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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EChang

    Version: 2.10 | Updated: 02/18/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)
    v2.1 (2-18-06)
    Revision History
    v2.1 2-18-06
       Minor corrections and revisions.
    v2.0 (2-3-06)
       Major revisions based on information from Namco's Tales of the Abyss
       Official Complete Guide (ISBN 4-902372-09-6). Spellings of many names
       changed to conform to Complete Guide spellings.
    v1.6 (1-13-06)
       More sidequests, finished up map for Abyssal Replica Facility. Realized
       that there are many 'official' spellings for dungeons/locations and
       so on in the in-game sound test, so I've changed the spellings
       present to such.
    v1.5 (1-11-06)
       Added more subevents. More corrections. Changed all of the C. Core
       spellings to match the ones in my AD Skills/C. Cores FAQ. Main
       walkthrough fully revised; should be free of omissions now.
    v1.40 (1-8-06)
       First half of walkthrough edited and revised.
    v1.30 (12-30-05)
       Added a new minigames section (moved some from sidequests), revised
    v1.20 (12-28-05)
       Expanded sidequests section, revised walkthrough, added more hi-ougi
       trigger conditions. 
    v1.10 (12-27-05)
       Walkthrough revised with several treasures that I missed earlier.
       Added boss drops. Completed Nebilim subevent description.
    v1.00 (12-26-05)
       Main walkthrough now complete.
    v0.90 (12-25-05)
       More walkthrough, rearranged some sections.
    v0.85 (12-24-05)
       More walkthrough, more revisions. Started subquests. Completed
       techniques list. 
    v0.80 (12-22-05)
       Walkthrough continued. Added some missed items; thanks to MasterLL
       for pointing them out.
    v0.75 (12-21-05)
       Further walkthrough. Changed the spelling "Krifort" -> "Qliphoth"
       as Qliphoth is a term from the Kabbalah (just like Sefirot). Some of
       the other cities are also drawn from the Kabbalah, but since they
       have the 'squiggly language' spellings (which I can't read...) I
       will leave them as such until I find out what the 'official'
       spellings are.
    v0.70 (12-20-05)
       Completed up through Meggiora Plateau.
    v0.65 (12-19-05)
       Walkthrough up through Daht completed.
    v0.6 (12-18-05)
       More walkthrough completed.
    v0.5 (12-15-05)
       First version. Basics complete, walkthrough started.
    1. Introduction
    2. Gameplay Basics
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Sidequests/Subevents
    5. Minigames
    6. Techniques List
    7. Frequently Asked Questions/Tips
    8. Credits
    This is a Walkthrough and FAQ for the PS2 RPG, Tales of the Abyss. TotA
    is the latest game in Namco's popular "Tales of" series. Created by
    Team Symphonia, the makers of Tales of Symphonia, TotA could perhaps be
    called the spiritual sequel to ToS (unlike Tales of Rebirth and Tales of
    Legendia, which were both created by other teams within Tales Studio).
    TotA has the distinction of being the '10th Anniversary Tales' game,
    being released ten years to the day (December 15th) after the first Tales
    of game, Tales of Phantasia for the Super Famicon.
    This Walkthrough also summarizes the plot of the game as it goes along,
    so that those of you who are playing who do not understand Japanese
    fluently can get a rough idea of what is going on. With that said, that
    also means that this Walkthrough WILL contain plot spoilers. Do not
    read ahead of where you are in the game in this FAQ if you are not
    willing to risk being spoiled. 
    This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
    characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
    Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
    to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
    viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Newer versions
    of Windows should have it built in, though you may have to install some
    new files from your Windows Install CD; otherwise, you'll either need to
    get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
    Japanese character support for Internet Explorer and open this file 
    in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.
    The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If
    you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my
    permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of
    this FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ,
    even if the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be
    deleted without response.
    T means the triangle button; S means the square button
    In Menus:
    O - Accept
    X - Cancel
    S - Remove/Unequip, Discard (Items), Turn On/Off (Skills), Contents
    T - Use (Skills), Cook
    Start - Show status/descriptions
    Select - Switch control mode (Manual, Semiauto, Auto)
    L1/R1 - Switch party member/item category
    L2/R2 - Change Page (Status), Assign Shortcut (Cooking)
    On the Field/Dungeons:
    O - Talk/Examine/Open/Enter
    X - (when combined with direction) Walk (instead of run) 
    S - Mieu Actions
    T - Open the Camp Menu
    Start - Toggle map/compass display
    Select - Play skit
    L1/R1 - Rotate character/Rotate Camera (Map)
    R2 - Change Mieu Action
    R3 - Show World Map
    During Battle:
    O - Normal Attack
    X - Special Attack
    S - Guard
    T - Open the Battle Menu
    L1 - Deny Item Use
    R1 - Choose Target
    L2 - Free Run
    R2 - Engage Overlimit
    Luke fone Fabre
    Age: 17
    Height: 171 cm
    Weight: 68 kg
    Voice Actor: Suzuki Chihiro
    The only son of a noble family of the Kimuelasca Kingdom. Because of a
    kidnapping incident while he was young, he's been shut up in his house
    and has lived thus since. Because of the shock he's lost his memory
    of being a child; with his family's wealth he has had all of life's
    comforts, and is terribly selfish and ignorant of what the real world
    is like. His only hobby is swordsmanship training, and though rough
    he is quite skilled.
    Tear Grants
    Age: 16
    Height: 162 cm
    Weight: 50 kg
    Voice Actress: Yukana
    A soldier of the Lorelei Church, which presides over the Score. She is
    a user of the Seventh Fonim. She lost her parents while sitll young,
    and thereafter was raised to be a soldier. She is quiet and controlled
    and can seem cold, but actually she loves cute things. With a certain
    event as the reason, she joins Luke on his journey.
    Jade Curtiss
    Age: 35
    Height: 186 cm
    Weight: 74 kg
    Voice Actor: Koyasu Takehito
    An officer of the Markt Empire, his rank is colonel. He is an accomplished
    Tone Magic user, and is also good with the spear. He usually is smiling and
    one finds it hard to tell what he's thinking. Some even call him the right
    hand man of the Markt Emperor Peony the 9th. On the other hand, he is
    known as "Necromancer Jade" among the army corps and is feared by them.
    During a mission aboard the armored ship Tartaros, he encounters Luke
    and company.
    Anise Tatlin
    Age: 13
    Height: 152 cm
    Weight: 42 kg
    Voice Actress: Momoi Haruko
    Guardian of the Lorelei Church's highest official, the Doushi Ion.
    A bright and cheerful little girl. As a doll master, she makes the
    stuffed animal Tokunaga at her back gigantic and rides on him in
    battle. She seeks to marry into money, and it seems that she's been
    conspiring to become Luke's wife ever since meeting him...
    Guy Cecil
    Age: 21
    Height: 184 cm
    Weight: 79 kg
    Voice Actor: Matsumoto Yasunori
    A servant of the House of Fabre, originally hired to be Luke's babysitter,
    he is now like a brother and best friend to Luke. He is a swordsman
    specializing in fast attacks. He's not very good with women, but
    oftentimes he'll say nice things to them and get in trouble...
    Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear
    Age: 18
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 53 kg
    Voice Actress: Neya Michiko
    Princess of the Kimuelasca Kingdom. She is sublime and proud, but at the
    same time she thinks of her people often and grieves for them. An archer,
    in times of trouble or danger she is a warrior with a strong will. She
    is also Luke's fiancee, and often scolds him for not accepting the
    responsibilities and positions of the nobility.
    Age: ?
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Voice Actress: Maruyama Miki
    A child of the Cheagle Race. The Cheagle Race is considered holy by the
    Lorelei Church and usually lives clustered in the forests, but events
    lead to Mieu's accompanying Luke and company on their journey. With
    the Sorcery Ring around his waist, he can speak human language as well
    as manipulate its Fon-power to shoot fire.
    Van Grants
    Age: 27
    Height: 189 cm
    Weight: 86 kg
    Voice Actor: Nakata Jouji
    Head Commander of the Lorelei Church's "Oracle Knights". He is Luke's
    swordsmanship master and has taught him ever since Luke was young, so he
    is an object of Luke's admiration. He is a warrior who is always calm
    and collected on the outside but has a burning passion hidden in his
    heart. He is also Tear's older brother.
    Age: 14
    Height: 166 cm
    Weight: 58 kg
    Voice Actress: Ootani Ikue
    The 'Doushi', the highest official, of the Lorelei Church. He has the
    ability to see the future through the Fuseki, but he is distressed
    over the world being bound to its Score. Outwardly he is a calm,
    kind young boy, but his heart is strong. To commoners he is a symbol of
    world peace, and his efforts have calmed the dangerous power struggle
    between the two large nations.
    Senketsu no Asch ("Fresh Blood" Asch)
    Age: 17
    Height: 171 cm
    Weight: 68 kg
    One of the Rokujinshou, the commanders of the Lorelei Church's "Oracle
    Knights". As leader of the special forces, he accepts a secret mission to
    observe and interact behind the scenes with Luke and company's journey.
    He fears noone, and is arrogant and self-righteous, but his skill with
    a sword is first-class.
    Madan no Regret ("Magic Bullet" Regret)
    Age: ?
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: ?
    One of the Rokujinshou, the commanders of the Lorelei Church's "Oracle
    Knights". She is a cool-headed commander who uses a pair of Tone Guns, 
    and is also Tear's instructor.
    Youjuu no Arietta ("Mysterious Beasts" Arietta)
    Age: ?
    Height: 148 cm
    Weight: ?
    One of the Rokujinshou, the commanders of the Lorelei Church's "Oracle
    Knights". She's a timid girl who controls violent monsters and beasts. 
    Formerly she was a Fonmaster Guardian.
    Shinigami Dist ("Death God" Dist)
    Age: ?
    Height: 174 cm
    Weight: ?
    One of the Rokujinshou, the commanders of the Lorelei Church's "Oracle
    Knights". He's a scholar of Fonemes who controls Tone Dolls. He calls
    himself "Dist of the Rose". 
    Reppuu no Sink ("The Gale" Sink)
    Age: ?
    Height: 166 cm
    Weight: ?
    One of the Rokujinshou, the commanders of the Lorelei Church's "Oracle
    Knights". He's a masked martial artist who specializes in blinding fast
    movements and attacks. He functions sort of as the planning officer for
    the Rokujinshou.
    Kurojishi no Largo ("Black Lion" Largo)
    Age: ?
    Height: 211 cm
    Weight: ?
    One of the Rokujinshou, the commanders of the Lorelei Church's "Oracle
    Knights". A huge guy, he swings about a giant scythe with ease, and is
    the leader of the Oracle Knights' shock troops.
    Pressing T brings up the main menu. You can see your current party
    and their stats here; at the bottom a display tells you your current
    location, how much Gald you have, how long you've played, how many
    battles you've fought in, and what your highest number combo is. The
    menu options are as follows:
    術・技 - Skills
    装備 - Equip
    アイテム - Item
    バトルカスタム - Battle Custom
    料理 - Cooking
    ステータス - Status
    ライブラリ - Library
    システム - System
    You can press right to highlight your characters. By doing so, pressing
    T allows you to switch characters around. Pressing O once you have
    obtained the S Flag will allow you to choose which character is
    displayed on the maps. The circular graph next to each character
    displays the effects of their equipped Capacity Cores and shows how 
    much their stats have been affected by the C. Cores. (See below for more
    info on the C. Cores).
    SKILLS: Choosing this prompts you to select a character. If you select
    a character currently controlled by a player, you'll be able to assign
    skills to each of the directions. Pressing these directions combined
    with the X button allows you to perform that skill in battle. If you
    scroll down you'll find that you can also assign up to four shortcuts
    that are activated by pushing the R stick in different directions.
    Shortcuts can be set to other characters' skills, so you can easily
    tell your other party members to do something with this function.
    Press S to remove a skill from a slot; or, if you are looking at
    a CPU-controlled characters skills, press S to turn the skill on or
    off (that is, let the AI use the skill or not). Pressing T on a skill
    will let you use the skill right away, which you'll use for healing
    magic and so on. Pressing Select while on this screen allows you to
    change between control modes. At first you have a choice between
    Semi-Auto (controlled by a player; character will automatically run
    up to the targeted enemy when told to attack) and Auto (controlled by
    the AI). Once you receive the Technical Ring early in the game, you will
    also be able to choose Manual (controlled by a player; all movement is
    fully controlled by the plater).
    EQUIP: This choice is pretty straightforward. Characters have four
    slots for weapon, body armor, arms, and other (accessories). Choose
    a slot and choose the equipment to put in its place. You'll see
    how your stats change when you do so. Green numbers indicate
    improvement, while red numbers indicate a decrease. Press S to remove 
    a piece of equipment; press Start to see that piece of equipment's stats.
    You can press T to change the order in which the equipment is sorted
    in the list.
    ITEM: Here you can arrange your items. At first you'll see tools;
    by pressing L1/R1, you can switch between the subheadings of items
    (represented by a row of icons in the upper right); they are tools,
    weapons, armor, accessories, ingredients, and important items. Press
    O to use an item (such as a gummy) right away; press S to throw
    the item away.
    BATTLE CUSTOM: This choice has several suboptions. AD Skill (AD スキル)
    allows you to manage a characters Additional Skills (special things
    the character can do, like backstepping or recovering from a knockdown).
    You'll see a list of the AD Skills that character knows, and you can
    read their descriptions. Pressing S, as with special skills, determines
    whether to turn that skill on or off.
    Capacity Core (C. コア) will let you equip new Capacity Cores onto
    your characters. You'll be able to see the effects each Core has
    before you equip them. Capacity Cores give your characters permanent
    bonuses to the indicated stats when that character levels up. Off
    to the left, the display shows the character's base stats+the total
    number of bonus points earned from the Core so far. For instance, 
    if Luke shows a physical defense score of 23+4, it means his natural
    physical defense at his current level is 23, while he has gained a
    total of four bonus points to physical defense with Capacity Cores.
    Using Cores you can radically alter the stat improvement of your
    characters, so assign them carefully. Like other menus, use O to
    equip the Cores and S to unequip them.
    Fonslot Chamber (FSチャンバー) allows you to assign special FS Chambers
    to your skills. There are four kinds of Chamber: Red, Green, Yellow,
    and Blue. Assigning them to your skills will grant special effects
    that have a chance of activating in battle, such as increased damage,
    decreased casting time, and so on. Each Chamber has 6 levels; at
    max level, the Chamber effect always occurs. To increase levels,
    simply use the skill the Chamber is bound to in battle continually.
    Chamber Effects only occur when the appropriate Chamber is assigned
    to that skill; also, if you should remove the Chamber from the skill
    when the level is between say, level 2 and level 3, the Chamber will
    return to level 2 when you reequip it, so be warned.
    Another option under this submenu, Tactics (作戦), will allow you to
    set the AI's behavior. Select the Tactics name (作戦名) to come up with
    several predetermined AI settings. You can also press O to rename
    a tactic (if you edit it to do something else, for instance. Along
    the bottom you'll be able to adjust each minute detail of the chosen
    Tactics. The options are Target (攻撃対象), TP Use (TP消費), 
    Movement (移動), Item (アイテム), and Overlimit (OVL). The settings
    under Target are Target Near Enemies, Target Far Enemies, Split Up,
    Focus On Same Enemy, Target Enemies With Low HP, Target Enemies With
    High HP, Assist Allies (attack enemies that are attacking allies
    with low HP), Attack Flying Enemies, and Attack Casters. Under TP Use
    you can choose between five settings that will basically preserve
    0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of your TP (in other words, if you choose
    the last option the AI will not use ANY skills, because it will be
    conserving all of your TP). Movement determines the characters'
    general behavior. Luke has simply Fight Normally, Protect Yourself
    (which will have him stand still and just guard), and Only Use
    Skills. Tear has these three as well as Use Mostly Skills, Use
    Mostly Spells, Prioritize Healing, and Prioritize Support. Item Use
    determines when the AI will try to use items. The first option is
    not to use items at all; the second is to use at low HP, the third
    is low TP, the fourth is when inflicted with a status effect, and
    fifth permits any use necessary. Finally, Overlimit determines
    when the character will use Overlimit. The options are to Use
    Aggressively, Use When Near Enemies, Use When Far From Enemies, Use
    When In Trouble, and Don't Use.
    COOKING: Allows you to cook food. Cooking will restore your party's HP/
    TP and/or do other benefits. Here you'll need to select who actually
    does the cooking (調理者) and then choose the recipe from the 
    menu (メニュー). You can also press down to assign four recipe
    shortcuts for on-the-fly cooking (performed at the end of a battle by
    pressing a direction and S). Press T to actually perform
    the recipe, if you have the requisite ingredients, of course. Each
    recipe has required ingredients (必須食材). As you perform recipes
    with a character, that character's proficiency in that recipe will
    increase, and eventually they will be able to add additional ingredients
    (追加食材) to the recipe. Using these additional ingredients
    enhances the effectiveness of the recipe.
    STATUS: Here you'll see a rundown of your characters' stats. You'll
    the character's name and current title; by pressing O you can change
    the title to any you've obtained for that character. Titles do not
    grant stat bonuses on level up like they did in previous Tales (this
    is now handled by Capacity Cores), but some Titles DO have special
    effects, or can change your character's costume. You'll also
    see the character's Level, HP, Experience, TP, how many Exp needed
    til the next level, and how full the Overlimit gauge is. Below that
    is a listing of the character's physical attack, physical defense,
    magic attack, magic defense, agility (which affects movement speed
    and critical chance in battle), and growth points. Press R2
    to go to the second page which will show the character's equipment,
    attack/resisted elements if any, and their current Luck score.
    LIBRARY: Allows you to read different books you have. The Summary
    (あらすじ) allows you to read up on what's happened so far in the plot
    in case you forget. Throughout your journey you'll also receive a
    world map (ワールドマップ), Collector's Book (コレクターブック), and 
    Character Book (キャラクターブック).
    SYSTEM: Do various system things. Save (セーブ) only appears if you're 
    on a save spot or the world map. The other options are Load (ロード), 
    Config (コンフィグ), and Record (レコード).
    Config lets you adjust a variety of options: Message Speed (the
    lower the number the faster), Battle Rank (Normal/Hard, and newer
    difficulties as you fulfill certain conditions), Controller
    Vibration (On/Off), Key Customize (lets you assign the controls for
    battle), Sound (lets you adjust Stereo/Mono and individual volumes
    for BGM, sound effects, and voice), Battle Confirm (when on, this
    makes it so that the camera momentarily shows the enemies before
    the battle actually begins), Battle Dynamic Camera (allows auto-
    panning/zooming of the camera), Battle Voice (On/Off), Place
    Display (when on, shows the names of inns/weapon shops etc. when
    you approach them in towns), Event Voice (On/Off), Chat Title
    (On/Off), Chat Subtitles (On/Off), and finally Screen Adjust. 
    Record allows you to see various things you've done; it shows you your 
    highest playtime, highest Gald value, Gald usage, how many skits 
    you've seen, how many times you've saved, how many times you've beaten 
    the game, the average length of your battles, the number of encounters 
    you've had, the number of times you've ran away, the largest hit combo 
    you've done, the most damage you've done in one combo, the most grade 
    you've earned in one battle, your character usage percentage, your best 
    battle time, the amount of consecutive time you've taken no damage, and
    total damage performed and received during one playthrough.
    Exploration in the game takes place in two kinds of places, the
    field map, and towns/dungeons. On the field map you'll be able to roam
    around in 3D; a map and compass will guide your way. Simply use the
    left stick to move as desired. As you move around enemies may appear
    near you and try to attack you. If you touch an enemy symbol, you'll
    enter battle. When you find a town or dungeon area, press O while
    near it to enter. You can save at any time while you are on the field
    map. You can also press R3 to bring up a bigger map. You can also press
    L1/R1 to rotate the map. 
    In towns/dungeons you won't have your compass or map, so don't get lost.
    You also won't be able to rotate the map, and you won't be able to save
    except on save points. You can see monsters from far away here; again,
    touching them leads to a battle. Press O to talk to people or examine
    something or open something (i.e. doors and treasure chests). Also, 
    some objects can be moved by holding down O and moving around while next
    to them. In dungeons, S will allow you to use Mieu Actions. At first,
    Mieu will know how to shoot fire; you can shoot fire to burn down
    obstacles in your path, and so on. As the story progresses, Mieu will
    learn additional Mieu actions. Hold down R2 and the Mieu Action indicator
    will appear on the screen; by pressing left/right, you can change what
    sort of action Mieu will perform when you press S. Use these wisely
    to overcome obstacles in your path.
    In towns and certain locations, you will be able to utilize Inns and
    Shops. Using Inns is as simple as talking to the Innkeeper and agreeing
    to pay a certain amount of Gald. To shop, simply press left/right on
    each item to determine how many of each item you want to buy; then
    press O to confirm your selections and buy the items you've selected,
    or press X to cancel.
    Like all Tales of games, battles in Tales of the Abyss are all in real
    time and ridiculously fun. The basic controls are no different from
    most other Tales games. Pushing the left stick left and right moves
    you away and towards your current target. Up jumps (S+up in Semi-Auto).
    Once you've learned the "Free Run" AD Skill, you can hold down L2 to
    move your character around the battlefield freely.
    O is the basic attack button. Using it in combination with the stick 
    gives you different attacks; O alone is a slash, towards+O is an antiair 
    slash, up+O is an upwards thrust, and down+O gives you a circular attack. 
    You can chain up to three basic attacks together at a time.
    Defense is done simply by holding down square. Defending will
    significantly decrease the amount of damage you take as well as prevent
    you from being stunned. As your character learns additional AD skills,
    you can perform different defensive actions. Back+S allows you to
    perform a backdash. Forward+S allows you to perform an advancing guard.
    Down+S allows you to perform a magic guard. Finally, pressing S while
    being blown into the air allows you to recover and land on your feet.
    X is the special attacks button. Using it, you can perform each
    characters' special attacks. This takes TP to perform. In the menu,
    you'll be able to assign different special attacks to different
    combinations of a direction+X. You can combo your normal attacks into
    special attacks; for instance, three normal attacks into a special
    attack. You can also combo special attacks into ougi, and ougi into
    elemental attacks (more on these below). As your characters gain 
    levels, they will learn new special attacks and ougis. Spellcasting
    is a little different. Magic takes a long time to perform, and can be
    interrupted if your character is hit. However, magic is powerful and
    cannot be blocked normally. While spellcasting, you can press S to
    cancel the casting. If you hold down X, you can put the cast spell
    in reserve such that it will not actually activate until you release
    Press the T button during battle to bring up the main battle menu.
    Here you can choose between Skills, Tactics, Equip (all of these
    are the same as the main menu option), Items (you can only see the
    Usable Items here), and Run. While this menu is up, press L1 to
    change your party's tactics to any tactics you have custom-made
    in the Tactics menu. Press Start to change the display order of the
    characters (this allows you to change which character you are
    controlling mid-battle). Press Select to change between control
    modes for that character. When you use an Item or try to escape,
    a gauge will show up on the screen that slowly empties. For items,
    you cannot use another item until the gauge is completely empty. For
    escaping, you will only escape successfully once the gauge is empty.
    After you have learned the AD Skill Overlimit, you will begin to
    gain Overlimit Gauge (the green gauge) when you inflict or receive
    damage. Once this gauge is full, you can activate Overlimit at any
    time by pressing R2. During Overlimit, for a certain amount of time
    any damage you take will be automatically decreased, and you will
    not stagger. Also, by fulfilling certain other conditions, you will
    be able to perform hi-ougis.
    In TotA, based on the AI settings you've assigned in Tactics, your
    AI-controlled characters may request to use an item if their HP/TP
    get low and so on. You will receive a notice that the party member
    is requesting to use an item; after awhile, if you do nothing, that
    character will then use that item. However, if you think the character
    doesn't need it or doesn't deserve it or whatever, you can press L1
    to deny their request.
    The Field of Fonim system is new to TotA. There are six Fonims (
    basically elements) in TotA: wind, fire, earth, water, light, and
    dark. Enemies can be strong or weak versus certain Fonims and thus
    take more or less damage from elemental attacks. You can see
    what the enemy's elemental strengths/weaknesses are by using
    Spectacles. Also, whenever you perform an elemental attack it
    creates a Field of Fonim (FOF) temporarily in that area. FOFs start
    out colorless and have no effect; however, as you continue using
    skills of the same Fonim, you can create a colored FOF on the
    battlefield (wind is green, fire is red, earth is yellow, water is
    blue, light is gold, and dark is purple). If you perform certain
    special moves atop the appropriately colored FOF, an "FOF Change"
    will occur and your move will become a special Elemental Attack.
    For instance, if Luke tries to perform Sougazan inside a green
    FOF, it will FOF Change into the Shuusou Raizan elemental attack.
    There are many status effects that can be inflicted on your party
    members or enemies during battle. Poison (your character turns
    green) causes the character to slowly lose health. Paralysis
    (little lightning bolts) freezes your character and prevents most
    actions. Petrify (character turns gray) causes your character to
    be able to do absolutely nothing and counts as dead for purposes
    of game over. Weakness (a green cross appears) causes the character's 
    max HP to be halved. Sickness (a red cross appears) causes it such
    that your character does not regain health even with healing magic
    or items. Seal (a red X) means your character is unable to use
    skills. Weighted (a blue figure) means that your character can 
    only move at half speed. Auto-Revive (a feather) means that your
    character will revive automatically if killed. Finally, a sword,
    shield, staff, and parchment indicates that your characters physical
    attack, physical defense, magic defense, or casting speed are
    temporarily increased.
    After you have defeated all of the enemies, you'll see the battle
    summary screen. Here you'll see a rundown of the experience and
    gald gained, how long the battle took, and so on. You will receive
    bonus experience depending on how long your combos were. You will
    also receive Grade; this Grade can be used when starting a New Game+
    to purchase various special options. On this screen you can do two
    more things. If you have set up shortcuts in cooking, you can press
    the directional pad to select a recipe and then press S to cook that
    recipe straight from this screen. If you press triangle, you will be
    taken to a more complete summary screen which shows you exactly
    how much experience each character gained, what skills they've
    learned (if any), and so on.
    (this story is taken from the manual)
    The planet Ordrant is composed of a material known as Fonim. When
    mankind discovered a new kind of Fonim, it brought great chaos upon
    them. The reason was that using the Seventh Fonim, it became possible
    to know the future.
    The war that began around the Seventh Fonim scorched the earth and
    eventually let loose a poison called the "Shouki" that consumed
    the world. At this point, the Fonimar skilled at seeing the future,
    Yulia, appeared. Yulia prophesied a method to seal the Shouki as well
    as several thousand years of the future. With her guidance, mankind
    was able to seal the Shouki deep into the earth.
    More than 2000 years later...
    The world is now under the yoke of the Score (prophecy). Mankind believes
    in the "Unprecedented Prosperity" promised by Yulia's Score,
    and in order to not stray from the path to that prosperity they seek
    to follow the Score as presided over by Yulia's Lorelei Church.
    Following the Score's guidance became a virtue.
    There is a young man that Yulia's Score said was important for the
    "Unprecedented Prosperity". His name is Luke fone Fabre. As a young
    man who is in line for the throne of the Kimlasca Lanvaldear Kingdom,
    he was kidnapped by the opposing Markt Empire while young, and has
    since then been kept locked up in his own house for his safety.
    He still doesn't realize that a great danger is approaching him...
    The game begins with a nice anime movie. A mysterious figure, possibly
    Yulia, is flying through space as she recites a prophecy; In ND 2000, the 
    one who inherits the power of Lorelei will be one born in Kimlasca, he 
    will be one close to the nobility, with red hair. He will be named the 
    Sacred Flame's Light. He will bring prosperity to Kimlasca Lanvaldear.
    In ND 2002, one who grasps glory will destroy his own birthplace. He will
    be named Hodo. Afterwords, the hostility between Kimlasca and 
    Markt will continue for another turning of the seasons.
    We see a young woman standing in front of a glowing circle of light. She
    says that it will soon begin; she steps into the circle of light and
    Treasures: 100 Gald, Apple Gummy, Lemon Gummy
    A caption tells you that you are in the city of 'Bachicul' (the official
    guide spells it as 'Vaticle', however...) in the Kimlasca
    Lanvaldear Kingdom, with the date being Rem of Rem Decan, the 23rd day.
    We get a shot of our hero Luke, staring out of his window, bored. After
    awhile you'll be free to control Luke as he wanders around his house.
    As Luke leaves, he suddenly clutches his head and starts hearing
    something. He wonders if he was just imagining it. Head outside and
    go over to the right wing of the house. The maid will tell you that
    there is a guest waiting in the hall. Head down and you'll see your
    first save point in the next room. Talk to the servant there and he'll
    tell you that Van Grantz of the Lorelei Church has come to visit. He's
    also apparently Luke's teacher. Luke seems surprised, as it isn't
    a normally scheduled visit. The servant tells him that Van will call
    for him later, so he should just wait in his room. On your way out,
    the servant will add a warning to Luke not to talk to the gardener
    Pear, because he's so much lower in rank than he is... Incidentally
    the guard in this room will remind Luke that he's been forbidden from
    leaving the house. Upon leaving the room you'll be prompted to press
    Select to view your first skit, where Luke expresses just how bored he
    is with his daily life.
    Head back to Luke's room. When he reenters, he hears a strange voice
    telling him to carry on his soul and respond to his voice. It seems
    that this has been happening quite often. Guy shows up, asking if that's
    the case. Luke says he feels better again. Guy mentions that it's
    been almost 7 years since the Markt Empire tried to kidnap him, and that
    seems to be when the headaches/voices started as well. But he tells
    him not to worry, and asks Luke what he wants to do today. Luke tells
    him that Master Van is visiting, unexpectedly. Just then a knock comes
    on the door; it's one of the servants. Guy hurries out the window; seems
    like he's not supposed to be visiting Luke like this. The maid tells
    Luke that his father is calling for him in the audience room. You'll
    be able to go over to the left side of the mansion now. If you head
    up you'll be in Luke's parents' room. Open the cabinet here to find
    100 Gald. If you go back to the right hallway and up, you can find Guy's
    room off to the left. He has an Apple Gummy in his cabinet. There is 
    also a Lemon Gummy in the room next to his. Now head down to the audience 
    Luke's parents are here, along with Van. Luke excitedly asks him if he's
    here for training today. Van tells him that he'll do so later, but first
    there is something they need to discuss. Luke's father tells him that
    tomorrow Van will be sent back to Daht. Van explains that as the
    Head Commander of the Oracle Knights, his main job is to protect
    the Doushi, Ion. Luke's mother explains that the Doushi is the highest
    ranking official in the Lorelei Church. It turns out that because of
    the Doushi's efforts, Markt and Kimlasca Lanvaldear are currently
    at peace. Van adds that if the previous Doushi, Evenos, could be called
    the ender of the Hodo War, the current Doushi is the symbol of the
    peace of the present day. Luke's father then adds that it seems that
    Ion has gone missing. Therefore Van has to return to look for him.
    Luke asks angrily who's going to help him train if Van leaves. Van
    tells him he'll send a subordinate while he's away. But Luke tells
    him that he wants Van there. Quite selfish, isn't he...
    Luke's mother mentions that Luke has lost his childhood memory as a
    result of the old kidnapping incident, and that they should be nicer
    to Luke. But Luke's father tells her that she's too easy on him. Van
    however adds that locking up Luke in the house all day every day is
    not good for him. Luke grumbles about the arrangement; Luke's mother
    tells him that her brother (the king, apparently) would feel that
    he's safer this way, and that he'll be free to go in three years... Van
    tells him to cheer up, and that they'll train extra hard today to make
    You can go right and into the hall with the save point to save if you
    wish. Now enter the central garden. Guy and Van are talking; Van talks
    about leaving everything in Guy's hands, but as Luke approaches they
    change the subject. Suddenly Luke's hearing goes funny again. Off in the
    hall, the guards have all suddenly fallen asleep, and somebody enters
    the mansion...
    Van asks for Luke's attention; it's time to train. He'll teach you
    the basics of the battle system. You can review those above. After
    training Luke and Van hear the singing from before. Van clutches his
    head; he seems to recognize the voice. Luke too is frozen and can't
    move. The gardener Pear recognizes it as a Fuka (Tone Song), a song 
    with magical powers. He says that a Seventh Fonimar (a user of the 
    Seventh Fonim)must be in the mansion. Guy too can't do anything, he 
    seems to be falling asleep as well. The woman from before suddenly 
    shows up; she calls Van 'Vandesdelca' and a traitor and tells him to 
    prepare himself, then attacks. Van recognizes her as Tear. Luke asks her 
    what the hell she is, and suddenly starts glowing. Van tells him to stop. 
    Tear blocks his attack, and again Luke hears the voice from before; 
    this time it says that Lorelei's will will be done. Tear asks if it's 
    the Seventh Fonim. A large explosion envelops the two, and they suddenly
    disappear. Van says that the Seventh Fonim must have reacted between
    the two...
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, Orange Gummy, 300 Gald, Life Bottle, Mantle,
    400 Gald
    Luke awakes, being prompted by Tear. The two seem to have been blown
    off to a faraway place. Luke remembers that Tear attacked Van, and
    gets angry, but he seems to have been injured in the trip. Luke asks
    what happened, and who she is. Tear introduces herself, and says that
    there must have been a 'Choushindou' between the two. She explains
    that it's a resonance phenomenon, and that Luke must be a Seventh
    Fonimar as well. She says that it's no wonder the royal family had
    him hidden away. But Luke says he doesn't understand a word she's
    saying. Tear says that she'll explain later, and that it would be
    a waste of time to stand around chatting. She says that she'll
    escort Luke back to Vaticle. Luke wonders how they'll even get there;
    Tear says that they can follow the shoreline of the ocean to get
    where they need to go. If they can find a main road, they can surely
    find transportation back. She'll join your party here; off you go!
    As you head out you'll hear a rustling... it's a monster. Time for
    Luke's first real fight! Poor Luke...
    Dispatch the boar; it should be quite easy. Tear explains that if
    you come into contact with the monsters running around, you'll have
    to fight them. There's a save point close by, so make use of it and
    press onwards. Head down and then left at the forks to find treasure
    chests with an Apple and an Orange Gummy. Now follow the riverbank
    down to the next screen.
    Head down the ridge to see an event. Seems like there's a lot of
    monsters around. You'll be attacked by two monsters at once. Tear
    will teach you how to change targets. You can target by holding
    down R1 and using the directional stick, or you can autotarget the
    closest enemy by just tapping R1. After the battle, head right.
    You'll find two treasure chests with 300 Gald and a Life Bottle.
    Now go to the left.
    As the path curves right again, head up a hard-to-see path to
    find a treasure chest with a Mantle in it. Continue on and Tear
    will mention that the exit is close. Somebody approaches and asks
    fearfully if you're the Shikkoku no Tsubasa. As should be familiar
    to Tales veterans, they're a group of 3 good-for-nothings... The
    man introduces himself. He's the driver of a stagecoach who's looking
    for water in the area. Tear asks if his stagecoach will go to the
    capital. The driver says that it'll be 12,000 Gald per person
    to go to the capital... Tear says it's quite expensive, but to
    Luke that sum seems like nothing at all. He says his father will
    pay when they reach their destination, but the driver says that
    he needs payment up front. Tear offers him some sort of jewel
    instead, and he finally agrees. Use the save point and grab the
    400 Gald behind it, then talk to the man to leave (first option).
    After awhile, some explosions disrupt the coach's journey. They
    see another coach being chased by a large battleship of some kind.
    The coach driver says that the army is chasing a band of thieves.
    A voice over a loudspeaker tells the coach to draw outside or else
    they'll get drawn in.
    On the battleship, a soldier tells his commander that the enemy
    has crossed the Rotelrow Bridge and has set up explosives on it.
    Another soldier confirms the starting of a FonSlot. The enemy
    activates some sort of magic based on the Fifth Fonim and explodes
    the bridge. The commander tells the Tartaros (the ship) to stop
    and to put up Tone Magic Shields.
    Luke is amazed at the display. The driver exclaims that that is
    the newest Land Battleship of the Markt Empire, the Tartaros.
    Luke wonders what the Markt Empire is doing here. The driver says
    it's obvious; there have been plenty of rumors that Kimlasca has been
    plotting to start the war again, so the patrols around the area are
    tight. Tear asks if they're not in Kimlasca, and the driver says
    of course not; they're in the Rugnika Plains in the western part of
    the Markt Empire. The coach isn't headed to Vaticle after all; it's
    headed to the capital of the Markt Empire, Grand Cokuma. The driver asks
    them if they're from Kimlasca; Tear quickly says that no, they just
    had some business in Vaticle. The driver says that if that was the
    case, instead of crossing the bridge they should have gone south
    along the road there. But the bridge has been destroyed now... the
    driver adds that he's headed east to Angave, and then going to
    Grand Cokuma, and asks the pair what they want to do. Tear suggests that
    the two think of an alternate way to get back once they've reached
    Angave. Here you'll get a choice; you can choose to have the driver
    take you to Angave (first choice) or walk there yourself. I chose
    the second option myself; the driver tells you Angave is to the East,
    and you'll be dumped to the World Map.
    Head eastwards and you'll come across a bridge. Right before it, you'll
    get an event. Luke will say how hungry he is; Tear says she'll cook
    something. She makes some Onigiri, which Luke finds overly simple...
    here you'll get an option to learn more about cooking. Or pick the
    second choice to proceed on.
    Cross the bridge. Once you come to the fork, the sign tells you to
    head north in order to reach Angave. Follow the road north and
    you'll soon reach the town.
    ANGAVE エンゲーブ
    Treasures: Life Bottle
    Upon entering, Tear asks one of the villagers how they can get to
    Kimlasca from here. The villager tells them that with the bridge
    down, they'll have to go through the Kaitoor Checkpoint. Without a
    pass, they won't be able to get through. Luke says it won't be a
    problem; he can just say that he's the son of Duke Fabre. Time to
    look around the village.
    There's a commotion in front of the inn to your immediate left for
    now, so you can't do anything here yet. Head up towards the market
    area. Luke grabs an apple and starts eating it without even paying.
    Back at the mansion everything was on credit... he sure is ignorant
    about the real world. Tear reluctantly agrees to teach him how to
    shop, wondering to herself if all the nobles are like this...
    You can buy ingredients from the people around here. If you go into
    the house behind the man ringing the bell (from behind), you'll
    find a treasure chest with a Life Bottle. Head left to cross a bridge
    into another part of town.
    In the house over to the far left, talk to the cooking mother. She's
    making pasta, but she needs some miso. Agree to get it for her (first
    option). The mother will tell you to visit the house with the
    waterwheel for it. Go over there and talk to the old lady by the
    door to get the miso. Luke's pretty rude, so Tear has to do the
    Return to the cooking mother and she'll teach you how to make Pasta
    in return. She'll also give you some ingredients. Return to the
    first screen in front of the Inn again. A man named Kelly will come
    out and say that the food in storage has all been stolen. The
    villagers are distressed, but Luke exclaims that they're all being
    silly; they can just buy more food if the food's been stolen. He
    really is an idiot, isn't he? Meanwhile the shopkeep that Luke
    took the apple from shows up and yells at him. The other villagers
    misunderstand and accuse the pair of stealing all of the food in
    storage as well. Tear wonders to herself whether it would be better
    for Luke in the end to get captured like this...
    Luke gets escorted over to a woman named Rose, who seems to be
    the village leader of sorts. She tells them that she has a guest
    from the army. It turns out to be the commander of the Tartaros.
    The villagers accuse Luke of being the food thief. Rose tells them
    all to calm down. The commander introduces himself as Colonel
    Jade Curtiss of the Markt Empire's Third Unit. Luke is about to
    introduce himself as well, but Tear stops him. She reminds him
    that they're in enemy territory, and boldly announcing that he's
    the son of Duke Fabre wouldn't be a good idea... especially
    because it seems that Luke's father was involved in the war, and
    there were a lot of people in Markt who were killed because of him.
    She then tells Jade that they were on their way to Cassadonia, but
    ended up in Angave by mistake. Jade realizes that they were the ones
    riding the carriage that the Tartaros passed earlier. He tells Rose
    and the others that they chased the Shikkoku no Tsubasa to Kimlasca
    earlier, and that he believes Tear and Luke when they say they
    aren't them.
    Another voice adds that they don't seem to be food thieves either.
    Jade addresses the voice as Ion-sama. Ion says that he had gone
    to investigate the food storage room, and found something in the
    corner. Rose exclaims that it's a hair from a Cheagle, a race of creatures
    considered holy by the Lorelei Church. With that, the thievery incident
    seems to have been resolved.
    Outside, Tear wonders why Ion is there in Angave. Luke exclaims that he
    heard that Ion had gone missing, and that is why Van had been recalled.
    Tear says she hadn't heard that, and it didn't seem as if he had been
    kidnapped. Luke says he'll go and ask, but Tear says not to interrupt;
    they'll ask tomorrow.
    Go back to the Inn. Inside you'll run into a cheerful (or maybe hyper
    is a better word) little girl. She's asking if anybody's seen a quiet
    boy a little taller than her. Seems she's looking for Ion. Tear tells
    her that Ion was over at Rose's house. Luke asks her what Ion's doing
    here. The little girl expresses shock that a rumor that Ion had gone
    missing is going around, and exclaims that she needs to let him know.
    She runs off without explaining anything. Tear says that the girl
    seemed like a Fonmaster Guardian, meaning that whatever Ion is doing
    it seems to be with the Lorelei Church's full backing. She explains
    that the Fonmaster Guardians are a unit of the Oracle Knights that
    are Ion's personal guards.
    You can buy equipment and items from the man with the spear in the inn,
    though things are probably a little pricey for you right now... Talk
    to Kelly and he'll let you stay at the Inn for free for the night,
    in exchange for earlier.
    Luke's still mad at being called a thief, while Tear tries to plan out
    their journey. Luke asks her about Cheagles. Tear says that they
    are creatures that live in the forests of the Eastern Lugnika
    Plain. She says that they've become symbols of the Lorelei Church,
    sort of like its founder, Yulia. Luke suddenly says that he's going
    to the forest, which is just north, in the morning. Seems like he
    wants to find proof that the Cheagles were the culprits, not him.
    Tear sighs, but doesn't protest.
    In the morning the pair prepares to head out to find the Cheagles.
    Go and talk to the apple-seller. He'll ask a favor (choose the first
    option to listen to him). He'll say that the Cheagle's also stole a
    little box of his, and asks them to see if they can find it. With
    that out of the way, leave town and head north to your next
    destination. You'll see a big tree marking the entrance.
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, Secret Box, Orange Gummy x2, 500 Gald, 
    Spectacles, Life Bottle, Cutlass
    Upon entering, Luke and Tear find Ion being attacked by monsters. He
    seems to be in trouble, but he raises his hand, causing a bright light,
    and when it disappears the monsters are all gone. Ion collapses. Luke
    asks him if he's okay; Ion says that he is, he just went a little
    overboard using Daht-type Tone Magic. Luke reminds him that they've
    already met; Ion mentions that Luke's name in the ancient Espania
    language means 'Holy Flame of Light'. Tear also fully introduces
    herself as a member of the Oracle Knights, in Mose's Information
    Division, First Unit, Tear Grants. Ion recognizes that she must be
    Van's sister. Luke then asks what all the talk about killing Van earlier
    was about. Tear gets a title here. She refuses to explain at this
    point, however.
