Review by shadowysea07

Reviewed: 06/02/17

We're taking this path? bad choice We're taking this path? bad choice We're taking this path? bad choice

It was alright good combat if a little rough around the edges though it was much too long to finish like the trails series games. I would have cut out the jungle and prison sections since those are some of the largest time sinks. Took me 70 hours to finish and I didn't do everything just all but 2 optional mark bosses, most of the skill tree board, mapped all planets and got all treasure chests besides the final one. Didn't do insectron, secret dungeons or anything else.

Main things that hurt the game were the super slow ass movement. Think xenosaga or tales of zestiria. It definitely needed a speed up option or a vehicle like speed scrolls and grunties/bike from .hack series.

The enemies that require gimicks to fight. Some enemies require jumping and hitting a tiny hitbox in the vacinity of their heads, some require charging your weapon to break the shield, some require using your barrier blaster, some require jumping on them. Its just overly tedious to kill those that way and I would have greatly preferred if your supernova and other field hitting moves hurt them like special action command moves bypass the jump to attack their heads enemies.

Equipment system requires going through too many sub menus. And since you will be constantly upgrading equipment and switching stuff to refine and fuse your weapons it makes things more difficult than it needed to be.

Oh and the constant repeating dialogue when slowly running somewhere gets annoying fast.
We're taking this route? Bad choice. Over and over and over and over again. And then you have deego saying all this running reminds him of military drills, Lilika either saying this place feels strange or that she gets a bad vibe, jupsis going on about things wanting to eat him, that he isn't built for all this exorcise or that is tired and need to take a rest / breather.

I'm mixed on how characters function in battle since I didn't use the others much. Jaster has a hand gun / sword combo. Sword does 4 strikes on the ground 3 in air. His gun shoots relatively quick but also burns though its ammo too quick for my taste. Though speed and ammo size vary on the gun.

Lilika's a bow/short sword user. Both are too slow and impractical. She also doesn't have any multi targeting moves like the other characters do. Just voodoo and her linked move with kisala.

Zegram uses broad swords/shuriken (which is weird since he's designed like a pirate so one would think he'd use a gun like jaster)

jupsis has a spear/trident and disc launcher

Deego has an axe and gattling gun/rocket launcher His gattling gun is nice and attacks the fastest of the parties ranged weapons

Kisala is the sole character without a ranged weapon. She uses shoes and twin daggers / bladed gauntlets.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Rogue Galaxy (US, 01/30/07)

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