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Guide and Walkthrough by Quemaqua

Version: 0.50 | Updated: 08/12/2007

  ,-=-=-=-,                      0Ma.;BMM  
  -```````-               7X     MS@Wa`iMS                                      
  =``D````=            0m M;    .MM20.a8M                                      
  -``A````-           rMM .M       MMBaXMM                                      
  =``W`B``=          .M:   ,i       .MMSM:        ,08,                         
  -``N`Y``-          M      M         :WM        MWi BM                         
  =```````=         M       Mi          ai       MWa2@MMMMM                    
  -``O`Q``-       XMX       mW           '.      M rZ.i S7M:                   
  =``F`U``=       MM        .MX                  MS80i 2iZM                 rM0 
  -````E``-       m          0@                  M.;S, WMMS              2MM  M 
  =``M`M``=       M           M                  M;2XMMM2               Mr   MZ.
  -``A`A``-      M8        .  M                  M8MM                 :M;  , W  
  =``N`Q``=     .M           .@,                iMM                  iM    ;  , 
  -``A`U``-     ,M;           ,M8              @M.                  M;  :W a; X 
  =````A``=      m             rm:                                 M   @B  M .Z 
  -``F````-      M              MB                   W.ZW2i      mM  ;M   XZ Xa 
  =``A`*``=      m              rM               8MmM0MX2;WMmB:2r    Z  r W: M  
  -``Q````-      M              .MS           0MM0,. ,...,  BMX    MM7: XSr  M  
  =```````=      M.            . 2m          MMr ,. ,., . 78      a0  7 a , :   
  -`v0.50`-      :X .            .M         7M ,.  . ..SMr      SM0 ;,7;M   @  
  '-,```,-'      :M  , .   ., .. .m M        @8i7:r;;,.MX       MZ   : r@  ,M   
     -  =        iM.  , .,8ZMMmmMMMmMMMm0M2Br,XMMMMmMB       :M  .r:XrM    M    
     `-  `.       rW,8MMMMBr           .2MM@8      a        0Mr, ; i 8   rM     
        -,'     ,MmmMX`                     .MMM@Z;        M7  ;; ;:0i   a      
          `   MMM                             ,X         SM``::  ,ZS    7:      
           XMM7                              .          MMi  .8  8i    iS       
          mM                              i,           0Z``  r  X     XZ       
         mM                                           ,  ,     ..    22        
        7M  MMM                              ,ZX,ra     ..##.        2i         
       ,M  M,a8                                 S         ''      aM,           
       M` ai@Mr                                                 mMi             
      M   MMMM                                 ;B.          iMmM                
  .,8M`   MMM ..          8MMM@W                 ir,    SmMMW,                  
   @M                    MXM MiMZ                 7  aMWr#.#M                   
.,mM                    0Mi,.r82M                    i  ,  .m,                  
   M      i             MWMZa.2;M                         ,2M                   
  ;r@    ZM             'MM;MMMM`                         .M.                   
 *  7M.   7W  SM            `                       .   .,iM,                   
     MM     MM,aW.   BS                                  .M.                   
      8M.   ;M  MMMMMr             i  2M         .    : ,m7                    
       ,MZ   @MMM2             M.  mm   M            , iM7                     
         mM                    :M   a:  .r     .  . . 0M,                      
           MM.                  ,i   .             ..M8      
             Mm,..    .                   .    . ..BM    
               MMa, ..      .                . . mMX      Buju loves people  
                 MMMMi, .       .   ,   . . ..7MM.     who play Dawn of Mana!  
                    ,MmMMm@;r,,.   .., . 0MMM8@                                 

 [ Current Version Information ] - 

Sunday, 08.12.2007 - v0.50 - 
Added some notes from fellow fans.  Thanks, guys!

[ *** See the end of the document for full version history! ]

My apologies to you all for my lack of attention to this FAQ.  I've been super
busy with other projects and just plain haven't had the time to work on this at
all.  Just not enough hours in the day.  What with BioShock on the verge of re-
lease, it doesn't look like this will be getting any better for me.  I'm smack
in the middle of a couple of music projects, I'm still working on a novel that
needs to get a completed manuscript done before November, and... well, you get
the idea.  It doesn't look like this FAQ is going to see much in the way of up-
dates, but keep sending me what you dig up and I'll try to get updates out when
I can.  Sadly, a walkthrough seems like an impossibility at this point.  I may
talk to somebody else about getting one up, or at least getting up some help
for the problem spots people seem to run into, but I can't guarantee anything.

So thanks, and keep playing!

 [ Table of Contents ] - 

Note - This table is still temporary and will change as new sections are added
to the FAQ.  I will not list the planned walkthrough sections until I begin
actually filling them with something, but the other planned sections will now
be listed along with a little percentage counter (completely arbitrary) or
a "COMPLETE!" to let you know they're at least completely written (though
you're still welcome to send me additional info. or corrections for those).
The starred search numbers along the side may seem off, but they're coming
from the full FAQ skeleton, so don't be surprised if they skip numbers or if
they change later.  Just check this table each release to see what's what.

I.    Introduction & “Legal” Stuff
   *01.  About the FAQ - COMPLETE!
   *02.  The Light of Dawn - COMPLETE!
II.   The Lists
   *03.  Emblem List - COMPLETE!
   *04.  Rare Monster List + Pet Info - COMPLETE!
   *05.  Pet Egg + Bout Unlock Glow Spot List - COMPLETE!
III.  Battle Arena
   *06.  The Bouts + S Ranking Guide - 25%
   *07.  The General Store - 0%
IV.   Walkthrough - 000%
   *08.  Prologue - More Than Friends
   ***.  Chapter 1 - A Spirit and a Maiden
      *09.  Ancient Tunnels
      *10.  Stone Stele
      *11.  Spiral Passage
      *12.  Circular Chamber
      *13.  Graveyard
   ***.  Chapter 2 - Lord of the Forest
      *14.  Rolling Knolls
      *15.  Songbird Glen
      *16.  Fort Waters
      *17.  Chobin Hood Hamlet
      *28.  Treant Hollow
   ***.  Chapter 3 - The Guardian and Gaia
      *19.  Twilight Crag
      *20.  Abandoned Mine
      *21.  Goblins' Den
      *22.  Slate Caverns
      *23.  Gaia's Peak
   ***.  Chapter 4 - Ritzia
      *24.  Seashell Shores
      *25.  Cargo Hold
      *26.  Gun Deck Cabin
      *27.  Ship's Bridge
      *28.  Upper Deck
   ***.  Chapter 5 - Of Deserts and Friends
      *29.  Succulent Sands
      *30.  Castle Courtyard
      *31.  Vaulted Chamber
      *32.  Nomad District
      *33.  Hanging Garden
   ***.  Chapter 6 - A Fool and a Sword
      *34.  Windswept Ruins
      *35.  Lower Level
      *36.  Upper Level
      *37.  The Lookout
      *38.  Moonshadow Plaza
   ***.  Chapter 7 - Warriors of Hope
      *39.  Fools' Thicket
      *40.  Vale of Sorrow
      *41.  Cutthroat Hill
      *42.  The Village Cursed
      *43.  Altar of Darkness
   ***.  Chapter 8 - The Great Tree
      *44.  Garden of Thanatos
      *45.  Rotunda
      *46.  Thanatos Grotto
      *47.  Throne Room
      *48.  Salon of Distortion
      *49.  Hall of Echoes
V.    The Bosses
   *50.  Grim Mortifer - 0%
   *51.  Grim Treant - 0%
   *52.  Wyvern - 0%
   *53.  Stroud - 0%
   *54.  Grim Lekius - 0%
   *55.  Masked Guru - 0%
   *56.  Grim Golem Generalissimo - 0%
   *57.  Grim Stroud - 0%
   *58.  Medusa - 0%
VI.   Supplemental Material
   *59.  Basic Controls - COMPLETE!
   *60.  The Panic System / Medals - COMPLETE!
   *61.  Hexorbs and Spells - COMPLETE!
   *62.  Items and the Radar - COMPLETE!
   *63.  Tips and Tricks - COMPLETE!
VII.  Arbitrarium
VIII. Contact Information
IX.   Version History

 [ I.  Introduction & “Legal” Stuff ] - 

Welcome to Quemaqua's Dawn of Mana FAQ.  Let's get the mumbo jumbo out of the
way forthwith, shall we?

* You are free to print this FAQ or save it as a file for your own use.

* As of now, this FAQ may only be hosted at:  Overwritten.net and GameFAQs.com.
It may also be made available by Seikens.com, and they have an additional right
to disassemble it and use the information however they see fit, so long as they
give me credit, link to the original FAQ on GameFAQs, and send me the compli-
mentary basket of chopped diceberries, honey-glazed faerie walnuts, and bug meat
steaks in poto oil they promised me.  DADDY NEEDS HIS BUG MEAT!  Other sites may
be given permission to host the FAQ once it reaches a final or a near-final
version, but this WIP version will remain at the above listed sites.  If you see
the guide up anywhere other than the sites listed here at any time, please let
me know.

*  I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information contained
herein, though every effort will be made to double-check the content and get
things as accurate as possible.  My sources are either simply myself (and it's
hard to verify one's own information without doing things hundreds of times),
varied other gamers and sources (due to the fact that this is a big job) that
may or may not have 100% reliable information, and there's simply no way for me
to check on every last detail.  That's why you should shoot me an email if you
happen to notice something that's wrong or omitted!

* If this guide causes your head or your PC to explode, or if it causes any
other forms of explosion or head trauma or general bodily harm to you or your
loved ones or your possessions, it isn't my fault.  If you decide after reading
this guide to go leap from a tall building or off yourself in some grisly
fashion, this isn't my fault either.  If you hurt yourself or experience any
kind of negativity whatsoever after reading this document, it isn't the fault
of the document, it isn't my fault, it isn't the fault of the cosmos.  Why a
disclaimer like this is necessary for a simple text file I do not know, but in
case I'm channeling some horror from beyond and don't know it, you may
consider yourself filled with disclaimation.

 [ *01.  About the FAQ ] - 

As you may have already guessed, this guide is being written for the North
American version of DAWN OF MANA on the Playstation 2 console.  Stating that
seems appropriate for some reason, though I can't imagine you'd be reading
this if you weren't already aware of the fact.

The primary goal of this guide is to present players with full lists of all
the hidden fun that DAWN OF MANA tucks into its dark corners, and is aimed
both at completists who would like to track down every unlockable bonus and
secret in the game, and also those who would like to find something specific
but aren't sure where it can be found or how it can be unlocked.  I plan to
add a walkthrough at a later date, but that's still a lower priority right
now, and my initial focus is to bring you the kind of information that's most
difficult to acquire without a proper guide.  I'm sure most of you can make it
to the end of the game without too much trouble, but figuring out where all
the rare monsters are or how to get them to appear will likely perplex many
more players.

That said, and as is true with ALL guides, please don't rely too heavily on
this document.  Games are always more fun if you give them a good try yourself
before resorting to assistance, and a game like DAWN OF MANA very much
encourages you to explore every area thoroughly and replay areas over again to
find new stuff.  I heartily recommend going through the game at least once
without any help just so you can feel the joy of discovery that can only come
from exploring the world on your own and watching it give up its secrets to
your proddings.  However, once you feel like you've given it a good shot and
you really just want to spend your remaining time with the game getting your
hands on all the extra stuff, this guide will be here to help you find every-
thing you missed (which may well be significant in quantity).  And, of course,
if you're going through the game and feel you need an extra item to help you
along or you're having too much trouble with something, consulting this guide
can certainly help alleviate those afflictions and keep you enjoying the game.

I will be detailing all the lists first, then the Battle Arena stuff, then the
walkthrough somewhere in the middle, saving supplemental material on controls
and general tips for last.  If you're one of those readers who wants a full
rundown on the basics or just wants some tips on how to improve your skills,
check the table of contents and skip to whatever appropriate end section con-
tains your desired info.


The contents of this guide are also designed for easy searching.  Simply use
your text editor (or web browser) and its FIND feature to search for the
number corresponding to your section of interest.  For instance, to find the
"About the FAQ" section you're reading now, search for "*01" (minus the
quotation marks, of course).  The only places these starred numbers appear are
in the Table of Contents and the section title headers, so it should be a
piece of cake to jump quickly to whatever information is relevant to your

If you know specifically what you’re looking for, such as the MASTER OF
DARKNESS emblem or the RARE GOLEM CENTURION monster/pet, you can search for
something the same way: just put an asterisk next to its proper name with no
spaces between the asterisk and the first word of the name (like “*Master of
Darkness”, say), and this should get you directly to its relevant entry.  Of
course you could just as easily search for these names without the asterisk, but
using the asterisk ensures you'll get to your subject's actual entry right away
even if the subject is used in other places within the FAQ.


Also, I’d like to point out something that may not be obvious to everyone: THIS
much has changed between the Japanese release and the North American release
that a great deal of this information will likely not apply at all to the
original game, only its North American localization (and possibly whatever Euro
versions are released... but I've not checked up on that yet).

So thanks for reading!  If you have anything you'd like to add or anything
that seems to be in error here, please see the contact information section
on how to offer your contribution.

 [ *02.  The Light of Dawn ] - 

I'll begin with a quick overview of the game itself for anyone who might simply
be poking around.  DAWN OF MANA is the fourth major installment of the MANA
(US) or SEIKEN DENSETSU (JP) series of games.  It is the first game in the
series chronologically, being followed closely in story by CHILDREN OF MANA for
the Nintendo DS.  It is the latest game in the series, to be followed before too
long by HEROES OF MANA, also for the Nintendo DS.  If you have ever played other
games in the series, DAWN OF MANA should offer you waves of nostalgia both in
its art, its story, and its music; not as much, however, in its gameplay.