    The trio spots a Cheagle walking by. Luke forgets all about what
    they were talking about and begins running after it. Ion asks Tear
    if he can't help, but Tear says that involves her hometown, and that
    she doesn't want to involve Luke or Ion.
    Go up at the fork; you'll find a treasure chest that contains the
    small box the apple seller was looking for earlier. Return to the fork;
    head right and then down, following the path around to find an Apple
    Gummy. Then go straight up (you can't go right just yet).
    On the next screen Luke gets angry, saying the Cheagle got away cause
    the others were too slow. Ion says that it's okay; they'll soon find
    where the Cheagles are living if they continue on the path. Luke
    asks him how he knows, and Ion admits that he looked into the matter
    a bit. Cheagles are quite intelligent and gentle creatures, and
    the fact that they would steal human food is strange. Thus he wants
    to investigate. Since he's going to the same place, Luke tells him
    to tag along. Tear protests, but Luke says they can't just leave him
    alone; he'll just come back to the forest by himself. Luke also tells
    him not to use the magic from earlier, since it tires him out; they'll
    handle the fighting. Ion is very grateful for the help, which somehow
    embarrasses Luke. Continue on the path to the next screen.
    The party sees another Cheagle. It says something unintelligible to 
    the party. Tear finds it enormously cute, but it runs off. Poor Tear.
    Continue on to stand in front of the tree. You'll see some fallen 
    apples on the groud; investigate them with O. Ion mentions that they're
    marked as coming from Angave. Tear says that she feels a monster's
    presence coming from within the tree. Ion says that is how the Cheagles
    live, and walks in ignoring Tear's warning.
    Inside the party finds a whole mass of Cheagles blocking the path. Ion
    asks them to step aside; Luke wonders if they even understand human
    speech. Ion says that legend has it that the founder of the Church,
    Yulia Jue, was able to make a contract with the Cheagles, so it
    should theoretically be possible.
    An older Cheagle tells the Cheagles something, and they part. Then
    it asks them in human speech if they are related to Yulia Jue. He
    explains that the ring he holds gives him the power to speak human
    speech. Ion introduces himself. He asks them why the Cheagles have
    been stealing the food from Angave. The elder tells him that it's
    necessary for their preservation. He says that in the north, one
    of them started a fire. Because of that, the "Ligers" that lived there
    have moved to the forest. If the Cheagles do not provide food, 
    they will be eaten by the Ligers.
    Luke doesn't care, all he wants is to prove to the villagers that it
    was the Cheagles who stole the food; Tear says that if they take
    the Cheagles to Angave like he wants to, the Liger may just end up
    attacking Angave. Luke again says he doesn't care what happens to
    the village. Not a very likable guy Luke is, huh.
    Ion says that they must negotiate with the Ligers. Luke asks if they
    can talk with the Ligers too; Ion says that they probably can't, but if
    they take one of the Cheagles with them to translate. The elder says
    he will offer the ring for translation purposes. One of the Cheagles
    steps forth; the elder says that the child was the one who started the
    fire in the north.
    The small Cheagle introduces himself as Mieu. Luke immediately says
    that something about him annoys him, prompting Mieu to apologize
    profusely. At this point you'll receive the Sorcery Ring. If you
    talk to the elder, you can rest for free. There's also a save point
    off to the left.
    Leave the tree. Mieu demonstrates the ability to shoot fire. Normally
    a Cheagle his age shouldn't be able to, but with the Sorcery Ring
    he's able to. Ion mentions that the ring must be a kind of Capacity
    Core, a device that heightens the power of Tone Magic. Luke finds
    it interesting, and tells Mieu (calling him 'pig monkey', which Tear
    finds totally rude, of course) to shoot fire whenever he tells him to.
    Using the fire you can destroy obstacles and freeze enemies and so
    Go around the tree and back, following the path to the next screen.
    Here take the fork to the right to find an Orange Gummy and to the
    left for 500 Gald. Return all the way back to the screen before
    the tree.
    To the right Mieu says that the Ligers live across the river. Luke
    complains that there's no bridge; Ion says they'll just have to walk,
    but Luke of course selfishly says that he doesn't want to get
    himself wet. Tear says they'll just leave him there, and that people
    who care about their shoes and pants getting dirty are just dead
    weight on the team. Luke grumbles, but then comes up with an idea.
    He tells Mieu to shoot the tree across the river. Do so and the
    tree will fall over, making a bridge. But before crossing the
    bridge, head down again another screen and this time go right.
    There'll be some brush blocking your way that you can clear out with
    the Mieu Fire. On the other side is a chest holding a special item,
    the S Flag. This lets you make somebody other than Luke your
    onscreen character while running around the map. Woohoo!
    Back to the log bridge. Cross it and proceed right to the next
    screen. Luke asks Ion how he learned the powerful magic he used
    earlier, and if he'd be able to learn something like that. Ion
    begins to explain, but Luke tells him not to worry about the
    details; he just wants to know if there's any way he can get stronger
    fast. Tear's getting tired of Luke's antics already, but Ion says
    there is a way to do it; he asks Luke what kind of Capacity Core
    he's using. Luke of course doesn't know about it. Ion gives Luke
    a Capacity Core. He explains that it works like an accessory,
    and that it raises ones abilities. Luke asks excitedly if he'll be
    able to do the strong magic Ion did earlier, but Ion explains that
    only the Doushi of the Lorelei Church are able to use Daht-type
    Tone Magic. Luke's disappointed, but Tear says that there are
    special abilities that can be learned by the use of a Capacity Core.
    At this point, you can start using the C. Core option in the main
    Head on and go up. Once again burn the tree down to make a bridge.
    Go left at the fork for a Spectacles. Going up, you'll see the entrance
    to the Liger lair. One of them wil attack you as soon as you enter.
    At the end of the path, burn the vines holding the treasure chest
    so it drops down. Follow the slope down; on the left you'll find an
    Orange Gummy. Over to the right, Tear spots a greenish save-point.
    She explains that it's a save point that also functions as a healing
    point. Awesome! Pick up the treasure chest you made drop earlier
    (a Life Bottle). Head into the back. Mieu tries to communicate with
    the Liger Queen, but she tells them not to draw close. Her eggs are
    about to hatch, but Ion says that if the eggs hatch, the young will
    attack the town, since Liger young hunt humans. The party tries to ask
    the Liger Queen to move away from town, but she doesn't want to. You 
    guessed it; it's time for your first boss fight.
    BOSS: Liger Queen
    HP: 3400
    Strong Against Earth, Wind
    Drops: Life Bottle, Sage
    After you inflict some damage, Luke complains that they aren't doing
    any damage at all. A voice suddenly tells them that he'll help out -
    it's Jade! He'll join your party. He's ridiculously powerful right now,
    so you should have no problem with finishing the Liger Queen off.
    After the battle, Jade calls Anise over and tells her something. Ion
    apologizes to Jade. Jade reveals that the doctors had forbidden Ion
    from using his Daht-type Tone Magic. He then says that they don't
    have the time to talk too much; apparently a letter he and Ion have
    been waiting for has arrived. Before leaving though, you need to go
    back to the Cheagle elder and report. Luke's awfully mean to Mieu 
    here... Jade will join your party for now. Again, he's ridiculously
    powerful (for now at least), so enjoy having him in your party. Grab
    the treasure chests in the back (Life Bottle and Cutlass). When you
    go back to the previous screen, you'll find a Technical Ring just
    lying around on the ground. How convenient. With this in your
    possession, you can now set your battle mode to Manual if you so
    Return to the Elder. He thanks you for helping them out. However, he
    says that the whole thing was Mieu's fault for starting the fire in
    the first place, and says that as punishment Mieu should be banished.
    But not permanently - the Elder wants Mieu to help Luke on his journey
    for a year. Luke doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea. Leave the
    forest. At the entrance, you'll run into Anise again. She's brought
    some troops with her... Jade suddenly tells the troops to arrest Tear
    and Luke as the source of the Seventh Fonim. Looks like you'll be going
    on a detour.
    On the ship Jade interrogates the pair. They had detected the
    resonance phenomenon between Luke and Tear and tracked it to the Tataroo
    Valley. He tells the pair that their actions could be considered an
    invasion of the Markt Empire. He knows that Tear is from the Oracle
    Knights, and asks Luke his full name. Luke tells him and adds that
    he's the one they failed to kidnap years ago. Jade demands an
    explanation for their actions.
    Tear explains that it was simply an accident. Ion agrees with them.
    Ion then adds that maybe they should even ask them for help. Jade
    explains that they are headed to Kimlasca on orders from the Emperor.
    They've been sent as peace envoys; seems that hostilities had already
    began between Markt and Kimlasca, a fact that only Luke is ignorant
    of. Jade releases the two and tells them they're free to roam around;
    he also says that he may ask for their help later if he feels he
    can trust them. He can't explain anymore because what they are doing
    is top-secret.
    Jade and Ion leave. Anise says she wants to travel to Luke. She seems
    to have taken a fancy to him, or rather his status as a Duke's son.
    A soldier tells them to talk to him if they've decided to help Jade;
    Tear suggests looking around the ship first, which you should do.
    Talk to Anise and she'll join your party for now.
    Go up the stairs at the end of the corridor. Come on out to the main
    deck and talk with Ion and Jade. Neither one is very forthcoming with
    details. Jade asks Luke about the kidnapping; it's not something he's
    heard of. There's not much to do in the rest of the ship; when you're
    done looking around, go back to the first room and talk to the soldier
    there. Tell him you're ready to talk to Jade (second option) to 
    Jade says that some small skirmishes have already begun between the
    two countries, so it is of utmost importance that they go and stop the
    fighting soon. It hasn't even been fifteen years since the Hodo War,
    the last fighting between the two countries. Ion explains that there
    is some internal conflict within the Lorelei Church as well. There
    is a liberal Doushi faction, which follows Ion, and a more conservative
    Daieishi faction, which follows the Daieishi Mose. The latter faction
    appears to want the war. He had kept Ion confined to the Church, so
    Ion appealed to the Markt army to help him escape. That is why people
    believe he has gone missing. He must bring the peace offering to
    Kimlasca. Because of Mose's interference, Jade and Ion need Luke's help,
    through his connections to the royal family.
    Head out into the hallway again and talk to Jade. As they're talking,
    the alarm suddenly sounds. The bridge crew says that a swarm of 
    griffons has suddenly appeared. Griffons normally travel alone, so 
    this is definitely something suspicious. The griffons even drop some
    Ligers onto the ship to attack.
    Luke begins to run, but he is stopped by a large man. It is one of
    the Rokujinshou, the "Black Lion" Largo. Jade begins casting a spell,
    which Largo deflects. He throws a small cube, which he calls an
    Anti-Fonslot, at Jade. It weakens his powers considerably. He also
    calls Jade by an alternate title, "Necromancer" Jade. He attacks
    Jade, but Mieu causes a distraction by firing at the ceiling; in
    the confusion, Anise runs off to get Ion; Tear and Jade stab Largo,
    which disturbs Luke.
    Jade says it's time to head to the bridge. Thanks to the effect of the
    Anti-Fonslot, Jade is no longer the Level 45 monster he was, and is
    now more on par with your level. Booo.
    Treasures: Long Sword, Life Bottle, 1200 Gald, Stoile
    Climb the ladder near you, and then climb the nearest ladder again.
    Head over the arch towards the bridge. Tear uses her magic song to 
    put the guard to sleep, and she and Jade head inside. Luke gets a
    little cocky though, and ends up waking the guard...
    After a little bit of time the fight automatically ends. Luke trips,
    and on reflex, ends up stabbing the guard, killing him. Jade and
    Tear come back out, alerted by the noise. Because of the commotion,
    Tear's song has been nullified; other guards will be waking. Luke
    is rather traumatized over having killed someone; a voice tells him
    that if he's afraid to kill, he shouldn't even be wielding a sword
    in the first place. It's one of the Rokujinshou. He tells the
    guards to kill them all, but another of the Rokujinshou reminds
    him that their orders forbid it. The first one tells the guard to
    lock them up somewhere on the ship.
    Jade and Tear begin to plan their escape. According to information
    Jade overheard, the Rokujinshou took Ion somewhere, and soon they'll
    be coming back to the Tartaros. The party will use that opportunity
    to rescue him. Luke begins to protest, saying that they might have
    to kill more people. Tear tells him they have no choice; it's either
    kill or be killed. The two tell Luke that if he isn't prepared to
    fight, he should just hide in the back and not get in their way.
    Jade breaks out of the cell and talks into one of the communicators
    nearby, saying to initiate "Operation Corpsehunt". The Tartaros
    suddenly shuts down entirely. Jade says that they need to use this
    opportunity to reach the port hatch. When the Rokujinshou bring Ion
    back, they'll try to enter through this hatch; they'll take the
    chance to ambush them. Time to explore the ship proper. Head into
    the room right below you to find a treasure chest that has all
    your weapons and equipment. Go into the room below that one and
    you'll be introduced to block puzzles. Just use the O button to
    push and pull the boxes out of the way.
    In the back Jade finds some gunpowder. Using Mieu's fire, they blow
    a hole in the wall. Before you go out, grab the treasure chest; it's
    a Long Sword. Also go into the room across the hallway for another
    block puzzle. In here you'll find a Life Bottle, 1200 Gald, and
    the "Stoile" Capacity Core. Now go out the hole you blew in the wall.
    Head towards the right and you'll see the blond Rokujinshou from
    before returning with Ion. The party ambushes them; Jade then tells
    Tear to use her Tone Song again. The blond woman recognizes Tear;
    Tear too recognizes her as Regret, calling her her teacher. In
    the interruption a Liger attacks and Regret and the guards take
    the advantage again. But somebody jumps from the top of the ship
    and attacks. It's Guy. Jade locks them inside the Tartaros. He asks
    Ion about Anise; Ion says that Anise fell from the ship trying to
    keep the letter to the King safe. Jade thinks that Anise should be
    all right, though. He suggests going to St. Bynah, which is the
    designated meeting place with Anise. St. Bynah is to the southeast,
    so off you go. Guy joins your party here.
    Follow the road a little and you'll get an event. Ion is tired out
    from using the Daht-type Tone Magic on the ship; the party decides
    to rest for a little bit. Guy introduces himself to the party proper;
    he shakes hands with Ion and Jade, but when Tear tries to do the
    same... It seems that Guy is scared of women, for some reason.
    Guy says that both he and Van were sent to look for Luke, but as the
    party is conversing a group of Oracle Knights attacks. Luke again
    can't fight, because he doesn't want to kill any humans. That doesn't
    stop you from using him in battle, however. Dispatch the knights.
    Jade tells Luke to finish the guard off. Luke can't do it, however,
    and the knight counterattacks. He's about to cut Luke down; Tear
    rushes in and covers him, while Guy takes out the knight. Luke gets
    a title here.
    The party camps out for the night. Tear seems to be all right; talk
    to everybody, then talk to Mieu again to rest (first option). The party
    tells Luke he should guard Ion in the back while they fight. But Luke
    suddenly tells them that he will fight too. Even if it means killing
    somebody, he needs to be able to protect himself.
    Before heading to St. Bynah, try going back to Angave (to your north)
    so you can give the apple-seller the box he was looking for. You'll
    receive the Collector's Book in exchange. Again, St. Bynah is to the
    ST. BYNAH セントビナー
    The party finds that the Oracle Knights are already in town. Luckily
    some carriages from Angave have arrived; the party decides to use the
    carriages to sneak in. Even more luckily, the second carriage is driven
    by your old friend Rose from Angave, who gladly decides to help you
    sneak in.
    Explore the town. There's new stuff to buy. In one of the houses in
    the eastern part of town, you'll see a book lying on the ground. It
    has the recipe for Sandwiches. There is a medicine shop at the end
    of the town as well. When you're satisfied, head into the big building
    on the western end of the town, which happens to be the Markt Army's
    base. Jade asks to see the leader here, General Glen McGovern.
    Jade informs Glen and his father that the Oracle Knights are after
    them; once they leave, the Knights will probably leave town as well.
    In the meantime, Anise has left a letter for them. Since the Oracle
    Knights have come to St. Bynah, she's gone to their second designated
    meeting place. She also sends a love letter of sorts to Luke... Jade
    tells them that the second meeting place is Kaitoor. It's to the
    southwest, so they can get there by crossing the Fubras River. Guy
    mentions that Kaitoor is also where Van went to look for Luke.
    You'll also receive the World Map here. Press R3 on the field to
    bring it up.
    Head towards the entrance for an event. The Rokujinshou have
    arrived; seems that Largo is still alive. Regret asks the guard if they've 
    found Ion yet. Arietta mentions that the people with Ion killed her 
    mother... The guard mentions that the Fonmaster Guardian (Anise) had 
    already come and gone. You'll also be introduced to the wackiest of the 
    Rokujinshou here, Dist and his floating chair... Sink decides to pull
    the troops from St. Bynah. He says it's obvious that the party will
    try to pass through Kaitoor to cross the border, so they decide to
    assemble there instead.
    Tear mentions that the Rokujinshou are Van's direct subordinates, but
    they are also of the Daieishi faction of the Church. The party wonders
    whether it's Van giving them orders or Mose. Head into the Inn right
    next to entrance and rest for the night. The party asks Ion where the
    Rokujinshou took him. Ion says they took him to a Sefirot, which is 
    strong assembly of Fonslots on the ground. But Ion can't tell them
    what he was doing there, since it is a Church secret.
    The next day, it's time to head off to Kaitoor. At the door, a traveler
    will mention in passing that the bridge to Akzeruth has broken. Because
    of that, the party won't be able to cross the bridge and will have to
    cross the river itself instead. Now before you leave, go back to the
    eastern part of town. Use Mieu Fire on the little posterboard near the
    person standing in front of the window. You'll get an event where
    somebody comes out and gets angry at you for trying to burn the picture
    of "Noir-sama"; eventually events will lead to your agreeing to deliver
    200 Gald to Cassadonia for the man as part of a fan club fee.
    Head in a southwesterly direction. A big mass of rocks marks the
    entrance to the Fubras River.
    FUBRAS RIVER フーブラス川
    Treasures: Apple Gummy x2, Spectacles, 500 Gald, Iron Mail, 800 Gald,
    Bracelet, Orange Gummy, Life Bottle, 1600 Gald
    To the immediate left, you'll find a chest covered in vines. Use the
    Mieu Fire to burn the vines away and receive your treasure, an Apple
    Gummy. The other treasures here require the same sort of deal.
    Head down and Jade will offer to teach you about FOF Changes, if you
    haven't already performed one successfully. After the tutorial, go
    right for a Spectacles. Go down and left a little for 500 Gald, then
    proceed through the gap in the fence to a new screen. Over to the left
    you'll find another Apple Gummy. Go down and right and you'll see a
    save point. From here go up and past one screen to get an Iron Mail
    from the treausre chest. Return to the save point. Go down and right
    to find 800 Gald. Go back to the save point again and this time go
    left and down (past a big tortoise) and onto the next screen. Here
    you'll find a Bracelet. Finally, go to the main screen with the river
    and go right and down to proceed.
    After walking a little bit you'll run into a Liger again, which means
    Arietta is here. Ion tries to get her to leave, but Arietta says she
    can't ignore them, because they killed her mother. It turns out that
    Arietta's parents died when she was young, and she had been raised by
    the Ligers. The Liger Queen the party killed back in the Cheagle Forest
    was Arietta's foster mother.
    Arietta is about to attack, but a sudden earthquake stops her. Shouki
    begins to appear from cracks in the ground. Arietta collapses. Tear
    uses one of her Tone Songs; Ion recognizes it as one of Yulia's Tone
    Songs. Tear casts a force field and banishes the Shouki. Conveniently
    she'll learn the spell "Force Field" here. Jade prepares to finish
    off Arietta, saying that if they let her alone, she'll just come after
    them again. But Ion begs forgiveness for her, and Jade relents.
    Head over to the right and you'll find an Orange Gummy. Going down
    you'll find a Life Bottle. Continue left and up for 1600 Gald, and
    follow the path around. This will take you to the exit. Head southwards
    and you'll soon see Kaitoor. You can't miss it, since it's in the middle
    of a giant wall. Before you get there, you'll get another event. Jade
    will ask Tear about her Tone Songs. Apparently normal Tone Songs are
    much weaker than magic, but Tear's are different. Tear's Tone Songs
    are the ones used by Yulia, which were just as strong as other magic.
    Tear's family seems to be descended from Yulia's bloodline.
    KAITOOR カイツール
    The first building you come to is an Inn. Rest here and you'll get an
    event where Guy and Luke train in the middle of the night. Luke
    will learn Shunjinken. Head down further and you'll be reunited with
    Anise. Seems that she's got another personality hidden behind that
    cheerful little girl demeanor... She still has the letter just fine.
    The party is wondering how to cross the border without a pass, but
    Asch suddenly attacks. He goes after Luke, but Van shows up, telling
    him to leave. He says he doesn't remember giving Van any orders like
    this. Asch does so reluctantly. Van tells the party he'll be waiting
    at the Inn for them. Anise joins the party for real here.
    Go to the Inn and talk to Van. Tear asks him why he's getting in Ion's
    way. Van says that it was a misunderstanding; he didn't even know
    Ion was here, and he is not the one giving the Rokujinshou their
    current orders. It seems that Mose might be the culprit. Van then
    asks Tear why she is here. Tear says she's looking for something
    secret; Van guesses that she's looking for the Seventh Tone Tablet.
    Two thousand years ago, Yulia prophesied the future, which was
    written on seven large Tone Tablets. These were destroyed, and
    some of them remained in the air orbiting the planet, while other
    pieces fell to the ground. The pieces which fell to the ground became
    the object of the war between Kimlasca and Markt, because if one
    had the tablets one could tell the future. Also, it is said that
    Yulia herself hid the seventh of the Tablets for unknown reasons.
    Van says he will order the Rokujinshou not to interfere, but he
    doesn't know if it'll be effective. He also has a border pass to
    give to the party from Luke's father.
    Now you'll be able to go to the southern part of this border town.
    From here, you'll have to go to the Kaitoor Port so that you can
    take a ship back home. The building to the right has a weapon/
    armor shop (expensive as usual), so check it out. Otherwise there's
    nothing of interest here. Leave and head southwest to get to the
    KAITOOR PORT カイツール軍港
    When you enter, the port is in ruins. Seems like an attack is going
    on. The ship has been destroyed. Van is here, confronting Arietta.
    She apologizes to Van, but says that Asch told her to do it. They've
    kidnapped the specialists who can repair the ship, and says that if
    they want them back, Luke and Ion should go to Coral Castle. Coral
    Castle is a property of the Fabre family that hasn't been used for
    awhile. It also happens to be the place where Luke was found after
    he was kidnapped 7 years ago. Van tells them not to worry about it;
    he will take care of Arietta, and they should wait for another ship.
    You can look around town, but there's nothing much here. Go to the
    Inn and check the empty bed to rest. Then leave. On your way out,
    some crew members stop Ion. They beg him to help their boss, who
    was kidnapped by Arietta. Ion agrees. The rest of the party also
    seems interested in going to Coral Castle, except for Luke. But
    he finally agrees.
    Coral Castle is to the east, around some mountains. You'll find it
    overlooking the ocean on the coast.
    CORAL CASTLE コーラル城
    Treasures: Sage, Life Bottle x2, 1000 Gald, Chainmail, Shakujou, 1600
    Before entering the castle proper, head to the right and down a ramp
    to find a treasure chest with a Sage. Now go inside. Luke will be a
    little stupid (as usual) and get surprise attacked. When you do so,
    your party will be randomly chosen for the fight. From here on, if
    you get attacked from behind (you can tell cause the screen will
    go red), you will have to fight with a random party.
    After the battle, you'll see a ghost with a red gem pass by...
    interesting. If you go into the back, you'll find a door adorned
    with a purple gem. Also interesting. Head up the stairs to the right.
    Watch out for the statue trying to sneak attack you. Go outside
    to the patio and head on over to the other side. In the back you'll
    see the ghost with the red gem, but he'll run away from you. Hmm.
    However, if you push the two statues to block the path, you can
    catch the ghost once you reset the screen. Before you catch him
    though, head through the door to your left. Go down the stairs
    for a Life Bottle, then go down and exit the hallway. You'll see
    a ghost with a yellow gem here. Behind the boxes another Life
    Bottle is hidden. The ghost will probably chase you and after the
    battle you'll get a yellow gem. However as you've probably figured
    out, you'll want to make a purple gem, but you can only carry two
    at a time. Therefore you should get the yellow gem first so that
    you'll discard it when you get the red (and eventually blue) gems.
    Anyway head outside to find an Apple Gummy, then head back into
    the stairwell. Now you can go and get the ghost with the red gem.
    Proceed up the stairwell. You'll soon see the blue gem ghost. This
    one you'll want to freeze with the Mieu Fire. While you're at it,
    go up the stairwell and through the doors on each side to get more
    treasures (1000 Gald and a Chainmail). At the top you'll find a room
    with a Silk Robe. Watch out for the ghost with the green gem, though;
    if you end up fighting him you'll automatically take the green gem,
    and you'll have to recatch the red/blue gem.
    Go back to the main hall and to the purple door. It should open,
    letting you through. Go down the stairs and you'll see a large,
    strange device. Jade appears to know what it is, but isn't sure. Guy
    agrees with him, but Anise suddenly jumps on him from behind. After
    a moment of pure shock, Guy suddenly becomes unnaturally terrified.
    The party asks him what's wrong, but he doesn't know. He wasn't like this
    as a child, but there is one incident that he can't remember. Unlike
    Luke, he hasn't lost his memory, but he did black out over the incident
    in which his family was killed, and he doesn't remember what happened
    Go to the right and around the curve and you'll end up in another
    stairwell. You'll see a Liger running up the stairwell... you'll also
    find a full heal save point, which is very nice of them. Again, go
    into the doors on each side of the stairwell for treasures (a
    Shakujou and 1600 Gald). Near the top you'll find the Liger again.
    Luke and Anise chase after it but fall into a trap. Arietta blames
    Anise for taking Ion from her. Ion tries to explain that there was
    another reason Arietta stopped being a Fonmaster Guardian; meanwhile
    Dist takes Luke away.
    Luke ends up inside the strange device they saw earlier. Dist mentions
    that the Fonim Vibrations even match up, meaning that it's perfect.
    Sink tells him to hurry up, that they need to erase the data here.
    Dist takes off; Guy comes in and attacks Sink. He manages to steal a
    disk Sink was holding, then knocks off his mask. He seems surprised
    by what he sees, but Sink kicks him away and then takes off, saying
    Arietta will take care of them. She's on the roof with the hostages.
    You'll have to recover Luke and then climb the stairwell again. Of
    course, make sure you heal and save.
    Arietta's waiting for you on the roof. Boss time!
    BOSS: Arietta, Liger, Flesburg
    HP: 3000 HP
    HP: 3500 HP
    Weak Against Fire, Strong Against Water
    HP: 3700 HP
    Strong Against Wind
    Drops: Apple Gummy, Savory
    Each individual boss's HP is low, but there are three of them, so
    you're in danger of getting pincered and thus getting the crap
    beaten out of you. Set your tactics to all focus on the same
    enemy and go after the Liger first, since it does the most damage.
    Afterwards you can either take out Flesburg or Arietta.
    Once again Jade wants to finish of Arietta, but Ion stops him
    again. Van arrives; he's been looking for Ion. Van says he will take
    Arietta back. You have a choice here of taking a carriage or
    walking back by yourself. Either way, return to the Kaitoor Port.
    Van goes on ahead first. Go into the army base on the right and
    you'll see Van and Duke Almandine. Luke asks him to send a message
    to his father, saying that he is with Ion and Jade. Afterwards
    you'll automatically rest, and in the morning you can get on the
    ship to return to Vaticle (second option at the guard in front
    of the ship). If you choose not to return by carriage, when you
    pass through the lobby again you'll find a strange sword that
    talks to you. This should be familiar to those of you who played
    Symphonia - it's Sword Dancer. At your current level you'll have
    a pretty tough time of winning, but it's possible. You can come
    back later if you want.
    Treasures: Iron Bracelet
    Try to leave the your room; Luke will again hear the voice. This time
    the voice tells him to awaken to his voice. Outside, a soldier will
    tell Luke that Van is waiting for him on the deck. Talk to Guy in
    the room next door to you if you want. Go up the stairs at the end of
    the corridor, then go left to get to the bridge. There's an Iron
    Bracelet here. Talk to Jade here too if you want. Return and go out
    onto the deck. Shoot the breeze with your other characters here. Anise
    will ask you what you think about Tear; you can pick "annoying" or
    "maybe my type". When you approach Tear you'll start talking to her
    automatically. She tells him that he isn't a standard Seventh Fonimar.
    Luke asks what a Seventh Fonimar is in the first place. Tear explains
    that all things are made of six Fonims. When these Fonims come into
    contact with a planet's core, they fuse with the Cell Particles there
    and become a fuel source. By passing Cell Particles through a tone 
    belt in the atmosphere, a semipermanent fuel source was created. This
    is known as the Planet Storm. The Planet Storm is the result of a
    change in the six Fonims and the Cell Particles. This gave birth to
    a new Fonim, the Seventh Fonim. People who use the Seventh Fonim to
    cast Tone Magic are Seventh Fonimars. Luke isn't a Fonimar, but
    he somehow made a Choushindou with Tear. This means he must have
    some of the attributes of someone who can use the Seventh Fonim.
    Seventh Fonimars are rare; Jade can't use one, for instance. The
    people who recite the Scores (Scorers) and Healers are also Seventh
    Fonimars. Tear then apologizes for underestimating the impact of
    Luke being locked up all the time, and runs off.
    Go around the other side of the deck. Luke gets another headache
    and begins glowing, while his body moves on its own. The voice says
    that everything is prepared and that he should show him the
    same strength as the voice possesses. Van comes out and sees Luke
    and tries to stop what is happening. Luke finally calms down. Luke
    asks what happened to him.
    Van tells him that a Choushindou occurred. He then tells Luke that
    he is the only one in the world who can cause a Choushindou by
    himself. This is the real reason Luke has been locked up all his
    life; it wasn't for his safety, it was so that Kimlasca could have
    him under its control. Choushindous normally only occur when two
    Seventh Fonimars resonate against each other. But Luke is different.
    If he can control causing the Choushindou, he could even be used
    as a weapon of war. This is why Luke's father and the king kept
    him, and why Markt wanted him.
    Luke says he refuses to live like that. Van tells him to calm down.
    The first thing he needs to do is prevent the war. This way not
    only will Luke not be needed as a weapon, but he will be viewed
    as the hero who prevented the war. As a hero, he will have much
    more freedom of his own.
    Finally, the boat arrives in Cassadonia.
    CASSADONIA ケセドニア
    Treasures: Doll of the Young Boy Who Travels Time
    Time to look around town again. There's a small building near where
    you start. This boy there wants to sell stuff, but he doesn't have
    anything... however, he notices you might have trade items. Tell him
    that you do (first option) and he'll designate you to find trade items
    for him. These are the items that monsters drop or that you might pick
    up on the field map from place to place. The trade system is complex;
    you have to talk to him and give some of your items, as well as some
    Gald, and depending on the quality of the items you give and how much
    Gald you give, the craftsmen MAY be able to make something good for
    There's more standard shops around town. While walking around, you'll
    run into a foxy lady, Noir. She hits on Luke (to Anise's dismay) and
    then walks away. But Tear stops her, telling her to give back the 
    wallet she just stole. She then tells York to take care of things
    while she and Urcy run away. Tear takes care of York quite quickly,
    though. He gives back the wallet and runs off. But he tells the
    party that they'll regret messing with the Shikkoku no Tsubasa. On
    the left side of this area near the inn, you'll also find the place
    where you're supposed to deliver the money for the man in St. Bynah.
    However, you'll find out that the fee is not 200 Gald as the man
    claimed, but rather 1000 Gald! Choose to pay it and you'll receive
    the reward, a poster of Noir. This doesn't do anything, but it is a key
    item in your Collector's Book.
    In the south you'll find a marketplace with several weapon/armor
    sellers, including some with items far too expensive for you to buy.
    Hiding behind a building near the one merchant to the north is the strange
    Arijigokunin. This kicks off another timed subevent. He wants an Apple
    Gummy; give it to him (first choice) and he'll give you the recipe for
    Karaage in return.
    If you go left from here you'll find the Kimlasca authority's office.
    The steward there will tell you that the ship is currently being
    prepared. Guy says now would be a good time to decode the disk they
    found earlier. The steward mentions that if you ask the Merchant
    Guild's leader Aster, he might be able to help you. Aster lives
    in the giant mansion in the middle of town.
    Aster will greet you once you get to his house. He's a little creepy,
    but he does help you out. His servant provides Guy with several
    books worth of the disk's content. Once this event is over, go back
    in. In one of the rooms, you'll find the "Doll of the Young Boy
    Who Travels Time" accessory. This special item for Anise not only
    raises her critical rate, but it also gives Tokunaga blond hair and
    a red headband - in other words, it makes Tokunaga look vaguely like
    Cless from ToP.
    Head out into the marketplace again. A soldier comes up to tell
    you that the ship is ready, when Sink suddenly attacks. He steals
    the disk back from Guy, while leaving some sort of mark on him.
    The party manages to get to the ship and leave before Sink can catch
    up. Dist comes to taunt Sink, but Sink says that with the CurseSlot
    he left on Guy, he'll be able to take care of them at any time.
    He tells Dist to take care of the books on the Fomicry Plan.
    On the ship, Guy and Jade discuss the disk's contents. It appears to
    be research on "Isotopes". Recorded is Lorelei's Fonim signature
    (which incidentally is pi). Luke has no idea what's going on.
    Tear tells him that Lorelei is the name given to the Seventh Fonim's
    consciousness. Anise adds that when enough Fonim gathers, it gains
    a consciousness of its own, and those who can manipulate those can
    perform very high-grade spells. Guy adds that the First Fonim's
    consciousness is known as Shadow, for instance, while the Sixth Fonim's
    consciousness is Rem (two names that should be familiar to Tales
    veterans). Jade says that Lorelei's existence is currently theory
    and hasn't been proven.
    Tear says that the Fonim Signature is sort of like a fingerprint that
    is possessed by all things. No two Fonim Signatures are alike. An
    "Isotope" refers to two things with the same Fonim Signature. These
    things are artificial because two Fonim Signatures are never naturally
    the same. Jade says that if an Isotope existed it might cause
    Choushindous all over the place. Anise asks if the old art of Fomicry
    can create Isotopes. But Jade says that the copies made by Fomicry
    are only replicas; their Fonim Signatures end up different from the
    Suddenly a soldier runs in... they're under attack! Take care of
    the Oracle Knights that come in. Go up the stairs at the end of the
    hallway. If you didn't get the Iron Bracelet earlier you can pick it
    up now. Go out onto the deck and you'll see one of the sailors. He'll
    tell you that an odd robot stole a fragment of the Seventh Tone
    Tablet that the ship was carrying. The robot, Tarlow X, then runs
    off with it. You'll get a quick minigame here. Basically you need to
    chase Tarlow X down; however, if you run while the ship is rocking,
    you'll get knocked down and attacked by enemies. Thus when the ship
    begins shaking, you need to hold down X so that you walk instead of
    run. Once you catch Tarlow, he'll return the tablet and run off.
    The sailor will thank you by giving you the Nobile C. Core and
    the special item Winged Boots, which will help you run faster on maps.
    Very nice item to have.
    Head out onto the main deck and Dist will confront you. Jade taunts
    him, calling him Runny Nose Dist. Seems like he and Jade used to be
    friends. Dist demands the data from the disk. He grabs it from Jade,
    but Jade just says it's ok - he's already memorized everything in it.
    Time for a fight.
    BOSS: Kaiser Dist R
    HP: 19000
    Weak Against Water
    Drops: Orange Gummy
    Dist's big robot has a lot of HP and a lot of defense, but he's
    not that threatening. If Jade has Splash, use it often, and then use
    Water FOF Changes to follow up with big damage. Use Free Run often
    to get behind him so that he can't attack everybody at once, and
    you'll be fine.
    After the battle, you'll automatically arrive in Vaticle.
    VATICLE バチカル
    Upon arriving, you'll be greeted by the First Division's General
    Goldberg. He has received the message you sent earlier. Ion and the
    party introduce themselves. General Goldberg's companion introduces 
    herself as Major General Cecil. Guy seems to take to her oddly. As it
    ends up, you'll be escorting Jade and Ion to the castle.
    Vaticle is a huge city. Take the trolley from the dock to the city
    proper. Once you arrive, you'll see the Shikkoku no Tsubasa speaking
    with an Oracle Knight. How suspicious. The big building in this area
    is the Arena, but you can't do anything with it yet. You can however
    by some more new equipment if you wish. I would also suggest buying at
    least five Rices here for use in the Yuliacity Requests subevent later. 
    Take the elevator on the right side up and you'll see a platform with 
    some of Vaticle's defensive cannons. Not much to do here. Head right and 
    go up the elevator to the nobility's area. Head into the palace; they won't
    let you into Luke's house just yet. Go into the throne room; you'll
    be informed that the King is currently talking with the Daieishi,
    Mose. Ion wants to just wait, but Luke says they have to stop
    whatever lies Mose is saying, and bursts in.
    Mose is telling the king that Grand Cokuma is strengthening its defenses
    and is preparing for war. He is interrupted by the party's entrance.
    Jade delivers the letter to the king. Luke adds that Mose's info
    is made up; Markt isn't preparing for war at all. Mose makes a 
    hasty departure. The king tells Luke that he should visit his home,
    because his sister (Luke's mother) has fallen ill.
    Go to Luke's house, which is just left of the palace. Luke's father
    greets you all, having been informed by Cecil. He then asks Luke
    where Van is. Luke says he was going to come to Vaticle by ship
    separately. Cecil then says she'll go to the port. Luke's father
    tells her to take care of Van, then goes to the palace. On his way
    out he asks Tear if her wanting to kill Van isn't a ruse, and that
    she and Van must be conspiring. Odd...
    Go over to Luke's parents' room (on the left side of the house in the
    back) to talk to Luke's mother. While you're going, talk to the
    gardener as you pass through the central area. He tells you 
    several interesting things. Keep talking to him until he and Guy have
    a conversation. He tells Guy that if he's ever in the area 
    of the Zao Ruins to find an old man named Gee there, who can possibly 
    help with his swordsmanship.
    Luke reassures his mother, while Tear apologizes profusely for
    causing Luke to be transported so far away. Luke's mother asks her
    if she's Van's sister and tells her that she doesn't know the
    reasons, but that she should not fight with Van, because family
    bonds are strong.
    After this head down to the audience chamber. Princess Natalia is
    here. She reveals that Van is actually under suspicion of having
    orchestrated Luke's disappearance, and that as soon as he arrives
    he'll be arrested. She also lets it slip in front of Tear and Anise
    that she and Luke are supposed to get married...
    Go back to Luke's room and take a rest. The next day, a maid comes
    and tells Luke that Natalia requests his presence at the castle.
    Go on over there. Inside, Tear and Mose are talking. Apparently
    some reports say that the Seventh Tone Tablet is in Akzeruth. Once
    you get to the throne room, the king says that in the letter from the
    Markt Empire requesting peace, there was also a request. Currently
    in a mining town called Akzeruth, the Shouki of Gnome is threatening
    the inhabitants. The road to Akzeruth is blocked off by Shouki, so
    the Markt Empire has requested that Kimlasca assists the residents
    from their side. The reason they've called Luke is that it's been 
    decided to send Luke as the country's representative. Luke doesn't
    want to, but the king adds on something else. Van has been arrested,
    but the king has heard Luke's testimony via Natalia. He makes Luke
    a deal; if Luke goes to Akzeruth, Van will be set free. Luke
    finally agrees. The king adds that there is another reason they have
    to send Luke. Luke's father shows them a piece of Yulia Jue's Sixth
    Tone Tablet. The prophecy on it begins as the intro did, talking
    about Luke's birth, then goes on to say in ND2018, the young man
    who inherits Lorelei's power heads to the town of miners. There...
    and the prophecy is cut off on the tablet. Therefore, to follow
    Yulia's Score properly, they have to send Luke. Luke remembers
    Van's words about being a hero. The rest of the party will go
    with Luke as well. Natalia wants to go too, but the king forbids
    her from going.
    Luke asks if he can see Van. Leave the throne room and go over to
    the left side of the castle. Head all the way downstairs and
    you'll find Van.
    Once the guard leaves, Van wants Luke to listen to him carefully. He
    asks Luke if he won't join the Oracle Knights under his command. He
    says that if Luke goes to Akzeruth, he will be nothing more than
    Kimlasca's dog. He won't ever be able to leave Vaticle. Luke protests,
    reminding him about becoming a hero and thus becoming free. But
    Van tells him that Yulia Jue's Score has a continuation. "The young
    man turns power into disaster, and becomes a weapon to Kimlasca."
    The church elders plan to turn Luke loose on the Rugnika Plains to
    start a war. Van tells him that Yulia has never been wrong. Luke
    asks what he should do, if he doesn't go to Akzeruth. Van tells
    him that Yulia's prophecies say that it's the very act of him taking
    the people out of Akzeruth that starts the war. Therefore, he needs
    to not take people out of Akzeruth, and simply remove the Shouki
    instead. If Luke can control his Choushindou, he can banish the 
    Shouki. Afterwards, he should escape to Daht with Van. Van tells
    him not to tell anybody about their plans or he'll never be able to
    escape, but somebody seems to be listening...
    Luke wonders about why he should go to Daht again, and Van tells him
    that he doesn't remember it, but he once told Van that he wants to
    go to Daht with him. As it turns out, Luke had been subjected to
    experiments because of his Choushindou ability while young, and had
    wanted to escape. Luke had not been kidnapped by the Markt Empire;
    it had been Van that took him out of the city 7 years ago. Van tells
    Luke that he needs him. Luke agrees to go with Van.
    Leave the palace to be reunited with your party. Jade tells them about
    the current situation. There seem to be Daieishi ships circling the
    ocean. Thus going by sea is dangerous. Therefore what they will do
    is send a ship out as bait, and go to Cassadonia by land. After that,
    they'll be in Markt waters, so they'll be able to complete the journey
    by ship.
    Van agrees with the plan, and says he will go on the decoy ship. He
    says that that way it will be more believable. Luke protests, but
    Van just tells him to trust him. Time to head towards the city
    entrance. Take the elevator back down and you'll run into Anise
    again. Jade asks why Anise isn't with Ion; she says that it turns
    out he's missing again, and that some townspeople said they saw
    Ion and some circus people leaving town. Hmm... so this might be
    what the Shikkoku no Tsubasa was planning earlier. Guy says they
    have to chase after him, but Anise says Sink is waiting outside.
    If they're seen, then the Church will realize that they're travelling
    by land and not by sea. It seems that Mose is serious about stopping
    Guy realizes there might be another way out of town. There is an
    old abandoned factory reachable by trolley. They should be able
    to use that to leave town.
