Review by alteci

Reviewed: 12/10/07

Rogue Galaxy: Absolutely Perfect

That's right! Absolutely Perfect. A Masterpiece. I see nothing wrong with this game. NOTHING. It's so awesome, words cannot describe how much I love this game!

Graphics/Design - 10/10 - GORGEOUS doesn't even begin to describe how fantastical the graphics really are! This is definetly the most colorful game I've ever played. Details in every nook and cranny, on every person, in every town and city, in every dungeon! No bland, boring, undetailed areas here! The outfits are wondrously unique and detailed as well, not only on the main characters, but townsfolk, too! And the monsters aren't a bunch of boring, average beasts, but rainbows of diversity in power, design, and color!

Storyline - 10/10 - People often say that this game's story is terrible, filled with clichés and expectable plot twists. I don't believe this so! The story is actually very deep and very unique. To realize this, which a lot of people obviously haven't, you must see the story for more than just plot twists and clichés and overused ideas. Read in between the lines! Listen to the magic, feel the depth, love the story for what it really is, and you will surely see it's true awesomeness!

Music - 10/10 - All ranges of emotions covered by this game's music! Orchestral themes for battles and bosses, melancholy themes for sad scenes (I almost cried a few times while watching a sad scene not only because it was sad, but because the music made it sadder), and a wide range of upbeat music as well as mellow music all over the place!

Characters - 11/10 - My favorite thing about this game! The 8 main characters, Jaster, Kisala, Zegram, Lilika, Steve, Simon, Jupis, and Deego are SO awesome! They're very well developed, with their personality traits shining by what they say in active chat alone! Also in active chat, you can learn various their likes and dislikes, and their opinions on the situation at hand. Listen to what they say in battle, and there's even more you can learn about them! Watch them during the cutscenes, and not only will you see personality, you'll see who they really are, the true depth of their character. Out of all video games I've ever played, I'm 110% positive I learned more about these characters than any other character in any other game!

Extras - 10/10 - Insectron, bounty hunting, costumes, completing the hunting record and factory, and a number of other things. How awesome is that!

Playability - 10/10 - This game is so much fun! So much to do, to see, to know, to hear! What the characters say in active chat, battles, and cutscenes range from amusing and hilarious, to heartstring tugging, to obvious! Difficulty ranges from easy to hard, depending on a number of variables like area, character level, time in the storyline, what you're doing, etc. But importantly, 'tis YOU who can make this game easy or hard!

Replayability - 10/10 - It's seriously worth hearing and seeing again!

Recomendation - BUY this game. Don't rent, borrow, or steal! BUY IT SO YOU CAN PLAY IT AND LOVE IT FOREVER!!!

Rating: 10

Product Release: Rogue Galaxy (US, 01/30/07)

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