Review by Jeff AKA Snoopy

Reviewed: 02/21/07

It's the RPG Mash, we did the RPG Mash!

It's the Mish-Mash of Characters/story/gameplay of some of your favourite stuff. But I will say, they at least did it right.


Our first RPG Mash! Skies of Arcadia meets Star Ocean 3. You start off on a sand planet, under the rule of a stronger military presence. Actually, you're basically slaves. However, YOU are a strong slave as it seems, because when a large beast comes to destroy the town, you take off to help. A hooded mystery man helps you out, gives you a kick ass sword, and ditches off just in time for two space pirates to mistaken you for the great Hunter, Desert Claw, the guy who happened to help you out. With their help, you take out the big baddie, and then decide to join them in traveling thru space on a Space Pirate Ship {VERY Skies of Arcadia-ish}. You find out the usual about your guy, that you're an orphan, cheery old man raises you as his own, knows he would have to let you go sooner or later, blah blah. However, upon taking off, you get attacked, and have to land on some backwards planet in the middle of nowhere. {SO3 anyone?}

Very reminiscent of other stories, but your supporting cast makes it work. Characters are very good in this one. 7/10


Our second RPG Mash! Think Tales series + Kingdom Hearts + FF12 again for combat. Run around, slash like crazy {Tales}. Granted, you also get a secondary weapon, a long distance weapon. Also, the game makes your enemies have interesting weak points and odd ways to defeat them. Your party members are basically useless for the first part of the game {Kingdom Hearts}, and you have a Revelation flow chart, which is almost exactly the same as the Licence Board, only instead of gaining points from fighting, you have to plug in items (hard to find, or just random antidotes) to learn new abilities. {FF12}

Beyond this though, the ability to combine your weapons into better, newer ones is nice. Also, your abilities aren't entirely useless that you get from your Revelations. Infact, they are almost essential to learn how to use effectively.

Walking around and exploring is VERY much like the .HACK series. While the locales are alot more varied and interesting, you are still basically made to wander corridors until you find your way. Not necessarily bad, just stating for the record.

Reminiscent of other series, but does the job and can make for interesting enemy encounters. 7/10

Sound and Graphics

I will say this, for being another anime game, it does a good job of making you realize it's one of the best ones in this fascet. The voice acting is bang on, and the right voice comes from the right person. The music is there, but neither fantastic nor horrible.

The game shines on the graphics side. They made the effort to make it look nice, and you notice right away. C'mon, traveling thru space should make you wanna stop and take a look, and it does. The locales also look beautiful, and the action scenes are amazing. I challenge anyone to see the scene of you boarding the Space Ship for the first time, and not be in awe a little of what these artists can do. While it may not be as good as a FF12 scene, it has great charm, and I love it.

Great voices and great anime look. 9/10

Anything Else?

You characters WILL remind you of others. You have your local badass who seems to be a mix of Auron and Solid Snake, you have your bungling sidekicks ala Kingdom Hearts, and the like. While it's not a bad thing if you like these characters. Also, the random battles are annoying, as you need many of them to finish up the best addition to the game, the Battle Recording. You have taken up the mantle of a Hunter, so you Hunt. This means to gain points in the rankings of hunters, you need to beat bosses, and perhaps 20 - 30 of a specific enemy. While I take this as a badge of honour to try and finish it, it will annoy many, because the random battles take too long to kick in while trying to encounter enemies quickly.

Game Statement : A great TIME FILLER RPG. If you have others to play, play them first.

Rating: 7

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