    Take the elevator down to the main town square. Before you go, Guy
    takes Luke to the Miyagi Dojo. After some philosophizing, Miyagi
    will teach you how to use Fonslot (FS) Chambers. You'll receive
    a Carmine Chamber and a Moon Selector. The Moon Selector is a special
    item that lets you change which character you control mid-battle.
    The Carmine Chamber is a red FS Chamber; using it you can assign
    damage up (or heal up) to one of your skills. Go ahead and use it. While
    you're here, if you listen to all of Miyagi's explanations you'll get
    a title for Guy.
    The trolley to the factory is on the right side of the main square.
    Before you go, though, take the trolley on the left side back to
    the port. You'll get an event where somebody tries to kill Jade,
    saying that he killed their brother. After Jade and Tear take care
    of him, Luke asks about his spear. Jade explains that by using
    a Contamination Effect, it's possible to materialize something out
    of nothing using the power of Fonims.
    Also take the chance to stay at the Inn in the main square. When you do
    so, Anise will hear a recipe and copy it for the party. You'll learn how
    to make Fried Rice.
    One last thing to do here; go back to your house and talk to your butler.
    You'll hear how one of the maids accidentally sold a package meant for
    Luke. Your butler will give you 20000 Gald in order to buy back the
    package. Go down to the port and buy the package back. It's an ougi
    book, which will teach Luke Majinken.
    Now head to the factory. Guy finds it strange that there's no 
    guard there; a townsperson walks by and says the guard got called
    to the castle, and earlier he saw a young woman entering the 
    factory. Suspicious...
    Treasures: Spectacles, Apple Gummy x2, Orange Gummy, Scimitar, Cobalt
    Chamber, 3000 Gald, Panacea Bottle, Life Bottle
    As you enter, Guy explains his plan. The factory is built in a
    crater left by the impact of one of the Tone Tablets. There
    should be a waterway that will take them outside the city without
    anyone noticing. A voice congratulates Guy for being so
    knowledgable. It's Natalia! Seems she's determined to come with
    you after all. The party doesn't want to let her along, but
    Natalia threatens to tell everyone what she overheard Luke and
    Van talking about earlier. Therefore Luke says he'll take her
    Natalia's very helpful here because not only can she hit things
    from all the way across the screen, but she has Heal, which is 
    the next grade up from First Aid.
    Climb the ladder right next to you (it's hard to see... as is
    everything else in this dungeon) and you'll find a Spectacles.
    There's another ladder near the entrance that leads down to a pipe. 
    Travel on the pipe towards a treasure chest; however the pipe breaks 
    and the treasure chest will fall down. You'll have to get it some other
    way. Back on the main platform keep going right to find an Apple Gummy.
    Climb up two ladders so that you're now on some large pipes.
    Head towards the screen and climb down two more ladders. Follow
    these pipes around to get the treasure chest you knocked down
    earlier, which has a Feather Cloak. Now go into the door you
    After the event in which Natalia irks the rest of the party, climb
    down the ladder for an Orange Gummy. Go up the ramp and hit the
    switch to turn on the elevator next to it. After going up the elevator,
    climb the ladder and follow the pipe for a Scimitar. Return and go
    down another ladder. When you get to the intersection of the pipes, 
    go down first for a Cobalt Chamber. Then go up at the intersection
    and up a ladder. You'll have an event where you learn that you can
    set the barrels of oil on fire to provide light. This is important
    because most of the switches here cannot be operated without enough
    light. Light the barrel and hit the switch next to it. 
    Go through the door. Next to the nonfunctional trolley, you'll see 
    a ladder going down. Climb down it and go around the pipe to get an
    Apple Gummy. On the way, the pipe will break a little and pour some
    oil downwards. This is actually what you want, since the oil will
    fill a barrel that you'll have to light later. Return to the room 
    you just came from and now take the elevator down. The pipe will
    break as you step onto it, allowing you to reach the lower door.
    Go through. Here you'll see some oil dripping into a barrel. How
    do you light this one? You'll simply have to time your shot so that
    the fire hits the drop of oil as it falls into the barrel. Light
    this barrel so that you can activate the switch that controls the
    trolley above. Make your way up there and do so. Take the trolley
    down. Nearby there's a device that controls the flow of oil through
    the pipes. You'll want to make it first so that the oil flows through
    the left pipe (the green light should be on the left side). Now
    take the trolley back up. You should be able to get to another
    dripping barrel now via a ladder. Light this barrel so that you
    can see a switch later.
    Take the trolley down again and change the oil flow back to the
    right. Go to the right and before the doorway to the next room climb
    the ladder down. Follow the pipes over to a treasure chest with
    3000 Gald. Hit the switch (save at the save point if you wish) and
    take the elevator down. Go through the door at the end. Climb down
    onto the pipes. Nearby you'll be able to lower a ladder down.
    Light the barrel nearby. Climb back up and go up now. You can
    get a Panacea Bottle here. Go left to lower another ladder. Push
    the lone barrel here off the platform. You'll want to push it all
    the way along until you can push it through a hole in the fence
    so that it lands under an oil drip. You can't light it yet, though.
    Grab a Life Bottle in the corner while you're at it. Now you'll want
    to get back to the upper set of pipes and this time go left. The
    pipe will break and oil will fall out of it, into the barrel you
    pushed down earlier. Light this barrel and you're done with puzzles
    for this dungeon. Take the ladder up to the full heal/save point.
    Obviously this means a boss is coming. Save, hit the switch, and
    take the trolley onwards...
    BOSS: Abaddon
    HP: 22000
    Drops: Lavender
    At first this boss is covered in slime. Attack him with everybody
    and try to stop his spell casting, because he'll keep casting
    Negative Gate at you, which really hurts. Make sure Natalia is
    in for Heal. After you do some damage the slime disappears and
    you'll see the spider-like monster underneath. Once he gets to
    this stage he can let forth a bunch of smaller spiders to damage
    you. Use Free Run to dodge the spiders. Otherwise this boss isn't
    too tough.
    Now you're at the exit. After exiting and crossing a small desert
    (Natalia suggests stopping by an Oasis) you'll be at Cassadonia
    in no time. As you leave, you'll get to see an anime event.
    Asch and Ion are there, and Luke suddenly attacks. But in the midst
    of fighting, Luke realizes something disturbing - he and Asch
    have the same face. Sink tells Asch that Ion is their priority, and
    they take off.
    Now that the Rokujinshou know they're going by land, the party wonders
    if they shouldn't go back to Vaticle and take a ship after all. But
    Natalia says the port will be sealed. After some deliberation, Luke
    decides to continue by land. Jade says the Rokujinshou will probably
    be headed to the Oasis, so it's time to investigate there.
    Go east and you should see the Oasis pop up pretty soon.
    DESERT OASIS 砂漠のオアシス
    Upon entering Luke hears a voice again, but this time, it's Asch's
    voice! Asch calls Luke out, telling him they're at the Zao Ruins. Luke
    then collapses. The party doesn't know where the Zao Ruins are, so
    it looks like you'll have to ask around.
    Luckily, pretty much everybody tells you the same thing - the Zao
    Ruins are closeby to the East. You can buy food and equipment here.
    Also, if you heard about Gee from Pear back in Vaticle, you'll find
    him in the tavern here. You'll receive a Hodo Citizen Register;
    this is the first step to get Guy to learn one of his ougis. The
    next step would be to go to Kaitoor. You'll be back there soon enough.
    When you're ready, head east towards the Zao Ruins.
    ZAO RUINS ザオ遺跡
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, 2400 Gald, Breast Guard, Orange Gummy,
    Panacea Bottle, Forstore, Life Bottle, Carmine Chamber, Cobalt
    Make your way down the looong spiral staircase to the bottom. There's
    a treasure chest with an Apple Gummy here. In the next area, go
    straight down. Keep going down until you see a little glowing rock.
    Mieu identifies it as the Second Fonim. It's unusual for there to
    be so much of just one Fonim that it's visible to the naked eye,
    but that's what you have here. Mieu charges the Sorcery Ring with the
    Fonim. Now Mieu has gained a new power, Mieu Attack. You'll be using
    it to break the rocks in your way in this dungeon. From now on, you
    can press R2 on the map to select between Mieu powers.
    Return the way you came and now go left. In the new area, you'll find
    a chest with 2400 Gald down a little slope. Break the rocks in your
    way with Mieu and move on. Go to the left and break some more rocks
    to find a Breast Guard. Cross the bridge. Behind some more rocks is
    an Orange Gummy. Save at the save point if you wish and head onwards.
    Keep following the path. The next treasure chest is a Panacea Bottle.
    Keep on going and some debris will fall down blocking your path.
    Break it with Mieu and grab the treasure chest with a Forstore C.
    Core. In the next area you'll see the bridge is crumbling. More debris
    later. At the end of the path turn left first for a Life Bottle, then
    go right. Follow the path down. At the bottom of the stairs, behind
    some debris, is a Carmine Chamber. Cross the path along the bridge.
    Go up a little bit to break the rocks and find a Cobalt Chamber.
    Then go down and follow the path to the next screen.
    There's only one way to go. You'll eventually find a full heal/
    save point. Get ready for a boss rumble. Progress forward and
    you'll have caught up with Ion, along with Largo, Sink, and Asch.
    Asch and Ion enter some strange building. Largo tells them that
    Ion is in the middle of a ritual, and that they cannot interfere.
    BOSS: Sink and Largo
    HP: 13000
    HP: 17000
    Drops: Glass Chamber, Bellbane, Garnet
    You'll want to concentrate on taking out Sink first. His frequent
    use of his ougi is quite annoying. Since he has less HP, though,
    you should be able to take him out relatively quickly. Largo is
    much slower and you can dodge him much more easily with Free Run.
    Tell your characters to spread out so they don't all get hit by
    his fire wave attack, and basically just stay out of the area
    to the front of him.
    Asch tries to do things himself, and he and Luke exchange some
    sword blows. Luke recognizes one of Asch's techniques as Van's
    technique. He angrily asks why Asch can use it; Asch replies
    that obviously he has the same fighting style, but Sink stops
    him from saying any more. He then makes a deal with the party;
    they'll return Ion if they withdraw from here. The party is
    already behind schedule and has no choice but to accept.
    On their way out, Guy tells himself that Sink resembles someone
    he knows... Largo also seems to remember something when he
    realizes that Princess Natalia is in the party.
    On your way out, you'll see that the full heal/save point now
    also has some glittery stuff on it. Guy explains that these
    save points also serve as exit points, and they can take you
    straigh to the exit. However you need to use a Wing Bottle for
    it to work.
    Head on out the ruins. Jade asks Ion what the Rokujinshou
    wanted. Again, this area seems to be the location of a Fonslot.
    The Church has put seals on the Fonslots to protect them. For
    whatever reason, the Rokujinshou want to remove those seals.
    It's time to head to Cassadonia. It's generally northwards, then
    CASSADONIA ケセドニア
    Once again Luke begins suffering his headaches. The party 
    decides to rest here for a bit. Head on for a little bit
    and Luke gets another headache. Asch taunts him, saying that they
    are linked. He controls Luke's body and has him threaten Tear
    with his sword. Then he collapses again.
    The party discusses what could be wrong with Luke. But Jade says
    they shouldn't worry about it for now. Luke wakes up and wonders
    what was going on. Jade says that Dist must have done something
    to Luke when he was caught at Coral Castle. Talk turns to what to
    do with. Ion asks the party to take him along. He has business
    with the Markt Empire as well. 
    Go visit the Arijigokunin while you're here. This time he wants
    a Scimitar and a Spectacles. He'll give you an Orange Gummy in 
    return... Hmm. Still, its part of a subevent to get some titles
    later on, so give them to him.
    Go to the Markt Consulate (the building right next to the
    northern entrance). Talk to the consul in the back. She has a
    message from Van. He has gone ahead to Akzeruth. Sink appears
    to be listening in and does something; the mark Sink put on Guy
    earlier activates. Like Luke earlier, Guy's body seems to be out
    of his control. Jade recognizes the Curseslot for what it is.
    Ion explains that the Curseslot is a kind of Daht-type Fonslot
    that can be used to control people. It is more powerful the
    closer the user is, so the party agrees to leave Cassadonia
    quickly. The consul helps them prepare the ship. Ion ruminates
    to himself that only Doushi are supposed to be able to use
    Daht-type Tone Magic...
    The ship will take you the Kaitoor Port.
    KAITOOR PORT カイツール軍港
    Guy feels a lot better once they leave Cassadonia. Leave
    Kaitoor Port. Jade tells you that from here you'll need to cross
    the Deo Mountains to the northeast. However, there are two
    things you should do first. One is that if you didn't do so 
    earlier, you should go over to Coral Castle and defeat Sword
    Dancer there. You should now be much closer to a reasonable
    level for him. The other thing to do is to go to Kaitoor itself.
    On the Markt (north) side, you'll be able to get the second part of
    Guy's ougi event; he'll learn Rekkuuzan. The man will tell Guy that
    the next person awaits where the tablets speak history. When you're all 
    prepared, head northeast to the mountains.
    BOSS: Sword Dancer
    HP: 17000
    He's still pretty powerful, so make sure you don't all stand in front
    of him at once. Otherwise, tactics you've used on other bosses until
    now will work.
    DEO PASS デオ峠
    Treasures: 1600 Gald, Gothic Mace, 1800 Gald, Cobalt Chamber, Apple
    Gummy x3, Orange Gummy, 1500 Gald, Steel Arrow, Panacea Bottle
    Luke shows off some more arrogance upon entering by saying that they
    should have just ditched Ion in the desert, because they'll only need
    him to stop the war. The rest of the party disagrees, and Jade as usual
    breaks everything up.
    Use Mieu Attack to break the rock and proceed. While you're at it, use
    Mieu Attack on the nearby tree as well. A treasure chest (Apple Gummy)
    should fall out of it. There will be several other treasure chests
    hiding in the trees here. However, be careful; some of the trees are
    also monsters in disguise.
    Head up the mountain path. At the fork turn right and towards the screen; 
    break the rock to reveal a chest with 1600 Gald. Continue up the mountain 
    slope. In the next area, the tree has a Panacea Bottle. Head left and down
    the slope to get a Gothic Mace, then return and go up the slope.
    Continue on for another screen. On the screen with the bridge,
    first head under the bridge. Hit the tree for 1800 Gald. Now go across
    the bridge. You'll get an event where Ion seems tired out. The party
    tries to help him out... except Luke of course. The party ends up taking
    a rest anyway.
    After the end of the event, save if you want. Head right, down the
    slope. Along the way, break a rock for a Cobalt Chamber. Go down at
    the fork and go down a steep slope. Hit the tree in the middle area
    for an Apple Gummy. Go down from the middle area and hit the tree
    here. It'll knock a treasure chest out, but not near you... go back
    and this time go right down another slope. Save here. You can't get
    the treasure chest yet; you have to approach the house from the back.
    Go all the way left up the slope onto the next screen to find a chest
    with an Orange Gummy.
    Return to the previous screen. Hit the tree here for another Apple
    Gummy. Continue left, break the rock, and break another rock for
    1500 Gald. Now go up and right along a grassy slope (do NOT go
    down the path down and right yet) and you'll find a ladder that
    leads to the chest you couldn't get to before. It holds a Steel
    Arrow for Natalia. Now return to the save point and save. Trust me
    on this one.
    A gunshot stops your progress. It's Regret. She asks Tear why she's
    still hanging around with Luke. Tear says it's on Mose's orders; Tear
    tells her to come with her instead. Tear says that she cannot go with
    her, because she doesn't trust her brother, and the Rokujinshou serve
    under her brother. She wants to know why Regret is taking Ion around
    to various Sefirot. Regret says its to restore the free will of the
    people. She says that people have been ensnared by the Score; some
    people even decide what to eat for dinner based on the Score. Whatever
    she and the Rokujinshou are doing, it's to counter the Score. Regret
    then says that if Tear will not come with her, she will have to
    stop them by force.
    BOSS: Regret
    HP: 31000
    Strong Against Light
    Drops: Sefira
    Regret's attacks are very linear, but very powerful (obviously, since
    she has guns). Under no circumstances let more than 2 of your allies
    get in front of her at once, or she'll simply blow them away with
    Rage Laser or some such attack. She has resistance to Light, so turn
    off Limited if Anise is in your party. Eclair Arme and Holy Lance
    are dodgeable with Free Run if you're quick enough. Just keep on her
    from all directions and you should be okay.
    Regret tells Tear not to go with that 'failure' anymore. Jade realizes
    something, and asks her if the Rokujinshou have been using that
    forbidden technology. Ion tells him to stop, that there are things 
    in the world that are best left unknown. Jade realizes that Ion knew
    all along as well. Of course, Luke has no idea what they're talking
    Jade asks Regret who was the person behind it, if it was Dist. Regret
    asks him why he wants to know who's behind the Fomicry. She shoots
    at him and disappears.
    Jade gets unnaturally angry, saying this is no joke. But he soon
    calms down again. He tells everyone they should hurry to Akzeruth.
    They walk off while Luke gets angry again. He says that he's supposed
    to be the hero, and that Van is the only one who understands him...
    Head on onto the main map. Follow the road, going east at the fork
    to get to Akzeruth.
    AKZERUTH アクゼリユス
    The party mentions that things are even worse than they thought.
    Natalia instantly goes to help a fallen villager; Luke tells her she
    shouldn't because it's dirty and she might get contaminated. Some
    ambassador of friendship he is. Natalia obviously gets angry. A
    villager asks them if they've come from Kimlasca. Natalia explains
    why they're here, and the villager says that they've heard about them
    from Van. He introduces him as Pirope. Since the mayor has also
    collapsed, he's taken it upon himself to manage things. Jade asks
    where Van is, and he responds that he's gone into the mine tunnels
    to help the villagers trapped in there. The party decides to look
    around and then head into the tunnels.
    The Inn is free, so make good use of it. One of the villagers in
    the houses hears that you're going into the tunnels, so he gives
    you 3 Apple Gummies, 3 Orange Gummies, a Life Bottle, and a 
    Panacea Bottle for free. Sweet! When you're all prepared, take the
    elevator down and head into Tunnel #14.
    AKZERUTH TUNNEL #14 アクゼリユス第14坑道
    Treasures: Panacea Bottle, Archery Glove, Steel Circlet, Life
    Bottle, 5500 Gald, Carmine Chamber, Fornore, Cobalt Chamber, 
    As you enter, a soldier runs up to Tear. He introduces himself as
    the soldier bearing news to Mose about the Seventh Tone Tablet.
    Ion asks if its been discovered here, which it seems that it might
    have. Ion asks Tear to go confirm that it's here. Tear will leave
    your party temporarily.
    Take the fork left and you'll find a treasure (Panacea Bottle).
    Go right now and double back towards the screen. You'll
    exit back out into town and be able to get a treasure chest you
    saw earlier, which has an Archery Glove. Keep following the
    tracks in. The next fork to the left leads to a Steel Circlet.
    Continue on the tracks to the next screen.
    Pick up the chest with a Life Bottle. At the next fork follow
    the tunnel without the tracks in until you get to two treasure
    chests with 5500 Gald and a Carmine Chamber. The next trackless
    tunnel has the Fornore C. Core. Keep on going; the next fork
    in has a Cobalt Chamber. Go down off the track and follow the
    path right and back for a Halberd. Now go onto the next screen.
    The Shouki is very dense here. The party finds several injured 
    miners. Jade finds it odd that the party Van was supposed to
    lead isn't here. Luke gets another headache; Asch tells him
    not to go any further.
    You'll see a save point and a large gateway which is apparently
    where the Shouki is coming from. Save and head in to investigate...
    Before you can, though, Jade hears a commotion from above and
    decides to go investigate. Going in, Luke and Ion spot Van. Once
    again Luke hears Asch telling him not to go in, that he won't be
    able to turn back now. Talk to Van.
    Van asks Ion to open the strange door next to him. Ion recognizes
    it as a Daht-sealed door, meaning this place is also a Sefirot.
    He sees no reason to open it, but Van tells him that it's necessary
    to revive Akzeruth. Ion does so and he and Van head in. Luke tries
    to head in; Asch tells him that Akzeruth will be destroyed if he
    The three come across a strange ruin. Follow the long path down to
    the center of it. Then go into the doorway here. The trio finds
    a large device. Van tells Luke that he needs to go into the middle
    of the device, which he calls a Passage Ring, and eliminate the
    Back in the mines, Tear runs up hurriedly to Jade. She tells Jade
    that the party Van was supposed to have been leading have all been
    killed. The story abou the Seventh Tone Tablet was fake; the Oracle
    Knights were trying to kidnap Tear. Her brother was trying to kidnap
    her so that she would not be caught up in what is going to happen to
    Akzeruth. Tear then says that her brother is trying to do something 
    terrible. Asch suddenly appears and tells them to hurry and not talk. It 
    was he that saved Tear.
    Van is instructing Luke, when he suddenly tells Luke to release his
    power, calling him "Foolish Replica Luke". Luke lets forth a burst
    of energy, knocking Ion and Mieu away. He can't control what's
    happening to him any longer. Through Van's command, all of the
    Fonslots in his body have opened and he is releasing his Choushindou.
    Tear is telling Jade that Van intends to destroy Akzeruth.
    The ruins around Luke and Van begin to crumble. Van tells him that
    he has finally fulfilled his purpose, again calling him Replica.
    Asch arrives, saying he was too late. Van tells him he told him
    not to come. Asch says that that's too bad, because he's here, as
    well as Tear. Van whistles and a hawk carries Asch and Van away.
    Van tells him he can't afford to lose him here. Tear screams at
    Van, saying he's betrayed them after all. Because of what he's done,
    everybody in Akzeruth as well as the Oracle Knights here will all
    die. Van, calling her Mestearika, tells her that one day she will
    understand how foolish and ugly this world is. He tells her that
    she needs to stay alive, reminding her that she has her Tone Songs,
    and flies away. The tunnels begin to crumble, and Tear begins
    casting her Force Field. You'll get another anime cutscene as the
    entire city, as well as the Tartaros, sinks into the ground...
    You'll wake up next to a full heal save point, somewhere
    underground. Talk to everyone. Ion refers to their location as Qliphoth,
    although the characters for it mean Hell. Lovely. Suddenly Tear hears
    a survivor talking. A little boy named John has survived the fall.
    Natalia tries to go help but Tear stops her, saying that the mud
    around them is bottomless and soaked with Shouki. She tells Natalia
    that she will try healing the child from there. The platform the
    child is on begins to sink, and the child is swallowed up. The platform
    the party is on begins to sink as well. Jade suggests going to the
    Tartaros; it may be able to keep them above the mud.
    Luckily the Tartaros seems mostly functional. Tear tells them that
    there is a city called Yuliacity here in Qliphoth, to the west. Time
    to go there. Funny that Tear would know the area...
    Now you'll be put on a field map, with your first vehicle! As the
    directions tell you, use the stick to turn, O to go forward, and S
    to reverse. Use X at a harbor to go onto land. As directed, head west 
    until an event triggers.
    Guy says that there's nothing here and wonders if they're underground.
    Tear says that that is true, in a fashion. She says that the world
    they live in is called the "Shell World" here. The Shell World is
    a midair continent supported on the Sefirot Tree that grows from
    Qliphoth. She says that a long time ago the Shell World was here in
    Qliphoth. Two thousand years ago, for an unknown reason the world began
    to be enveloped in the Shouki. Yulia recited the Seven Scores and
    found a way to save the land. She used the Scores to raise the
    land into the air using the Sefirot. Ion says that the only people
    who knows this are those in the Church of Eishi rank or above, and
    people from Qliphoth. Tear (and Van) are actually from Qliphoth. Ion
    says that they fell from the Shell World to Qliphoth. It was Tear's
    Tone Song that saved them.
    Jade asks why Akzeruth sank into the ground, and Ion says it is because
    the pillar supporting Akzeruth was destroyed. Anise asks why, and
    Tear just looks at Luke. Luke protests that all he was trying to do
    was eliminate the Shouki. Tear tells him that Van tricked him, and that
    instead of eliminating the Shouki he destroyed the pillar supporting
    Akzeruth. Ion confirms it, saying that Passage Rings are where the
    pillars come from. Luke protests that it's not his fault. Jade says
    he's returning to the bridge, saying that if he stays out here he'll
    start to get annoyed at a certain idiot's ramblings. Natalia also tells
    him that he's a different person from the one she used to know. 
    The rest of the party also express their disappointment in him, and
    leave him alone on the bridge. Only Mieu stays to comfort him, saying
    that a lot of the Cheagles died because of him, so he understands his
    After the event, the Tartaros will be pointing straight at Yuliacity.
    Head forward there. 
    YULIACITY ユリアシティ
    The party sees something as they draw close. Tear explains that the
    water from the Shell World is creating a huge waterfall here, and
    that the city is in the middle of it. The party disembarks at the
    Tear says that the mayor is inside; they begin to head off, except
    for Luke. Luke says he doesn't want to go, when Asch's voice appears
    again and tells him that obviously everybody blames him because
    he's trash and a failure. Asch says if he had only realized what Van
    was up to sooner, he could've stopped all of this. He calls Luke
    a replica as well, and laughs when he realizes that Luke still doesn't
    know why they're calling him a replica. Tear tries to stop him from
    explaining, but Asch goes ahead and does it anyway. He says he is
    the one who is from Vaticle, and that 7 years ago he was kidnapped
    by Van. Luke is nothing more than a copy of Asch.
    Luke gets angry and draws his sword. He wants to fight; you'll have
    a one-on-one with Asch here. Although it's possible to win, nothing
    special happens if you do save for a minor change in the conversation.
    You don't get anything for it, so don't waste your items trying to win
    this battle. Everything goes white.
    When Luke wakes up, he sees Tear looking at him and calling him
    Asch. He doesn't know what's going on, when he hears Asch talking.
    Then he sees himself lying on his bed. Asch tells him that they
    are replicas even down to their Fonim Signature; because of this and
    how they opened his Fonslots back at Coral Castle, Asch was able to
    talk to Luke and control his body. Now Luke can't even move his own
    body on the bed, and is nothing more than a consciousness inside
    You will now be controlling Asch. Check the closet next to the bed for
    a Deck Brush, a weapon for Jade. Go downstairs. There's a recipe for
    ramen on Tear's desk. Leave the house and you'll be in the city
    proper. Your party members are scattered around the city. Asch wants
    to return to the Shell World, and for whatever reason so does everyone
    else. A townsperson to the left will ask you for 3 Apple Gummies.
    This is part of a subevent for a Tear title later on, so give them
    up if you have them to spare. If not, you can buy them from the
    shopkeeper here.
    Go into the large building. There is a shopkeeper just to your left.
    When you're ready to proceed, go into the big room on the top floor
    to speak to the mayor.
    The mayor, Teodoro, explains to Asch that even though Qliphoth is a
    terrible place to live, they have been charged a duty as Watchers.
    They cannot leave. He then says that they have equipped the Tartaros
    with a device similar to that used in the Passage Rings. Using this,
    it should be possible to raise the Tartaros to the surface as well.
    He then asks you if you're ready to go. When you are, choose the second
    Ion explains that the Sefirot are places that gather the Fonims of
    a planet and blow Cell Particles upwards. When humans artificially
    increase the amount of pressure, they becomes Sefirot Trees, or
    pillars. You'll get another anime movie as the Tartaros returns to
    the surface...
    Afterwards, Asch says that Van is probably headed to Velkende's
    First Fonim Machine Laboratory, so you should go there as well for
    information. Velkende is on the same continent as Vaticle, to the
    southwest. So head there.
    Your party is now the same before, except you have Asch instead of
    Luke and Tear will have stayed behind. Asch will be Luke's level and 
    have all of his moves, plus he can cast some magic as well. However, 
    you will not be able to change his equipment. You can equip him with
    C. Cores, but his bonuses do not transfer to Luke, meaning any levels 
    that he gains are effectively 'wasted' in terms of stat bonuses when you 
    get Luke back. Keep this in mind. If you're really crazy about preserving 
    your C. Core bonuses, just kill Asch off and leave him dead until you 
    get Luke off. (Thought that's quite mean...)
    VELKENDE PORT ベルケンド港
    Aside from some party infighting, there is absolutely nothing to see
    or do here. Leave and head towards the city proper, which is to the
    VELKENDE ベルケンド
    Treasures: Orange Gummy, Dark Seal, Battle Maiden Doll
    Check the machine to your character's right as soon as you come in
    and operate it; it'll drop a chest with an Orange Gummy. The inn
    is just past the first bridge; there's also some merchants inside.
    Keep going left to reach a platform. From here, descend the platform
    by going down and then turn right, and keep going right until you
    go under another platform. The camera should change. Check the
    little hatch at the end of this alley and you'll find a person stuck
    inside. Choose to help him out (first option) and he'll teach you
    the recipe for O-soba.
    Now go over to the left part of town. The large building over here
    is the Laboratory you're looking for. Head straight into the next
    room. Go into the room on the right and check one of the drawers for
    a Dark Seal. Another drawer behind the doctor has the Battle Maiden Doll
    for Anise. This doll (which makes Tokunaga look vaguely like Valkyrie from
    Namco's classic Legend of Valkyrie) is quite good, giving Anise significant
    stat bonuses as well as causing her to regenerate 8% of her max HP and TP
    everytime she defeats an enemy, so be sure to pick it up. Now return and 
    go straight again. The pathway to the right leads into the Replica research 
    area. Open the fence and go down and around to talk to the old man in the 
    upper right corner, Spinoza.
    Asch recognizes Spinoza as one of those involved in his kidnapping.
    Jade asks him if he is the one who is practicing the forbidden
    Fomicry. Spinoza protests that he is only a scholar, and that Jade
    himself was the one who invented Fomicry. Jade doesn't deny it, and
    says that he acknowledges what he created was wrong, and takes
    responsibility for it.
    Spinoza says he was only cooperating with Van's Safekeeping Plan.
    Asch asks him what that is, but he refuses to answer. Leave. On
    your way out, you'll hear some of the researches saying they are
    low on Fonimin, without which they cannot make Replicas. They say
    that it'll be awhile before they go to the Wyon Mirror Cave next.
    There's your hint on where to go. Leave the Laboratory. On your way
    out, Guy says that he's worried about Luke, and that he's going to
    go pick him up. Asch tells him that if he really wants to go, he
    should go to Aramis Well to the northwest of Daht. If Luke somehow
    returns to the Shell World, that is where he'll show up. Guy leaves
    your party here.
    Return to the port and to the Tartaros. The Wyon Mirror Cave is on
    the west side of the island to the west of the continent Velkende is
    on, inside the little natural harbor that faces south.
    Before you do that, go and visit Sheridan Port (across the strait from
    Velkende Port) to see an event where Natalia saves an old man from some
    bandits, after which Natalia will learn the useful "Brave Feed" ougi. 
    Be sure to do this while you can, because once Asch leaves your
    party again you'll lose out on this event.
    Treasures: Ruby Wand, Life Bottle, Glass Chamber, Nimble Rapier
    The party notes that it looks like this place was built for humans to
    pass by regularly. Go a little ways in and you'll see a treasure box
    with a Ruby Wand. On the next screen the party runs across some strange
    animals; they suddenly attack Natalia, and Asch takes care of them.
    Jade notes that the animals look unusual for the area.
    Closeby is a Life Bottle, and an elevator that you won't use on this
    visit. Follow the path to the next screen, which has a Glass Chamber. On 
    the next screen, go down at the fork for a Nimble Rapier, then go up and 
    follow the path until you get to a save point. Save and go into the awaiting 
    The party comes across a large device. Asch notes that the processor
    is still active. It has details on research into the maximum size limit
    for Fomicry. Jade says that when he started his research, it was
    possible to replicate as much as an entire small island. But Asch finds
    something shocking; according to the records here, they've been able
    to up the limit to as much as 1/10th of the entire world's surface.
    Jade also sees some data stolen from the Markt Empire, probably stolen
    by Dist. It's information on the citizens of Hodo, which was destroyed.
    Natalia wonders if Van wants to recreate Hodo using the Replicas. As
    Jade and Asch investigate further, Anise finds some cages with some
    Cheagles. Asch notes that these are probably a Replica and original
    in a replication experiment. One of the Cheagles seems much sicker and
    the other, and Jade says that often Replicas are nowhere near as good
    as their originals. But this doesn't appear to be case here; it seems
    that the replication process has actually weakened the original. Jade
    then says that sometimes, the original suffers side effects, or possibly
    even dies. Natalia and Anise look over at Asch, but Jade says not to
    worry; if side effects are to occur, they occur very rapidly. Asch says
    that they've found what they came for, and now he'll take care of things
    by himself.
    Head out. Save on your way out, to save yourself trouble. Once you go down,
    something creeps out of the water and attacks...
    BOSS: Anicula Pulp
    HP: 35000
    Drops: Aquamarine, Basil
    This boss starts with three little Pulps with him (regular enemies) and
    summons more periodically if you defeat them. Still, take the little
    guys out first, they go down fast and will bother your spellcasters if
    you leave them. You can dodge his Splash and Saint bubble easily, so if
    you notice the boss target your controlled character, use Free Run to
    run away from your allies (so they don't get hit either) and then dodge
    the spell once it triggers. He's not much to worry about otherwise.
    Leave the cave. An earthquake occurs at the entrance.  Asch says that
    the earthquake might have signalled the south of Rugnika falling from
    the Shell World, because Luke had erased the Sefirot Tree supporting
    the entire area. Jade wonders if there will be effects anywhere else.
    Asch says that they (the Rokujinshou) were taking Ion around to all
    of the Sefirot. Ion says that even so, the Passage Rings are also
    sealed with Daht-type Tone Magic, and so nobody should be able to use
    them. However, it seems that somehow Van is able to do so. In that
    case, his purpose might be to cause the fall of the entire Shell
    World. Asch says that next he heard Van will try and make St. Bynah
    fall. He then tells Luke in his head that he has no time left, and
    kicks Luke's consciousness out of his body.
    Luke wakes up in Yuliacity. Mieu greets him; Luke sees Tear standing
    out in the garden. He goes out hurriedly to tell her that he has
    to return to the Shell World. He needs to go and stop St. Bynah from
    sinking. Tear asks him what he intends to do; she says that he needs
    to stop just listening to what Van or Asch tell him and start
    thinking on his own.
    Luke acknowledges his prior mistakes. He says that if he could do
    anything to bring back Akzeruth, he would. But he can't, so he has
    to change for the better and prevent more tragedies. He then asks
    Tear for her knife. In a nice anime cutscene, he cuts off his long
    hair, symbolizing his wish to change for the better. Congratulations,
    Luke; after 15 hours of gameplay you've finally stopped being such
    an ass.
    Tear says they should consult with her grandfather on what they can
    do. You'll now be controlling Luke and Tear. Go into the room on
    the first floor of her house and you'll obtain the Character Disk. 
    This is TotA's version of the Character Book. If you come back and
    visit here, you'll be able to see all of the characters you've met
    so far. Check the treasure chest here for a Forsildo C. Core.
    The man outside who wanted three Apple Gummies from before wants
    5 Rices now. Give them to him if you have them to spare. Now go into
    the main building. When you try to enter the meeting room, a woman
    will stop Tear. She says that the symbol needed to fully understand
    the third of Yulia's Tone Songs (Nightmare and Force Field being the
    first two) has been found. She asks Tear to come by and see her later.
    Tear explains how knowing the song isn't enough; she needs to know
    the symbol and meaning for the Tone Songs to have any effect. She knows 
    the symbols for everything except the 3rd and 5th songs, but only knows
    the meaning for the first and second. She does add that if one sings
    all 7 of the songs in succession, it becomes known as the "Great Tone
    Song" and becomes a contract to summon Lorelei.
    Talk to the mayor Teodoro. He tells Luke not to worry about Akzeruth,
    because it was foretold in the Score that Akzeruth would fall. Tear
    protests that she hadn't heard anything about this, and that if so
    this would make Akzeruth the same as Hodo. Teodoro says that it was
    foretold in one of the Closed Scores, which are only known to the
    high-ranking members of the Lorelei Church. Luke asks why if they
    knew Akzeruth would fall, they did nothing about it. Teodoro mirrors
    Regret's words from earlier, saying that most people try so hard to
    make their lives match up with the Scores that they ignore everything
    else. Tear asks why Akzeruth's destruction was kept a secret.
    Teodoro says that people cannot afford to hear a Score foretelling of
    their own death, or they will lose their inner peace. They cannot
    be warned either, because if they save themselves that will be going
    against the Score and possibly going against the 'unprecedented
    prosperity' promised by the score.
    Tear asks if it was the same case with Hodo. She now understands what
    Van said one time when he said that at this rate, it would be best
    to simply destroy the Shell World and its obsession with the Score.
    However Teodoro says that she misunderstands. Van is not trying to
    destroy the world; he might've hated the Score when Hodo was
    destroyed, but he is doing his job as a watcher well. Luke says that
    they are all strange in the head. Teodoro tells him what is written
    at the end of Yulia's Sixth Tone Tablet - Rugnika becomes enveloped
    in war and Markt loses all of its territory. This is the first step
    to 'unprecedented prosperity' enjoyed by Kimlasca Lanvaldear.
    Tear protests that Van is trying to drop St. Bynah, but Teodoro says
    St. Bynah will not fall, because the war will begin there and nothing
    is written in the Score about St. Bynah's destruction. However, he
    tells the pair that if they're so worried, they should use the
    Yuliaroad to go to the Shell World.
    Tear says that before they leave she needs to pick up something from
    her room. First go to the room on the first floor and talk to the
    lady from before. Tear will gain the symbol for the third Tone Song
    and learn Holy Song. Return to Tear's room and she will give Luke
    some books; she tells him that he needs to learn how to control his
    Choushindou. In the meantime she tells Luke on how Van hated the
    Score, because of the destruction of Hodo, his and Tear's home.
    Sixteen years ago the Markt Empire lost the entire island of Hodo,
    while the rest of the world ignored it. You'll see a flashback
    where Regret tells Van that Asch suspects something. Van says that
    Asch is fastidious; if he knew that his plan would exterminate
    the people of the Shell World, he would go against it. Regret says
    they will have Sink watch Asch.
    When you're ready, go to the Yuliaroad (on the second floor, to the
    right) and pick the second option.
    ARAMIS WELL アラミス湧水洞
    Treasures: Carmine Chamber, 6000 Gald, Silver Mail, Panacea Bottle, 
    Nimble Rapier, Yellow Ribbon, Pine Gummy
    Follow the twisting path upwards, picking up a Carmine Chamber
    on the way. Head into the cave, and you'll run across Guy, who's
    been waiting all this time. Guy notes how different Luke is now. Luke
    says he isn't Luke, but Guy says that he is; Asch doesn't want to be
    called Luke anymore, so Luke should just take the name. Luke then
    thanks him, surprising Guy immensely. The Luke he knew didn't thank
    people... Tear approaches, and Guy backs off immediately. Seems 
    like Guy hasn't changed one bit.
    Go along the bottom of the fork and you'll find 6000 Gald in a chest.
    Head up and you'll reach a save point. Save and then go down until
    the next screen. You'll be sneak attacked as you reach the water;
    be prepared as the enemies can petrify you. Continue on and you'll
    find a Silver Mail.
    On the next screen Guy and Luke will have a little conversation about
    Luke not caring that he had lost his memory, when in reality Luke
    had no memory to begin with. Guy says that the intention was still
    correct, though. There's a chest with a Panacea Bottle here.
    You'll get to some tree roots; burn them with Mieu. Outside Guy
    and Luke will have another conversation. Seems that when they first
    found Luke he didn't even remember (or rather know) how to walk...
    go into the next cave. Burn some more roots, and again you'll be
    surprise attacked by some petrify-capable enemies. Another
    conversation... Luke wonders how he can make up for destroying
    Akzeruth. Guy and Tear says that the only thing he might be able to
    do is carry the weight of what he did and always remember it, and
    for now, to help the needy.
    Go up at the fork and outside. Go into the next cave and you'll
    find a Nimble Rapier. Return and go down at the fork (there'll
    be another ambush here).
    Outside you'll suddenly run into Jade. He came to look for Guy. He
    says that Ion and Natalia have been imprisoned by Mose. He wants
    to rescue them, but there are no Markt forces nearby so he came to
    ask Guy. After Akzeruth, Kimlasca has been preparing for war. Since
    Natalia was at Akzeruth some believe she is dead, and Kimlasca is
    prepared to go to war over it. Ion tried to set the misunderstanding
    straight, but he too was imprisoned by Mose. You'll have to head
    to Daht to try and rescue the pair. Daht is to the southeast. Before
    you leave, be sure to head to the left and get the Yellow Ribbon from
    the treasure chest here. Go to the right for a Pine Gummy. Then just 
    follow the road towards Daht.
    DAHT ダート
    Treasures: Forspirito, Introduction Disk
    After crossing a hill, Daht itself will come into view. Jade says that
    Anise is doing reconnaissance here. You'll have to exit to the field
    map and then walk to the city before getting inside.
    Go up to the stairs to your immediate left and you'll find an
    "Introduction Disk". You can use it to play music, but not quite yet.
    On the right side is a food store, and the Inn. Between the Inn 
    and the food store a merchant is hiding. He's got some great and/or
    joke equipment, but all of it is probably far too expensive for you 
    at this point. On the left is an armor/weapon seller. A little
    further in on the right, talk to the chef to receive the recipe for
    Pizza. The item shop is right next to him, and across from the item
    shop in a chest you can barely see is the Forspirito C. Core.
    Continue towards the chapel and you'll run into Anise. She'll tell
    the party that Natalia and Ion are being kept in Oracle Headquarters,
    which is underground right below the church. You'll have to sneak in
    Jade notes that Tear hasn't yet reported that the Seventh Tone
    Tablet in Akzeruth was a fake. He suggests that she takes them to
    the headquarters, saying they are witnesses as to the authenticity
    of the Tablet. Tear says she will talk with a priest named Tritheim
    about it.
    Go inside the church, and then up the stairs into the main chapel.
    You may see Anise's parents along the way. They're both extremely
    fervent in following the Score, which Anise isn't too fond of.
    Tritheim himself is up on the dais. Talk to him and he'll give you
    permission to enter Oracle HQ. Prepare yourself for the upcoming
    dungeon. If you stop at the Inn here, you can get a flashback with a
    young Tear remembering how Regret taught her about using Fonims. Regret 
    encourages her to keep improving, so that one day she might become Van's 
    right-hand woman.
    Go into the library and you can pick up the recipe for Sushi on a
    table here. You'll have to do this after you get permission to enter HQ.
    When you're ready, go into the door on the right of the main hall. 
    Follow the path up and around; enter the first door you see and
    follow the hallway. Talk to the guard, and he'll let you in. Then
    keep going down the stairs until you reach Oracle Headquarters.
    Treasures: 5500 Gald, Lemon Gummy, Miracle Gummy, Carmine Chamber x2,
    Green Ribbon, Cobalt Chamber, Forbarra, Silver Cloak, Partisan,
    6500 Gald, Life Bottle, Mixed Gummy, Silver Guard, Life Bottle,
    Chivalrous Thief Disk
    Follow the path around the perimeter and you'll see a door with a
    gong. You'll have to hit the gong with a Mieu Attack, which will
    cause the soldier inside to unlock the door and come out looking.