The games in the series are as follows:

Final Fantasy Adventure / Seiken Densetsu - Gameboy
Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu 2 - Super Nintendo
Seiken Densetsu 3 - Super Nintendo
( * Note that SD3 was never released in the US, though a ROM dump can be played
via an emulator on your PC, and there is a fan translation patch available which
effectively makes the game available in English... but do please import a copy
of the actual game cart if you can, eh?)
Legend of Mana - Playstation
Sword of Mana / Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu - Gameboy Advance
Children of Mana - Nintendo DS
Dawn of Mana / Seiken Densetsu 4 - Playstation 2
Heroes of Mana - Nintendo DS
Friends of Mana - Mobile game (no US release)

Note also there's another remake (apart from Sword of Mana, which is a remake)
of the original Seiken Densetsu on mobile phones as well, another that has no
confirmed US release and will likely stay in Japan.

You will find that there's a significantly negative aura surrounding DAWN, and
I believe this has to do with several factors.  Firstly, the game is very
different in feel when compared to its predecessors.  The original games were
action RPGs that revolved around an action/adventure core, and most of the other
titles didn't stray too far from this course even if they took different
approaches.  DAWN OF MANA is a straight-up action/adventure game, foregoing the
RPG elements of its brethren in favor of a greater focus on combat and platform-
ing.  Secondly, many people continue to look at DAWN OF MANA as an action RPG
despite the fact that it lacks any RPG elements whatsoever, and from that
viewpoint, DAWN OF MANA would indeed be a rather shallow action RPG.  However,
stating it that way is like saying that WORLD OF WARCRAFT is a very bad fishing
simulator.  While you are welcome to go fishing in WORLD OF WARCRAFT and the
game has a few design quirks that some may dislike, Blizzard’s game is neither
very bad nor a fishing sim, and by the same token, though DAWN OF MANA has a few
problems and some terminology associated with RPGs (such as the word "level")
which some have taken out of context, it is neither very bad nor an action RPG.
Thirdly, the game's original Japanese release was hampered by some significant
design problems, and I believe that many people are clinging to the backlash
from the original release instead of giving the North American version a proper
chance.  Fourthly, the game isn't really the kind of thing you can just pick up
and feel good about without getting past the learning curve.  It takes a little
practice to get good with the whip, and a lot of people, who have already heard
from others that the game "sucks", then try it for five minutes and conclude
that everbody must be right because they don't feel like God Incarnate right
after starting.  Finally, the game in all its incarnations does indeed have a
notably wonky camera setup and some slightly stiff controls, problems which may
be more troubling to some gamers than to others.

However, most of the game's big issues have been solved or at least radically
improved in the North American release, the camera and controls are really no
worse than anything else you've ever played that had slightly sub-par design in
those areas (which, let's face it, is a significant portion of the popular games
on the PS2), and no matter how many people wanted another true action RPG in the
series, that doesn't mean DAWN OF MANA somehow fails to be a fully playable,
enjoyable, rich action/adventure just by extension.  Your taste will certainly
dictate whether or not you enjoy the game, and there are certainly legitimate
reasons you might not care for it, but as a hardcore gamer of close to two
decades and an active gaming journalist, I must refuse to acknowledge anyone who
continues to spread ill-founded claims that this game is excessively messy,
unfinished, or buggy.  The North American release is NONE OF THE ABOVE, and I
believe that those who “professionally” claim otherwise are doing a severe
disservice to the game and its director, not to mention showing their own
journalistic ineptitude in the process.

Is this commentary necessary for a FAQ?  No, it isn’t, and given that few people
who heartily dislike a game will be looking at a FAQ for it, I’m probably
preaching to the choir here.  I simply choose to include it because I think it’s
worth putting down, and I hope it may open at least a mind or two that were
prematurely closed before ever having the chance to experience a game they very
well might have enjoyed.

Please do not email me your opinion if you happen to agree or disagree with my
statements.  I felt it would be beneficial to address this here, so just love or
hate my two cents for what they are and move on.

 [ II.  The Lists ] - 

On to the lists!  Here you'll find information on how to obtain emblems and
pet eggs, and where you need to go to find the game's rare monsters and bonus-
unlocking "glow spots".

As mentioned, if you search for the name of whatever it is you’d like to find
and add an asterisk just before it with no space between the asterisk and the
first word in the proper name (i.e. “*Rare Mushboom”, etc.), you should be
able to jump right to that entry in the FAQ.

 [ *03.  Emblem List ] - 

Emblems are items you can find in the game which you will equip at the outset
of a Battle Arena bout or chapter/chapter segment.  These can do a wide
variety of things from increasing Keldy’s or Faye's stats, modifying some of
Keldy’s physical limitations, or giving him equipment and abilities at points
where he might otherwise have to earn them first or forego their use entirely.

Emblems can be purchased with cash at the Battle Arena's General Store, but
you can save your money for the other unlockables if you put in the time and
effort it takes to earn the emblems for free.  Don't expect it to be easy, as
many of these challenges are extremely difficult, but dedicated players will
probably find that to be half the fun!

The list is organized alphabetically.

In terms of unlocking these, the following items need to be mentioned.  Unfor-
tunately, I’m still in the dark about some of the specifics.


are kills resulting from fire or ice (no, really?), and I believe that fire or
ice enchanted sword kills will add to these counters too.  Remember also that
you can set enemies on fire and occasionally freeze them using the environment
and certain objects as well.

appear to be kills done by swinging an enemy into other enemies or objects with
the whip.  I don't yet know if kills done by swinging an object into enemies
add to this counter, but I assume that this is the case.

are, of course, when you panic an enemy up past 99 and it sprouts a little crown
above its head.  I'm now 90% sure that you don't need to kill the enemy while it
is crowned for the CROWN count to increase, but it's best to get your hits in
while the crown is up, otherwise the enemy will shake his panic and you'll no
longer get your bonus medals.

unless stated to be for a specific category (such as TIME or MEDALS), mean “an
overall S rank for a chapter”.  It isn’t clear to me yet whether or not sub-
chapter segment S ranks will count toward this. I believe they do as I don’t
think I’d have otherwise been able to acquire several emblems that I’ve gotten.
Still, this isn’t confirmed and I've not yet had the time to test it.  Trying
harder to get actual content into the guide, as testing things like that are
going to take a lot longer, and someone may figure it out and let me know well
before I finish testing, so this route might save us from duplicated effort.

-=-=-=[ *Acrobat ]=-=-
Allows for multiple dodges.
To unlock, get S ranks in "seven specific bouts" (needs clarification!).
General Store Price: 15,000

-=-=-=[ *Adept Sorcerer ]=-=-
Second level of emblem max MP boost ("a lot").
To unlock, beat the game on NORMAL difficulty and acquire 625+ MP medals.
General Store Price: 25,000

-=-=-=[ *Alchemist ]=-=-
Allows MP to gradually regenerate.
To unlock, get an S rank in Battle Arena Bout 29.
General Store Price: 1,000,000

-=-=-=[ *Apprentice Sorcerer ]=-=-
First level of emblem max MP boost ("a bit").
To Unlock, just get 125+ MP medals.
General Store Price: 2,000

-=-=-=[ *Beast Whisperer ]=-=-
Strengthens ILLUSIAN pets in the Battle Arena.
To unlock, get five S ranks for time in a NORMAL difficulty game.
General Store Price: 1,000

-=-=-=[ *Consummate Sorcerer ]=-=-
Third and final level of emblem max MP boost ("way up").
To unlock, beat the game on HARD difficulty and snag 1,250+ MP medals.
General Store Price: 200,000

-=-=-=[ *Diamond Sentinel ]=-=-
Third and final level of emblem defense boost (“way up”).
To unlock, you’ll need four S ranks for DAMAGE TAKEN in an ULTIMATE
difficulty game.

-=-=-=[ *Dryad’s Ally ]=-=-
Doubles the amount of Dryad hexorbs you can carry.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and find 200+ Dryad hexorbs.
General Store Price: 150,000

-=-=-=[ *Elemental Adept ]=-=-
Second level emblem hexorb extension (“a lot”).  Not sure if this means
increasing the actual length a hexorb shot lasts, or if it increases the
damage/panic caused.
To unlock, get 4 S ranks for CROWNS in a HARD difficulty game.
General Store Price: 15,000

-=-=-=[ *Elemental Dabbler ]=-=-
First level emblem hexorb effect extension (“a bit”).  Not sure if this means
increasing the actual length a hexorb shot lasts, or if it increases the
damage/panic caused.
To unlock, just get 3 S ranks for CROWNS in a NORMAL difficulty game.
General Store Price: 1,000

-=-=-=[ *Elemental Sage ]=-=-
Third and final level emblem hexorb extension (“vastly”).  Not sure if this
means increasing the actual length a hexorb shot lasts, or if it increases
the damage/panic caused.
To unlock, you’ll need 4 S ranks for CROWNS in an ULTIMATE difficulty game.
General Store Price: 150,000

-=-=-=[ *Expert Swordsman ]=-=-
Third and final level of emblem attack power boost ("way up").
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and snag 2,500+ ATK medals.
General Store Price: 200,000

-=-=-=[ *Fencing Student ]=-=-
Equips you with a wooden sword instead of the mana sword / vine.  You'll no
longer have the slingshot (and hence no access to hexorbs), but you'll be able
to throw the sword like a boomerang, which leaves Keldy defenseless for a short
time and can be done either horizontally or vertically with TRIANGLE or CIRCLE.
To unlock, get four S rankings in a HARD difficulty game.
General Store Price: 50,000

-=-=-=[ *Flame Wielder ]=-=-
Keeps the flame effect on your sword permanently.
To unlock, beat a game on ULTIMATE difficulty and manage 1,000+ fire kills.
General Store Price: 2,000,000

-=-=-=[ *Focused Fighter ]=-=-
Allows you to hit enemies that try to block.  Not yet tested, but believe
this is for sword and slingshot hits but not object hits.
To unlock, get four S ranks for KILLS in a HARD difficulty game.
General Store Price: 40,000

-=-=-=[ *Frenzied Fighter ]=-=-
Widens your range/area of attack.
To unlock, you need three S ranks for KILLS in a NORMAL difficulty game.
General Store Price: 5,000

-=-=-=[ *Furious Fighter ]=-=-
Adds an HP-sap effect to your weapon that lets you absorb the HP of your foes.
To unlock, you'll need four S ranks for KILLS in an ULTIMATE difficulty game.
General Store Price: 200,000

-=-=-=[ *Ice Wielder ]=-=-
Keeps the ice effect on your sword permanently.
To unlock, beat a game on ULTIMATE difficulty and manage 1,000+ ice kills.
General Store Price: 2,000,000

-=-=-=[ *Iron Sentinel ]=-=-
Second level of emblem defense boost (“a lot”).
Makes STONE SENTINEL obsolete.
To unlock, manage four S ranks for DAMAGE TAKEN in a HARD difficulty game.
General Store Price: 25,000

-=-=-=[ *Jinn’s Ally ]=-=-
Doubles the amount of Jinn hexorbs you can carry.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and find 200+ Jinn hexorbs.
General Store Price: 200,000

-=-=-=[ *Keeper of the Prism ]=-=-
Cuts the MP cost of all your spells in half.
To unlock, you must beat a NORMAL difficulty game and CROWN 700+ enemies.
General Store Price: 40,000

-=-=-=[ *King’s Marksman ]=-=-
Third and final level of emblem pebble power boost (“way up”).
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and kill 1,000+ enemies with the
General Store Price: 300,000

-=-=-=[ *Knight’s Marksman ]=-=-
First level of emblem pebble power boost (“a bit”).
To unlock, just defeat 250+ enemies with the slingshot.
General Store Price: 4,000

-=-=-=[ *Lorimarian Captain ]=-=-
Strengthens LORIMARIAN pets in the Battle Arena.
To unlock, you’ll need five S ranks for TIME in a HARD difficulty game.
General Store Price: 15,000

-=-=-=[ *Luna’s Ally ]=-=-
Doubles the amount of Luna hexorbs you can carry.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and find 200+ Luna hexorbs.
General Store Price: 150,000
-=-=-=[ *Master of Darkness ]=-=-
Prevents you from getting poisoned.
To unlock, get S ranks in Battle Arena bouts 25, 26, and 27.
General Store Price: 7,500

-=-=-=[ *Master of Fire ]=-=-
Prevents you from catching fire.
To unlock, get an S rank in Battle Arena Bout 9.
General Store Price: 7,500

-=-=-=[ *Master of Ice ]=-=-
Prevents you from getting turned into a snowman.
To unlock, get an S rank in Battle Arena Bout 12.
General Store Price: 7,500

-=-=-=[ *Master of Light ]=-=-
Prevents you from getting hit with the dark/blind effect.
To unlock, get an S rank in Battle Arena bout 21.
General Store Price: 7,500

-=-=-=[ *Master of Stone ]=-=-
Prevents you from getting petrified.
To unlock, get S ranks in Battle Arena bouts 22, 23, and 24.
General Store Price: 7,500

-=-=-=[ *Master of the Abyss ]=-=-
Prevents you from falling unconscious.
To unlock, get an S rank in Battle Arena bout 3.
General Store Price: 7,500

-=-=-=[ *Master of the Moon ]=-=-
Prevents you from getting hit with the confuse/control reversal effect.
To unlock, get an S rank in Battle Arena bout 15.
General Store Price: 7,500

-=-=-=[ *Master of the Tree ]=-=-
Prevents you from getting paralyzed.
To unlock, get an S rank in Battle Arena Bout 6.
General Store Price: 7,500

-=-=-=[ *Niccolo’s Protégé ]=-=-
Allows you to earn more money from panicked enemies.
To unlock, you must earn 2,000,000+ lucre.
General Store Price: 1,000,000

-=-=-=[ *Nurturing Trainer ]=-=-
Boosts the defense of all your pets.
To unlock, you’ll have to find 150+ pet eggs.
General Store Price: 5,000

-=-=-=[ *Novice Swordsman ]=-=-
First level of emblem attack power boost ("a bit").
To unlock, simply acquire 300+ ATK medals.
General Store Price: 2,000

-=-=-=[ *Ogre Knight ]=-=-
First level of emblem max HP boost (“a bit”).
To unlock, simply acquire 300+ HP medals.
General Store Price: 2,000

-=-=-=[ *Oracle ]=-=-
Makes your spells last longer.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and CROWN 1,000+ enemies.
General Store Price: 75,000

-=-=-=[ *Paladin of Mana ]=-=-
Allows you to carry the Mana Sword at all times.
To unlock, you must beat a NORMAL difficulty game and manage 5+ S rankings.
General Store Price: 50,000

-=-=-=[ *Phoenix Warrior ]=-=-
Allows your HP to gradually recover.
To unlock, get an S rank for Battle Arena bout 30.
General Store Price: 1,000,000

-=-=-=[ *Queen’s Marksman ]=-=-
Second level of emblem pebble power boost (“a lot”).
Makes KNIGHT’S MARKSMAN obsolete.
To unlock, beat a NORMAL difficulty game and kill 500+ enemies with the
General Store Price: 25,000

-=-=-=[ *Ruthless Scourge ]=-=-
Keeps the whip from breaking objects as frequently.
To unlock, beat a NORMAL difficulty game and manage 250+ whip kills.

