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Reviewed: 08/11/08

Exploring the galaxy could never be more difficult than this..........

Rogue Galaxy is a game by the developers at Level-5, whose work is also seen in Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. In this review, I will show the high points and weak points of the intergalatic adventure, Rogue Galaxy.

Graphics 10/10
Level-5 has always been known for their lavishly detailed worlds and characters through the use of cel-shading technology. Rogue Galaxy is no exception here. This is easily one of the best looking games the Playstation 2 has to offer. Characters and environments come to life with bright colors and lavish detail. There is no part of this game that doesn't look outstanding. However, there is one small little problem. When up close with anything in the game, the colors seem to run together to give what you are looking at sort of a mundane and overused look. This doesn't really affect the score for graphics, for this situation only happens 2 or 3 times throughout the entire game.

Controls 8/10
Rogue Galaxy is basically controlled like Kingdom hearts, except without the crappy camera. Pretty much, in battle, this game is a button masher. You move with the analog stick and attack with the X button. This is one major issue that I did have with the controls. The controls tend to be too responsive at times, so when you only want to strike an enemy once, you will tend to hit it 2 or 3 times. This can get really annoying when you need the last bit of your attack meter to use an item. Responsiveness in a game is good, but when it actually hinders you from completing a battle, it can be quite bothersome.

Story 7/10
Overall, the story for Rogue Galaxy is alright. It is actually overused. The typical guy named Jaster wants to explore the universe by becoming a space pirate, go on all sorts of adventures, and find many types of treasures. However, that is not all to the story, and I am not willing to disclose anything that will possibly spoil the game. So, the only issue with the story to Rogue Galaxy is the generic space-traveling theme.

Sound 10/10
Rogue Galaxy is comprised of orchestral and bit themes. Put this in your mind. Imagine Secret of Mana's music, except orchestrialized. Yeah, the music is that good. Sound effects are appropriately used to fit what you are doing, and each music track perfectly fits the mood of your environment. Rogue Galaxy's music is the only score that can compete with Dragon Quest VIII.

Difficultly 10/10
Rogue Galaxy can easily be one of the most difficult RPG's you will ever play on the Playstation 2, and that is a problem to me. It is not the fact that I do not like difficult games, I just do not like large gaps in difficulty from one area of a game to the next. This is the one thing Rogue Galaxy is plain guilty. You can spend hours upon hours leveling up and buying equipment before you go to the next area, but you will still find the monsters incredibly difficult and the bosses next to impossible. The equipment bought in the weapon shop is virtually useless in battle, but it can be a saint in weapon synthesis. Without weapon synthesis, this game would be impossible. For example, I mixed _________ with ________ to produce Earthshaker for Jaster, the best sword in the game. I did this roughly halfway through the game, and it made the rest of the game a cake walk. Also, you NEED to use more than three party members when available. Level everyone up and give them the best weapons you can.

Replayability 3/10
Yeah, there are tons of sidequests and tons of weapons to synthesize and a Revelation flow chart to complete, but the difficulty of the game alone is enough to not make you want to come back and complete the game. With sidequests, weapons, and Revelation included, this is easily a 100+ hour game. Without the sidequests, it roughly took me around 70 hours to complete. This IS A VERY LONG GAME, so a second playthrough is more than likely not gonna happen. I beat it about 4 months ago, and I still have yet to go back and play it a second time.

Overall 8/10
Rogue Galaxy is an excellent JRPG, but control issues and large difficulty gaps marr the actual enjoyability of the game. The game's storyline tends to not appeal to everyone, so I would suggest you rent this game for a couple of days before you buy it. Maybe Level-5 can resolve these issues when they start on their next JRPG, and if they do, then that game will be their best effort to date.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Rogue Galaxy (US, 01/30/07)

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