    After defeating him, you'll be able to go inside. Inside this first
    room you'll find 5500 Gald and a Lemon Gummy. You won't be able to get
    the treasure chests above this door on this visit. Go on up the stairs;
    at the end of the path is a Miracle Gummy. Hit the gong up here.
    In the room the soldier comes out of is a Carmine Chamber.
    Return to the left and now go down the stairs. On the new screen, go all
    the way around the perimeter and back up the stairs to get to the
    screen you just left. Take the elevator up and defeat the guard. Then
    go down and hit the gong, and defeat the second guard as he comes up.
    In this room you'll find a Green Ribbon.
    Take the elevator back down, head left and go down the stairs. To the 
    right, enter the door and you'll be in a hallway. Head down, and go to 
    the room on the left for a Cobalt Chamber. The room on the right has 
    nothing. In the next pair of rooms, the one on the left has a Forbarra 
    C. Core and the right has a Silver Cloak. The third pair has a Partisan 
    on the left and nothing on the right. Finish up with the end of the hallway
    which has 6500 Gald and a Life Bottle.
    Come back out and go to the left. There's a save point here. Go
    up and shoot the guard through the fence with some Mieu Fire. Then
    go and defeat him while he's standing there (if you don't, he'll
    charge down the stairs, and subsequently when you hit the gong
    the second guard won't see him and we'll just go back inside). 
    Hit the gong and go on in.
    The first pair of doors have nothing. The second door on the right
    has a Mixed Gummy. The third door on the right has a Silver Guard
    and a Liquor Bottle. Don't go in the third door on the left just yet.
    Take the back door down some stairs. You'll find a Chivalrous Thief
    Disk. Down some more stairs to the right is a Carmine Chamber. There's
    nothing else you can do down here for now.
    In the third door on the left side you'll find Natalia and Ion. Tear
    asks if Van was involved in his imprisonment this time. Ion says he
    didn't see him, but the Rokujinshou were asking for permission to
    take him somewhere. Time to escape. You'll automatically be taken
    outside. While you're here, talk to the man standing outside the stone
    monument to the left of the church. This is the third man in Guy's ougi
    subevent. Leave the city and go on to the hill. The party will decide
    to go and ask Emperor Peony of Markt for help. It will be decided to
    go to Grand Cokuma. Leave the hill and go northwest to get to the port.
    DAHT PORT ダアト港
    The party will discuss how to get to Grand Cokuma. Because of the wartime
    conditions, the party can't just sail into the harbor and disembark.
    You'll have to go by land.
    Take the Tartaros up. When you get to the snow-covered continent,
    keep it to your left and head east. Eventually you'll get an event.
    The Tartaros takes some damage, and the party decides to stop at the
    nearest port, which is Kethelburg. You'll automatically be taken
    to its port.
    Treasures: Pine Gummy, Piyohan, Reverse Doll
    The Tartaros will be nonfunctional for now. Your goal is to get to
    Kethelburg, which is quite closeby. However, there are a few things to
    do here first. In the house to the left, you can find the recipe for
    Salad. If you talk to the man standing in front of the warehouse to
    the right, you'll be able to play the box-pushing minigame, which
    should be familiar to those of you who have played Tales of Destiny.
    (to be continued). The rules for this game are simple; basically
    you'll want to push the boxes into the holes in the ground such that
    you can reach all of the treasure chests. If you need to reset, press
    Start and choose the first option. Choose the second option to give
    up. However, there is one stipulation - if you obtain a treasure,
    then leave, you will not be able to obtain the remaining treasures
    on a second try. So make sure you get all of the treasures in one
    go. There wil be more games like this later on; for now, the treasures
    you will get are a Pine Gummy, Piyohan, and Reverse Doll. Also, the
    man will give you 5000 Gald in thanks.
    When you're done here, leave and follow the road west for a little
    bit, and you'll arrive in Kethelburg. Incidentally, the monsters here
    are rather tough, so be careful in battle. They are good for
    experience, but if you're not careful you'll have many deaths.
    KETHELBURG ケテルブルク
    Treasures: Forarca, Hourglass
    The first thing you'll probably notice is the giant casino. Ignore it
    for now. Go up the stairs on the left side, then continue going left.
    In the building here you'll find someone named Nefly, who calls Jade
    her brother. After Jade clears up the rumors about his being dead,
    Nefly arranges for the Tartaros to be fixed, and also arranges lodging
    for the night. As the party leaves, she asks Luke to come back and
    talk to her alone...
    The big attractions here are the casino and the hotel. Head to the
    hotel, where your reservations are confirmed. Luke will ditch the
    party here. Head back to Nefly's. There she tells Luke the reason
    Jade invented Fomicry. A long time ago, when young, she broke a doll
    she had cherished. Jade used the spell that became the basis for
    Fomicry to create a replica of it. He was only nine years old...
    Nefly adds that as a young kid Jade was both strange and cruel. He
    was able to use Tone Magic not even adults could use, but at the
    same time delighted in killing monsters that hadn't done anything
    wrong. Luke says that it's hard to believe, but Nefly adds that it
    was a Seventh Fonimar Healer named Nebilim who changed him. Jade
    looked up to him, but one day Jade attempted to use the Seventh
    Fonim himself, and ended up creating a spell he couldn't control
    that burned Nebilim's house to the ground. Nebilim was almost killed
    in the accident. Jade created a replica of Nebilim, but the replica
    was no more than a monster. The real Nebilim passed away, and Jade
    then joined the army. Eventually it was Emperor Peony that convinced
    Jade to give up making replicas of living things. But Nefly is still
    afraid that Jade will do whatever necessary to bring Nebilim back to
    life. She asks Luke to be there for Jade, and also to stop him if he
    should go down that path.
    Back at the hotel, Luke runs into Jade. Jade tells him that he has no
    intention of bringing Nebilim back. He intends to live on with the
    responsibility of what he did. In the morning, Nefly tells you that
    the Tartaros is fixed. You can now head off to Grand Cokuma.
    With the story events done, it's time to play. Back at Nefly's place,
    check the drawer for a Forarca C. Core. Hit the snowball machine in the
    northern plaza with a Mieu Attack, then go down the left side. This will
    have knocked a treasure chest off the roof of the little pavillion;
    it has an Hourglass inside. On the second floor of the hotel you can 
    play the familiar waitress minigame. You'll get some money each time you 
    successfully bring everybody's orders, and Tear will get a title.
    The casino has more games to play; you'll be able to play poker and
    Neflyball (a lotto-type of game) here. Anise will get a title here as
    well. When you're all done, head back to the port and take the
    Tartaros out. Head east until you see a large fortress, then from there
    go south between the two continents. This will take you to the 
    destroyed Rotelrow Bridge. Disembark and follow the road, taking the
    north fork. Keep following the road until you reach the Theor Forest,
    which you'll have to pass through to reach Grand Cokuma.
    Treasures: Panacea Bottle, 4800 Gald, Life Bottle, Silver Bracelet, Half 
    Guard, Lemon Gummy, 5500 Gald, Spectacles, Silver Guard, Battle Guard, 
    Sage, Glass Chamber
    When you enter, some guards will stop you from passing. They won't
    let anybody in, except for Jade. Jade tells the party to wait there
    while he goes to meet the Emperor, and that as soon as he does they'll
    be able to pass as well.
    While waiting, the party hears a commotion and some screaming.
    You'll have to go and check it out... Progress and you'll see some
    fallen soldiers. They tell you that the Oracle Knights attacked them...
    The party agrees that they need to get through the forest as quickly
    as possible. They'll say that stealth is the best way to get through.
    Basically, when there are human enemies around you should use Mieu
    Attack to hit the tree and cause a distraction, while for monster
    enemies you should Mieu Fire them from behind. You can check the map
    of the area if you get spotted; your general goal is in the northwest.
    Also, make sure not to step in any puddles, because it will cause noise
    that will get you caught.
    Go west first. You'll pick up a Panacea Bottle. Now go two screens
    east. This screen has 4800 Gald, a Life Bottle, Silver
    Bracelet, and a Half Guard. Go up. There's a Lemon Gummy off to the
    right. Further down to the left is 5500 Gald. Heading out to the
    north will take you out to the field map, which you don't want, so
    return to the previous screen. Then head left.
    On this large screen, if you get spotted you can choose to fight
    your way through (first option). There's a Spectacles just to the
    south. Hit the tree to distract the guard and cross the bridge to the
    left while he's distracted. Hide behind the rock here and wait for the
    guard to turn around, then rush up and grab the Silver Guard out of the
    chest to your upper left. Go to the left onto the next screen. Burn
    the wolf here and note where he's going. He went through a secret
    passage. Use it yourself, then go right for a Battle Guard. Return
    and burn the wolf again. Hit the tree in the middle to distract
    both guards, then as they turn around run between them. Up a hill
    to the left is a Sage. Go right and you'll find a Glass Chamber.
    Go up and you'll trigger an event... 
    You'll see some fallen soldiers. Largo surprise attacks Natalia, but
    her reflexes are too quick. Luke asks him what they want with 
    Grand Cokuma, but Largo tells him he needs to watch his back. Guy
    suddenly attacks him from behind. Ion says it must be the effect
    of the Curseslot, which means that Sink must be nearby. Another
    earthquake happens; Tear points out Sink's location, and Natalia
    shoots him down, making Guy collapse. Largo says that they need Ion.
    In the commotion, more Markt soldiers arrive; Sink and Largo
    escape. The soldiers take your party into custody.
    GRAND COKUMA グランコクマ
    Treasures: Paralyze Charm, Mezzistore
    The soldiers put you in the custody of a certain Major General Frings.
    Frings tells you that Jade sent him to pick you up. Ion asks for a place
    that he can look over Guy, and undo the Curse Slot. Frings says he
    will lend you a room.
    Ion tells Luke that a Curse Slot is not simply something that lets
    one control another person's body. It manipulates their memories and
    undoes their self-restraint. In other words, Ion tells him, if Guy
    did not originally have hostile intent towards Luke, he would not have
    been able to attack him then.
    You'll be left with Luke. Time to explore town. As you cross the
    bridge to the left, turns out Tear and Mieu have been following you
    anyway. She tells him to shape up and cool his head; Guy has been
    serving him all this time, it's not as if he can just forget all of
    that. Luke eventually thanks her, and says they should head to the
    palace. Before that, you'll need to find Jade and Natalia.
    The building just across the bridge is a bar. You'll find Jade on the
    second floor. With him in your party, talk to the bartender downstairs
    to learn the recipe for Curry. Leave the bar and head down the stairs
    across the street from the bar to find the harbor, where you'll find
    Natalia. Now you can go to the palace.
    Talk to Frings in the front courtyard and he'll take you inside.
    Emperor Peony greets you. He says that it seems like the area around
    St. Bynah has already started to sink. However, from a political
    standpoint they cannot move to rescue the people there, because
    Kimlasca is planning to attack.
    Luke and Natalia say that if they can't do anything, they will go
    themselves. After some discussion, Peony agrees. The army proper will
    hold Kimlasca's forces, while Jade's troops and the party go to help
    the people of St. Bynah.
    Go right outside the throne room until you get to the guest room.
    Check the drawer here twice to find a Paralyze Charm. Check the
    room below the throne room (Peony's personal room) and look in the
    drawer on the left for a Mezzistore C. Core.
    Head back to the Inn. Ion has apparently been successful in removing
    Guy's Curseslot. Luke apologizes to Guy for whatever he's done, but
    Guy tells him it's not his fault that he has hostile feelings towards
    him. Guy says he is from Markt, born on Hodo. When he turned 5, the
    Hodo War began. The one who attacked Hodo was none other than Duke
    Fabre, Luke's father. Guy's family, relatives, and servants were all
    killed by the Duke. Guy had originally entered the Fabre household as
    a servant, intending to get revenge. But now he wants to stay with
    Luke, saying there's something he needs to find out.
    Now it's time to go to St. Bynah. You'll be given a choice on whether
    to be taken there straightaway. Pick the first option if you want to.
    I chose the second. With all of your members back, you can now go to the
    bar and play the second warehouse minigame. Also if you choose to walk, a 
    little ways southeast from the exit to the Theor Forest, you'll see one of 
    those spots where you can check for trade items. However, when you check 
    this one, you won't find a trade item, but Sword Dancer! He's got 55000 
    HP, and you should probably be able to handle him around Level 30 or so. 
    He'll drop a Genius Wand, a great weapon for Tear/Anise that will raise 
    their magic attack power considerably.
    Either way you choose, make it to St. Bynah.
    ST. BYNAH セントビナ
    Rest up at the inn, then head to the Markt army base across from the
    Inn. Glen McGovern is saying that they cannot afford to leave St. Bynah
    now that Kaitoor's been broken through, but the elder Admiral McGovern
    wants to evacuate at least the citizens. Your party shows up and
    explains the evacuation plans.
    In the midst of the evacuation, Jade and Tear are holding off an
    intruder... it's your old friend Dist, and he's got a new robot pal
    with him! He demands Ion, but of course you aren't going to listen.
    BOSS: Kaiser Dist RX
    HP: 40000
    Weak Against Water
    He isn't much different from before; again, you should try and lead
    him away from your casters while Jade spams Splash against him. You
    shouldn't have too much trouble with him, especially if you were able
    to take out Sword Dancer earlier.
    St. Bynah begins to sink, with some people still trapped in the town.
    Guy mentions that in Sheridan they're experimenting with some flying
    capabilities. The party decides to see if they can borrow some flying
    machines and save the remaining people before St. Bynah sinks
    completely. Go west towards the bridge to get back to the Tartaros.
    Sheridan Port is on the southwest continent, about across the strait
    from Velkende Port.
    SHERIDAN PORT シェリダン港
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, All Divide, Holy Ring
    The building on the left is your second warehouse minigame. For this
    one, you'll get an Apple Gummy, All Divide, and Holy Ring. You'll also
    get 5000 Gald in thanks. While you're here, you can also do the
    game at Velkende since it's so closeby. You'll get a Pirate Doll
    (accessory for Anise which makes Tokunaga look like Chat from ToE),
    a Dark Seal, and an Apple Gummy. To get to Sheridan itself, go
    SHERIDAN シェリダン
    Treasures: Demon Seal, Savory, 3000 Gald
    The first thing to do is raid the town for treasure! The inn has a
    Savory in the room on the left and 3000 Gald in the room on the right.
    The bar has the recipe for Udon. In the back left, hit the seesaw with 
    a Mieu Attack until the chest goes flying. You'll be able to pick it up 
    near the C. Core shop for a Demon Seal. Stop by the inn for another of 
    Tear's flashbacks where she remembers being taught by Regret. 
    Incidentally, in the building behind the C. Core shop you can play the 
    music discs you've obtained so far.
    Now that all that is out of the way, return to where the seesaw was.
    Approach the talking trio here. Apparently their latest flying
    experiment went down somewhere over the Meggiora Plateau. The grandson
    of one of the men, Iemon, was in the flying machine, the Alvior.
    The trio plans to go and rescue them.
    Go to the big building near the entrance and talk to Iemon. The
    party makes a deal. They'll go and reclaim the Alvior and Iemon's
    grandson, and in exchange the trio will let you borrow the spare
    flying machine. You'll receive the Launcher, which you'll need to
    save the Alvior, here. The Meggiora Plateau is to the southwest,
    so head there once you've stocked up on essentials.
    Treasures: Weak Bottle, Wassail Rapier, Battlesuit, Misty Cloak,
    6800 Gald
    Here, you'll split your party into two teams. The tricky part is that
    you'll have a time limit of 12 minutes between both parties to find
    Ginji and the Alvior. The time limit does not count down while you're
    in the menu, but it will count down during battles, so don't spend
    too much time in them. It might even be better to run away.
    With Luke's party, head to the left. Grab the Weak Bottle from the 
    chest, then proceed up. Follow the path around and a little to the
    right and down, pick up a Wassail Rapier. Follow the path up and go
    to the right for a Battlesuit. Take the elevated path all the way to
    the left. After awhile you'll get an event; you'll be attacked by a
    BOSS: Bladerex
    HP: 40000
    Weak Against Fire
    Strong Against Earth
    Drops: Maken Nebilim, Laurel
    If you brought Jade along, frequent casting of Flame Burst will really
    help you out. Then use Luke's associated FOFs (Houshuukyaku has a Fire
    FOF Change) for good effect. The time will be running, so you have
    no time to waste.
    With your other party, head left at the fork for a Misty Cloak. Go left 
    and take the bottom path to get to a chest with 6800 Gald. Then follow
    the path around until you get to your destination. This one is much
    more straightforward. With Ginji and the Alvior safe, you'll
    automatically be taken back to Sheridan.
    Incidentally, prices are about to get a lot more expensive, so stock
    up on items and such while you can. When you're ready to go, go back
    to the left side of town again.
    Some Kimlasca troops will confront you; the party decides to run. The
    old trio is putting the finishing touches on the flying machine.
    The party rushes aboard to get away from the troops...
    The new pilot, Noel, introduces herself to you. She's Ginji's sister.
    She'll take you automatically to St. Bynah. The party manages to rescue
    everyone just before St. Bynah sinks in another anime cutscene.
    Admiral McGovern asks if there isn't anything they can do to save
    St. Bynah. Tear says that while it's floating now, if it is anything
    like Hodo, it will sink into the mantle in about a month.
    Luke thinks that maybe using the Sefirot they can bring St. Bynah back
    to the surface. Tear says that they don't know how to use the Passage
    Ring, though. Luke protests that he has to do it because of his
    responsibility, but Jade interrupts him, telling him it's no use
    rushing. He suggests going to visit Yuliacity to ask there. Now that
    St. Bynah has fallen despite it not being foretold in the Score, they
    might be more willing to help.
    You can now freely control the Alvior. The controls are about the same
    as with the Tartaros. Yuliacity is about straight west from your
    starting position. You can use the map if you get lost.
    YULIACITY ユリアシティ
    Teodoro greets you as you enter. As predicted, now that the events
    have gone against the Score he wants to save St. Bynah as well. They
    take in the citizens of St. Bynah. The man who wanted stuff before
    now wants 5 Maces, of all things.
    Go on in to the main meeting hall. Luke asks Teodoro if they can't
    save St. Bynah. Teodoro says that if they had Lorelei's Key, which
    Yulia used, they might be able to. Jade explains that Lorelei's Key
    refers to a sword and jewel used to cause the Planet Storm. They are also
    proof of the contract between Yulia and Lorelei, and are indeed made
    of Seventh Fonim. However, it was said that after the Planet Storm, 
    they sank into the ground somewhere. 
    Teodoro says that without such, raising St. Bynah to the Shell World
    is probably impossible. However, they might be able to do something
    to keep it from sinking to the mantle. He says that if they can 
    manipulate the Passage Ring to recreate a Sefirot Tree, they might be
    able to at least support St. Bynah here in Qliphoth. He says that the
    Passage Ring that controls the Sefirot Tree around St. Bynah's area is
    in the Shurrey Hill, east of St. Bynah. Ion recalls that when he was
    first kidnapped, he was taken to Shurrey Hill.
    Teodoro says that the earlier passage rings should have been protected
    by both Alberts-type and Yulia-type seals, but somehow Van broke them.
    They still don't know how Van was able to break the Yulia-type seals,
    which are supposed to be absolute.
    The party decides to head to Shurrey Hill to see what they can do.
    Again, it's to the east of St. Bynah (it fell along with St. Bynah).
    Before you do that, talk to the man standing outside on the right side.
    He has another of the ougi books that the maids mistakenly sold from
    Luke's house earlier. He wants 40000 Gald in exchange for it. While
    you can't return to Vaticle just yet, you should still trigger it now
    so you can pick up the money from your house next time you're there.
    When you're prepared, go to Shurrey Hill. Land to the east of St. Bynah
    and enter from the south.
    SHURREY HILL シュレー丘
    Treasures: Lemon Gummy, Pine Gummy, Cure Bottle, Light Plate,
    12000 Gald, Denei Bottle, Mezzisildo, Panacea Bottle, Battle Guard, 
    Specific, Carmine Chamber, Hunting Beret
    You won't even be able to see the entrance for the Passage Ring yet.
    What you'll have to do is erase three of the reddish seals with some
    Mieu Fire.
    Go right to grab a Lemon Gummy. Stand up on the little hill and Mieu
    Fire the reddish stone below you. Go left, and you'll find another
    little hill where you can erase another seal. Over to the far left
    you'll see a blue seal, but Guy will tell you to ignore it for now.
    Go up and around to find a Pine Gummy and the third seal. Once
    you erase it, the entrance wil magically appear.
    Go in to find the Passage Ring proper. There are actually monsters
    here, so be prepared. Go straight in. Ion notes something strange - 
    the Yulia-type seal hasn't been broken. Did Van manipulate the
    Passage Ring after all? Look around some more. In the back you'll
    see three purplish circles on the ground. Jade notes that those
    three circles might be sealing the Passage Ring.
    Go into the left fork first. You'll see a greenish orb on the ground.
    Pick it up, and it'll tell you you've obtained a green Fonim. So far
    so good. To the left there's a yellow one encased in a gem. Break it
    with a Mieu Attack to pick that one up. Over to the right, shoot the
    red one with a Mieu Fire to pick it up. Go in further; there's a Cure
    Bottle here. Defeat the monster carrying the blue orb for a blue
    Fonim. Continue on and go down the staircase. At the bottom you'll
    find an arrangement of some Fonims. Some seem weaker than the others.
    Place the red, green, and blue fonims as indicated, which will make a 
    bridge. You'll find the first seal. Break it with a Mieu Attack.
    You'll be teleported back to the middle area. Now take the right path.
    For this one, you'll need one of each color. Collect Fonims as before.
    The treasure chest here holds a Light Plate. Go to the right. You'll
    find 12000 Gald behind the staircase. Pick up the yellow and red
    Fonims here as well. Return to the previous room and now go up and
    right. Pick up the green Fonim here as well as a Denei Bottle. Go
    left and pick up a Mezzisildo C. Core. You can leave the yellow Fonim
    Return and now go right. Climb the stairs to the right and pull the
    mirrors such that the ray of light strikes the lens. Set the red,
    yellow, blue, and green Fonims as indicated. Once again cross the
    bridge and break the seal.
    Now for the last one. For this one you'll need two reds, a blue, a
    green, and a yellow. Pick up a Panacea Bottle and a yellow and blue
    Fonim here. Go up the middle and grab the Red Fonim. Go up and right 
    now. Pick up a Battle Guard and a Specific. Leave the yellow and blue 
    Fonims behind. Go into the door and now go down and left. Pick up a red 
    and green Fonim, and a Carmine Chamber. Return and now head up the middle
    path. Go up the stairs and you'll see three floors of objects. What you 
    want to do here is align the first and third floor objects with the second
    one. Use a Mieu Attack to hit the objects to rotate them. Rotating the 
    top one clockwise twice and the bottom one counterclockwise once should 
    do it. Place the Fonims (red blue red yellow green) and break the third
    and final seal. You'll be teleported back again. Check the Passage Ring
    again. It still doesn't seem to be working. However when Tear appraoches
    the tablet, it opens up. Anise notes what looks like directions for
    the Passage Ring, but it seems that Van has encoded it somehow. Luke
    says he'll use the Choushindou to try and decode it, and the party
    agrees to let him.
    Jade explains how the symbol for the third Sefirot is on the outside
    in red. Luke uses his Choushindou to remove the seal, and the Sefirot
    begins functioning again. Luke is extremely happy and thanks Tear
    profusely, which embarrasses her...
    Anise notes something worrying, however. An inscription says that
    this Sefirot supports pretty much all of the Rugnika plains. In other
    words, Angave might soon fall as well. They'll have to hurry and
    return to the Shell World.
    To get back to the surface you'll have to use the Sefirot to raise the
    Alvior up. Head to the Sefirot near Yuliacity (the black dot on the map
    to the northeast) to do so.
    When you arrive at the surface, you'll see another cutscene. It seems
    that the war has started in earnest. Tear says that this must be Van's
    goal. It was foretold in the Score that the war would begin on the
    Rugnika Plains. Now that the Sefirot Tree under the Rugnika Plains is
    gone, all it would take is for the ground to collapse to take out both
    armies in one blow.
    Natalia says that Kimlasca's HQ must be Kaitoor, and that she'll go
    there and stop the war. Angave is also important, because it is 
    rather defenseless. The party decides to split into two parties, one
    to go to Angave and the other to Kaitoor. Jade heads to Angave while
    Natalia goes to Kaitoor. You can choose between Angave and Kaitoor
    here. For the purposes of this walkthrough, I chose Angave first.
    Afterwards you'll have to pick a third party member. I would pick up
    Tear, since Natalia is going to Kaitoor and you'll want to have a healer
    on each side.
    After you drop off the other party at Kaitoor, you'll be taken to
    ANGAVE エンゲーブ
    Rest up at the Inn if you need to, then go to Rose's house. I'm
    sure you've noticed that because of the war, things are very
    expensive now... even Spectacles run aroud 100 Gald.
    The party decides to evacuate the villagers to Cassadonia. There are
    too many villagers for the Alvior, so you'll have to go by land.
    The children and elderly will be taken by the Alvior, while your
    party escorts the rest of the villagers.
    Your goal is to reach Cassadonia getting in as few fights as possible.
    After a little while you'll take a short rest. One of the villagers
    comes up and asks about Marco, who turns out to be Jade's subcommander.
    Unfortunately he was killed in the attack on the Tartaros... afterwards
    you'll automatically rest. Keep going west and cross the little
    bridge. You'll get another event seeing how the villagers have been
    affected by the war, and again you'll get a rest. You'll be getting
    more events like this as you go.
    Take the southern fork and keep going west. Cross the now-completed
    Rotelrow Bridge and continue on the path, again going south. After
    you cross the Rotelrow Bridge, you can save, so make use of it. Cross
    another small bridge and follow the path to Cassadonia.
    The fewer fights you got in, the fewer injured there will be. In
    exchange, you'll get some good items. In my case, with 0 fights, I got
    an Hourglass, a Magical Porch, an Ether Slash, and a Life Bottle. If
    you get in more fights, you will not get as many treasures as this.
    With this accomplished, you'll now be taken to the Kaitoor party.
    KAITOOR カイツール
    Upon entering, your party will run into Cecil, who is leading some
    troops out. Natalia tells her that she's still alive and that there's
    no reason to fight. However, Cecil says that the grand commander is
    Duke Almandine. Unfortunately, he has gone to Cassadonia to consult
    with Mose. Looks like you'll have to head to Cassadonia again. Leave
    going north.
    Again, you want to get in as few fights as possible. Just heading
    north will get you towards Angave; from there, follow the same route
    Jade's party did. Again, you cannot save on the world map until you
    cross the Rotelrow Bridge. In the first event, you'll
    run into Frings. He asks the party to leave, but Natalia says that
    they must make it to Cassadonia to stop the war. In the second event,
    Cecil will tell you pretty much the same thing, and assign some
    troops to protect you. In the third event, Frings and Cecil encounter
    each other, and Frings eventually persuades Cecil to remove the
    troops. Again, you'll receive items based on how few fights you did.
    At 0 fights, I got a Reverse Doll, Ifrit, Specific, and an Apple
    CASSADONIA ケセドニア
    Your two parties will reunite here. Head down and you'll run into
    Almandine. Natalia says that there should have been a message from
    Emperor Peony saying that reports of her death were mistaken. She
    tells him to cease hostilities immediately. Luke steps up and tells
    him that it wasn't Markt but him who was responsible for Acezelius's
    However Mose steps up and says that there is no need to listen to
    the words of a fake princess. Mose says that he once received a
    confession from a man. That man and one of the queen's maids had 
    a child, and he switched the real princess with their own child.
    As proof, he points out that the royal family of Kimlasca always had
    red hair and green eyes. The former queen had black hair; there is
    no way Natalia should have been blond.
    With Natalia stunned at the news, Almandine takes off. Mose asks
    Ion if he intends to continue trying to stop the war. But Ion
    unexpectedly says he wants to go back to Daht. Anise protests, and
    Ion again unexpectedly tells her that she doesn't have to be his
    Fonmaster Guardian anymore. He whispers to her to stay with Luke
    instead of him, and report to him on what she observes. With that
    Ion and Mose leave for Daht.
    Natalia says she is all right, and that they must go to Vaticle.
    The only person who can stop the person now is the King. Go into
    the bar close to you and talk to the man blocking the door. He
    needs a password before you can pass. suddenly somebody asks if
    you want to buy the password from them. It's the Shikkoku no Tsubasa!
    They want 7000 Gald for it. You'll get to choose whether to pay
    (second option). However, if you choose the first option you'll
    end up getting to go through without paying anyway.
    You can visit the Arijigokunin hiding here again for his third
    request. He wants a lot of stuff this time - a Miracle Gummy, Panacea
    Bottle, and an Apple. In return, you'll get a Thieves' Mantle.
    Head towards the town exit. Because of a commotion at the Zao Desert,
    you won't be able to leave. Tear suggests going to ask Aster for
    help. Off you go.
    Aster explains that a fissure in the ground has suddenly appeared in
    the Zao Desert. It appears that the land around Cassadonia is sinking 
    as well... Guy says that there must be a Passage Ring nearby that
    Van tampered with as well. Natalia says it must be at the Zao Ruins
    that they visited earlier. Jade says although Teodoro said it was
    impossible to keep the land at the Shell World, if they control the
    Sefirot Tree's output it might be possible to lower Cassadonia slowly
    to Qliphoth, rather than have it drop suddenly. The party agrees to
    Talk to the person outside Aster's room and he'll give you 3 Mixed
    Gummies, 3 Life Bottles, and 2 Panacea Bottles. Sweet! On your way
    out of town, Luke will suddenly get another communication from Asch.
    He tells him to come to the Oasis. Head there first.
    DESERT OASIS 砂漠のオアシス
    Talk to Asch, off to the right. He suddenly asks Luke if anything
    strange has happened, like if he suddenly lost consciousness or
    anything like that. Luke doesn't understand what he's saying. Asch
    doesn't explain, though. He says that Angave has begun to sink, and
    that soon the battlefield will sink as well. Natalia explains their
    plan to lower Cassadonia slowly, and Asch says that if it works, they
    might also be able to lower the Rugnika Plains slowly. He explains
    that all of the Passage Rings are connected, so that technically it
    should be possible to manipulate any Ring from a given Ring.
    Therefore if they reach the Passage Ring in the Zao Ruins, they
    should be able to control the Shurrey Hill Ring as well.
    Asch leaves, saying he needs to find out where Van intends to drop
    next. Now head to the Zao Ruins.
    ZAO RUINS ザオ遺跡
    Treasures: Pine Gummy, 7650 Gald, Lemon Gummy, Wing Bottle
    The path is the same as before. Once you get to where you fought
    Largo and Sink earlier, something attacks! Boss time!
    BOSS: Terranpion
    HP: 48000
    Drops: Resist Ring
    He's got terribly wide reach, so use your controlled character to
    draw him away from your casters. The other thing to worry about is the
    his wide sweep attack that can also poison your characters. You'll
    definitely want Natalia so she can use Recover. He doesn't have any
    weak points or trickiness otherwise, so fire away with your hi-ougis
    and everything else you have.
    With the boss dispatched, head into the ruins proper. The path is
    straightforward on the first screen; make sure you pick up the
    Pine Gummy here. On the next screen you'll spot the Passage Ring
    far below you. Head on and go all the way right for 7650 Gald and
    a Lemon Gummy. Then go down the ramp. Keep following the path
    until you finally get to the Passage Ring.
    Luckily there are no seals to break here. Under Jade's directions,
    Luke manages to inscribe the proper instructions on both Passage
    Rings. You'll get a cutscene of Cassadonia sinking. It seems that the
    party was successful in dropping Cassadonia slowly.
    Tear suddenly collapses. She swears she is all right, however.
    Nevertheless Jade and Guy say they should investigate the cause of
    it. Before you leave, go to the left and grab the Wing Bottle. This
    will let you warp out of the dungeon at the save point.
    Return to Cassadonia. You'll run into Noel as you enter. Seems that
    she arrived safely with the Alvior. Jade says that there is something
    he's worried about, so he wants to take off and look at something
    from the air. Before you do, go to the northern area of town and
    once again talk to the man who bought Tear's pendant to trigger the
    second part of this subevent. He tells you that he sold it to someone
    named Lize in Grand Cokuma.
    Exit to the north to find the Alvior. Fly around a bit and you'll see
    that the Sefirot Tree looks a little unstable. Jade says that just as
    the Passage Ring inscription warned, the Sefirot Tree has begun to go
    out of control. If this continues, the whole Shell World will end up
    Luke asks if this was foretold in the Score, but Tear says this would
    probably also be top-secret. Anise says that maybe Ion would know.
    You should go to Daht. However, before you do that, now would be a good
    time to start the Cecil and Frings subevent, which has some strict timing.
    See the section on sidequests below for deatils on that long event.
    From here, head out to the Shell World (using the Sefirot near
    Yuliacity). Head to Daht.
    DAHT ダアト
    There is quite a commotion outside the church. You'll learn that the
    war is on hold, thanks to the land disappearing, and they won't let
    any ships out here because of the danger. Go in to see Ion. As
    indicated, you'll need to go into the door on the right, then go to
    the magic seal on the ground.
    Go to the right and all the way up to find Ion's room. He's not
    there... suddenly the party hears somebody coming. They hide, and
    Mose and Dist enter. Dist asks Mose if he will fulfill his earlier
    promise. Apparently Mose wants Dist's help in restarting the war;
    in exchange, Dist wants information on how to make a replica for
    Nebilim. Mose confirms his promise, saying he'll get it from Van.
    Dist says the first step will be to get Ion to proclaim an end to
    the truce. Mose says Ion is in the library, and when he returns he'll
    get him to do so. The pair leave.
    Time to head to the library. You'll be taken there automatically.
    Luke asks him if there is anything in the Score about the Sefirot
    losing control. Ion says that actually, he has not checked the Closed
    Score. That is why he came back to Daht. He says there shouldn't be
    anything about the Sefirot, but to doublecheck he says they should go
    to the back of the chapel and check.
    You'll be taken there. Ion begins reading the score. The prophecy
    begins in the same way that the prologue and the previous reading
    began. It tells of the time up to the war beginning on Rugnika, and
    then of the defeat of Markt and the prosperity of Kimlasca Lanvaldear.
    Tear asks who the red-haired inheritor of Lorelei's power is. It can't
    be Luke, because Luke was 'born' seven years ago. That leaves Asch.
    However, the prophecy said the inheritor of Lorelei's power should have
    been destroyed along with Akzeruth. It wasn't Asch who went to Akzeruth
    in the first place, but Luke. Already the Score has been violated,
    thanks to Luke's existence.
    Suddenly, some soldiers run in. The party runs out to the Alvior.
    Rest at the inn and you'll get another flashback for Tear. On your
    way out, you'll be confronted by Mose. Dist shows up too, with Noel
    a hostage. Your entire party will be taken to Vaticle. Mose
    plans to execute Luke and cause the war to start again, to put things
    back with how the Score reads.
    On the ship, Luke wonders if maybe letting himself be executed would 
    be for the best. That way the world might still get its promised
    prosperity. Tear stops him angrily. She says that if he is not bound
    by Yulia's score, it means that he can make a future different from
    the Score.
    VATICLE バチカル
    Talk to Natalia. One of the ministers comes in, calling Natalia
    Meryl. She is being disowned by the royal family. The guards bring in
    poison. The king evidently wishes them to die painlessly.
    Suddenly you hear Tear's Tone Song. The guards all fall asleep, and
    the rest of your party rushes in. Natalia and Luke want to talk to 
    the king to find out what he really thinks, so it's off to the 
    throne room.
    In the throne room, Mose, along with Dist and Largo, are talking to
    the king. One of the maids confirms the story. The real princess
    was stillborn; therefore the maid Sylvia swapped her own daughter
    Meryl with the princess. Mose goes further, accusing Natalia of 
    plotting to destroy Akzeruth to cover up her birth's story. Luke 
    protests for Natalia, but Mose says that he has no right to talk, being 
    the one who destroyed Akzeruth in the first place. The king
    reluctantly agrees, and Mose demands their execution. The party
    runs, and Dist chases after, though Largo seems to be less willing.
    As the party runs, they encounter Asch. It seems that Asch was the
    one who let the rest of the party out of jail in the first place.
    He tells them to run as he holds the others off. Dist calls him a
    traitor, but Asch says that he too is a traitor, having leaked info
    from Van to Mose.
    As you leave the city you'll run into your gardener, who has arranged
    for the Fabre knights to clear a path out. Go down to the main
    square. Here more troops will surround you, but they are stopped by
    some townspeople. They say that some circus people told them that the
    princess was about to be executed unjustly. Asch comes by to help again,
    and the party leaves. A townsperson tells you that with the Zao Desert
    gone, to get out you'll need to go through the Inister Wetlands.
    The Wetlands are to the southwest. Follow the road until the mountains
    to the west end, then head west.
    Treasures: Talwar, Knight's Helm, 5600 Gald, Mystic Rod, 3200 Gald,
    Drain Charm, Knight's Guard, Mirage Robe
    This marshy area slows your movement rate considerably, which is
    annoying to say the least. Grab the Talwar from the chest nearby.
    Go northwest and grab a Knight's Helm. Go back south and then westwards.
    You'll get an event where Jade and Guy talk about the rumors of the
    fierce monster living here. As the party talks, you'll even see it
    peek over the horizon...
    Jade says the monster is terribly fierce and it won't be possible
    for your party to defeat it. Your saving grace is that the monster
    does not like certain flowers growing around the marsh. Incidentally,
    even if you do beat the monster, you won't get any experience, so it's
    pretty much a waste of time. You CAN run if you encounter it, so keep
    that in mind. Incidentally, it has 90000 HP and some 800+ attack, so
    it really is quite dangerous for your party to fight...
    The cutscene will have sent you back to the entrance. Return to where
    you came from. Near where you first spotted the monster you'll get
    5600 Gald and a Mystic Rod. Go south before you cross the bridge
    to pick up 3200 Gald. Now cross the bridge.
    As you head on, you'll get another event. Natalia lags behind a little,
    when the monster attacks again. Anise uses the pollen from the flowers
    to drive the monster away. Go aways northeast now to find a Drain Charm.
    Closeby to the north is a Knight's Guard. Keep going west and bend
    down south to cross another bridge. Everybody does their best to cheer
    up Natalia.
    The treasure chest a little to the southwest of the other side of the
    bridge holds a Mirage Robe. Now just keep heading west until you reach
    the exit. Here the monster attacks once again, this time separating Luke
    from the rest. Your goal here is to distract the monster long enough
    to rescue Luke. You'll be forced into battle one last time. You can still
    run though. Once again the party manages to drive the monster away.
    Now that you're out of the wetlands, it's time to head to Velkende.
    Head west until you hit some mountains, then turn north and west again. 
    Velkende Port and Velkende itself are closeby.
    VELKENDE ベルケンド
    Treasures: 6000 Gald, Poison Charm
    If you didn't do the warehouse minigame at Velkende Port earlier, now
    would also be a good time to do it. In Velkende itself, head to the
    Laboratory once again. It's time to track down Spinoza. Incidentally,
    now that you're here with Luke (and therefore Mieu), you can get two
    of the treasure chests you couldn't earlier. Hit the switch inside
    the railroad tracks with a Mieu Attack to cause the treasure chest
    inside to fly out; it has 6000 Gald. Also use Mieu Attack to break the
    boxes to the right of the Laboratory; you'll get a Poison Charm from
    the chest in one of them.
    In front of the Laboratory, some Oracle Knights greet you. Seems that
    they've mistaken Luke for Asch, and tell him that Van is waiting for
    Van and Regret are inside; Tear and Luke confront them. They ask
    Van what he's trying to do. Van says that Yulia's Score is foolish,
    and that following it will only lead to mankind's demise. He says that
    his causing the Shell World to fall is the first step to freeing the
    world from the Score. Jade says that if people die, that really isn't
    freeing them, but Van says the ones who will die are Yulia's Score
    and Lorelei. He says that Lorelei is the power behind reading the
    Score. If Lorelei is erased, then the Score will be invalid. Luke
    protests that many people will die this way, but Van says that they
    can just make Replicas of the people who died.
    Guy calls him foolish, but Van asks him if the humanity that let
    Hodo be destroyed was foolish or not. Van says his feelings haven't
    changed from his old promise, and if Guy wants to help him, he would
    gladly accept it. It seems that a long time ago Van and Guy together
    promised to erase the Fabre family in revenge for Hodo.
    A commotion outside heralds the arrival of Asch. Van says that he's
    been waiting, since without Asch's Choushindou he cannot go forward
    with his plan. But Asch refuses, saying that if he needs the
    Choushindou he should just use Luke. Van says that Luke is just a
    pale imitation, and that he cannot manipulate the Choushindou by
    himself. He says that Luke was just a pawn so that people would
    think the Score was still being followed. Van and Regret leave.
    Go to the Inn now. Outside Natalia thanks Asch for helping them in
    Vaticle. Asch says not to misunderstand; he only did it because
    Ion asked him to. Outside the Inn Guy says that what Van says is true, 
    but he no longer wants revenge against Luke. The party agrees to trust 
    Noel is with Asch, having been rescued by him. The Alvior was stripped
    by Daht, and can't fly anymore, but it can still travel on water.
    Asch gives Luke a book from Ion. It's a book on the genesis of the
    world which happens to be forbidden by the Lorelei Church. Apparently
    inside is a potential way to save the Shell World. Jade says he'll
    need a night to read it.
    In the morning talk to Jade. He says that the reason behing Qliphoth's
    turning muddy is in the core. Normally it is calm, but currently it
    is active. He says the main reason is the Planet Storm. The Planet
    Storm is that manmade worldwide fuel source. Tear explains further that
    it is caused by the Cell Particles from the core leaving the Radiate
    Gate at the first Sefirot and going back in the Absorb Gate at the
    second Sefirot. Even Dr. Sazankros, who created the Planet Storm,
    didn't think it would have any effect on the core.
    Jade explains that if the Planet Storm is stopped, Tone Magic and
    the things that rely on it, even machinery, will not function. Even
    the Passage Rings will stop functioning. However, Jade says that what
    they can do is leave the Planet Storm while trying to calm the core
    disturbance. The method to do it is in the book from Ion.
    Jade says they'll need the help of everybody in Velkende. But Asch
    says the people here are under Van and the king of Kimlasca's
    influence. Guy says that there may be a way, though. He says they
    should find a researcher named Henken.
    Go back to the laboratory. Head to the Replica research area once
    again. Check the room where Van was to find the recipe for 
    Tamago-don. Henken is standing right in front of that room. He doesn't
    want to help, saying that they'll get in trouble; Guy says that in
    that case they'll just have to take the forbidden book to Iemon in
    Sheridan. Seems that Henken and Iemon are bitter rivals. Henken
    agrees to do the job. Before that, though, he'll have to convince
    the governor.
    Go over to the governor's house, which is next to the inn. Seems
    that the governor has been easily convinced. Henken says the first
    thing they'll need to do is measure the frequency of the core
    disturbance. To do that they'll need to go to a Sefirot somewhere in
    the Shell World. With Shurrey Hill and the Zao Ruins down in Qliphoth,
    they'll have to ask in Yuliacity for the location of another Sefirot.
    However, to do that they'd have to get the Alvior back in flying
    condition. Luke says that they can use the Yuliaroad instead. 