-=-=-=[ *Salamander’s Ally ]=-=-
Doubles the amount of Salamander hexorbs you can carry.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and find 400+ Salamander hexorbs.
General Store Price: 100,000

-=-=-=[ *Scary Shooter ]=-=-
Allows pebbles to cause panic when hitting enemies.
To unlock, get five S ranks for CHAINS in a HARD difficulty game.
General Store Price: 100,000

-=-=-=[ *Shade’s Ally ]=-=-
Doubles the amount of Shade hexorbs you can carry.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and find 200+ Shade hexorbs.
General Store Price: 150,000

-=-=-=[ *Skilled Swordsman ]=-=-
Second level of emblem attack power boost ("a lot").
Makes NOVICE SWORDSMAN obsolete.
To unlock, beat a NORMAL difficulty game and score 1,250+ ATK medals.
General Store Price: 25,000

-=-=-=[ *Stalwart Defender ]=-=-
Allows you to block attacks from any direction.
To unlock, get an S rank in Battle Arena Bout 28.
General Store Price: 40,000

-=-=-=[ *Stone Sentinel ]=-=-
First level of emblem defense boost (“a bit”).
To unlock, just get 3 S ranks for DAMAGE TAKEN in a NORMAL difficulty game.
General Store Price: 2,000

-=-=-=[ *Strict Trainer ]=-=-
Boosts the attack power of all your pets.
To unlock, just get twenty S rankings for PET KILLS in the Battle Arena.
General Store Price: 5,000

-=-=-=[ *Sweeping Scourge ]=-=-
Allows you to cause panic when twirling enemies instead of just dizzying them.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and manage 500+ whip kills.
General Store Price: 300,000

-=-=-=[ *Sword Rider ]=-=-
Increases your speed when sliding on your sword.
To unlock, get S rankings in “seven specific bouts” (needs clarification!).
General Store Price: 15,000

-=-=-=[ *Templar of Mana ]=-=-
Keeps AEGIS and POWER UP on you permanently.  I don’t believe having Faye
cast Aegis or Power Up while wearing the emblem will give you any further
bonus, but I don’t have confirmation on that yet.
To unlock, you must get every single S ranking for an ULTIMATE difficulty
game, or for every single Battle Arena bout.
General Store Price: 2,000,000

-=-=-=[ *Thanatos Beastmaster ]=-=-
Strengthens GRIM pets in the Battle Arena.
To unlock, you’ll need four S ranks for TIME in an ULTIMATE difficulty game.
General Store Price: 100,000

-=-=-=[ *Titan Knight ]=-=-
Third and final level of emblem max HP boost (“way up”).
Makes OGRE KNIGHT and TROLL KNIGHT obsolete.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and snag 2,500+ HP medals.
General Store Price: 200,000

-=-=-=[ *Treasure Hunter ]=-=-
Makes items (candy, magic refills, etc.) drop more frequently.
To unlock, simply destroy 700+ objects.
General Store Price: 10,000

-=-=-=[ *Troll Knight ]=-=-
Second level of emblem max HP boost (“a lot”).
Makes OGRE KNIGHT obsolete.
To unlock, beat a NORMAL difficulty game and collect 1,250+ HP medals.
General Store Price: 25,000

-=-=-=[ *Undine’s Ally ]=-=-
Doubles the amount of Undine hexorbs you can carry.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and find 400+ Undine hexorbs.
General Store Price: 100,000

-=-=-=[ *Volley Shooter ]=-=-
Allows you to shoot pebbles in burst.
Get four S ranks for CHAINS in an ULTIMATE difficulty game.
General Store Price: 300,000

-=-=-=[ *Wisp’s Ally ]=-=-
Doubles the amount of Wisp hexorbs you can carry.
To unlock, beat a HARD difficulty game and find 200+ Wisp hexorbs.
General Store Price: 150,000

 [ *04.  Rare Monster List + Pet Info ] - 

So you want to know about pets?  We can do that.  Pets are really a very
simple part of the overall game, and you can only use the little buggers in
the confines of the Battle Arena.  So what good is that, you ask?  Well, the
Battle Arena section later in this FAQ will contain plenty of information on the
different bouts and what you can buy in the general store, but for now I'll
just say that the Battle Arena is a great way to earn some quick money if
you're trying to buy unlockables (the emblems are EXPENSIVE), S rankings in
bouts often help you to unlock emblems for free, and pets are really going to
be necessary if you're trying to S rank the bouts.  Plus finding pets is fun
and doesn't force you to spend a dime of your hard-earned luc!

Pets come in several flavors, namely *ILLUSIAN, *LORIMARIAN, and *THANATOS.
These distinctions only really matter in terms of the emblems you can get
which strengthen a particular type of pet, but otherwise you don't need to pay
all that much attention to these categories.  It will serve you better to pay
more attention to the abilities and quirks of each individual pet.

Pets also come in several levels, which are 1, 2, 3, and RARE.  As you might
expect, the higher the level of your pet, the more powerful he'll be.  A level
2 mushboom is going to give you better results than a level 1 Mushboom, for
instance, and a Rare Mushboom is going to outclass the rest of his kin because
he's the best Mushboom you can find.

Obviously this means you want rare pets, right?  Check.  So how do you go
about finding them?  Well, the egg process is simple.  You can find regular pet
eggs (these will be white) by simply fighting enemies until one happens to
drop from a defeated foe, by attacking specific hidden GLOW SPOTS, or by making
a purchase at the Battle Arena's General Store.  Note that not all glow spots
drop pet eggs (and none of them ever drop rare eggs), but there are a few that
do.  You should have fun in the game trying to locate the glow spots yourself,
but if you're in desperate need of some pets and haven't had any luck finding
them, feel free to check out the GLOW SPOT section of the FAQ, which lists the
few special spots that drop eggs and other permanent unlocks.

When you find a white egg from a glow spot or buy one from the General Store,
the pet that hatches from it will be random.  When an egg drops from an enemy,
the egg will hatch a version of whatever monster dropped it.  What level your
new pet may be will depend on what difficulty you're playing the game at.  If
you want a level 3 pet, you'll have to be playing the game on HARD, which
means you'll need to have beaten the game on NORMAL difficulty already and
have begun your second play through the game (or third, if you started with

I do not yet have confirmation of what kinds of pets come from white eggs
dropped by enemies in the Battle Arena.  As far as I know, the game will check
to see what difficulty levels you've beaten so far, and will limit the kinds
of pets you get based on that.  Hence, if you wanted a level 3 pet, you would
still need to have beaten the game on NORMAL and begun a new game on HARD.
However, this is mostly speculative since I haven't found more than a couple
eggs in the Arena, and it just so happens that none of them were higher level
than the game I was playing.  I'll update this if I get some more official
word on the subject from someone who has collected any pets outside the usual
range, or if I happen to find some myself in the future.

But you don't want measly white eggs anyway, you say?  You wanted to know about
those great golden RARE eggs?  Right!  As stated, rare eggs are gold in color,
and these only drop from rare monsters.  The only way to get them otherwise is
to purchase them at the Battle Arena's General Store for 10 grand apiece,
hence you're probably going to want to find and defeat the game's many rare
monsters to get your start with these eggs as opposed to buying your way to rare
pet ownership.  However, it appears that there are plenty of rare monsters that
don't drop eggs and also some rare pets that CAN be obtained but DON'T have
actual rare monster equivalents out on the battlefield, which indicates you may
well have to spend 10,000 lucre and cross your fingers a number of times to get
those once you've gotten the rest.  I've yet to confirm this information, but so
far this seems to be the case.

So what exactly is a rare monster?  It's really just a miniboss of sorts
(though that's really giving them a bit too much credit), and the primary
difference between them and their "normal" brethren is that they tend to have
increased attack power, some new attacks, and FAR greater HP.  The first rare
monster is a Mushboom, for instance, and I think he has somewhere around 12 to
15 times the health of a regular Mushboom, plus around three times the attack
power.  These rare guys aren't the greatest ever threat to your health on most
difficulties, unless you happen to get trapped with one and you're in a tight
spot, but they can definitely take a little while to kill, which can be rough
if you're going for an S rank in a level, and some of those with high defense
can prove very difficult to panic even with objects and hexorbs.  If you're in
a bad way as far as health or magic goes, you might also find that a few of them
pack enough punch that taking them on could be asking for it.

Either way, you'll probably want to take them on frequently as the fights are
generally good fun and usually end with you getting a large cash reward,
or perhaps a rare pet egg (or maybe even emblem if you're EXTREMELY lucky).  As
with normal eggs dropped from enemies, a rare egg will hatch into a rare enemy
just like the one from which it dropped.  Don't expect to get a GRIM GOLEM
CENTURION just from killing a GRIM RABITE!

The following list shows where to find the rare enemies, and how to make them
appear if they require a special trick, provided of course that the special
trick is known.

The list is only just begun, so bear with me until it's fully fleshed out.
I've found most of the monsters and am pretty sure that various others around
Internet-land have found whatever I'm lacking.  Once I can compare notes at a
few places, we should have a full list up quickly.

-=-=-=[ 01 - *RARE Mushboom ]=-=-
This is the first rare monster you'll find, and he's hiding in a small whirl-
pool in the second stage of the first chapter, the STONE STELE.  When you come
to the BRIDGE ROOM, which will be guarded by several Goblins and some Mush-
booms, drop down to the watery floor below the old broken bridge (Keldy may
well get knocked down there on his own).  DO NOT KILL THE MUSHBOOMS HERE!
You're going to need them.  You should see a little whirlpool in the water, I
believe on the far side of the room from where you entered, and you're going
to need to drag three Mushbooms into it.  The first two will yield item drops,
and the third will summon the RARE Mushboom himself!

DROP:  Drops cash or a rare egg (thanks to Kilwede for egg confirmation).

-=-=-=[ 02 - *RARE Goblin ]=-=-
The second rare monster in the game is at the end of the third stage of the
first chapter, the SPIRAL PASSAGE.  To find him, you're going to need a reg-
ular key (a golden one) that you can find in a side room earlier in the level.
Look for it in the second big room you'll go into that contains a bunch of
pillars (the room where you first meet Gnome).  It's on the far end in an
alcove along one of the walls that you can get to by jumping on some stones
that jut out from the wall just beneath it.  Inside the small room you'll
find a couple of hexorbs and the key.  Once you have the key, continue on
through the level and down the very long spiral path that winds down to the
ground.  At the bottom, you'll encounter a Du'Bam and you'll see two keyholes.
One requires a special key that you'll need to get from the Du'Bam, and the
other requires the regular key that you just picked up in the room far above.

The Goblin can do decent damage with his axe but isn't too hard, so once you
use the key to let him out of his room, let him have it!  A favorite tactic of
mine is to unlock his door, then run back up the spiral path and knock all the
objects around it off into the pit where he and the Du'Bam will be wandering
around.  If you can manage to get one of the acorns to explode next to them,
you'll find you're already probably halfway to crowning both of them.  Be
careful to use the objects scattered around wisely if you don't have hexorbs,
as you may not have a high enough whip level to really pull these guys around
the way you'd like, so use the objects to bash them a few times and get them
good and panicked (and crowned if you can).  And hexorbs do work wonders too,
if you have any to spare.

DROP:  The Goblin will probably drop some money or a rare egg.  There's an
extremely small chance he might drop an Ogre Knight emblem, but don't be dis-
traught if he doesn't.  The emblem can easily be unlocked during the course of
the main game even on EASY, it's cheap to buy at the General Store, and isn't
really anything to write home about in the first place.

-=-=-=[ 03 - *RARE Du'Ram ]=-=-
This guy is pretty easy to find.  In the third stage of the first chapter,
FORT WATERS, you just have to run the gauntlet until you find the big ruin and
the little open field beyond it, just before going into the next stage.  Here
you'll see that there are numerous ledges you can't jump to normally, but you
can get up to them if you drag over parts of the ruin and jump up from them.
They should give you the boost you need.  If you're having trouble, just keep
looking for bigger pieces, or try dragging over multiple objects and stacking
them on top of each other.  To find the Rare Du'Ram, go to the northern part
of the big field beyond the ruin, and use objects to boost yourself up onto
the ledges until you find some barrels and a switch.  Hit the switch by
whipping a barrel into it, then watch as a secret cave opens next to the
nearby bridge.  The Du'Ram is inside.  Head toward the back of the cave and
he should appear.

He isn't too tremendously tough, and if you play your cards right it's very
easy to use the super long cave hallway to keep your distance and smack him
with pebbles.  If you're trying for an S rank, this is a good way to get your
combo score ultra high.  But don't take too long with it, and be careful that
you don't let him rush you and break your combo.  Whenever you're satisfied
with your combo, or if you just want to take him down, use a few hexorbs to
panic him, then just wail away until he goes down.

DROP:  Beating the Du'Ram will net you 1,000 luc, but if you're playing on
HARD or ULTIMATE you can also get an egg (and presumably an emblem, but I'm
not sure which).

