Whats the difference between ace 2 and ace 2 vocal special?

  1. Are they any special suits or mecha that you can only play in the vocal special or is it only a special voice over and music? I want the one with the most mecha besides getting the 3rd one. any help will rock out loud

    User Info: delgadomad27

    delgadomad27 - 12 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It's exactly the same game. The only difference is that you'll have vocal versions of the songs while you're playing, instead of the instrumental ones in the basic version.
    I find it much better since instrumental versions sometimes sound... weird.

    The only thing you'll lose with the Vocal Edition is the intro song, for some reason they took it out and replaced it with some random music. Sad but no big deal here.

    User Info: _Val_

    _Val_ - 12 years ago 0   0

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