Review by FOXHOUND7575

Reviewed: 02/20/07

One of the Best RPG's for the PS2!

Who would have thought that an average named RPG from Level-5 would be one of the best RPG's to ever grace the PS2? I know I sure didn't at first until I played the latest RPG from the makers of Dragon Quest VIII. Rogue Galaxy follows the story of Jaster, who has his hometown invaded by a giant beast, and gets mistaken by a group of space pirates for the top legendary hunter Desert Claw. These space pirates search the galaxy for the greatest treasure and Jaster ends up getting stuck working for them.

Visually, this game is very impressive, using a very unique cell-shading style to create some of the most gorgeous graphics to ever grace the PS2. The towns and dungeons in this game are massive. All of the battles take place randomly, but you fight in real-time. The battle system has you hacking and slashing away at enemies that are on-screen similar to that of Kingdom Hearts. You can take up to two other party members in battle with Jaster, and you can even issue commands to your team to have them heal you, or even attack the same target as you. This game has very tough battles, so you will need to adjust the commands of your team to best fit the situation. Characters gain and learn abilities via what is called the revelation flow chart, Squares connect to each other, each square or squares that it takes to learn an ability needs a specific item to fit in the square. Once you have put all of the items in their proper squares the ability is yours to use, and a new path of the chart opens up. You can also create items in a factory or synthesize weapons by taking two different weapons and putting them inside a frog's mouth to create a new one.

Also another awesome feature about this game is that there are pratically no loading times. Other than when you first start up the game and load your file, the only other load times, are after a cut scene, which is only about 5 seconds worth of loading. The places are all connected together so the transition from town to dungeon is seamless. The voice acting is also very well done for each of the characters, and every character is diverse, and plays an important role in the story. This game also features a gorgeous soundtrack that is well composed and fits each of the places perfectly.

To sum things up, if you have a PS2, and you like RPG's, then you must buy this game as soon as you get the chance, as this will probably be the last big RPG for the PS2. Rogue Galaxy is one of the most original RPG's to come around in quite some time, and it was a blast to play through.

Rating: 9

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