-=-=-=[ 04 - *RARE Rambull ]=-=-
The next monster is located in the first stage of the second chapter, the
ROLLING KNOLLS, but you can't get to him because he's behind a big wall on the
north side.  To find him, you have to go through the next three stages in the
chapter until you get to Wonderwood and the CHOBIN HOOD HAMLET.  From there,
search around until you find a tunnel leading back to the first stage.  Head
through it, and eventually you'll find yourself back in the KNOLLS on the other
side of the wall you couldn't get past before.  The Rambull is in this secluded
area along with one of the spindle trees, some rocks, and a glow spot.

This guy has a whole lot of HP, so you'll have to hack away at him for a good
while, and it's very likely that you'll run out of objects to panic him with
before its over.  If you've got some Salamander hexorbs on you, you can easily
bring a mid-level panic brought on from the objects into a crown, and use the
Flame Saber if Faye has leveled up enough for it.  I think the tree there also
drops rocket papayas that you can use against him, but be careful not to blow
yourself up in the process.  If the tree is destroyed it should drop a honey
brew, so use plenty of magic if you're finding the Rambull too tough or if
he's taking too long.

DROP:  This guy only drops cash unless you're playing on HARD or ULTIMATE,
and you'll get a chance at a rare pet egg or the FURIOUS FIGHTER emblem if you
are.  You'd be really lucky to get the emblem as it's a very useful one that
costs an arm and a leg at the General Store, but emblems have an impossibly
small chance to drop.

-=-=-=[ 05 - *RARE Chobin Hood ]=-=-
If you can stand to fight an enemy as cute as this (you've managed to get over
smacking Rabites around, right?), you'll find the Rare Chobin Hood in the
southwestern cave of the northeastern section of the CHOBIN HOOD HAMLET, the
fourth stage of chapter 2.  Find a red leaf in this area (they aren't normal
leaf-size, don't worry -- they're as big or bigger than Keldy) and drag it over
to the cave's entrance.  Toss it next to the dead tree to burn it down and gain
entrance, then head to the back to find your mark.

The fight isn't a tough one, especially if you've got some hexorbs (fire and
ice do the job nice and easy), so just panic him and dish out the damage quick
as you can.

DROP:  No difficulty requirements to earn an egg or emblem here, and of course
you may earn a tidy sum of cash for your trouble.  The emblem is MASTER OF THE
TREE, which resists paralysis.

-=-=-=[ 06 - *RARE Needlebeak ]=-=-
This rare mark is in the same area as the Rare Chobin Hood above, but is in a
cave to the northeast, directly opposite the Rare Chobin Hood's cave on the
far side of the area.  As before, take a red leaf to the entrance to remove the
dead tree in front of it.  Go inside and wait for the enemy to appear behind
you (it might take a second).

A hexorb would be nice for this guy given that he flies around, but his move-
ment should be limited just by the fact that you're fighting inside a cave.
Panic him if you can, give him a few good whacks, and get your reward.

DROP:  Money, of course, or a rare egg, or the BEAST WHISPERER emblem which
will power up your pets in the Battle Arena.

-=-=-=[ 07 - *RARE Great Boa ]=-=-
You'll find this big snake in the first stage of the third chapter, the TWILIGHT
CRAG.  Don't get distracted by the gorgeous sunset colors!  From the beginning
of the stage, follow the rough path forward until you find the crystal where you
meet WISP.  Continue on and go under the large natural rock bridge, then follow
the path left.  If you go right and eventually come across the river, you went
the wrong way.  Following the proper path, you should take that left turn and
then bend around in a half circle as you continue on, and your target is up on a
ledge on your left.  If you keep going you'll find the river again, and you'll
want to jump across it around the area where you find the two logs with a rock
between them.  Once across, veer left and keep going up until you see a small
wooden platform that pokes out over the river.  Across the way you'll see
another ledge, but this one will have a rock on it.  Knock or grab the rock out
of your way, then make the jump.  It isn't the easiest jump ever, but it isn't
really that bad.  If you fall, just climb back up from the river and do it
again!  Once you get across, continue left.  The alcove where the snake hides is
easy to spot as its right along the edge of the map.  Feel free to do more of
this stage before you go for the Boa, because there are quite a lot of hexorbs
scattered around that may prove useful to you.  Once you find the alcove (you'll
see two large pillars out in front, as well as some boulders at the entrance),
go in and grab the Wisp orbs.  Use objects if you can to panic the enemies in
the general area.  Once you beat them, a giant stack of regular Great Boas will
appear, and you should definitely use an orb or two if you've got them.  Save
at least a couple of Wisp orbs for the rare monster, however.  You can panic
them all quickly and probably crown them all in a couple shots, and then you can
just go crazy building up a combo chain by hitting them all at once with your
sword.  Once you've taken care of them, the Rare Great Boa will finally show

If you use another couple hexorbs on him and hit him slowly to keep your chain
going (you should have enough Wisp orbs for both he and the guys that came
before him by now), you can hopefully get his panic up high and maybe even get
the chain you started on the previous enemies even higher.  Just keep at it
until you beat him.  It's also great to use a Wisp orb on this guy and then just
slingshot him with regular pebbles for a while.  Wisp causes blindness and the
rare Boa will just get confused and dizzy while you hit him, even after his
panic runs out.  If he wakes up, quickly Wisp him again and then keep at it.
You should be able to get an S rank level combo in no time no matter how you
approach this little area.

DROP:  This is another that won't drop a rare egg or emblem unless you're on
HARD or ULTIMATE difficulty, but will drop a grand of cold, hard lucre on the
other levels.  The emblem drop is the MASTER OF DARKNESS emblem.

-=-=-=[ 08 - *RARE Golem Scout ]=-=-
You'll have seen these guys since the end of the second chapter, and you'll get
the chance to tackle a rare one in the first stage of the third chapter, the
TWILIGHT CRAG.  In order for him to appear, you need to shoot down four of the
numerous goblin banners that dot the level with your slingshot.  You'll hear a
little "success" noise when you hit one of the correct ones.  You'll find two of
the banners in the center of the level, east of where you found the Rare Great
Boa, on either side of the river.  The other two are in the upper-center area of
the map, toward the locked door that requires a special key to unlock.  Hunt for
them and you'll find them.  Once you get all 4, head back to where you found
Wisp for the first time.  Look on your map and you'll see the little side path
and cave where the your target resides.  Double jump up from the crystals where
Wisp was hanging out and you should be able to get there.

Beat the enemies around the Rare Golem Scout first so they don't hit you while
you're attacking him, and then bash him with some objects or orbs.  If you
didn't manage to get a good combo rating with the Rare Great Boa, you can panic
this guy and then stand back and use your regular slingshot pebbles to try and
up your combo again, though this isn't as easy here as it would have been at
the other location.

DROP:  This guy drops another 1,000 luc on any difficulty, and has a chance to
drop a rare egg or LORIMARIAN CAPTAIN emblem on HARD or ULTIMATE difficulty.

-=-=-=[ 09 - *RARE Hobgoblin ]=-=-
You'll find this mark in the second stage of the third chapter, the ABANDONED
MINE.  Just head to the ground floor and go toward its southwestern corner
until you find a wooden building of sorts.  There are goblins there for you to
fight, so occupy yourself with them until the Rare Hobgoblin shows up.
If you don't immediately kill the other goblins you can use them to panic each
other and their rare leader, and in this circumstance a Salamander or Gnome
hexorb will really do the job right.  There is a whopping ONE Gnome orb in the
stage before this one, so if you saved it, and if you dragged a few of the
nearby objects close to the goblins in their little building, you can really
crown the heck out of the group with it.

DROP:  Money, pet egg, or APPRENTICE SORCERER emblem on any difficulty.

-=-=-=[ 10 - *RARE Fire Molecat ]=-=-
The Rare Fire Molecat shouldn't be too hard to find, as he resides in the
cliffs just above where you'll find the exit from the third stage of the third
chapter, the GOBLIN'S DEN, to the fourth stage.  However, in order to make him
appear at all, you're going to have to hit all 24 GOB TARGETS that run along
the different mine cart tracks in the stage.  This can be a tougher task than
you might think, but once you've managed it, head to the end of the stage and
explore the cliffs.  You should come upon your target before long.

Given that he's a Fire Molecat, you'll want to use Undine hexorbs if you've got
any, otherwise you'll have to make due with whatever other orbs, objects, or
enemies happen to be around.

DROP:  You can earn some cash, a rare egg, or the ACROBAT emblem on any
difficulty level from this rare monster.

-=-=-=[ 11 - *RARE Golem Guardian ]=-=-
Okay, now it starts getting complicated.  This Rare Golem Guardian isn't the
only rare monster you'll find in the SLATE CAVERNS, the fourth stage of the
third chapter, he's only the first of three, and you'll have to navigate the
confusing corridors of the caverns correctly to find him, and it's very hard to
guide a person to the appropriate spot using merely text.  But we'll give it a
shot just the same!

The first thing you must do is find the spot where you meet Luna.  This much
shouldn't be too rough for you to manage alone.  Exit on the other side of
Luna's room.  From here, you'll need to move upward by jumping on the mushroom
ledges that spiral along the stage's giant pillars.  You'll have to follow one
of them up, then jump over to another adjacent pillar, follow it's ledges up,
then jump BACK to the original pillar again.

Still with me?  Okay.  Next, you'll head inside the cave you find at the top of
the pillar.  Get on the ledges and move through the room counter-clockwise to
grab some Shade hexorbs, then jump into the crazy current you see near the
spiked purple crystals.  Enjoy the ride!  Once you get to the next room at the
end of the current, take the next current opposite the one you just came out of
(you want the one going DOWN).  This will get you to yet another room and the
Rare Golem Guardian!  Warning - if you break through the big hole in the floor
of the previous room and try to access the Rare Golem's room from that next
location, it won't work.  He'll only show up if you take the correct current to
his room.

Give him a standard beatdown and you should be out in no time!  As usual, orbs
make the job a more positive experience (Undine seems best).  No real trick to
this one.  He's got a pretty decent amount of HP, so if you can time your
attacks and panic attempts right, you'll have a chance at a decent combo.

DROP:  Thankfully, you don't have to be on HARD or ULTIMATE after all that work
for a chance at an egg or emblem, and of course you're likely to earn some
cash.  The emblem you can get from this guy is the MASTER OF FIRE emblem.

-=-=-=[ 12 - *RARE Golem Friar ]=-=-
This guy is a lot easier to find.  After you're done figuring out how to get to
the top of the level using the crazy currents, you'll find a door that needs a
special key to unlock.  From here, simply drop off the southern side of the
bridge you're on to a hidden area below.  The Rare Golem Friar should be wait-
ing for you.

This guy has less health than the Rare Golem Guardian above, but you can also
use him to get a good combo since his attacks are sometimes easier to avoid.
Panic him to keep his magic from bugging you.  Use fire or ice orbs.

DROP:  Same deal as the Rare Golem Guardian, only your emblem chance will be
for a MASTER OF LIGHT emblem.

-=-=-=[ 13 - *RARE Golem Sentry ]=-=-
After you beat the Rare Golem Friar above, drop off the ledge where he first
showed up and you'll find the Rare Golem Sentry.

This guy is really susceptible to Salamander hexorbs, and he's pretty easy to
boot.  Freak him out, then punch him out!  Teach those Lorimarians a lesson!

DROP:  You'll get some cash, an egg, or the MASTER OF ICE emblem if luck is on
your side.

-=-=-=[ 14 - *RARE Shadow Tezla ]=-=-
You'll find the Rare Shadow Tezla in the first stage of the 4th chapter, the 
SEASHELL SHORES.  Make your way through the level to the network of caves and
tunnels.  It should be easy to spot on your map.  To find this guy, just move to
the circular intersection in the northwestern portion of this area.  It's along
the edge and you'll see that four different paths cross into it.  You may have
to do some exploring in order to get there, but you'll find it if you're dili-
gent (I will try to place a better route to the Tezla here later -- I write the
FAQ from notes where I have no access to the game).

Salamander orbs seem to work best on the Tezla once you find it.  There really
isn't anything to chuck at him, so just play it safe.  You can build up a really
long combo chain on this guy with pebbles pretty easily, otherwise use a hexorb
and spell combination to take him out.

DROP: Cash, rare egg, or MASTER OF DARKNESS emblem.

-=-=-=[ 15 - *RARE Golem Fighter ]=-=-
You'll find the Rare Golem Fighter in the second stage of the 4th chapter, on
the big Lorimarian ship's CARGO HOLD.  Move to the northeastern corner of the
map, target and shoot down the Wall Impaler objects in your way, then jump into
the room there.  Kill the monsters and the Rare Golem Fighter will appear for
your fighting pleasure.

You can blind or set this target on fire pretty well, and between using a hexorb
or two and the objects lying around, you should be able to get him crowned with-
out too much trouble.  He shouldn't put up much of a fight.

DROP:  He'll drop some cash, a rare egg, or the MASTER OF ICE

-=-=-=[ 16 - *RARE Golem Sorcerer ]=-=-
You'll find this poor sucker taking a nap in the GUN DECK CABIN, the 4th
chapter's 3rd stage.  He'll be resting in a hammock in the first northwestern
room, very close to the stage's beginning and its save point.  However, to get
him to appear, you'll have to turn off all the alarms in the stage.  There are
three of them, all in the first half of the stage, and you'll know them when you
come across them (big flashing red lights and all).  Step on the buttons just
beneath each alarm as soon as possible to turn them off.  If you wait too long,
they'll shut off automatically, and then you'll have lost the chance at taking
out this rare enemy.  If you saved before taking on this stage, as a prudent
gamer should, then just reload your game if you mess up and don't get one of the
alarms turned off in time.  Once you turn off all three successfully, head back
to the northwestern room and find the golem.

There are a few objects to throw around at the guy, but he doesn't seem to have
any extreme weaknesses.  Still, you can use a few orbs to help get the job done
if you so desire.

DROP:  Unsure of this guy's drops.  Making another run through the game, will
update when I reach him.

