how to make best sword in game?

  1. what are the steps to making Dorgencalibur guide hard to follow

    User Info: sgte6

    sgte6 - 9 months ago


  1. You can get dorganedge after you complete ghost ship (post game area) which has 500 attack power when gotten to max upgrade level

    User Info: do0o0omdark

    do0o0omdark - 8 months ago 0   0
  2. The simplest method to obtaining the Dorgencalibur is as follows:

    1. Obtain the Dorgenedge by completing the Ghost Ship.

    2. Buy 4 Judgment Halos from Narcissus in Mariglenn. If you have a Dazzling (hunter rank 1 reward), buy 2 instead.

    3. Max skills for Dorgenedge and a Judgment Halo and combine to make the Dorgensaber. Repeat process to make the Dorgenbreaker.

    4. (If you have a Dazzling Halo, skip to step 5) Combine 2 Judgment Halos to make an Absolution Halo EX.

    5. Combine Dorgenbreaker with Absolution Halo EX (or Dazzling Halo) to make the Dorgencalibur.

    User Info: King-Yemma87

    King-Yemma87 - 1 month ago 0   0

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