    But Anise says that a faster way would be to go to Daht and ask Ion.
    Leave the house. You'll see Spinoza hurriedly run away. He was
    Asch says he'll catch Spinoza. You'll be given the option to jump
    to Daht. Pick the first option to go there instantly. However, pick
    the second option if you want to finish up a Spinoza subevent. To
    do this, go to Velkende Port. You'll note that with the Alvior you can
    now only go over plains or the ocean. You'll hear that somebody came
    by hurriedly and left by boat. Now go to Grand Cokuma. Near the entrance
    to town, you'll run into the Shikkoku no Tsubasa. They'll have a
    message for you; they say that Asch is angry and told them to just
    go to Daht. However, they'll say that Spinoza has a hideout in 
    Kethelburg. Go inside the inn and out again. The Shikkoku no Tsubasa
    now tell you that Asch already found Spinoza. As a reward for trying
    their best, they'll give you the Shikkoku no Tsubasa Badge, another
    key item.
    While you're here, into the alleyway next to the inn to get into the
    back of the shop. You'll find another music disk here. Also in
    this shop, you'll finally find who bought Tear's pendant. You can
    buy it back for 100,000 Gald... although pricey, the pendant raises
    magic attack and defense by 20% apiece, so it's a pretty good item.
    Finally, on the second floor of the bar you'll find the next person
    in Guy's ougi subquest. He'll tell you there's two more people left.
    The next one is in front of a spinning machine. You just left one
    in Velkende, so return there. Talk to the man here who'll tell you the
    last guy is in a small, cold house. Your final destination will be
    Kethelburg. In the plaza in the back, check the igloo to find the
    man you're looking for. With this, Guy will have learned his ougi,
    Senkuu Shoureppa.
    When you're done fooling around with all of these subevents, go to
    DAHT ダアト
    Go towards the church. The party decides to ask Anise's parents
    about the situation in town. They tell you that the Rokujinshou
    are all elsewhere. Perfect timing.
    You'll be taken automatically to Ion. Ion says the remaining Sefirot
    he knows are the Absorb Gate and Radiate Gate. Jade says since those
    places are involved in the Planet Storm, the measurements can't be
    taken there. Ion also says that the Alvior's flying device was taken
    by Dist. However, he did overhear Regret saying that there was a
    Sefirot at Tataroo Valley. That one should still be sealed, so he says
    he will accompany the party there.
    On your way out, Luke will get another communication from Asch.
    Asch says that he has bad news; Spinoza apparently leaked news of
    their plan to Van. The Rokujinshou may still stand in their way.
    Fortunately Asch sent Henken and the others to Sheridan, so they
    should be safe. You'll need to go to Sheridan to pick up the
    measuring device.
    At the town entrance, Anise's mother tells her that Arietta has
    returned. Uhoh. Unfortunately, Anise's mother told her that they
    were looking for her. Arietta shows up and attacks. Anise's mother
    covers her from an attack and gets hit instead. Jade overpowers
    Arietta and gets her to withdraw her beasts.
    Meanwhile Guy, watching the scene, has a flashback of sorts. He
    hears a woman's voice telling him to watch out. The voice then
    says that as long as his family lives on, she is satisfied. Guy says
    he now remembers...
    Anise's mother is okay, thanks to Natalia's help. She tells them
    they should look after Guy, since she's all right. Go back to the
    chapel. Luke asks Guy if he's okay. Guy says he now remembers the
    time when his family was killed. You'll see the flashback in full now.
    A woman named Mary tells Guy that he must carry on the Gardios family
    name. She tells him to hide and not make any noise. Guy addresses
    her as his older sister. She tells him to be quiet; the Kimlasca
    army has arrived.
    The voice of Duke Fabre booms not to spare even the women or children.
    Guy sees his sister cut down before his very eyes... He passed out,
    and eventually was rescued by Pear. Jade says that his fear of women
    must be psychological trauma left over from that event. The women in
    the party apologize to him for not taking it so seriously. But Guy
    brushes it off. Now you'll get an option to go quickly to Sheridan.
    Go ahead and take it if you wish (first option).
    You'll run into the Shikkoku no Tsubasa again here. Seems like they're
    helping Asch; they even brought the researchers from Velkende to
    Sheridan. Talk to Tamara and Cathy in front of the main building.
    Then go inside. Seems like the two groups still aren't getting along
    that well... Still, you'll get the device you can use to measure the
    disturbance's frequency. After measuring the frequency, if you match
    the frequency with vibrations from another device, you should be able
    to cancel it out, but making such a device would be difficult...
    after some convincing from the party, the two groups agree to work
    together to make it.
    With the plan set, now you should head to the Tataroo Valley. To get there,
    go to the island northeast of Vaticle.
    Treasures: Purple Ribbon, Carmine Chamber, Pine Gummy, 7500 Gald,
    Silk Hat, Lemon Gummy, Knight's Wand, Life Bottle, Wing Bottle, Panacea
    Bottle, Knight's Robe, 6000 Gald, Mezziarca, Mirage Mitten, Aqua Mantle
    There are new treasures here now. Grab the Purple Ribbon near the entrance.
    Cross the river and go into the hard-to-see path to get a
    Carmine Chamber. Go up and right across the river again for a Pine
    Gummy and 7500 Gald. Now return and go up the slope.
    Go left for a Silk Hat and a Lemon Gummy. Now as you go up you'll see
    a path across the river you couldn't go across before. First go to the
    left and to the meadow that you first showed up in. Your party will
    take a break and you'll get the recipe for Cake. Now cross the river, 
    then go down a little bit. Go right and then up to the mountain
    face, and use a Mieu Attack on it.
    Inside go in and to the right. It's another Fonslot which Mieu can use
    to power up the Sorcery Ring. You'll now get the Mieu Wing power, which
    will let Mieu reach some high places. Using the new action, you can
    hit the ceiling switch closeby to open the door. Go in that door for
    a Knight's Wand.
    Return and go in the previous door. You'll find a Life Bottle and Wing
    Bottle in here. Leave the cave and now keep going right. Anise will
    spot something she calls the legendary "Blue Gorgonhodo Butterfly".
    She's only interested in it because it's worth 4000000 Gald though...
    An earthquake happens, and Anise almost falls over the edge. Guy help
    pull her up despite his fear of women. Jade mentions how much money
    he probably has, which of course draws Anise's attention...
    Save at the save point. Hit the tree with a Mieu Attack to get a chest
    with a Panacea Bottle. Now go up the slope. The treasure chests in
    the trees can be gotten with Mieu Wing. This one has a Knight's
    Robe. The next one you see has 6000 Gald.
    A little bit further, you'll see what seems to be a monster in the
    mist... the party identifies it as a Uniselos. It seems to be suffering
    somehow, however. Another one suddenly shows up behind the party.
    BOSS: Uniselos
    HP: 54000
    Weak Against Dark
    Strong Against Wind, Light
    Drops: Protect Ring, Saffron
    The most annoying thing about this boss is his ability to cause
    weakness, which halves your max HP. Again, have Natalia in for her
    ability to use Recover (as well as useful healing). Otherwise he isn't
    too much to worry about. He has a charge attack, so don't put yourself
    between him and your casters.
    After the battle, the party uses Mieu to talk to the Uniselos. It
    seems that the Uniselos was aggravated by Shouki, and therefore became
    aggressive. Luke says that there isn't any Shouki around, but Mieu
    says that the Uniselos said Tear is breathing Shouki. She doesn't
    know why. Guy wonders if it's because she was born in Qliphoth. The
    Uniselos then thanks Tear for healing him and leaves. Tear seems to be
    bothered somehow...
    With the Uniselos defeated, you'll see the door to the Passage Ring.
    Ion opens the seal. Go to the left first to grab a Mezziarca C. Core.
    Then go in deeper. You'll see a tuning fork-like device. Hit it with
    a Mieu Attack, which will cause the sound-triggered switches to
    activate. This opens the door. Further in you'll get to the Passage
    Ring itself. This one doesn't seem to activate in response to Tear.
    You'll have to break the seal first. Go towards the up and right and
    you'll notice a stream of wind...
    In the next room, hit the right tuning fork first, then the left one.
    This should open the next door. In the next room, grab the Mirage
    Mitten on the top floor, then go through. Sound the tuning fork here
    to turn off the wind, which will release the seal. You can't get the
    treasure chest here yet. 
    Go left and you'll see a three-tiered platform. First hit the fork
    in the middle platform. Go to the top platform, then hit the left
    fork, then the right fork. Now go to the bottom and again hit the
    left fork and the right fork. Finally hit the fork in the middle
    platform again. This will cause a new stream of wind to blow. 
    Return to the previous screen and hit the fork here again. With the
    crossing streams of wind you can now use Mieu Wing to get to the
    chest, which contains an Aqua Mantle.
    Go back to the Passage Ring now. Tear notes that Van hadn't come to
    this Passage Ring. Jade directs Luke to prepare the Passage Rings
    for eventual use if they need to lower more of the Shell World
    gradually. The party also measures the frequency of the core's
    Now leave. You can use the Wing Bottle at the save point to get out
    quickly. Time to head back to Sheridan.
    SHERIDAN シェリダン
    Go into the main meeting hall. The old guys are now modifying the
    Tartaros so that it can even go into the core. You'll be told that they
    need a little more time to finish up. 
    Outside Luke wonders if maybe they shouldn't tell the rulers of Kimlasca
    and Markt their plans, at the very least. Natalia says that would mean
    going back to Vaticle. Luke says they should go; the townspeople tried
    so hard to save them. Now it's their turn to save the townspeople. He
    wants to convince the king of Kimlasca to give up hostilities altogether.
    They should be lowering the Shell World with the cooperation of
    Kimlasca, Markt, and Daht. Natalia asks for time to think about it,
    since she is still afraid of being rejected completely by the king.
    You'll be left alone for now.
    To proceed, talk to Natalia off to the right on the first screen.
    Then go to the inn and rest. Natalia goes out to look at the ocean, and
    Luke follows her; suddenly Asch shows up. Asch tells her that it's not
    like her to be afraid. He says that there are so many thousands of
    townspeople in Vaticle who are on her side. Asch then recalls the
    promise he and Natalia made as children - 'when we grow up, let's
    change this country, so that the poor don't suffer, and that people
    don't suffer under war; let's change it together'.
    Luke runs into Tear on the way back. Luke wonders if maybe he hadn't
    been born, that Natalia and Asch could've had a happy life together.
    But Tear reminds him that if he hadn't, Asch should've died at
    Akzeruth. She tells him that thinking about how things would be if one
    hadn't been born is meaningless - one should not deny the experiences
    that life has to offer.
    In the morning, Natalia decides to head to Vaticle after all. Jade
    has prepared a letter to the king explaining the situation, as well as one
    more thing that needs to be taken care of - the Shouki. The Shell World
    was raised in the first place to escape the Shouki, and even if they
    should lower the entire world safely, they would still have to take
    care of it. Thus, Kimlasca, Markt, and Daht will all have to work
    together on this problem.
    Now it's time to go to Vaticle.
    VATICLE バチカル
    Go up to the palace. Upon entering, you'll want to go to the king's
    personal room, which is on the left side, second floor. Ingobert
    is surprised to see Natalia again. Luke says there should be no need
    for troops for his daughter. The king says his daughter is dead, but
    Luke says that 17 years of memories should tell him that his daughter
    is standing right there. He says the memories between a parent and
    child belong to them alone. The king says he understands that, but...
    Natalia says that if he decides she is a criminal, that is fine with
    her. She only wants him to stop hostilities with Markt. The others
    add their arguments. Jade presents his letter. The king asks them to
    come again tomorrow.
    Take a rest at the inn in town. You'll be taken automatically to the
    throne room. The king says he's read the letter. He notes that its
    contents are different from the Sixth Tone Tablet's Score. Luke says
    that his birth resulted in the departure from the Score. Natalia says
    that they can't rely on the Score anymore for prosperity. It is their
    duty as royalty to do what they can to bring prosperity for their
    country. Luke asks the king to make peace with Markt. Mose and the
    king's advisor try to convince the king not to listen, but Ion and
    Jade say that bloodline doesn't matter here. Natalia says that with
    her 17 years by the king's side, she declares that it is her love for
    her father and her country that causes her to ask for peace.
    The king agrees, telling his advisors that he cannot ignore his
    daughter's words. Even if she is not his real daughter, he will never
    forget the first time she called him father.
    With that done, the next step is to visit Emperor Peony in Markt. But
    before that, now that the King's been convinced you can do some more
    subevents. First and foremost, the battle arena here in Vaticle is
    now open. Check it out if you wish. You should also stop by Luke's
    house to pick up the money from Luke's mother that you need to buy his 
    ougi book from the merchant back in Yuliacity. At Luke's house, also 
    talk to Pear in the front hall. This will help you get the sword he was 
    looking at later.
    Now go to Grand Cokuma.
    GRAND COKUMA グランコクマ
    Off to the throne room you go. Peony says they should have a formal
    peace treaty meeting at someplace neutral. Normally Daht would be the
    best, but with Mose there, Luke suggests Yuliacity instead. To get
    there, you'll need to make the Alvior flyable again. Therefore you'll
    need to get the flying device Dist stole, which is now in Daht.
    While you're in the area, stop by the Theor Forest and get the treasure
    chest from the tree that you couldn't earlier. Now that you have Mieu
    Wing, you can get a Kurtles Bow for Natalia, and extremely powerful
    bow. With this, she'll be doing a lot more damage than Luke or Guy
    or anybody else until they get better weapons...
    DAHT ダアト
    Treasures: Mixed Gummy, Red Savory, Killer Bow, Epee
    Head to the church. Outside somebody throws something at Anise. It's
    a letter from Dist. He tells you that if you want the flying device
    back, to go to the 'place of the vow', and that the flying device
    definitely isn't in Daht. Definitely, definitely not in Daht. Of
    course, your party doesn't believe it. The 'place of the vow' is
    Kethelburg. Jade suggests letting him wait and freeze there while they
    actually look for the flying device. To make sure, your party asks
    Tritheim. Tritheim tells Ion that while he's been gone, Mose has
    taken a lot of Oracle Knights to the Aramis Well. Apparently they've
    been sent to the Yuliaroad so that you'll have no choice but to try
    and get the flying device back from Dist. Tritheim also confirms that
    Dist is gone, and says that Liner might know more.
    Leave the church and go right. You'll be able to enter a shortcut
    to the Oracle Headquarters. Inside you'll be forced into a fight
    with some Oracle Knights. They're nothing to worry about.
    Go to the right. In the little depression in the wall, take the elevator
    up to the top level. Go up a little and use Mieu Wing to reach the ladder;
    there's a Mixed Gummy in the room up here as well as a Red Savory up and
    to the left. Go back down and go to the left and use Mieu Wing to reach the
    treasure chests with a Killer Bow and an Epee. The Killer Bow is
    nowhere near as good as the bow you got in the Theor Forest, but
    you might as well pick it up...
    Take the elevator back down. Go to the left staircase and go through
    the door there. Go all the way back and then down around the long
    staircase as before.
    You'll find Liner down here. With some 'persuasion', you'll obtain the
    flying device. Now leave the Oracle Headquarters.
    Ion says there is one more thing to be done. Because Cassadonia is
    neutral of Kimlasca, Markt, or Daht, they too should be included. 
    Thus, you should go speak to Aster of Cassadonia first.
    With the Alvior fixed, you can now fly again. If you wish to go into
    sea mode, all you have to do is keep moving the left analog stick
    up. You still can't land on snow or sand or go through blizzards yet,
    Go down to Qliphoth. Go to Cassadonia and speak with Aster; he's happy
    to go with you. The party will rest for the night. Luke wants to talk
    to Tear about the Shouki. Even though it's known that the Shouki is
    bad for people, he wants to know more detail about it. Tear says that
    although people should be alright if they don't stay in it a long time,
    if things remain like this 80% of the people in the next generation
    will probably die... Tear reminds him that is why the countries are
    going to work together to take care of the Shouki. Luke still feels
    that he should be able to do more. Tear tells him that people can't
    do much by themselves, but that's why they work together.
    Now go to Yuliacity.
    YULIACITY ユリアシティ
    The two kings sign the peace treaty. Suddenly Guy interrupts. He
    says that the same sort of treaty was signed after the Hodo War. He
    asks them if the kings are serious in keeping the treaty this time.
    King Ingobert says that Hodo was in keeping with the Score. Guy
    says that many Kimlascans were also killed, including his mother.
    He draws his sword on the king. Guy says his mother was Eugenie
    Cecil. The king had sent her in marriage to Duke Gardios as a sign
    of the peace treaty.
    Duke Fabre tells him that if he wants revenge, he should stab Duke
    Fabre right there. It was Duke Fabre who killed Guy's family. Guy
    says his mother is one thing, but involving all of Hodo is something
    Emperor Peony says that if he's drawing his sword he should point it
    at him. Hodo wasn't destroyed by Kimlasca; it was destroyed by Markt.
    There was research into Fomicry being done on Hodo. To keep the
    research from falling into Kimlasca's hands, Emperor Peony's father
    decided to erase both Hodo and Kimlasca at once. Somehow Markt 
    created a link between all of the Fomicry research subjects and caused
    a Choushindou, which destroyed Hodo. Jade goes on that the research
    subject was an 11 year old that might have been known to Guy, as he
    was a boy serving under the Gardios family. He was of the Fende family.
    But Tear asks if it was Vandesdelca Must Fende. In other words, it was
    Van. That is why Van knew all about the Replica experiments.
    Ion convinces Guy to put his sword away. Teodoro suggests ending the
    meeting. You'll end up in Tear's room. Don't forget to buy back Luke's 
    ougi from the merchant here. Luke will learn Raijinken.
    Go to the meeting room once again and talk to Teodoro. With the peace
    treaty under way, the kingdoms will work on what to do about the Shouki.
    Your task is to settle the core's disturbance. Thus you'll have to
    head to Sheridan.
    If you first take a detour to Kaitoor Port, you'll see the next part in
    the Cecil and Frings subevent. Also if you go to Grand Cokuma, you'll get 
    another scene with the Shikkoku no Tsubasa. You'll get the Shikkoku Key. 
    You'll be using this on a fun subevent (Namco Island) later.
    SHERIDAN シェリダン
    Go into the main meeting hall again and talk to Iemon. They tell you
    that the modifications of the Tartaros have been completed. It's
    waiting at Sheridan Port. All that remains to be done is to take it
    to where Akzeruth used to be and drop it into the core. They need to
    engage the shields, which means they'll only have 130 hours worth of
    power. That means that as soon as you leave town you'll be working
    under a time limit. It takes about 5 days to sail to Akzeruth, so
    that means that from entering the core to exiting you'll only have
    about 10 hours total to complete things. Also, the Alviors will be
    used to leave the core, so they'll be shut up in the Tartaros's dock -
    again, that means once you start, you can't use the Alvior.
    Therefore, only go talk to Iemon again after you're absolutely ready to
    start. Rest at the inn here for another Tear flashback event. Regret
    gave Tear her mother's pendant on Van's directions. She tells Tear that
    if she should die in battle, to inspect the pendant. If you've seen
    these events, Tear will get a title here.
    Talk to Iemon and pick the second option when you're ready. As soon
    as you leave, you'll be ambushed by the Oracle Knights, led by Regret.
    Once again it was Spinoza that leaked the info. Regret says that the
    Oracle Knights are also taking care of things at the port, so they
    should just give up. Tamara causes a distraction and Iemon tells you
    to run to the port. The south exit is blocked, so leave town to the 
    north, on the right side. As you leave, some troops from Kimlasca arrive.
    Natalia tells them to help the townspeople. Off you go to the port.
    SHERIDAN PORT シェリダン港
    As you enter, Jade notices sleeping gas lingering over the port. Jade
    uses his magic to clear the air. You're greeted by Henken, Cathy, and
    Aston. It was them who actually used the sleeping gas to prevent the
    Oracle Knights from taking the Tartaros.
    However, Van soon shows up, with Spinoza at his side. Regret arrives
    as well. Jade tells Luke they have no time to fight; the elders try
    to cover their path as they run to the ship. Van leaves, and Regret
    tells him that Sink at least made it in time.
    On board, Jade says that because of the disturbance they've already
    lost one hour. Suddenly the alarm sounds. Seems there's an intruder.
    The party wonders why Van wants the core disturbance to remain so
    badly, but they have to focus on other things first. You'll get a
    nice cutscene as the Tartaros arrives at its destination and begins
    descending towards the core.
    Once you arrive, Guy and Natalia note that they saw something shining
    out the window. Guy says that he saw it once as a kid in Hodo. But
    Jade says that they have no time to discuss.
    Out on the deck, the magic circle that Iemon said would be on deck
    isn't there. Sink pipes up and says he erased it. Then he attacks...
    BOSS: Sink
    HP: 83500
    Drops: Mental Ring
    He's not that hard (thankfully, since you just had a long cutscene
    with no saving...). Again, if he casts a spell at your character,
    run far away from your allies and then dodge the spell itself once
    it goes off. His ougis take a little while to activate, so as soon
    as you see him 'spark' run away and you should have no problem.
    Sink's mask is knocked off, and the party is surprised at what they
    see - Sink looks like Ion. Ion says that he too must be a Doushi
    replica. Guy asks him what he means by 'too', and Ion explains that
    he himself is the seventh Replica of the real Doushi Ion. It's only
    been two years since he was born. That is when Anise was assigned to
    him. The reason he released Arietta from service was because he had
    no memory of her. The real Ion almost died from sickness. Thus Van
    and Mose used Fomicry to create the replicas. Sink says that this Ion
    was the one who was the closest in power to the real Ion. The rest
    were considered as failures. They were thrown alive into the Zaleho
    Volcano. Only Sink was left. Ion tells him they should escape together,
    because they're the same.
    But Sink refuses. He says the reason he is alive is so Van can use him.
    He then jumps off the Tartaros...
    Jade reminds the party they have no time. Guy says that Sink erased
    the magic circle, but Jade says he'll draw it anew. He asks Luke
    and Tear to help.
    Jade says he'll create Fonims, and that Luke should use Mieu Fire
    to move those Fonims. Tear will give the directions. Get ready for
    a terribly annoying minigame. You have to use the Mieu Fire to chase
    the ball of light along the path on the ground. If you shoot the ball
    even a little off-angle, it goes off the path and you'll have to start
    over again. Also, there's a time limit, so you don't have the time to
    carefully check your angle each time. At least you can do it as many
    times as you need to. If you give up altogether, you can let Tear do
    it (second option), but then you lose out on a title for Tear.
    As you finish, Luke gets another communication. It's not Asch, though.
    The voice begs him to release him from his eternal prison. The voice
    notices Tear closeby and calls her of the blood of Yulia. He says
    he'll borrow her power.
    Tear begins glowing and speaks the words of the voice. The voice
    through Tear addresses Luke as one of his "Isotopes". The voice then
    says that humans call him Lorelei. He tells Luke that his Fonim
    Signature is the same as that of the Seventh Fonim itself. He and
    Asch are the perfect Isotopes of Lorelei.
    Lorelei then tells Luke that something is sucking up his power. That
    is the cause of the core disturbance and the Sefirots going wild.
    He says that they may have calmed the disturbance, but as long as
    Lorelei is kept captive...
    Tear stops glowing and collapses. Jade says they have to get out of
    there fast; discussions come later. In the Alviors, Natalia says they
    should at least have a doctor look at Tear. With that, the party decides
    to go to Velkende.
    VELKENDE ベルケンド
    Go to the Governor's house. He tells you to talk to Shu at the laboratory
    to look at Tear. You'll be taken there automatically. Shu says that
    Tear's Fonims are in an unstable state. In fact, the unstable state of
    her Fonims resembles the Shouki. When she operated the Passage Rings,
    it seems that the Shouki entered Tear. Shu says that if she continues
    to do so, she may lose her life.
    Go over to the right and talk to Tear. Luke is worried for Tear, and says
    that now that they've stopped the core disturbance maybe they don't
    need to lower the rest of the Shell World. Tear says that the Passage
    Rings won't hold much longer. They have to continue with the plan. Luke
    asks her if she isn't even a little afraid or anything. Tear asks him
    to leave, saying she doesn't want him to see her like this.
    Now to find the next Sefirot. Tear says somebody from Yuliacity is in
    town, and that the party should ask them. Leave the clinic area, then 
    go up and left. The scholar tells you that the locations are the
    furthest part of the Meggiora Plateau and the Roneal Snowy Mountain.
    Ion says that when the Rokujinshou went there they were attacked by
    fierce monsters. He suggests leaving that for last. So you'll go
    to the Meggiora Plateau first. As you leave the scholar adds that
    the Sefirot at the Meggiora Plateau is upstream of the Nilny River.
    Without a boat or something they won't be able to enter.
    Take the Alvior in the direction of Sheridan Port. Southwest of
    that port you'll see a river snaking into the continent. Switch to
    sea mode and head up the river. After snaking around for awhile
    you'll be able to enter the Plateau.
    Treasures: 4800 Gald, Royal Guard, Katana, Mixed Gummy, Battleaxe, Duel 
    Helm, Full Plate, 7200 Gald, Hamayumi, Marcato, Miracle Gummy
    Go a little north and then west under a bridge. Turn south to pick up
    4800 Gald. Go a little more west and follow the path south and you'll 
    find a Royal Guard. There's also "Entrance #4" here; go inside and use
    Mieu Wing to pick up a Katana and a Mixed Gummy. Return east and now go 
    north until you hit the top, then turn east again. Double back west to get 
    to a save point; nearby under the bridge are a Battleaxe and a Duel Helm. 
    Go back east and turn south as soon as you can. Follow the path around west 
    in a clockwise motion. This will take you to two chests with a Full Plate
    and 7200 Gald. Backtrack counterclockwise til you reach the northmost
    point of the plateau again and turn east. Go all the way east and then
    turn south to pick up a Hamayumi. Still isn't as good as the bow you
    found in the Theor Forest...
    Go back to the western part of the area. In the middle you should see
    a save point and a glowing door. Make your way there. When you get
    close, Regret shows up. She tells Tear to stop doing what she's doing;
    she adds that Van is worried about her. She says she knows about what's
    happening to her. She asks Tear if the world is really worth sacrificing
    herself for. She reminds Tear of the truth behind the destruction of
    Tear acknowledges that Van's words were true. Regret says that if they
    go with her, Van will spare her and Guy, the other survivor from Hodo.
    Guy asks what's wrong with the world as-is. Regret counters that they'll
    never be able to escape the Score otherwise. As she leaves, she tells
    the party that soon they'll know how powerful the Score is; despite
    some deviations, history is proceeding according to the Seventh Score.
    Tear asks if Van's found the Seventh Tone Tablet; this suddenly
    reminds Guy of something, and he says he must have already seen it.
    It was in Hodo. Van, as part of the Fende family, knew about it, since
    the Fende family is descendents of one of the Seven Wise Men who
    served Yulia. Therefore the Seventh Tone Tablet fell into the core
    along with Hodo. The glowing they saw as they entered the core must
    have been it.
    Regret dropped something on the way out, and Tear picks it up...
    Continue on and Ion will undo the seal once again. Save and go in.
    Go left to pick up a Marcato C. Core and right for a Miracle Gummy.
    Go straight in now and you'll see an odd looking machine. Guy is
    terribly excited about it... Go to the back and you'll find an
    elevator. However, it's dead. Guy says that if they replace the
    engine it can be fixed... the only other energy source nearby is
    the robot they saw earlier. You'll have to fight it. Examine it and
    pick the second option...
    BOSS: Maintefonigo
    HP: 57000
    Weak Against Water, Wind
    Drops: Opal
    Its lasers are dangerous, but otherwise he can't do much. Again,
    don't stand between it and your casters lest he laser all of you.
    You should have no trouble if you do so.
    Now, if you are playing on higher difficulties, you might have some
    problems with him. His biggest problem is his "Connect" skills which
    lets him cast magic with absolutely no casting time. This is where the
    other entrances (2-5) in the plains come in. If you're having trouble
    beating him, go to the other entrances and solve the block puzzles there.
    Doing so will seal one of his four elemental Connect skills; 2 seals
    Fire, 3 seals water, 4 seals wind, and 5 seals earth. However, you can
    only seal 3 of the 4; once you get to the last one, Guy tells you you
    can't do anymore. 
    Guy fixes the elevator; now on you go. At the bottom you find the
    Passage Ring. Jade asks Tear to put something on her arm. It's a
    device to measure her blood Fonims. This should tell them if the
    Passage Rings are really the cause of her sickness. She then
    activates the Passage Ring. Luke inscribes the same directions that
    he did in the Tataroo Valley. According to the readings it seems that
    the doctor's words were true; the Passage Ring somehow passed 
    Shouki into Tear. The Passage Rings respond to tear because she is
    descended from Yulia. Guy asks how the Seventh Fonim became infected
    by the Shouki. Jade says that it's possible that the core itself
    is infected. But if it's true that the core is the source, they may
    be able to do something about it. The party decides to return to
    Velkende to look into the possibility some more.
    Leave the ruins and head back to the Alvior. On your way, you'll run
    into Aston. He's the only survivor of all the elders... Suddenly
    Guy and Jade see Spinoza spying on them all. Aston chases after him.
    Continue on. Near the entrance you'll run into Aston again. He's
    stolen Aston's Alvior and has taken off. Leave the plains yourself
    and you'll automatically start chasing Spinoza. However, before you go
    go over to Entrance #4 (over on the far west side of the map). There's
    two treasure chests you can get here with Mieu Wing, a Mixed Gummy
    and a Katana.
    As you chase him something seems weird with his Alvior. It begins to
    smoke, and suddenly crashes. You'll automatically land near Velkende.
    VELKENDE ベルケンド
    Your party finally corners Spinoza. Spinoza says that he went to
    Sheridan to visit everybody's graves, and upon seeing Aston leave for
    the Meggiora Plateau, went there himself to apologize to Aston. It
    seems that he's finally begun to regret his actions. Luke says he
    believes him, as his own actions were somewhat similar.
    Jade says that if he really feels that way, he wants him to work on
    a way to counter the Shouki. Spinoza agrees.
    The Governor tells you that the people from the laboratory have a
    message for you. The next Sefirot is near the church in Daht. Ion
    says this is the first he's heard of such a thing. Still, it's time
    to go to Daht.
    DAHT ダアト
    Ion mentions that there's a rumor that the Church has a secret passage
    to the Zaleho Volcano, so it's not unlikely that there might be a
    Passage Ring in there too. 
    Upon entering the church you'll run into Mose. Mose will point out
    the location of the Passage Ring you're looking for. Luke asks him where
    Van is, but Mose says that Van has abandoned his duties and is off
    with the Rokujinshou somewhere. On the surface, at least, Mose has
    cut ties with Van. Half of the Oracle Knights have even gone with
    Go into the door on the right, climb to the second floor, and exit
    into the left door. Go to the previously indicated door and just follow
    the path from there. Down in the library you'll start looking for
    the secret passage. Anise finds it after a bit. Enter and you'll find
    the magic circle that will take you to the Zaleho Volcano.
    Treasures: Arc Wand, Stressido, Wing Bottle, Cobalt Chamber, Druid
    After crossing the bridge, go left for an Arc Wand. On the right is
    a Stressido C. Core. On the next screen go up at the fork for a Wing 
    Bottle. Go down and down again the fork for a Cobalt Chamber. Then go
    left and you'll find the next sealed door. After Ion breaks it, go
    At the end of the path is a Druid Cloak. Then go down the slope.
    You'll find a torch-like object. A little further on is an unlit
    torch. Mieu Fire it to make a path appear. Proceed and you'll find
    a platform with a monster. Defeat the monster and it will leave a block.
    Push the block off the right side so you'll have a platform to stand
    on to reach the next torch. At the end of the trail enter the bottom
    door. Defeat the monster and push the block all the way to the right.
    Now go to the upper door. Defeat the monster here and push the block
    off to the right so that it stacks upon the previous block. Go back
    to the bottom door and use the blocks to hit the torches. Now just
    follow the path to reach the Passage Ring. You won't be able to do
    anything with the area beyond the other torches yet.
    Luke once again inscribes the instructions into the Passage Ring.
    Jade suggests returning to Velkende and seeing what Spinoza's come
    up with. Use the Wing Bottle you got at the save point to leave in
    a hurry. Leave town and go to Velkende.
    Go to the lab on the left. Spinoza says Jade's plan may work. Jade's
    plan is to use the momentum of the falling Shell World and the "Dividing
    Line" that is created by the force of the Sefirot to push the Shouki
    into the core itself. Afterwards, if they stop all of the Passage 
    Rings, the Shouki shouldn't be able to escape from the core. The party
    agrees to rest at the inn before leaving for the Roneal Snowy Mountain.
    Tear goes off to get more medicine. Go to the inn and take a rest.
    In the morning, Tear has gone missing. Seems Asch had come to visit
    Spinoza, and he, Tear, and a group of researchers looking for Fonimin
    left port earlier. Tear left a mineral in her room from the Wyon
    Mirror Cave. Now go there yourself. To remind you, the entrance is
    on the southwest side of the continent Sheridan is on.
    Go in and you'll be stopped by some Oracle Knights. However, Regret
    interrupts and says that Van said to let them pass. Regret says that
    they're probably looking for Tear. She'll let them pass for now, but
    at Roneal Snowy Mountain they'll settle things once and for all...
    Go back to the lab area you found your first time here.
    When you arrive, Van and Asch are fighting. Van notes the party's
    arrival and tells Tear and Asch to leave with them. Tear protests
    that if he continues what he's doing the Shouki will make him ill, just
    like it made her. Van says that even so, he must free the world from
    the Score. Jade says that making Replicas takes a lot of Seventh Fonim.
    There isn't enough Seventh Fonim in the world to replicate as much
    as he wants to. But Asch says that he intends to use the power of
    Lorelei. If the core is disturbed, the Planet Storm becomes stronger
    and more Seventh Fonim will be formed. However, Luke and company stopped
    Jade says that Fomicry is still not perfect. The replicas may just
    be destroyed right away. Van says that is the result of the replica
    being separated from the Seventh Fonim. If the separation is prevented,
    then so too will the replica's destruction. Jade says that Fonims
    accumulate; the Seventh Fonim will just separate and return to the
    Planet Storm. Tear says his plan is to destroy Lorelei altogether; 
    that way there is no place for the Seventh Fonim to return to. Also
    without the Seventh Fonim, there will be no more Score. 
    To do so, however, he needs Asch. Van leaves, telling Asch he'll be
    waiting at the Absorb Gate. Asch tries to chase after him, but he's
    too injured. He looks over at the cages with the Cheagles that were
    the subject of the replica experiments, and notes that one of them
    is gone... he tells Natalia that he has no time left, and leaves.
    Time to leave yourself, and go to Sheridan.
    You'll be taken there automatically. Go into the main meeting hall.
    Luke asks Tear why she went. Tear says she knew that Van would be
    affected the same way she was by the Passage Ring. Regret had dropped
    the mineral from the Wyon Mirror Cave earlier, as if to call her
    there. She wanted to try and convince Van to give up his plan. But
    he refused.
    The party now prepares to go to the Roneal Snowy Mountain. Jade asks
    to stop by Kethelburg first; Nefly might know something about the
    mountain. Off to Kethelburg.
    KETHELBURG ケテルブルク
    Treasure: Hollow Girl Doll
    Go to Nefly's office on the left side of town. When you arrive, she
    tells Jade that somebody named Safir fell in the town square and is
    just lying there. Luke asks who Safir is and Jade replies that that's
    Dist's real name... Nefly reminds Jade of a promise he apparently
    made with Safir, because he's just lying there and saying "Is Jade
    here yet..." repeatedly... Guy remembers the letter that they got
    from Dist challenging them to come to Kethelburg. Jade says that's
    perfect, because they can ask him about the Rokujinshou on the
    While you're here, check the house next to Nefly's office. Inside
    one of the drawers has a "Hollow Girl Doll", which will dress
    Tokunaga up as Presea from ToS and give Anise the ability to do
    Presea's signature move, Shikou Metsuryuusen. I don't believe you
    could get this earlier as the house was locked, but maybe you can...
    Go to the hotel now. Dist looks funny even when sleeping... Jade
    interrogates him with the rest of the party wondering what's going
    on... Jade says that because of the earthquakes, some avalanches have
    taken place. There's also some strong monsters living there. Now off
    you go.
    On the first floor of the hotel, you can now trigger the third part
    of Luke's ougi event. Talk to the man at the counter on the right.
    Go back to Vaticle and get more money from Luke's mother, and
    return. Luke will learn Ganzan Messaijin.
    Also, the casino now has new prizes on the second page, and the max bet 
    has been upped. Check it out if you have time.
    When you're ready, leave town from the north exit and head west. 
    Follow the mountains until you reach the entrance to the Roneal
    Snowy Mountain.
    Treasures: Wing Bottle, Pine Gummy, Lemon Gummy, Aquamarine, Panacea 
    Bottle, Denei Bottle, Mithril Guard, Nolessido, Battle Bow, Treat, Pine 
    Gummy, Glass Chamber
    Hitting the snow-covered trees with a Mieu Attack will sometimes drop
    out a treasure chest. In the first screen there is a Wing Bottle in 
    one of these trees, straight in from the entrance. Go right from this
    tree to find a little nook with a Pine Gummy in it. Now go left.
    Hit one of the trees here to make a Lemon Gummy fall out of the tree.
    Go up the slope to the right for an Aquamarine. Go left from here to
    the next screen.
    You'll get an event where you hear the wind. Jade offers to tell a ghost
    story about a woman who died on this mountain. Natalia seems excited, 
    but Tear thinks otherwise. Go to the right into the nook for a Panacea
    Bottle. Go left and you'll see an icy patch of ground. If you touch
    this you'll slip back to the previous screen; however, on the way down
    you can grab a Denei Bottle from a treasure chest off to the left.
    Now make your way into the cave entrance you saw. Mieu Fire the pile
    of snow here to reveal a chest with a Mithril Guard. Follow the path 
    along. Grab the Nolessido C. Core from the chest. Exit the cave
    and follow the path some more.
    The party hears Regret's voice being carried on the wind. The Rokujinshou
    are here as well... Continue on to find a chest with a Battle Bow (STILL
    not as good as the bow you should've found earlier) and a save point.
    On the next screen, follow the path a bit; there is a treasure chest
    hidden by the camera angle with a Treat here, so look carefully. Proceed
    on and Regret will ambush you. Largo and Arietta are with her as well.
    BOSS: Regret, Largo, Arietta
    HP: 29000
    Strong Against Light
    HP: 26000
    HP: 32000
    Strong Against Earth, Fire
    Drops: Sapphire Ring, Red Sage, Misty Mark, Red Lavender, Reflect Ring
    Thankfully, each of their individual HPs is on the low side. I would
    focus on taking Arietta down first, both because of her low HP and
    her propensity to cast dangerous AoE spells. Incidentally, you can 
    steal a "Girl Who Travels Time Doll" for Anise from her (it's a doll
    of Riara from ToD2). After that focus your attacks on either Regret
    or Largo to take them down one at a time.
    The battle's disturbance causes an avalanche... Luke wakes up and the
    party seems fine. The Rokujinshou seem to have fallen into the
    crevasse... Luckily the avalanche has carried you right next to the
    entrance to the Passage Ring. Ion opens the seal.
    Go inside and you'll find a Pine Gummy in the first area. Follow
    the path to an elevator and take it down. You'll eventually come across
    the Passage Ring. Luke links all of the Passage Rings to the Absorb
    Gate and Radiate Gate. Suddenly the area begins shaking. Jade says
    that Cell Particles are flowing in reverse from the Absorb Gate.
    Van has arranged so that the linking of the rings will actually
    reactivate the core. If this continues, the entire Shell World other
    than the Absorb Gate will sink all at once. The party agrees that
    they must go stop Van. But first, they need to drop off Ion at a town
    so he can rest. If you take the path down and to the right now, you'll
    see a save point that you can use to escape with a Wing Bottle. But
    first go left. On the first screen you'll get a Glass Chamber. Now 
    leave; there's nothing else for you to do here yet.
    KETHELBURG ケテルブルク
    When you arrive back in Kethelburg, Noel has some bad news for you;
    the cold area has frozen the Alvior's workings. Nefly is helping to
    fix it, but it'll take at least one night... The party splits up.
    Find your party members in the following locations: Mieu - right
    where you start; Jade - in front of the town entrance; Tear - to
    the left of the hotel; Ion - Nefly's office; Anise - in front of
    Nefly's office; Natalia - northern square; Guy - casino. After all 
    this, head to the hotel. As you approach the counter, Tear tells you 
    that you've received a message from King Ingobert and Emperor Peony. 
    The Shell World now is so unstable that it could drop at any time, maybe
    even before they have time to activate the Radiate Gate.
    In the middle of the night Luke gets another headache; he sees Asch
    talking to Noel outside. Luke asks Asch to help them defeat Van, but
    he refuses. Luke notices that he's injured, though. Asch leaves on
    his own.
    Your party reunites in the morning. Ion says he'll await the party's
    return there. It's time to go to the Absorb Gate. Go to Kethelburg
    Port to pick up the Alvior. When you're ready, the Absorb Gate is on
    the island northeast of Kethelburg. You'll see a large whirlwind-type
    of phenomenon. Enter while still riding the Alvior.
    ABSORB GATE アブソーブゲート
    Treasures: 8000 Gald, Checked Ribbon, Pine Gummy x2, Red Basil, Ancient 
    Ribbon, Mithril Cloak, Mighty Saber, Treat, Glass Chamber, Warhammer,
    Rare Protector, Carmine Chamber x2, Strike Eagle, Special Gummy, 20000 Gald, 
    Rare Bracelet, 12000 Gald, Mithril Boots, Red Sage, Red Savory, Barrassido, 
    Cobalt Chamber
    Go in and you'll see another musical arrangement that you'll have to
    get Fonims for. Take the upper path left, which loops down below
    and down. Pick up the blue Fonim. You'll be asked if you want to be
    warped back to the musical arrangement. It's your choice. Now you need
    a red and a yellow. Take the bottom right path for a yellow and the
    upper right path for a red. Place the Fonims and it will activate a 
    warp point just in front of the score.
    The ground begins to crumble here. Follow the path to get to a glowing
    door. Go through. Make your way around the platforms here, going down
    the glowing ramps. Near the upper one is 8000 Gald. Go through the
    next glowing gate. Go down at the fork around the spiral for a Checked
    Ribbon. Then head up through the next glowing gate. Follow the
    platforms down again; to the left of the next gate is a Pine Gummy.
    The ground begins to crumble...
    Take the short path down to the very bottom. Enter this glowing gate and
    make your way down. You'll see an enemy with some fire on him. Defeat him
    and you'll erase all of the red flames in this dungeon. Come back out and
    grab the Red Basil. On to the next glowing gate. In this next area grab
    an Ancient Ribbon and Mithril Cloak before going into the next gate.
    Take the warp down. Green save point here, hurray. An earthquake
    happens, and your party is separated...
    You'll now have a party of just Luke and Tear. By touching the glowing
    circles on the ground you can switch between your parties. With 
    Luke and Tear, go left and light the torch. Go down the spiral and
    light the other torches you pass (your other parties will be using
    these bridges). Go right at the fork for a Mighty Saber. At the bottom,
    hit the tuning fork with a Mieu Attack to open the door. Take the warp
    Go down a little bit. The first fork you can't do anything with yet.