-=-=-=[ 17 - *RARE Golem Warrior ]=-=-
You'll find this mark on the 4th chapter's 4th stage, the SHIP'S BRIDGE.  Head
to the bow of the ship around the area where you have to help get Ritzia through
by pressing switches to raise doors.  You'll know it by the rows of cannons that
line either side of the ship in that location.  Once you've gotten to the bow of
the ship, look for a small tunnel with lots of fog or smoke.  The visibility
gets even worse inside as it's very dark.  Just keep pressing onward and you'll
eventually find a ladder that falls into a captain's room.  This is where your
mark will be hiding.

Be careful with this guy.  You'll be in super close contact with him, and that
can make the fight really tough if you happen to be a little low on health or if
you make a few mistakes.  Save some Undine hexorbs for this guy if you can, and
just play defensively when he isn't incapacitated.  Take him out as quickly as
you can, but don't put yourself at risk to do it.  Trasure chests in the room
can help boost your health and mana if you need it, but watch that you don't cut
it too close!

DROP:  You can get cash, a pet egg, or the MASTER OF FIRE emblem from this guy.

-=-=-=[ 18 - *RARE Golem Archer ]=-=-
The Rare Golem Archer is located on the 4th stage of the 4th chapter, the SHIP'S
BRIDGE, beyond the big room with the blue spinning rollers.  When you get to the
end of the stage, he'll be hiding in the second locker/container from the right.
Hit to open it.

This guy is a total cakewalk after the last one.  Either bash him around with
the objects hiding in there with him, use a Salamander or Undine orb to screw
with him, or just get the job done ultra-fast by using a Gnome orb to crown him
instantly due to his close proximity to multiple heavy objects.

DROP:  Cash, a rare egg, or the KNIGHT'S MARKSMAN emblem.

-=-=-=[ 19 - *RARE Rumblekin ]=-=-
You'll find this awesome beast in the SUCCULENT SANDS, the 1st stage of the 5th
chapter.  For the most part, this stage is just a giant sandy plain that reaches
out around Castle Jadd.  The Rare Rumblekin will appear roughly in front of the
castle's gate, but only once you've defeated all the other Rumblekin in the
vicinity.  I believe there are five or six of them.  They're fairly tough at a
low starting level, so it may help to try and go around and power up a bit
before attempting to take them out.  Also, you'll want to go around the stage
collecting hexorbs for the fight.  There's an absolute gob of glow spots around,
and most of them drop orbs.  Dryad or Undine will be your best friends against
this monster.

Once you get the Rare Rumblekin to appear, just lay a little offense on him.
Use Dryad to paralyze him or Undine to freeze, then hack away.  If you do it
right, this is also another one of those great areas to use pebbles to rack up a
high combo chain.  It's better to damage him a bit first before switching to
pebbles, as he's somewhat hard to damage.

DROP:  Unsure of this guy's drops.  Making another run through the game, should
find him and confirm soon.

-=-=-=[ 20 - *RARE Grim Matango ]=-=-
This dude is a piece of cake, and not hard to find, either!  You'll find him in
the CASTLE COURTYARD, the 2nd stage of the 5th chapter.  If you've managed to
find a human survivor or two on your way there, several human soldiers will come
into the courtyard to help you out.  They'll come through the big gates at the
area's dead south point.  It seems that the only thing which draws out the rare
monster is time, so you'll have to wait several minutes before he shows up.
Just busy yourself with combat and he'll eventually appear in the alcove behind
the huge gates.

Salamander or Undine hexorbs work nicely on him, though he isn't too tough in
the first place.  Get yourself high panic or a crown for your trouble, then send
him on his way.

DROP:  I have it marked in my notebook that I didn't get anything from this guy
the last time I fought him, but that doesn't sound right!  Again, I'll be find-
ing him soon in my current run of the game, so I'll check and see what gives and
update when I can.

-=-=-=[ 21 - *RARE Grim Great Boa ]=-=-
Just like the Great Boa from before, but now infused with the delightful power
of PURPLE!  Which is, apparently, evil.  Yes.  This guy is hiding on the 2nd
stage of the 5th chapter, the CASTLE COURTYARD, just opposite of where you found
the Rare Grim Matango above.  Use the gust cover near the stairs at the north
end of the entrance area (again, just opposite the previous rare monster), and
get up on the roof.  Fight the Matangos here and make sure you beat them all.
That done, you'll find the Rare Boa on the ground below.

A lot of orbs seem to work, but Undine appears best.  This is another fight
where, if there aren't a lot of other baddies around, you can rack up a pretty
good combo chain.  Freeze him and get to work.

DROP:  A thousand bucks.  Popular opinion indicates that's it.

-=-=-=[ 22 - *RARE Grim Goblin ]=-=-
This guy is located in the 3rd stage of the 5th chapter, the VAULTED CHAMBER,
and he can't be dealt with until you've destroyed the giant THANATOS CORE that
floats in the center of the area.  Once you've done that, by destroying all the
smaller cores hidden around the level and then destroying the orbiting cores
that the giant core drops, the vines that block your access to several rooms
will dry up and vanish.  You'll find the Rare Grim Goblin on the fourth floor,
but you'll have to head to the third floor first.  Go to the small room at the
southern end and take the left there up to the fourth floor.  You should find
another small THANATOS CORE here, and destroying it will make your hunted target

The main catch with this guy is he's a coward who likes to run away.  This can
be obnoxious, as you might expect, especially when you're in a hurry.  He's most
susceptible to Salamander and Undine hexorbs, fortunately, so you can incapaci-
tate him without too much effort.

DROP:  One grand in lucre.  A cold 1,000 bucks.  Moolah in the amount of a
thousand.  Yep.

-=-=-=[ 23 - *RARE Grim Hobgoblin ]=-=-
You'll find this mark in the NOMAD DISTRCT, the 4th stage of the 5th chapter.
He's actually not very far from the start of this stage, but you'll have to make
a good trek to find him because of the fact that he's way high up!  He's just
beyond one of the THANATOS CORES in this area that you'll have to destroy.  It's
the lower of the two on the stage's northern hemisphere (there are another 3
on the southern hemisphere).  Find that core, then jump northeast to a wood
platform with some ornate rugs.  There are Hobgoblins here, and you'll have to
beat them all in order to lure the Rare Grim Hobgoblin from inside.

If the guy drops down from the platform, you'll just have to follow him down.
He's relatively susceptible to just about anything, so use whatever hexorbs suit
you.  Though if this guy falls down to where some Goblins are below, you can use
a Gnome orb to really make short work of the entire mob.

DROP:  1,000 luc.

-=-=-=[ 24 - *RARE Grim Predator ]=-=-
You find this rare, souped-up beast on the boss stage of the 5th chapter, the
5th stage, known as the HANGING GARDEN.  You'll have to destroy more THANATOS
CORES to make him appear, but this is made more difficult due to the fact that
you'll be fighting the boss, GRIM LEKIUS, and you'll also have to avoid winning
that fight in order to get the Predator to show himself.  The THANATOS CORES
won't begin to appear until late in the fight, and Lekius will be using some
more powerful attacks at this point, which complicates things.  You'll need to
destroy 10 of the cores in order for the Rare Grim Predator to appear.

Once you do, you're going to want to defeat him quickly.  He's got a pretty huge
amount of HP, so use Salamander or Undine orbs to mess up his groove, then use
POWER UP or FULL TILT to bring on the pain.

DROP:  Only got this guy to appear once and then accidentally killed Lekius, and
there doesn't seem to be any information floating around on the drops.  Will
update this as soon as I learn anything!

-=-=-=[ 25 - *RARE Grim Rabite ]=-=-

From Jack Cracker (and it appears this is confirmed by Kilwede and others):

In stage 6-2, defeat ALL regular grim rabites in the area then return to the
first room. I actually defeated everything in the area first so I'm not 100%
sure on just the grim rabites. A series of grim rabites will spawn when you
return to the first room. 3, 2, 1, then the rare grim rabite. High on the wall
on the coat of arms between the torches will be a glow spot. Honey brew was my
treat from it. I also picked up 5000luc from the rare grim rabbite.

-=-=-=[ 26 - *RARE Skulk ]=-=-
After the Rare Grim Predator this little fellow will seem a bit anti-climactic,
but he's one of the only rare monsters that you're actually going to find in the
6th chapter.  He's located in the 2nd stage, the LOWER LEVEL.  From the start
room (the one with the four pillars and a glow spot), head right.  The next room
has some Gnome hexorbs at the far wall, then a large wall that can be destroyed.
This wall leads to another room (or the second half of the same room, if you
like), and it's in this next area that you'll find the Rare Skulk.  Look up and
you'll see a stone block in the ceiling.  Fire pebbles at it.  Eventually it
will break and your quarry will drop down to your level.

This Skulk is a bit funny in that he has a giant block on his back, but don't
let that intimidate you!  You can hit this guy with Undine or Salamander orbs
for big results.

DROP:  You can get cash, the TREASURE HUNTER emblem, or a Rare Skulk pet egg
from this enemy.  Don't sweat the emblem, as you can get it by just destroying
700 items.  Some of you might have it before you even find this guy!

-=-=-=[ 27 - *RARE Golem Centurion ]=-=-
This dude is tough, so before you rush in thinking YOU DA MAN, make sure to get
your ego in check.  On the harder difficulties this guy can be a pain in the
lower posterior.  You'll find him in the 4th stage of the 6th chapter, THE
LOOKOUT, and he's the second and last rare monster you'll find in the chapter.
He's located specifically on the second floor of the big lookout tower, and he
isn't hard to find.  Defeat the enemies on the second floor and then focus your
attention on the Centurion.

The main issue with this guy is that he has a high armor level and doesn't panic
very well.  You can cause a little bit of panic using the pillar objects in the
stage, and also with Undine, Shade, and Salamander hexorbs, but he doesn't get
knocked out of commission the way most monsters will.  If you're trying to move
quickly, don't let yourself get too invested in a battle of wills.  Focus your
attention on getting him panicked, then moving in with heavy spells, especially
FULL TILT.  If you can spare the magic, that should get him softened up enough
for you to finish the job normally.  Also be on the lookout for vitachokes in
the area, as those will yield extra Undine or Salamander hexorbs if you shoot
them with an orb and break them open after they've turned either red or blue.
You'll use up an orb to do this, obviously, but the rewards exceed the expense,
as it were.

DROP:  Once this guy goes down, you'll get the usual cash, a FRENZIED FIGHTER
emblem, or a rare pet egg.  Golem Centurions in general make great pets, but a
rare one is especially nice, so hope for the egg!

And THAT'S IT!  Every rare monster is accounted for as far as I know, and all
that remains is for me to see if I can track down the Rare Grim Rabite.  Once I
get him, almost all the info should be here barring a few monsters that don't
seem to have confirmed drops.  You'll note that the last two chapters of the
game don't contain any rare monsters at all, so don't feel odd at not seeing any
entries for those two stages.

Here are a few notes from fans that may make your life easier, and possibly fill
in some details I missed.  I can't confirm any of this, so use at your own risk,
but thanks to those who sent it in!  Hopefully it helps some folks out.  If any
of you can confirm this information, do let me know!

* Note from Francisco Saldana:
Hey I was using your faq and when I was doing the gauntlet or after getting the
rare goblin if you destroy all the monsters after you beat the goblin and i
think if you destroy all the stuff, just before you get to ritzia a  rare Ice
Molecat will appear. Deals good damage and if you kil it you get lucre but Im
not sure if you get an emblem or egg, also after you defeat the rare molecat
and you defeat the Du'Bam in the room with Ritzia a Rare Du'Bam will appear
excatly where you defeated the rare molecat it gives you lucre but not sure if
you get anything else.  Hope you find the information interesting.

* Note from Erik Aloy:
for the rare monsters theres a rare du'bam in the first level after you separate
from ritsia and right about when you meet. I found it in hard mode when you meet
her a du'bam appears for the special key and after i killed it i went back to
the room before and found a rare du'bam.

 [ *05.  Pet Egg + Bout Unlock Glow Spot List ] - 

Here you can find every GLOW SPOT (those little "???" points of light that float
around the game waiting for you to break them open to reveal goodies) that will
drop a normal pet egg (sorry, you can't get rare eggs this way) or that will
unlock a Battle Arena bout.  This way you can quickly get yourself into the
Battle Arena and having fun with all the content there, but don't expect to just
grab a few pets and bouts and then get S rankings with little effort.  See the
Battle Arena section of the FAQ for more information on that, but S ranks are
rough going.  Just try getting an S rank on the very first tiny little bout and
I think you'll see what I mean.

Still, the bouts are fun to play, fun to explore, and are a great way to make a
little extra cash for those nifty emblems you want to buy or the other General
Store items that might have caught your eye.  So finding these spots will help
you flesh out that bout list and add a few extra pets to help you along.  Find
these and you should be well on your way to starting a successful career
bringing armies of cute monsters into arenas where they can chew on other cute
monsters while you run around cackling like a maniac, tossing potted plants at
everything that moves.

Just don't expect to become a champion overnight.

-=-=-=[ 01 - Pet Egg ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 1, Stage 1.  After running down the first length of the area,
the floor will break and you'll fall down.  From here, just run backward instead
of further down the hall.  You'll come to a dead end, but nestled by the vines
and the acorn is the first glow spot.  Hit it, an you'll get yourself a pet egg
with a random monster inside!

-=-=-=[ 02 - Battle Arena Bout 28]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 1, Stage 1.  Don't worry about getting this one early on.  It
can only be acquired after you've gotten the PALADIN OF MANA emblem (which gives
you the sword and slingshot early, since Keldy doesn't yet have them at this
point in the story).  To find it, you'll have to go above the big PRIZE WHEEL in
this area by continuing past the large, square-shaped room that gives access to
it, then coming into it from the west by way of another tunnel from the
adjoining room.  This will give you access to the fourth roundstone that you can
drop into the wheel, but if you look above it, you'll also find this second glow
spot.  Using the slingshot, shoot it open and you'll be rewarded with Battle
Arena bout 28.

