, and he'll lead you through the back entrance and up
some stairs to a room where Kazama will meet you.  On the way, underneath the
staircase, a man in a black coat calls to you.  This guy is the travelling
black market salesman (whose look hints that he might have some kind of a
connection to the hidden boss, if it isn't him, actually).
  Look inside the room, and you'll see pictures on a wall.  Look at them, get
the low-down on the group leaders inside the Toujoukai.  Then, Kazama will join

"Escape from the Funeral"

Once he's been shot and Shimano shows up, fight the guys in that room (which has
a Heal in it), then Kiryuu will jump out the window.  Beat the guys near the
pond.  If you run around the edge of the pond opposite of the one all the foes
are standing around at, you'll find an Ornamental Spear (which are also inside
the building) and a Heal.  Break in, beat them, then go back in the same door
Shinji led you in.
  There's another Heal here at the end of the hallway that runs around the
funeral's main room.  Beat those guys, then more will show up.  Beat them, and
then go out into the hallway towards the staircase.  There's a little guy
hanging out there to beat.  Then, go upstairs, beat those guys, and there will
be another healing item down the left hallway as you leave the staircase at
your back.  Go to the railing of the next staircase, and you can choose to jump
down with circle if you wish.  Beat those guys...there's another Heal back
behind Kazuma in the corner.
  Beat the guys outside, and then head towards the gate.  You'll meet Shimano
there.  During the boss fight, there's another Heal off to the right from the
gate in front of the tents there.  For strategies, look in the appendix for
Shimano Futoshi.

3e.  Chapter 4


Missions Available:  "Hey, That Hurt!", "Hey, That Hurt!  The Revenge," "Hey!
  That Hurt!  The Great Revenge," "Hey, That Hurt!  Epilogue," "The Yakuza-
  Hating Man," "For Good Cafe'," "Bad News for Smile Burger," "Benevolence and
  Renumeration,"% "Find the Manuscript," "Catch the Pickpocket," "The Stalker,"
  "The Cost of Fortune," "Dine and Dash," "Purse Snatcher," "UFO Catcher," "My
  Contact," "The Matchstick Girl," "Number One Host," "The Guard," "The Strong-
  Armed Man," "The Gold Lighter," "My Son," "Collections Call," "Art and
  Talent," "The Price of an F-Cup," "Baby's A Showgirl"*
Coin Locker Keys:  2, 3, 5*, 6, 8, 12, 16, 19, 21-28, 29*, 30-41, 42*, 44, 46*,

"Head for Serena"

Kiryuu jumps into a speeding car that is driven by one of the detectives on the
case Kiryuu ended up getting time for, Date Makoto.  After a speedy getaway, he
is finally returned to Kamuro--this is the first time you can pretty much go
all about the entire map.  The game will prompt you to go to Serena, as Kiryuu
didn't get a chance to make it there earlier.  Well, before you do, I'd sug-
gest that you complete all the missions and get all the coin locker keys you
can for the experience, money, and items.  When you're ready, go to Serena.
It'll be highlighted on the map.

"Head for Bacchus"

Before you go to Bacchus, you'll get a phone call from Yuuya.  He'll want to
meet up at a strip club.  It'll be highlighted in green; Bacchus will be in red
(tho' you should remember it because you were just there at the head of the
chapter).  Going to the club will start the "Baby's A Showgirl" mission.
  After visiting Bacchus and finally meeting Haruka, she'll follow you away
from the bloody scene.  You'll note you can't go north; it's blocked by the
cops.  Walk south, and you'll see a cut scene where a bunch of stupid punks are
throwing rocks at a dog.  Beat them.

"Save the Dog"

Haruka thinks it's too cruel to leave the poor dog alone out there; she wants
you to feed it.  Dog Food is apparently only sold at the Don Quixote super-
market at the southern edge of Chuudou street (the corner of Chuudou and
  Bring the food to the dog (I'll usually buy it in advance of this chapter to
avoid running all over the place later), and talk to Haruka.  Unfortunately, if
you're playing an import game, this might be a bit hard as it brings up a list
of your items and you'll have to find the Dog Food.  You'll also have to be
able to recognise the name to buy it from Don Quixote in the first place....

"Get Haruka to A Safe Place"

OK, so Haruka's had enough, and collapses.  Kiryuu will now carry her.  Thugs
will block your path--go ahead and fight 'em.  Be mindful of your health and
healing items--you can't go into shops like this, I don't believe.  Date calls
you and suggests getting Haruka over to Reina's.
  Right here...this is where you can pick up coin locker key #5.  That was so
annoying!  No list on the net seemed to have the right time to get this key,
and I had everything else.  On the way to Serena's, you'll see a guy standing
in front of the black car just to the west of the lockers on the north side of
the street.  Talk to him.
  Once she's rested a bit and become chipper again, she'll explain she was
looking for her mother, Mizuki, who is, apparently, Yumi's sister.  Of course,
you're supposed to wonder if it's the same Yumi that Kiryuu knew ten years ago.
  When you're ready to go, go and talk to Haruka, and answer "Yeah, let's go to
Ares," which is the bottom choice.
  Running with Haruka to the Milennium Tower, you'll run into a cop near the
save point.  It seems that nothing you say is good for this guy.  I usually
just choose the first choice over and over.  The upshot if it all will be that
Haruka calls you her daddy and the cop lets you go.
  Inside the Milennium Tower, be sure to grab all three coin locker keys, and
then head to the elevators in the basement.  First, Haruka will choose to look
at the directory, then she'll run over to the elevator.  Talk to her, then go
in.  She knows the code to get to Ares.
  Inside, run to the left of the door as you look into the room and around to
the picture on the wall of.  Hayashi shows up and Kiryuu assumes they're after
him, but Hayashi tells him they're after the girl.  Beat them.  (see "Hayashi
Hiroshi" in the characters appendix for strategies)

3f.  Chapter 5


Missions Available:  "Art and Talent 2," "Art and Talent 3," "Art and Talent 4,"
  "Art and Talent 5," "To Be A Doctor"*%, and the completion of "Benevolence and
Coin Locker Keys:  1, 13, 14, 15

"To The River Styx"

The biggest thing that'll happen to you in Chapter 5 is you'll find the River
Styx area and meet "Gambling" Hanaya ("Sai no Hanaya").  The area I call the
River Styx is called "Sai no Kawara" in Japan.  It's hard to translate, but it
literally means "The Competing River Bed" or "The Gambling River Bed," and is
a spiritual place where the river "Sanzukawa" is located, which divides the
world into three parts.  It's what you cross in Shingon Buddhism when you die,
so it's often called the River Styx.  The "Sai no Kawara" is also referred to
as "limbo," sometimes.
  It's the same "Sai" that's in "Sai no Hanaya," and "Hanaya" means "flower
shop" (tho' it can also be a last name).  So, he might get a name like "Charon"
or "Hades" or something in the North American release.  I'll just refer to him
as "Hanaya."
  At the eastern end of Kou'enmae ("in front of the park") street, there's a
little park with a run-down toilet.  Going in there (please be sure and give the
boy outside some food as you'll need to do that to complete a mission later),
you'll be greeted by an "out of order" sign.  Run off to the right, down into
the toilets, and you'll be stopped by homeless guys.  They'll ask if you saw
the sign.  It doesn't matter how you answer (I just put the top choice, "yes").
  Before anything big goes down, one of the guards will get a call from Hanaya
and you'll be escorted inside.  Right before the entrance to the underground
casinos and such, you'll be able to buy things from the homeless man or look
around the new area for two coin locker keys and finish up the newly-unlocked
  At any rate, you'll now need to go down into said area and run all the way
down to meet Hanaya.  There are two more coin keys to pick up along the way and
you can check out the casino if you want.  Once you talk to Hanaya, he'll ask
you to do something for him before he gives you the info you need.  He wants you
to fight in his little underground club.  Go to it.  When you're in the hallway,
waiting to fight, use the items box if you have to or save the game, but when
you're ready, talk to Hanaya.  Answer the bottom choice for his questions, and
make sure you don't have anything equipped.
  The fights in this arena have three rounds.  You'll only be able to fight this
one right now.  First, you'll fight Daniel Feldman, an escaped con from the USA,
Gaowayan Pramuk, a former middleweight kickboxing champ from Thailand, and then
the undefeated, retired champ from the USA who wields a really thick American 
accent, Gary "Buster" Holmes.

"Save Date"

So, after you beat the knuckleheads, Hanaya starts to talk.  Homeless guys block
your exit, so you'll have to talk to Hanaya.  He's interrupted by a phone call.
It's about Date.  You gotta go help that guy.  Apparently, he's hassled the
homeless guys there and has a past with Hanaya.
  Before you get to the flashing red area, I'd recommend going over to Komaki,
noted at the north end of the map, near the center, standing with his arms
crossed and looking all tough.  He's seen your fighting in the colisseum and
thinks you look good enough to become his deshi (pupil).  Make sure you have
nothing equipped.  For tips on getting moves from him, look in the "Hidden
Moves" appendix.
  These guys beating up on Date aren't much to speak of, even if they all have

"Save Haruka"

So why was Date charging into an area where he clearly wasn't wanted?  Well, the
video Hanaya showed you earlier had Haruka getting kidnapped and Date getting
shot.  So...now, you gotta go get her.  They've taken her away to the Yoshida
Batting Center.  Along the way, beat up the thugs planted.  One of the guys that
appears (he appears near MEB) asks you about Ares.  I usually answer him that I
know it, then I ask why he wants to know--first choice, second choice.  This
gets the fight.
  Majima is a pretty tough fight.  You'll probably want a lot of healing items
on hand.  He's in the characters section if you want some suggestions.  Beat
him, and Haruka will say she was helped by a mysterious figure.

3g.  Chapter 6


Missions Available:  "A Drunk," "The Cell Phone You Picked Up," "The Former Pro-
  Leaguer," "Bad News for the Gelato Shop," "The Suspicious Man," "Graffiti,"
  "Find the Bag," "Horse Racing Mania," "The Scout," "Yakuza Aspirations,"
  "Yakuza Aspirations 2," "The Man in the Toilet," "Save Ka'ai Momoko,"
  "Suspicious Gun"
Coin Locker Keys:  17, 20

This is a weird chapter.  It doesn't really have too much to do with the main
plot.  I suppose they wanted to do some character portraits for a couple of the
main guys, but....  I dunno; it's just kinda out of place.

"Meet with Hanaya at the River Styx"

So, when you walk out of Serena, a homeless man will meet you and ask you to go
and see Hanaya.  You might want to do all the missions available now.
  You'll find Hanaya holed up in his little pit watching everything.  He'll tell
you that his son, Takashi, is in big trouble with some yakuza.  Seems he's run
off with Kyouka, the boss's daughter.
  Go to the batting center and you'll have to fight Takashi because he just
assumes you're a yakuza come to get her back.  He has a bat and a lengthy life
bar, but he's pretty easy.  After him, tho', you'll have to fight B-King, a
team Takashi belongs to--or, at least, used to, before he suddenly quit.  The
leader likes to sweep a lot, but you can throw him fairly easily. 

"Head for Deborah"

You gotta get to the night club, Deborah, which is right in front of the 
theaters.  Once there, you'll have to run up the stairs to the balcony, where
the door is blocked by a tough guy.  Once you get near him, there will be a cut
scene showing Kiryuu breaking in on the Atobe group.  Beat them--the boss won't
drop his knife.  You can throw guys over the railing (whee!).
  Once you beat them, then the boss will tell Kyouka through a note that he just
wants her to be happy, but that they want the money back.  Takashi says that to
prove he wants her happiness, he'll do anything.  He means to cut his own
fingers off, but, Kiryuu stops him.
  After that, Kiryuu will suddenly go to see the Hanaya--for some reason, you
don't have to make him run all the way over there (this rarely happens in the
game).  After talking to him, Kiryuu thinks he should go back to Serena, walks
outside, and gets a call from Reina....  Apparently, they thought they should
tell you twice.
  Go there, and talk to Date...well, hit the circle button, anyway.  He's passed
out drunk.

"Save Date's Daughter"

So, Date's daughter, Saya, seems upset at him for not being there when he said
he would.  Well...yeah, of course.  Go down to the Third Park, and two "kogals"
will come and solicit you.  Kiryuu looks confused, so they look shocked and
decide to go.  One girl calls the other "Saya."
  Kiryuu tries to talk to her, but she runs off.  The other girl seems to be
actually concerned about her friend, so she talks to you and tells you to go
and see some guy Shoutarou, who apparently works out of the bar, Shellac.
  The owner of Shellac wants to see if you're really Shoutarou's friend or not,
so he'll ask what his most expensive drink is.  It's the second-to-the-last
one, Bowmore '40.  He'll tell you that Shoutarou now works as a host at Star-
dust and goes by the name "Shouta" (with different Kanji).
  Date breaks in while Kiryuu has Yuuya finger Shouta.  After much arguing,
you'll have to fight with the knuckleheads outside.  Go to leave, and Saya will
run up to you and you'll ask where this guy is.  She'll tell you it's the
Hanagata Building, on Pink street.

"Head for the Hanagata Building"

She'll follow you there.  Once there, you'll see Shouta trying to scam Date
out of money.  He tells him to even sell his gun (which is a common, symbolic
castration of a police officer in gangster films in Asia) to pay for it.  Date
would die for Saya, apparently, and she's moved.  Well...go bust their heads!
But...be aware that Shouta doesn't drop his knife.
  Well, things are looking good for father and kid.  Hey, that's the name of
this chapter!

3h.  Chapter 7

The DRAGON and the KOI

Missions Available:  "Bad News for B-King," "The Man Who Wanted to Die,"*
  "Casino Royale,"* "Betting on Boxing,"* (plus the completion of "To Be A
Coin Keys Available:  9

This is a good chapter, and if you're going for 100%, you should note that you
can now finally (?) lead Haruka around and get her trust up in you (see the
appendix in extras), thus getting some key items.  Also, at least one mission
needs to be completed before the "chouhan" betting incident, and two after.

"Head for Ryuujinkaikan"

Kiryuu will be strangely woken up by Date (augh!) brandishing the photo of a
corpse's tattoo.  Apparently, it's Mizuki, Haruka's mother.  Kiryuu figures
that he should go and see the artist--since that tattoo must have been done by
the same one who did his many years ago.
  Head for the highlighted area near Senryou street, and Kiryuu will talk to
the artist and find out that it's a fake.  Then, a phone call will come from
Nishikiyama (!), who'll ask you to meet him at Stardust that night.  The artist
freshens up his tattoo on Kiryuu's back.
  Once you get back to Stardust, talk to Date, and Haruka will get upset at you
for always leaving her in the dark.  She figures you're just after her stupid
pendant like everyone else, so she slams it on the bar and storms off.

"Find Haruka"

This is an annoying point because there's really no clue as to where the girl
ran off--and she did it so fast, too!  Run up to the square in front of the
theater (with Date in tow) and talk to Aoki--he's standing in the same spot he
was in in Chapter 2.  He'll tell you about a girl who seems pretty shaken up
but seems to know what's going on, who's now in that Club Sega behind him.  Go
and talk to her--she's in the Print Club Machine.
  According to her information, there's a guy in the parking lot on the east end
of Taihei street who knows what's up.  Go and see him, and threaten him three
times (top choice).  He'll tell you that you can find her in one of the parks
  You can check all three, but why waste time?  At the Third Park, you'll find
some mysterious men who look like they stepped right out of an X-Files episode.
Go to Stardust and confront them.  Kiryuu throws the pendant in exchange for
Haruka (whom they try to kill anyway and actually do graze with a bullet).
  Fight them.  Two of them have guns.  They'll drop a pin that Date says he'll
look into later.
  After the fight, you'll automatically go to the River Styx (again!), and
Hanaya will set you up there with a base of operations (a "Hint Room").
  OK, so, is it just me, or did Haruka *just* find out about her mother's
death?  She suddenly wants to go see the town and have some fun.  There are a
few hours before you have to meet Nishiki, so, Date suggests you take her out.
Before you leave, a homeless man tells you to go and see the fortune teller
by the coin lockers for a good time.  This is where the "chouhan" gambling
incident will take place.  So...before you do go there, you'll want to walk
west and encounter the "The Man Who Wanted to Die" mission.  I usually do the
"Casino Royale" one, too.  You might want to lead Haruka around and build her
up to at least "S" now, too, and I usually bring her over to Aoki to thank him.
You don't need to, but it'll make Aoki come to visit the River Styx later and
meet up with Tamura, wrapping that story up.
  Go to the Fortune Teller's and give 'em the 100,000 yen.  You'll get whisked
away into the chouhan dice game.  Bet the maximum over and over; it really
doesn't matter because Haruka apparently always wins--until the dealer gets up
and goes to the bathroom, secretly getting some loaded dice, too (which look
really stupid).  OK, so then she loses, and Kiryuu gets up to leave, but they
won't have that, of course.  You gotta fight your way through this...it seems
the guy's gonna get his fingers cut off after you leave (ow).  Or maybe worse.
  As you leave, Date calls you and tells you to bring Haruka back--it's time to
meet Nishiki.  Before you do, you might want to do the two missions that are
finished after the chouhan event--"To Be A Doctor" and "Betting on Boxing."
  Then, bring her back.

"Head for Serena"

Go to Serena and talk to Nishikiyama.  He asks you to hand over the kid and to
join up with him, but Kiryuu refuses (of course).  Nishiki leaves and sicks his
goons on you a moment later.  Fight them first in the bar with their bokutou,
then Kiryuu will go outside and fight them--lead by Shintou Kouji--in the

3i.  Chapter 8


Missions Available:  "The Gokudou's Wife"*

"Find Haruka"

It must be rough to exist only to be kidnapped.  When Kiryuu leaves Serena, he
hears from all the folks on the street that something big's gone down over at
the River Styx, and that firemen were called, and there was a big explosion.
Well...go there.  It seems it was a plot to snatch Haruka.  People there tell
you that a gang got her.
  There are three main gangs in Kamuro, each identified by their colors--the
Blue Z (Blues?), the White Edge, and the Bloody Eye.  First, when you walk
right out of the River Styx, you'll see some of the Blue Z hanging out right
near that alley that the Strong-Arm Man stood around in.  Talk to them, and
Kiryuu will end up fighting them.
  They'll tell you that the White Edge hang out in the Champion District.  You
don't actually need to fight the Blue Z, but I usually want the experience.
  Did you ever notice that little nook just south of Champion that's guarded by
a white-clad guy?  That's where they are.  Go there, and Kiryuu will strong-arm
his way in.  Beat Shiraki Yuuji and he'll tell you that they handed her over to
the Bloody Eye.

"Head for Deborah"

The Bloody Eye apparently hang out in Deborah.  Go over there and upstairs to
that little balcony you fought the Atobe group at.  Beat those guys (who hang
off the light fixtures if you throw them off the railing) and then go down-
stairs and into the actual dance floor.  Beat the Akai Brothers (who apparently
have a tag team routine) and you'll find out that they handed Haruka over to the
Se Waa Chinese Mafiosi, headed by Lau Ga Lung.  Kiryuu remembers when he was
saved from Lau's torture by Kazama.
  Date will call you.  Go back to the River Styx and meet up with him, and
he'll ask if you're ready to go.  That's the bottom choice.  The phone will
ring first, and it'll be Hanaya.  Go and see him first if you want to complete
the "The Gokudou's Wife" mission.  When you're ready, go and talk to Date and
choose the bottom choice....

3j.  Chapter 9


(No missions or coin locker keys in this chapter)


OK, so Kiryuu knows that he has to go to Chinatown and face Lau Ga Lung, who
carved him up and tried to kill him as a message to the Toujoukai many years
ago.  Kazama's leg was injured in the daring rescue operation.  Anyway, he
hangs out at the Chui Lin Lau restaurant (literally "Green Lotus Pavilion").
  This is a long battle, similar to the one in chapter 3.  First, a whole mess
of guys fight you in the main restaurant.  Go through the flashing doors to get
to the kitchen.  In here are two healing items in two of the alcoves.  The chef
wields two cleavers.  Then, you'll finally face Lau Ga Lung.  There are two
healing items during this fight:  one hidden behind Haruka, and one off to the
right as you're looking at Haruka, midway along the wall.  For strategies, see
"La Ga Lung" in the characters appendix.

"Retaliation from the Se Waa"

Driving away, the Se Waa will attack you.  This begins the track shooting, 
Virtua Cop or Time Crisis-like shooting mission.  Suddenly, you'll be playing a
shooting game, rather than a running-around-and-beating-up-yakuza game.  This 
is the only time you'll have to do this.
  Here's what you do:  aim with the left analog stick.  Use the X button to
reload (and to get inside the car; this also avoids attacks, but damages the
car), hit the triangle button to fire, hit the R1 button to zoom in, hit the
L2 and R2 buttons to move 90 degrees either to the left (counter-clockwise) or
right (clockwise).  Two health bars will appear:  one for Kiryuu, one for the
car.  Once you've killed the guys shooting at you in the cars, the driver will
try to ram you.  It usually takes three shots to destroy the car.
  You'll know you can shoot someone when a green circle appears around their
person.  You'll know they're gonna shoot you when that red symbol about their
body gets dark.  You'll either want to hit them or dodge by reloading.  You
have infinite rounds, but you can only hold 10 at a time.  Once the truck with
guys standing on the trailer appears in the road next to you, you're at the
final fight.  The guy with the long life bar is Gam.  Kill him and it's all

3k.  Chapter 10


Missions Available:  "Suspicious Cop," "Street Fighter," "Catch the Pick-
  pocket 2," "Gang Busters," "Gang Busters 2," "Gang Busters 3," "Gang
  Busters 4," "Gang Busters 5," "Gang Busters Leader," "Pulling the Strings:
  Asano," "A Dying Man's Request," "A Dying Man's Wish," "A Dying Man's Hope,"
  "Abandoning the Yakuza," "Mistaken Identity," "Kyouka and Takashi,"
  "Collection Help," "The True Form of a Beautiful Lady," "Yakuza
  Aspirations 3," "Yakuza Aspirations 4"
Coin Locker Keys:  4, 7, 10, 48*

"Find Shinji and Reina"

When Kiryuu and Date get back, Kiryuu suddenly realises something and goes to
Hanaya's room.  They had a mole in their little operation:  Reina.  When you
arrive at Serena, you'll find it in shambles, and a note on the counter.  Read
the note and Kiryuu will find out that Reina was in love with Nishikiyama and
thought if she could prove useful to him to bring Kiryuu and the 10 billion yen
to him, he would see her in a different light.  Well...now, she realises her
mistake.  She and Shinji are both deserting...but, from the state of the bar,
something horrible must have happened.
  Leaving the bar, you'll see all sorts of blood all over the ground.  Shinji
and Reina are in the building the man wanted to jump from in the "The Man Who
Wanted to Die" mission, at the west end of Kou'enmae street to the east of the
Yoshida Batting Center.  You'll get various tips, including a phone call from
Shinji himself.
  Before you go there, I'd suggest doing this batch of missions that have just
become available.  If you've been keeping up on it, you should only really have
two missions to do after this chapter.

"Head for the Roof"

Once inside, look around, and you'll see blood on the wall.  Be sure to go
inside the bathroom and pick up the coin locker key.  Run up the stairs and
you'll start the action event.  Make sure you explore the whole building--
there is part of the floor directly above you from the entrance that you might
pass up that has a Heal in it.  Beat up all the guys, pick up all the items.
  There's a Heal off to the left of one of the staircases, at the top floor
before the roof in a little room with the glass windows broken, one at the
roof right behind you, one after you jump to the second part if you run around
the whole roof instead of running underneath the bridge to the spot behind the
staircase, and one at the last part where you face Nagase.
  Oh yeah, at the end, you'll find Shinji mortally wounded and Nagase Masato.
For this mission, I really recommend you wear the Bulletproof Vest to prevent
always being knocked down.

