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  • It is well known that the childlike character Anise can become quite violent and aggressive when certain members of the party are not present (or she thinks they are). Perhaps the best example of this is if you participate in a battle with Anise that DOESN'T have Luke or Jade in it. Usually when her Mystic Arte, Final Fury is activated, she will say "I'm bursting with fonons!" - however in this case, as she feels no need to impress Tear, Guy or Natalia, she will instead say (when Final Fury is activated) "I'll kill you, bastards!", a chant that is rather out of place in the Tales of series and can be highly amusing if you've never heard it before.

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Famous Quote

  • I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee who opens the gates of hell! Come forth divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation! - Jade's Indignation Mystic Arte

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Connection to Other Media

  • After you beat Advance Mode in the Coliseum, the announcer will state than an exhibition match will take place. It is however no ordinary exhibition match, as it pits your 4 fighters Tales of the Abyss party members against 4 previous Tales of heroes from the past and is one of two of the hardest battles in the game (optional). Below are the characters and the previous Tales of games it puts your party against.

    Rid Hershel - Tales of Eternia (PS1/PSP)
    Mint Adenade - Tales of Phantasia (SNES/PS1)
    Philia Philis - Tales of Destiny (PS1/PS2)
    Nanaly Fletch - Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2/PSP)

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