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Reviewed: 02/22/07

First must own RPG of 2007

I heard about Rogue Galaxy when Final fantasy XII was announced and noticed that they both had a pirate theme going on. I must say that after playing both games that while they share some similar ideas, they play nothing alike and the stories are drastically different. That being said is Rogue Galaxy a must own RPG or is it just another lackluster title?

Jasper is your everyday young lad. Was taken care of by a priest, doesn't have a lot of money. One day a beast attacks the city, he meets a mysterious man who gives him a weapon and sooner rather than later he gets recruited by a band of pirates who think he is someone named Desert Claw. What Rogue Galaxy does is create some interesting characters and gives some interesting ideas for plot twists but then at some point it throws every single thing is has going plot wise into the plot cliché blender and what the end product is, is a plot like every other RPG, perfectly I might add.

Graphic wise Rogue Galaxy is pure eye candy. Yeah, the game uses that cartoon-ish cel shaded look but this time around it's classy. Just wait until you see the opening movie, I think I need a new pair of pants after seeing those graphics. Sure, if isn't super real like Final Fantasy XII but man is it a sight to behold. Character models are nice and while a lot of enemies are repeats with different color schemes, it never felt that way to me.

Sound wise this game has it going on. The main menu music is beautiful and the English vocal songs aren't half bad and fit the mood perfectly. The voice acting is top notch, I liked the different accents and despite how annoying Mio's voice actress is, she's good in the role. Sound effects are good but not amazing.

I really had trouble with the control at first and after a few hours it all clicked in my head and I no longer had problems. Except by the time I cared to switch enemies I forgot how to and just gave up on that. So, I guess the control could use a little work but it was fine for me

Have you ever played an RPG? What about a Kingdom hearts game? Well, Rogue Galaxy takes the two and melds them together. What we get is a planet hopping, ATB bar based action RPG. By that I mean instead of a world map you get 5 planets to explore. Some have dungeons, cities and whatever. The interesting thing is that these planets are huge. The final planet in the game can easily take 5 hours to get through if you don't use anything to stop enemy encounters.

The reason I compare this game to a normal RPG and the Kingdom Hearts series is simple. The battles are random and you can't see the enemy on the screen. However, you have total control of your main character and can pause the action and use menus to interact with the other two.

The idea behind this is that each character has a melee weapon and a long distance weapon. This is required because there are a never of strengths an enemy can have but only one weakness. Some can only be hurt by melee, or ranged, or by a charged attack, or even a jump attack.

Now, the battle field does have an invisible barrier, cross this and it will ask if you want to run from the fight or not. So it's simple and it makes sense with this restriction without it feeling like a restriction.

Now, each character gains EXP and levels but there is something kind of new about this game. Skills are learned by finding items and adding them to your flow chart. A flow chart works like the Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy X but instead of orbs you are using specific items. The game will show you a blackened out image of an item and a vague description of it. When you get one your characters profile lights up and you can enter and see if you want to use it on that place setting. The entire thing branches all over but you must fill in an entire skill area to get that skill and to open the spaces around it, if possible. I actually found this aspect of the game addictive.

Besides that the game is pretty basic. There are other things to do as well. Your weapons gain power. Once they gain that level you can combine them with another leveled up weapon and that will make an even stronger weapon. This was fun but I guess I messed it up some by not analyzing items before creating them, so make sure you do that and follow it as the game does keep track of it.

You can also use a factory to build stuff from plans that you get from people. An interesting idea but it's so random when setting up the place for each and every item. A few hours can me lost just figuring this feature out.

This is also one of the hardest games I've played in a while. Everything is placed so well and it's easy to find yourself praying for a save point soon, or even a shop. Money is hard to come by in the game so I also found myself level grinding for EXP and money which is never good but I was sick of almost being killed by regular enemies. By the end of the game my guys were killing machines though.

So, the game is fairly long. Took me a little longer than Final Fantasy XII. It also has a lot of secrets and things to play around with. So the replay value is high and with a bonus dungeon at the end it's easy to find yourself back in Rogue Galaxy's world.

Rogue galaxy is the first must own game of 2007. Is it perfect? No and while I would love to bestow a 10 to this game, I can't and that's because of the plot. An RPG truly relies on a good story and yes Rogue has one, it's just been used so many times that it's far from fresh and brings the game down a notch.

Story - 6/10
Graphics - 10/10
Sound - 9/10
Control - 8/10
Game Play - 9/10
Replay Value - 7/10

Final Score - 9/10

Rating: 9

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