3l.  Chapter 11


Missions Available:  "The Truth Behind the Fake Mizuki"*, "The Last Assassin"
Coin Locker Keys:  18*, 45*

"Go to the Tougenkyou"

Shinji's last request is that Kiryuu go and tell his girl, Akemi, about his
death.  Akemi is a prostitute working at the "soapland" (a kind of brothel),
the Tougenkyou.  "Tougenkyou" means "Peach Fields Homeland," literally.  The
word "peach" is used because it looks like a butt and is pink; the color that
means "woman," and "homeland" obviously is there to make you think it's some
kind of dreamy place to go.  It's really not a bad name, but sounds weird in
English, maybe.
  There's a hilarious scene here where Haruka asks them what a "soapland" is.
Well, the truth is, it's a place where women (not very far from prostitutes at
all) will bathe their guests privately.  Yes, they offer them sexual services.
  When Haruka asks, Kiryuu says, "Well, it's a bath--," but then he looks over
to Date, "--or, is it more like a sauna?"
  Date responds, "Hey, don't try to make me answer this!"
  Haruka asks Kiryuu if he's ever been, and he looks uncomfortable and doesn't
know how to answer.  The truth is, Haruka actually knows what a soapland is
(even at 9), so she's just playing with them all.
  The Tougenkyou is ridiculous; it costs a million yen (that's somewhere around
$80K) a night there, and the passes are apparently very hard to get ahold of.
Hanaya knows that a woman named "Zan Mei" (a.k.a. "Shinmei") has a pass.
She's a Chinese-born cabaret club girl over at Shine.
  Before you go, if you thanked Aoki in the square before the theaters with
Haruka to thank him for helping in gettig her back, he'll come back to see you
there.  Remember when Tajima checked in with you again earlier and said that he
actually hadn't been killed, but was now under Hanaya's watchful eye?  No?
Well, no matter.  At this point, the two friends will be reunited, finally,
with a word of caution from Kiryuu about not getting too mixed up in things
  So go and see Zan Mei over at Shine and she'll agree to help, but only if you
can get her brother a fake passport from some guy named Master Jan Bin (a.k.a.
"Ninbenshi").  Well...of course, you should be able to smell the Se Waa here.
  Go north to Jewel on Taihei street, and you'll be lead to Ayaka, who will
deny knowing anything about Jan Bin.  Leave the club.  Just after you leave,
members of the Se Waa will walk in, saying "This is the place, right?" or
something like that.  Kiryuu notices.  Walk back inside, and they'll be trying
to rough the girls up.  They run off, and the Se Waa members say they'll meet
her at the Third Park.
  Go there and you'll find Ayaka and her friend being attacked by the Se Waa
again.  They figure out who you are and attack.
  After you show them you mean business, the girls agree to help you, revealing
the true identity of this "Jan Bin" person (it's the madame of the Jewel club).
  Take the passport to Zan Mei and she'll thank you, but...it turns out that 
she gave her pass to a guy named Mizuno, a man she shacked up with before.
She'll give you an expensive necklace.  Go and talk to Mizuno (he works at MEB 
on Taihei now; they don't mark this on your map for some reason!).  He'll sell 
you the pass, but he wants 500,000 yen for it.  You can buy it for 300,000
instead, and he'll give in, because you mentioned Zan Mei.
  OK, so you now have a pass.  If you go back and talk to Haruka, she'll follow
you to the Tougenkyou.  Beware, however!  You'll also get a message that Hanaya
has some information for you.  Go and see him before leading Haruka to get the
"The Truth Behind the Fake Mizuki" mission.  If you complete that mission, and
you've kept up with things, you should have completed all 72 "normal" missions
(and maybe all six cabaret club ones, too).  This means that the final mission
is available--the one where you fight the secret boss!
  There's another thing you can do at this point--take Haruka down to Bantam.
Remember the boxe, Jackal Yagisawa?  Well, so does Haruka.  Go inside and talk
to the barkeep.  He'll put down a newspaper that has a picture of Yagisawa
saying that he did win the match.
  Once you're ready, go and get Haruka and head down to the Tougenkyou.  Go
inside and head for the last room on the top floor--pick up the keys along the
way.  You can stop inside rooms to ask for Akemi, and the women there will tell
you she's up top at the very last room.

"Head for the Lobby"

Once you meet Akemi and tell her the news, she'll tell you about Terada and how
he's hiding Kazama.  Then, suddenly, enter Majima, who drives a huge truck
right into the Tougenkyou.  Well...that's easier than paying a million yen, I
  Once you've messed with the items box and/or saved your game as you will, go
out the door.  I recommend taking one high-level armor such as Haruka's Neck-
lace and the Bulletproof Vest gotten from the "The Cell Phone You Picked Up"
mission, or bought from the hidden weapons shop in Beam.  Why?  Well, in one
hallway, three men with guns will stay by the staircase and keep knocking you
down if you don't have some protection.  There's a shield hidden nearby, but
it's not very good because you'll drop it a lot and it slows you down.
  There's also a Heal hidden in one of the rooms--be sure and visit them all.
  Once you get near the lobby, you'll see Majima holding Akemi with a knife.
When you tell him she's Shinji's girl, he suddenly lets her off and treats her
with respect.  Kiryuu says he really can't figure Majima out at all.  It's 
true; he's a pretty weird guy.
  Oh, yeah, you have to fight him now.  This is a bit of a headache.
  Once you beat him, you'll go back to the River Styx.  Meet with Date here and
tell him about the information Akemi's passed on to you.  He'll want to take 
you to Terada's boat.  Choose the bottom choice once you're ready.

3m.  Chapter 12


Coin Locker Keys:  11*, 43*

"Go to Where Kazama Is Waiting"

Be sure to pick up a key near the entrance on the pier before the ship, and
the other on the deck.  Once you go in the door, you'll go and meet up with
Terada Yukio and Kazama.  Kazama tells you about the theft of the 10 billion
yen and what's happened with Yumi losing her memory and how Sera had drawn up
a secret will naming his successor to thwart Jingu's plot.
  Then...Shimano suddenly shows up.  Go out and fight his men on the deck, then
Kiryuu will jump off the ship as the other guys toss bombs up there.  Down on
the pier, you'll fight against Shimano's group with your own.  First thing?
Run up to Shimano and hit "circle" so, even though he'll break the throw, he'll
drop the sword.
  After you beat him, Shimano will throw a bomb at Haruka, but Kazama throws
his body over her, protecting her (and getting killed).

3n.  Chapter 13

The END of the FIGHT

Coin Locker Keys:  29*, 42*, 46*  These were available earlier.  You won't be
  able to open the coin lockers with these, so you won't be able to get 100%.

"To Ares"

OK, so, now everyone seems to know where the money is.  If you think about it,
there's no reason why this didn't happen earlier, really.  Leave Stardust, and
head for Ares--but be sure to buy anything you want from the traveling sales-
  First, you'll fight people and the part in the preview happens.  Everyone's
there to get their piece of Kiryuu.  Beat them all.
  OK, so...you probably don't have any tight ends to tie up, but if you do,
now's the time to do it.
  Inside the Milennium Tower, you'll first fight MIA agents in the lobby.
Beat them, then go to the elevators.  Up in Ares, you'll meet with Yumi--
  Jingu shows up.  Kiryuu reveals that he was named the next head by Sera.
  Beat up the gangsters who turn on Terada, then beat the MIA-2 agents.  
There's a Heal under one of the big planters.  Beat the MIA-2 agents in suits 
and then get Jingu to half health, and he'll fly away in a helicopter.
  There's two more Heals on the staircase to the helipad, and two up top on
the helipad.  You can beat the two MIA-2 agents around Jingu, but they'll just
re-appear, so...focus on the boss.
  Once back inside, Nishiki shows up.  Finally, you can fight with your old
friend and rival.  Beat him, and Yumi will reveal the money--plus her plan to
blow it up.  She'll also show that she was in love with Kiryuu.
  Suddenly, in a hilarious cliche', Jingu comes in and shoots at Kiryuu.
Haruka gets in the way--but Yumi stands in front of her and gets killed.  Then,
Jingu slowly walks towards Kiryuu with his gun out, but...Nishiki comes charg-
ing towards him with a knife and plunges it into his stomach, getting shot in
the process.  He knows what he has to do with the money....  So, he turns the
gun on the bomb Yumi had set, and fires--somehow leaving Haruka and Kiryuu,
standing fifteen feet or so from the explosion, magically unharmed.
  Money rains down on the streets of Kamuro a' la Die Hard.
  Kiryuu hands the gang over to Terada and drives away, retiring from the crime
business.  Then, he says goodbye to Date.  Date asks if he'll ever return, and
Kiryuu says that he will if Date ever needs him, but, Date thinks that he
should quit nosing around and pay attention to Saya.  Well...it seems that
Kiryuu has someone to take care of, too.  The end!

3o.  Quick Walkthrough

I'll leave out non-essential steps such as side missions and just list the bare
bones outline here, so you don't have to sift through too much rambling.

Follow Shinji to Peace Finance -> Play through tutorial-like fight against
Hirata, et al -> Go to Serena -> Beat yakuza -> Go up fire escape -> Go to
Kazama Group Office -> Go to Doujima Group Office -> Beat Prisoner #1356

Go north to Taihei and Kamuro intersection -> Talk to Abe (any choice) ->
Defeat Abe -> Go to Square in front of the Theaters -> Talk to Aoki (1st
choice) -> Go to Stardust -> Defeat Yuuya (a.k.a. "Stardust Man") -> Go up-
stairs -> Go downstairs and talk to yakuza -> Defeat Shimano Group yakuza ->
Talk to Shinji (2nd choice)

Evade guards to check-in desk south of main doors -> Go through main doors ->
Talk to man at desk -> Go back outside -> Go to west of the main doors and pick
up badge -> Go east and north towards Shinji -> Defeat Oomirengun yakuza ->
Go through gate and meet Shinji -> Follow Shinji inside mansion and upstairs ->
Enter room -> Look at pictures on wall -> Defeat Shimano yakuza -> Defeat
yakuza by koi pond -> Go inside mansion -> Defeat yakuza inside funeral display
room -> Go upstairs and south and then downstairs -> Go out main doors ->
Go south to main gates -> Defeat Shimano Futoshi

Go to Serena -> Go back to Bacchus -> Take Haruka south -> Defeat White Edge
members -> Talk to Haruka (1st choice) -> Find and select Dog Food (bought from
Don Quixote) -> Carry Haruka to Serena (defeat yakuza on the way) -> Follow
Haruka towards Milennium Tower -> Talk to policeman (any choice but 3rd repeat-
edly) -> Go inside tower -> Go down stairs and to 1st floor directory -> Go to
1st floor main elevators -> Follow Haruka -> Look at picture on wall -> Defeat
Hayashi Hiroshi

Go to River Styx -> Go downstairs -> Head to Hanaya's room -> Talk to
Hanaya (2nd choice) -> Talk to Hanaya again (2nd choice, be sure nothing is
equipped) -> Defeat D. Feldman -> Defeat G. Pramuk -> Defeat G. B. Holmes ->
Talk to Hanaya -> Exit -> Head towards exit -> Defeat River Styx
residents -> Go to Yoshida Batting Center (defeat yakuza en route) -> Defeat
Majima Gorou

Leave Serena -> Go to Hanaya at River Styx -> Go to Yoshida Batting
Center -> Defeat Takashi -> Defeat B-King -> Go to Deborah -> Talk to yakuza
blocking either door -> Defeat Atobe Group yakuza -> Leave -> Talk to Hanaya ->
Leave -> Go to Serena -> Talk to Date -> Go to Third Park -> Go to Shellac in
Champion District -> Talk to bartender (1st choice, 4th choice) -> Go to Star-
dust -> Defeat punks -> Exit Stardust -> Go to Hanagata Building on Pink ->
Defeat Shouta

Go to Ryuujinkaikan (near Senryou) -> Go to Serena -> Talk to Date -> Go to
Square in front of the Theaters -> Talk to Aoki -> Go to Club Sega in front of
the Theaters -> Talk to girl at Print Club machine -> Go to parking lot on
Nanafuku -> Talk to punk (2nd choice three times) -> Go to Third Park -> Defeat
MIA agents -> Talk to homeless man at exit from River Styx -> Go to
Fortune Teller -> Continue betting until fight -> Defeat bodyguards and dice
roller -> Go to River Styx -> Go to Serena -> Defeat Nishikiyama yakuza
in bar -> Defeat Shintou Kouji

Go to River Styx -> Defeat White Edge in Champion District -> Go to
Deborah -> Defeat Akai Brothers -> Go to River Styx -> Talk to Date
(2nd choice)

Defeat Se Waa members in dining hall -> Defeat Chui Lin Lau chefs and Se Waa
members in kitchen -> Defeat Lau Ga Lung -> Shoot enemies and vehicles, defeat

Go to empty building on Kou'enmae -> Go upstairs -> Get to the roof -> Jump to
the final rooftop scene -> Defeat Nagase Masato

Go to Shine, talk to Zan Mei -> Go to Jewel, talk to Ayaka, exit -> Go back in
after remaining Se Waa members -> Go to Third Park -> Defeat remaining Se Waa
members -> Go to Shine, talk to Zan Mei -> Go to MEB, talk to Mizuno -> Buy
pass for 30,000 yen (2nd choice) -> Go to River Styx -> Talk to Date ->
Go to Tougenkyou -> Go upstairs to farthest room -> Go outside -> Go down-
stairs -> Go downstairs -> Defeat Majima Gorou -> Talk to Date (2nd choice)

Board ship -> Talk to Terada and Kazama -> Go on deck -> Defeat Shimano Group
yakuza -> Defeat Shimano Futoshi

Go to Milennium tower -> Defeat MIA in lobby -> Take elevator to Ares -> Defeat
Oomirengun yakuza -> Defeat Jingu Kyouhei (pursue to helipad and defeat him
there) -> Defeat Nishikiyama Akira


4a.  Missions
NOTE:  I'll mark the ones that you'll only have one chance to do with *'s.
Most of them will simply start in the chapter I've noted and can be done at
any time after then, tho'.  Other missions span chapters.  I'll note them with
a %.

Chapter 2

There's a lady wandering around in a random pattern in front of the Volcano
pachinko slot parlor.  Bump into her, and she'll cry "pervert!"  Then, yakuza
will come and threaten you.  Refuse to pay (first choice) and then defeat the
big guy.

Chapter 4

Requirement:  clear "False Molestation" mission
North of where you encountered the lady in the mission "False Molestation," just
before the street meets up with Nanafuku Street, there will be three tough guys
walking around.  Bump into them, refuse to pay (1st choice), and then beat

Requirement:  clear "Hey, That Hurt!"
Those three guys will be back, this time armed!  Bump into them, refuse to pay
(1st choice again), and then beat them.

Requirement:  clear "Hey, That Hurt!  The Revenge"
Those three guys will come back, armed again, and this time with two, big,
hulking thugs.  Bump into them again, refuse to pay again (it's a rather steep
fine this time anyway!--1st choice) and then beat them again.

Requirement:  clear "Hey, That Hurt!  The Great Revenge"
Those three guys are back!  But...if you bump into them, this time, they just
offer a lame excuse about just being out for a nice little stroll and run away
with their tails tucked between their legs.  Heh.

Go near the park in western Nanafuku street and you'll get flagged down by a man
who asks if you're a yakuza.  It doesn't matter how you answer; he'll attack you
anyway.  Beat him.

At Good Cafe' (in Chuudou street), first talk to the owner, then to the yakuza
blocking his door.  Tell him off (bottom choice) and win the battle.

In front of Smile Burger (east side of Chuudou street), there are yakuza right
in front of the shop arguing with an employee.  Talk to them and tell them to
knock it off (first choice), then win the battle.

NOTE:  You'll have to be able to get into the River Styx to complete
  this quest.  What's more, you'll have to beat the "Strong-Armed Man" mission
  to give away the last item.
Buy a Japanese Sake for the old man in The Third Park (near the Stardust host
club, to the east of Tenka'ichi street).  Choose the first choice, then the
first choice to drink with him, then get the coin locker key he gives out.
Visit the coin lockers to get the Old Coat.  There's a shivering man near the
Bacchus bar (replaced later by Bantam) near the Milennium Tower, in that little
alley running east-west.  Give him the coat.  The Glasses he gives you are for
the guy near the Shine night club on Pink street, who'll give you a roll of
Enforced Tape.  This is for a homeless man in the River Styx (which you
can't get to until Chapter 5).  He'll give you the Silver Attache Case.  This
case is for the businessman (salaryman) in that little hook in the alley before
the River Styx that is blocked by the Strong-Armed Man (whom you'll
need to have defeated to get to the salaryman).
When you talk to him, you'll have to prod him into telling his story--it's the
bottom choice twice.  Then, give him the case, and he'll act stupid and fight
you.  Beat him to end the mission.

Talk to the girl just south of the Champion District at the dead-end at the
east end of Taihei street (her name is Ka'ai Momoko; you'll meet her later if 
you complete this mission) and she'll tell you she lost her manuscript.  Say 
you'll help her (first choice), and she'll tell you she lost it in the Champion
District.  It's in the southwestern corner of said district on the map.  Bring
it back to her to complete the mission.

Near the center of Nanafuku street, north of the Milennium Tower, there's a man
with a green jacket and a cap on, standing still, snickering to himself.  Bump
into him, and he'll apologise profusely, then run off.  Kiryuu will realise he's
been robbed.  Follow the guy to the next screen, find him, and talk to him
again as he snickers to himself.  He'll run north.  Follow him there, and after
you talk to him again, he'll run east.  He runs quite far this time.  Find him
this last time and he'll fight you.  He only takes one hit.

In an alley connecting Pink street with Senryou street, to the east of the Poppo
market near Chuudou street, there's an attractive young woman who'll approach
Kiryuu.  Talk to her, and she'll point out a strange guy hanging at the corner
of a building and spying on her.  Tell her you'll take care of it (bottom
choice) and go talk to him.  Choose the top choice when he threatens to call
his yakuza friend twice, and fight them and win, then go and talk to the young
woman again.

On Senryou street, you'll run into a guy who wants to read your palm.  Agree
(with the bottom choice), and agree to follow him to talk to him.  Choose the
top choice to not pay twice when you're in the cafe', and you'll have to fight
his friend outside.  He'll ask you to let him go and give you the Lifestone,
but you can choose the bottom choice to find out where the first guy went.  Now,
he's just north of there, standing on the corner.  Talk to him, choose the
bottom choice, and beat him up.  He'll give you the Lifestone and money.

Near the Akagyuu beef bowl restaurant at the northern edge of Tenka'ichi street,
to its east, there's a guy talking to an employee.  Bump into him and he'll run.
Follow him to where he's hiding behind the truck on the corner right across from
the coin lockers, then to where he stands in front of Smile Burger, then to the
Third Park.  He's way in the back, behind the swingset.  Talk to him, and you'll
be whisked away to where the chase started.

In the middle of Chuudou street, you'll see a woman, and a man running away
from her.  Talk to the woman, and then follow the man.  He runs into the Third
Park, just off on the east side of the gate inside.  Talk to him and beat him
up, then go back to the woman and return her goods to her.

Requirement:  Complete "Catch the Pickpocket"
Inside the Club Sega at Chuudou street, there's a middle-aged man standing in
front of the UFO Catcher machine.  Talk to him, and it'll prompt you to give
him the toy he needs even though you don't have it yet.  Then, use the machine,
pick up the "Gold Dorayan" (the yellow dragon) toy, and talk to the man to give
it to him.  Go outside, and come back in.  He'll be there again, and this time,
he needs all five varieties of the "Puyo-chan" (those little chick toys).
You'll need five empty inventory slots.  Play the game again, and this time get
all five: black, blue, pink, yellow, and big.  Talk to him again, then leave,
come back in, and talk to the punk there.  He'll ask you to get the "Black
Dorayan" (dragon) toy.  Go to it, and then he'll reappear out of nowhere and
take it from you (choose the first choice).  Go outside, and just a moment
later, Kiryuu will realise that he's just been given counterfeit money.  The
guy will reappear just outside the store (on its west).  Talk to him, beat him
up, and then he'll give you the key inside the toy.

Crouching in the east end of the alley with the pawn shop is a man looking for
his contact.  Bump into him, and he'll ask you to pay.  Refuse (bottom choice), 
and fight him.

Requirement:  Complete "My Contact"
On Shouwa street (that's on the southern edge), between Pink and Senryou
streets, there's a lady walking around asking people to buy her matches.  Buy
one (for 100yen; first choice), and leave that screen, then come back.  Talk
to her, and she'll give you the Manly Cologne.

On the southern edge of Pink street, there's a guy who'll run over and try to
strongarm you out of your possession, if you're wearing the Lucky Bracelet,
Manly Cologne, Dragon Sarashi, Haruka's Necklace, or the Casanova Ring.  Deny
him (bottom choice) and he'll fight you.  Beat him.  The easiest way to do this 
is to complete the mission "The Matchstick Girl" and then equip that cologne, 
then go to the west and just walk right into Pink street and you'll encounter
the knucklehead.

On Shouwa street (the southern edge of town), between Pink and Chuudou streets,
there's a club that says "Abunai Room" ("Danger Room") with a woman standing
outside you can talk to.  Talk to her, and she'll ask you to watch while a bad
element comes to her shop and make them leave.  Agree (first choice) and after
a little while, a guy will show up and bump into you.  Fight him, then he'll
run off and get his friend.  Fight them, then they'll run off and get a third,
bigger friend.  Fight them, and then talk to the lady as she appears again to
complete the mission.

The alley that connects Nanafuku and Kou'enmae streets to the south of the
River Styx is blocked by a big guy if you go there.  Choose that you'd
like to pass (first choice), but that you'd like not to pay him (bottom choice)
and he'll fight you.  Beat him.

Requirement:  Unknown--complete a certain mission offered in Chapter 4
In the southeastern corner of the Champion District, there's a homeless man who
asks if you lost a lighter.  Say you might have (top choice) and he'll ask
what kind.  If you tell him a gold lighter (first choice), he'll sell you a
gold lighter.  If you tell him a 100-yen (that's about $.80 or so--bottom
choice), he'll give you a coin locker key.

Requirement:  Complete "Strong-Armed Man"
In the alley to the west of the parking lot on Nanafuku street running north-
south stands a homeless man on its eastern edge near the north.  He thinks
Kiryuu is his son.  Choose the bottom choice ("Father...?") to set this in
motion.  Now, go to the park on the west edge of Nanafuku street and talk to
the homeless guy there.  He'll tell you that Gen (the old man) got attacked in
the Champion District.  You'll find him in the southern edge of Champion street,
toppled.  Talk to him and he'll tell you to go find the people who beat him up.
They've headed off towards the River Styx.  You'll find them in the
alley where the Strong-Armed Man stood.  Talk to them, and say the first choice
("You guys beat up Gen, huh?") to fight them and get his wallet back.  Go back
to where he was lying to find another homeless man who will tell you the back-
story and give you a photo.

Requirement:  Complete "The Cost of Fortune"
Near a telephone pole on the north edge of Kou'enmae street to the west of the
River Styx, your phone will ring.  Answer it, and then a person will
ask you if you owe them money.  Answer "You've got the wrong guy" (1st choice)
to end the mission, or agree to pay (the top choice after choosing the bottom
choice the first time) to make the yakuza come and collect.  You can hang up
the phone if you want, and supposedly end the mission that way, but I've only
had bad luck that way.  I usually answer the bottom choice, then the center
choice again and again until the agent dispatches a yakuza to come and rough
you up near the park.  Go back towards the park and he'll be standing on the
north side of the street.  Fight him and win.

There's a painter at the northern edge of Koe'enmae street, near its western
edge.  Talk to him, look at each of the four different kinds of paintings he
has, and buy all four (top choice after looking at them).

In the alley where Beam is located, a cut scene will happen where Mai (a young
girl with huge...assets) is trying to get away from a drunk suitor.  She'll ask
you for help.  Choose the first choice and scare him away, then choose the first
choice again to follow her to her favorite bar.  You can choose the bottom one
and find her again later at the northern edge of that same alley to keep the
mission going.  I don't know if it matters what you answer to her first
question.  I usually say "I just met you; I don't know yet" (the bottom choice).
Once the drinks come, choose that you don't feel like drinking just now (the
bottom choice) three times.  Mai will run off and you'll have to fight the guy
who pretended to be drunk, his two friends, and the barkeep (who's pretty big
and tough).  Once you beat them, you can take the money (first choice) or say
that it won't do (bottom).  I'd advise doing that one if you want to complete
the missions as that's the only way to open the hidden casino needed for two
other missions!

Yuuya will call you once you leave Serena and ask you to come meet up with him
to see his gal strip.  He'll be at Shine, which is lighted up on your map.  Go
there and talk to him, then go inside, go into the showroom, and choose the
first choice to watch the next show once you've seen the "exciting" routine
(in glorious, blurry, ugly polygons).  Beat the mysterious assassin.

Chapter 5

Requirement:  Complete "Art and Talent"
Once you can get into the River Styx, go to the man on the eastern
edge who's lying on the ground.  It'll ask you if you want to give him some-
thing--choose "yes" and give him the "Woman Holding A Scallion" Painting.  He'll
give you his book, signed.

Requirement:  Complete "Art and Talent 2"
Take the "Woman Holding A Scallion" book the author gave you over to the
painter on Kou'enmae Street.  He'll give you the "Cat Atop Ginseng" Painting.

Requirement:  Complete "Art and Talent 3"
Take the "Cat Atop Ginseng" Painting down to the guy greeting customers just
inside the door of the Alps Tea House and he'll get excited and buy it.  You
can refuse to sell it (bottom choice) three times to get more money, but you'll
get less experience.

Requirement:  Complete "Art and Talent 4"
Go back to where the artist was and there will now be a different man standing
there.  Talk to him and say you do know the artist (first choice) and then
show him one of the artist's paintings (any of the three will do) and sell it
to him.

In front of the entrance to the River Styx is a little boy whose tummy
is rumbling.  Talk to him and give him any food (he'll also take the "Heal"
items left around in action stages).  Later, in Chapter 7, leading Haruka about
town after the incident at the chouhan ("even or odd" dice game) gambling house,
go to the Third Park.  Give him something to eat again, and he'll collapse.
Kiryuu will carry him--be mindful of that meter running out (that's how long
he has to live).  You'll need to find out where the hospital is...there are
many ways to do this, but the easiest is to just walk west, then south to
Stardust.  A man standing near Stardust's entrance will tell you; it'll get
lighted up on the map and be just to the north and a little to the west.  Go
there, and then you'll see Ali's brothers arguing with the doctor in a nice,
semi-racist moment.  Fight them and win.

Chapter 6

There's a drunk guy on the east side of Tenka'ichi street near Serena.  Talk to
him, and he'll ask you to bring him some Japanese Sake. Do so for him twice and
he'll start to feel bad and need a Staminan X.  You can give him higher-grade
Staminans, instead, if you want.

Requirement:  ???  Sometimes occurs later?
Near the Third Park, there's a fallen man with two punks standing over him.
Talk to the punks, and they'll run away.  Check the man, and Kiryuu will notice
he's dead.  Check him again, and you'll find a cell phone.  Take it (first
choice).  It'll ring and a man will talk to you.  I don't believe it matters
what you answer this man in any of his conversations with you; I always just
give the first response.  Right after you leave the area, it'll ring again, and
he'll tell you to meet the girl standing in front of Bantum (or where Bacchus
used to be).  Meet her, and she'll ask for the password...she's just fooling
around, tho'; there isn't one (answer the first choice).  Take the key to the
coin lockers and get the Long Dosu (you can send it to the items box if you have
too many weapons already; it's not needed to complete the mission).  He'll tell
you he'll contact you when he knows where the target is.  Go to the square in
front of the theater and he'll call you again.  He'll ask if you see the tall
man in the grey suit (that's you)--say "yes" (top choice).  Then, go to where
he says he'll meet you--the Yoshida Batting Center.  Approach him inside, beat
him, and he'll give you a Bullet-Proof Vest (good item, btw).

