Review by DarkDragoonZ

Reviewed: 02/02/07

Rogue Galaxy: The last great PS2 Game?

One word: Incredible. The attention paid to this game must have been boggling.

First, the characters. Though most of the team is human, there is still a nice diversity of aliens in the game (the first mate is a friggin' talking cat!) and even the humans are different enough to tell that they are from different worlds. Even in-game scenes let the characters show a full range of emotions through facial expressions alone! The detail for each person is nice (Zegram actually has a scar under his eye patch!), providing a distinct, crisp look to each pirate. Even the civilians have subtle differences, though there are some repeats (it's an RPG, whaddaya expect?). Each character also has their own distinct move sets, like in FF2 (aka FF4 in japan), meaning you really do need to pick your team wisely. Finally, characters that are not in your party still earn experience, though at a reduced rate, meaning that you won't have to take them to a weaker area to beef them up before continuing.

After that, there is the combat. Plays like butter. Each character plays the same, even though they have different moves, so switching in mid battle doesn't throw you off. The suggestion system lets you issue commands on the fly, without ceasing you own assault! A simple two button attack system means that you can finish your nearby foe with a melee attack, and seamlessly start firing at the next one (and trust me, this is a very good thing). The action gague forces you to think more stratigically, rather that just slashing away with the X button like so many other games. Additionally, some battles have "challenges", simple requirements to earn a bonus prize, spicing things up a bit. Some of the controls are remenicent of the Dark Cloud games, while other parts feel more like FF12. All in all, a very good design.

Finally, the overall graphics. I know I already went on about the characters, but the worlds are sufficiently detailed to match. The towns are taylored to each world, so that they feel natural not pre made. Enemies appear out of nowhere, and then vanish after being defeated. The ship actually LOOKS like it was made out of wood. All this, with ALMOST no loading times... Yeah, sony was a little off on that one (Almost cost them the 10 too). There is a brief load at the begining, as well as every time you teleport. Occasionally a buffering "hiccup" is seen, like a door that won't open right away, or a brief pause before enemies attack, but it isn't enough to really damage the experience at all.

Total, if you still haven't sold your soul for a Wii and have your PS2/3, GET THIS GAME!! You won't be sorry.

Rating: 10

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