-=-=-=[ 03 - Pet Egg ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 1, Stage 2.  Find the broken bridge area where you'll be
accosted by Goblins.  Below are Mushbooms (and this is where you find the hidden
Rare Mushboom, the first hidden monster).  Below the bridge and at its north,
smash through the wall on the eastern side.  You'll find a small space that has
this next spot, which will gift you a pet egg.

-=-=-=[ 04 - Battle Arena Bout 3 ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 2, Stage 1.  You'll find this one right where you find the
RARE RAMBULL.  You actually have to go through the next three stages in the
chapter until you get to Wonderwood and the CHOBIN HOOD HAMLET.  From there,
search around until you find a tunnel leading back to the first stage.  Head
through it, and eventually you'll find yourself back in the ROLLING KNOLLS on
the other side of a wall on the northern edge of the stage that you couldn't get
past before.  The Rambull is in this secluded area along with the glow spot.

-=-=-=[ 05 - Battle Arena Bout 6 ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 3, Stage 2.  Head northeast from the camp area with the
cannon in this stage.  The spot is located along the eastern edge of the map.
You should find a big stack of crates to jump on, and if you jump up from there
you'll be able to get to a ledge.  Keep heading up to find the little secret
area, at the end of which is a glow spot containing this Battle Arena bout!

-=-=-=[ 06 - Battle Arena Bout 9 ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 4, Stage 4.  Just follow the guide for the RARE GOLEM WARRIOR
to find this glow spot sitting on top of the model ship on the table, right in
the very room where the Warrior is found!

-=-=-=[ 07 - Pet Egg ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 5, Stage 5.  This one is a piece of cake to find.  It's just
sitting at the bottom of the bell tower in the HANGING GARDENS where you'll
fight the GRIM LEKIUS boss.  It's on the southeast side of the tower.  Just keep
circling it 'till you see it.

-=-=-=[ 08 - Battle Arena Bout 15 ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 6, Stage 3.  Still working on getting a decent description
done for this one.  It's somewhat hard to explain.  But as a brief attempt - 
you'll have to use the shaft of one of the big wheel lifts to get over to a
string of lanternberries.  Then you'll have to jump across those berries to find
the spot, which is resting on a bunch of dislodged bricks sticking out from one
of the walls.  Keep your eyes peeled until I can get a better explanation here.

* Note from Nick Chaney:

"Go through the tower until you get to the room with the balance things. Go to
the door up the ladder near the end, and turn right. Jump to the axle (it doesnt
have the arms so you'll know it when you see it), and go to the other side of
it.  There should be four lamp berries or whatever they're called. Jump on those
and go to the ledge that has a wall of bricks on it. The bout is behind the

-=-=-=[ 09 - Battle Arena Bout 18 ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 7, Stage 1.  This one is a bit tough to describe as well.
You're going to follow the main path through most of the stage until you get
close to the exit to the next area, then you'll veer right and look for a ledge
with one of the weird Stone Morphations on it.  Use an object to get up to the
ledge, then look around for a cave entrance.  Keep heading back through the
cave, then shoot the glow spot with the slingshot when you reach the end.  It'll
be hiding in a hole in the cave ceiling.

-=-=-=[ 10 - Pet Egg ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 7, Stage 2.  You'll find this in the big ravine you and Watts
have to cross.  Go east along the bottom and climb the last ladder.  You'll have
to do a little jumping around and climb another ladder to get up to where the
spot is, but you'll find it on a high, grassy ledge jutting out from the ra-
vine's side.

-=-=-=[ 11 - Pet Egg ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 7, Stage 2.  Another pet egg can be found just after where
you find the last one.  Get out of the ravine and go north.  You'll eventually
see a big tree root on the right, and you're going to use some mushrooms to jump
on top of it.  Once you're on the root, double-jump your way up to the ledge
where the glow spot is hiding.

-=-=-=[ 12 - Pet Egg ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 7, Stage 4.  In THE VILLAGE CURSED area, just find the little
river that runs through the stage and run upstream until you find a tunnel.  In-
side you'll find this glow spot.

-=-=-=[ 13 - Battle Arena Bout 21 ]=-=-
LOCATION - Chapter 8, Stage 3.  This glow spot is in an area with 2 others, and
to get them is a bit tricky.  When you begin falling down the huge circular
rooms through holes in the floor, you're going to have to make sure that you
fall through the middlemost hole in the third floor down (the second basement
floor).  Don't drop off the square-shaped walkway when you hit the last floor!
Make sure you look around and see the three glow spots on the pillars first.
The southeastern one is the one you're looking for, while the other 2 will give
you Angel's Grails.

And that's it!  Let me know if I missed any, but I do believe those are the only
glow spots that drop pet eggs and the coveted Battle Arena bouts.

 [ VI.  Supplemental Material ] - 

This section explains the game's control setup, gives an overview of its various
systems, and has some tips and tricks on how to improve your playing if you
still haven't gotten as familiar as you'd like with the game's general

 [ *59.  Basic Controls ] - 

This stuff should be mostly self explanatory, but is included here just in
case.  It never hurts to be thorough, right?

-=-=-=[ Movement ]=-=-
Use the left analog stick on the PS2 controller to walk or run.  Moving the
stick only slightly will make Keldy walk instead of run at full pace, but this
is of rather limited use.  If you're walking over something that's easy to
fall off of, you'll probably find yourself repeatedly flicking the stick a bit
as opposed to walking steadily.

To jump, just press the X button.  Once you're up, press it again and you'll
get a second jump from mid-air.  This is extremely useful and you'll likely
find yourself doing it obsessively.

-=-=-=[ Blocking, Dodging, Pushing, Recovering ]=-=-
Pressing L1 will put Keldy into a defensive stance, and this allows you to
deflect weaker enemy attacks.  If you continue to hold L1, you can move the
left analog stick to strafe side to side while facing the same direction (and
you can still move forward and backward).  Pressing the X button while moving
to the left or right in this manner will cause Keldy to roll, pressing X while
moving backward will cause Keldy to take a quick step back, and pressing X while
moving forward will launch Keldy into a rolling attack.  You may also press the
SQUARE button while in the defensive stance to PUSH objects or enemies with a
solid thrust.

If Keldy gets knocked down, you can get him back up quickly by pressing X, and
if you time your button press before he hits the ground (rapidly tapping it
works just as well), he'll bounce back into a jump immediately without falling
flat on his back.  This is usually the best option for quick recovery, but be
careful, because this can occasionally bounce Keldy right back up into another
attack that he might have avoided on the ground.

-=-=-=[ Sliding ]=-=-
On a steep slope or incline, if you leave Keldy standing still for a second
he'll often jump onto his sword and begin sliding on it.  You can actually
steer him and use this as an attack to cause damage, break an enemy guard, and
cause panic, but it isn't easy to use and can sometimes occur even when you're
not at all interested in sliding.  To stop sliding, jump or block.  If you use
this move often, you might try getting the SWORD RIDER emblem which ups the
speed of the move.

-=-=-=[ Attacking ]=-=-
You can make Keldy attack with his sword by pressing SQUARE.  Press it
multiple times to perform a simple combo.  As your WHIP LEVEL increases, you
can perform more attacks in a single combo, up to a grand total of seven hits
at whip level 4.  Keldy can also perform a jump attack by jumping and pressing
SQUARE, and if you HOLD the SQUARE button, he'll place his sword beneath him
and land in a downward strike that damages enemies beneath you.  You can
actually use this move repeatedly to "bounce" on the heads of your enemies and
continually cause damage while staying relatively safe.

Pressing the CIRCLE button allows Keldy to fire a slingshot that can be loaded
with different kinds of ammo (the spirit hexorbs or regular pebbles) by press-
ing left or right on the D-pad.  As with the sword, regular pebbles can be
fired in combo quantities that increase as Keldy's whip level raises.  Hexorbs
can only be fired one at a time, and it will take a second for Keldy to get
ready to fire another.  Press and hold CIRCLE to bring up a targeting reticle
and fire from first-person.

Note that Keldy won't acquire the slingshot until midway through the first

-=-=-=[ The Whip ]=-=-
Using the whip is fundamental to succeeding in DAWN OF MANA.  Pressing the
TRIANGLE button will cause Keldy to shoot his whip out in front of him, and it
should home in on nearby objects or enemies and grab them.  During this
animation you can also direct the whip somewhat from side to side, in order to
grab something slightly to the left or right, but you'll find your best bet is
usually to just point and shoot.  If you hold TRIANGLE down, you'll bring up
a targeting reticle which will allow you to send the whip out from a first-
person view.

Once Keldy has something grabbed with the whip, you can simply let it go by
pressing X, or you can actively fling the object or enemy in question by
pressing TRIANGLE again.  As with the grab, this action will home in on the
nearest enemy or object, but you can also use the left analog stick in con-
junction with TRAINGLE to fling your catch in a specific direction (this is
often quite useful).  Pressing the CIRCLE button after Keldy has reached whip
level 2 will allow him to spin an enemy or object around.  This has multiple
uses.  Firstly, it makes enemies dizzy for a second, and secondly, if done
numerous times, it will make many objects begin to spin extremely fast, some
to the point where they'll actually go around the level like a top if you toss
them.  Once Keldy makes it to whip level 3, he can also knock enemies and
objects around once he's caught them.  Pressing SQUARE will basically perform
a toss similar to what you'd get with pressing TRIANGLE, only Keldy won't let
go of the enemy or object he's holding, allowing you to repeatedly smash your
capture all around the immediate vicinity.  This is a great way to get enemies
crowned and ready for you to finish them off.

You can swing an object you've caught with your whip around you to hit mon-
sters and cause panic, and this is done by simply moving Keldy in a circle and
working up some momentum with the object.  Depending on what you've caught,
you can work up enough speed to knock enemies back a bit and sometimes cause
panic when you score a direct hit or when your object bounces off of a wall or
floor.  At whip level 4, you can rotate the left stick to actually swing
some objects and enemies over Keldy's head, which can be useful when you're
surrounded and need a little breathing room.

Keldy's whip level and the weight of the objects or monsters he is trying to
manipulate play off one another, so don't expect to be able to do much with
the heaviest monsters and objects when you begin a new chapter or Battle Arena
bout.  Start slow and use the small objects and enemies to panic the bigger
ones, then work your way up.

Note that Keldy won't acquire the whip until midway through the first chapter.

-=-=-=[ Targeting ]=-=-
The game also features a target locking feature.  Pressing R2 will lock onto
whatever object is most centered on the screen, and pressing L2 will lock onto
whatever enemy is most centered on the screen.  While you won't find that
you need to use these frequently in the middle of combat, they can often be
useful in specific circumstances.  Particularly handy is using the lock in
conjunction with the slingshot to knock treasure chests down from high places
that are impossible or time-consuming to reach in the Battle Arenas.  If a
jump attack won't do the trick, a quick target lock and a pebble or two
generally will.  It tends to be less useful for enemies, but can be very
helpful when trying to target specific flying creatures, especially when one
of them is harrying you while you're trying to climb or jump up a part of the
environment with scant or precarious footing.

-=-=-=[ Magic ]=-=-
Once Keldy and Ritzia meet Faye, magic becomes a big part of the game.  If you
press up or down on the D-pad you can select different spells, and then you
can activate them by pressing R1.  Faye takes a second to cast them, so make
sure you adjust for the slight delay to get your spell up in a timely fashion.

 [ *60.  The Panic System / Medals ] - 

This is what DAWN OF MANA is really all about.  With the implementation of the
much-loved HavoK Physics engine, players can run around and cause all sorts of
craziness in the game environments.  But this isn't just for fun, it's part of
the core gameplay.

In order to increase in strength, Keldy has to collect medals.  But medals
aren't just lying around for you to pick up, they're hiding inside of objects
and enemies.  But you'll notice you don't get squat if you just go around
hitting everyone on the head with your new sword, so what gives?  Well, that's
where the panic system comes in.

In order for enemies to drop the medals you'll need to level up Keldy's whip,
Keldy's health, Faye's magic reserves, and Faye's spell list, you're going to
have to get enemies panicked enough to drop what you need.  Fortunately for
you, making enemies panic is very simple.  When you grab either an enemy or an
object with your whip, you can fling it about using the methods described in
the above controls section, and when you make a heavy object hit a wall or the
ground at high speed, you'll create shockwaves that panic nearby enemies.  You
can see by the number above their heads what level of panic you have managed
to attain.  Hitting enemies and objects directly into one another also causes
panic, with damage as an added bonus.  The higher the number you get above an
enemy's head, the more likely that enemy will drop goodies for you as you
continue to hit him with your weapons or other enemies/objects.  If you get
the number to raise past 99,  you'll find that the enemy suddenly sprouts a
CROWN, and this means he's at his most susceptible.  That's the best possible
time to strike.  Crowning enemies will also contribute to a running tally that
will help you earn S rankings as you play.  Just remember that a panicked
enemy won't stay that way long, and you'll see the number drop at a steady
rate unless you continue to increase it, and attacking the enemy with your
sword will knock a bit of panic off with every hit (unless you've got one
of the elemental saber spells going).

There are three kinds of medals for you to get.  Green medals will increase
your attack power, red medals will increase your max health, and blue medals
will increase Faye's max magic points.  If you collect enough of a given kind
of medal (green for Keldy, blue for Faye), eventually you'll gain a "level",
or the next step on the power ladder.  This means you'll be able to fling
around bigger objects and enemies with your whip, perform new moves with your
whip, perform increasingly large combos with your sword and slingshot, dish
out more damage, and cast more and better spells.  The idea is to get your
levels up to 3 or 4 (4 is the maximum for both characters) before you tackle
the end boss of a chapter.

The panic system can be strange to get accustomed to, but it's a great deal of
fun and allows for a lot of experimentation.  Your first time through the
game, make sure you play around and just have fun.  Don't worry about S ranks
or unlocking everything, just explore the world and mess with all the amusing
options you have at your disposal.  There are more ways to manipulate enemies
and use objects than you might at first realize.