In the Yoshida Batting Center, to the right from the entrance near the arcade
machines, there's an old ball player who'll challenge you to hit ten of his
"insane" pitches into the little, lighted circle in the nets to get home-
runs.  Do so, then talk to him, then do so again, then do so again.  All choices
are the top choice.  It's all about timing here, so...you just need to get used
to it, unfortunately.  It's really not as hard as it sounds.

Requirement:  Clear "Bad News for Smile Burger"
In front of the Gelato Shop (at the north end of Tenka'ichi street), there are
yakuza similar to the ones in front of Smile Burger.  Talk to them, tell them
to knock it off (first choice), and beat them.

To the south of the theaters stands a man.  If you talk to him, he'll ask you
to do him a favor.  Choose the first choice twice and he'll tell you to go and
find a woman in the square in front of the theaters and tell her she's sexy,
then give her his money (which he gives to you).  She's at the center of the
southern edge.  It's the middle choice.  Then, give the first choice to pay his
money, and she'll give you a box.  You can open it if you want and you'll see
why he's so nervous about it--kinda.  You'll also see he's sorta a loser.  If
you open it, your experience is halved.

On the street to the west of the Champion District, north of the Tougenkyou
Soapland, on the east side of the street, a middle-aged man in a suit complains
that he's had a rash of graffiti recently.  Agree to watch for him (first
choice) and his son will run up and try to start spraying.  Approach him, and
he'll run south.  Follow, beat up his yakuza friends, and then go back to the
shop owner and talk to him.

Requirement:  Clear "The Gold Lighter"
On the north side of Taihei street's east edge, west of the Tougenkyou and
near a car, near the guy who sold you the information about the weapons shop
hidden in the video shop, Beam, you'll (hopefully) spy a woman all dressed in
red.  Talk to her, and she'll complain that her white bag was stolen.  Go to
the square in front of the theaters, talk to the two girls who stand near the
pedestrian railways at the eastern edge of the square, and then go to the
Champion District and meet the punk standing in the middle of the northern edge.
Choose the first choice if any questions are asked, I believe.  Three punks
will appear in the Third Park.  Go and beat them for the bag, then bring them
back to the woman for a comedy moment.

Requirement:  Clear "For Good Cafe'"
There is a punk standing at night-time in front of the Milennium Tower (inside
a "u"-shaped planter).  He'll ask you to call a race for him: 3-7 or 3-8.  Tell
him "3-7" if you want him to win and give you some money later; "3-8" if you 
want him to lose and fight you for experience.  He appears again in the same
spot...but you'll have to leave and come back after a little while.

Requirement:  Can only be completed once "Find the Bag" is completed
If you go near the southern edge of Senryou street, a man will run up and ask
you for money.  Tell him the second choice both times and pay him, then leave
the area.  After some time, if you return to where you met him, your phone will
ring.  You'll need to have completed "Find the Bag" in order for the call to
come.  Answer it and then run south to meet the man who worked for Blue Moon.

On the eastern side of Senryou street, about midway north-to-south, you'll find
a young man named Kanou.  He'll fight you.  Beat him, and he'll ask to become
your deshi (apprentice of sorts).  Say you don't mind (bottom choice) and meet
up with him again to the west of the Champion District.  Talk to him, and answer
the first choice.  He'll lead you to the bar, Shellac.  Go inside, talk to the
owner, and answer the first choice.  Then, the yakuza will show up for real and
tell you to get lost; tell them to get lost instead (first choice).  Beat them

Requirement:  Clear "Yakuza Aspirations"
Run into Kanou again standing on the corner south of the Yoshida Batting Center
on Nanafuku street.  He'll talk to you automatically.  Go east, and you'll run
into him again.  Agree (bottom choice), then tell the yakuza to let Kanou go
(bottom choice again).  Beat them.

In Koshou Park (the park in the western edge of Nanafuku street), you'll hear
a man crying in the bathrooms.  Give him a tissue (first choice).  You can get
tissues from those guys in the white jackets trying to make you visit their
businesses.  The nearest one is in front of Volcano.  Just bump into him and
he'll force you to take some tissues.  The man will thank you and give you his
smelly business card--he's Rokkaku Gouji of Jet Set Radio fame.

Requirement:  Clear "Find the Manuscript"
Just south of Taihei street, on the east side of Senryou street, Ka'ai Momoko
is surrounded by yakuza.  Choose to save her (first choice) and beat them up.

In the alley south of the theater, where you can find coin locker key #50,
stands a really big yakuza.  Talk to him and he'll try to sell you a gun.  Buy
it (top choice).

Chapter 7
NOTE:  Bear in mind that the "To Be A Doctor" Mission must be completed in
  Chapter 7 after the chouhan incident.

The B-King team is hanging around in front of the theaters, getting hassled by
yakuza.  Talk to them, choose to help (first choice), and beat the gangsters.

Before the chouhan betting event, lead Haruka to the west of the River Styx
on Kou'enmae street.  A movie will show a man getting ready to jump.  All
the choices are the first choice; go up there, walk towards the guy, and just
hit the circle button a lot.

Requirement:  Open the underground casino in "The Price of an F-Cup"
Take Haruka to the underground casino and talk to the bunny girl blocking the
way to the chips counter.  When you go to leave the casino, a man will come in,
clutching extremely suspiciously to an attache case.  After the movie, take the
case over to the counter and talk to the attendant, who'll turn it into chips
for you.  Double the money and you'll get approached by some yakuza.  Beat them,
and then the man will come and try to get his money back.  Deny him (bottom
choice) twice and then you'll get another cut scene....  To double your money,
use the Red Jewel (I do hope you bring one with you) and then go to roulette.
Bet 5555 on all of the red numbers, then throw your final 10 onto red.  This
will double your money no matter what as the next play must be a red number.
This event must take place in Chapter 7.  I usually do it before the chouhan
gambling incident, but some suggest it doesn't matter.

After the chouhan betting incident, take Haruka to Bantam (the bar where Bacchus
used to be to the east of the Milennium Tower).  She'll recognise Jackal
Yagisawa, a local boxer who's got a championship fight coming up (apparently,
she follows boxing!).  He'll slap her (man!).  Fight him and win, and choose to
help him (top choice).  They barkeep will tell you how to go and see the bookie
near the pawn shop.  Go to the man standing there and answer "I just need to
come in out of the rain" (top choice) and he'll let you in.  Fight the bookie 
and win.

Chapter 8

When Haruka's missing, after defeating the Bloody Eye gang, right after talking
to Date, you'll get a phone call.  Answer it, and Hanaya will ask you to go and
meet with him.  Go there, talk to him, and he'll tell you to go and see about
the old Doujima Group.  It'll be marked on your map, near the square in front of
the theaters.  Go there, walk inside, go into the back room, walk up to Yayoi,
and the paper doors will be thrown open, revealing the remnants of the Doujima
Group, ambushing Kiryuu.  Defeat them.  Yayoi draws a sword and holds it on
Kiryuu, demanding he explain who killed her husband, but Kiryuu apologises and
says that he can't yet.

Chapter 10

In an alley connecting Pink street with Senryou street, there's a cop who will
ask you for your papers.  It doesn't matter which answer you give the first
two times; he'll just ask you for a bribe.  Don't pay (bottom choice) and a
yakuza will chase off the fake cop.  Follow him to the east, fight him, and
beat him.

In the parking lot at the eastern edge of Nanafuku street, there's a big guy
with a crowd around him.  Talk to him, and he'll tell you he's got an open
challenge to anyone who thinks he can take him on.  Say you'll fight him (first
choice) and beat him.  He'll ask you to let him off the hook rather than pay.
You should refuse (top choice).  Beat him and his cronies.

Requirement:  Complete "Catch the Pickpocket"
Walking around erratically in the intersection near the parking lot in eastern
Nanafuku street is a pickpocket.  Bump into him, and he'll steal from you, then
run north.  Follow him--he's behind the truck.  Fight him, and then he'll be
found again in the intersection south of the Yoshida Batting Center in western
Nanafuku street.  Bump into him again, and he'll run north again.  This time,
he's way past the batting center and behind a truck, again.  Beat him, and he'll
say he won't ever do it again.  Choose the bottom choice ("I don't believe you")
and he'll give you the Casanova Ring.

In the Hotel District, northeast of the Batting Center, you'll be called by a
strange guy in camoflauge pants with sunglasses in a higher-pitched "Oi!" voice
than your average yakuza.  Beat these guys.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters"
There are three Gang Busters groups to encounter:  in the east of Taihei street,
near the Tougenkyou soapland, and to the left and right of the entrance to the
parking lot at Nanafuku street's eastern end.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters 2"
There are three more Gang Busters groups now:  in the alley to the north of
Shine that connects Pink street with Senryou street, at the southern end of
Senryou Street, and south of Shine on Pink street.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters 3"
This time, only two groups appear:  beside the Poppo Mart at Chuudou street
(which is really to the east of Chuudou) and on Chuudou street, near the west
side, just south of the center north-to-south.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters 4"
Talk to Aoki again in front of the theaters.  He'll tell you about the Gang
Busters in a little more detail.  This time, there's only one group, and they're
around the corner from Deborah; just north of the theaters.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters 5"
The leader wears similar para-military garb and stands to the west of the Aka-
gyuu beef bowl restaurant on Taihei street (at the north end of Tenka'ichi).
Beat him.

Requirement:  Clear "Gang Busters Leader"
After defeating the leader, he'll tell you about the mysterious man behind the
Gang Busters up near the Yoshida Batting Center.  Go up there and you'll find
the guy hanging out just south of its entrance.  Talk to him, and call him out
(first choice).  Beat him to find out what's been going on.

Meet and talk to the man lying on the ground in the alley running east away from
Senryou street.

Requirement:  Clear "A Dying Man's Request"
Go to the square in front of the theaters, find the gangsters in the red jerseys
that the man talked about, and talk to them.  Choose the first choice and beat

Requirement:  Clear "A Dying Man's Wish"
Bring the bag back to the collapsed man.  Supposedly, you can't use taxis to
get there or he'll die.  If there is a time limit, it's fairly long.

Running around the square in the inverted "Y" area south of the Chuudou Poppo
market is a yakuza.  Approach him and talk to him--he'll fight you.  Choose the
first choice and then take the coin locker key and go up to the coin lockers.
There's a yakuza there when you look at the lockers.  Refuse to hand the key
over to him (bottom choice).  Fight him and defeat him.  You can return to that
"Y" area and find the man running around again, for some reason.

Across the alley from the Third Park, you'll find a gunman.  Fight him and he'll
reveal that he isn't exactly a meticulous or focused hit man.

Near where the painter was in Kou'enmae street, you'll find a man who will
recognise you.  Choose the first choice and say you'll help him look for Kyouka.
She's in the Yoshida Batting Center, sitting on the bench with Takashi, as she
was in Chapter 6.  Talk to her, and take her ring back to the yakuza.

Requirement:  Open the underground casino in "The Price of an F-Cup"
Go into Shellac and the owner will be worried.  Talk to him and ask him what's
wrong (first response?).  Go to the underground casino and talk to the man he
tells you about (he's standing at the roulette table).  The man wants the
Lucky Beads.  They're available in the casino--but you'll have to spend 400,000
yen to get the chips to exchange for them.  You can also get them from the coin
lockers.  Bring them to the yakuza, and then go back and see the bartender at
Shellac again.

South of the Kotobuki Pharmacy, in that weird, little "doughnut" area, you'll
find a gal wandering around.  Talk to her, and she'll ask if you wanna hang out.
Say "yes" (first choice).  Suddenly, you'll be in front of a hotel.  Say "no"
to her (bottom choice) twice and she'll call her brother.  Well...OK, so it
turns out that "she" was a "he."  The brother fights you.  Beat him--er, wait;
it turns out that "he" is a "she." (!)  Beat her younger brother.  Actually,
that woman is the only woman you fight, and that man is the only female
character model you fight--well, besides the body of the mysterious assassin.

Requirement:  Clear "Yakuza Aspirations 2"
North of Beam on the top of Pink street, you'll find Kanou again.  He'll ask if
you see the woman there...say "yes" (first choice) and then say "OK" (first
choice).  Approach, and she'll run.  Follow her.  It's not too hard to find her
because she wears all red.  The last time you see her, she'll run pretty far
south past the entrance to the Champion District.  Talk to her, and yakuza will
show up.  Choose not to hand her over (first choice) and beat the yakuza.

Requirement:  Clear "Yakuza Aspirations 3"
You'll run into Kanou again near the entrance to the Tougenkyou soapland on
Taihei street.  Afterwards, you'll find him again near the Chuudou Poppo market.
Answer the first response twice, and he'll lead you to a yakuza.  Fight them,
and then keep answering the first response to let Kanou off the hook. 

Chapter 11

Once you've gotten hold of a pass to the Tougenkyou soapland, head back to the
River Styx, but don't talk to Haruka or Date; don't take her down there
yet.  Go and talk to the Hanaya, and he'll tell you about the fake Mizuki that
Nishikiyama's men killed.  Leave the River Bed and go south to the Champion
District, to the pAres nightclub.  Talk to the man outside, then go inside and
talk to the person there.  He'll set you up with Arisa instead of Mizuki.  Buy
her a drink enough times (the top choice) and she'll let it slip that Mizuki
is nowhere to be found.  Kiryuu will talk to the owner again and then get in a
fight.  Win the fight, and he'll tell the man about the fake Mizuki's fate.

Requirement:  Beat all 72 other "normal" missions (cabaret club girls missions
  don't count)
Go to the square in front of the theaters.  North of the save point stands a
man wearing black.  Talk to him, and he'll start to fight you.  Beat him.  He's
tough and has three forms.  I recommend getting four Sengetsu swords from the
underground colisseum tournament "The Ronin Grand Prix," equipping one, and
bringing the others as reserves, because then you can just stun him over and
over and over.

4b.  Romancing Cabaret Club Girls

OK....  So, I have to start this by admitting that I haven't done this very
many times.  Why?  Because...to be honest, I don't really care and these girls
are kinda costly to do!  I'm always playing through the game over and over, so
as I do, I'll try and re-write this section.
  When you visit the two cabaret clubs (Pink Street's "Shine" and Nanafuku's
"Jewel"), you'll get a random girl at first.  Well...there's a solution to
that.  If you go into that MEB place on Nanafuku, there's a guy inside named
Mizuno who knows a lot about these gals.  He'll tell you all about the six
main girls to romance.  There are also three characters standing around who
give out some info:  a freakish nerd with bags full of figurines who hangs out
near the Akagyuu near the Milennium Tower, a guy who hangs out humming to him-
self on Pink street near the ramen shop, and from Aya herself, hanging out by
the Poppo near Chuudou.  Once you get their name (just go to MEB and talk to
Mizuno; he'll name all of them), you can ask for them by name when you go to
Shine or Jewel, and start romancin'.  You can clear any girl except for Aya
in Chapter 4; Aya needs to be in Chapter 6.
  The basic pattern is this:  name the girl, buy a drink, buy some food, give a
present (or don't).  Then, she'll ask you two random questions.  This is the
part where people who know no Japanese and are playing the import version will
probably not do to well....  *ahem*  Anyway, then the girls ask you to keep at
it or not, ask you another question, ask you to buy drinks, then food, then
ask two more questions.  Then, they'll ask to keep going, but Kiryuu will
decide it's too late and leave--but you can just turn around and go right back
  The point of all this is to build up their attraction (listed in hearts).
Answering a question the right way usually gets a half a heart, wearing the
"Casanova Ring" seems to usually give half a heart automatically, continuing the
night grants half a heart, and buying assorted fruits to eat grants half a
heart, and buying their favorite booze gives a different reaction from each
girl.  Note that going in without the Casanova Ring, Lucky Bracelet, or a
fragrance on (except Haruka's stuff) will give you a penalty, answering a 
question wrong generally grants a penalty (and sometimes the correct answer
keeps it at status quo), ordering the house bottled beer gives a penalty, but
not ordering food and not continuing the night seems to be O.K.
  Get their hearts to ten, and you've maxed it out.  You can do it with just
buying their favorite booze and fruits and continuing the conversation over and
over, but it will end up being much, much, much cheaper if you just buy one of
the 1000-yen boozes (which have no effect), fruits, not giving presents, answer-
ing the questions properly, and continuing the conversation.  Um, a *lot*
cheaper, I should add.  You'll usually end up spending about 100,000 yen per
gal this way.
  Anyway, you'll get mails from them on your cell phone.  Once you get to ten
hearts and leave them on a high note, you'll get a mail (just walk around
until mails show up, except Aya, who mails you right when you stand against
the theaters). Then, you'll have to go through a mini-mission, end up at the
Hotel District after the screen turns pink (assumedly representing a romp at a
love hotel), get them to say they like you, and then you'll get a mail saying
"wham, bam, thank you...er, sir."  Well, OK; so it's not that cold, but I mean,
geez.  And...it's not really necessarily that they had sex or anything; it's
probably supposed to just be "a date."  
  The only "cool" things here will be the 3,000 experience and the picture
that comes with the final mail (tho' they *really* aren't anything to speak of).
  I'll list the answers here, but you can find out most of the information
you'll need to be able to figure out what to give the girls and what to say to
them when they ask you certain things by hints about the game.  There are a few
guys standing around on the streets of Kamuro who know things about them, but
mostly, you'll find the info you want at MEB.
  So, why don't I play these too much?  Well....  First of all, it takes up
your time and energy and money.  It can take a *lot* of money, in fact, just
for a 3,000 experience boost.  Also, I just don't understand why Kiryuu would
even be interested in doing this, to be honest; isn't he running around town in
search (partly) of his love?  Isn't he a big, tough, macho guy who I just can't
imagine would have trouble finding a date normally anyway?  Doesn't he seem
aloof and not very interested in things like this?
  Another reason?  Well, it isn't done very well.  I've played those "ren'ai"
dating games before.  Usually, you're just doing it to get art and stuff like
that.  In this game, there really isn't much of a reward, and it's very stream-
lined.  Besides, as I said before, Kiryuu doesn't seem to have much of a vested
interest in these girls.  I mean, in most other dating games, you're in high
school or a famous animated series or some other situation where you'd really
need to interact with these people and get to know their characters.  So, it's
thankless, takes up a lot of time, and doesn't turn out to be very interesting.
  The way I usually do this (when I do) is to start with Yuzu at Shine, because
when you give her 200,000 yen at the Casino, she gives you a sword worth
750,000.  The boost is almost enough to take the cheap way with the other gals.
  Oh, one last thing:  I got most of this information from Japanese message
boards and things like that, so I haven't 100% heard all the questions or
verified all of the answers, so there may be errors in this section.

Drinks:  Champagne Gold (3000) (1 heart), Champagne White (1/2), Rose (1/2), 
  Black (1/2)
Present:  Expensive Necklace (1 1/2 hearts)
Food:  Assorted fruits (1/2 heart)
Age: 22  Blood Type:  AB

Favorite body type?  "Thin; slender."
?  "Super-spicy ramen."
Way to talk to girls?  "Just calmly talk to her."
Photo?  "Let me take it."
Hobby?  "Driving, I guess."
Apartment?  "Just sell it right now."
End of the world?  "I wouldn't give up--I'd keep resisting to the end."
For a long time?  "I've gotten used to it."
What do you like about my appearance?  "Pretty eyes."
Change my image?  "I like the way you are now."
?  "Yes--no doubt."
Someone you like?  "I already have one." then "Yeah, she's enough."
My underwear?  "String."
Kiryuu's underwera?  "A man should be silent and wear a fundoshi."
Days off?  "Just stay at home."
What catches your eye?  "If it's a good make."
Why are you quiet?  "I'm bewitched by you."
?  "Folk dance."
Booze?  "Get used to drinking."

After getting her to ten hearts, after a little time passes, get a mail from
her.  Then, run down to that Poppo on Shouwa and talk to the two men there,
who tap into her cell phone and hear her talking about seeing her boss at the
hotel district.  Go right across the street from the Yoshida Batting Center,
and you'll see this "boss."  Talk to him, and he'll say something about Reika
being at a park.  Go and see her--she's in the park right around the corner
there on a bench.  She'll explain the situation with the boss, who then shows
up.  Kiryuu tells him off.  After that, you'll be magically transported to
the Hotel District.  Walk around and you'll get the farewell mail.

You can talk to a homeless man on Kou'enmae street to get info on her.
Drinks:  Champagne Gold (2 1/2 hearts), White (1 1/2), Rose (1 1/2), Black
 (1 1/2).
Presents:  Pink Lily Bouquet (1 1/2 hearts), Red Roses Bouquet (1 heart),
  French or Italian Cologene (1/2)
Food:  Assorted Fruits (1/2 heart)

?  "Didn't you save a homeless guy?" then "I heard it from the guy himself."
Plastic surgery?  "If that's what she wants to do, then that's OK."
Musical instrument?  "Of course."
?  "I'd love to see that."  "I'd feel honored."
Cockroaches?  "I'd exterminate them."
Ramen?  "From a ramen shop."
?  "The 'Hagakure,' huh...?"
?  "You seem like you haven't experienced it yet."
?  "A good memory."
?  "Seems like once a day isn't enough." -> "O.K. to be a stalker."
Karaoke?  "Rock." (you can also answer "Anime theme songs."
?  "You're a tough girl." -> "You want me to lend you my chest?"
Movie?  "A Hollywood movie."  (you can also say "An animated film.")
?  "I'd kiss and see where it went."
?  "A 'cute' kind of sexy." -> "You've got the goods."
?  "That's not true." -> "I'd eat what's put in front of me."
?  "I'm the best at risque' humor."
?  "So long as she's a woman, it's OK."

You'll get a mail from her at 10 hearts saying she wants to meet you in front
of Jewel.  Fight the yakuza there and beat them, then she'll thank you and
leave.  You'll get another mail saying to meet in front of the theaters.  Talk
to her and you'll get the pink screen of fun and be in the Hotel District and
3,000 experience.  Walk away and you'll eventually get the final mail with her

Drinks:  No drinks will up her hearts.  However, you can order the house bottle
  for free and it doesn't adversely effect her meter!
Present:  French Muffler (+ 1/2 heart).
Food:  Assorted Fruits (1/2 heart).

Do you have a girlfriend?  "No." -> "I don't mind if you're my junior."
Without a boyfriend, I'm in trouble!  "Well, I'll be your boyfriend." ->
  "Forget about that; when that day comes, maybe you shouldn't come to work."
What event do you like?  "Christmas; it's so bright and cheerful!"
If we went out, what would you want me to call you?  "Kiryuu-chan."
How could a bad man change himself?  "It depends on his life policies."
Wear anything but a suit?  "If I don't have a suit, I can't wear anything."
Do you think I'm stupid?  "No, no!--you're very smart!"
Do you like to fight?  "Just when people force me to."
Do you like girls in their early 20s?  "Yeah, I like 'em."
Where would you go on a date in this town?  "Don Quixote."
Can you tell what I'm thinking right now?  "Is it 'Man, I wanna eat some
What kind of shoes do you like?  "Boots--cute ones."
If I dumped you, what'd you do?  "I'd drink and get lost in my memories."
Favorite animal?  "Hawk."
How'd you get so strong?  "It's from fighting."
What would you call me?  "I guess just 'Hiromi.'"
Drunk?  "Just let me come here and get drunk." (+2 hearts!)
Some guy made fun of me!  "I guess he just likes to hurt people."
Your favorite type?  "Cool."
What do you do?  "I used to be a yakuza."
Will you listen to me; will you obey me?  "Well, probably; I've a weak spot for
  my woman."

After getting her to ten hearts, when you leave the club, she'll suddenly say
she wants to play hide and seek.  Within ten minutes or so, find her.  She'll
be hanging out in front of the Milennium Tower.  Go with her to the Hotel
District, get your 3,000 exp, and then walk away, getting her final mail and

She hangs out in front of the Poppo by Chuudou, singing.
Drinks:  Champagne Gold (2 1/2 hearts), Black (1 1/2), White (1 1/2), Rose
  (1 1/2)
Present:  Monogram Bag (1 1/2 hearts)
Food:  Assorted Fruit (1/2 heart)
Age: 20  Blood type:  O

What do you think of me?  "I wanna protect you with my very life."
Are you looking at me?  "D--Don't be silly!" -> "When you're around, I just
  can't keep my eyes off of you."
Which sign?  "Aquarius."
Blood type?  "O"
My age?  "Around 20." -> "Just by chance."
Everyone seems to be writing a book these days....  "That's not true."
Can I call you "daddy" just once?  "Yeah." -> "Yeah, you've become a very
  lovely lady."
Hobby?  "Bonsai."
What gesture?  "Holding a gun."
Meeting up?  "That's OK, right?"
Where to take me on a date?  "The zoo."
I guess a man should be strong!  "Heh, I wouldn't play around with an adult."
Unfaithful?  "I would try to follow her feelings." -> "Her feelings are the
  most important."
Next time?  "Let's go to a ramen shop."
Why're you staring at me?  "You're becoming a fine woman."
Strict, or patient?  "Moderate."
If I were to cosplay?  "A maid." -> "Let's make it cute!"
What secret do you want to know?  "Your real name."

