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Reviewed: 02/11/08

Great game that deserves a sequal

Hello everyone! I hoping that if you are reading this you are reading it carefully because I make some points that are mostly my opinion and are not shared by many others. Anyways, please enjoy!

So this is my review of Rouge Galaxy for the PS2. The first thing to note is that it came out just about a year ago and it is still fun to play. This is because of one thing that caught my attention when I bought this game, it is stated of having over 100 hours of game play in it. After playing this game I can say that this is true, and I have not even beat it yet (I am on the last boss). This is because of the many different side-quest type things you can do. I will go into these side quest's as we go on. Another thing is that the graphics are very good and I would say they are one of the best on the PS2, showing another fact that the PS2 is still a great console after all this time. I also like the voice acting , something that I usually don't focus on much. Lastly, going into the developers side, this game was made from the people who made Darkcloud, a game that is not well known but I know has gotten some good reviews. Now onto the story.

I don't want to go in depth into it but it basic involves a boy named Jasper who lives on the desert plant Rosa. He dreams of going into space, eventually through some twist and turns that lead him into joining up with some space pirates (which are much cooler than regular pirates). Throughout the game you go to different places, gain new characters (who you can learn about from looking at the manual), and go in depth on them and the main story line. Most of the time the story becomes very obvious for most of the characters but I personally did not care seeing that I have no problem with story branch's. Overall I think the story moved at a good pace, not going to fast or to slow.

Now onto gameplay. The gameplay is like Kingdom Hearts in that you move around with your team and at random points monsters appear. You can avoid random battles by running away from the monsters, same as Kingdom Hearts but here it warns you that you are leaving and asks you if you want to avoid the battle, free as charge. Another thing is that when a random battle occurs the word "warning" appears on the screen for about 2 seconds and then it tells you the monsters and how many of them are there in 1 second. This does not really affect the gameplay much as it is very short. If you engage the monsters you have three was to attack, one is by using the sword (or other weaponed) or the gun. I would say you can get close to 13 seconds of using the sword until you run out of energy. You can then wait until in recharges or (even better) can hold down the block button which makes it recover faster and if you block an attack it fills up without even waiting. You can also jump and do attacks as well on flying monsters. The other way to attack is with the gun. You have some different guns to chose from once you obtain them throughout the game but your main guns are your regular gun and your shield breaking gun. Both are self explanatory, one deals damage (or other things) while the other breaks shields. You can fire a certain amount of shots until the meter runs out and it will recharge over time.

The last ways of combat are the special moves. This special moves are gained by filling out a Revelation chart. I don't want to go in depth on this but basically you can learn new things once you get a certain item on your travels that you place on the chart. You cannot take back the item once it is in there. You then use some of these moves by pressing the triangle button and choosing them, thus initiating them if you have enough mp or if you have some party members they will ask you if you want to use their moves or items by pressing the corresponding button. You can also use items by pressing triangle and going down to them. Triangle pauses the game by the way so you have a good amount of time to see what you want to do.

Items are another thing that you will need throughout the game. The most demanding one would be heal potions, as towards the beginning you take a lot of damage and need to be healed frequently. Luckily many monsters drop them so you can get a lot of them. After the battle is won a screen appears that shows all of your party members (including the ones that are not with you) as well as what items you got and your weapon levels (and yes, all characters gain experience but not there weapons unless they are in your actually battle party). Towards the start of the game you learn how to fuse weapons together, but they have to be partially leveled up first. Lastly in battle if your teammate or you die you can switch between the ones that are alive on the field (you can even do this when no one is dead).

Now that thats over lets move onto the other modes of play. You move around on a Final Fantasy 8 type way, without some confusing camera angles (which you do have some control over in this game). You can also move to different plants as well by using your ship. Another way to move around are the save points that will appear. Red save points are the ones you have not yet touched while blue ones are the ones you have touched. each save point heals you, allows you to save, switch party members, and teleport to save points that you have visited. You talk to people by going up to them and pressing X and you can view the map screen by pressing select.

There are many different side quest's that you can do in the game. One of which is the insectron battles. Basically once you get a trap, a carrying case, and some bait you can lay a trap out with some bait. Then you wait awhile until you hear a beeping sound. You then rush to the trap and see if you caught something or it got away with your bait. If you caught something you can name it, feed it, and then participant in a grid like battle. If you have some time on your hands I would suggest doing this early in the game because if you win some battles you get prizes that are helpful towards the start and middle of the game. I waited towards the end to do this which bugs me till this day because now I get things that I don't really need.

Another this is a journal type thing that leads you into some clues that you need to find (by talking to people with orbs over there heads) that can give you stuff if you help them. Another thing is bounty hunting where you can get wanted posters and try to find and face certain monsters to earn cash, items, and a chance at becoming the top hunter in the galaxy. Another thing is the factory (which you get towards the middle of the game) that is kind of like a puzzle game that can get you some items. I did this towards the end as well which turned out bad as many of the items are good towards the middle of the game. There are also a lot more things to do that you can figure out for yourself.

Now for the bad things. The first thing is starting the game in that when you select your file you have to sit through a 8 second explanation on the story so far and it still annoys me to this day. The second thing is how sometimes when you get to a new plant or new area the monsters are much harder than the last ones. This leads to some grinding but it is good grinding because it not only levels you up, but it also levels up your weapons, gives you some items used for the revelation chart, and if you are next to a save point (which I highly recommend) you can heal so that instead of training a lot and then dieing all of a sudden and having to restart you can save periodically. Another thing is that you have to heal often, but if you get better at the game and grow stronger than this happens less and less when you go on into the game. Lastly is having to do with the plants, something that I don't want to spoil for you but let me just say that there is not enough variety in them.

Overall this is a fun but sometimes hard videogame. If you are the kind of person that gets frustrated towards the middle of games and quits then this is not the game for you (and RPG's are probably not for you anyway). If you take the time you can see that this game has a lot to offer that keeps you involved in the game (over 100 hours). The reason that his game was not a huge success is that many RPG fans focus on the bigger games (like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest). I believe that if more people learn about this game and buy it (not rent it) they will learn that it has very good potential and hat it deserves a sequel. This is why people need to buy this game so that Level 5 (the producers of the game) can find the game a success and make another one. Thank you and I hope you can see why this game is one of the best.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Rogue Galaxy (US, 01/30/07)

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