 [ *06.  Bout List + S Ranking Guide ] - 

Okay, so this section is going to be under construction for a good long while.
Here you'll find a list of all the Battle Arena bouts, the requirements for
unlocking them, the requirements for getting an S rank on each one, and then (I
hope) a decent strategy for attempting to get said S rank.  I'm really going to
need help on this one, guys!

We'll start by making sure I at least tell you the unlock requirements for each
bout so that you can get cracking at taking them on yourself while I attempt to
get more information gathered together to beef up this section a bit.

Don't be confused by the weird tags next to the difficulty ratings.  If you're a
long-time series fan, you'll get it.  If not, just smile and nod.

-=-=-=[ *Bout 01]=-=-
Difficulty - * - There's a Faerie Living in My Head
Unlock - Beat Chapter 2 on EASY/NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 02]=-=-
Difficulty - * - There's a Faerie Living in My Head
Unlock - Beat Chapter 2 on NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 03]=-=-
Difficulty - * - There's a Faerie Living in My Head
Unlock - Get the GLOW SPOT in Chapter 2, Stage 1

-=-=-=[ *Bout 04]=-=-
Difficulty - ** - Sorry, but We're Kicking You Out of the Village
Unlock - Beat Chapter 3 on EASY/NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 05]=-=-
Difficulty - ** - Sorry, but We're Kicking You Out of the Village
Unlock - Beat Chapter 3 on NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 06]=-=-
Difficulty - ** - Sorry, but We're Kicking You Out of the Village
Unlock - Get the GLOW SPOT in Chapter 3, Stage 2

-=-=-=[ *Bout 07]=-=-
Difficulty - ** - Sorry, but We're Kicking You Out of the Village
Unlock - Beat Chapter 4 on EASY/NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 08]=-=-
Difficulty - ** - Sorry, but We're Kicking You Out of the Village
Unlock - Beat Chapter 4 on NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 09]=-=-
Difficulty - ** - Sorry, but We're Kicking You Out of the Village
Unlock - Get the GLOW SPOT in Chapter 4, Stage 4

-=-=-=[ *Bout 10]=-=-
Difficulty - *** - I Don't Speak Dudbear
Unlock - Beat Chapter 5 on EASY/NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 11]=-=-
Difficulty - *** - I Don't Speak Dudbear
Unlock - Beat Chapter 5 on NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 12]=-=-
Difficulty - *** - I Don't Speak Dudbear
Unlock - Save 3 kids/3 soldiers in Chapter 5, Stage 4,
+ kill Needlebeak before taking elevator to boss fight

-=-=-=[ *Bout 13]=-=-
Difficulty - *** - I Don't Speak Dudbear
Unlock - Beat Chapter 6 on EASY/NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 14]=-=-
Difficulty - *** - I Don't Speak Dudbear
Unlock - Beat Chapter 6 on NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 15]=-=-
Difficulty - *** - I Don't Speak Dudbear
Unlock - Get the GLOW SPOT in Chapter 6, Stage 3

-=-=-=[ *Bout 16]=-=-
Difficulty - **** - I'll Be Taking That Jewel in Your Chest
Unlock - Beat Chapter 7 on EASY/NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 17]=-=-
Difficulty - **** - I'll Be Taking That Jewel in Your Chest
Unlock - Beat Chapter 7 on NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 18]=-=-
Difficulty - **** - I'll Be Taking That Jewel in Your Chest
Unlock - Get the GLOW SPOT in Chapter 7, Stage 1

-=-=-=[ *Bout 19]=-=-
Difficulty - **** - I'll Be Taking That Jewel in Your Chest
Unlock - Beat Chapter 8 on EASY/NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 20]=-=-
Difficulty - **** - I'll Be Taking That Jewel in Your Chest
Unlock - Beat Chapter 8 on NORMAL

-=-=-=[ *Bout 21]=-=-
Difficulty - **** - I'll Be Taking That Jewel in Your Chest
Unlock - Get the GLOW SPOT in Chapter 8, Stage 3

-=-=-=[ *Bout 22]=-=-
Difficulty - **** - I'll Be Taking That Jewel in Your Chest
Unlock - Beat Chapter 1 on HARD

-=-=-=[ *Bout 23]=-=-
Difficulty - **** - I'll Be Taking That Jewel in Your Chest
Unlock - Beat Chapter 2 on HARD

-=-=-=[ *Bout 24]=-=-
Difficulty - **** - I'll Be Taking That Jewel in Your Chest
Unlock - Beat Chapter 3 on HARD

-=-=-=[ *Bout 25]=-=-
Difficulty - ***** - Willy's Already Dead
Unlock - Beat Chapter 4 on HARD

-=-=-=[ *Bout 26]=-=-
Difficulty - ***** - Willy's Already Dead
Unlock - Beat Chapter 5 on HARD

-=-=-=[ *Bout 27]=-=-
Difficulty - ***** - Willy's Already Dead
Unlock - Beat Chapter 6 on HARD

-=-=-=[ *Bout 28]=-=-
Difficulty - ***** - Willy's Already Dead
Unlock - Get the GLOW SPOT in Chapter 1, Stage 1

-=-=-=[ *Bout 29]=-=-
Difficulty - ***** - Willy's Already Dead
Unlock - Beat Chapter 7 on HARD

-=-=-=[ *Bout 30]=-=-
Difficulty - ***** - Willy's Already Dead
Unlock - Beat Chapter 8 on HARD

-=-=-=[ *Bout 31]=-=-
Difficulty - ***** - Willy's Already Dead
Unlock - Break the Star Monolith in Battle Arena bout 30

-=-=-=[ *Bout 32]=-=-
Difficulty - ***** - Willy's Already Dead
Unlock - Complete Battle Arena bouts 1 through 31

 [ *61.  Hexorbs and Spells ] - 

Hexorbs and spells function in different ways, but both of them are a limited,
magical way to help you through the game, and you'll need to utilize both
effectively in order to beat the harder difficulties and get those coveted S

Hexorbs are essentially just magical pebbles gifted to you by your friends the
elemental spirits, and you'll fire them using your slingshot.  You can
find these lying around the environments as you play, and you'll want to pick
up all of them that you find.  They're not only supremely helpful when it
comes time to face a boss, they also work wonders for panicking enemies and
getting them crowned.

-=-=-=[ *Dryad Hexorb]=-=-
Dryad's hexorbs will put enemies to sleep and sometimes cause them to panic.
These can really help get you out of a jam, and are easy to use often.


-=-=-=[ *Gnome Hexorb]=-=-
Gnome uses the magnetic power of the earth to magnetize his hexorbs, and these
are easily the most coveted hexorbs you'll find.  Use them with care, but don't
pass up the perfect opportunity when you see it.  Enemies and objects that are
too close to the orb's blast when you fire it will get sucked toward its
center, usually clobbering the heck out of each other in the process.  Used in
the right circumstances it's all but guaranteed to get you a few crowns with
a single shot, or at least bump several guys up into the higher panic levels,
and you'll often see lesser enemies beaten out of play before they know what
hit them.  The damage can be significant, so Gnome tends to work well against
bosses.  Almost always causes considerable panic in single targets.


-=-=-=[ *Jinn Hexorb]=-=-
This windy little guy's hexorbs are somewhat the opposite of Gnome's.  Instead
of sucking everything around them IN, they push everything around them OUT and
send it flying.  If you've got some enemies nearby a huge pile of rubble, a
well placed Jinn orb or two can really scatter the debris and get you some
crowns, and they're also very handy if you're getting overwhelmed by tightly
packed enemies.


-=-=-=[ *Luna Hexorb]=-=-
Luna is one of the less generally useful hexorbs, and the moon spirit's power
won't cause any panic for you.  Instead, it confuses monsters and turns them
on each other, which can be very handy if you find that you're outmatched.
Pop a cloud of moondust over a group of enemies and you'll quickly find that
they'll have softened each other enough for you to waltz in and win.  Makes a
good getaway tool, too!


-=-=-=[ *Salamander Hexorb]=-=-
Salamander's spicy little hexorbs are more than just a flash in the pan, as
you'll find they're supremely useful right through to the end of the game.
They don't cause tons of damage, but enemies will get thoroughly panicked and
will catch on fire.  Flaming enemies can even run into other enemies and set
THEM ablaze, so if used at the right opportunity, Salamander's orbs can create
some real chaos.


-=-=-=[ *Shade Hexorb]=-=-
This dark spirit's hexorbs cause poison status in enemies, draining their HP
slowly for around 10 seconds or so.  Causes mild panic, making it a useful
getaway tool as well as a softening tool.


-=-=-=[ *Undine Hexorb]=-=-
Undine's hexorbs freeze enemies and can transfer that frozen status much the
same way Salamander's hexorbs can.  Works beautifully for clustered monsters,
and frequently works against big single targets.  Causes a lot of panic and
has a tendency to be handy in boss fights.


-=-=-=[ *Wisp Hexorb]=-=-
Wisp's hexorbs will blind enemies and cause them to sit relatively still.  It
will cause a little damage and panic, and susceptible enemies can be almost
entirely incapacitated for decent periods of time.  With the right enemy, a wisp
hexorb can make it a sitting duck for a long chain of regular slingshot pebbles,
and a panicked AND blinded enemy will be much easier to abuse in this manner
given that the blindness can often last longer than the panic while the enemy is
being repeatedly attacked.


Spells are your other sure-fire method of getting the jump on your opponents,
and while there aren't a ton, you'll find that each one has a very specific
use that will appeal to a certain play style, and will be repeatedly useful
throughout the game.

These spells and the level Faye needs to be to cast them are as follows:

-=-=-=[ *Aegis ]=-=-
This one doubles Keldy's defense and lasts about half a minute.  Good to use
frequently in tough situations, especially when you're taking hits but need
to keep your damage numbers down for an S rating.  Will be cast on Keldy perm-
anently, along with POWER UP, if he's equipped with the TEMPLAR OF MANA

Level - 1
Cost - 20 MP

-=-=-=[ *Power Up ]=-=-
This will make Keldy's attacks more powerful, around 1.5 to 2 x stronger.
Lasts about half a minute.  Will be cast on Keldy permanently, along with
AEGIS, if he's equipped with the TEMPLAR OF MANA emblem.

Level - 1
Cost - 20 MP

-=-=-=[ *Healing Light ]=-=-
Heals up to 100 HP when cast.  No reason not to use it if you're in a bad way
health-wise, even if you've got an Angel's Grail, since those holy chalices
will also restore Faye's magic on top of resurrecting Keldy.

Level - 2
Cost - 20

-=-=-=[ *Purify ]=-=-
Cures any status ailment instantly.  You probably won't use this one too often
on earlier difficulties.  Some emblems protect against certain status attacks,
but this will help you out even if you don't have any!  It's cheap, and that's
a good thing, because you'll have to cast it once every time you need to get
back to normal status.

Level - 2
Cost - 10

-=-=-=[ *Full Tilt ]=-=-
Makes you invincible and gives you a crazy fast combo attack.  Mash SQUARE
like there's no tomorrow and watch the fireworks when Keldy finishes the move!
Use it sparingly as it's expensive, but in the right situation this one will
work wonders.

Level - 3
Cost - 40

-=-=-=[ *Flaming Saber ]=-=-
Sets enemies on fire to cause panic and extra damage.  Lasts 20 seconds, but
wears out more quickly every time you swing your sword.

Level - 4
Cost - 30

-=-=-=[ *Frozen Saber ]=-=-
Freezes enemies to cause panic and extra damage.  Lasts 20 seconds, but wears
out more quickly every time you swing your sword.

Level - 4
Cost - 30

 [ *62.  Items and the Radar ] - 

If you look at the radar in the upper right of the screen, the differently
colored dots actually mean something.  If you see an enemy that appears as a
blue dot, you know for sure that the enemy will drop an item (such as some
candy to heal you or some magic to refresh your supply), and if you see an
enemy that appears as a red dot, that one may not have anything for you. How-
ever, you'll get medals from panicking both kinds of enemies (and you'll get
virtually nothing if you don't), and even red enemies will still drop items if
you get their panic high enough.

So what items will you see in the world of DAWN OF MANA?

-=-=-=[ *Candy ]=-=-
These little gumdrops heal 25% of your total maximum HP.

-=-=-=[ *Chocolate ]=-=-
These treats are shaped like music notes and are instantly recognizable by
their partly-stripped orange foil.  They replenish up to half of your maximum
HP and are great in a pinch!

-=-=-=[ *Green Glob ]=-=-
These will replenish Faye's maximum MP up to 25%, and you'll probably get a
cute comment from her as well.

-=-=-=[ *Blue Blob ]=-=-
If Faye likes the green ones, she'll like the blue ones even better.  These
restore up to half of her maximum MP.

-=-=-=[ *Honey Brew ]=-=-
The ultimate recovery item.  One of these will net Keldy and Faye a complete
recharge, and you'll find one at the beginning of almost every stage within a
chapter.  Spend some time looking and you'll also find them scattered around
the environment in glow spots and the occasional object.

-=-=-=[ *Angel's Grail ]=-=-
These attractive chalises will fix Keldy right up if he happens to get kicked
around the battlefield too hard.  Upon his "death", Faye will use one to
restore 100% HP for him and MP for her.  You can hold a maximum of 4.

-=-=-=[ *White Egg ]=-=-
Hatch these peg eggs from within the Battle Arena's egg menu and you'll unlock
"regular" pets to use in the Arena bouts!

-=-=-=[ *Golden Egg ]=-=-
These rare eggs contain rare pets, which are the best versions of the monsters
you can take with you into the Arena bouts.

-=-=-=[ *Bout ]=-=-
It's possible to find hidden glow spots that will drop these miniature Arena
items, and when you pick them up you'll find you've suddenly got access to a
new Battle Arena bout outside the main game!  Take a break from the story,
grab some pets, and go try it!

-=-=-=[ *Emblem ]=-=-
It isn't likely you'll ever see more than a couple of these in the game world,
but if you play long and hard enough there's a slight chance that you might.
The emblem pickups will simply unlock another emblem for your use within the
main story or the Battle Arena.  If you find one, consider yourself lucky!