This is the only girl whose romance can't be finished up in chapter 4.  You'll
have to get her to 10 hearts in Chapter 6, or get her up there before then and
date her one more time in Chapter 6 with 10 hearts.  Right near the Monitor,
you'll get a mail from her that says she's at the River Styx.  Go there
and talk to her (she's standing in front of the entrance); she's looking for her
dad.  He's inside, right near the entrance to the underground area.  Talk to him
and he'll leave.  You'll get a mail apologising for breaking the date--but, 
she's got a lot to talk to her dad about.  You'll get another mail later saying
that she's at the theaters.  Go there and talk to her, go to the Hotel District
with her, and get yer 3,000 exp.  Then, walk around until your phone rings and 
you get her pic.

Drinks:  Champagne Gold (2 1/2 hearts), White (1 1/2 Hearts), Black (1 1/2),
  Rose (1 1/2).
Present:  French Cologne (1 1/2 hearts)
Food:  Assorted fruit (1/2)
Age:  21  Blood Type:  B

Can I ask for something?  "Assorted Fruit." (1 1/2)
Present?  "French Cologne." -> "Capital des Fleurs ('Hana no Miyako')"
If I were reborn, as a man.... "You work enough already." (1 1/2)
I like you.  Do you like me?  "I like you."
I wanna open a nail salon.  "Keep at it!"
Pushy customers always get the better of me....  "You shouldn't let them get to
  you so easily."
You've got such big muscles!  "It's to protect women."
What's my blood type?  "B." -> "A woman's selfishness is cute."
Do you have a girlfriend?  "No."
If I drink, I get easy.  "I wouldn't like you if you became easy."
I'm really good at cooking!  "What's your specialty?"
Have you had a cold instance in love?  "Love isn't cold; what's cold is just
Wanderlust  "A man's wanderlust is seen as resourcefulness."
I act spoiled.  "You can act spoiled around me all you want."
When you're lonely, come see me!  "Well, I'll call you tonight."
You're scary to look at, but you're actually really nice....  "Don't play around
  with a grown-up."
?  "Do you want something for your birthday?
?  "Follow me."
My boyfriend... "You mean me?"

Once you get 10 hearts, run over to the theaters.  At the eastern edge of the
square (across the street and a little north from the Volcano Pachinko Slot
Parlor), there's a weird guy in a suit.  Talk to him.  That's Erina's stalker.
Beat him, and you'll get a chain mail shirt.  Erina will send you a mail
thanking you, and ask you to come see her at the Batting Cages.  Well, go and
see her and you'll get 3,000 exp and some time with her.  Afterwards, she'll
send you a mail with her picture.

You'll have to clear the "The Price of an F-Cup" mission correctly and open
  the underground casino to finish this one.
Drinks:  Champagne Gold (2 1/2), White (1 1/2), Black (1 1/2), Rose (1 1/2)
Present:  Caviar Skin Bag
Food:  Assorted Fruit (1/2)
Age:  22  Blood Type:  B

Work?  "Even if the pay sucks, you gotta give it your all."
I love the Sea of Japan.  "You're 'cool.'"
Do you like virgins?  "It doesn't matter."
Diets are hard...  "You don't need to go on a diet."
Age?  "22." -> "Just a lucky guess."
What sign?  "Taurus."
Wedding?  "I'd spend a lot of money and make it a grand affair."
Why silent?  "I think I've fallen in love with you."
What would you do?  "I'd dance around like a butterfly and sting you like a
  bee." -> "I could be rough with you."
?  "Jeans are good." -> "It's good to be in a relationship where neither one of
  you has to worry about stuff like that too much."
?  "There are a lot of men who're all talk." -> "Of course."
If she was against marriage?  "I'd have a long talk with her."
You....  "Do I scare you?"
Disgusting food?  "I'd say it was gross, but I'd eat it."
What do you like with women?  "I got a breast fetish."
I look like I need to be talented.  "You look like a beauty."
Good father?  "Strict to the kids."

Get 10 hearts, then you'll eventually get a mail saying she's gone off to the
casino--the underground one under the Ramen shop, that is.  Go in there, and
she needs money (200,000 yen).  Give it to her.  She'll give you the Named
Sword Tessyuusai (for some reason).  You can sell that sword for 750,000!
After that, you'll get a mail from her eventually saying she'll meet you in
front of the movie theaters.  Go there and have your date with her, get the
3,000 experience, and walk around until you get a picture mailed to you.

4c.  Main Characters List
For now, this is an INCOMPLETE list.  I will try to expand it as I work on the
F.A.Q.  All apologies!  Also--THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE!!

I'll list the characters by family name, if known.  If it's not 100% known then
I ain't putting it! (in other words, "Saya" is under "Saya" and not under
"Date," even if she's Date Makoto's daughter)  Weird names will be listed the
way they're written throughout the F.A.Q. (e.g. Hades Nishizawa won't be under
"Nishizawa" but "Hades.")  I'll try and keep it alphabetical...but if I slip up,
then I slip up (sorry!)
I'll also try and list them in all-caps and to ONLY LIST THEM THIS WAY IN THIS
SECTION.  That way, you can always leap to them with the "find" feature so long
as you set it to be case-sensitive.


Role:  Enemy
Appears in:  Chapter 3--required fight, in front of Akagyuu beef bowl restaurant
  in western Taihei street.
Description:  Just a knucklead who tries to sell you information but then ends
  up fighting Kiryuu, this guy's pretty easy.
Fighting Style:  Brawler (see "Yakuza") 

Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 8
Description:  There's a big guy (the younger brother), and a kickboxer, wearing
  a basketball jersey.  They wear red (of course), being the leaders of the
  Bloody Eye gang out in Deborah.
Fighting Style:  (Big Brother) Muay Thai, (Little Brother) Roughneck
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  (Big Brother) Twin Jabs, retreat, Twin Jabs, Spin Kick Combo
  (Little Brother) Uppercut, Spin Kick
Strategy:  Grapple the little brother a lot.  The big brother, you can just
  treat like any other guy and try and sidestep his big strings.  Tap the
  button furiously to throw the little bro' around and then stomp on him--you
  can get a lot of easy experience this way, if it's the Heat Action stomp.

Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Chapter 11
Description:  Shinji's girlfriend, Akemi is a worker at the Tougenkyou soap-
  land.  In other words, yes, she's a prostitute.  She knows about Kazama and

Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Chapter 7--"The Man Who Wanted to Die" mission
Description:  This guy's waiting to throw himself off the roof because of the
  girl he's infatuated with.  Kiryuu and Haruka encounter this man before the
  "Chouhan incident," and hear that his girlfriend's name is "Mizuki."  It's
  not the same one, though....

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  "To Be A Doctor" mission
Description:  An African-American guy who's seen suffering madly at Dr. Emoto's
  clinic.  He apparently has kidney stones.

Role:  Enemy
Appear in:  "To Be A Doctor" mission
Description:  Two African-American guys, brothers of Ali.  Seeing their brother
  suffering madly at Dr. Emoto's clinic, they cry discrimination when Emoto
  passes over him to help the boy Kiryuu and Haruka bring to him.

Role:  Enemy (Mission: Final Assasin)
Appears in:  Kamuro Town, in front of the Theatre, once all 72 other, non-
  love-game missions are finished.
  Wears black clothes, including a nice, black trenchcoat, seems to be balding,
  and has black sunglasses on.  This is a very lethal opponent who has three
  fighting forms--meaning, he transforms when defeated twice a' la a Final
  Fantasy boss.
Sample vocals:  (grunts)
Fighting Style:  Some Lau-style attacks, some Nagase moves, some unique moves
Sample Attacks:
  Form 1:  Kick, gunshot (knocks down)
           Two kicks + shot (knocks down)
           Three-hit combo
  Form 2:  Bomb lay
           Three-hit combo
  Form 3:  Komaki-Style Hikigaeshi
           Somersault Flip
Strategies:  My main strategy is outlined in the extras section, but I'll just
  briefly say that you shouldn't really consider fighting him head-on.  I'll
  almost always get four Sengetsu swords and keep him stunned over and over.
  Form 1:  Try and use a "sparring" strategy and don't make yourself over-
    extended.  You can use the lamp posts to hide behind when he shoots, but
    his bullets will penetrate the Bulletproof Vest or any shields.  Don't try
    and catch him while he's using unarmed combat; he'll just flip around even
    while attacking.  No throws work.
  Form 2:  Keep close.  Keep close!!  You don't wanna get any distance.  He'll
    begin throwing bombs like a fiend.  Make sure you sway towards him.  This
    form can deal a lot of damage, but actually is the easiest of the three.
  Form 3:  Ridiculous.  Too much health, too many reversals.  Try and reverse
    him.  Other than that...not too much I can say.  No throws work, still.

Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Chapters 1, 2, 7, 10, the mission "Gang Busters 5," etc.
Description:  This guy has his ear to the ground in Kamuro, knowing just about
  all that's going on.  Kiryuu is introduced to him by Tamura near the very
  start of the game and can rely on him throughout the story.

Role:  Enemy (boss-like)
Appears in:  Chapter 8
Description:  Leader of the Blue Z.  This guy's annoying--he sidesteps often
  and sports a stun gun.  Treat him like every other stun gun guy; try and
  throw him.  It's very difficult to keep your Heat Gauge up, so you probably
  won't be getting bonus experience here.  He never drops his weapon.
Fighting Style:  Stun gun
Sample Vocals:  "Omee, baka na no?" ("You a [expletive] idiot??")
Sample Attacks:  Stun, jumping spin kick, punch, overhead kick, stun
Strategies:  Throws work decently.  Try and evade his strings--if you get hit
  by a stun, it'll be really annoying.

Role:  Enemy
Appears in:  "Pulling the Strings:  Asano" mission
Description:  A yakuza in the Shimano group who bankrolls the Gang Busters
  group, who are supposedly devoted to ousting the yakuza.  At first, he claims
  that there are more and more, strange groups of yazkua showing up and that he
  wanted his group to succeed, so he was targetting the others, but then he
  admits he just wanted to get some money, so he felt less guilty about stealing
  it from yakuza.  Kiryuu calls him a disgrace.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  A cut scene in chapter 6
Description:  This is the head of the Atobe group of yakuza.  His daughter runs
  away with Hanaya's son, Takashi, but also steals his money.  He ends up
  telling her to go with him through a messenger, watching sadly from Hanaya's
  spy room.  "Nice daughter you have," Hanaya says.  "I didn't raise her," says
  Atobe.  "I didn't raise mine, either," Hanaya responds.

Role:  Cabaret club girl
Appears in:  Chapter 4-13
Description:  Works for the cabaret club Shine.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 11
Description:  A cabaret club girl at Jewel.  Zan Mei knows that Ayaka is the
  one to ask to get a passport forged by Jan Bin.


Role:  Enemy group
Appears in:  Chapter 8
Description:  The gang wearing all red.  They hang out in the square in front of
  the theaters and are based in Deborah, apparently.

Role:  Enemy group
Appears in:  Chapter 8
Description:  The gang wearing all blue.  They hang out by that alley wehre the
  Strong-Armed Man was--near the River Styx.


Role:  Cabaret club girl
Appears in:  Chapter 4-13
Description:  Works for the cabaret club Jewel.


Role:  Ally
Appears in:  Most of the game from Chapter 3 on
Description:  Date is a downtrodden police detective who senses things aren't as
  they seem and works with Kiryuu to try and piece everything together.  He'll
  eventually even have to sacrifice his job to keep on the case, being threat-
  ened by members of a looming government conspiracy involving the mob's money.
  He's pretty much Kiryuu's partner in this picture.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Cut scenes
Description:  This is the head of the Doujima group, for whom Kiryuu worked.
  Licensious, he tries to force Sawamura Yumi to be with him, but Nishikiyama
  interferes and shoots him.  Kiryuu takes the fall for Nishiki because his
  sister was in the hospital and he felt she would need her brother by her
  side.  Plus, he has a close bond to Nishiki and wanted to protect him while
  he was making his debut as a yakuza.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  "The Gokudou's Wife" mission
Description:  Robed in traditional kimono, Yayoi waits for Kiryuu to come and
  find her, so that she and the old Doujima group members can take revenge for
  the incident ten years ago.  She knows Kiryuu didn't do it, but she needs to
  find out who did.


Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  "To Be A Doctor" mission
Description:  A doctor running an apparently free clinic in which he strives to
  treat everyone, regardless of status.  He's secretly bankrolled by Kazama

Role:  Cabaret club girl
Appears in:  Chapters 4-13
Description:  Works for the cabaret club Shine.



Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 9 (boss)
Description:  This guy, all wrapped up in a nice, wine-colored suit, is some
  kind of a big fish with the Se Waa.  I can only suppose that he's the second-
  in-command to Lau Ga Lung.  He pursues Kiryuu and shoots at him from atop a
Fighting Style:  Machine gun
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  Machine gun burst
Strategy:  This is the boss of the Virtua-Cop / Time-Crisis-like mini-game.
  Just shoot him before the danger indicator turns red, and reload, using the
  time to reload to avoid his shots if you need to.

Role:  Enemy
Appears in:  "The True Form of a Beautiful Lady" mission
Description:  A male transvestite, dressed in drag as a woman, Gouda apparently
  lures men to the Hotel district to be with them.  I never agreed to go into
  the hotel with him, so I don't really know to what end.  He has an older
  sister, who wears a suit and looks like a man.  Weird family!
Fighting Style:  Muay Thai
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  generic Muay Thai
Strategy:  Don't leave yourself overextended; dash away and let him go off into
  some string.  There are some weapons around to hit him with, if you would.
  He breaks throws quite often.


Role:  Key figure
Appears in:  Chapters 5-13
Description:  A big, fat guy who likes gold chains, Hawaiian-style shirts,
  cigars, wearing a moustache, and spying on everyone in town.  He runs the
  "River Styx" area, making sure it's free from the gangs, yakuza, and
  even the police.  So, homeless people seem to flock there.  He's also an ex-
  cop, apparently, and knows Date Makoto.
    The "Sai" in "Sai no Hanaya" is the same as the Japanese name for the area
  he rules over, known as "Sai no Kawara" there.  It's sort-of a Buddhist limbo
  where people wait and try to cross the Sanzukawa, a river much like the River
  Styx that separates this world from the next (hence the name "River Styx" for
  the area there).

Role:  Key figure
Appears in:  Pretty much the whole game from Chapter 2 on
Description:  That little girl you gotta lead all over the place.  She was
  raised in the "Sunflower" orphanage, and now is in Kamuro looking for her
  mother.  When Kiryuu meets up with her, he finds that Haruka's mother is
  supposedly Yumi's sister--the Yumi he knew and loved growing up.

Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 4 (boss)
Description:  A tall guy in a suit.  He works for the Oomirengun, and obviously
  knows of Kiryuu from the yakuza.  Showing up in Ares in the Milennium Tower,
  he reveals that Haruka is wanted by the gangs.
Fighting Style:  Power wrestling
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  Spinning knuckle, similar to the one Knuckles-type weapons
  have, mounted punches
Strategy:  Not too much to say here, except you'll probably want to kill all his
  underlings for their experience.  He can be thrown, but remember that he's a
  big guy and you'll need to rapidly tap the circle button to throw him.  His
  spin attack also is invulnerable, so when boxing with him, don't over-extend
  yourself and get ready to block or dash away.  Don't forget to tap x repeat-
  edly if you get knocked down as he'll probably wanna do the mounted punches.

Role:  Enemy
Appears in:  Chapter 1
Description:  This is the guy who runs Peace Finance, a group who owes the
  Kazama group money.  He plans to run away in the night before Kiryuu shows up
  and beats the money out of them.  He'll also retaliate later.

Role:  Cabaret club girl
Appears in:  Chapters 4-13
Description:  Works for the cabaret club Jewel.



Role:  Enemy
Appears in:  "Betting on Boxing" mission
Description:  A tall, thin boxer who wears baggy, white clothes.  He's finally
  gotten a shot at the championship match, but he's being "encouraged" by the
  yakuza to throw it.  So, in frustration, he gets drunk and slaps a nine-year-
  old girl to the ground when she asks his autograph.  Nice guy.

JAN BIN (a.k.a. "Ninbenshi")
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 11
Description:  The passport forger is actually the madame at the Jewel cabaret
  club.  You won't know this, of course, until you help her and Ayaka out of a
  jam with the Se Waa group.

Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 13
Description:  Yumi's husband and Haruka's father, he's also the head of a
  mysterious, secret, government agency called the "Ministry Intelligence
  Agency" (which is fictional, of course), or "MIA" for short.  Vicious and
  cut-throat, he intends to use the money stolen from the yakuza organization
  to create a new, more powerful, underground government.  Heartless, he even
  would kill his own daughter for the money.
Fighting Style:  Running around like an idiot and shooting at you
Sample Vocals:  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (bad voice acting laugh)
Sample Attacks:  Shot
Strategy:  When you can first fight him, take out all the MIA2 agents first,
  then try and get close while he darts around like an idiot and wedge him
  into a corner.  He doesn't guard much, but he will break throws usually and
  he runs away quickly from attack strings.  He's not terribly hard, however.
  After he gets down to half health, he flies up to higher ground on a helipad
  conveniently located nearby.  Defeat those MIA2 agents, then pursue him.
  Now...those two MIA2 agents he has up there will be replaced if you defeat
  them.  You can get infinite experience here, but you should be all built up
  by this point, anyway, so just ignore those guys as much as possible and close
  in on Jingu.  Push him against a corner of the roof and hit him hard.  There
  are a mess of Heals strewn about this stage; use them if you need to.


Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Cut scenes
Description:  Kiryuu's oyakata of sorts, his "father in spirit," Kazama is the
  leader of a group of yakuza in Kamuro.  Kiryuu owes Kazama quite a lot--in
  fact, Kazama is crippled and walks with a cane because of injuries he sus-
  tained while saving Kiryuu years ago from the Se Waa group.  Kazama also 
  stole the 10 billion yen from the group to launder it with Jingu Kyouhei,
  Sera Masaru, and Jingu Kyouhei, and also took care of Sawamura Yumi when she
  had lost her memory.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Cut scenes, battles in Stardust
Description:  This is the guy who owns and operates the Stardust host club on
  Tenka'ichi street.  He also has loyalties to Kazama, so he helps Kiryuu to
  meet with him.

Role:  Enemy (boss-like)
Appears in:  Chapter 5
Description:  This guy seems to lead a ring of the White Edge gang around.  He
  throws rocks at a puppy and gets Haruka's--and Kiryuu's--attention.

Role:  Main character
Appears in:  Well...the whole game save some cut scenes!
Description:  Kiryuu stands tall and seems to be well known for getting stuff
  done right.  He takes a fall for his dear friend, Nishikiyama Akira, and gets
  sent to jail for killing their boss.  Unfortunately, this also gets him dis-
  owned by the Yakuza and becomes what's called a "Father-Killer."  So...no-
  one seems to want to have anything to do with him.
  Kiryuu's bond with Nishikiyama and Sawamura Yumi go back to the days when he
  was raised with them in the Sunflower orphanage.  This is the same place
  Haruka was raised.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 6, chapter 10 on
Description:  The daughter of the head of the Atobe group, Kyouka falls in love
  with Hanaya's son, Takashi, and plans to run away with him.  Unfortunately,
  they also steal money from her father's group to do so.


Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 9 (boss)
Description:  Wearing a nice, white suit with a gold chain, this sadistic man
  heading up a local group of the Chinese mafia called "Se Waa" ("Snake Flower")
  seems to be modeled in part after Lau from Virtua Fighter, in part from Cong
  Lung from Shen Mue, and in part from Lau Ga Leung.  He brandishes a Chinese
  glaive, twin Chinese cutlasses, and your standard Shaw-brothers-esque, fake
  "Siu Lam" style martial arts.
Fighting Style:  Lau martial arts; Chinese martial arts
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  Spear attacks, invulnerable glaive slash, palm splash to double
  palm strike, invulnerable, charging double palm strike, invulnerable upwards
  vertical sword slash, double knee to chest grapple, rapid dart throw
Strategy:  This guy seems tougher than he is.  Keep in mind that there are
  actually two healing items stashed in the room--one near the right edge by
  the huge vases (hint) and one by Haruka's chair.  Also, as I mentioned, there
  are huge vases about the room's perimeter which can be used to instantly stun
  Ga Lung.  When he gets an orange aura about him, he is invulnerable, so don't
  over-extend yourself.  His attack will also be unblockable, so...sway away!
  Actually, when he has the glaive, you can use your Charge Kick to avoid the
  attack and then immediately release to knock him down (hee hee).  He does
  give in to throws, especially as he gets low on health.
  After half of his first life bar, you'll break his weapon, then fight his
  unarmed form.  After he loses that first life bar, he'll get swords tossed to
  him.  After about half of that life bar, he'll fight you unarmed, but this
  time a little more ruthlessly and with his rapid dart toss.  He'll use the
  dart toss at a distance, usually, but it takes him long enough to charge it
  that you should get close and sway to his side to lay into him.


Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 5 (boss), Chapter 11 (boss)
Description:  This guy's eccentric and weird.  The story refers to him sometimes
  as "The Man Who Couldn't Be Read."  Sometimes appearing insanely violent and
  murderous, he also will, at times, seem to have loyalty and respect for life.
  He wears an eyepatch, has on a snakeskin jacket, gloves, and attacks with a
  knife.  Truly insane, he leads the Majima Group.
Sample Vocals:  (during throw) "Enryounakute shinu ya!" ("Don't worry; just go
  ahead and die!")
Sample Attacks:  Forward dash, straight stab, forward dash, cross cuts, slash,
  two kicks, slash, heavy punch combination, grappled punch to headlock to
  takedown to ground stab, leaping overhead strike
Strategy:  During his first appearance, he'll be surrounded by guys you'll want
  to kill for their experience, no doubt.  He dashes around like a lunatic
  during both his appearances and is very hard to hit.  There are a lot of
  balls on the floor when you first encounter him, and you can use their first
  couple of attacks to hit him, followed by their special to gain bonus exp.
  If he starts his long string, you can guard his two kicks, avoid the slash,
  then guard or avoid the punch to retaliate.  Get him side-turned and try and
  wedge him against something.  He'll stand and laugh sometimes; try and hit
  him here.  You don't want to do long strings against him.  Also...if you can,
  try and corner him in those little alcoves where the batter actually stands
  in the batting cages.  There are bats in these, and even if he darts around,
  you can catch him with a few good hits.  Make sure you hit him with supers!
  Keep in mind during his second appearance that the pipes and things hanging
  around will guard his knife and are harder to avoid.  Also, once he reaches
  half health, he'll jump at you and break the ground.  Hit X as it flashes to
  recover without damage.  Also, hit X repeatedly if he knocks you down and
  mounts you to break it.  He gives in to throws often enough when his health
  is low.
  He's really a pain, and it took me longer to get used to him than any other
  story boss, I'd say.

M.I.A. or MIA
Role:  Secret organization
Appears in:  Chapters 6 and 13
Description:  The "Ministry Intelligence Agency" is a secret government
  organization headed by Jingu Kyouhei.  Super-secret and conspiratorial, this
  agency is here for the "deep secret" thing for the detective to find--if
  you're familiar with roman noir or detective fiction in general, you know
  that there's always some dark truth that the detective understands that
  others away from his seedy world don't.

MIZUKI (cabaret club girl)
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 7, during the mission "The Man Who Wanted to Die"
Description:  This is the girlfriend of the man who wants to commit suicide by
  jumping off the same building where Reina and Shinji get cornered by Nagase
  and the Nishikiyama group.  She's obviously named "Mizuki" as a little red

MIZUKI (Haruka's mother) --> see "Sawamura Yumi"

MIZUKI (pAres's madame)
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Cut scenes
Description:  In the mission "The Truth Behind the Fake Mizuki," you'll find
  out that the madame of "pAres" (psuedo-Ares?), a club in the Champion
  District, was apparently trying to look like the "Mizuki" figure that ran
  Ares, for some reason.  This, unfortunately, got her killed.  She's the dead
  body found with the tattoo that identified her as Mizuki--a red herring to
  throw the player off the truth.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 11
Description:  A guy who works at MEB.  He used to live with Zan Mei, and she
  gave him her pass to the Tougenkyou.  He'll sell it to you, once you find
  this out--for a price.  You can buy it for 500,000 as he suggests, but you
  can also talk him down to 300,000.  He'll also give you the low-down on the
  different cabaret club girls.  His personal name may be "Ekijin" or "Jik
  San;" it's not a common Japanese name and there seem to be a lot of people of
  Chinese descent in this chapter.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 7, "Casino Royale" mission.
Description:  Wearing a sunshine-yellow suit with a bright, blue shirt, this
  guy looks either like a clown or a pimp.  He's also stealing from his yakuza
  group.  When you find him, he's stolen a million yen.  Sad thing is, it's all
  counterfeit.  He tries to pass the puck along to Kiryuu to throw the yakuza
  off the trail, asking him to buy chips at the underground casino so he can
  launder the money, but it doesn't work out too well....

Role:  Enemy
Appears in:  "Baby's A Showgirl" mission (boss-like)
Description:  All in drag with a red skirt and jacket, but sans wig to look more
  "manly."  He sports a shotgun.
Fighting Style:  Unique--doesn't drop weapons.
Sample Vocals:  Generic Yakuza
Sample Attacks:  Shotgun blast, two-hit shotgun swing combo, sweep.  The sweep
  cannot be guarded, knocks down, and avoids most attacks.
Strategy:  There are sets of seats around to pick up and nail this guy with, but
  you can fight him head-on fairly easily.  He'll sidestep a lot, and keep in
  mind that if he's on a higher level (read: that little step near the room's
  entrance) grapples won't even connect.  Sway away if he's gonna sweep.


Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 10 (boss)
Description:  Sporting a long, red coat and black sunglasses, this gunslinger
  uses Hong-Kong-esque gun fu.
Fighting Style:  Nagase gun fu
Sample Vocals:  
Sample Attacks:  Single standing shot, burst of rapid-fire shots, diving shot
Strategy:  He flips around a lot.  Wearing the Bulletproof Vest is recommended,
  as most of his attacks involve shooting.  He's surrounded by other yakuza,
  some of which have guns, so even with the vest, you'll probably get hit from
  behind a few times--get ready to tap the X button and use the Nekogaeri.
  There are healing items found in this stage, including one right near where
  you encounter him.  Try and force him into corners to catch him while he
  flips around, then stomp on him.  Once he's weakened, throws have a better
  chance of success.  Don't let him get too far away to avoid the rapid firing

NINBENSHI --> see "Jan Bin"

Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 13 (final boss)
Description:  Kiryuu's best friend, Nishikiyama, went to free their beloved Yumi
  years ago when he heard the licentious mob boss was taking advantage of her.
  He ended up shooting him, unfortunately, and Kiryuu took the fall because he
  knew Nishikiyama's sister was ill and because he felt he was the younger man's
  protector.  Now, he's gone a bit insane.  The reason?  Well...unfortunately,
  it's not too convincing, but he feels like he's had no control over what's
  gone down and he sorta blames Kiryuu and the world.
Fighting Style:  Yakuza-esque brawling
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  Two wild swings, jumping uppercut (which is unblockable),
  mounted punches, grapple to revenge punches, whirlwind strike
Strategy:  This fight is nowhere near as tough as it appears, really.  Make sure
  you have healing items, but I usually don't even end up using any.  The first
  thing to be aware of is that if you hear a noise like you've reached Heat Mode
  and it isn't you, he's reached it himself.  You'll see a red aura about his
  body that means he's pretty much invulnerable.  To end this, just do a throw
  attempt.  He'll automatically break it and push you far away, but it turns the
  effect off.  He'll pick up the furniture a lot, too...throw attempt then, too,
  and he'll drop it.  Other than that, just plug away....  Well, there is one
  more thing.  When he gets low on health, he may try and grapple you with a
  very strange grapple.  This one requires that you tap the X button quickly to
  escape the first few hits, then start to tap the square button like mad.  If
  you succeed, you'll be able to hit him twice and do *major* damage.





Role:  Cabaret club girl
Appears in:  Chapters 4-13
Description:  Works for the cabaret club Jewel.

Role:  Story figure
Description:  This is the lady who runs the bar, Serena.  She's been with Kiryuu
  and Nishikiyama for a long time, as that was their favorite hangout ten years
  ago.  Apparently, she's even fallen in love with Nishikiyama.


Role:  Enemy
Appears in:  "Betting on Boxing" mission
Description:  A big, tough guy using a Mah Jong parlour as a base for his
  sports betting schemes.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 1, chapter 13
Description:  One of the biggest figures in the story, you see Yumi just about
  the least.  When Kiryuu was young, he and Nishikiyama were apparently orphans
  and in the Sunflower nursery, and met and became close with Yumi there.
  Thus, they both grew to love her.  She's also Haruka's actual mother, though
  she told her her it was her sister, Mizuki, so that the people after the
  stolen mob money would be thrown off the trail.  She lost her memory after the
  traumatic events of the night Nishikiyama shot their big boss because he was
  forcing himself on her and Kiryuu took the blame.  During that time, Kazama
  Shintarou took care of her, and she met Jingu Kyouhei and eventually got
  together with him and had their child (Haruka).
  Jingu was power-hungry, however, and so, he used Sera and Kazama to steal
  10 billion yen from the mob to launder it and use it to build a new Japanese
  shadow government.  However, Yumi ended up absconding with the money once
  she was targeted by her own husband and her memories came flooding back.
  Now, she's in hiding, and has hidden the money with the pendant she's left
  with her daughter in the Sunflower orphanage.  Also, guess what?  She's
  really always loved Kiryuu.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 6
Description:  Just a gal; she first shows up in her schoolgirl outfit as a
  prostitute.  She's Date Makoto's daughter, but her last name isn't officially
  confirmed so I list her here.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Cut scenes
Description:  Robert Englund, or Japanese guy?  This is the head of the
  Toujoukai, the yakuza syndicates in the Kamuro area.  He gets assassinated
  early on in the game (actually, in Chapter 2, though his murder isn't shown).
  He helped Kazama Shintarou and Jingu Kyouhei to steal the missing 10 billion
  yen and named a successor in secret to protect against the backstabbing
  actions he foresaw from Jingu.

Role:  Enemy crime syndicate
Appears in:  Chapters 8-11
Description:  This is the local Chinese mafia, apparently headed by Lau Ga
  Lung.  The name means "Snake Flower."  That "flower" is a poetic term for
  "Chinese" or "beautiful."  The name is read "Jaka" in Sino-Japanese, but one
  would have to wonder if they were trying to make it say "Se Ga," but gotten
  the second sound slightly wrong (since Japanese would read it "ka").
  Probably not, though; usually, they only have the Sino-Japanese readings in
  mind.  If there are actual Chinese readings of things, it's usually in Man-
  darin--tho' "La Ga Lung" is a clearly Cantonese reading.  In Mandarin, "Se
  Waa" would be "She Hua."

Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 3 (boss), chapter 12 (boss)
Description:  A really big, tough guy with a shorn head, who likes to go
  shirtless and show his macho muscles and tattoos.  He's the head of the
  Shimano Group.  In his second meeting, he brings his katana along.
Fighting Style:  Shimano power wrestling
Sample Vocals:  (during intro) "Yakamashii wa!" ("How dare you!") (stunned)
  "Yaru na...." ("Not bad--!")
Sample Attacks:  Leaping double-handed overhead hammer, abise taoshi (slamming
  your head into the ground)
Strategy:  This guy's pretty easy, despite being imposing.  During the first
  encounter, he'll be alone--and what's more, there are paper lanterns about for
  the taking.  Once you have the Kick Combo string from Technique level 3, use
  it.  He'll be invulnerable a lot, automatically guarding your attacks, but the
  fourth attack will break his guard, then the fifth attack will push him back.
  Lather, rinse, repeat.  He might throw you a few times, but that's OK.  If he
  gets hit too much, he'll collapse and be dizzy.  You can do a full string here
  or (for bonus experience) go and get a lantern and use its special attack.
  For his second appearance, first thing you'll wanna do is run up and try to
  grapple him.  He'll break the grapple, but drop his sword.  Keep him unarmed
  if you can--and grab that sword if you want, too.  Beat up all his cronies for
  their experience, and then go at him like in the first encounter.  If he
  grabs you in this encounter, he'll end up throwing you in front of a car his
  underlings drive into you.  Tap square like mad if he starts to grapple you
  to avoid this.

SHINMEI --> see "Zan Mei"

Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 7 (boss)
Description:  A man working under Nishiki who carries a katana around.
Fighting Style:  Kendou
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  standard kendou attacks
Strategy:  There are a lot of armed guys around, but only Shintou carries a
  real katana; the others have bokutou.  Try not to get hit by him; the katana
  deals a load of damage.  He'll side-step a lot, but if you side-step his
  attacks, he'll usually continue the string and be opened; attack him when
  he's side-turned or back-turned.

Role:  Enemy (boss-like)
Appears in:  Chapter 8
Description:  Big, tall, white-wearing leader of the White Edge.  This guy's
  annoying and surrounded by a bunch of annoying guys to boot.  What's with
  the gangs and Muay Thai, anyway?
Fighting Style:  Muay Thai
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  Flying Knee
Strategy:  Man.  He breaks throws a lot...the only advice I really have is to
  get ahold of any weapons you can and try and keep them out of the hands of
  the enemies!  This is definitely a weapons fight.  Use the "Goku" attack of
  your weapon on Shiraki if you can--it'll be about your only chance to get a
  bonus from him.  You can also slam guys into the flaming trash can.

Role:  Enemy (boss-like)
Appears in: Chapter 6
Description:  This guy's a useless scumbag.  When we meet him, he's a host at
  the Stardust host club, working on innocent, young girls to get them to
  go on "assisted dating" and things like that, then to make erotic enter-
  tainment.  He's sunk his teeth into Saya, Date's daughter, and tries to
  extort the detective with the copies of a tape he had her make.  Apparently,
  he met her while working at Shellac, the pub in the Champion District, where
  he went by the name "Shoutarou."  The kanji (Chinese characters) of his name
  now mean something like "soaring strong man" (loosely translated), and before
  they meant something like "just, fair strong man."
Fighting Style:  Standard knife-wielding type
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  Lunging stab (avoids all atacks), super-quick, close range
Strategy:  This guy is obnoxious--just like all of the boss-like characters
  who act all, "Hey!  Look at me!  I've got a weapon!"  He dodges like mad,
  blocks throws, doesn't drop his knife if you grab him, apparently has
  infinite usage of the dang thing, and does that cheat-like A.I. thing of
  always magically not being the guy you're focused on during the fight so you
  can't do much to him.  Try picking up the furniture around or the guys
  standing near him and knock him down with them.  Getting in special attacks
  isn't too easy with him or other bosses like this, and for this guy, it
  doesn't really pay off too well anyway.

SHOUTAROU --> see "Shouta"

STARDUST MAN --> see "Yuuya"

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Cut scenes
Description:  Once Date's subordinate, he's now become his superior.  He is
  apparently asked by the secret, shadow government to prevent Date from nosing
  around too much about the MIA and the 10 billion missing yen.  At first he
  seems just a "yes" man, but he eventually starts to look into things because
  he learned all that he knows from Date and trusts his instincts.  Date has to
  abandon the police to save Kiryuu, and breaks back into the station to use
  their databases to figure out what's going on with Jingu Kyouhei.  Sudou
  finds him, but, rather than turn him in, has apparently already pieced to-
  gether the puzzle himself and leads Date to a helicopter to go and arrest
  Jingu in Chapter 13.


Role:  Story figure, enemy
Appears in:  Chapter 6, chapter 10 on
Description:  This kid likes to hang around the Yoshida Batting Center.  He's
  got a lover, Kyouka, who's apparently the daughter of the head of the Atobe
  group of yakuza, and even steals some money from them to start a life with
  her.  He's also Hanaya's son.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 1, 10
Description:  Apparently Kiryuu's acquaintance, this guy's a small-time news
  hound of sorts.  He apparently used Aoki's information to write articles for
  a local tabloid called "SPA!"
  He wouldn't give up on Kiryuu and assumed there was no way he could have
  killed Doujima.  So, he kept poking around and eventually stirred up the
  wrong element.  Aoki and others heard that he was most likely killed for his
  involvement, but he actually is just laying low at the River Styx
  under Hanaya's protection.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapters 1-3, 10
Description:  Shinji was taken under Kiryuu's wing years ago, as a sort of
  deshi.  He came to visit Kiryuu in jail and deliver the papers banishing him
  from the mob, and seems to leave Kiryuu to join Nishikiyama for a period.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 12, various cut scenes
Description:  This man means to carry on the "honorable" way that Kazama had
  been.  So, he comes to Haruka's aid while Majima has her held at the Yoshida
  Batting Center and tells her about the value of her pendant.  He also hides
  Kazama from the gangs who would want to kill him because of his involvement
  with the stolen 10 billion yen.  He'll end up in a nice place at the end of
  all this.

Role:  Group
Appears in:  Entire game
Description:  This is the alliance of yakuza kumi (or "groups") found within
  the game, headed by Sera Masaru.  When he's assassinated, all groups start
  scrambling for the missing 10 billion yen, because whoever takes it shall
  become head of the alliance.  Well, that's all very well and good, but Sera
  actually anticipated something bad happening and secretly named Kiryuu his

Role:  Salesman
Appears in:  Chapters 3, 12, and 13
Description:  This guy wears black sunglasses and a black trenchcoat.  He's a
  local, black-market-like weapons dealer.  Is he related somehow to Amon Jou,
  the game's hidden boss?  It's unclear....


UTABORI II (a.k.a. "Nidaimeno Utabori")
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 7
Description:  Utabori is a very famous tattoo artist working out of Kamuro.  He
  gave Kiryuu his "dragon" tattoo and Nishikiyama his "koi" tattoo.



Role:  Enemy group
Appears in:  Chapter 8
Description:  A gang that wears all white.  Hangs out in the Champion
  District.  Their first appearance is near the Milennium Tower's eastern
  edge, tormenting a puppy.  Later, Kiryuu will need to question them to find
  out who kidnapped Haruka.



Role:  Enemy at first, then a friend
Appears in:  Various...fought in Chapter 2 before boss fight
Description:  A zealous young man of extremes, this guy works for the night
  club "Stardust," and tries to prevent Kiryuu from entering when he mistakes
  him for a yakuza.  He also dates a stripper at the club "Shine" and gets
  wrapped up in a hit attempt on Kiryuu during the "Baby's A Showgirl" mission.
Fighting Style:  Lucha libre (??)
Sample Vocals:
Sample Attacks:  Spear-like plancha, which is very fast, horizontal chop to
  overhead chop
Strategy:  Not too special, really.  He'll dodge occasionally and break throws

Role:  Cabaret club girl
Appears in:  Chapters 4-13
Description:  Works for the cabaret club Shine.


ZAN MEI (a.k.a. "Zheng Mei" or "Shinmei")
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 11
Description:  A Chinese-born cabaret club girl who reportedly used to work for
  the Tougenkyou soapland.  Kiryuu needs to meet her to get said pass so he can
  meet with Akemi, Shinji's girlfriend.

4d.  Items
For now, these are INCOMPLETE lists.  I will try to expand them as I work on the
F.A.Q.  All apologies!
Items are alphabetically listed with numbers by the way they're spelled out;
for instance, a "9" is listed in under "nine."

4d-I.  Weapons
  Attack:  This is how much equipping the weapon adds to your attack.
  Endurance:  Weapons get broken and are automatically dropped after a certain
    number of uses.  This is how I've listed that number.
  Type:  This descripes the moves set.  You can find the moves listed in the
    fighting section of the FAQ.
    STUNS.  This weapon shocks the enemy and makes them unable to move for a
      certain amount of time.
    DIZZIES.  The enemy collapses and seems to be seeing stars, rolling on the
      ground for a period of time.  They aren't considered grounded during this
      animation, unfortunately, and for at least part of it, they avoid some
    IGNITES.  The enemy bursts into flames and falls down, similar to the
      "stunned" animation, but they are incapacitated for a much shorter amount
      of time.

These can be bought and equipped or found on a battle stage and kept, unlike
the "non-retainable" weapons.

ANTIQUE AUTOMATIC HANDGUN:  5 attack, infinite endurance, 6 bullets.  Gun type.
  Travelling Salesman, Chapter 13:  400,000 yen.
  Dropped:  Nishikiyama-group yakuza on rooftop in Chapter 11.
AUTOMATIC HANDGUN:  1 attack, infinite endurance, 1 bullet.  Gun type.
  Weapons Store:  40,000 yen.
  Coin Locker #1
BAT:  45 attack, 7 endurance.  Bat type.
  Found in Yoshida Batting Center, various other battles.
BEER BOTTLE:  10 attack, 5 endurance.  Small type.  DIZZIES.  Becomes non-
  retainable, knife-type "Broken Beer Bottle" after first attack.
  Found in Paradise Bar, Senryou (South) battle arena, etc.
BLACKJACK (a.k.a. "SLAPPER"):  30 attack, 12 endurance.  Small type.  DIZZIES.
  Weapons store:  4000 yen.
  Dropped by yakuza in the empty building fight in Chapter 11.
BRASS KNUCKLES:  10 attack, 5 endurance.  Knuckles type.
  Weapons Store:  7500 yen.
  Travelling Salesman, Chapter 3:  11750 yen.
  Coin Locker #19
BROKEN STUN GUN:  10 attack, 2 endurance.  Knife type.  STUNS.
  Dropped by Aota in Chapter 8, Gang Busters from chapter 10 on, etc.
BULLETPROOF SHIELD:  10 attack, 24 endurance, Medium type.  Blocks bullets.
  Weapons store:  38,000 yen.
  Travelling Salesman, chapter 12:  76,000 yen.
CAPTAIN'S BAT:  80 attack, 12 endurance.  Bat type.
  Randomly won in "Revenge Grand Prix" tournament.
CEDAR BLOCK:  100 attack, 1 endurance.  Medium type.
  Picked up in the Third Park battle stage.
CHENG LUNG DOU:  35 attack, 8 endurance.  Sword type.
  Weapons store:  19,800 yen.
CHINESE BUTCHER KNIFE:  30 attack, 6 endurance.  Knife type.
  Dropped by the head chef at the Chui Lin Lau restaurant.
CROWBAR:  30 attack, 12 endurance.  Small type.
  Chouhan parlour:  18 points.
  Dropped by many enemies, in many stages.
DARTS:  10 attack, 6 endurance.  Small type.
  Fukkantei casino in River Styx:  58 chips.
  Found in Paradise Bar battle stage.
DRAGON KNUCKLES:  60 attack, 20 endurance.  Knuckles type.  
  Won randomly in "Spaghetti Western Grand Prix" tournament.
DURABLE IAIDOU SWORD:  ? attack, infinite endurance.  Sword Type.
  Wielded in "The Ronin Grand Prix" underground tournament.
FINE UMBRELLA:  20 attack, 12 endurance.  Club type.  Unique special:  Hook
  to smash (Heat Gauge Triangle vs. standing foe).
  Homeless Man in River Styx:  4500 yen.
  Coin Locker #35
  Handed out after random encounters.
FLASH BOMB:  3 attack, infinite endurance.  Bomb type.  DIZZIES.
  Homeless Man in River Styx:  38,000 yen
  Travelling Salesman in Chapter 12:  76,000 yen
  Won in "Exhibition Tournament."
GENTLEMAN'S UMBRELLA:  20 attack, 4 endurance.  Club type.  Unique special:
  Hook to smash (Heat Gauge Triangle vs. standing foe).
  Found in Nanafuku battle stage.
GOLF CLUB:  50 attack, 4 endurance.  Club type.
  Found in Theater Square battle stage, etc.
IAIDOU SWORD:  35 attack, 12 endurance.  Sword type.  
  Dropped in "The Goku-dou's Wife" mission.
IRON PIPE:  45 attack, 10 endurance.  Club type.
  Homeless Man In River Styx:  100 yen.
LAU GA CHENG LUNG DOU:  35 attack, 20 endurance.  Sword type.
  Ebisuya:  180,000 yen.
LIGHTENING BOMB:  3 attack, infinite endurance.  Bomb type.  STUNS.
  Weapons Store:  12,000 yen.
  Travelling Salesman, Chapter 12:  24,000 yen.
  Travelling Salesman, Chapter 13:  24,000 yen.
LONG DOSU:  27 attack, 6 endurance?  Knife type.
  Ebisuya:  40,000 yen
  Coin Locker #20
MAGIC SWORD SENGETSU:  45 attack, 20 endurance.  Sword type.  STUNS.  
  Win from "The Ronin Grand Prix" tournament.
MAGIC SWORD MUGETSU:  45 attack, 20 endurance.  Sword type.
  Chouhan parlour:  480 points.
MAGIC SWORD MURAMASA:  30 attack, 200 endurance.  Sword type.  
  Fukkantei:  98,000 chips
MAGIC SWORD MYOUGETSU:  45 attack, 20 endurance.  Sword type.  IGNITES.  
  Win from "Burning Grand Prix" tournament.
MAIL-ORDER MAGIC SWORD:  30 attack, 5 endurance.
  Chouhan parlour:  880 points
  Win in the "Scorpion Grand Prix" tournament
MIFUNE KODACHI:  40 attack, 12 endurance.  Knife type.
  Obtained from Atobe (via Hanaya) in Chapter 6
  Win in "The Ronin Grand Prix" tournament
MIYAMOTO MUSASHI DOSU:  25 attack, 25 endurance.  Knife type.
  Ebisuya:  68,000 yen
  Chouhan parlour:  680 points
  Coin Locker #16
MODIFIED IRON:  10 attack, 10 endurance.  IGNITES.  Small type.  Unique
  special:  Face steam to face smash (Heat Mode Triangle vs. standing foe).
  Homeless Man in River Styx:  1800 yen
MODIFIED LIGHTER:  5 attack, 8 endurance, 100 spray.  IGNITES.  Modified
  Lighter type.
  Homeless Man in River Styx:  3500 yen
MODIFIED PORTABLE STOVE:  10 attack, 6 endurance, Small type.  Unique special:
  Face blaze to face smash (Heat Mode Triangle vs. standing foe).  IGNITES.
  Homeless Man in River Styx:  3600 yen
  Coin Locker #39
MOTOMIYA TAKESHI DOSU:  20 attack, 3 endurance.
  Won from "Hyper Tournament Open" tournament
  Coin Locker #2
NAMED SWORD ONINOKIBA:  55 attack, 50 endurance.  Sword type.  
  Won from "Magnum Force Grand Prix" tournament.
NAMED SWORD TESSHUUSAI:  40 attack, 40 endurance.  Sword type.
  Ebisuya:  15,000,000 yen
  Obtain from Yuzu in Shine while romancing her.
NAMELESS SWORD:  38 attack, 15 endurance.  Sword type.
9MM AUTOMATIC:  5 attack, infinite endurance, 8 bullets.  Gun type.
  Weapons Store:  320,000 yen
  Travelling Salesman, Chapter 12:  640,000 yen
  Coin Locker #17
  Coin Locker #46
OAK BOKUTOU:  15 attack, 10 endurance.  Sword Type.
  Given out by random encounters.  Found in many stages.
OLD DOSU:  25 attack, 10 endurance.
  Dropped by many enemies, found in many stages.
OLD CHENG LUNG DOU:  25 attack, 5 endurance.  Sword type.
  Dropped by Se Waa members in Chui Lin Lao restaurant and Third Park.
OLD IMPERIAL HAND GRENADE:  15 attack, infinite endurance.  Bomb type.
  Homelss Man in River Styx:  25,000 yen.
  Travelling Salesman, Chapter 12:  50,000 yen.
  Won in "Hyper Tournament Open" tournament.
OGRE KNUCKLES:  40 attack, 10 endurance.  Knuckles type.  
  Won in "Burning Grand Prix" underground tournament.
PEPPER SPRAY:  10 attack, 8 endurance, 180 spray.  Modified Lighter Type.
  Weapons Store:  1980 yen.
PLIERS:  10 attack, 9 endurance.  Small type.  Unique special:  Fingernail
  tear (Heat Mode Triangle vs. standing foe).
  Found in Senryou battle stage.
POT:  30 attack, 3 endurance.  Small type.
ROPE:  10 attack, infinite endurance.  Rope type.
  Poppo / M Store:  300 yen
SAKAKI BOKUTOU:  40 attack, 100 endurance.  Sword type.
  Chouhan parlour:  3800 points.
SALT SHAKER:  10 attack, 1 endurance.  Small type.  Unique special:  salt in
  yer eyes!
  Found in Chui Lin Lau's kitchen.
SHIKOKUKI BOKUTOU:  20 attack, 15 endurance.  Sword type.
  Homeless Man in River Styx:  7500 yen
  Chouhan parlour:  75 points
SLEDGE HAMMER:  32 attack, 12 endurance.  Small type.
SMALL HAMMER:  30 attack, 12 endurance.  Small type.
  Homeless Man in River Styx:  3400 yen
SMOKE GRENADE:  10 attack, infinite endurance.  Bomb type.
  Travelling Salesman, Chapter 12 and 13:  50,000 yen
SOFTBALL:  10 attack, infinite endurance.  Small type.
  Found in Yoshida Batting Center battle stage.
  Coin Locker #27
SPECIAL FORCES NIGHT STICK:  30 attack, 50 endurance.  Small type.
  Travelling Salesman, chapter 12:  49000 yen
  Won in "Street Fight Special Tournament"
STUNGUN:  15 attack, 10 endurance.  Knife type.  STUNS.
  Chouhan parlour:  170 points
SURVIVAL KNIFE:  25 attack, 8 endurance.  Knife type.
  Weapons Store:  23000 yen
  Travelling Salesman, Chapter 3:  34000 yen
  Travelling Salesman, Chapter 12, 13:  46000 yen
  Coin Locker #9
TEAR GAS GRENADE:  3 attack, infinite endurance.  Bomb type.  DIZZIES.
  Homeless Man in River Styx:  25000 yen.
TONFA:  35 attack, 12 endurance.  Small type.
  Weapons Store:  6800 yen
TOYO'ATO KIYOMIZU SWORD:  42 attack, 12 endurance.  Sword type.
  Ebisuya:  164000 yen
WESTERN SHIELD:  40 attack, 18 endurance.  Medium type.  Blocks bullets.
  Weapons Store:  25000 yen
  Fukkantei:  250 chips

These are found in battle stages and can't be kept after the fight ends.  They
all have the same picture; a strange arrow with a "non" symbol over them.
Unfortunately, the attack values for these are not displayed in the game, for
some reason.  They all seem to do a lot of damage, however....