    At the second fork go left and light the torch, and go right and hit
    the tuning fork. Take the next elevator down. Now switch to Guy and
    Natalia's party.
    Make your way across the bridges Luke and Tear made to the glowing
    gate. Take the warps down. At the first fork, go up and warp to a
    Treat. Take the other warp to a save point and go through the next
    gate. Take the long spirally path down and go left at the fork across
    another bridge for a Glass Chamber. Proceed through the gate. Go down
    and follow the warps down to pick up a Warhammer. Next gate...
    Defeat the monster here and it'll turn into a block. Push the block off
    the gap in the right side to weight down the seesaw. Switch to Luke's
    party and use the seesaw path to go up to the left. Hit the tuning fork
    to open the door and return. Hit the block with a Mieu Attack to destroy
    it. Now switch to Jade and Anise.
    Go right and you'll quickly find a Rare Protector in a treasure chest. Now
    through the gate you go. At the bottom of the warps is a Carmine 
    Chamber. Go through the next gate. Follow the path down and around
    until you find another block monster. Defeat it and push it off.
    Nearby is a Pine Gummy. Then go through the nearby gate. Take the bottom
    warp first for a Strike Eagle. Return and take the top warp down and 
    then the green warp back up for a Special Gummy. Then warp down to
    the gate.
    You'll find 20000 through the gate straightaway. Keep going for a
    Rare Bracelet. Switch to Guy's party and create another block. This 
    time push it up through the gap to the left. Switch to Jade and push 
    the block through the left gap. Once again switch to Luke and hit the 
    tuning fork on the other side. Have Guy and Jade's parties reunite. Defeat
    the weird wiggly monsters there to erase the blue flames. Finally
    all three of your parties will reunite.
    Jade goes over the plan from here. Using the Seventh Fonim they will
    send the signal to start lowering the Shell World slowly by working
    through the Absorb Gate. By changing the command relay from the
    Radiate Gate to the Absorb Gate, it should technically still be
    Rearrange your party and save. Before you go down keep in mind that
    the blue flames are now gone. Return up. With the one block in place
    you'll be able to get 12000 Gald from the seesaw. 
    Backtrack to the top. With the red flames gone, you'll be able to get a
    Mithril Boots on the way up. Go all the way to the top area now.
    Pick up a Red Sage by going down and left; now fill in the colored
    Fonims on the top right musical score. This will lead to a Red
    Savory and Barrassido C. Core, as well as a Green Fonim. Use this
    to fill in the top left musical score. This will open the elevator
    to a Cobalt Chamber and Carmine Chamber.
    Whew. With all that done, return to where you came from (the gate
    second from the bottom in the long winding area is where you want to
    go). When you're all prepared for the big boss battle coming up,
    take the final elevator down.
    Van asks the party why they are here. He says the one who should be
    here is the original Luke. Luke asks why he was made in the first place.
    Van scoffs that if he needs to be told the purpose as to why he was
    born, he will always be a Replica. He says that he was nothing more
    than a pawn to counteract Yulia's Score. Van continues that the world
    is addicted to the Score, and therefore needs an antidote. Guy says
    that while the Score-addicted world may be twisted, so is a world of
    only replicas. Natalia and Anise tell him that what he's doing will
    only make Tear suffer. Van tells Tear that he's sorry; if only she
    had remained in Yuliacity, he could have saved her. Tear just tells
    him that if he wants to make a replica world, all he has to do is
    kill her and make a replica of her.
    Luke says that even if Van won't accept him, he is what he is.
    BOSS: Van
    HP: 132000
    Drops: Force Ring
    Of course, he's extremely dangerous. He gains Overlimit like nothing
    else, so watch out. Be sure to spread out lest you eat his Ground
    Dasher and Ignite Prison, and especially his hi-ougi. Make sure you
    are well stocked on Life Bottles and Gummies, because otherwise
    you'll be in serious trouble.
    You'll get an anime scene; Van, defeated, jumps into the core...
    Luke activates the final gate, but his power isn't enough; suddenly,
    he feels something else. At another gate, Asch is using his power
    as well. Luke hears Lorelei addressing him and Asch that he will send
    them the key that will let them set him free. He says that the one who
    seeks glory is trying to capture him... The plan is a success, 
    and the party leaves...
    One month later, Mieu wakes Luke up. He tells Luke that his parents
    are calling for him. You're back at Luke's house. Go into the audience
    room to meet your parents. General Cecil is here as well. Luke's
    father yells at him; he says that Natalia has been going around the
    world on official visits, but Luke's just been bumming around at home.
    Afterwards Luke's father asks him a question; he confirms that before
    Van jumped into the core, he left his sword stabbed into the ground
    there. Strange question.
    Cecil relates that they received an urgent message from Velkende saying
    that the Planet Storm has suddenly activated again. They've sent
    investigators to the Absorb Gate and Radiate Gate. From what they
    found, it seems like some invaders had entered, and Van's sword was
    also gone... Luke's father leaves to report to the king. Luke's
    mother asks Luke if he won't go see his friends. She tells him that
    he's always free to return there, to his home.
    Talk to your butler now; he has a letter from your friends. Luke's
    father didn't want him to read it... But now Luke decides to meet
    his friends and get their opinion on things that have been bothering
    The first thing to do is go to the harbor. You'll automatically get the
    next part of the Cecil/Frings subquest if you've done all of the bits
    up until now. From here you'll go to Sheridan to borrow the Alvior once 
    again. On the ferry you'll have a chance to read Tear's, Guy's, and 
    Anise's letters. Tear's says that now the entire Shell World has been 
    lowered and the connection between Yuliacity and Daht made obvious, it's 
    thrown the Oracle Knights into disarray. Even now some of the Oracle 
    Knights have split off... it'll be a little longer for real peace.
    Guy's says that he's living in Grand Cokuma now under Emperor Peony's
    graces. He's doing things more appropriate for a noble... although
    it seems that means taking care of Emperor Peony's pets.
    Anise's says she is really bored, and says she'll still be glad to
    become his wife at any time. Good old Anise... You'll arrive at
    Sheridan Port.
    Go to Sheridan and to the main meeting building there. Aston asks
    if he's there to borrow the Alvior also. Seems that Asch was by earlier
    asking to borrow it a month ago. That's how he was able to be at
    the Radiate Gate at the same time Luke was at the Absorb Gate... Noel
    pipes up and says that Asch then went to Yuliacity.
    Aston mentions the Planet Storm as well, and says that if it gets any
    more violent the Tartaros may not be able to calm the core much longer.
    Luke says he'll ask about it at Yuliacity.
    Now it's time to go to Yuliacity. Now that the entire Shell World has
    been lowered, everything's on the same level as Yuliacity, so all you
    have to do is fly to the center of the map to get there. When you
    leave, you'll be told that the Alvior now has a useful autopilot
    function. All you have to do is go to the World Map and press Triangle
    over the place you want to go to be taken there instantly. Very
    In Yuliacity, Teodoro greets you. Luke asks if Asch wasn't here, and
    Teodoro says he was here a little earlier. He had asked if there was
    any way to go to the core. He said something about Lorelei, but nothing
    else. Now go to the flower garden in the back of Tear's house. There's
    a grave marker here now for Van. Tear wonders why Van wanted to go
    so far to free the world from the Score. Luke says he's spent the past
    month doing the same thing, just wondering. He really has no name or
    family, so he feels safe in his place at home. But he's worried about
    what would happen if Asch came home. He's worried about why he was
    born. His journey was to change, but he didn't know if he had a self
    to begin with. Tear says then they'll just ask everybody else; she'll
    join him on his journey to meet the others.
    Next go to Daht. You'll see Anise at the entrance right away. She's
    always trying to make money as usual... go on into the church. Luke
    asks what happened to Mose. Tear explains that he's being held for
    inquiry. Anise rejoins you here. She says Ion's been wishing him well;
    then she says that people are still visiting every day asking about
    their Score. People don't break their habits easily...
    Go up to Ion's room. Ion greets your party, saying he's been doing well.
    Luke asks Ion what he would do if his original were still alive. Ion
    realizes he's worried about Asch. He tells Luke that even if he's
    a replacement for somebody, there's no replacement for him. Tear gives
    him her report. It seems that the reason for the Planet Storm's
    activation is a large loss of Seventh Fonim. The reason for the loss
    is still unknown... She adds that the Planet Storm's activation was
    one of Van's goals, and with the intrusion at the Absorb Gate... Ion
    asks her if she thinks Van is still alive. But Tear says that she just
    means that it's one of Van's remaining plans, perhaps. Ion has to
    go, and your party will be escorted out. Outside, you'll run into Guy.
    He's come to talk to Ion. He has two things to report; first, Dist
    has escaped from Grand Cokuma's jail, where he was being held. Second,
    he attacked a boat that was carrying Mose to his hearing; when the
    Markt army found the boat, the crew were all dead, and Mose was nowhere
    to be found.
    Guy also says that Asch visited Grand Cokuma, warning Guy not to let the
    Rokujinshou out of his sight. He also said he was going to St. Bynah,
    with something to do about Lorelei's release. Luke says he must go
    to St. Bynah to chase after Asch. Guy joins along. Anise asks Ion
    to let her go as well, and he allows her to go.
    In St. Bynah, talk to the old Admiral McGovern. Seems that Asch was
    just here. He mentions that Asch was asking about Shurrey Hill. While
    you're here, check the bed in the inn for the recipe for Onion Soup.
    Then go to Shurrey Hill.
    SHURREY HILL シュレーの丘
    Make your way into the ruins. Your party comes across some fallen
    Oracle Knights. Tear says that all of the Knights should be back in
    Daht now... Guy wonders if Asch ordered them here. But Tear says
    he's been removed from command as well.
    Keep going and you'll see something surprising. It's Regret, telling
    Asch to give her Lorelei's Key. Tear can't believe she's stil alive.
    Regret says they were saved from the avalanche by Arietta's beasts.
    They couldn't save Van, but now they will fulfill Van's wishes.
    Regret then flies away with one of Arietta's beasts.
    Guy asks Asch if he knew Regret was still alive. Asch says that it's
    not just Regret; there's a chance that all of the other Rokujinshou
    are still alive. Tear says that Sink jumped into the core, and that
    if he survived, then maybe Van is too...
    Luke asks Asch about the voice. Asch says it's obvious; Lorelei has
    been bound somehow. Because of that, the world is depleted of Seventh
    Fonim. Thus the Planet Storm has reactivated to create more Seventh
    Fonim. Luke asks him where Lorelei is being held, but Asch just tells
    him that Lorelei already told him. Asch then runs off.
    Return to St. Bynah. Jade's here of all things, commanding some troops.
    Asch hasn't come by here, he says. Guy asks what happened, and Jade
    says that while out training the unit was attacked. They're preparing
    to return to the capital. Admiral McGovern runs up and tells Jade
    that even Frings has been injured. Jade prepares to return to the
    capital; Luke says they'll go with him. You'll be taken to Grand Cokuma
    automatically. Frings says his injuries are serious, and it might
    be already too late to save him. Frings asks Jade to report to the
    Emperor that the troops who attacked them were hoisting Kimlasca's
    banner. Luke says that's impossible, and Frings says that the unit
    was strange; it seemed that only some of the soldiers were actually
    soldiers, and the rest were not armored properly. He doesn't believe
    it was really Kimlasca's troops either.
    The party escorts Frings to the chapel. He says that the world without
    the Score is free, and that he wanted to live in it a bit longer.
    He tells Luke that the eyes of the soldiers that attacked him seemed
    like dead eyes. He asks Luke to prevent more hostilities with
    Kimlasca before he passes away.
    Now go to the palace's throne room. Jade and Guy will report their
    findings to Emperor Peony. Peony asks Luke to report what happened
    to King Ingobert. Tear asks him why he is looking for Asch, and Peony
    replies that there has been reports that he has Lorelei's Key. With
    that, it might be possible to calm the Planet Storm. The party asks
    Luke to remember what Lorelei said. Luke mumbles what he remembers,
    but when he gets to the part about the one who seeks glory trying
    to capture Lorelei, everyone is surprised. They all seem to know its
    meaning. Van's name in the old language means the one who seeks glory.
    Thus it might mean that Van himself is trying to capture Lorelei.
    Peony asks Luke if he doesn't have Lorelei's Key. Lorelei said he
    would sent it, and Asch appears to have his, but where is Luke's?
    Peony asks Jade and Guy to go along with Luke.
    Anise says she is sending a letter to Ion, and that she'll meet them
    at the entrance. Jade finds this a little suspicious. Now go to 
    the city entrance. After reuniting with Anise, leave for Vaticle.
    Go towards the palace. As you approach, your party runs into Natalia,
    who is also returning. She confronts Jade over the incident, but
    they all agree to talk privately with the king.
    Ingobert affirms that he never ordered an attack on Markt. Jade reminds
    them that Frings said the soldiers looked as if they had dead eyes.
    He's worried about that point in particular. He says that something
    like that sometimes occurs as a result of Fomicry. He wonders if the
    Rokujinshou have actually created those soldiers through Fomicry.
    Luke says the Rokujinshou might be seeking to reopen hostilities
    between the two countries, like Mose did. Guy recalls that Dist helped
    Mose escape as well. Natalia asks the king to let her go to Daht.
    She thinks it would be best to have the countries discuss what should
    happen with the Score in a formal meeting.
    You'll now have your whole party back together again. Time for some
    subevents. Return to your house to trigger the Mushroom Road subevent.
    See the sidequests section for more details on that. Also, talk to
    Pear on your way out of the mansion. He's looking at the same sword he
    was looking at before. He'll reveal that it was used by Guy's father.
    Go down to the harbor and talk to Cecil to trigger the next part of
    the Cecil and Frings event as well.
    Head to Grand Cokuma for some subevents. Talk to the man standing across from 
    the bar for another event that will eventually get you one of Jade's costume
    titles. If you go to the palace and talk to Emperor Peony in his private room
    (below the throne room), he'll tell you his Buusagi (those pig-thing like 
    things he always likes...) have run around the palace. He'll ask you to
    find them. One is hiding behind the throne; another is hiding behind the left 
    staircase in the main hall; another in the guest room (far right on the 
    second floor); another in the materials room (far right on the first 
    floor); and the last one will be in front of the materials room when you 
    find the one inside. Return to Emperor Peony and he'll give you a Spa 
    Also, if this is your second time through the game or later, talk to the
    maid in the room in front of Peony's room and you'll get everybody's
    Abyssman costumes. Interesting stuff there...
    Take it to Kethelburg's Hotel and you'll be able to use the spa there.
    You'll also get everyone's swimsuit title, hurray! Use the spa a
    second time to get Guy's "Sukebe Daimaou" title. Also, the casino
    has new prizes, so check those out while you're here.
    Return to Grand Cokuma after you've gotten the swimsuits for another event
    involving the Shikkoku no Tsubasa. Guy will let Urcy go. After this go to
    Kethelburg Port to find Noir there. She'll suggest a way to get rid of Guy's
    fear of women, and tells you to go to the bar in Cassadonia. Do so and Guy
    will get shoved into a bartending job... and a new costume title.
    When you're all ready, go to Daht.
    DAHT ダアト
    Tear suddenly collapses on entering. She tells everybody she's okay,
    but Jade says it has to be more than her simply running out of 
    medicine. You'll be taken to the church automatically. Ion will come
    to welcome you, but Anise isn't with him. She said she was going to
    go back to Luke and company...
    Ion says that Tear's illness shouldn't be progressing without anymore
    Shouki. Tear insists that she's all right, and tells Natalia to go
    ahead with asking Ion about holding the international conference.
    However, Ion says that he might know a way to rid Tear's body of the
    Shouki it already has. Suddenly Anise runs in saying it's an
    emergency. She says that a bunch of Shouki suddenly appeared out of
    nowhere and tells him to come quickly. She drags him out of the room.
    Your party hurries to follow.
    When you reach the bottom of the ramp, however, some Oracle Knights
    surround you. It's Regret. She tells them that they can't bother right
    now, and that she wants to ask them about Lorelei's Key. Suddenly a
    Liger runs in and knocks some troops away; Tear attacks Regret in
    the distraction, but she dodges easily. Arietta arrives and asks
    Regret what she plans to do with Ion. She asks if it's true that she's
    going to make Ion reread the Sventh Tone Tablet's Score. Arietta adds
    that if he does so, he'll die - she won't let Regret do that. Regret
    tells her that they're doing it just to convince Mose to move. It'll
    be the first step towards the return of Feres Island, which Arietta
    wishes for.
    Arietta tells Luke that Anise took Ion to the nearby Sefirot. Arietta
    and Regret face off, allowing the party to leave. Now go to the hidden
    passage towards Zaleho Volcano. When you get to the library, the party
    stops Anise and Ion. Mose is with them as well. He tells Anise he'll
    leave things to her, and that if she doesn't comply she knows what
    will happen to her parents. He then takes Ion away. Guy asks her what
    happened to her parents, but Anise just tells them to shut up, and
    that she was sent by Mose in the first place to keep an eye on Ion.
    She throws something at Guy, then runs off. Your party tries to chase
    them, but the warp to the volcano has already been sealed.
    Guy looks at what Anise threw at him. There's a letter attached.
    It tells them that there's another entrance to the Sefirot from the
    opening on top of the Zaleho Volcano. 
    On your way out Tritheim will stop the party. He says Arietta was injured
    and is being taken care of. Then he mentions the return of the Shouki.
    It wasn't just a story to distract Ion, after all.
    At the entrance, there's a big commotion. The party sees someone who
    looks like Iemon. Jade recognizes them as replica soldiers. The one who
    is leading the group even looks like Guy's older sister. There's also
    a replica of Frings there. Tear puts them all to sleep and the party
    manages to escape.
    Take the Alvior over Zaleho Volcano and enter from there.
    Treasures: Flare Mantle, Mixed Gummy, Life Bottle, Piyonon, Cobalt
    Chamber, Pine Gummy, Sunlight Chamber, Carmine Chamber, Rare
    Circlet, Moon Guard, Life Bottle, Dosanga, Silver Music Disk
    There's a Flare Mantle just off the first fork. Go up at the second
    fork for a Mixed Gummy. Follow the path down to the next screen.
    Watch out for the lava blowing about here. You'll take damage if you
    get hit. Grab the Life Bottle. At the bottom, you'll have to run
    through the lava to grab the next treasure chest. You'll take a lot
    of damage, so watch out before you get into any battles. This one
    has a Piyonon.
    Keep moving along the path. Go right first to find two chests with
    a Cobalt Chamber and a Pine Gummy. Then return and, keeping an eye
    on the moving lava level, go to the left door. Here you'll have yet
    another obstacle - a dragon breathing fire at you! Grab the Sunlight
    Chamber (your first one, most likely) and Carmine Chamber, then
    proceed while using the pillars to hide from the dragon's breath.
    Go on to the next screen. Go left at the fork for a Rare Circlet.
    Proceed on to the right. Wind around the path; at the next screen,
    enter the cave-like opening and follow it back for a Moon Guard. Now
    go down and around again, avoiding the lava and grabbing a Life Bottle
    along the way, until you reach a save point. On the next screen go
    right at the submerged fork first to reach a Dosanga. Return
    left at the fork. Go down and run through the lava (it will not
    completely subside here) to reach a new area with a Silver Music
    Disk. Return to the save point and heal up, and now go through the
    left door in the lava area.
    You'll encounter the dragon you saw earlier. Now it's time to get
    BOSS: Fear Bronk
    HP: 95000
    Weak Against Water
    Strong Against Earth, Fire
    He's pretty easy at first, but once he starts flying up and doing
    his area of effect stomps he'll get really annoying really fast. Try
    and draw his attention with a melee fighter so that his stomps don't
    kill multiple people. Have Jade in abusing Splash and Saint Bubble
    as much as possible, and hopefully you can stagger him continually.
    Keep going right and follow the path; there's only one way to go
    now. When you arrive at the bridge, Ion is already in the midst of
    reading the Score, which currently predicts Kimlasca's destroying
    the Markt Empire. However an epidemic arising from the wartime
    conditions will be carried into Kimlasca as well. The red-haired
    light of the holy flame will enter the town of machines and find a
    way to save everyone from the Shouki. Ion then collapses. Jade goes over 
    to free Anise's parents, who are being kept prisoner here.
    Ion tells Luke that what he just read is just one of his possible
    futures. Telling him this is all he can do to help. Ion calls Tear
    over and says she will take her Shouki into him. He says that is the
    only way to save her. He then tells Anise that there is no need to 
    watch over him anymore and thanks her, calling her his most important
    Ion's body then disappears, having returned to the Seventh Fonim.
    Mose says that even though he was the best replica, he still couldn't
    read the correct Score. Luke gets angry and tells him he's a fool for
    relying on the Score. Mose says that is the only path to glory and
    calls his replica soldiers over. They block the party's path and
    Mose gets away.
    The party escorts Anise's parents to Daht. Back in her place, Arietta
    slaps Anise and tells her she murdered Ion. She tells her that now
    she's not just the one who killed her parents, but Ion as well. She
    tells Anise she'll duel her and that she'll tell her the location
    later. She then runs out. Anise also screams at her parents to shut
    up and runs out as well.
    Go to the chapel to find Anise. She angrily tells Luke not to mention
    her parents. She says that she had been Mose's spy all along, and had
    told him pretty much everything about her journey with Luke. The reason
    the Tartaros was atacked and all of that was all her fault. Luke says
    that it was to save her parents. Anise says that a long time ago her
    parents were fooled and put into debt. Mose paid it off and thereafter
    her parents had to work for him. She begins crying and says that Ion
    died because of her. Luke says he'll give her a fragment of the Tone
    Tablet Ion was reading. He then asks her what she'll do. She says she
    wants to go with them, because that's what Ion would've wanted.
    Your party reforms outside the church. Anise says she wants to fulfill
    Ion's last prophecy, that Luke would find the answer to the Shouki
    problem in Velkende. 
    Before you go to Velkende, go to Daht Port. If you got Natalia's Brave Feed
    ougi earlier, you'll now get the second part of it and she'll learn the
    useful Healing Force. Also try going to the Aramis Well. Go in and
    you'll see a man dangling in trouble. Make your way up there and
    burn the roots with Mieu Fire. He'll give you a "King's Portrait" in
    exchange. Now go to Kethelburg. Go to the screen to the left of the
    hotel where the treasure box on the roof of the one pavilion is. You'll
    run into the man you saved. Jade recognizes that the man's dog has
    an Ice Seed. You'll take it to the Zaleho Volcano. It will freeze
    parts of the volcano and make a new path. You'll find a place you
    couldn't get to before that has a Fonslot. This will upgrade Mieu's
    Mieu Fire so that the flame now shoots much further. Try it out here,
    as there will be some torch-bridges that you can make with the improved
    range. Taking the one on the right leads you to a Special Gummy, and
    examine the glowing red dot next to it to pick up the Flamberge. The
    one on the left just takes you to places you've already been, though
    if you follow it all the way to the save point before the Passage Ring,
    there will be another area where you have to time your shot to hit three
    moving torches at once. On the other side is a Carmine Chamber (hardly
    worth the effort if you ask me...)
    VELKENDE ベルケンド
    Enter and you'll see somebody collapse from the effects of the Shouki.
    A soldier comes up and says this is the third person today already.
    It seems that a lot of people have just died suddenly after going to
    hear their Score from the church. Anise says Ion should've stopped
    the Scores, but the soldier says that it seems there is a travelling
    Scorer going around the world now. He says that it seems they went
    to Vaticle.
    Jade says that with the Fomicry experiments, sometimes the original
    dies in about a week. The person who just died, he says, resembles
    a Fomicry subject. He thinks the people may actually be going to get
    their replica information read.
    Go over to the laboratory area. Go inside and go one up and one room left 
    as before.
    Spinoza tells you that at this rate, the Tartaros won't be able to hold
    up. They can't just seal the Shouki away now; they need to figure out
    a way to eliminate it completely. Spinoza asks about Luke's Choushindou.
    He says that Choushindou can take apart matter even to the atomic level,
    so theoretically it should be possible. Spinoza then mentions that
    Asch was by earlier, asking about the flow of the Seventh Fonim. He
    seems to have left for the Roneal Snowy Mountain. Time to go there
    On the way out, Luke asks Jade about the story of using the Choushindou
    to erase the Shouki. Jade says it's impossible. Luke persists, and
    Jade says that maybe if one had a way to magnify one's Choushindou,
    then it might be possible. One such thing is Lorelei's Sword; otherwise,
    large amounts of Seventh Fonim would be needed. A possible but rather
    unpalatable alternative would be to sacrifice approximately 10,000
    Seventh Fonimars; that much Seventh Fonim might be enough.
    Remember, you have to go through Kethelburg's north exit to get here.
    However, if you've done the Mushroom Road subquest and have gotten the
    first upgrade for the Alvior already, you can land on the snow just next
    to the entrance.
    A little ways in your party will run into none other than the Shikkoku
    no Tsubasa. They'll ask if you're also looking for Lorelei's treasures.
    They heard about it from Asch, meaning he's here.
    Make your way to the entrance to the Passage Ring. Luke will find an
    odd locket; it's inscribed with the words "1999, in celebration of
    the birth of my daughter Meryl". He remembers that Meryl is Natalia's
    real name, and the birthdate is also the same.
    When you get to the Passage Ring you'll see Asch doing something
    with his sword. It seems that the jewel he is looking for isn't here
    either. Natalia asks him where Lorelei is being held, and if Van is
    still alive. Asch says that what Lorelei wanted originally was to be
    free from the core. However, after the party defeated Van, Lorelei
    disappeared from the core. Where he is being held is actually inside
    Van. The Seventh Fonim has healing powers, so that might explain how
    Van survived.
    Asch is looking for Lorelei's Jewel. Without the jewel, Lorelei's
    Sword cannot function as a key. With that, he leaves, saying that
    now that Luke has failed to receive what Lorelei sent he has no choice
    but to keep looking. Jade suggests leaving the Jewel to Asch for now
    and going to Vaticle to investigate the story about the Scorers
    running around.
    While you're here, now that you have Mieu Fire 2 and Mieu Wing, there
    is one more thing you can do. Go down and right from the passage ring,
    and you'll get to a save point. Go left from here, and then down and
    left. Follow the path until you exit to the world map; there's 7800 Gald
    in a chest nearby. You'll now be on the other side of the mountain range. 
    Go west from here and you'll find another entrance into the mountain range. 
    Head in and you'll see many torches lined up. With the first and third sets 
    of three, make a diagonal line going from lower left to upper right with 
    the middle one on the mark on the ground. With the second set do the same 
    thing, except have the line go from upper left to lower right. With that
    done, leave the hallway and go to the left. Go down the stairs and then
    double back to the right so that you go onto the icy lake area. Examine
    the glowing blue dot here to get a Vorpal Sword. Now go back up to the
    platform and to the right of the cave entrance. Use Mieu Wing to get up
    to the platform with a Mithril Circlet and Special Gummy. Go right some
    more and Mieu Wing up that tree, then take the passage up and right off
    the screen, breaking the rock in your way with Mieu Attack. Open the
    chest here for 15000 Gald, then light the nearby torch.
    Go into the door that just opened. Use Mieu Fire on the pile of snow
    just downwards to reveal a treasure chest with a Wind Mantle. Keep going 
    and you'll get to a room with two torches and a Red Lavender.
    Fire sideways so you hit both torches at once and go through the next
    door. In this room you'll want to use the reflector so that you can hit
    both torches at once with Mieu Fire. Follow the path through and go
    all the way around, then push the statue onto the mark on the ground.
    Now leave the area to the world map and go back to the previous
    area with the Passage Ring and save point. Where you went down and
    left, now go up and left. Go through the lower door and push the
    reflector onto the mark on the ground again. Then go through the 
    upper door and stand such that when you fire you can now light all
    nine torches at once. Return to the world map and the torch hallway
    so that you can go through the now-open door.
    You're almost done. You'll be back on the world map; head north
    until you get to a dead end, then east, then southwest. You'll find
    one of those glowing search points here. Search it for an upgrade
    to the Alvior. This very handy upgrade allows you to fly through
    all those annoying blizzards and sandstorms that stopped your path
    earlier (as long as you're at top speed). The only place you can't go 
    to yet is the area near Sheridan. To fix that, you'll have to do the Namco
    Island subevent. 
    VATICLE バチカル
    When you enter there seems to be a commotion with the soldiers. One
    of them tells you that none other than Mose has been spotted in town,
    but he managed to get away. Go to the port to look around.
    Your party catches up with Mose. Mose tells them they are the foolish
    ones for not understanding what he is trying to do. Suddenly Dist
    shows up. He tells Mose that they should go to Eldrant, but Mose
    says he needs to stay here and show the party the power he is seeking.
    Dist casts some sort of strange spell on Mose, and he suddenly turns
    into a huge monster. He says now he feels the power of Yulia, and that
    he'll go to Eldrant now. The pair fly off.
    Luke wants to discuss the pendant with the king, but he can't with
    Natalia there. Jade and Guy make an excuse for Natalia to stay outside,
    and in you go.
    Ingobert confirms that the picture in the locket is Natalia. Anise
    says that she's seen Largo holding it before. Ingobert says that
    Natalia's nurse is now working for Aster in Cassadonia, and says you
    should go meet her there.
    Go to Cassadonia, Aster's mansion now. Natalia gets distracted by
    a crowd. It seems that there really is somebody reading Scores here,
    even though the party told her that just as an excuse. Anise says
    that Ion has forbidden Scores, but the boy leading the crowd tells
    her that the New Lorelei Church founded by Mose has now begun giving
    Scores again. Anise recognizes the boy as Sink. Sink tells them that
    if they already know Lorelei is trapped within Van that maybe they
    should think about finding Lorelei's Jewel a little more seriously.
    Sink then leaves, taunting Anise by saying that if she fights him,
    she's fighting Ion. Jade asks Natalia to take Anise around to calm
    Go inside Aster's mansion. Luke shows Natalia's nurse the locket
    and she recognizes it as Baddock's. Baddock's is Meryl's father.
    He was a caravan guard, known among those around him as the Desert
    Lion. He was a large man with a kind heart. However, he disappeared
    after his "daughter"'s death. With that, the party becomes fairly
    certain that Largo is Natalia's real father.
    Go to the northern market now and talk to Anise and Natalia. Tear
    suggests going to report on the "New Lorelei Church" to her
    grandfather. Go to Yuliacity now.
    Teodoro says they must begin planning immediately to restore the
    Lorelei Church. He tells the party to leave it to him and Tritheim.
    Tear asks him if he knows anything about the Eldrant that Mose
    mentioned. He says it is the name of the old land of glory in the
    old Espania legends; he then mentions that something odd has
    happened. There are places that seem to be consuming large amounts
    of Seventh Fonim. One was near the eighth Sefirot, but a search
    party found nothing there. The other point is still under investigation.
    It seems that the point is moving somehow. It's extremely large
    and travelling the ocean, but otherwise he can't add anything.
    Jade says that in non-wartime conditions, only Fomicry could be using
    that much Seventh Fonim. Time to search the oceans.
    Treasures: Pine Gummy x2, Rare Guard, Wing Bottle, Schwarz Vogel, Mithril 
    Circlet, Mixed Gummy, Rebhaudo, Apple Gummy x2, Spectacles, Red Lavender, 
    Hourglass, Persha Boots, Sunlight Chamber
    Guy mentions that everything looks familiar. Finally he realizes that
    this is Feres Island, an island nearby Hodo that was also destroyed when
    the shockwave that levelled Hodo created a tsunami that washed over it.
    That doesn't explain why the Island is now floating around the ocean,
    Go straight up for a Pine Gummy. Now go all the way left, until the dead
    end. You'll come across two treasure chests with a Rare Guard and a Wing 
    Bottle. Go to the screen right of the entrance now, then down the slope for
    another Pine Gummy. Then go into the house here.
    The door will suddenly lock. Defeat the enemy here to unlock the
    door. Go through the door on the other side and head left to find a
    Schwarz Fogel. Go up the stairs and then up the ladder. Go right and
    Mieu Fire across the gap to lower the bridge to get a Mithril
    Circlet. Head left now and hit the switch to lower the bridge. Take the 
    elevator up to the fifth floor to get a Mixed Gummy. Go down to the
    second floor now and again fire across the gap to create a bridge.
    Go inside and again the door will lock. Defeat the enemies and a ladder
    will lower from the ceiling. Climb up and follow the bridge left to
    the next screen.
    There's a full heal/save point here. Mieu Wing up to the hanging ladder
    and follow the bridge across to get to a building. Go to the second
    floor and come outside. Fire Mieu Fire across to a reflector to hit
    the switch so that you can reach a chest with the Rebhaudo C. Core. Now
    go back to the hanging ladder. Go inside the next building to find
    an Apple Gummy. Mieu Attack the central floor a few times to make a hole.
    There's another Apple Gummy here. Mieu Attack down the middle again and
    then come towards the screen. Climb the staircase to the right. Enter the
    door towards the screen for a Spectacles. Another door to the left has
    you make a bridge to get a Red Lavender.
    Now go into the door leading away from the screen. Defeat the enemy and 
    then exit to the right. Take the long bridge across and go down the ladder.
    Enter the door on the right and come towards the screen onto a balcony.
    Mieu Fire 2 to hit the statue so that it reflects and makes a bridge. 
    Go down the stairs and enter the door on the right. Defeat both enemies 
    and exit the room towards the screen.
    Walk to the right across the bridge. Keep crossing bridges and climbing
    stairs until you enter the next building. Defeat the enemy and exit
    to the right. There's another save point here. Go up the stairs and
    you'll run across Arietta. She's crying in front of a building here.
    She tells Anise that this is a place important to her, and that it's
    not a place Anise should come to. Arietta was born in Feres. Her
    parents were killed in the tsunami, and that is when she was taken in
    by the Ligers. Later after she joined Van, he raised the island
    back up and set it in motion like a ship. The Rokujinshou have been
    using it as a sort of base.
    Arietta tells Anise that Largo will tell her the location of their
    duel. She then runs off. Examine the building she was standing in
    front of. You'll find the replica machines the Rokujinshou have been
    using. Jade is surprised at the sheer scale of the machines. Jade
    tries to turn off the machines when some replicas, including the one
    of Guy's sister, show up. The replicas say that they wish for the birth
    of their new world and that they serve Mose.
    Suddenly the building begins shaking. You'll now get a new movie;
    something rises from the ocean. It's a large flying construct of
    some sort. You'll see a scene of Mose and the Rokujinshou; Mose
    says that this land will become his new castle, and that with his
    New Lorelei Church he will lead the world to glory.
    The replicas say that Mose promised them he would create a new Hodo
    for them, but it seems he's left them behind. The replica of Iemon
    says that Mose promised to pick them up at the Tower of Rem, so they
    should go there. The party decides to try and visit the floating land
    to see if it's part of Van's plan.
    Before you leave, go to the roof of the building with all of the
    replica machines. You'll find an Hourglass and Persha Boots up here.
    Outside, you'll find a sword in the ground... it's Sword Dancer again.
    Challenge him if you wish. He's not too hard at your current level,
    and he leaves behind the powerful Ultimettid sword.
    Also, the one bridge you made earlier will allow you to pick up
    a Sunlight Chamber near the entrance. Simply go left from the first
    screen and up the ladder, then across the bridge to pick it up.
    You should be able to find the floating island east of Yuliacity.
    As you approach, Noel tells you that the Planet Storm-created shield
    is too strong and you can't enter. Jade suggests going to Grand Cokuma
    to see if they have any information.
    GRAND COKUMA グランコクマ
    Go to the Markt army base, which is to the left of the palace. If you
    started the first part of Jade's title event earlier by talking to the man
    in front of the bar, you'll get the second and final part here. You'll
    want to go to the planning room, which is on the second floor. Talk
    to Zezman here. He'll say that although the defensive wall makes it
    impossible to confirm, it's floating above the area where Hodo used
    to be. Because the original Hodo was destroyed, the entire thing must
    be a replica. A soldier runs in and reports that a portion of the
    Hodo archipelago has been destroyed by an unknown cause. Jade suspects
    that there might have been a Choushindou. Zezman runs off to report
    to the Emperor. Go to the throne room yourself. As you go, you'll
    hear Mose's voice resounding through the air.
    He proclaims that the reason the world has fallen to Qliphoth and
    has become enveloped in Shouki is because Markt and Kimlasca have
    ignored Yulia's Score. He then says he's founded the New Lorelei
    Church to protect the Score. He's created the new land of glory,
    Eldrant from where Hodo used to be. He then demands that Kimlasca
    and Markt bow to the new church, lest they face the use of force.
    His voice becomes slurred, and Jade notes that the transformation of
    his body has begun to take over his mind as well. Eventually he'll
    lose all of his reason.
    Your party now goes in to see Emperor Peony. Jade says that the floating
    Eldrant is probably taking replica information from the land to
    make its replicas. When the replicas are made, there is a momentary
    meeting of the Seventh Fonim between the original and the replica,
    causing a Choushindou-like phenomenon. This is probably what destroyed
    the Hodo archipelago.
    Jade says that it takes time to take the replica information, and there
    should be time to stop the Eldrant before the next replica is made.
    Emperor Peony asks your party to do what they can; Natalia says
    Kimlasca will help as well. In the meantime, Markt and Kimlasca will
    also meet to discuss the Score and how to counter the New Lorelei Church.
    Emperor Peony suggests meeting in Daht. The party decides to go to
    Yuliacity to inform Teodoro.
    On your way out, your party runs into Largo. He has a message from 
    Arietta - she's waiting in the Cheagle Forest. You'll be going there
    next then.
    Treasures: 10000 Gald, 5000 Gald
    Anise wants to go in alone, saying it's her business, but Luke says
    she's wrong. Ion was all of their friends, so this is all of their
    problem. Thankfully you won't have to fight Arietta with just Anise,
    You'll automatically taken to the back near the save point. Save
    and go on in where Arietta is waiting for you. You have to put Anise
    into your party.
    Note Arietta's new outfit... interesting. After some chatting, the
    fight is on.
    BOSS: Arietta, Liger, Flesburg
    HP: 25000
    HP: 38000
    Strong Against Wind
    HP: 36000
    Weak Against Fire
    Strong Against Water
    Drops: Blue Sefira, Moonstone, Red Camomile
    Set your tactics to focus on one at a time and take out Arietta's
    companions first. They don't have much HP so a hi-ougi or two will
    quickly eliminate them. Arietta herself should be easy. If you have
    steal capabilities (green FS Chambers on certain skills), you can
    steal a Harold doll from Arietta that will let Anise cast Divine
    Arietta collapses; Anise apologizes to her, but Largo tells her not
    to cry over an enemy's corpse. It only becomes an insult to their
    memory. He says that she bet her life on fulfilling her goals.
    Luke calls him Baddock, but he says he threw away that name along with
    his wife who now rests in the ocean. Luke tosses the pendant at him and
    asks him if he won't declare himself. Largo says that enemies are
    enemies and that would be no use. He leaves, saying that next time
    he will kill them and avenge Arietta. Natalia asks Luke what he was
    talking about, but he says he can't explain just yet.
    Now it's actually time to go to Yuliacity. On your way out, go to
    the right. Now that you have Mieu Fire 2, you should be able to
    reach the tree here. Shoot it and cross it to get 10000 Gald and,
    further in, 5000 Gald. 
    YULIACITY ユリアシティ
    Inside, the party will see a shivering person. Natalia asks if he's
    all right, but a townperson comes and takes him away. The other asks
    Tear if anything's wrong. The person was a replica who ran here from
    Sheridan. With many replicas being made, none of them having any
    memories of what it's like to live and what one has to do, there are
    many who haven't been able to fit in at all...
    Go to the meeting room. Teodoro agrees to attend the meeting at Daht
    as well. You'll now be taken automatically to Vaticle. You'll see
    many replicas in town here as well. Take the right elevator up.
    You'll see a replica being attacked. He'll mutter something about the
    Tower of Rem. Tear says that the Tower of Rem was made in case the Shell
    World plan failed; it was supposed to have the power to transfer
    people to a different planet.
    Keep going up and you'll see a town riot. The townspeople are
    demanding that the king ally with the New Lorelei Church. They
    want to be saved from the Shouki. Natalia asks them to calm down
    and says they are looking for a way to erase the Shouki. She tells
    them about the islands that were erased because of Eldrant. She asks
    them for just a little more time.
    Go into the palace now to see the king. He says they have no intention
    of buckling under Mose, but they are under pressure from the
    townspeople. The king is also prepared for the meeting with the other
    major political powers. He says that it seems a lot of the replicas
    are leaving town and going to the Tower of Rem. The king prepares for the
    meeting; Natalia wants to attend as well. Luke says that he also has
    news about that other matter (Natalia's true father) and the king
    asks him to visit him in his private room later.
    Go to his private room (second floor on the left). The king wonders
    what to do, considering that Largo is their enemy. Jade says that
    maybe they shouldn't let Natalia know at all. However, Luke says that
    there are things people should know, just so they can face them
    head-on. The king asks for time to think about it.
    Outside Jade also leaves to prepare things on the Markt side.
    Suddenly Luke gets another headache. It's from Asch, of all people.
    He says that he's near Vaticle, so Luke should stay there and wait
    for him.
    Go to Luke's house. Asch says that he can't get a connection with
    Lorelei. He also doesn't know where Lorelei's Jewel is. If Luke
    doesn't have the key Lorelei sent, it must still be somewhere in 
    the Sefirots. Asch says that the Shouki and the replicas are also
    impeding the search. Luke flashes back to Ion's last prophecy. He
    asks Asch what he thinks about the possibility of eliminating the Shouki
    with the Choushindou. Asch thinks it's impossible, but Luke says it
    is, with Lorelei's Sword - though it would lead to the bearer's death.
    Asch says it must be nice being a replica, saying that one will die
    so easily. Luke flashes back to telling Tear that if it would bring
    Akzeruth back, he would even die. But Luke tells Asch he doesn't want
    to die. Asch says he doesn't want to either. He then tries to leave,
    but then Luke tells him to stay for a little longer.
    Go to Luke's mother's room. Luke and the party runs off to the garden,
    leaving Asch with his parents. Luke says he's been thinking this would
    be better, but Guy tells him to stop it. He says he knows that Luke's
    been considering sacrificing himself to eliminate the Shouki. Luke
    has been thinking he's a replica, so nobody wants him. Luke says that
    he doesn't know what he was born, and that he shouldn't be there.
    Guy tells him to stop it, and Asch joins in. He says Luke needs to stop
    being a coward, and that he'll never go back to this house. Now
    you'll rest automatically.
    The conferences are underway; each country's representatives say that
    even though their plan will cause the loss of Tone Magic and other
    helpful things, that is better than losing humanity altogether. After
    a bit, the countries agree to find a way to stop the Planet Storm.
    Leave Luke's house and reenter. If you triggered Pear's events earlier,
    Luke's father will now be here. After a bit of conversation, you'll
    get Guy's father's sword.
    Begin heading out of town. Spinoza runs up in a hurry. He says Asch
    just came by asking about a way to use the Choushindou to erase the
    Shouki. It seems that he's determined to do it after all. Luke asks
    about the large amount of Seventh Fonim needed to do such a thing, and
    Jade says Asch must be intending to use the lives of all of the replicas.
