Review by silverfox09

Reviewed: 08/06/07

Predictable, long, and honestly not worth it

It really takes a lot for a game to motivate me to write a review about it. In Rogue Galaxy's case however, the game is so terrible, that I'm compelled to explain why you shouldn't touch this game, or even consider it for that matter.

I'll start off with its redeeming qualities first. The music is great (for the most part) and fits in with the environments and the overall mood of the game. The themes are good, and even in the worst of scenes, the music clearly attempts to pull some excitement out of absolutely nothing. Some of the cutscenes are also well done, and for the most part, the graphics and visuals aren't terrible.

What really makes this game terrible however, is the storyline. Although I was generally interested to find out what happened, I was frequently disappointed by how predictable the whole thing really was. Level 5 tried hard to throw plot twists at you (and it seems like they tried it a lot), but each one is painfully obvious, and so cliche that you'll feel like you've seen them a hundred times before (which you probably have). The characters undergo no development through the entire story, and pretty much stay just as bland as they were when they started. In fact, the real purpose of the story isn't revealed until the 11th chapter (out of 13).

The dungeons are long and boring, and take hours to complete. Quite frankley, the game has way too many of them, and I found myself turning off the game after only playing for half an hour because I didn't want to deal with another dungeon. The scenery inside of them is bland, and they're often several stories tall, but they're just empty passageways that you have to walk through. You'll find yourself constantly feeling like your walking through ruins, caves, tunnels, or forests just to finish up some minor, irrelevant task that actually has nothing to do with the game and while the outside environments may be colorful and exciting, the dungeons are so colorless and stereotypical that they suck whatever good qualities the game has and throws them right out the window.

The battle system, for the most part, is decent enough, and is actually really easy to understand and learn. The AI characters who fight with you are smart enough to hold their own, but it doesn't matter because the dungeons are so hopelessly boring that you'll desperately want to find more battles to break the monotony of empty hallways.

Overall, I feel like I'm being generous giving this game a 5 out of 10. There's a "revelation" system that allows the characters to gain new abilities by placing certain items on revelation charts, but there's really no point in continuing to upgrade abilities after you get the first few of them. There's definately too much walking around, and because of that, Level 5 did an excellent job with the general controls. It's too bad the plot is terrible and pointless and the rest of the game slowly falls apart as the game goes on.

Graphics- 7
Sound- 8
Story- 1 (and that's just because there is an actual story, not because it's worth following)
Controls- 6
Overall Game- 4

Don't rent or buy this game.

Rating: 5

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