ALUMINUM RECYCLABLES BIN:  5 endurance.  Medium type.
ASH TRAY:  1 endurance.  Small type.  DIZZIES.
BEER CASE:  5 endurance.  Medium type.
BICYCLE:  3 endurance.  Large type.
BROKEN BEER BOTTLE:  4 endurance.  Knife type.
CHINESE CUTTING BOARD:  5 endurance.  Medium type.
CONFERENCE CHAIR:  3 endurance.  Medium type.
COUNTER SOFA:  5 endurance.  Large type.
DECORATIVE SPEAR:  6 endurance.  Spear type.
DHARMA STATUE:  5 endurance.  Small type.
DECK CHAIR:  3 endurance.  Medium type.
FIRE EXTINGUISHER:  20 endurance, 200 spray.  Modified Lighter type.
GIANT PYLON:  3 endurance.  Large type.
GOLF CLUB:  1 endurance.  Medium type.
HIGH SIDETABLE:  3 endurance.  Large type.
IRON PIPE:  7 endurance.  Club type.
IRON PLATE:  6 endurance.  Shield type.
LAMPSTAND:  7 endurance.  Spear type.
LONG IRON PIPE:  10 endurance.  Spear type.
MICROPHONE STAND:  6 endurance.  Club type.
OFFICE CHAIR:  3 endurance.  Medium type.
PAPER LANTERN:  3 endurance.  Medium type.
PIG'S HEAD:  3 endurance.  Medium type.
PUMICE LANTERN:  3 endurance.  Large type.
ROCK:  5 endurance.  Medium type.
SCAFFOLDING PLANK:  3 endurance.  Medium type.
SECTIONAL SOFA:  3 endurance.  Large type.
SQUARE TABLE:  3 endurance.  Large type.
STEEL TRASH CAN:  5 endurance.  Medium type.
STOOL:  4 endurance.  Medium type.
TABLE:  2 endurance.  Large type.
TRASH CAN:  5 endurance.  Medium type.
UMBRELLA STAND:  5 endurance.  Medium type.
WASTEPAPER BASKET:  3 endurance.  Medium type.

4d-II.  Defense Items
NOTE:  There are a few items that are equipped like defense items but don't
provide defense.  I'll list them here, because with them equipped, you can't
equip any defensive items.

ANGEL BELL:  Makes enemies attack you less during fights.
BULLET-PROOF VEST:  10 defense.  Automatically blocks bullets fired at Kiryuu's
CASANOVA RING:  Adds either 1/2 heart or 1 full heart at the beginning of the
  date with cabaret club girls, depending on the girl.
CHAIN MAIL SHIRT:  10 defense.
CHAMPION RING:  Ups the difficulty of battles.
CHARISMA PHOTOGRAPH:  Makes it so you get more random fights with yakuza about
DRAGON SARASHI:  30 defense.
FRENCH COLOGNE:  Prevents losing 1/2 heart at the beginning of a date with the
  cabaret club girls.
HARITI MEDALLION:  Makes it so enemies don't surround you as much during fights.
HARUKA'S NECKLACE:  25 defense.
ITALIAN COLOGNE:  Prevents losing 1/2 heart at the beginning of a date with the
  cabaret club girls.
LUCKY BEADS:  Makes it so that you don't get into random fights about town.
LUCKY BRACELET:  Prevents losing 1/2 heart at the beginning of a date with the
  cabaret club girls.
MANLY SARASHI:  8 defense.
MANLY COLOGNE:  Prevents losing 1/2 heart at the beginning of a date with the
  cabaret club girls.
OGRE SARASHI:  15 defense.
SARASHI:  3 defense.

4d-III.  Healing Items

BIG VITAMIN C:  Small life recover.
BOSS BLACK COFFEE:  Small life recover.  Recovers from "drunk" status?
BURNING TYPE AMINO:  Small life recover.
CLUB SANDWICH:  Small life recover.
HARUKA'S FIRST AID KIT:  Full life refill.
HEAL:  Medium-small life refill.  Found in certain story stages.
HOT IZAEMON:  Small life recover.  Recovers from "drunk" status?
IZAEMON:  Small life recover.  Recovers from "drunk" status?
MAKUNO'UCHI BENTOU:  Small health refill.  Best purchasable healing item until
  entire map is unlocked.
MEAT BUN:  Small life recover.
NATCHAN ORANGE:  Small life recover.
ODEN COMBINATION:  Small life recover.
PICKLE:  Small life recover.
SALMON ONIGIRI:  Small life recover.
SOUTHERN ALPS SPRING WATER:  Small life recover.
SPECIAL YAKISOBA:  Small life recover.
STAMINAN ROYALE:  Medium life refill, plus Heat Gauge refill.
STAMINAN SPARK:  Full life refill, plus Heat Gauge refill.
STAMINAN X:  Small life refill, plus Heat Gauge refill.
STAMINAN XX:  Medium-small life refill, plus Heat Gauge refill.\
TAMARIC TABLETS:  Recovers from "drunk" status.
TAULINER:  Refills Heat Gauge.
TAULINER +:  Refills more Heat Gauge.
TAULINER ++:  Refills entire Heat Gauge.

4d-IV.  Miscellanies

BANKER CHESS PIECE:  Temporarily makes the banker win at bacarat.
BJ CHARM:  "BJ" is for "blackjack" this time....  Helps increase the odds of
  21 coming up in blackjack.
BLACK JEWEL:  Temporarily makes roulette turn up "black."
CAVIAR-SKIN BAG:  Give to the girls for the love-game sidequests.
DRAGON PLATE:  Sell at the pawn shop.
FRENCH MUFFLER:  Give to the girls for the love-game sidequests.
FRENCH COLOGNE:  Use for the love-game sidequests.
ITALIAN WATCH:  Give to the girls for the love-game sidequests.
ITALIAN COLOGNE:  Use for the love-game sidequests.
GOLD LIGHTER:  Sell at the pawn shop.
GOLD PLATE:  Sell at the pawn shop.
HARUKA'S MARBLES:  No use; can be sold at the pawn shop.
100G COIN:  Sell at the pawn shop.
LACQUER PLATE:  Sell at the pawn shop.
LIFESTONE:  No use; sell at the pawn shop.
MARBLE PLATE:  Sell at the pawn shop.
MATCHES:  No use; use for the "Matchstick Girl" mission.
MONOGRAM BAG:  Give to the girls for the love-game sidequests.
PLAYER CHESS PIECE:  Temporarily makes the player win at bacarat.
POCKET TISSUE:  No use; use for the "Man in the Toilet" mission.
RED JEWEL:  Temporarily makes roulette turn up "red."
777 SEAL:  Makes the slots machines give out more medals in the Volcano pachinko
  slot hall.  If you have this on your person when you enter, it'll auto-
  matically work; once you leave the establishment, it'll automaticall vanish.
SILVER PLATE:  Sell at the pawn shop.
1000G COIN:  Sell at the pawn shop.
TORTOISE-SHELL PLATE:  No use; can be sold at the pawn shop.

4e.  Coin Locker Keys

Note:  I will mark keys you'll only have one chance (besides the ones in the
Milennium Tower; you technically have two chances to get those) to snatch with
asterisks *.  Be sure not to miss these!  The game tallies what percentage of
lockers you've opened in the end....  Well, it gives you one percentage point
for finding the key, then one more for opening the locker.  See?  Anyway...there
seems to be no point to getting 100% other than just the satisfaction of seeing
that "100%" after you beat the game.

1.  In the River Styx, in the underground, on the right side of the
  walkway near a path to a pleasure quarters, near the beginning of the walk-
  ITEM:  Automatic Handgun
2.  In Taihei Street, in the west, to the west of the Coin Lockers, below the
  big Sumo advert.
  ITEM:  Motomiya Takeshi Dosu
3.  In the Hotel District at a dead-end.
  ITEM:  French Muffler
4.  From completing the mission "Mistaken Identity."
  ITEM:  Tortoise-Shell Plate
5.* Talk to the man in front of the black truck in Taihei Street's west end
  to the west of the Coin Lockers.  Only occurs in Chapter 4 when carrying
  Haruka to the Serena.
  ITEM:  Staminan X
6.  Clear the mission "My Son"
  ITEM:  Bungo Kiyomizu Sword
7.  Clear the mission "Yakuza Aspirations 3"
  ITEM:  Manly Sarashi
8.  Near a bench in the park on the west side of Nanafuku Street.
  ITEM:  Cat Food
9.  Clear the "Bad News for B-King" mission.
  ITEM:  Survival Knife
10.  Clear the "Deserting the Yakuza" mission.
  ITEM:  Charisma Photo
11.* On the deck of Terada's boat, near the center.
  ITEM:  BJ Charm
12.  At the start of the "Benevolence and Renumeration" mission, when you give
  the sake to the homeless man in the Third Park.
  ITEM:  Tattered Coat
13.  At the thin path running in the middle of the River Styx.
  ITEM:  Banker Chess Piece
14.  At the River Styx's underground near Hanaya's door.
  ITEM:  Player Chess Piece
15.  On the east side of the fountain at the River Styx.
  ITEM:  Red Jewel
16.  Clear the "UFO Catcher" mission.
  ITEM:  Miyamoto Musashi Dosu
17.  Clear the "Suspicious Gun" mission (bought from a man to the south of the
  movie theater).
  ITEM:  9mm Automatic
18.* On the 4th floor of the Tougenkyou, on the leftmost part of the map near
  an armoire.
  ITEM:  Black Jewel
19.  Near Kouenmae Street, in the alley blocked by the Strong-Armed Man (in
  the mission of the same name), in the little "hook" shooting off to the
  west where the salaryman who lost his attache' case sulks.
  ITEM:  Brass Knuckles
20.  Clear "The Cell Phone You Took"
  ITEM:  Long Dosu
21.  In the alley behind Serena.
  ITEM:  Banker Chess Piece
22.  Near the entrance inside the Kyuushuu Ichibansei ramen shop.
  ITEM:  Player Chess Piece
23.  To the east of Nakamichi Street, there is an upside-down "T" junction;
  it's in the east part of the "T".
  ITEM:  Red Jewel
24.  Inside the Gelato shop
  ITEM:  Black Jewel
25.  In the middle in the north of the Champion District
  ITEM:  BJ Charm
26.  In that empty area behind the buildings near the pharmacy in the southeast.
  ITEM:  Manly Sarashi
27.  In the western Taihei Street, to the east of the Akagyuu beef bowl eatery,
  near the little "Y" mark in the pavement.
  ITEM:  Softball
28.  In the mission "Gold Lighter," answer "yes" (the top choice) and "100 yen
  lighter" (the bottom choice).
  ITEM:  Lucky Bracelet
29.* In the Milennium Tower's basement, between the Christmas Tree and the
  east elevators.
  ITEM:  100G Coin
30.  Inside the shop MEB
  ITEM:  Stun Gun
31.  Inside the shop Beam
  ITEM:  Staminan Royale
32.  Inside the Nakamichi Club Sega
  ITEM:  Tauriner ++
33.  Inside the Club Sega in front of the theaters
  ITEM:  Tamaric Tablets
34.  The southwest side of Senryou Street
  ITEM:  Italian Perfume
35.  Milennium Tower outside (near the red...vending machine thing on the east)
  ITEM:  Fine Umbrella
36.  The south part of Champion District
  ITEM:  Monogram Bag
37.  In the little nook opposite the Third Park
  ITEM:  Wrecking Hammer
38.  The parking lot
  ITEM:  Hariti Amulet
39.  Inside the Akagyuu beef bowl restaurant on Taihei street
  ITEM:  Modified Portable Stove
40.  Near Serena on Tenka'ichi Street
  ITEM:  Flyer
41.  Inside Deborah's dance floor near the screen
  ITEM:  Angel Bell
42.* Inside the Milennium Tower, near the elevators on the basement
  ITEM:  Staminan Spark
43.* In the harbor area right before Terada's ship, near the center.
  ITEM:  1000G Coin
44.  Inside Debora near the Dart Board
  ITEM:  Luck Beads
45.* On the second floor of the Tougenkyou, near the security device.
  ITEM:  Dragon Sarashi
46.* In the Milennium Tower, on the eastern side of the second floor near the
  ITEM:  9mm Automatic
47.* Inside the Tougenkyou, on the first floor, in the middle of the floor.
  ITEM:  Hitman's Diary
48.* Inside the building in the 10th chapter where Shinji and Reina are in
  trouble, on the first floor, in the bathroom.
  ITEM:  Yakuza's Notes
49.  Inside the white-colored gang's hideout near the Champion District.
  ITEM:  White Lotus Master's Notes
50.  At the dead-end south of the movie theater
  ITEM:  Turn Kick Magazine

4f.  Map

Note:  This is approximate; not to scale at all.


C=Coin Lockers
S=Save Point

 Hotel     |____|
  District |    |----                    3
           |    |   2|----------------------T  Kou'enmae Street
           |1   |    |        |       |
          4|S   |    |        |     | |
           |    |    |        |      -| 
    5      |    |  6 |   7    |8      |
T-------------------------------------------  Nanafuku Street
   |       |          |   |      |
   |9  10  |          | 11|      |  --------
   |-------|          |12 |      |-|--|  |--|
   |+13++++|          |---|      | |  |--|  | Champion
   |------S|          |   |      | |  |14|15| District
   |       |          |   |17    |  --------
   |       |          |   |      |    |
 --|       |       16 |   |      |    |18
   |     19|   C 20  S|21 |      |    |
 -------------------------------------------  Taihei Street
           |22   |   |||23|     |  |
   --------|     |   | -- |     |  |
           |     |   |    |     |  |
    -------|  |24|25 |26  |27 28|29|
         --|  31 |   |    |32   |  |
         33|34   |--/ \---|     |  |
           |     |--------+     |  |
           |   35|36||37  |     |38|
           |     |--------+      --+--------
           |     |39    40|S       |
         -----------------------------------  Shouwa Street

   Tenka'ichi  Chuudou    Pink  Senryou
       Street  Street    Street  Street

1.  Yoshida Batting Center
2.  Empty Building (Chapter 10 fight)
3.  River Styx
4.  M Store
5.  Koshou Park
6.  MEB--Adult Entertainment Information
7.  Jewel--Cabaret Club
8.  Parking Lot
9.  Deborah--A Club
10.  Club Sega at the square in front of the theaters
11.  Beam--A Video Shop
12.  Bacchus (becomes "Bantam")--A Bar
13.  Square in front of the theaters
14.  pAres--A Bar
15.  Shellac--A Bar
16.  Milennium Tower
17.  Paradise--A Bar
18.  White Edge's Lair
19.  Akagyuu at Taihei Street west
20.  Fortune Teller
21.  Akagyuu at Taihei Street east
22.  Gelato Shop
23.  Kotobuki Pharmacy
24.  Good Cafe'
25.  Smile Burger
26.  Poppo at Chuudou
27.  Asia--A Strip Club
28.  Kyuushuu Ichibansei Ramen
29.  Love In Heart--A Massage Parlor
30.  Poppo at Tenkaichi
31.  The Third Park
32.  Shine--A Cabaret Club
33.  Serena Bar
34.  Stardust--A Host Club
35.  Alps Tea Shop
36.  Club Sega at Chuudou
37.  Ebisuya Pawn Shop
38.  Utabori's Tattoo Parlor
39.  Don Quixote Supermarket
40.  Poppo at Shouwa Street

4g.  Shops


M Shop and Poppo
Oden Combination                420
Salmon Onigiri                  200
Makuno'uchi Bentou              600
Club Sandwich                   250
Special Yakisoba                460
Meat Bun                        130
Japanese Sake                  1100
Cat Food                        160
Hot Iemon                       130
Southern Alps Spring Water      140
Natchan Orange Juice            150
Burning-Style Amino Type        150
Big Vitamin C                   120
Rope                            300

Don Quixote
Italian Cologne                6800
French Cologne                 7300
Staminan X                      980
Staminan XX                    2880
Staminan Royale                9780
Tauliner                        480
Tauliner +                     1940
Tauliner ++                    4880
Dog Food                        260
Cat Food                        150
Caviar Skin Bag              150000
Monogram Bag                 120000
Expensive Necklace            70000
Italian Woman's Watch        119000
French Muffler                13800
Boss Sugarless Black Coffee     100
Iemon                           130
Hot Iemon                       110
Natchan Orange Juice            130
Big Vitamin C                   100
Burning-Style Amino Style       130
Southern Alps Spring Water      120
Pickle                          100

NOTE:  You can sell items (not weapons) here (second choice)
Italian Perfume                6800
French Perfume                 7300
Red Roses Bouquet             12000
Pink Lily Bouquet              9500
Assorted Cookies               4500
Caviar Skin Bag              148800
Monogram Bag                 119200
Expensive Necklace            69000
Italian Woman's Watch        120000
French Muffler                15000
Lucky Bracelet                22000
Chain Mail Shirt              55000
Western Shield                25000
Hariti Amulet                 54000
Casanova Ring                 29800
Men's Cologne                 29800
Long Dosu                     40000
Lau Ga Cheng Lung Dou        180000
Miyamoto Musashi Dosu         68000
Mifune Kodachi                65000
Unnamed Sword                 63000
Toyo'ato Kiyomizu's Katana   164000
Named Sword Tesshuusai     15000000

Kotobuki Pharmacy
Staminan X                     1000
Staminan XX                    3000
Staminan Royale               10000
Tauliner                        500
Tauliner +                     2000
Tauliner ++                    5000

Weapons Store
NOTE:  Hidden store--see appendix.  You can sell weapons here (second choice)
Tonfa                          6800
Special Night Stick            6000
Survival Knife                23000
Blackjack                      4000
Stun Gun                      17000
Brass Knuckles                 7500
Pepper Spray                   1980
Cheng Lung Dou                19800
Lightening Bomb               12000
Automatic Handgun             40000
9mm Automatic                320000
Shotgun                      280000
Bulletproof Vest             125000
Bulletproof Shield            38000

Homeless Man In River Styx
Staminan X                     1000
Staminan XX                    3000
Tauliner                        500
Tauliner +                     2000
Small Hammer                   3400
Fine Umbrella                  2500
Modified Lighter               3500
Modified Iron                  1800
Modified Portable Stove        3600
Iron Pipe                       100
Shikokuki Bokutou              7500
Old Imperial Hand Grenade     25000
Flash Bomb                    38000
Tear Gas Grenade              25000
Fighting Sarashi               5800

Travelling Salesman--Chapter 3
NOTE:  Located under staircase inside the mansion, when Shinji leads you.
Staminan X                     1500
Tauliner                        750
Night Stick                    9000
Survival Knife                34000
Brass Knuckles                11750
Sarashi                        1275

Travelling Salesman--Chapter 12
NOTE:  Located near the boat at the pier.  Facing the gangplank, he's to the
  right in the corner.
Staminan Royale               20000
Tauliner ++                   10000
Manly Sarashi                 15000
Survival Knife                46000
Night Stick                   12000
Special Forces Night Stick    49000
Smoke Grenade                 50000
Lightening Bomb               24000
Flash Bomb                    76000
Old Imperial Hand Grenade     50000
9mm Automatic                640000
Bulletproof Shield            76000

Travelling Salesman--Chapter 13
NOTE:  Located upstairs in Stardust.
Staminan XX                    6000
Tauliner +                     4000
Night STick                   12000
Survival Knife                46000
Smoke Grenade                 50000
Lightening Bomb               24000
Ogre Sarashi                  76000
Bulletproof Vest             250000
Antique Automatic Handgun    400000
Shotgun                      560000


Beef Bowl (Normal)              400
Beef Bowl (Large)               500
Beef Bowl (Special              650

Gelato Shop
Vanilla Single                  280
Strawberry Single               280
Chocolate Single                280
Triple                          430

Good Cafe'
Coffee of the Day               400
Caffe' Mocha                    400
Cappuccino                      480
Caramel Cappuccino              500
Milk Cre'pe                     550
Mixed Juice                     450

Smile Burger
Hamburger                       210
Fish Burger                     260
Special Burger                  390
French Fries                    240
Burger Combo A                  550
Burger Combo B                  580
Burger Combo C                  650

Alps Tea House
House Blend Coffee              500
Premium Coffee                 1100
Cappuccino                      650
Espresso                        700
Milk Tea                        500
Lemon Tea                       500
Orange Juice                    400
Apple Juice                     400
Lemon Squash                    400
Hot Milk                        400
Shortcake                       550

Kyuushuu Ichibansei
Ramen                           500
Chaa Siu Min                    800
Wan Tan Min                     700


NOTE:  Hidden; see appendix   Chips
Assorted Cookies                 45
French Muffler                  150
Expensive Necklace              700
Lacquer Plate                    10
Silver Plate                    100
Gold Plate                     1000
Lucky Beads                    4200

NOTE:  In River Styx  Chips
Darts                            58
Western Shield                  250
Magic Sword Muramasa          98000
Lacquer Plate                    10
Silver Plate                    100
Gold Plate                     1000

-------                      Medals
Staminan X                       50
Tauliner                         25
Italian Cologne                 340
Caviar Skin Bag                7500
Italian Woman's Watch          6000
Lacquer Plate                    50
Silver Plate                    500
Gold Plate                     5000

Chouhan Parlor
NOTE:  From the fortune teller, from Chapter 7 on.
Crowbar                          18
Stungun                         170
Mail-Order Magic Sword          880
Shikokuki Bokutou                75
Miyamoto Musashi Dosu           680
Mifune Kodachi                  650
Magic Sword Mugetsu             980
Sakaki Bokutou                 3800
Manly Sarashi                   150
Ogre Sarashi                    380
Dragon Plate                     30
Marble Plate                     50
Tortoise-Shell Plate            500
Gold Plate                     1000

4h.  Skill Games

To complete certain side quests and build up Haruka, you're gonna have to play
two skill games and four different kinds of gambling.  I'll give you all the
advice I can here, but basically, you just gotta practice--except for the
gambling games; those have cheat-like ways to prosper (hee hee).  Oh, but did
I mention that you'll have to keep cashing your chips in to get items to sell
at the pawn shop over and over and over?  It's a little annoying.

First of all, hitting the different pitches is all a matter of timing.  It's not
really supposed to matter where Kiryuu stands, but I usually put his raised,
left toe near that white dot in the center of the box.
  Try it a few times and you'll understand when to swing; there's a certain
point during its flight when you can hit a ball and make it into a home run.
If it flies off to the left or the right, you hit it too early.  If it flies
up and misses the little "home run" circle, you hit it too late.

U.F.O. CATCHER (in Club Sega)
Aim for the center of the toy's *head*.  You can move your point of view with
the left analog stick, and you can press up to zoom in.  If there are too many
other toys near the one you want, it'll interact with them and end up falling
from the claw.  One last note--notice that the claw seems to swing loosely a
bit.  This is to throw you off; it's hard to figure at first where the claw
will be positioned when you let go of the button.
  The only annoying thing here will be the puyo-chan toys task for the U.F.O.
Catcher mission.  You'll need to collect all five varieties:  yellow (common),
pink (less common), blue (even less common), big (less still), and black (of
which there will be only one).  The big ones are the easiest to get, but after
a bit of toying around, you should be able to pluck the other ones up with
little trouble.
  Oh, yeah--if your toy is near the glass, you won't get it.  Don't bother.
It'll keep getting shoved up against the glass no matter what.  So, what to do?
Well...if you're trying to get toys for the old man, talking to him makes the
machine re-map its toys (randomly), but...you can always exit and enter--that
causes it to re-jumble things, too.

Blackjack rules are simple.  If you have a higher hand, you win, but you can't
go over 21.  Oh, and did I mention that at 21, you win?  The only thing they
got wrong here is that usually, whenever I played, when someone hit blackjack,
that'd be it; all betting was over.  Here, people still play their hands out.
  There's a "BJ Charm" in the game.  Use this to increase your odds of winning.
If you care.
  I, personally, don't.  Why?  Because I only play this when Haruka calls for
it.  I just bet 10 and see what happens.  I'd recommend you buy 50 chips to
start with, then play.  If you lose, you lose.  If you ever go over 50, stop;
that'll do it for Haruka.  You just have to get over your original amount of
chips when you sat down at the table.  Hey, just bet all 50!  That way, when
you lose, it doesn't matter, and if you win, then Haruka'll be happy.

Roulette...this is your chance to hit it big, really.  You can bet 9,999 chips
on each of 36 numbers, on any number from 1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36, or you can
bet on all white or all black.  Oh, you can bet in-between the numbers and
collect less if either one wins, too.
  Here's the deal:  if you use a black or red jewel, the next hit will be on
either a black or red number (respectively).  So, bet about 1/18th of your
chips on each of the black or red (respectively) numbers and the remainder on
all that color.  For instance, in the "Casino Royale" mission, with 100,000
chips, use the red jewel and bet 5,555 on each red number then the remaining 10
on red.  You'll end up doubling your money--the objective in that mission.
  When you're done betting, you can hit "x" to stop the wheel from spinning or
select to quit.

This game...if you haven't played it, there's an awful lot to explain.  In
Baccarat, there are two hands dealt:  one to the Banker and one to the Player.
The values of the cards are totalled, but once that total exceeds "9," then
it goes back down to zero and starts ove again--in other words, a "3" and an
"11" becomes "4," not "14."  Aces are worth one and face cards aren't worth
  So, you get the higher hand, you win, right?  Well...sort of.  The weird
thing about this game is that you don't actually play it.  Instead, your role
is to bet on either the make-believe "Player" or "Banker;" neither one is a
real person.  In fact, there are all sorts of weird rules about when players
and bankers keep drawing cards--so many that it might not be worth talking
about, really.  Just know that these two imaginary people are trying to beat
each other to the higher hand from zero to nine.
  You can use the "Banker" and "Player" Chess Pieces, and guess what?  The
next hand will be won by either the "Banker" or "Player" (respectively).

OK...so, slot machines.  You know about these?  Well...maybe you just think you
know.  Let me just say these don't work like real ones; in a real slot machine,
it seems to always stop between numbers and annoy you like crazy.  With real
ones, you lose--a lot!
  Well, OK.  These ones still make you lose all the dang time.  To hit it big,
you'll have to get three "Spy" marks in a row.  This will make the game get
into a "multi-ball"-like, bonus mode in which, for a limited time, you can
get some big winnings.
  Big?  The most I get is around 150 or so coins.  To get 3,000, like Haruka
wants....  That's harsh.  The 777 Badge helps...but not too much.