    Replicas are made of Seventh Fonim in the first place. Your party
    will have to go to the Tower of Rem to stop him. It's on an island
    southwest of Kaitoor Port.
    Incidentally, now would be a good time to trigger Jade's Forbidden
    Magics and the Nebilim subevents, if you haven't already. See the
    sidequests/subevents section for more detail.
    TOWER OF REM レムの塔
    Treasures: Mixed Gummy, Schwarz L?we, Silssido, Elder Robe, Glass
    Chamber, Kuji Gummy, Red Camomile, Pine Gummy, Ancient Ribbon, Reverse
    Doll, Longinus
    Upon entering your party runs into numerous replicas. They note that
    the replicas don't have any personality or will to live.... Noir of
    the Shikkoku no Tsubasa suddenly shows up. If she is here, that means
    Asch must be here as well. She asks the party to search for Asch and
    stop him as well. Luke attempts to take the elevator up but it
    suddenly closes. Looks like you'll have to take the stairs.
    Take the looooooong spiral staircase up. You'll grab a Mixed Gummy
    along the way. In the next area you'll find the other two members
    of the Shikkoku no Tsubasa. They tell you Asch isn't around that
    area. He wants to purify the Shouki for Natalia and Kimlasca's sake,
    but he also kept saying something about there not being any time,
    according to the Shikkoku no Tsubasa, and that if he was going to have
    to die this time, he might as well make it useful.
    Grab the Schwarz L?we from the chest and continue on. On the next
    screen you'll get the Silssido C. Core and further up, an Elder Robe.
    At the top of the stairs you'll see a smaller lift. Get the Glass
    Chamber near it and then go up. Manipulate the lever near the lift
    exit to open the doors. Climb up the ladder and then go to the right.
    Go to the second manhole and then climb down. Grab a Kuji Gummy
    from the chest and use the lever here too. Go to the right and
    climb the ladder for a Red Camomile. Climb back down and use the lever
    here, then go all the way left and use the lever you see to open
    the last set of doors. Use Mieu Wing near the hanging ladder here to
    get a Pine Gummy, Ancient Ribbon, and Reverse Doll.
    Go to the left some more and take the lift up. You'll find a save
    point here. Proceed a little bit and you'll find a device that you'll
    need to break the glass to get into the elevator. However, the device
    is low on power. Examine the spinning object. You'll get Rem's 
    Charger (レムの充填器) here.
    What you need to do is to use it in battle on the Fonic Golems
    (フォニックゴーレム) from the previous floor. The blue ones will fill up
    20%, while the red one will fill it up entirely. Either way, get it
    to 120%. Remember to actually use it in battle on the Fonic Golems.
    If there's more than one in a battle, you'll still only get 20% for
    When you're done, head back upstairs. Replace the device and you'll
    be able to break the glass. You can do this with just 100%, but do it
    with 120% and a spear will drop from the air as well. Go over and
    examine it to get a Longinus. Now ride the elevator up to the top.
    You'll run across the replica of Guy's sister again. They still
    believe they can achieve salvation here. On the way up, the elevator
    gets attacked by some sort of flying robot. It's Dist again, coming
    to bother you. He shoots the replicas, knocking some off the
    elevator. He says that he still needs to bring back Nebilim. Jade
    tells him that if he's going to go that far, he has no choice but
    to finish things with him here.
    BOSS: Kaiser Dist XX
    HP: 110000
    Drops: Dice
    As before, his attacks are pretty linear. Just encircle him and
    he shouldn't be much of a problem at all. He has very high defense
    and HP, so it'll take awhile, but it isn't that hard.
    Dist says that Eldrant's weaponry can take the whole tower apart
    in one blast anyway, and then activates some sort of self-destruct
    device. Luke blows the entire robot away though, causing Dist and
    his robot to explode in midair...
    The replicas wonder if they have no place in this world. Asch shows
    up and says that's true - that is why he's making this trade. Luke
    tells him not to go through with his plan, but Asch asks him what he
    intends to do about the Shouki. He says he needs to go somewhere, and
    that by the time he returns the replicas should all decide on what
    to do.
    Leave the tower. The Shikkoku no Tsubasa tells you that Asch is headed
    to Daht, so you should as well. 
    DAHT ダアト
    Go all the way into the chapel. Emperor Peony, King Ingobert, and
    Teodoro are all here. Emperor Peony says they've just received a letter
    from Asch. His letter says that he's found a way to purify the
    Shouki. The party explains the full story behind it.
    The rulers say that they can't accept the method, but King Ingobert
    has some second thoughts. Peony asks Jade what he thinks, and he says
    that what he's thinking is even more cruel. Guy asks him angrily if
    he means that Luke should die in Asch's place. Tear tells them to stop
    arguing, saying that even now Luke is trying to find the worth of
    his life. Luke asks to think about it some.
    Go out to the library and talk to Tear. Luke says that before when
    he said he'd die to bring Akzeruth back, he didn't know anything. Now
    he is afraid to die. Tear tells him that the party accepts him as he
    is, not as some fake, but that if he decides to sacrifice himself
    she won't stop him. After all, she was prepared to sacrifice herself
    in operating the Passage Rings. However, even if she won't stop him,
    she says she'll hate him if he makes that choice.
    As the party goes to talk to the rulers, Natalia notices Asch leaving.
    Luke asks him if he really intends to die. Asch says that it doesn't
    matter either way, since he still hasn't found Lorelei's Jewel even
    after visiting all of the Sefirot. He tells Luke to look for the
    Jewel. Luke tries to stop him, but Asch says this it he only way.
    Luke then says that if that's so, he'll die in his place. Asch tells
    him to stop fooling around, and attacks him. Jade stops them, and
    Asch says he's sick of Luke's existence, and that he'll do things
    himself. He leaves.
    Guy hits Luke, telling him not to think such stupid things, but Luke
    says he's decided already. The rulers wish him well. Then Teodoro
    mentions that the Tower of Rem is near where Akzeruth was, and that if
    Luke succeeds in removing the Shouki from there, he might actually
    be fulfilling Lorelei's Score after all. They say that if he takes
    care of the Shouki, everything else - the Planet Storm, Eldrant -
    they'll take care of.
    Go to the Tower of Rem. This time you can take the elevator straight
    up to the roof (first option). Asch hasn't arrived yet. The party
    sees an injured replica. The replica of Mary tells them that they've
    decided to give up their lives for the purification of the Shouki.
    Asch then shows up. He tells the replicas to gather around him.
    Luke and Natalia try to stop him. Luke says again that he'll take
    Asch's place. He says that it should be Asch who should be searching
    for Lorelei's Jewel because he's the replica, and isn't as good as
    the original. He's the unwanted one.
    Asch tells him to shut up, that he won't accept that an 'unwanted'
    one took away everything from him. He lifts the sword, but Luke
    grabs him and tries to stop him. As he touches Asch's sword, it
    begins glowing, and Asch asks if the sword is responding to the
    Jewel. Luke then kicks Asch away and grabs the sword. He prepares to
    start the ritual. Tear runs up to stop him, but Guy blocks her
    way. Luke's body begins to fade. Jade says that the gathered Seventh
    Fonim has begun to disperse. At this rate, the Shouki won't be
    taken care of. Asch says that it must be Lorelei's Jewel that is
    dispersing the power. Luke didn't even realize he had it. He runs up
    to help Luke.
    In another movie scene, the Shouki is sucked from the world towards
    the tp of the Tower of Rem. A bright shockwave then explodes, clearing
    the world of Shouki.
    Luke and Asch seem to have survived. Mary's replica asks for them to
    promise to give the remaining replicas a place to live. Natalia and
    Guy promise to do so. Mary's replica then disappears. Luke wonders
    why he's still alive, when suddenly something appears in his hands.
    It's Lorelei's Jewel. Asch says that Luke accepted it after all,
    but had kept it in dispersed Fonim form inside his body. He didn't
    even realize it until his own body had begun to disappear. Asch
    begins to leave. Natalia asks him where he is going now that they have
    both the Sword and the Jewel; Asch says that if they stay together,
    it makes them that much easier for the Rokujinshou to find. He says
    they'll separate until they find Van and just before they release
    Jade says that even though Luke survived, he used up tremendous
    amounts of power. He wants Luke to go to Velkende for examination.
    You'll be taken there automatically. The doctor asks Luke to remain
    there. The fonims holding his cells together are on the verge of
    dispersal. He could very well die at any instant. However, remaining
    there would only delay the dispersal, not prevent it. Luke asks
    him not to tell anybody that he will die soon.
    Luke tells the rest of the party that nothing's wrong with him; only
    Jade is suspicious. But he says that they should go to Vaticle to
    report on things from here.
    Trigger a few subevents before you go. Go to Daht and visit Ion's
    room. Tear will sing a requiem for him and learn Judgment. Also return
    to the Tower of Rem to get the last part of the Cecil and Frings
    subevent. This will get Guy a costume title. Conveniently, doing this
    will also take you automatically to Vaticle.
    VATICLE バチカル
    Go up to Luke's house. Natalia goes to the palace while the rest of
    the party will stay the night at Luke's house. On the way in, Mieu
    tells Tear he needs to talk to her in secret.
    In his room, Luke wonders when he's going to disappear. Tear comes
    in and asks him if it's true that his Fonims are dispersing. Mieu
    had heard him talking with Jade and told her about it. She asks him
    if there's any way to fix it, but he says no. He asks her to keep
    it a secret from the others. He says that if he's going to die, he
    at least wants to spend his remaining time enjoying the company of
    the others. But then he says the real reason is that he's afraid, and
    that if everybody knew he might have to confront it himself. Tear
    says she will, but asks him not to keep any further secrets from her.
    In the morning go to the audience room of Luke's house. While everyone
    is eating breakfast, a guard runs up and reports that somebody calling
    themselves a representative of the New Lorelei Church has showed up
    at the palace.
    There none other than Largo asks for the king's response to Mose's
    demands. The king refuses to meet the demands. Largo says that the
    Score is frightful - because of Luke's actions at the Tower of Rem, a
    new war is about to begin, just like the Score predicted. He then talks
    about the prophecy of destruction in the Seventh Tone Tablet.
    After Largo leaves, the king thanks Luke for risking his life for the
    Shouki, then asks him to come with Natalia to his room later. He is
    prepared to tell her the truth.
    There, the king tells her the truth of her birth, that Baddock is
    her father, and that now he calls himself Largo. Natalia runs off,
    saying she is going to chase after Largo and find out the truth.
    Go down to the port now. Natalia is confronting Largo there. She asks
    him why he became one of the Rokujinshou. He tells her that his wife
    used to love the evening view from the port. One day he was returning
    from guarding a caravan in the desert, only to find both his wife and
    their days-old child gone. Days later, they found her body floating
    in the harbor. She was traumatized by having her newborn child taken
    from her and had committed suicide. Largo left Vaticle and wandered
    around until he met Van. He joined Van in his quest to eliminate the
    Score that had demanded Sylvia's death. He tells them that the Score
    is the planet's memory, and that even if they forbid the Score the planet
    will proceed according to the same path, leading to the same end
    result. Only by eliminating Lorelei himself, and eliminating the planet's
    memory, will the Score be eliminated.
    Back at the castle, King Ingobert tells Natalia that there is no need
    for her to take the front lines in the fight against the New Lorelei
    Church. But Natalia says she should fight, because it's just as hard
    for the others knowing that Largo is her father.
    Next your party needs to figure out a way to stop the Planet Storm.
    Time to go to Yuliacity to consult with Teodoro.
    YULIACITY ユリアシティ
    Go to the meeting room to talk to Teodoro. He'll explain that a large
    magic circle controls the Planet Storm. Jade says that if Lorelei's
    Sword focuses Seventh Fonim while Lorelei's Jewel disperses it, then
    if Yulia used the Sword to open the Gates, the Jewel might be able to
    close them. Teodoro offers to have his people examine the Jewel.
    Go to Tear's room now. Luke overhears Natalia and Tear talking. Natalia
    asks Tear how she felt when she found out her brother was involved in
    such a dangerous plan. Tear said that she was in denial and couldn't
    believe that such words were being said by Van. Natalia says she now
    understands how she felt. Tear says that after checking up on things,
    she then resolved to stop Van, even if it meant killing each other.
    She says it's because he's the only family she has left, so she needs
    to be the one who would stop him.
    Tear tells Natalia that she shouldn't make the choice that she did.
    Natalia says that even with the Score, Luke is proof that people can
    change. But she also understands Largo's reasons for joining Van.
    Tear tells her that not every problem can be solved with logic. Natalia
    says she's surprised to hear such words from Tear, and then thanks her.
    Now return to Teodoro.
    He says that the Jewel has the additional property that if Seventh
    Fonim is put into it, the magic of the Jewel can stop the Gates.
    He suggests going to the Absorb Gate first.
    ABSORB GATE アブソーブゲート
    Simply go down to where you fought Van earlier. Again, in the long
    and winding path down, you need to take the second gate from the
    At the bottom, the party sees Regret, Sink, Mose, and somebody who looks
    like Ion. Asch and Largo are fighting, and Asch asks Luke why he came
    here. Something begins glowing intensely, and after it subsides
    Van appears. He hands Mose a fragment of the Seventh Tone Tablet.
    Mose gives it to the replica of Ion, intending to have him read it.
    Van says that his body was dispersed, yet his Fonims were sucked into
    the Planet Storm. He began singing Yulia's song just as he thought he 
    would disappear. The song functioned as a contract and Lorelei
    responded. Lorelei's power kept Van's body together. It took him a long
    time, but he was finally able to leave the Planet Storm.
    Van once again tells Asch to come with him. Asch refuses, and Van asks
    Luke next if he will. Luke refuses and Van and Regret leave via a warp.
    Luke tries to chase after, but Largo blocks his way. Luke tells Asch
    to chase after Van. It's time to take care of Largo.
    BOSS: Largo
    HP: 140000
    Strong Against Fire, Earth
    Drops: Black Onyx
    Being alone, he isn't too threatening. He doesn't have any ranged
    attacks, and as soon as you see his ougi or hi-ougi trigger, you should
    be able to Free Run out of the way. Just keep him away from your
    healer(s) and everything will be fine.
    Largo attacks Luke, intending to take him with him, but then Natalia
    shoots him. He tells her that she's grown up well. Luke asks him
    why they have to fight if they are both trying to fight the score. But
    Largo says it's not the same. They believe that the world needs to be
    destroyed and then rebuilt, whereas Luke and company believes that the
    world can be fixed. He bids Natalia farewell and then collapses.
    Go over to the left and there wil be an opening in the ground. Go through
    it and follow the ramp down. You'll see the Passage Ring for the Absorb
    Gate. Over to the left is a warp point down; take it.
    Luke uses the Jewel and attempts to close the Gate. Everything goes
    white and he finds himself floating somewhere. He sees Van falling
    down and then beginning to glow. Luke realizes he is watching when Van
    took Lorelei into him. He also used his powers to save Sink. Luke
    wonders whether what he's seeing is the Planet's Memory. Then he
    sees Asch and (present-day) Sink. Luke tells Asch that they can release
    Lorelei right there, but Asch tells him not to give him orders.
    Luke wakes up back at the Gate's magic circle. Looks like he was
    successful. Back upstairs, you'll see Asch and Sink as they were in
    Luke's vision. Sink runs off and Asch tells them that Mose intends to
    have Ion's replica read the Score.
    Go outside. Ion's replica is in the process of reading a Score that
    foretells the destruction of all Ordrant. Mose tells him not to make
    things up and demands to know from Van whether he really brought back
    a fragment of the Seventh Tone Tablet. The party arrives as Mose
    begins to lose more of his sanity. He flies off. Van grabs Luke
    and realizes that Luke has the Jewel. He begins glowing and says
    that he is losing control over Lorelei. A large shockwave pushes
    everybody back. Regret and Sink take Van back to Eldrant.
    Asch tells Luke to be careful now that Van knows where both parts of
    Lorelei's Key are. He says he will contact them again after they stop
    the Planet Storm.
    Anise suggests bringing Ion's replica to Daht, since he has nowhere
    else to go. Go to the church and Tritheim will agree to take care of
    him. However, they can't just keep calling him Ion, so Anise suggests
    calling him Florian.
    If you go up to Ion's room and talk to Florian, you'll learn how to
    make Stew.
    There's some more subevents you can do now. If you go to Luke's house
    and talk to his butler, Luke will receive a medal as well as a new
    formal outfit. Also, go to Velkende; go to the room two rooms
    up and to the left in the laboratory. Jade will get a doctor
    costume here. Go to Natalia's room in Vaticle to talk to the maid
    and Tear will get a maid outfit.
    After this, it's time to go to the Radiate Gate. The Radiate Gate is
    on an island north of the Absorb Gate.
    RADIATE GATE ラジエイトゲート
    Treasures: Red Saffron, Star Rod, Lunattito, Cobalt Chamber, Elder Cloak
    Go over to the left and down through the gap in the ground. Down
    the ramp go through the hole in the wall for a Red Saffron. At
    the next platform there's a Star Rod. Nearby use a Mieu Attack to make
    a hole in the wall. Go through and use Mieu Wing to travel up to a
    ledge. Go left and you'll get the Lunattito C. Core. Return to the
    main area and continue down the ramp. Soon you'll come across the
    Passage Ring here. Behind it you'll find a Cobalt Chamber and an
    Elder Cloak. Now proceed down the ramp.
    You'll find a full heal/save point here. Guy gets a bad feeling
    about this place... A little further down you'll find the magic
    circle. Luke hurries to use Lorelei's Jewel. Suddenly your old friend
    Mose shows up.
    BOSS: Giganto Mose
    HP: 141000
    Weak Against Light
    Strong Against Dark
    Drops: Emerald Ring, Red Saffron
    His poison breath can cause a lot of status effects, but other than
    that his spells are easy to avoid. Pound away with Tear's Eclair
    Arme and Holy Lance and he should go down quite easily.
    Mose sort of dissolves... ew. Luke says that they need to go to Eldrant
    to finish things. Jade says they'll need to figure out a way to get
    around Eldrant's air defenses. He suggests going to Grand Cokuma. Go
    to the Markt army base's planning room. Zezman says that it takes
    approximately 15 seconds in between each firing of the Eldrant's
    air defenses. Noel says to leave it to her.
    Jade tells the army commanders that once inside they will find a
    way to disable the air defenses. Nordheim says that the army will be
    waiting in Cassadonia. Go to the town entrance and Asch will be there.
    Luke gives him Lorelei's Jewel. He tells Asch that the party will
    escort him to Van so that he can free Lorelei.
    Asch calls him an idiot, saying he never asked for that. He tells 
    Luke to stop saying that he's an inferior copy of Asch and calls
    him a coward. He throws the Jewel back at Luke and tells him that
    he needs to prove he's his own person, or else he'll never accept him.
    Then he says that Van's disciple was him and him only. He tells Luke
    that he'll be waiting in Eldrant. It's the disciple's duty to defeat
    Van, and he says they'll settle things there as to who is Van's
    With Mose defeated, you can now continue Jade's forbidden magic
    event. You can also continue the Nebilim event. See the sidequests 
    section for more details on that. Incidentally, if you do visit Daht
    as part of these subevents, you'll also get a little devil costume
    title for Anise. Also, if you go to the library with the secret
    passage to Zaleho Volcano, you'll finally find the person with the
    last of Luke's ougi books. Return to Vaticle to pick up the money
    from Luke's mother, then return to him to teach Luke Kuuha Zeppuugeki.
    Go to the bar in Cassadonia when you're done with subevents and talk
    to General Nordheim there. He'll ask you if you're ready to go. Pick
    the first option when you are.
    Your party will rest for the big day tomorrow. In the morning, the
    Alvior takes off for Eldrant. An alarm sounds and Eldrant attacks
    the Alvior, crashing onto the ground. Jade notes that the Cell Particle 
    flow probably means that the Tartaros is no longer calming the core. Your 
    party makes a landing on the Eldrant.
    ELDRANT エルドラント
    Treasures: Fonic Lance, Cobalt Chamber, Fonic Robe, Fonic Rod, Fonic
    Mace, Fonic Mail, Fonic Guard, Fonic Blade, Fonic Helm, Fonic Arrow,
    Fonic Bracelet, Fonic Hat, Fonic Crest, Special Gummy x2, Red Sage, 
    Grandioze, Fonic Cloak, Fonic Sword, Fonic Mitten, Treat
    Go forward a bit and you'll see the Alvior Mark 3. It looks like Asch
    is here as well. Go over to the right and you'll see a save point and
    the entrance to Eldrant itself.
    As soon as you enter Regret shows up. She demands Lorelei's Key. Tear
    asks her if she intends to erase the Score like Largo did. Regret
    responds that she cannot accept a world in which the planet's memory
    takes control of her free will. Tear asks her why she's willing to 
    sacrifice the original world for it, and asks her if there isn't anything
    important in that world left for her. Regret said the one who saved
    her from solitude was Van, and that she agrees with Van's will.
    BOSS: Regret
    HP: 143000
    Strong Against Light
    Drops: Mental Symbol
    She's got a LOT of HP. Her spells aren't too dangerous (easily
    dodgeable), but watch out for her ougis. If your computer-controlled
    characters bunch up in one place too much, she can easily take them
    all out with one. Otherwise your standard boss tactics will work
    Regret tells Tear that she is mistaken - people can only bet their
    lives for someone, not something. She bet her life for the sake of
    Van's vision. 
    Go down the stairs and to the left to find a Fonic Lance. Follow
    the path and take the next stairs down for a Cobalt Chamber. Keep going
    on the thin pathway. When you get to the other platform, go left for a
    Fonic Robe. Then take the nearby skinny path back to the first
    building. You'll come across another save point here. Go down the
    stairs for a Fonic Rod, then return and go through the hallway.
    Go down the stairs here and Luke will fall down a trap. Asch is down
    here as well. He demonstrates the way to the exit. It seems that one
    will have to stay and keep the switch activated for the other to
    leave. Luke tells him once again that it should be Asch that goes to
    free Lorelei, but of course Asch gets angry again. He decides to
    settle things with Luke with a duel.
    BOSS: Asch
    HP: 60000
    Drops: Wonder Symbol
    Don't be afraid to use items if you need them. Simply wait for Asch
    to attack, block it, then counter attack with a single combo. If
    he casts a spell, dodge the spell and attack while it's going off.
    Shouldn't be too hard.
    Asch throws Lorelei's Sword at Luke. Some guards come in, and Asch
    says he'll hold them off. Luke tells him to promise that he'll stay
    alive, for Natalia's sake.
    Luke and the party reunite outside. Go back up the stairs that your
    party came from and pick up the Fonic Mace and Fonic Mail from the
    platform outside. Return and now go up the stairs to the left to
    pick up a Fonic Guard. Go to the left from there and through that
    hallway. Follow the bridge across and pick up a Fonic Blade on the
    other side. Go up the stairs near the wall here.
    At the top you'll find a Fonic Helm. Now go right down the slope.
    You'll finally reach the landmass portion of Eldrant. Grab the
    Fonic Arrow and then save at the full heal/save point. On the right
    side of this path is a Fonic Bracelet. Go in towards the screen and Guy 
    will recognize his old house, or at least a replica of it. Tear will 
    remember something Van told her when she was young, and realizes it's 
    the seventh of Yulia's Songs. It is part of the contract with Lorelei. 
    The party thinks that if they can awaken Lorelei while he is inside Van, 
    it might weaken Van and give them an opportunity.
    After this scene go left to find a Fonic Hat. After passing under the
    arch go to the right and follow the path back for a Fonic Crest to the
    right and a Special Gummy to the left.
    Keep going and Luke will hear Asch's voice. Asch finishes off the rest
    of the guards. At that moment, another guard gets up and stabs Asch.
    Other guards follow suit; you'll get anime scene where Asch, despite
    being stabbed, continues fighting. With his last breath, he tells Luke
    that he leaves everything to him.
    Luke realizes that Asch has died. Natalia begs him to tell her that
    he's lying, but he can't. A magic circle suddenly appears under Luke;
    Jade says it's a trap. Luke lets loose a wave of energy which Jade
    calls the "Second Choushindou" and disperses the magic circle. Sink
    shows up and again demands the key. He says that if it wasn't for the
    Score, he wouldn't have had to have been born into such a ridiculous
    BOSS: Sink
    HP: 120000
    Strong Against Wind, Light
    Drops: Misty Symbol
    He's extremely fast and extremely annoying. His frequent spamming
    of his ougi will mean you'll need to switch characters often just
    to get out of the way. He also can cast several powerful spells, and
    doesn't really stagger easily to boot. Make sure you have a good
    supply of Life Bottles and Gummies before you challenge him.
    Sink disappears, the dispersal of his Fonims complete. Natalia is
    still down over the news of Asch's death, when Jade goes up and
    slaps her. He tells her that keeping it on her mind is standing
    against what Asch wanted.
    Guy asks about the Second Choushindou, and Jade explains that its
    theoretically something that can cancel any Fonim produced when
    two Choushindous come into contact. The Sword and Jewel unite and
    the Key is complete.
    Go to the left and double back towards the screen. Keep going
    past a screen change and you'll find a chest with a Red Sage in it.
    Go inside the building now. Climb up the stairs and Mieu Fire the
    blue object to reveal a chest with a Grandioze C. Core. In the
    back, rotate the reflector and Mieu Fire up to open a door you'll
    pass through later. Go left and get a chest with a Fonic Cloak.
    Now go up the stairs and through the door on the left. Climb the long 
    ladder to the lef here and Mieu Wing up to the switch to reveal a Special 
    Gummy. Now go back down the ladder. Hit the pillar near the ladder
    with a Mieu Attack from the right-hand side (where there is a mark)
    so that it falls to the left. Come towards the screen and hit the 
    second pillar towards where the first one is so that it falls away
    from the screen. Be sure not to hit the second pillar leftwards or
    you'll miss out on a Fonic Sword in a bit.
    Go through the door in the back. In this large room, there are enemies
    called Guardians (ガーディアン). What you'll need to do is kill a Guardian
    with a light-elemental magic to get the Light Turning Tone Tablet,
    and to kill another one with dark-elemental magic to get a Dark
    Turning Tone Tablet.
    Use the Light TTT on the device in the center of the room with
    the Guardians. Come towards the screen and to the right, and climb
    the back pillar that you knocked down earlier. Use a Mieu
    Wing to touch the orb and open the door. Climb up the other pillar
    and the very long ladder in the back. Step on the plate here to rotate
    the room and come towards the screen. Outside is a chest with a
    Fonic Sword. Incidentally, if you had Mieu Attacked both pillars to
    the left like I told you not to do earlier, you would not be able to
    get this chest but you would be able to hit a switch that reveals a
    chest with a Red Lavender. Since you can get multiple Red Lavenders but
    only one Fonic Sword, I recommend getting the Fonic Sword. 
    Return and hit the switch on the ground to return the room to normal. Climb 
    up the long ladder in the back again. Go in and follow the loop around to
    pick up a Fonic Mitten. Go back to the device and this time use the Dark 
    Come forward. In this room, rotate the two reflectors so that they face
    each other. Step on the ground switch to return the room back to
    normal. Climb the stairs and fire a Mieu Fire towards the reflectors
    you just manipulated. It will activate the switches. However, if
    it touches the second one, it will reset them. What you have to do
    is fire Mieu Fire, then change to Mieu Wing and then float in between
    the spheres so that you stop the fireball from hitting the second
    switch. Go through the door that just opened and inside you'll find
    Yulia's grave. After the event, check it a second time for the Seijou 
    Unicorn Horn. There's also a Treat back here.
    Go back to the big room and up the stairs to find another save point. 
    Go towards the final set of stairs and your party will give their final 
    speeches. After this point there'll be no turning back. In any case, if 
    you get to this point and then leave, several new subevents will be 
    Go to the Garden behind Tear's house. If you saw all four of Tear's
    flashbacks about Regret earlier, she'll find a letter left behind by Regret
    in her pendant. Regret reveals that originally she had wanted to kill Van,
    because Van had sent her brother to die in the war. She had been using
    Tear to get to him. However, as time went by she began to understand
    Van's past and his goals as well. She apologizes to Tear and signs
    the letter with her real name, Giselle. Tear will get a new costume
    here (her student costume).
    Also, if you have visited Namco Island at least once before, go
    to Sheridan just outside the meeting hall. After some events, Guy
    gets his pilot costume.
    If you go to Grand Cokuma's throne room, everybody will gain their
    formal titles. Again, these are all costumes you can use to change
    your characters' appearances. Another event in Grand Cokuma is if you
    talked to Jade's 'disciple' in front of the bar earlier, you'll get an
    event which leads to a non-costume title for Jade. If you haven't talked
    to him before, just talk to him now, leave town, and then go in again
    to trigger it.
    Also, if this is your second time through the game or later, you can now
    access the secret dungeon in Tales of the Abyss. Again, see the sidequests
    section for details.
    In any case, when you've wrapped up all of the subevents you want to,
    go back to the staircase where everyone gave their speeches and then
    climb up the stairs.
    Van is waiting on the roof. He says that he expected Asch to be the one
    who got this far. Luke says that Asch is there, inside him. Van
    congratulates him as somebody who has exceeded his original. Van
    once again tells Luke to come with him so they can erase Yulia's
    Last Judgment Score. Luke refuses. He says that he finally realized
    that he had wanted Van to accept him as human, as a reason for his
    being born. But he doesn't need that anymore, and thus he doesn't
    need Van anymore.
    Tear begs Van to think things over once more. She says that Luke is
    there not because of any Score, but because of the choices he
    made. The other party members add their arguments. Van tells them
    to draw their weapons - it's time to fight.
    BOSS: Van
    HP: 122000
    He fights with the same patterns as before; just watch out for his ougis.
    After you take him down to half health, an event occurs. Tear begins 
    singing the Tone Songs. Van realizes that they are trying to awaken 
    Lorelei. But he tells Tear that she doesn't have the wish behind the 
    Tone Song, so it won't work. Tear says she understands the meaning now,
    and Van tells her to try.
    After you take him down to half health, Luke tries to hold him off
    while Tear sings the song. But Van tells him that he was the one who
    taught him swordsmanship; no matter what he does, he can't win. Luke
    strikes him with the sword, telling him to release Lorelei. Part of
    Van's sleeve gets torn, revealing a strange-looking arm underneath.
    Van says he has no choice but to release the power he had tried to keep
    under control.
    BOSS: Van
    HP: 152000
    His patterns aren't too different, but he uses more powerful spells,
    plus a wide-reaching hi-ougi that will pretty much kill you if you are
    in range. Play defensively and move each individual character out of
    the way of his spells manually if you have to. Still, if you didn't
    have too much trouble with his previous incarnation, this one shouldn't
    be that hard either.
    Van begins glowing, and Jade says that the Lorelei within Van is trying
    to pull in the party's Fonims. They'll lose their lives like this.
    Tear tells Luke to use the Second Choushindou to cancel out the Fonim
    power. She sings the Tone Song. You'll get an odd battle where nobody
    has any HP and no attacks do any damage. Just do whatever you like
    until Tear finishes singing her song; then Luke will automatically use
    his hi-ougi.
    Van says that Tear must have understood the Seventh Tone Song after
    all. She responds that she remembers the song that Van used to sing
    to her, crying all the time. She thanks him for teaching her the
    song. Van bids her farewell.
    Luke tries to approach, but he tells him not to draw near. Van asks
    their forgiveness as he begins to glow and eventually disappears.
    Suddenly Eldrant begins shaking. Luke tells everyone to leave quickly
    while he stays and releases Lorelei. Jade comes up and shakes Luke's
    hand, saying he really has changed. He tells him to come back alive.
    Guy runs up and says he'll be waiting for him. He says he won't forgive
    him if he disappears; he knew about it all along. Anise runs up and
    hugs him, saying she knew too. She says she needs him to stay alive.
    She needs his money to reinstate the Lorelei Church. Natalia also tells
    him to come back alive, saying that she can't afford to lose any more
    people important to her. Even Mieu tells Luke that he'll be waiting
    for his return. Finally Tear just asks him to come back, saying she'll
    wait however long it takes for him to show up. Luke promises her he'll
    come back. 
    Anime movie time as the party leaves, leaving Luke there. He uses
    Lorelei's Key to create a large magic circle on the ground. Eldrant
    collapses around him. Suddenly he sees Asch's body falling, and he
    catches it. A glow manifests as Lorelei and says that the future he
    foresaw was avoided. He then disappears as a large pillar of light.
    Luke's glow intensifies, and Asch's hand twitches; they then both
    Now enjoy the credits. You'll get to see some nice production images
    as the credits roll. Of course, you're not done yet. The screen
    scrolls out to show the party waiting in a nighttime meadow. Tear
    is singing her Tone Song. Natalia asks her if it was okay to miss
    Luke's funeral. Guy and Anise said that he promised he would come
    back, so they will wait here. Jade says they should leave, because
    it's dangerous at night. Of in the distance, Tear spots a figure.
    It's Luke (or is it? he has long hair...) Tear asks him why he's here, 
    and he responds that he promised he'd come back. The party has a tearful
    reunion, and so ends Tales of the Abyss.
    Subevents that are time-limited (i.e. you can miss them if you proceed
    too far in the story) are marked with an asterisk.
    When you first arrive in Angave, talk to the lady in the house on the
    far west side. She'll ask you to fetch some Miso if you agree to help her
    out. Go to the house next door and talk to the old lady there (she's
    just to the right of the door, so you can miss her if you're not watching
    carefully) to receive the Miso. Take it back to the lady and she'll teach
    you the recipe for Pasta, as well as give you 6 Angave Noodles, 5
    Noodles, and 1 Milk.
    Before leaving for the Cheagle Forest, talk to the apple seller. He'll
    ask you to retrieve a small box from the Forest for him. The box is
    in a treasure chest in a fairly obvious location. Once you get it,
    return it to him, and he'll give you the Collector's Book in exchange.
    The medicine shop in the back of St. Bynah is missing some materials.
    If you can bring the man at the left counter a "Gummy no Moto" and a
    "Menka" (Cotton) he'll give you a Miracle Gummy and open his shop.
    You can find both of these items by searching nearby search points on 
    the world map.
    When you first get Guy, rest at the Inn in Kaitoor. You'll get a little
    event where Luke trains with Guy, and Luke will learn Shunjinken.
    When you first return to Vaticle, talk to Luke's butler to trigger
    this subevent. He'll tell you that some ougi books that were supposed
    to be delivered to him were mistakenly sold by one of the maids. He'll
    give you 20000 Gald to buy the books back. Go down to the harbor to
    catch the merchant. He'll say that he already sold three of the books,
    but he still has the fourth. You can give him the 20000 Gald to teach
    Luke Majinken.
    After St. Bynah sinks, talk to the merchant in Yuliacity standing off to
    the right. He has another one of the books. After you've convinced
    the king of Vaticle to stop the war, go to your house and get 40000
    Gald from Luke's mother. Return to the merchant to teach Luke Raijinken.
    Third, before heading to Roneal Snowy Mountain, talk to the man
    standing at the counter on the first floor of the inn in Kethelburg.
    He has the third book; again, get money (80000 Gald this time) from
    Luke's mother. Return to the man and Luke will learn Ganzan Messaijin.
    Finally, after clearing the Radiate Gate, in Daht at the library that 
    has the secret passage to Zaleho Volcano talk to the man standing at 
    the window. After getting 150000 Gald from your mother return to learn 
    Kuuha Zeppuugeki.
    When you first return to Vaticle, talk to Pear (Luke's gardener)
    several times until he has a conversation with Guy. He'll tell Guy
    to look for a man named Gee in the Zao Desert.
    When you get to the Oasis in the Zao Desert, talk to the man standing
    in the back of the building. He'll tell Guy that he needs to talk to
    several other people to learn his school's ougi, and will give him
    the Hodo Citizen Register.
    Next go to the north side of Kaitoor. In one of the buildings here
    Guy will find the next teacher and learn Rekkuuzan.
    After Cassadonia sinks, go to Daht and talk to the man standing near
    the monument outside the church to the right. He'll point out the
    location of the next man.
    Go to the bar in Grand Cokuma to find the fourth man, who'll say that
    the last man is in a 'small cold house'. 
    Go to Kethelburg's main square and go inside the igloo there. Talk
    to the man to complete the event; Guy will learn Senkuu Shoureppa.
    After getting your party together again after clearing the Absorb
    Gate, go to Grand Cokuma. Visit the Markt Army base (to the left of
    the palace) and talk to Zezman in the strategy room. He'll give Jade a
    book that he found that has some odd inscriptions on it. Take the book
    to St. Bynah and talk to old Admiral McGovern. The book has three
    spells sealed into it, and you'll need to find 9 inscriptions to release
    all of the spells.
    The inscriptions are:
    1. Cassadonia - go to the north side's Inn, second floor, and check the
       drawer in one of the room's htere.
    2. Kethelburg - enter from the south side, then check the back of the
       statue in the northern plaza.
    3. Sheridan - go to the northwest area of the town to find some kids
       talking and you'll find the inscription. Jade will learn Absolute.
    After clearing the Radiate Gate...
    4. Grand Cokuma - enter here, then enter the Radiate Gate to get it
    5. Velkende - examine the room that Spinoza was in.
    6. Kaitoor Port - automatic event. Jade will learn Prism Sword.
    7. Daht - Talk to Florian in Ion's room.
    8. Fubras River - automatic event.
    9. Yuliacity - check the right back corner of the main hall. Jade will 
       learn Meteor Swarm.
    There have been some reports of bugs where the events would trigger
    but Jade would not learn the spell. I highly recommend saving before
    starting this subquest, and if the event triggers but Jade does not
    learn his spell, reload and proceed further in the game's story
    before trying again.
    When Asch is in your party, go to Sheridan Port. You'll end up escorting
    an old man to Daht Port, and Natalia will learn Brave Feed.
    A long time later, after finishing your second visit to Zaleho Volcano,
    visit Daht Port again and Natalia will learn Healing Force. If you
    missed the Brave Feed event, you will also not be able to learn Healing
    When you first arrive in Cassadonia, go to the southwest part of
    the northern area and talk to the man there. He's the one who Tear
    gave her pendant to in payment for the carriage ride earlier. 
    After Cassadonia sinks, return to the same place and talk to him again.
    He'll say that he sold the pendant to somebody named Lize in Grand Cokuma.
    Now go to the shop in Grand Cokuma and talk to the merchant off to the
    right. You can buy Tear's Pendant back for 100,000 Gald. Though 
    expensive, it's an extremely powerful accessory that raises Tear's
    magic attack and magic defense by 20%.
    When you wake up in Yuliacity with Luke, go into the back room on the
    first floor of Tear's house. You'll get the Character Disk. From that
    point on, you can check it in Tear's house to see character models
    of all the characters you've met in the game, just like with the
    Character Book in Tales of Symphonia.
    There are seven music disks that you can find in this game. Take them
    to the building in the back of Sheridan and you'll be able to play them
    on the large orgel. The disks are as follows:
    -Introduction Disk - go up the stairs on the left side as soon as you
    enter Daht. An automatic event will get you the disk.
    -Chivalrous Thief Disk - in the lower part of Oracle Headquarters.
    -White Silver Disk - in Zaleho Volcano, on your way to get the Mieu
    Fire 2 upgrade.
    -Elegant Disk - in between the inn and shop in Grand Cokuma there is a
    hidden door. It's locked at first but later on in the game go in
    this way and you can get a treasure chest with this disk.
    -Requiem Disk - with the King's Portrait key item (you'll get this 
    when you're geting Mieu Fire 2) go to Coral Castle. Go to the throne
    area on the second floor. There'll be an event; now go in the secret
    door to get this disk.
    -Farce Disk - in the backstage area of Namco Island, go all the way to
    the left and talk to the Ushinin hiding behind the left side to get
    this disk.
    -Finale Disk - with all 6 of the other disks in your possession, go
    to the woman clapping her hands in the northern market area of
    If you return to the lady in the orgel building with all 7 discs,
    you'll get a title for Tear.
    Near the end of the game, talk to the butler at Luke's house. Seems a
    guest has come to visit, but the cook has taken sick. You'll need to
    pick somebody from your party to cook in his place. If the character you
    pick is a relatively good cook (has a lot of stars for a lot of recipes),
    you'll be rewarded with the recipe for Oden.
    Just like in Symphonia, you'll have several chances to fight this
    powerful boss. After clearing Coral Castle, you'll have your first
    chance to fight him; he's in the lobby of the Castle. However at this
    point you'll probably be at a fairly low level and you might have
    a difficult time with him. I suggest waiting until you return to 
    Kaitoor Port back from Cassadonia. He'll have 17000 HP. If you let
    the area around Kaitoor sink, he'll be gone and you'll lose out on the
    rest of the event.
    Next, when you leave from Grand Cokuma, go to a search point south of
    the Theor Forest. When you check this one, you won't get any trade
    items, but instead you'll find Sword Dancer. He has 55000 HP this time.
    Again, if you let the story progress too far and the Theor Forest area
    sinks, you'll miss out on him again. He drops a Genius Wand, which
    has extremely high magic attack; Tear can make good use of it.
    Finally, after the events at Feres Island Ruined City, he'll be waiting
    just outside the Replica Machines building. He'll have 86000 HP this
    time. Defeat him and you'll receive the Ultimettid sword, one of the
    best swords in the game.
    I'm not sure when you can begin to trigger this, but it will happen
    until the end of the game. Talk to Rose and she'll mention that monsters
    have been attacking the town. Pick the first option to tell her your
    party will take care of it. Now talk to the apple seller; he'll give
    you a special apple to use as bait. With that in hand, go back to
    Rose and tell her you're ready. With the apple as bait, you'll fight
    about 6-7 easy battles in a row. Finish this and Rose will give you
    Rose's Charm. Neither the apple nor Rose's Charm are anything special,
    but they count as more items in your Collector's Book.
    Another event to do in Angave. Talk to the farmer tending the field
    off to the left and you'll learn that he needs seven seeds. To get the
    seeds, you'll have to search various search points around the world.
    -Charrak Seed - in the forest north of Aramis Well.
    -Lanakear Seed - straight west from the Fubras River.
    -Penpen Seed - westnorthwest from Cassadonia.
    -Estema Seed - north of Sheridan.
    -Bombom Seed - east of Kaitoor Port.
    -Torgenia Seed - west of Vaticle.
    -Oriora Seed - peninsula near Wyon Mirror Cave.
    With all seven seeds, talk to the farmer's wife (she's in the door behind
    Rose's house), then talk to the farmer. Guy will get a title for this.
    This timed subevent has some very strict time limitations on it. You
    might need to gather the items listed here in advance. On the south
    side of Cassadonia hiding behind a building is an Arijigokunin. He
    demands some items from you.
    -First, between when you first arrive in Cassadonia and before you
    leave on the ferry, he wants an Apple Gummy. Give it to him and you'll
    get the recipe for Karaage.
    -Next, after you clear the Zao Ruins and before you go to the Markt
    Consulate in Cassadonia, he wants a Scimitar and a Spectacles. He'll
    give you an Orange Gummy in exchange.
