Review by SorayMustDie

Reviewed: 02/12/07

This game rocks!! Namco answer Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII!

When Namco ( Now Namco Bandai Game ) released First Time Tales of Phatasia like 10 years ago , I was kind of a Huge fan of the game. Well...The Game was actually fun that I continue to play Until Final Fantasy VII came out...So after that , I never Touched Namco's game anymore ( which is sad ) and I continue the Final Fantasy Series until that day when the Completely Let down of Final Fantasy XII ( yes wasted me 40$ ) so I sold FFXII and found Tales of the Abyss , wow! When I first pop the CD in my PS2 . I was amazed!! I can't Even Stop myselft by playing the game! It's like Tales of the Abyss drive me in totally in the game! If you found this Final Fantasy XII is better then Tales of the Abyss...then you're completely wrong

Story :

The Story was pretty good , somehow remind me like Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy IX. You playing as Luke a 17 years main character in the TOtA.He sounds really snob. oh well but that was good of it..and main female character Tear ( which huh...doesn't seem a 16 years old to me ) as one day Tear come to Kill her brother , Van in Basticul and probably Luke and Tear has something in common. They both vanished from Bacticul and which of course. The Start of the Story.


The gameplay in the game is insanely FUN. The Battle is like more Action style. You preform Normal Attack , Jump attack , Fonons Attack ( which is like Magic Attack ) and special attack and During sometimes your character or AI control character will perfrom FOF Attack. The Battle System basically is not let you really bored. But I think The Battle is pretty nice and very well. You can also doing Free Run , Overlimit and Taunts which I Found it really amusing.

So....What about Music?
I was kind impressive about the music , the music was really nicely done and very good , I was really enjoy the music until now. I have no complain but I kind don't like the music when you're in Totaroo...

and...Voice and sound...?

I had no problem with the sound or voice with the characters , the sound is pretty well done. and when I listen to the voice , I think the actor and actress did a very good job. Tear's Voice really suit her and her voice sound sexy...I think...while Luke's voice sounds annoying from beginning but he sound's better after. The other character have a very fine voice...I think English has a very talented voice actor and actresse , but Japanese's voice is a lot better ( It's Original voice..)

Graphic :

I think the graphics is well done , well....Japanese anime style game , while for the character models I think is ok but not so good , almost all is japanese anime style...but what do you expect? you can't really compared the graphic with FF right? While FF is focus on reality and TOtA is focus in anime style.
Well...sometime because of the field design...I Thought I was playing Tale of the Abyss in PSone. But the rest is well done.

Replayability :

I Haven't complete the game yet , But When I finish the First time , I will define play again and again! Since this game has the good battle system and story makes me really into it and I love characters developpement. I think Luke had almost same personnality as mine and Tear has the personnality of My girlfriend. And I don't think is really bored yet. The game is very challenge. It took me almost 2 or 3 time to beat the boss but overall it's a very good game!

Buy or Rent?

I SAY BUY IT!!! This game will rock you hard that you will actually want to play it over and over again!!! and I am sure that I won't touch Final Fantasy XII again! haha! Sorry , I have to back to playing the game now!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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