4i.  Va-Va-Voom?

Besides romancing cabaret club girls, there are three semi-pornographic things
in this game.  These three seem to have no bearing on the gameplay.  If you
really find yourself enjoying these, then...um, maybe, go talk to a girl for

Go down to "Love In Heart" on Senryou street and you can get a massage.  Wow.
A gal will show up and start to presumably apply shiatsu to Kiryuu whilst
images of her flash on the screen.  There's a meter on the left side of the
screen.  Tapping circle makes it go up and tapping x makes it go down.  Try and
keep the heart from reaching either end of the meter.
  I guess we're to assume Kiryuu is being...manipulated in a very sensitive
area.  If the heart reaches either edge, a picture of a baby will appear and
the girl will say things to Kiryuu depending on how long you kept it up.
She'll also be impressed, apparently, the longer you spend.
  No, the images of the girl aren't naked, and no, they aren't very sexy.  This
is really not worth it at all!

There's a strip club in the game, Asia on Pink Street.  Not much to say with
this one, really, except that once you clear the "Baby's A Showgirl" mission,
you get a free pass.  No, the gals ain't nude, again.

There are three different issues of Sabra left around town.  The current issue
can be found in Poppo and M Store, featuring Goutou Yukiko.  In the batting
center, an old issue featuring Ada Misako can be found, and in the ramen shop,
you can find another old issue with Natsukawa Jun.  None of them are really


5a.  Hidden Shops

There are two shops hidden in Ryuuga Gotoku--namely, an underground casino and
a black-market weapons dealer.
  To get the weapons shop opened, from Chapter 4 on, go to Taihei Street (east)
and you'll see a guy who looks homeless standing next to a car on the north
side.  It's maybe a block past the Akagyuu beef bowl restaurant there.  If you
talk to him, he'll offer to sell you information.  Buy it from him for 1000 yen
and he'll tell you to ask for a certain film in the adult video rental store
"Beam."  That store is the purple little store located to the northwest of the
man.  The choice is thee bottom on when talking to the worker.
  After a cut scene, if you talk to the guy there, you'll get the "Weapons
Store Memo" special item and be able to sell and buy weapons.
  To get to the undergound casino, you have to get through the mission "The
Cost of F-cup" from Chapter 4 on, answer correctly so you get in the fight,
and answer the barkeep that you won't let him off with just money.  That'll
make him tell you about the shop in the ramen shop located to the south.  There,
order the only choice available and you'll be able to go into the casino.
  Not really my bag, really, casinos...but you'll need it for certain missions.

5b.  Hidden Moves

I've stated it and re-stated it, but here it is in more depth.  There are eight
moves that can't be developed simply by building your character up.  These are
listed as "Special" moves (but they aren't Special or "Goku" attacks....)
  The Turn Kick will be your first priority.  You can learn it in Chapter 4.
Simply get the Coin Locker Key to Locker #50, which is in the alley just south
of the Movie Theater on the western edge of the map near the north.  The key
flashes from time to time, but you'll also know where it is when "Check" appears
in the upper right-hand corner.  If you just rapidly tap the Circle button
while running around, you should get it.
  Now, go to the Coin Lockers where the "C" is in the center of the map, near
the Milennium Tower and open the 50th locker.  You'll get the "Turn Kick
Magazine."  Unfortunately...you won't learn the attack until you have built up
to level 4.  Then, the tone will sound like it does when you have enough ex-
perience to build your guy up again, but it'll be telling you that you've
learned the move.
  There are seven moves learned from Komaki Soutarou, an old martial arts
master living in the River Styx (Saino Kawahara) with the homeless
people.  He won't teach you them until after you fight the three opponents in
the underground colisseum required to progress the story in the fifth chapter.
For the first one, you just need to talk to him after that fight.  From then
on, you'll need to build Kiryuu up to the appropriate levels and talk to Komaki
again.  After the first test, the next time you talk to him, choose the bottom
response ("You still haven't taught me techniques to beat those guys.")  If
you've just gotten a technique and can alreayd get the next one, you'll have to
wait until the green arrow re-appears over his head, indicating you can talk to
him--this takes about thirty seconds or so.
  For each technique learned, there is a test.
  Komaki-Style Swordsmanship:  break the wooden posts.  He'll talk to you and
    tell you how to hold the sword better.  Break the posts again.
  Komaki-Style Zoriuchi--Technique level 6:  defeat the opponents.  Then, you'll
    need to defeat them again, but only the Zoriuchi does damage.  The best way 
    to do this is to hit attack twice, then back plus triangle, then attack  
    once, then back plus triangle.  You can also face away from the opponent and
    press R1 to keep Kiryuu facing away, walk up, and hit square, then triangle.
    It's a little hard at first....
  Komaki-Style Sabakiuchi--Technique and Body level 6:  first, you need to
    use the "Sway" technique to avoid Komaki's thrown baseballs.  Hold R1 and
    try to walk to his right and left sides.  When his arm moves, you'll want
    to hit X.  It's a little tough at first.  Next, you'll have to shift and
    avoid the balls, this time hitting triangle to hit Komaki.  You'll need to
    do it 10 times.  Stay relatively close to him and your attacks should hit.
  Komaki-Style Nekogaeri--Technique and Body at level 7:  after Komaki knocks
    you down, hit the X button repeatedly when you land to recover.  Do this
    10 times.
  Komaki-Style Hikigaeshi--all three attributes at level 7:  after Komaki rears
    his hand back, and right as he starts to punch forward, hit the L1 button.
    Do this 10 times.
  Komaki-Style Tora'otoshi--all three attributes at level 8:  after Komaki
    rears back his hand, and right as he starts to punch forward, hit the
    triangle button.  Do this 10 times.
  Komaki-Style Ukenageshi--all three attributes at level 9:  after Komaki rears
    his hand back, and right as he starts to punch forward, hit the circle
    button.  Do this 10 times.

5c.  Underground Colisseum

In Chapter 5, in the River Styx, you'll have to fight in an undergound
tournament against D. Feldman, G. Pramuk, and G.B. Holmes.  Well...after that,
if you immediately go back to the entrance to the colisseum, the man there will
tell you that they're preparing some more tournaments and you should check
  Well, sure enough, at different points in the story, tournaments will be
available there.  Inside the little foyer, there is an items box, a save point,
and three people.  First, you'll have to go in and talk to the guy closest
to the entrance (on the right).  He'll register you.  After that...well, the
last guy (the guy on the left) will show you your stats (tho' you can see them
when you choose to enter the tournament) and the middle guy is the guy you'll
want to see to challenge again--provided you're unarmed and not wearing any
defensive gear.  Just hit start and remove it all if you are.
  The point?  These fights give you experience and yen--but only the first
time; after that, they give you a much smaller amount.  Besides that, they
also give out one prize randomly selected from three choices.  You can challenge
these again and again and again, so...go to it!  This is an excellent way to get
the highest-powered healing items in the game, Staminan Sparks, and if you go
after the hidden boss, you'll probably wanna use one of the special weapons from
one of the battles (hint, hint).

Exhibition Tournament (Chapter 6)
  1st round:  Mammoth Tatsu
  2nd round:  Terry Sakada
  Championship:  Dead Boy
  Prizes:  25,000 yen, 1,000 exp + Tauliner ++, Flash Bomb, or Staminan XX

Hyper Tournament Open (Chapter 6)
  1st round:  Terry Sakada
  2nd round:  Daniel Feldman
  Championship:  Dandy Sugino
  Prizes:  35,000 yen, 1,500 exp + Staminan Royal, Motomiya Takeshi Dosu,
    or Old Imperial Hand Grenade

Scorpion Grand Prix (Chapter 6, after Exhibition and Hyper are cleared)
  Pursuit attacks and throws are not allowed, but grappling is.  Note that the
  second part of the "slam the guy into a wall" Heat Action is a stomp, and,
  therefore, not allowed.
  1st round:  Mr. Yoh
  2nd round:  Condor Mizusawa
  Championship:  Gaowayan Pramuk
  Prizes:  40,000 yen, 2,000 exp + Mail-Order Magic Sword, Fighting Sarashi,
    or Staminan Royal

Street Fight Special Tournament (Chapter 6, after Scorpion Grand Prix)
  There are weapons littering the octagon.
  1st round:  Homerun Ken
  2nd round:  Prisoner Machine #4
  Championship  Devil Tsuji
  Prizes:  50,000 yen, 3,000 exp + Special Forces Night Stick, Staminan XX,
    or Chain Mail Shirt

Revenge Grand Prix (Chapter 8, after Street Fight Special Tournament?)
  1st round:  Daniel Feldman
  2nd round:  Gaowayan Pramuk
  Championship:  Gary "Buster" Holmes
  Prizes:  75,000 yen, 4,000 exp + Staminan Royal or Captain's Bat

Burning Grand Prix (Chapter 8, after Revenge Grand Prix)
  The edge of the octagon is lava; you'll burn if you touch that area.
  1st round:  Cannonball Nobiru
  2nd round:  The Third Head, President Yamazaki
  Championship:  Daniel Feldman
  Prizes:  100,000 yen, 5,000 exp + Staminan Royal, Magic Sword Myougetsu,
    or Ogre Knuckles

The Ronin Grand Prix (Chapter 8, after Burning Grand Prix)
  Opponents are armed with blades.  Kiryuu has a sword with infinite endurance.
  1st round:  Razor George
  2nd round:  Grand Chef Jeung
  Championship:  Bearkiller Numada
  Prizes:  250,000 yen, 6,000 exp + Staminan Spark, Magic Sword Sengetsu,
    or Mifune Kodachi

Spaghetti Western Grand Prix (Chapter 11, after The Ronin Grand Prix?)
  Kiryuu versus firearm-toting foes.
  1st round:  Hunter Kozawa
  2nd round:  Wolf Ken'ishi
  Championship:  King Leopon
  Prizes:  300,000 yen, 7,000 exp + Staminan Spark, Ogre Sarashi, or Dragon

Hyper Tournament Grand Prix (Chapter 13, after Spaghetti Western Grand Prix)
  1st round:  Gary Buster Holmes
  2nd round:  Snowman
  Championship:  Wong Gwok-Lam
  Prizes:  400,000 yen, 8,000 exp + Dragon Sarashi or Charisma Photograph

Magnum Force Grand Prix (Chapter 13, after Hyper Tournament Grand Prix)
  1st round:  Wong Gwok-Lam
  2nd round:  Hades Nishizawa
  Championship:  Komaki Soutarou
  Prizes:  500,000 yen, 10,000 exp + Staminan Spark, Champion Ring, or Named
    Sword Oninokiba

In case you didn't know, that fight against Komaki Soutarou is *really* hard.
Since you can equip the Sengetsu sword or other items against the secret boss,
but can't equip anything when fighting in the colisseum, I really do think this
fight against Komaki is the toughest in the game.  Oh yeah, did I mention that
you can't use healing items in the colisseum, either?

5d.  Haruka's Trust

At certain points in the game, you will "get" to lead Haruka around town with
you.  As you walk around, Haruka will stop in front of certain stores and ask
for something within.  "Ojisan!" ("Mister!") or "are katte yo!" ("Buy me that!")
will come outta her mouth and you'll see a speech balloon filled with red
  What's going on here is that there is a statistic (not viewable from any menu,
unfortunately) which you can build up or down depending on your actions--
Haruka's Trust in Kiryuu.  It starts at 0 (pretty bad for someone who's saved
your life), and goes up and up....  You'll notice it's also on a "grade" system.
You'll start at "F" and you can build it up to "SSS."
  If you run too far away from Haruka, she'll start to protest.  "Hayai yo ne!"
("You're too fast!") or "Oite ikanaide yo!" ("Don't leave me behind!"), she'll
say.  It's really not too bad, but if you get too far away and she gets stuck
on some object and has to run out into the middle of the street and you come
back to get her, you can have your trust statistic lowered.  I think.  I haven't
replicated it, but I'm pretty sure that happened to me before.  Maybe I dreamt
  Anyway, just make sure she's around sometimes so if she stops and wants to
buy something, you'll know.
  The point of building up her trust is that when your grade improves, you'll
get unique items.
  I'll usually go to Nakamichi Street and walk around the different eateries
and such there and stop when she asks for something, go in, and buy it.  If she
stops wanting to get things in the shops, then you'll probably need to take her
to one of the blue locations--Sega arcades, the batting cages, or to Pachinko
Slot houses or one of the casinos (the one in Gambler's River Bed or the hidden
one under the ramen house).
  I'd choose the arcades and casino.  You can use the special items to help you
win in the casino and get past those easily.  I'll usually buy 1900 chips and
bet 100 in baccarat and blackjack, getting the total to 2100, then use the red
or black jewel when she wants roulette and bet 116 on all numbers of that
color, then the remaining 12 to be that color.  Why?  That doubles the 2100 to
4200, which will afford you the Lucky Beads you'll need for the "Collection
Help" mission.  I usually keep the one you get from the coin lockers for my-
self; chapters 11 and 13 have random encounters I don't need to fight because
I'll be completely built up by then.
  When you go into a shop she wants you to buy something at (remember that Poppo
Marts and the Don Quixote supermarket count, too), just walk up to the counter
and talk to the worker.  The only choice available will be what she wanted.
  When you gotta do the other tasks....  It's a little trickier.  Here's a list
of what she wants, so you know when to quit at a place:
  Kotobukiya Pharmacy (I start here):
    Only time:  Staminan X
  Kyuushuu Ichibansei Ramen:
    1st time:  Ramen
    2nd time:  Chaa Siu Min
  Smile Burger:
    1st time:  Hamburger
    2nd time:  Fries
    3rd time:  Special Burger
  Good Cafe':
    1st time:  Caramel Cappuccino
    2nd time:  Milk Cre'pe
  Alps Tea House:
    1st time:  Mixed Juice
    2nd time:  Shortcake
  Gelato Shop: 
    1st time:  Strawberry Single
    2nd time:  Triple
  Akagyuu Beef Bowl:
    1st time:  Beef Bowl (medium)
    2nd time:  Beef Bowl (special)
  Poppo Mart / M Store:
    1st time:  Meat Bun
    2nd time:  Salmon Onigiri
    3rd time:  Special Yakisoba
  Don Quixote:
    1st time:  Natchan Orange
    2nd time:  French Cologne
    3rd time:  French Muffler
  Ebisuya (only happens at SS):
    Only time:  Assorted Cookies
    1st time:  Baccarat.  Win past your starting amount at Baccarat.
    2nd time:  Blackjack.  Win past your starting amount at Blackjack.
    3rd time:  Roulette.  Win past your starting amount at Roulette.
  Yoshida Batting Center:  
    1st time:  Hit 10 homeruns out of 20 pitches at the beginner's course.
    2nd time:  Hit all 20 homeruns on the Majors Course (good luck)
    1st time:  Get 777 (ouch)
    2nd time:  Win 3000 medals (good luck)
  Club Sega:  
    1st time:  Use the Print Club machine
    2nd time:  Get any type of "Piyo-chan" (the chicks) from the UFO catcher
    3rd time:  Get the "Bandaged Kuma-san" (the bear) from the UFO catcher
  As you can see, there will only really be two difficult ones:  the 20 home-
runs on the Majors course, and the 3000 medals.  These, unfortunately, will be
needed to pull her from SS to SSS.
  Here's what you get for raising her grade:
    F->E:  Haruka's Candy  (Harukano Amedama)
    E->D:  Haruka's Chocolate  (Harukano Chocolate)
    D->C:  Haruka's Medallion  (Harukano Omamori)
    C->B:  Haruka's First Aid Kit  (Harukano Kyuukyuubako)
    B->A:  777 Seal  (777no Ofuda)
    A->S:  Haruka's Necklace  (Harukano Necklace)
    S->SS:  Kiryuu's Portrait  (Kiryuuno Nigao'e)
    SS->SSS:  Haruka's Marbles  (Harukano Bi-dama)
  Luckily, SS->SSS, the hardest trust to gain, only yields Haruka's Marbles--the
only use for those seems to be to sell them.  Kiryuu's Portrait is a special
item and just there for kicks, really, so I usually just build it up to S when
I play throught the game as after that it gets quite tedious.  Haruka's Necklace
offers the second-best protection in the game, and the most powerful item won't
be available for quite some time, so getting it up to S at the 7th chapter is
adviseable.  Her First Aid Kit is the other good item gained here....  It fully
refills health, same as the Staminan Sparks, which are rather rare; they only
are awarded for beating certain tournaments in the underground colisseum and
from one locker.

5e.  Secret Boss

There is a secret boss in this game, believe it or not.  If you complete all
the side missions (besides the 6 "love game" side quests), then, in front of
the Movie Theater, a man in a black trenchcoat with black sunglasses will
appear.  If you talk to him, you'll have to fight him, so be ready.
  His name is Amon Jou, and he's really one tough cookie.  He gets up twice,
having three "forms" in full.  The first two have two full life bars, the 
third has three.  In the first, he'll use guns.  The second, bombs.  The third?
Insane martial arts.  In all three forms, he'll be *super* hard to hit as he
can avoid even during a combo and breaks throws immediately.  Oh yeah, and when
he's in the "gun" form, the Bullet-Proof Vest and Bullet Shields won't guard
against his bullets.  Fun times.
  So, how to defeat him?  Well...you can fight him, but it'll be really really
hard.  You might be able to defeat him going toe-to-toe if you fill up on
Staminan Sparks.  However....  If you get tired of getting destroyed like mad,
there's a much easier way.
  Go to the Underground Colisseum at the River Styx, and fight the
"The Ronin Grand Prix" ("The Yabushi GP") and keep going through it.  It'll 
randomly give you a sword, the Magic Sword, Sengetsu.  Get four Sengetsu, equip
one, and carry the other three in your weapons slots.  Now...go and take a taxi,
avoid any encounters on the way so you don't waste your swords at all, and go
and challenge Amon.  Get behind the lamp post nearby and he won't be able to hit
you with his gunshots.  This will make him come over to you.
  What then?  Well...start swinging!  You should have the Komaki Swordsmanship
(gotten by meeting Komaki Soutarou after fighting in the Underground Colisseum
during the story in Chapter 5) skill.  This will make you do a lot of damage
with each hit.
  Oh, did I mention that the Sengetsu sword stuns opponents?  That's right; they
have 20 uses and are similar to the Stun Gun in that opponents stand and shiver
violently before collapsing.  They can't block, evade, attack--they can't really
do anything during that animation.  So, just keep ploughing away at him with
the square button.  When your sword breaks, hit start, equip the next one, and
so on.
  This is seriously the easiest way to beat him, and you'll probably feel kinda
bad and want to challenge him normally.  Trust me...don't.  I mean...it's really
cool to watch him die by your fists, but you'll be pretty tired of it by then.
I'd recommend you at least bring the Dragon Fists or something along and use
their Spin Attack to avoid his bullets and bombs, at least.
  So, what do you get for this awesome, secret fight?  10,000,000 yen and 893
experience.  "893" is a code for "yakuza" ("8" can be read "ya," "9" "ku," and
"3" "za").

5f.  Battle Review Mode

Once you clear the game, you get the practice-like "Adventure Review Mode," the
ability to watch the same movies you could watch in the Hint Rooms during the
game, and, most importantly "Battle Review Mode."  In this mode are 50 missions
that the game will grade your performance on, based mostly on speed, experience
gained, and damage taken.  The grades seem to range from D to S.  Get S in all
50 missions and you'll unlock "Fight Master Mode," which is selected after "New
Game" has been chosen on the main menu, and which lets you do Heat Actions re-
gardless of Heat Gauge.  Hey, come on--it's *something!*


Obviously, you're going for speed here.  If you can, ignore enemies and run for
the boss.

Course 1.  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Stardust, versus Shimano Group Captain.  Clear:  Aim for the fastest
Course 2.  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Toujoukai Base, versus Shimano Futoshi, et al.  Clear:  Aim for the
  fastest time.
Course 3.  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  River Styx, versus River Styx Residents.  Clear:  Aim
  for the fastest time.
Course 4.  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Serena to back alley, versus Shintou Kouji, et al.  Clear:  Aim for
  the fastest time.
Course 5.  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Kamuro District to Deborah, versus the Akai Brothers, et al.
  Clear:  Aim for the fastest time.
Course 6.  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Chui Lin Lau, versus Lau Ga Lung, et al.  Clear: Aim for the fastest
Course 7:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Empty Building, versus Nagase Masato, et al.  Clear:  Aim for the
  fastest time.
Course 8:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Tougenkyou, versus Majima Gorou, et al.  Clear:  Aim for the fastest
Course 9:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Pier, versus Shimano Futoshi, et al.  Clear:  Aim for the fastest
Course 10:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Tenka'ichi Street, versus berzerkers.  Clear:  Aim for the fastest
Course 11:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Milennium Tower, versus MIA.  Clear:  Aim for the fastest time.
Course 12:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Ares, versus Jingu Kyouhei, et al.  Clear:  Aim for the fastest time.


These are the main fights of the game, one right after another.  You play up to
certain points in the story.  The last one has every major fight.

Course 1:  Kiryuu Style:  Imprisoned Dragon (not very built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  until Chapter 4.  Clear:  Defeat Hayashi.  Rank is based on how much
  experience is gained.
Course 2:  Kiryuu Style:  The Dragon of the Doujima (Kiryuu on the day his
  youth escaped him).  Battle Stage:  until Chapter 7.  Clear:  Defeat Shintou.
  Rank is based on how much experience is gained.
Course 3:  Kiryuu Style:  Iron-Bodied Dragon (Kiryuu with only "Body" built up.)
  Battle Stage:  until Chapter 9.  Clear:  Defeat Lau.  Rank is based on how
  much experience is gained.
Course 4:  Kiryuu Style:  Burning Dragon (Kiryuu with skills involving the Heat
  Gauge built up).  Battle Stage:  until Chapter 10.  Clear:  Defeat Nagase.
  Rank is based on how much experience is gained.
Course 5:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  all main enemies.  Clear:  Defeat Nishikiyama.  Rank is based upon
  how much experience is gained.


These are the hardest battle missions, because they each have different goals
and requirements.  For example, there are three that you fail if Kiryuu takes
any damage (man!).

Course 1:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon ("Body" has been built up).  Battle
  Stage:  Peace Finance, versus Hirata, et al.  Clear:  Defeat all enemies.
  Failed if Kiryuu takes damage.  3-minute time limit.
Course 2:  Kiryuu Style:  Captured Dragon (not very built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Prison dining hall, versus Prisoner #1356, et al.  Clear:  Defeat
  enemies with Heat Actions.  Defeating them with other attacks fails mission.
  When Prisoner #1356 is defeated, mission is cleared.
Course 3:  Kiryuu Style:  Burning Dragon (abilities concerning the Heat Gauge
  have been built up).  Battle Stage:  Toujoukai base, versus Shimano Futoshi,
  et al.  Clear:  When Shimano is defeated, mission is cleared.  You can only
  use weapon attacks or pursuits.  12-minute time limit.
Course 4:  Kiryuu Style:  Captured Dragon (not very built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  River Styx, versus River Styx Residents.  Clear:
  Knock all enemies down once.  If an enemy is defeated, mission is failed.
  3-minute time limit.
Course 5:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Square in front of the theater, versus Bloody Eye.  Clear:  Defeat
  all enemies using only the Komaki-Style Tora'otoshi (triangle reversal).
  If you use other attacks, mission is failed.
Course 6:  Kiryuu Style:  Dragon of the Doujima (Kiryuu on the day his youth
  was lost).  Battle Stage:  Milennium Tower, versus Jingu Kyouhei, et al.
  Clear:  Once Jingu is defeated on the helipad, mission is cleared.  You can
  only use weapons attacks and pursuits.  12-minute time limit.
Course 7:  Kiryuu Style:  Burning Dragon (abilities concerning the Heat Gauge
  have been built up).  Battle Stage:  Back alley, versus Shintou Kouji, et al.
  Clear:  Defeat Shintou without losing Heat Mode.  If Heat Mode is lost, the
  mission is failed.
Course 8:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon (only "Body" has been built up).  Battle
  stage:  Kou'enmae Street, versus Blue Z.  Clear:  Defeat all enemies.  Only
  moves with the Triangle button can be used.  5-minute time limit.
Course 9:  Kiryuu Style:  Burning Dragon (abilities concerning the Heat Gauge
  have been built up).  Battle Stage:  Pink Street (north), versus street
  hoodlums. Clear:  Defeat all enemies without losing Heat Mode.  If Heat Mode
  is lost, the mission is failed.
Course 10:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon (only "Body" has been built up).
  Battle stage:  Highway, versus the remaining Se Waa.  Clear:  Defeat Gam.
  If Kiryuu is hit by even one attack, mission is failed.  (this is the Virtua
  Cop / Time Crisis-like shooting mission)
Course 11:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).
  Battle stage:  Paradise, versus Barkeep.  Clear:  Defeat all enemies.  If
  Kiryu takes damage, mission is failed.  3-minute time limit.
Course 12:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).
  Battle stage:  Chui Lin Lau (kitchen), versus Se Waa members.  Clear:  Defeat
  all enemies with Hat Actions.  If you defeat enemies with other attacks,
  mission is failed.
Course 13:  Kiryuu Style:  Burning Dragon (abilities concerning the Heat Gauge
  have been built up).  Battle Stage:  Terada's boat, versus Shimano group
  members.  Clear:  Defeat all enemes with the Heat Action that throws them off
  the deck.  If you defeat enemies with other attacks, mission is failed.
  5-minute time limit.
Course 14:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  The Third Park, versus Se Waa members.  Clear:  Defeat all enemies.
  If Kiryuu takes damage, the mission is failed.
Course 15:  Kiryuu Style:  Burning Dragon (abilities concerning the Heat Gauge
  have been built up).  Battle Stage:  Milennium Tower, versus the M.I.A.
  Clear:  Defeat all enemies.  Only moves from the grapple position work.