    -After Cassadonia sinks and before you return to the surface, he wants
    a Miracle Gummy, Panacea Bottle, and an Apple. He'll give you a 
    Thief's Mantle in exchange.
    -When you come to visit Cassadonia to invite Aster to the peace treaty
    (or any time until the end of the game), he wants a Striped Ribbon, 
    Beef, and Chicken. Striped Ribbons can be bought from Cassadonia after 
    you clear the Radiate Gate. He'll give you a Holy Ring and Mental 
    Ring in exchange. 
    -After clearing the Absorb Gate and getting all of your party members
    back, until the end of the game, talk to him one final time. He doesn't
    need anything from you this time, but if you did at least the first
    and fourth requests you'll be able to get the recipe for Gratin from
    After finishing this event, also talk to the Arijigokunin in Namco
    Island and pay 150,000 Gald to get an Arijigokunin Doll for Anise. This 
    also requires only the first and fourth parts of this event. However, to 
    do the Aster subevent you must fulfill all four requests.
    Yet another long and complicated timed event. Be careful with this one.
    You can start it after Cassadonia sinks.
    -First, go to Angave. See the event at Rose's house, then go to the inn.
    -Next, go to the south side of Kaitoor and talk to Almandine.
    -Next, return to Angave and talk to Frings in Rose's house.
    -Next, go to Kaitoor's north side and talk to Frings.
    -Next, go to Kaitoor Port and talk to Cecil. You'll get a Cecil's Dagger
    key item.
    -Next, go to Angave and deliver to dagger to Frings. You'll get a 
    Frings's Letter key item.
    -Next, go to Kaitoor Port and deliver the letter to Cecil.
    -Go to Cassadonia to see the event at Aster's place.
    -Go to Kaitoor's north side and talk to Frings.
    -Go to Kaitoor Port and talk to Cecil.
    You should do all of this before you return to the Shell World and
    visit Daht.
    -After the peace treaty is signed, go to Kaitoor Port to see the event.
    -After clearing the Absorb Gate, go to Vaticle's port.
    -After getting all six of your party members back, go to Vaticle's port 
    -After clearing the Shouki, go back to the Tower of Rem.
    If you've successfully done all of this, you'll get Guy's "Smart Style"
    There have been bug reports for the first event; namely, after the
    event when you get taken automatically inside Rose's house, upon leaving
    you'll see the same event over again and be taken back to Rose's house
    again for an infinite loop. If this happens you have no choice but to
    load a saved game, so I highly recommend saving the game before you
    enter Angave.
    This is another timed event that requires you to give specific items.
    This particular one involves a man in Yuliacity. The man to look for
    is standing off to the left of the entrance to the main hall. The
    Rice is the toughest request to fulfill because if you wait too late,
    he disappears, and you cannot buy Rice in Yuliacity. You should buy
    them beforehand in Vaticle. Alternatively, you can buy the Rice right
    after you clear the Oracle HQ and then use the Aramis Well to return
    to Yuliacity; the Rice subevent does not disappear until after you obtain
    the Alvior.
    -When you first arrive in Yuliacity, he wants three Apple Gummies. You
    can simply buy them from the merchant here if you don't have enough.
    -After Luke cuts his hair, he wants five Rices. (Angave Rice does not
    count.) You can buy Rice when you first arrive in Vaticle.
    -Before you clear the Absorb Gate, he wants five Maces. If you did not
    buy the Maces beforehand, you can still make them in Din's shop. They
    are the cheapest possible wands you can make so just continually pick
    the lowest price possible when making them.
    After you do this, and after seeing the Aster subevent (see below),
    go back to him and talk to him to get the "Makai no Hana" title for
    Tear. He's hiding in the hard-to-see stairwell next to his beginning
    These events involve Tear training Luke in how to use his Choushindou,
    but it also involves flashbacks to Tear being taught by Regret.
    -When you first arrive in Daht, stay at the inn to see the first
    -When you first arrive in Sheridan, stay at the inn there to see the
    second flashback.
    -When you clear the Zao Ruins for the second time, stay at the inn in
    Daht for the third flashback.
    -When you clear the Tataroo Valley for the second time, stay at the inn
    in Sheridan.
    At this fourth event, you'll get the "Oneesan" title for Tear. Then 
    late in the game, after you save at the final save point in Eldrant,
    go to the garden behind Tear's house. You'll find a letter from Regret
    and Tear will get her "Josei Kyoushi" title, which is a costume title
    for the student outfit she was wearing in her flashbacks.
    This sword is hanging in the front lobby of Luke's house. You can get
    it by triggering a specific series of events.
    -First, after you first arrive in Vaticle but before the peace treaty
    is signed, talk to Pear in the lobby and he'll talk about the sword.
    -Next, after the peace treaty is signed talk to Pear again. He'll
    reveal that the sword was used by Guy's father.
    -Finally, after the countries agree to work together on the Planet Storm
    problem, talk to Luke's father. You'll get the sword, which is a relatively
    good sword for Guy.
    After purifying the Shouki at the Tower of Rem, go talk to Aston in
    Sheridan. There's a new plan to build a bridge. However, it requires no
    less than one million Gald. Give Aston one million Gald and then
    sleep in the inn several times (about 5 times, I believe), then return
    to Aston. Talk to him to get a title for Luke.
    After completing all of the Arijigokunin, Bridge Building, Protecting
    Angave, and Seed Gathering subevents, talk to Aster in Cassadonia for
    another subevent. What this does is allows you to get another set of
    titles for everybody by talking to specific people or seeing some events. 
    Talk to Luke's mother in Vaticle for Luke's; to the man you gave Apple 
    Gummies/Rice/Maces to in Yuliacity for Tear's; and to Nefly in Kethelburg 
    for Jade's. Also go to the hill outside of Daht (with the Fourth Tone
    Tablet) for Anise's, in front of the Inn in Vaticle for Natalia's, and
    to the telescope on the north side of Sheridan for Guy's. Natalia's is
    a costume title (her formal princess gown).
    MUSHROOM ROAD キノコロード
    Treasures: Camomile x2, Miracle Gummy, Bellbane, Basil x2, Holy
    Bottle, Saffron, Sage x2, Special Gummy, Lavender, Red Basil, Savory 
    After getting your entire party back together again after clearing the
    Absorb Gate, visit your house. Your butler will tell you that your
    mother has collapsed. It seems that she's run out of medicine, and
    they're missing one of the ingredients, the Red Tengu Mushroom, needed
    to make it. Mieu mentions that there is a place called Mushroom Road
    that you can reach through a river near the Cheagle Forest. Take the
    Alvior there in sea mode to get there. 
    Make your way there and you'll run into Asch. Seems like he's looking
    for the mushroom too. He'll switch into your party again temporarily
    in place of Luke. You'll also get a title for Asch here. You can switch
    between Asch and Luke as long as you're here.
    Rather uh... psychdelic here, isn't it. You can hit the mushrooms
    puffing smoke with Mieu Fire (you can only do this if Luke is in the
    party) to cause a treasure chest to pop up, though sometimes
    an enemy will pop out instead, so be warned. The important thing to
    find here is the mushroom you're looking for, which should just be
    sitting in the middle of the area. It's near the north exit of 
    Mushroom Road. Incidentally, if you do go out of the north exit,
    you'll find a search point closeby with an upgrade to the Alvior that
    will increase the number of places you can land. Return to deliver
    the mushroom to complete this event.
    After you've powered up the Alvior, go to a little east of St. Bynah.
    On the same continent that Sheridan is on, you'll see a little cave
    surrounded by whirlpools. Back up and charge in at full speed and
    you'll be able to arrive at Namco Island. 
    There's lots of fun things to do here. Other than all of the Namco
    character cameos, talk to the Arijigokunin. He'll ask you which
    character you find the most important. He'll then demand 76500 Gald
    to return that. With this done, Anise will get her Neko Neko Koneko
    costume. Also, once you finish the Arijigokunin subevent above in
    Cassadonia, talk to the other Arijigokunin and pay 150,000 Gald to get the 
    Arijigokunin doll for Anise. This doll lets Anise regenerate HP and TP 
    during battle, making it quite useful.
    You'll encounter the Shikkoku no Tsubasa here; if you got the Shikkoku
    Key earlier from the event in Grand Cokuma (see the main walkthrough
    for the exact timing; use Ctrl+F to find 'Shikkoku Key' if necessary), 
    you'll be able to talk to Noir and find out the story behind Namco 
    Island. This will get Luke one of his titles.
    Talk to the cow-boy Elion here, and he'll ask you to find his siblings.
    Go to Yuliacity's Tone Tablet room (the room below the meeting room)
    and you'll find Yutan, but he'll run away. Then go to Vaticle's port
    and you'll find Minka. However, Minka says he won't leave until you
    find Yutan. Go to Angave and you'll hear news that two boys, one
    matching Yutan's description, have been kidnapped. Now go to the
    Cheagle Forest. Natalia will threaten the kidnappers, saying she's
    the famous thief "Markt's Star". After you get the children back, 
    return to Vaticle Port and take Minka with you. Now you'll return
    to Namco Island. In thanks, Elion will give Natalia a thief's outfit
    to match her earlier charade. He'll also give you the "Dragon
    Killer Key", which you can use two rooms to the left to play Tales
    of Dragon Buster, a rearrangement of Namco's classic game Dragon
    Buster. If you press L+R+Triangle when playing, you can play the
    original Dragon Buster instead. See the minigames section below for
    more info on Dragon Buster.
    Treasures: Specific, Wing Bottle, Cocktail Bottle, Red Camomile,
    Cowboy Hat
    The Wyon Mirror Cave actually has a second entrance that leads to a
    different part of the cave. Follow the coastline eastwards from the
    first entrance to find it. The entrance is blocked off by some
    whirlpools, so you will need to have a powered-up Alvior to get in.
    Go in and you'll see a conveyor built. Mieu Fire (you'll need the
    powered up version) the switch to stop it. For the next conveyor,
    fire at the reflective surface off to the left to get the switch.
    Go forward and use the reflector to the left to operate the crane.
    That will pick up a chest with a Specific.
    Now go into the cave. You'll see some Cheagles trapped in the jail
    cells here. Get the Wing Bottle and Cocktail Bottle in the chests
    here. Fire across the gap to open the jail cells. You'll have to
    use a reflector for the one on the right. Pass through the path to
    the right.
    On this screen use the reflector to free the Cheagle. Keep going.
    On the next screen you'll see two reflectors and a Cheagle cage way
    up to the left. Stand to the right of the first one and fire left
    at it to have it bounce twice to get the switch. Now keep going to
    the next screen. Off to the left you'll see some sort of weapon-like
    device. There's also three torches and several reflectors down here.
    You'll need to use the reflectors so that you can light all three
    torches with one shot. Stand just left and below the rightmost torch
    and shoot diagonally up and right. This should light all three torches
    plus hit the switch for the weapon, which will then blow a hole in the
    cave wall. This also causes many Replica Ogres to come out of the
    machines... defeat them. With the hole in the wall, you can now
    free the Cheagle in the cage next to it. Go left to find a Red
    Camomile and a Cowboy Hat, as well as a save point. Now with all
    5 Cheagles freed, go to the Cheagle Forest and talk to the Cheagle
    Elder. As thanks, he'll give you the Holy Seal and Evil Seal. The
    Holy Seal increases the effectiveness of Holy Bottles while the
    Evil Seal does the same for Dark Bottles.
    You can begin this subevent after the duel with Arietta. Go to Daht
    and speak with Tritheim. He notices the Maken Nebilim that you got
    earlier from the boss in the Meggiora Plateau. He says that it might
    be part of an ancient plan to use something called "Planet Tone Magic",
    an extremely powerful magic. There were six weapons involved in this
    magic, three of Shadow and three of Rem. The previous Doushi had
    tried to investigate this, and the leader of the investigation was
    a certain Gelda Nebilim - none other than Jade/Nefly/Dist/Peony's
    old teacher.
    Go to Kethelburg and talk to Nefly. She'll say that all of Nebilim's
    materials were taken by the Markt army. Go to Grand Cokuma and now talk
    to Emperor Peony in his room under the throne room. You'll
    receive the Seiken Lost Celestie. Go to Jade's room in the Markt Army
    Base in Grand Cokuma and you'll get another small event. Jade looks up the
    materials on Nebilim's studies and finds that she often went to a place
    in the Roneal Mountains.
    Go to St. Bynah and talk to Old Man McGovern. He mentions having
    a similar weapon, the Masou Bloodbane. Go to the inn now and talk
    to Glen McGovern. He'll ask you to look around outside town for
    some missing Buusagi. The pig, er, Buusagi, is just outside in the forest. 
    When you find the Buusagi, talk to Glen again to receive the Masou 
    Go back to Vaticle and take the trolley to the factory. On
    the first screen here over to the right, you'll notice a hanging
    ladder. Use Mieu Wing to get up, then follow it over. Mieu Fire
    (you need the upgraded version) the switch across the gap to send
    the trolley across. Now go back to town. You'll see a second trolley
    here now. Take the trolley over and follow the path to find a
    Sunlight Chamber and the Seikyuu Kelkator.
    After visiting Grand Cokuma after clearing the Radiate Gate, next go to 
    Daht. Enter the church and go in the door on the left. Take the yellow 
    warp circle up and talk to Florian to find the Majou Chaos Heart.
    Finally, you can find the Seijou Unicorn Horn in the last dungeon,
    Eldrant. See the walkthrough for Eldrant for details.
    With the six weapons in hand, now go to the blizzard area northwest
    of Kethelburg. Because of the blizzard, you will need the fully
    upgraded Alvior to get in. Look for a mountain with a big crack in
    it. This is Nebilim's Rock. Enter and your party will find the
    magic circle for the Planet Tone Magic. However, Jade notices something
    odd; it seems to be linked to a seal of some sort. Dist shows up,
    apparently still not dead, and thanks the party for bringing him
    what he wanted. He demands that they put the six weapons into the
    circle and Jade, for whatever reason, agrees.
    With the six weapons in place, the seal breaks, and the rock face
    opens. Dist proclaims that finally he has been able to bring back
    Nebilim. Jade is shocked, and realizes that Dist must mean the first
    Replica that Jade made of Nebilim. According to Old McGovern's words
    earlier, she must be the Fonimar that wiped out the entire legion of
    troops that had to be sealed away. Dist greets Nebilim happily, but
    suddenly a huge laser sweeps out of the rock face and blasts Dist
    Nebilim appears and thanks the party. She was incomplete before, but
    with the six weapons she has been able to get the First and Sixth
    Fonims that she needed to become complete. Time to fight this terribly
    powerful boss.
    BOSS: Nebilim
    HP: 320000
    Drops: Blue Dice
    Steal: Tutti
    Yes, she does have more than twice as much HP as any boss you've faced
    so far. Prepare for a tough battle. Her battle skills are much more
    dangerous than her spells, because most of her spells (Saint Bubble,
    Thunder Blade, Ground Dasher) can be avoided. However, she will throw
    in a casting of Meteor Swarm every now and then, and even more scarily,
    Time Stop. I suggest having only one of either Luke, Guy, or Anise;
    have Tear and Natalia in with only healing spells (alternatively, you
    can replace Natalia with Anise equipped with the Riara Doll if you want
    two people with Raise Dead...) and Jade in spamming his offensive spells.
    Control the lone melee character and very carefully approach Nebilim.
    If she begins casting, dodge the spell and attack; otherwise, backstep
    or otherwise dodge her attack. If she casts Time Stop, immediately
    run as far away from her and your other characters as possible; your
    lone goal is not to have everybody be killed during Time Stop. Nebilim
    also uses Big Bang as a hi-ougi; you'll want to have brought along
    several Specifics (heals everybody in the party for 30%) for this
    purpose. Other than that, be careful with your TP. If your casters
    get too low, depending on their tactics, they'll run in and attack
    Nebilim in an effort to get TP back. This of course will get them
    killed. Once last thing of note is that you can steal the Tutti C. Core
    from her. This is the best C. Core in the game, which gives a whopping
    +4 bonus to every stat on level up. Good luck!
    After defeating Nebilim, go to Grand Cokuma and talk to Emperor Peony in
    his room. After the events here, go to Daht and then talk to Tritheim.
    Finally, talk to Pear in Guy's room at Luke's house in Vaticle. This
    will get Luke the costume title "Tactical Leader".
    You can only get these costumes your second time through the game
    or later. After going to Shurrey Hill and seeing that Regret is still
    alive, once you have 6 people in your party again, talk to the maid in
    the room in front of Peony's personal room in Grand Cokuma. You'll get
    the Abyssman costumes for your party... Power Rangers anyone? Even
    Asch gets an Abyssman costume! If you go too far in the story, you'll
    miss this event, so be careful.
    There is no Monster Collection in this game like there was in other
    Tales games, but there is still a Monster Collector title for Tear.
    To trigger it, speak to the Nekonin in one of the rooms on the
    third floor of Kethelburg's Hotel. They'll ask you to find proof that
    three mythical monsters exist. The three monsters are a very large
    beast, a black worm, and a monster made of other monsters.
    The very large beast is the Behemoth that you kept running into in
    the Inister Wetlands. This time when you defeat it you will obtain the
    Golden Helm, which is your proof. 
    The black worm is the Sandworm that lives in the sandstormy area 
    just a little northeast of the Zao Ruins. You need a powered up
    Alvior to land here; run around and you should see the Sandworm
    diving in and out of the desert sands. Defeat it and you'll get the
    Geibolg spear.
    Finally, the monster made of other monsters is no less than the boss
    of the Abyssal Replica Facility, the Replicantis. Since you cannot
    enter this secret dungeon until the second time through the game,
    you cannot complete this sidequest either until the second time through
    the game. The Replicantis drops merely a Sunlight Chamber, but that's
    apparently enough.
    Return to the Nekonin with these three items and you'll get the Monster
    Collector Lady title for Tear. Not only does it costume change her into
    a black cat, but it has the special ability that touching monster
    symbols on the map will not lead to battles. (Every time you do
    touch a monster symbol, you will lose 5% HP and TP, so it's not
    terribly useful... still, it can be nice if you're in a big hurry).
    You must have reached the final save point and seen the final
    announcements by everybody in the last dungeon, and finished the
    Wyon Mirror Cave East sidequest, to access this secret dungeon. Also
    note that you can only do this your second time through the game or
    To start, go to Sheridan. Go to the upper left part of town and talk
    to the helmeted duo in the back. They apparently possess a device that
    lets them tell who is a replica and who isn't. They mention that
    there are some strange readings from the Wyon Mirror Cave, however.
    It seems that there is a strong response to both replicas and Fomicry
    itself in there. Whatever machines Dist was using back there are still
    Now go to the main meeting hall. You'll find Tsuba, the man who you
    freed from the Aramis Well awhile back. He says that the cave is made
    of a special metal and is extremely hard to excavate, and therefore
    takes a lot of money... anywhere from 2000 to 30000 Gald. Talk to him
    again and he'll ask you if you're ready. You'll be taken there
    The little blue bar at the top represents Tsuba's health. As he
    excavates walls or encounters hazards, his health will slowly decline.
    You can talk to him to change how much money you pay him each time, 
    but the less money you pay the faster his health will drop. If his
    health drops to zero, you will be booted out of the cave automatically.
    Also, by picking the second option when you talk to him, you can leave
    the cave instantly.
    To proceed, you'll want to use a Mieu Attack to break the various
    machines scattered around the dungeon. A tally in the upper left corner
    will tell you how many you've broken. Examine the little bumps in the
    wall to have Tsuba break through them. Every time you do this, you will
    be charged money - you'll need plenty of money in advance here!
    Once you leave, you can come back at any time by taking the long
    river up that you used to get to the west side of the Meggiora Plateau
    just a little past the Plateau entrance.
    For this map, x represents a room, X represents a room with a breakable
    device, and other letters represent rooms with a treasure chest. * are
    rooms with healing springs (heals your party as well as Tsuba) and
    numbers correspond to the notes below.
          X xX
          x   x X x
         XRx  Sx x
       Qx x Xx  x
         X x O  X
       *P x   XxN
           X M
          x x X
           X x
    * J     x
     x     xx
     X      X
      xx X  x    x   X
      x  x  X Xxx   x
     xXxxx K x  xx F
       x   x Xxx  x
      xI GXx   x Xx  E
       Xx x x xX x xX
       H   xB  xC  D *
         Ax  Xxx
    A: Sunlight Chamber     1: Start Position
    B: Carmine Chamber      2: Boss (Replica Rokujinshou)
    C: Miracle Gummy        3: Boss (Replicantis)
    D: Specific
    E: Kaiser Bracelet*
    F: Life Bottle
    G: Miracle Gummy
    H: 10000 Gald
    I: Cobalt Chamber
    J: Shooting Star*
    K: Red Basil
    L: Glass Chamber
    M: 20000 Gald
    N: Miracle Gummy
    O: Treat
    P: Holy Bottle
    Q: Gungnir*
    R: Red Saffron
    S: Elemental Ribbon*
    T: Elemental Crest*
    Items marked with an asterisk are unique; these are the items you
    should prioritize if you want to go for Collector's Book completion
    but don't want to waste time/money finding everything here.
    The door to the first boss fight is sealed; you need to break all 18
    machines in the first area before you can proceed. Once you do, you'll
    find no less than replicas of four of the six Rokujinshou! This is
    your first boss fight here.
    BOSS: Replica Rokujinshou
    Replica Arietta
    HP: 45000
    Replica Largo
    HP: 65000
    Replica Sink
    HP: 55000
    Strong Against Wind, Light
    Replica Regret
    HP: 50000
    Strong Against Light
    Hope you're used to fighting against multiple Rokujinshou by now...
    At first, only Arietta, Largo, and Sink will be on the field; as soon
    as you defeat one of them, Regret will suddenly pop out of nowhere
    and join the fight. I would focus on Arietta first as she has the
    lowest HP, plus she casts annoying spells (Bloody Howling) and buffs
    on her allies. After that, go for either Sink, who probably has ticked
    you off with his ougis by now, or Regret since she casts Eclair Arme
    and Holy Lance with alarming frequency. Largo you can probably leave
    for last. Of course, watch out for each Rokujinshou's hi-ougis; you
    can safely avoid any of them except Big Bang if you free run away
    early enough. This fight actually isn't all that hard; if you were
    able to beat Nebilim, you should be able to beat these guys with no
    After the battle you'll be able to proceed to the upper part of
    the dungeon. Again, there is a door that blocks your way to the
    last room; you'll need to break an additional 11 machines before the
    door will open. Do so and open the door to face the second boss
    here, the Replicantis.
    BOSS: Replicantis
    HP: 250000
    Drops: Sunlight Chamber
    He really isn't hard at all. I don't think he's even as hard as the
    Rokujinshou fight. He does have some powerful spells that he casts
    near instantaneously, but he's slow and big, meaning it's quite easy
    to combo him to death. Obviously just keep an eye on your HP and you'll
    be fine. 
    With the Replicantis defeated, Mieu will break the final machine and
    you'll have completed the dungeon. Yeah, it was pretty easy, wasn't it?
    Certainly isn't like the tear-your-hair-out frustration of the secret
    dungeons in ToR or ToS(PS2) or shoot-me-now difficulty of the ones in
    the Star Ocean series or Valkyrie Profile... but I digress.
    Go to the second floor of Kethelburg's hotel and into the right room
    to play this game. Basically the rules are that a number of people will
    come in and place their orders all at once. You have to remember what
    each person ordered, order the proper number of items from the cook,
    and then deliver the proper item to each customer. There's no time
    limit (though the customers only show their orders for so long) so it's
    more a game of memory than anything else. When you first play it, play
    it three times or so and you'll get a Nariyuki Waitress title for Tear.
    This title has the special effect that when you stand in a place where
    you can use Mieu Wing to do something, a little musical note will appear
    above your character's head.
    The other thing you can do with this comes after you've gotten Tear's
    maid costume. Put it on and talk to the restaurant owner again. The other
    waitress here will challenge Tear to a waitressing competition. Play
    six times straight (you don't have to get all perfects, though you sohuld
    try to do as well as possible) and you'll get the Fruits Mix recipe.
    These warehouses are similar in spirit to the warehouse games in Tales
    of Destiny, but the rules are much simpler. All you have to do is
    push the various boxes/barrels into the holes in the ground. However,
    you'll also want to get various treasure chests around the room, which
    you'll only be able to reach if you push the boxes in a certain way.
    The solutions for each puzzle follow. In the diagrams below, X means
    the wall, O means a hole in the ground, T stands for treasure chest,
    and A, B, C... are the various boxes.
    Kethelburg Port: this one has a Pine Gummy, Piyohan, and Reverse Doll.
    Clear it and you'll get 5000 Gald.
    X    O D  OX
    X XO   X  OX
    X XTXO   OCX
    X X XTO O  X
    X  F O  B  X
    X X  A O  OX
    XOX X     OX
    -Move A 1 to the right.
    -Move B 2 to the right.
    -Push C up into the hole.
    -Pull/push B up into the hole.
    -Push D left into the hole.
    -Push E down into the hole.
    -Push F right into the hole.
    -Move A left three, up two, left two, then push it down into the hole.
    Grand Cokuma Bar: this one you'll get a Lollipop, Strange Mark, and Lemon
    Gummy. Clear it and you'll get 5000 Gald.
    XOO  TO O OX
    XO O    O OX
    XOB  OO O  X
    XO   OO O  X
    X  OOO    OX
    XO O O OO OX
    XOC  OD    
    -Move D up three into the hole.
    -Move A down and around so that it falls into the hole to the left of D.
    -Push B straight up into the hole.
    -Pull C up and grab the treasure.
    Sheridan Port: this one has an Apple Gummy, All Divide, and Holy Ring.
    Clear it and you'll get 5600 Gald.
    X   O   O TX
    X  E XXX XOX
    XXO  XO  X X
    XXXO   O   X
    XT  XOOD  XX
    X O XTX  OXX
    XOOO  OO X X
    X    XB  X X
    XX    A   OX
    -Move A one to the right.
    -Push B up into the hole.
    -Move C one down, four to the right, up three, and then left one (so that
     it falls into the hole next to B).
    -Pull D down two, right one, and then up into the hole.
    -Move A such that it falls into the hole to the left of B and C.
    Velkende Port: this one you'll get a Pirate Doll, Apple Gummy, and Dark
    Seal. Clear it and you'll get a 5000 Gald.
    XX  OXC O XX X  X
    XX  XO X        X
    X   O     O   DOX
    XX XOX     XX   X
    XX A X HO   G XXX
    XXOO   XO OO  O X
    -Move A 1 to the right.
    -Move B up three and then right two into the hole. 
    -Move C down three and right four into the hole.
    -Move D left six and up one into the hole.
    -Move E down two, left four, then one up into the hole.
    -Push F down into the hole.
    -Push G left into the hole.
    -Push H right 6 and up two into the hole.
    -Push A up into the hole.
    You can play the casino in Kethelburg. The first thing you'll need to do
    is get chips. You can trade either Gald or Grade for the chips. The
    two games you can play are Nefly Ball and Poker. In Nefly Ball, you'll
    pick five numbers. Then the computer will pick five numbers. The more
    numbers you match, the more chips you'll get (match one for a 1:1
    return of your best).
    In Poker, you'll bet chips and then try to get the best hand possible.
    One pair gives you nothing, so be warned. When you win, you'll get to
    play a high/low double up game where you try to decide whether the next
    card is higher or lower than the currently shown card. If you guess
    right you'll double your winnings; if not you'll lose it all. You can
    double up up to 10 times.
    You can't trade the chips in for money, but you can get some items.
    The items you can get are as follows. The list expands as you progress
    in the game.
    (Page 1)
    Life Bottle - 500
    Mixed Gummy - 1000
    Great Sword - 3000
    Silver Cloak - 7000
    Undine - 10000
    Soul Steal - 30000
    Wizard's Cane - 50000
    (Page 2)
    Fonic Mark - 3000
    Fonic Symbol - 5000
    Arc Wand - 7000
    Gnome - 20000
    Clay Arrow - 35000
    Aifread Hat - 60000
    Hanuman Shaft - 85000
    (Page 3)
    Attack Ring - 20000
    Defense Ring - 30000
    Sylph - 50000
    Yutis - 200000
    Finger Pointer - 350000
    Broom - 800000
    Celsius Calibur - 2500000
    There are two basic kinds of battle, single battles and team battles.
    Both kinds have a beginner and advanced rank. The beginner ranks and
    team advanced are three consecutive battles, while advanced single
    is five consecutive battles.
    You cannot use items or change equipment during the matches, so
    conservation is key. You CAN cook between each arena match, so keep
    that in mind and bring along ingredients. To access the advanced
    ranks, you must beat the beginning rank (in the case of the single
    battles, you can beat it once with anybody).
    Beating the Advanced Single rank for each character gets you their
    arena title (Jade's is a costume title) as well as their best (in most
    cases) weapon, and 35000 Gald.
    Luke: Stick a Green FS Chamber on Eishourai and max it out. This will
    be your primary healing method. Fight however you want.
    Tear: Attackxn -> Nocturnal Light will be your main combo. Use Severed
    Fate to dodge certain attacks. For the slower enemies, you can easily 
    cast First Aid. For the final Castle Golem, just keep casting Eclair
    Arme (he's weak against light).
    Jade: Attackxn -> Tenraisou is your primary combo. Every fourth time
    you use it you'll get a Wind FOF, so you can chain Tenraisou into its
    own FOF Change, Raijin Senpuusou. For the second fight with all the
    birds, just hi-ougi them; they're way too annoying. For the final Castle 
    Golem, just keep casting Saint Bubble (he's also weak against water). 
    Jade has the toughest time out of any of the characters, because he has 
    no means of healing himself. Have him cook between rounds and equip an 
    HP regen accessory if needed. 
    Anise: Stick a Green FS Chamber on Might Charge or Luck Luck to heal
    yourself. Use whatever combos you like.
    Guy: The easiest character to win with, thanks to his Shuukihou (self-
    healing). Do whatever you want.
    Natalia: Another rather easy character to win with, thanks to her
    ability to attack enemies from anywhere on the screen. Use her Cavalry
    and you won't stagger either, so you can easily cast Heal as needed.
    Finally, if you play the Advanced Team battle, the first time you beat
    it you'll get a fourth Exhibition match automatically. Like the 
    Exhibition match in previous Tales arenas, this match features cameos
    of previous Tales characters - namely Mint from Tales of Phantasia,
    Philia from Tales of Destiny, Rid from Tales of Eternia, and Nanaly
    from Tales of Destiny 2. You WILL be able to use items in this match.
    You'll want to take out Mint first as she is the healer of the group
    and can cast Raise Dead. Then go for Philia to stop her annoying Flare
    Tornado, and then Rid. Finish up by taking out Nanaly. Be warned; when
    she gets to low HP, Nanaly may try to use a Life Bottle (usually on
    Mint). If she does, take out Mint before she can cast Raise Dead or
    you'll be in serious trouble. Also be warned that on Hard difficulty
    or above, all of the enemy team will be able to use hi-ougis: Mint's
    Time Stop, Philia's Big Bang, Rid's Kyokkouheki (which heals and
    raises party members as well as does damage to characters near him),
    and Nanaly's Wild Geese. Don't get sloppy on the healing and focus
    on taking down one at a time.
    Beating this team will get you several great items, such as the
    Mumbane armor, a Prism Protector, a Fairy Ring, and a Philia doll for 
    Off to the right, there's a man wondering what to do with his house.
    Talk to him and your party will suggest a place he can find an
    architect. Come back later and now he'll ask for 200,000 Gald to finish
    the renovations. Give it to him. Once again come back and he'll have
    turned his house into a labyrinth. You can now play it as a minigame.
    Basically you'll have to reach the ladder up to the next floor within
    a certain time limit. There are monsters here which you can dispatch
    with a Mieu Fire; get touched and you'll lose some health. There are
    bounce tiles that will take you over walls, but there are also drop
    tiles that will make you lose instantly (you can restart from the floor
    you were at). Later on, you need Mieu Attack to break boxes, or Mieu
    Wing to lift you into the air and drop onto a switch to open doors.
    There are five floors in all. If you complete it with Natalia, you'll
    get her "Labyrinth Girl" title.
    After clearing the Absorb Gate, talk to the man standing in the lower
    right area of Sheridan. You'll be able to play this minigame. Each
    play will cost you 1000 Gald. Break more than 18 barrels to get Luke's
    Barrel Breaker title.
    For how to access this minigame, see the Namco Island subevent above.
    This is a remake of Namco's classic Dragon Buster game. There are 8
    stages (with the 8th being the boss), though there are a few alternate
    routes; for instance, after stage 4 your next stage may be 5-1, 5-2,
    or 5-3. The controls are simple; O allows you to attack, X allows
    you to jump (you can double jump), and when you have magic (fireball
    or shockwave icons) you can press S to perform magic. 
    The goal is to beat the Dragon at stage 8. You can collect more
    powerful swords (up to two upgrades) as well as better armor (again,
    two upgrades) as you go. You can also collect a staff or a circlet.
    You cannot hold a staff and a sword at the same time, though, and
    neither can you have the circlet and armor at the same time. So
    basically having the staff handicaps you to the lowest attack power,
    while the circlet handicaps you to the lowest defense. However, the
    special thing is that if you beat the game with either the staff or
    the circlet you'll get the "Princess" ending and Luke will get the
    "Dragon Buster" costume title. On the second playthrough or later,
    do it again and you'll get the "Dragon Buster?" costume title.
    Name                        Lvl   TP   FOF Change
    Sougazan                      -    5   Wind: Shuusou Raizan
    Houshuukyaku                  4    5   Fire: Garen Shuugeki
    Senshouha                    27    9   Earth: Resshin Tenshou
    Eishourai                    12    7   Fire: Goushourai
    Reppashou                     8   10   Water: Zeppa Rehhyougeki
    Senkou Tsuishinga            45   20   Wind: Shouha Rekkousen
    Shugo Houjin                 32   16   Water: Shugo Hyousoujin
    Maou Zetsuenkou              49   18   Earth: Maou Chigakujin
    Hien Shunrenzan              53   20   Fire: Zanma Hieizan
    Majinken                      -    6   -
    Shunjinken                    -    5   -
    Raijinken                     -   11   -
    Garen Houshuugaku            16   16   -
    Zan'ei Rekkoushi             35   20   -
    Tsuuga Renhazan              18   21   -
    Senpa Zangesshuu             38   22   -
    Yousou Goushouha             24   23   -
    Ressen Sougekiha             41   24   -
    Suigojin                     21   30   -
    Name                        Lvl   TP   FOF Change
    Pikohan                       5    4   Water: Kochikochi Hammer
    Nocturnal Light              13    9   Earth: Inri Nocturne
    Severed Fate                 31   14   Wind: Fatal Circular 
    Banishing Sorrow             40   18   Fire: Searing Sorrow
    First Aid                     -    8   Water: Meditation
    Heartless Circle             20   32   Wind: Fairy Circle
    Resurrection                 44   80   -
    Raise Dead                   27   40   Water: Regenerate
    Charge                       16   20   Earth: Tribute
    Spell Enhance                37   18   Wind: Witchcraft
    Eclair Arme                  33   20   Fire: Flamme Rouge
    Holy Lance                   48   34   Earth: Cluster Raid
    Abias Ground                  9    8   -
    Abias Aqua                   10    8   -
    Abias Flame                  11    8   -
    Abias Gale                   12    8   -
    Nightmare                     -    8   -
    Force Field                   -   28   -
    Holy Song                     -   48   -
    Grand Cross                  58   48   -
    Name                        Lvl   TP   FOF Change
    Tenraisou                    17    8   Wind: Raijin Senpuusou
    Shunjinsou                    -    6   Earth: Gansai Retsujinsou
    Tenshou Tsuigasou            32   12   Fire: Tsuiga Bakuensou
    Fuujin Kousenshou            44   10   Water: Suijin Karyuusou
    Drain Magic                  20    4   Water: Absorption
    Energy Blast                  -    7   Wind: Photon
    Rock Break                    9   14   Fire: Eruption
    Ground Dasher                36   32   Water: Frigid Coffin
    Splash                       14   14   Earth: Icicle Rain
    Saint Bubble                 40   32   Wind: Divine Saber
    Flame Burst                  28   22   Wind: Explode
    Ignite Prison                52   38   Water: Raging Mist
    Turbulence                   23   15   Fire: Flare Tornado
    Thunder Blade                48   36   Earth: Gravity
    Name                        Lvl   TP   FOF Change
    Garyougeki                    -    5   Earth: Kouryuu Reppa
    Sousenga                      8    7   Wind: Raisen Goutenga
    Ryuueida                     18    9   Fire: Karyuu Shouha
    Yousou Shuugeki              11    8   Water: Hyousou Shuuraku
    Shoubu Koubappa              48   12   Water: Ryuubu Houbappa
    Kuuha Tokkoudan              35   14   Fire: Kuuha Bakuendan
    Rentou Raikoudan             56   16   Wind: Guruguru Gungnir
    Souren Ryuugashou            15   18   -
    Souryuu Rettouda             26   22   -
    Zan'ei Rensengeki            32   20   -
    Suigojin                     22   30   -
    Luck Luck                    55   12   Wind: Happy Light
    Might Charge                 29   16   Earth: Mighty Circuit
    Negative Gate                21   16   Fire: Crimson Riot
    Bloody Howling               52   26   Water: Maelstrom
    Limited                       -   10   Wind: Spark Web
    Miracle Hammer               40   24   Earth: Rock Mountain
    Name                        Lvl   TP   FOF Change
    Majinken                      -    5   Fire: Maou Engekiha
    Kogetsusen                    9    5   Water: Hyougetsu Shousen
    Shinkuuhazan                 12    6   Wind: Ryuusou Senkuuha
    Kogahazan                    27   12   Earth: Ryuuko Metsugazan
    Shuukihou                    15   10   Earth: Juushourai
    Shishi Senkou                33   18   Wind: Shikou Bakuraijin
    Dankuuken                    44   15   Fire: Neppa Senpuujin
    Akisazame                    52   20   Earth: Resshin Senshouha
    Zeppa Juujishou              58   17   Water: Zesshou Hyougajin
    Rekkuuzan                     -    8   -
    Senkuu Shoureppa              -   14   -
    Majin Getsueika              18   18   -
    Zekkuu Majingeki             24   17   -
    Majin Souhazan               30   23   -
    Gekka Zankousen              36   19   -
    Byakko Shousenga             40   22   -
    Kokuu Renshoujin             48   20   -
    Suigojin                     21   30   -
    Name                        Lvl   TP   FOF Change
    Pierces Line                  -    5   Wind: Voltic Line
    Storm Edge                   11    9   Fire: Blast Edge
    Aerial Laser                 23    7   Wind: Astral Laser
    Star Stroke                  35   14   Earth: Stroke Quaker
    Embrace Star                 42   18   Water: Embrace Blue
    Cavalry                      50   14   Fire: Phalanx
    Brave Feed                    -   20   -
    Heal                          -   20   Wind: Heal Wind
    Cure                         46   48   Earth: Restore
    Recover                      19   10   Wind: Recuperate
    Revive                       54   64   Earth: Angel Breath
    Barrier                      16   16   Water: Aqua Protection
    Sharpness                    28   20   Fire: Blaze Emitter
    Resist                       30   18   Earth: Antimagic
    Scare Bane                   38   18   Water: Calamity Bane
    Q. Is this game coming out in the US?
    A. At this time this is unknown. Since Namco of USA seems to be under
    the impression that US gamers only want 3D graphics (note how ToS and ToL
    get US releases, while ToD2 and ToR get ignored), chances seem good that
    TotA will be released in the US.
    Q. Didn't you misspell (insert word here)?
    A. In general, I use the 'official' spellings, that is, the spellings
    that Namco has used on its website and in official materials, even when
    such spellings are wrong by American English standards. For instance,
    I know full well that the English word for a unit of sound is 'phoneme';
    however, Namco has chosen to spell the word 'fonim', such as with
    FOF (Field of Fonims). That is not to say that this is how these words
    would be spelled in an English version, should the game come out in 
    For some terms that do not have an evident 'official' spelling, I've
    used the spelling that corresponds with the appropriate source terms.
    For instance, Sefirot and Qliphoth are both terms from the Kabbalah.
    Thus I've romanized the terms as such.
    With that said if you notice any bona fide spelling errors, let me
    Q. How do I steal items?
    A. Put a Glass Chamber (green FS Chamber) on any of the following
    Luke: Reppashou, Hien Shunrenzan
    Tear: Vanishing Sorrow
    Jade: Tenraisou
    Anise: Yousou Shuugeki, Raitou Renkoudan
    Guy: Shinkuuhazan, Zeppa Juujishou
    Natalia: Aerial Laser
    Until you get the FS Chamber to Level 6, the steal won't always
    activate. Also, even if it activates there is still only a certain
    chance that you'll actually succeed at the steal.
    Q. How do I perform hi-ougis?
    A. You must have the AD Skill "Special" (learned at Level 30). With
    this AD Skill on, during Overlimit, connect with an ougi (skills with
    a double box icon) for Luke, Guy, Anise, or Natalia, and hold down O.
    For Jade, cast any high-level magic (Ground Dasher, Saint Bubble,
    Ignite Prison, Thunder Blade, etc.) during Overlimit. For Tear, cast
    any Tone Song (Nightmare, Force Field, Holy Song, Resurrection,
    Judgment, Grand Cross) during Overlimit. This will let you perform
    each character's first hi-ougi. Note that in Luke's case, you have to
    be past the point where he cuts his hair. The hi-ougis are Luke's
    Radiant Howl, Tear's Innocent Shine, Jade's Mystic Cage, Anise's
    Satsugeki Bukouken, Guy's Houou Tenshouku, Natalia's Astral Rain,
    and Asch's Kouga Meishouzan.
    Alternate hi-ougis must be performed on the second playthrough or
    later of the game. The known ones are as follows.
    Luke's Lost Fon Drive: With Lorelei's Key equipped and with Luke's
    health in the red, press O+X+Square while in Overlimit. This costs
    100 TP.
    Tear's Fortune Arc: With Nightmare, Force Field, Holy Song, Resurrection,
    Judgment, and Grand Cross all at 50 uses or more, cast Judgment during
    Overlimit. This costs 100 TP.
    Jade's Indignation: With Thunder Blade at 200 uses or more, enter
    Overlimit and continue holding down R2 for about 5 seconds. This costs
    100 TP.
    Anise's Izayoi Tenbu: During Satsugeki Bukouken, continue holding down
    O to trigger this extension. This costs 50 TP.
    Anise's Fever Time: With Luck Luck at more than 100 uses and with Anise
    at full HP, perform Luck Luck during Overlimit. This costs 20,000 Gald
    unless the final fireworks hit ends the battle.
    Q. I didn't get the Collector's Book in time. Am I screwed?
    A. You won't be able to get the Collector's Book on this playthrough;
    however, if you pick "Carry Over Collector's Book" in the Grade Shop
    anyway, on the next playthrough you'll still have all the entries in
    the book for items you gained on this playthrough.
    8. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    Namco and Tales Studio for another great Tales of game.
    MasterLL for informing me of several treasures that I missed.
    Kebukai for telling me about more treasures that I missed.
    The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If
    you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my
    permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of
    this FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ,
    even if the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be
    deleted without response.
    This FAQ Copyright 2005, 2006 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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