Review by miyakoscorn

Reviewed: 12/19/06

Wow!! TotA is awsome!!! wake up America

veterans of the tales series will be amazed and might I add lady gamers it is completely female friendly. if you like Tales of symphonia you'll love this because there are a lot of similarities, (especially with the sword dancers) one of my favorite aspects of ToS. endearing characters and an ingenious story line, beautifully cell shaded anime styled rendering. anime fans or anyone who loves RPGs will not be disappointed... and lets face it Square hasn't been good since they were Squaresoft. so give turn-based a break and give real-time a try newcomers of the series because I would like to show Japan that we love this series!!

Story 10-10
(First off I'm going to keep this very basic as to not spoil it for you) Trust me you'll love me for it... This story is about an arrogant , sheltered ,young son of the Duke of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear of the planet Auldrant named Luke Fon Fabre who has to find the courage in himself (not to mention humility) and the strength in his companions to prevail and bring peace to two feuding kingdoms Kimlasca and Malkuth..

Graphics 9-10
I gave it 9 out of 10 because while I think the towns and dungeons are solid and very diverse from each other, unlike Tales of Ledendia. I thought that the world map paled in comparison to Tales of Symphonia, except the on-screen fiends that are in this game are more detailed and better than ToS, which were basically black blobs. I think the rest of the game is great though.

Gameplay 10-10
One of the best aspects of the game, particularly in battles. veterans of the tales series will agree. In this game you fight in real-time meaning that you use X for basic combos and O for Base and Arcane combos and with a little practice you can connect them to make a massive damage wielding combos, though I wish they would take the Base/ Arcane connection out like ToS where you can produce combos of at least 50+ with only Loyd (the main character) the battle system is still fantastic also including the usage of Fon fields and Fonic Artes ( the supreme magic skills of the game) enough said because I don't want to ruin the game for you as well as typing out all the details.

Music 10-10
The music is great. It really compliments the details of the story . On the boss battles you get rock solid E. guitar riffs which are truely awsome, indisputably, if your Metal head like me, you'll love the soundtrack. Hell when the first video is played before the start credits I was already amazed. I will tell you the music in all Tales games are excellent, Incuding the SNES version of Tales of Fantasia where they had their first vocalized song on any of the soundtracks.. I'm just as amazed with this soundtrack as any other in the series, especially the one you hear in Tear's Home town ( The Fon Melodist Luke meets first) which kinda reminds me of some Patrick O'hearn. I garantee sound will not disappoint

Replay value : if your me, 5-10. if someone that likes to replay 10-10
To be frank, I'll probably never replay this game because once I hear a story I don't want to hear it again. I also know I'm not everyone else, if your one who doesn't mind playing games over again then there is more to enjoy such as higher difficulty ,plus carrying over certain attributes to the new game using grade. Grade is earned through completing battles swiftly and stylishly. Earn enough and you'll be able to buy a lot of things that you have acquired during the first playthrough. I don't know exactly what considering I have not replayed a game since the Metal Gear Solid series to get a no kills / no alerts rating.

Rent or Buy?
Well if you are renting from say than go for it, if you don't like to replay games. but if your like me, buy it and collect it, you never know when one of your friends might want to play and besides these games are so good that you'll be proud to look at your tales collection even if you don't replay.

Feminine friendliness 9-10
I devote this section to lovely female gamers as a rating system to the compatibility to the female personality. I think female gamers will be pleased with the story, if you like Intellectual humor you'll love it. cute, fluffy, furry creatures you'll love it!! (as with Mieu). if your more into the rocker / Warrior frame of mind you'll love it. If you like long emotionally charged storylines and intriguing plot twists you'll absolutly love it. I give it a 9-10 because there are no female melee weapon users in this game ( like Choe in Tales of Legendia) but the rest is great!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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