These are continuous battles against enemies of different types.  You gain a
rank mostly depending upon how much experience you have earned.

Course 1:  Kiryuu Style:  Dragon of the Doujima (Kiryuu on the day he lost his
  youth).  Battle Stage:  the streets of Kamuro, versus Kamuro Residents.
  Clear:  Play through continuous battles of the residents who appear in Ryuu
  ga Gotoku.
Course 2:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon (only "Body" has been built up).  Battle
  Stage:  the streets of Kamuro, versus Kamuro gangs.  Clear:  Play through
  continuous battles of the gang members who appear in Ryuu ga Gotoku.
Course 3:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully powered-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  the streets of Kamuro, versus Kamuro yakuza.  Clear:  Play through
  continuous battles of the yakuza who appear in Ryuu ga Gotoku.


Here, you play against the various heads of the divisions of the Toujoukai and
other bosses.  Aim for not taking much damage, quickly dispatching with them,
and gaining a lot of experience (read: using Heat Actions).

Course 1:  Kiryuu Style:  Dragon of the Doujima (Kiryuu on the day he lost his
  youth).  Battle Stage:  Prison dining hall, versus Prisoner 1356, et al.
  Clear:  Defeat Prisoner 1356 in 3 minutes.
Course 2:  Kiryuu Style:  Dragon of the Doujima (Kiryuu on the day he lost his
  youth).  Battle Stage:  In front of Stardust, versus Yuuya.  Clear:  Defeat
  Yuuya in 3 minutes.
Course 3:  Kiryuu Style:  Dragon of the Doujima (Kiryuu on the day he lost his
  youth).  Battle Stage:  Toujoukai base, versus Shimano Futoshi.  Clear:
  Defeat Shimano in 3 minutes.
Course 4:  Kiryuu Style:  Dragon of the Doujima (Kiryuu on the day he lost his
  youth).  Battle Stage:  Ares, versus Hayashi Hiroshi, et al.  Clear:  Defeat
  Hayashi in 5 minutes.
Course 5:  Kiryuu Style:  Dragon of the Doujima (Kiryuu on the day he lost his
  youth).  Battle Stage:  Underground Colisseum, versus G. B. Holmes.  Clear: 
  Defeat G. B. Holmes in 3 minutes.
Course 6:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon (only "Body" has been built up).  Battle
  Stage:  Batting Center, versus Majima Gorou, et al.  Clear:  Defeat Majima in
  5 minutes.
Course 7:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon (only "Body" has been built up).  Battle
  Stage:  Batting Center, versus B-King.  Clear:  Defeat all enemies in 3
Course 8:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon (only "Body" has been built up).  Battle
  Stage:  Hanagata Office, versus Shouta, et al.  Clear:  Defeat Shouta in 3
Course 9:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon (only "Body" has been built up).  Battle
  Stage:  Serena's back alley, versus Shintou Kouji, et al.  Clear:  Defeat
  Shintou in 3 minutes.
Course 10:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon (only "Body" has been built up).
  Battle Stage:  Club Deborah, versus the Akai Brothers, et al.  Clear:  Defeat
  the Akai Brothers in 5 minutes.
Course 11:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon  (only "Body" has been built up).
  Battle Stage:  Se Waa base, versus Lau Ga Lung.  Clear:  Defeat Lau in 3
Course 12:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Empty Building, rooftop, versus Nagase Masato, et al.  Clear:  Defeat
  Nagase in 3 minutes.
Course 13:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Tougenkyou, versus Majima Gorou.  Clear:  Defeat Majima in 5 minutes.
Course 14:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Docks, versus Shimano Futoshi, et al.  Clear:  Defeat Shimano in 5
Course 15:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Ares, Garden, versus Jingu Kyouhei, et al.  Clear:  Defeat Jingu in
  5 minutes.
Course 16:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Ares, versus Nishikiyama Akira.  Clear:  Defeat Nishikiyama in 5
Course 17:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).  Battle
  Stage:  Underground Colisseum, versus Komaki Soutarou.  Clear:  Defeat Komaki
  in 7 minutes.


These are continuous battles against only bosses.  Not so hard, really, if you
asked my opinion, if you compare it to the ones where you can't get hit.

Extreme Battle I:  Kiryuu Style:  Tough Dragon (only "Body" has been built up).
  Battle Stage:  Various bosses' stages, versus the various bosses.
  Clear:  Defeat all the bosses.
Extreme Battle II:  Kiryuu Style:  Burning Dragon (moves concerning the Heat
  Gauge have been built up).  Battle Stage:  Various bosses' stages, versus the
  various bosses.  Clear:  Defeat all the bosses.
Extreme Battle III:  Kiryuu Style:  Legendary Dragon (fully built-up Kiryuu).
  Battle Stage:  Various bosses' stages, versus the various bosses.
  Clear:  Defeat all the bosses.

5g.  Trivia

Did you know that if you go to Don Quixote, the song plays in four different
languages?  It's quite long, too, for just a little commercial ditty.  First
it's in English, then Chinese, then Japanese, then Korean.  I know; it sounds
like a Japanese person singing in those langauges....
  Anyway, here are the Japanese and English lyrics!  I don't speak Mandarin and
I'm really still too bad at Korean to understand--even if my gal's from Korea
(sorry, honey!).  So...here they are!  Oh, and I put a (?) after the "English"
lyrics I couldn't understand too well.

When I'm free, I take myself to Don Quixote
All my dreams come true, they do, whenever I go there
I can go there and they'll try really hard to find whatever I want (?)
Whatever you want, anything you need, we'll find for sure

Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!
Here is fun that's wildest place for me! (?) (It's a jungle!)
Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!
Tonight, let's go to find something good and new at Don Quixote!

(Don!  Don!  Don, don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-!)x2

I feel so high and satisfied at Don Quixote
'Cause it's like a jungle full of amazing things
If you go there midnight you can find lots of fun
C'mon let's dance on this Don Quixote night (?)

Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!
Here is a jungle that's full of amazing things!  (It's a jungle!)
Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!
Let's get together and shop for something new at Don Quixote!

Where are you going now?  --To Don Quixote!
That's what I thought!

(Don Quixote...! Don Quixote...! Don Quixote...!)

(Ooh!  Hah!  Ooh!  Hah!  Ooh!  Hah!  Ohh, hah, hah!)

Don! Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!
Here is fun that's wildest place for me! (?) (It's a jungle!)
Don! Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!
Tonight, let's go to find something good and new at Don Quixote!

Omoidattara itsu datte, Don Kiho-te de machiawase
[If you ever get a mind to, let's meet at Don Quixote]
Dokan! to afureru yume wo kaimashou!
[Let's buy some dreams that'll fill up our minds 'til they burst!]
Kibun wa takarasagashi da ne
[Hey, it feels just like a treasure hunt!]

Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
[Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!]
Boryu-mu manten, gekiyasu janguru! (Janguru da!)
[It's a fully-stocked, super-cheap jungle! (It's a jungle!)]
Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
[Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!]
Nandemo sorotte benri na omise, Don Kiho-te!
[The convenient shop where you can find anything, Don Quixote!]

(Don!  Don!  Don, Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-!)x2
[(Don!  Don!  Don, Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui!)]

Hayaimono kachi paradaisu, Donki meguri wa kuse ni naru
[It's a paradise where the early bird gets the worm!  It'll become a habit,
  browsing Don Quixote!]
Shoudouteki demo tokushita ne
[It may be impulsive, but you really save!]
Kon'ya wa nani ga aru no ka na~?
[What'll I find there tonight...?]

Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
[Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!]
Itsudemo mantan fushigi na janguru! (Janguru da!)
[You'll always get your fill at this mysterious jungle! (It's a jungle!)]
Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
[Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!]
Mayonakasugitemo tanoshi omise, Don Kiho-te!
[The store that's fun even after midnight, Don Quixote!]

Hei, doko iku no? --Don Kiho-te iku no!
["Hey, where're you goin'? --Why, I'm going to Don Quixote!]
["I knew it!"]

(Don Kiho-te...!  Don Kiho-te...!  Don Kiho-te...!)
[(Don Quixote...!  Don Quixote...!  Don Quixote...!)]

(Un!  Ha!  Un!  Ha!  Un!  Ha!  Un, Ha, Ha!)

Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
[Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!]
Boryu-mu manten, gokuan janguru! (Janguru da!)
[It's a fully-stocked, super-cheap jungle! (It's a jungle!)]
Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
[Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quixote!]
Nandemo sorotte benri na omise, Don Kiho-te!
[The convenient shop where you can find anything, Don Quixote!]

Many of the food items available in the game are real--all the drinks in the
bars and most of the drinks in Poppo and M Store.  It seems like they had a
deal with Suntory, a beverage company in Japan, and must have struck up other
agreements with wineries and the like.

The man who needs the toilet paper is Rokkaku Gouji, the boss of both (or all
three, depending on how you look at it) Jet Set Radio games.

Lau Ga Lung is obviously named after Lau Ga Leung (a.k.a. "Lau Karleung" or
"Liu Chia Liang" or "Ryuu Ka Ryou"), a martial arts choreographer, director,
and star of many films.  He is perhaps most famous outside of Hong Kong for
his work on Drunken Master II, but he is said to have walked out on that
production because Jackie Chan was too heavy-handed.  In Hong Kong, he and
his brothers are most known for making great kung fu films, especially for
their work for the Shaw Brothers studio.  Ga Leung himself is a student of Hung
Ga ("Hung Gar" or "Hung Kar") and specialises in using many different kinds of
weapons.  He also made a popular movie "Fung Hau" ("Mad Monkey") which show-
cased a flashy Ng Zo Kyun-style monkey fist that also became his recurring
signature style.  
  Ga Lung (that's the guy in the game now, mind you) looks more like Lau Chan 
from Virtua Fighter, or maybe Chong Lung (aka "Laam Dai" or "Lan Di" or 
"Rantei") from Shen Mue than Gau Leung.

When you beat Amon Jou, the boss-like character in "The Final Assassin," you'll
get 893 experience as your reward.  The number "8" can be read "ya" in
Japanese, "9" can be read "ku," and "3" can be read "san" or "zan."  Remember
that "san" is written "sa" + "n" in Japanese.  Drop off the "n?"  You get
"yakuza."  It's not a terribly uncommon code for writing that....

Aoki thinks that Tamura was killed 5 years ago.  Well, he really wasn't; he's
just been sort-of hiding out in the River Styx.  If you thank Aoki for
helping you find Haruka in Chapter 7, Kiryuu tells him to come to the Gambling
River Bed later.  He will in Chapter 11 and finally meet up with his old
friend.  Touching.
  Also, once you've cleared the "Betting on Boxing" incident, in Chapter 11,
you can bring Haruka to Bantam to find out what happened to Jackal Yagisawa.
  Neither one of these is essential, nor do you "get" anything for doing them,
but they're nice touches to the plot.

At the end of the story, a bomb is exploded in the Milennium Tower, causing the
money to rain down upon the people on the street.  This is an obvious tribute
to the first Die Hard movie's ending.

The big fish swimming around in the huge tank in Hanaya's room are coelacanths,
large fish that were believed to have gone extinct over a hundred million
years ago until one was caught near South Africa in 1938.  They're rare and


I know, I know...this is really an appendix and should be in that section, but,
it just seems to fit more at the end.  Dig?  I whole-heartedly dig.

ANIKI:  A term used by younger males to older ones who they esteem and whom
  they consider a mentor or protector.  Literally, it means something like
  "older brother whom I hold in high esteem," or something else hard to
  translate.  Yakuza typically use this term in movies and such.
BENTOU:  A Japanese-style boxed lunch.  They were sold at railway stations, so
  that travelers could just take them quickly and go.
BOKUTOU:  From the Sino-Japanese ("on'youmi") readings of the words "wood" and
  "sword," this word refers to a wooden practice sword.
CHAA SIU:  Chinese barbequed pork, usually a bit sweet and succulent.
  -->  CHAA SIU MIN:  Ramen with Chinese barbequed pork inside (yum).
CABARET CLUB:  Called "Kyabakura" for short (from "kyabare kurabu"), these are
  mostly adult-entertainment-themed bars where guests can be sat with a young
  woman employed by the bar for company.  These aren't whorehouses; the women
  working these places are usually there to provide a similar service to that
  geisha provided in a more traditional sense; they make conversation and
  generally make the customer comfortable so that he'll order more food and
  (especially) more drinks.
  Just like escort services, while the guest is with the employee, there isn't
  to be sex going on.  There are many stories of guests getting together with
  the employees after business hours or forming relationships with them; this
  isn't entirely out of the question.  However, just like with most in the sex
  entertainment trade, it's just business and not anything really serious.
  --> CABARET CLUB GIRL ("Kyabakurajou")  A hostess employed by a cabaret club.
CHENG LUNG (or "Qing Long" or "Shouryuu" or "Seiryuu"):  One of the four
  divine beasts (each guards a direction).  This is the Blue Dragon, who
  protects the East.
  --> CHENG LUNG DOU (or "Qing Long Dao" or "Shouryuutou" or "Seiryuutou"):  a
  sword bearing the Cheng Lung name.
CHOUHAN:  An old gambling game in Japan, where a dealer rolls two dice and the
  players bet on whether it will be "chou" (even) or "han" (odd).  You'll see
  this in many samurai flicks such as the Zatou'ichi films starring Katsu
DESHI:  Pupil; apprentice; disciple; etc.  Basically, a student, taken under
  the wing of a mentor.
DHARMA:  A monk said to have entered China and given groundwork for "Chan" or
  "Zen" Buddhism.  There are many strange tales of his life, including the one
  where he was meditating so much that his arms and legs fell off, and then was
  found in his cave by two men.  These men are said to have struck and killed
  the monk, who fell down and said, "Thank you!" before he died--because that
  action "awakened" him; made him attain Nirvana; what-have-you.
  -->  DHARMA STATUE:  This is a common item in Japan.  The idea is that you
  buy one for your business and paint one of his eyes on, then the other when
  you have some great luck happen.  Basically, it's there to wish prosperity
  upon your business.  It's round, red, and has the Dharma's face painted on
DOSU:  This is a Japanese word, referring to specifically one of those knives
  used primarily by sushi chefs that look like thin French vegetable knives and
  are usually quite sharp and expensive.  The word also more broadly can be
  used to just mean "knife."
FUNDOSHI:  Sometimes called a "Japanese loincloth," this is a piece of cloth 
  that is wrapped around the hips and groin, worn as underwear.  Though still
  very popular in the '40s and '50s, this garment has its roots way back in
  the days of the Heian aristocracy, perhaps earlier.  A favorite of the
  warrior class, this is a very manly, "tough guy" thing to wear.  In fact,
  the Chinese character used (tho' it holds a different meaning in Chinese,
  actually) has the symbol for "clothes" on the left and the symbol for "army"
  on the right.
GOKU:  This is a Chinese character (pronounced "gik" or "ji" in Chinese) that
  means "extreme."  In Japanese, it can also be read "kiwameru" and means "to
  master."  In the game, the kanji will flash in red with the word "Special"
  attached to it to tell you when you can perform a Heat Action.
  --> "GOKU" ATTACK:  Because of the "goku" kanji, I sometimes call the Heat
  Action moves "Goku" attacks. (see "Heat Action")  The "goku" in this instance
  probably stands for "Gokudou," a poetic word for "yakuza."
GOKUDOU:  A more poetic word for "yakuza."  It literally means "the extreme
HARITI:  A Buddhist deity called upon to protect children.  In the game, she is
  refered to by the name "Kishimojin."  This is the translation of her name into
  Sino-Japanese, meaning something like "Ogre-Child Mother Goddess."
HEAT ACTION:  A special attack you can perform when in "Heat Mode" (when your
  Heat Gauge is full).  The official name seems to be "Heat Action" sometimes,
  but the word "Special" appears in the upper right-hand corner with the kanji
  "goku" when you can perform the action, so there seem to be different names
  that can be associated with these moves.
HEAT GAUGE:  This is thin, light blue gauge that appears below your Life Gauge
  and tells you when you can enter Heat Mode and perform Heat Actions.
HEAT MODE:  Your Heat Gauge is divided into two segments.  When it builds up
  to or beyond the break between the segments, you have entered Heat Mode.  In
  this mode, Heat Actions will be available and any conditions that have been
  gained through character build-up will apply such as resistance to being
  knocked down, extra damage, and improved guard.
HOST CLUB:  This is the companion to the Cabaret Clubs; a place, usually ass-
  ociated with "adult," sexual entertainment, where men are employed to show
  guests a good time by keeping conversation moving--and encouraging them to
  buy more liquor and food, of course.
  --> HOST:  In this instance, an employee of a host club.
IEMON:  A brand of tea put out by Santori in Japan.
KANJI:  The Japanese had no writing system early on, and in the 600s or so, 
  along with Buddhism and such things, the Chinese writings were imported to
  the islands.  Like nearly all other East Asian countries, Chinese was the
  only way to write for a long time.  This was in the Han dynasty, so the
  characters used are called "hanzi" in Mandarin Chinese, meaning "characters
  from the Han era."  In Japanese, the characters "han" and "zi" are pro-
  nounced "kan" and "ji" (hence the word "kanji").
  Unfortunately, the Japanese language actually is nothing like Chinese; it
  belongs to a family more like Mongolian and Korean and Turkish.  So, the
  Japanese had to adopt ways of reading the Chinese script in their own
  language, called "kanbun" ("literature in Han-era characters") and "kundoku"
  ("practical reading").  The text was annotated with markers and with certain
  "helper" characters to know how to pronounce the characters and conjugate
  the nouns, based largely on shorthand versions of the characters themselves.
  This is a pretty much where the syllabaries for the Japanese writing system
  (katakana and hiragana) came from, too.
  There are two ways to pronounce these characters:  one that mimics the Han-
  era pronounciation from China, for phonetic purposes, and one that gives the
  Japanese word that corresponds to the meaning of the character.  These are
  called "on'yomi" ("sound reading") and "kun'yomi" ("practical reading")
  This is what most Westerners find frustrating about learning Japanese, but I
  think it's one of the most interesting things about the language, to be
KASHIRA:  Literally "head."  In this game, it's used as the head of a group,
  such as yakuza.
KATANA:  The sword wielded in Edo and Heian period Japan, supposed preferred
  weapon of the warrior ("samurai") class (tho it was really the spear).  This
  word also is used in a more broad sense to simply mean "sword."
KISHIMOJIN:  see "Hariti."
KODACHI:  Often called the "Japanese short sword," this is the smaller,
  companion piece to the katana.
KOGAL:  A female Japanese High School girl ("koukousei" means "high school
  student;" "gal" is "gal"--written "gyaru" in Japanese transliteration).
  This is a fairly derogatory term meaning a girl obsessed with fashion and a
  flashy, bratty lifestyle.  Many of the kogal engage in taking money from
  (usually) older guys to go out with them.  It's often quite innocent; the man
  will just pay for a high-school aged girl to hang out and talk with, but, as
  you could imagine, it's pretty much for sexual services.  Saya, Date's
  daughter, seems to be doing this sort of thing--and some downright porno-
  graphic stuff, too.
KOI:  Usually called a Japanese carp, this is a big fish that has many different
  color variations and can be quite expensive.  It's usually used in decorative
  ponds.  Don't confuse this term with "koi" (different Chinese character, of
  course) meaning "(sexual) love" or the other common one, "koi" (another 
  character), the command form of "kuru" ("to come").
KUMI:  Literally, a group.  This can be used as divisions of organizations--
  for instance, in the Toujoukai yakuza alliance in the game.
KUMICHOU:  The head of a group ("kumi") of yakuza.
KYABAKURA --> see "cabaret club."
LEMON SQUASH:  Lemonade with soda water and sweetener.
LIFE GAUGE:  When this runs out, you're dead.  This is the big orange bar in
  the upper left-hand corner of the screen.  When it gets low, it'll start to
  flash red and will change the gameplay slightly depending on how you've built
  up your main character.
LOVE HOTEL:  The Japanese coined this term, meaning specifically a hotel where
  the rooms are rented by the hour and generally have "romantic" themes.
MAKUNO'UCHI:  The highest "tier" of sumo wrestling.
ODEN:  A soup in a light broth with bonito flavoring, containing warm and
  rather bland materials such as boiled eggs and fish cake.
ONI:  A warlike, thick-headed, thick-skinned creature of Japanese lore, often
  translated as "ogre" or "devil" or "demon."  The kanji used for "oni" means
  something like "an evil ghost," so it's often used as "demon," but I shy away
  from this translation as it evokes a Christian feeling.
ONIGIRI:  Rice balls; "sticky" or "sushi" rice and vinegar are formed around
  a filling (usually meat), topped sometimes with roasted sesame seeds and
OYABUN --> see "oyakata"
OYAKATA:  "Oya" means "parent."  "Kata" is a polite word for "person."  This
  term can specifically mean someone who has taken you in and mentored you or
  someone who is the boss of your organization (such as the yakuza).
PACHINKO SLOT:  Slot machines.  These dispense medals which can be redeemed for
  items (rather than money to avoid being technically called "gambling").  It's
  rumored that many parlors that sell goods this way also have areas nearby
  where one can sell these (like pawn shops) under their thumbs, so it's simply
  a formality and it really is gambling.  This, of course, is illegal.
PATCHINKO SLOT --> see "Pachinko slot" (alternate, u.k. spelling)
RAMEN:  Noodles prepared by pulling the dough over and over into thin ropes.
  The Chinese name is "laai min" in Cantonese and "la mian" in Mandarin.
RIVER STYX:  The river you had to cross in Greek mythology to reach "Tartarus,"
  the "other world" after you died.  This has become associated with going to
  Hell, but in ancient Greece, as many other old religions, the place like Hell
  is just where all souls go--not necessarily souls of evil people.  In the
  game, I have translated the area called "Sai no Kawara" as "River Styx" but
  it's not exactly the same.
SAI NO KAWARA:  This is the river bed where the Sanzukawa is located, a sort of
  limbo area where souls try to cross into the next world from this one.
SAKE:  Japanese rice wine--it's "sah-keh," not "sah-kee."
SALARYMAN:  As you might expect, a man who collects a salary.  An oft-used
  word in Japan that means simply a businessman.
SANZUKAWA or SANZU RIVER:  This is a river in some Japanese Buddhist teachings
  that people must cross to get to the other world when they die.  You must
  divest yourself of your worldly attachments, called karma, to pass the
  various creatures that stand guard there.  In a traditional Japanese Buddhist
  funeral, six coins are placed on your coffin to pay your fare, much like how
  in old Greek circles obuli (small coins) were placed on the dead's eyes so
  they could pay the ferryman, Charon, to cross the River Styx.  It's slightly
  different from the River Styx, but has similar connotations.
SARASHI:  A bolt of cloth (almost always white) that was used as a sort of sash
  in the Edo period by men, worn around their waist beneath the coat of their
  kimono.  Yakuza and other tough guys are often shown wearing this as it makes
  one look very manly.
SHIFT MOTION:  Holding down R1, you can keep Kiryuu looking in the same
  direction and locking onto the nearest enemy (unless said enemy sidesteps and
  gets away from you).
SHINGON:  Literally "True Word," Shingon is one of the main (if not the most
  popular) branches of Buddhism in Japan, based mostly upon sutras brought by
  the monk Kuukai from a visit to China in the ninth century.
SOAPLAND:  This is a form of brothel.  Supposedly a bath-house, like a Turkish
  Bath, there are employees of the establishment who generally will get naked
  and bathe the customers--usually with their own bodies.  Always semi-legal,
  there is almost always actual sexual activity in these places and the workers
  (almost always women) are pretty much prostitutes.  Apparently, law in Japan
  has always had trouble defining what sex acts are illegal to accept payment
  for, and so, suffice it to say, there are naughty things afoot here and the
  soaplands are always controversial.
SUPER ATTACK or SUPER MOVE or SUPER:  see "Heat Action."
SWAY:  In this instance, swaying means to dodge out of the way of attacks.
  You do this by hitting "X" while moving around in "Shift Motion."
WAN TAN:  From the Cantonese meaning "cloud puffs," these are dumplings with
  thin skins usually filled with pork and vegetables, usually boiled in soup
  but also fried.
  -->  WAN TAN MIN:  Ramen with wan tan.
YAKISOBA:  Stir-fried soba (buckwheat noodles), usually in a thick, dark sauce
  of black beans and soy, usually with thinly-sliced vegetables.
YAKUZA:  Literally meaning something like "serviceman" or "one who has a task to
  serve at their boss's will," this is the word used to refer to members of the
  Japanese organised crime groups.  There are many differences between a yakuza
  and a member of the mafia, many would tell you, and so, most people don't like
  to call them "gangsters" so as not to confuse the two stereotypes.
  However, the image of the yakuza is greatly romanticised, just like cowboys,
  pirates, samurai, knights, and mafia men.  In reality, most yakuza groups are
  now more involved in legitimate activities than anything else, and the ones
  you'll find running shakedowns and such are probably more like a common thief
  than anything else.
  This game takes place in a reality that is just basically the silver-screen
  yakuza, which is, of course, pretty romantic and manly.


I'd like to give a shout out to Pat Yap for getting picky with technique names,
Damon for putting up with me using his computer at times to type this, Edan the
Humble Magnificent and Busdriver and Percee P and DJ Krush and Peter Falk as 
Columbo and Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch and Lau Ga Leung and his brothers and
Wong Jyu and Wu Jin and Lo Lit and Kuukai and whoever invented Custart Tarts and
Coffee Bean and Yi Rado, my love (marry me btw)....  And YOU!

For great justice!

Karakatte koi!

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