Review by Achristianskate

Reviewed: 01/03/08

So cliche that...*insert cliche here*

First off, this is my review, and therefore my opinion. I liked this game, but you might hate it. The following words are my own personal opinion.

Plot- 9/10
At first I wanted to give this game a 10/10 because I really dig pirates, but two things stopped me. One being that events are either too cliche that you puke, or you know whats going to happen WAY (like almost 20 hours) in advance. The events in this story are super cliche and really predictable, which can lead to a COMPLETE lack of suspense at times. The second being this, some events are either not explained very well, and there are too many events that are left WAY too open. Now I like a loose end here and there, but let me think, I can count *counts* about 10 just off the top of my head right now. So, the plot gets a nine, Why an 9 with such annoying faults? Simple....LOTS of things to do outside of the story. Hunt monsters and collect their bounty, enter in insect fighting tournaments, and make items in your factory

Graphics- 10/10
This is one of R.G.'s best areas. The graphics are bright and really intricate. Even the citizens don't look like one another. The in game movies are really, really, REALLY good looking, and there is NO lag/ slow frame rate at ANY time in this game.

Controls- 10/10
Nothing too hard here. The only thing that might trouble you at first is the burning strike, but that takes you 5 minutes to figure out. So, good controls net a ten

Characters- 9/10.
This game was SO close to getting a 10, but I CAN'T stand this big whiny dog-man-soldier. All he does is whine about his days in the war and his friend Gale. Seriously, I HATE HATE HATE that crap. I can understand a little whining but from the point he joins your party, he NEVER EVER EVER shuts up about these things. Other then that, the characters are really cool. Their development is not detailed very well (except for a few) but for some odd reason, it works in this game.

Sound- 10/10. The sound in this game is nothing less then amazing. The tracks match their surrounding, EVERYTHING a character says is audible, and they even make random comments about their surroundings as you progress. Jaster saying "Hope it all goes well" about 5000000 times can get annoying as you run around the map, but Ive never played another game with this feature, so I wasn't so annoyed it made me drop the score.

Fun factor- 10/10
I remember sitting in school watching the clock to Speed home to play. I even faked sick one day to stay home and play it. Yes I know. I'm lame. Anyway, this game will consume you. There is ALOT of dungeon crawling, but you can break it up with all the side quests and such.

Overall score 58/60= 9/10

Final notes.
Expect every clich you have every heard of to be in this game, and to know what happens WAY in advance. also expect to get addicted.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Rogue Galaxy (US, 01/30/07)

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