-=-=-=[ *Gold Key ]=-=-
These unlock "regular" doors, which usually hold shortcuts, secret rooms, or
alternate paths through a level.

-=-=-=[ *Rainbow Key ]=-=-
These are the keys you'll need to get through different sections of the game.
They essentially keep you from leaving an area until you've found them, which
means you better sharpen your sword and go find some bad guys to beat up!

-=-=-=[ *Lucre ]=-=-
Comes in different denominations, but all of it spells C A S H.  Its only
purpose is to help you buy stuff in the Battle Arena's General Store, which
can be anything from music tracks to cutscenes, to emblems and Arena supplies.
If you're trying to unlock every last thing in the game, a little (okay, a
lot) of LUC (and a little luck, too) is going to tip the scale in your favor and
help make that dream a reality.

 [ *63.  Tips and Tricks ] - 

Feeling off your game?  Not quite getting the hang of things?  Unsure how to
make the most of the panic system?  Never fear, I've got you covered.

Firstly, feel free to read through the previous sections on the basic con-
trols, the spells, and the elemental hexorbs to see if you missed anything or
weren't aware of some of the information given.  Secondly, this section will
provide some general ideas on how to get that panic count climbing, power up
quickly, avoid unnecessary complications, and learn when to stay reserved and
when to break out the big guns.  This is aimed more at younger players or more
casual gamers who have trouble picking up on the subtle nuances that other
gamers pick up on just from experience.  Most of this stuff is just common
sense (what you need and what you don't, make the most of your environment),
but may prove helpful for those gamers who find something confusing or

-=-=-=[ General Combat/Panic Tips ]=-=-

TAKE THE HIGH ROAD! - You're often given the opportunity to climb up higher in
the environment, and you can sometimes use objects to help you do this.  Look
for ways to get to higher ground so you can look down on your enemies.
Frequently you'll find these elevated areas have caches of objects or orbs,
and a nice tall vantage point can make things easier on you.  When an enemy
(or better yet, a group) is in position below you, drop some items on them
from up high and watch the shockwaves give rise to high levels of panic!

BE A SHOCK JOCK! - You don't always have to beat the daylights out of your
enemies to get their panic up.  In an extension of the concept above, remember
that you can also cause lots of panic by just bashing items into a wall or
floor next to an enemy.  If you do it hard enough you'll see a tremor fly out
from the object in a circle that will take enemies by surprise and freak them
out.  On top of that, it's a great way to panic enemies without harming them,
making it much easier to crown lesser foes that tend to expire before you can
get them fully crowned.  This method generally seems to cause more panic than
direct hits as well.

SPIN FTW! - At whip level 2 Keldy can twirl enemies and objects around with
the CIRCLE button.  This will merely make enemies dizzy, but some objects will
actually spin around like tops if you get them going fast enough.  You can use
the left analog stick as you repeatedly press the CIRCLE button to slowly move
the object around, pushing it into enemies and causing damage and panic.  It
isn't the most effective move at most times, but in the right situation it can
be a fun way to jump-start the chaos.  Getting an object spinning and then
throwing it loose in a small, contained area with lots of enemies can really
be entertaining, and keeping spinning objects on your whip between you and a
powerful enemy can be a good way to keep them at a distance while still
causing damage.

FRUIT AND VEGGIES! - Take advantage when you find fruit or other environmental
objects with special properties.  Rocket Papayas will flip upright and take
off, homing in on Keldy as he runs, but you can use this to lure the explosive
little guys right into a group of enemies.  Pumpkin Bombs operate much like
grenades, getting ready to blow when they get hit with your sword or get a
hard enough smack into an enemy, and then you've got a few seconds to position
them before they go off.  Use one in the middle of an enemy group and you'll
cause some great damage and panic.  Most chapters have at least one kind of
bomb object that you can find around the environment, like the aforementioned
Papayas and Pumpkins that drop from the spindle trees in the second chapter if
you give them a good whack.  Experiment with these objects and use them to
your advantage when you can.  Keep in mind that they can hurt you as well if
you aren't careful, and there are some that can cause status effects other
than just damage, fire, or ice (such as blindness).

KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSE! - Well, at least to each other.  If you've got a nice
little group of packed enemies, use it as a tactical advantage and get more
bang for your buck.  A shot of Gnome, Salamander, or Undine can spell absolute
disaster for a good cluster of enemies, and if some manage to escape your well
of magical doom, just rope them and throw them back into it before they can
run off!  If you've got several enemies panicked right next to each other, you
may also have the advantage of being able to hit some or all of them with a
single sword swipe, making this a great way to up your combo count.  And, of
course, it's easier to swing enemies into each other with your whip if they're
close together, so grab somebody and send him around his throng of buddies
like a pinball!  If one of them is on fire or nicely iced, you'll also be able
to spread that status effect to whoever comes into contact with him.

WASTE NOT! - If you have full health and see a piece of chocolate on the
ground in front of you, don't pick it up!  You may as well leave it be since
picking it up won't do you any good.  While it's true that the item will dis-
appear if you leave it sitting for too long, it would be more prudent to leave
it there in case you take some unexpected damage from another enemy or a mishap
in the near future.  By the same token, don't waste mana pickups if you see them
drop.  If you have full mana and there are several drops around, go ahead and
have Faye cast a spell, wait the couple of seconds it takes for her to get it
done, then pick up the mana afterward.  Even if there aren't any enemies around
you can at least cast AEGIS or POWER UP in case you run into some in the next
few seconds, and even if you don't find any, you haven't lost anything because
you picked up the mana and replenished yourself.

CHANGE OF PLANS! - If you're low on health or mana and feel dismal about your
chances of survival, change your tactics.  There are numerous ways to keep the
enemy distracted or keep yourself at a distance, so don't risk life and limb
when you don't have to!  Be careful of panicking a large enemy when you're low
on health just so you can run in to try and remove him quickly, because every
time you hit him his panic meter will drop.  If it drops completely and he
gets his bearings, he may have a chance to turn on you even while you're still
on the offensive.  Even crowns will fade after so many hits or so much time,
so don't rely on those as a permanent safety measure either.

THE JOYS OF AUTO-TARGETING! - You don't always have to aim at the enemy, nor
do you always have to use the target lock feature.  If you're not pressing
the left analog stick in any direction when you throw an enemy or knock him
around (TRIANGLE or SQUARE, respectively), he'll automatically get thrown or
knocked toward whatever other object or enemy is most closely centered on your
screen.  You have to be careful doing things this way since you obviously
still have to make sure you're pointed at something you want your catch thrown
at, but in many circumstances letting the game do the work for you will help
save you from mis-throwing an enemy uselessly against a wall or empty air.
Though remember about shockwaves as mentioned above, and that you CAN use the
left analog stick to mis-throw an object intentionally so as to get a shock
instead of actually hitting the enemy.  Finally, don't rely too heavily on the
target lock.  While it can help you greatly in the right situation, a lot of
times it will merely slow you down while you try to lock onto the right enemy
or object.  Most of the time you just plain won't need that much precision, and
I don't think these targeting solutions were built to be used constantly in
gameplay, but were intended to be used more as aids for specific situations
where precise targeting is necessary or desirable.

-=-=-=[ General S Ranking Tips ]=-=-

PICK YOUR BATTLES! - If you know you've already gotten the amount of crowns
you need for an S rank, don't spend all your time trying to get more!  Focus
on something else.  This goes for all the categories.  If you know that you've
got all the kills you need, don't simply go laying waste to every enemy in
sight, focus on getting more medals or lucre, or on taking the extra time to
crown the enemies you need.

DON'T BE GREEDY! - Along the same lines as the above, make sure you hurry up
and finish a bout or stage once you're pretty sure you've gotten everything you
need.  Don't wait around and try to earn more lucre, you can always do that
later.  If you don't have to beat an enemy to add to your kill count, don't!
Just run for the exit!  And if you do need to beat it in order to just get by,
use your spells and orbs to end it quickly instead of dragging it out.

GIVE IT ALL AWAY! - If you've got hexorbs in a single stage or bout, use them!
There's no point in holding off and risking waste if you finish the stage before
you can use them.  If you know that a specific enemy is coming up that might be
susceptible to one kind of orb or another, feel free to save it so you've got a
tactical advantage when you find the enemy, but focus more on using what you've
been given.

DON'T PLAY GAMES! - If you're in a stage that has a game or side area that may
gift you an item, don't spend the time on it if you don't need it.  Just keep
moving, as speed is your ally, unless you know there's a honey brew around the
bend that you desperately need.

HIT YOUR OBJECTIVES FIRST! - Go where you need to go to get your business
finished, and if you're sure you haven't met the requirements for an S rank
by the time you're getting close to the end of your stage, start going into
alternate areas and such to collect whatever you need.  This goes for Battle
Arena bouts as well.  If you know for sure you're low on medals or money and
there are treasure boxes or goodie-containing objects in the level that you
haven't yet opened up, take the time to ensure that you've smashed them and
grabbed the rewards inside, otherwise your time might be better spent crowning
those last two enemies or getting another couple of pet kills before you

SMALL ROCKS LOVE COMBOS! - A great way to get a long combo much more reliably
than trying to do the hard work with your sword is to use the slingshot and
your regular pebbles on a stronger enemy.  Be careful to ensure that he's not
surrounded by other enemies that will interfere and hit you, and don't let him
get too close or start blocking your shots (using a hexorb to panic him
helps if he starts doing that), but if you do it right a steady volley of shots
can bring your combo up to 50 in around 15 seconds, and that's all you need to
get an S rank for a Battle Arena bout.

DIZZY ENEMIES LOVE COMBOS! - A reader reports that he's experienced some success
at getting a high combo by spinning enemies repeatedly, since a tiny amount of
damage is caused by the spin and it counts as a hit.  The above "pebble method"
is generally faster, but if you're in a bind and can use this to get an S rank
for a combo when nothing else is feasible, try it!

 [ VII.  Arbitrarium ] - 

This is just random, fun, helpful, secret, or easter egg-type stuff that I
didn't know where to put.  Some of it may end up going in relevant sections of
the walkthrough, but that's a ways off yet, so this will probably just end up
being a sort of scratch-pad for myself to jot down interesting tidbits, and then
at least you'll have a chance to see some of them before the actual walkthrough,
which could end up taking a long while for me to write.  View judiciously, how-
ever, since a lot of this stuff is fun to find out on your own.  As always, DO
NOT OVERUSE THE FAQ!  Games are so much more fun when you don't rely on somebody
else to play the whole game for you.

Feel free to send in anything you think would be relevant to this section, but
don't go out of your way to scour the earth for info.  I've got a lot that I'll
likely end up sticking in here, but most of it escapes me now and I only just
made the section!  As I remember the other things I was going to throw in here,
I'll add them.

-=-=-=[ Vitachokes! ]=-=-
Sure, they may be fun to throw at enemies, but if you ever see a Vitachoke,
remember that this plant is more than it might at first seem.  Hit it with
either a Salamander or Undine hexorb to turn it red or blue, then break it open
to find even more fire or ice orbs inside!  If you ever wondered why the heck
there were tons of these scattered all over the MASKED GURU boss fight, now you
know!  I don't know about their nutritional content, but they're gold for ammo!

-=-=-=[ Magical Secret Door! ]=-=-
After you pass the first gate in the second chapter, you may find a small house
with a spin wheel out front.  This wheel has several signs around it, and if the
spinner in the center stops next to one, you'll get whatever's on it!  One of
them, however, has a big question mark and points to the house's door.  To my
knowledge, nobody has yet gotten this to do anything.  I certainly haven't.  Is
there something in there?  Of course we're all guessing yes, but we've yet to
confirm it either way!  Can you get it to open?  Give it a shot and let me know
if you succeed.  Maybe you'll find your name in the THANK YOU section of the
FAQ!  It's rather low on my list of priorities right now.

* Note from Alexander Gibbs:

"There could of course still be some kind of secret with the door, but I have
stopped the wheel on the “?” sign; it returned an attack medal bonus but no
secret door as far as I could tell.  The “?” disappears from the sign after the
wheel has stopped there."

-=-=-=[ Rations! ]=-=-
In the big Lorimarian ship, some sections contains big stacks of rations.  Many
of these contain Gnome hexorbs if you bust them open, and one can always use a
little more Gnome in their life, right?

 [ VIII.  Contact Information ] - 

This FAQ is obviously still a work in progress, and the reason I'll be con-
tinually releasing this incomplete version is due to the simple fact that DAWN
OF MANA has virtually no information out there on GameFAQs, etc.  I want
people to know there's more coming and that I can definitely use a hand error-
checking and getting additional information into the different entries.  This
isn't my first FAQ, but it'll be my first FULL one, and even after finishing
DAWN a few times there's still no way for me to check up on every single
detail.  A lot of this stuff is simply taken from within the game. So while
there's no need for you to send in new items that aren't here (I'll be adding
new sections and new information in the coming weeks), if you have more details
you think would be nice to add to an entry, or if you see something that's been
written in error or something that's been omitted in a section listed as
COMPLETE!, please shoot me an email and let me know!

* If you find an inaccuracy or have a piece of information that's missing from
the FAQ, do feel free to contact me, but please do not flame me or send rude
messages.  These will be deleted without regard to whatever beneficial inform-
ation they might have otherwise contained.

* DO NOT SEND ME REQUESTS FOR HELP.  If you don't find it in the guide, look
elsewhere, and don't email me asking for assistance.  I don't have the time to
personally assist you and won't be able to respond.  Try Seikens.com or the
GameFAQs DAWN OF MANA message board.  You're much more likely to find the help
you need there than by emailing me anyway.

The email to contact me is a garbage address with garbage information,
SQuiBB181@hotmail.com, and please put "DAWN OF MANA FAQ" somewhere in the
subject line if you send anything to it.

Thanks to everyone who has responded with encouragement as well.  I certainly
welcome your appreciation and am glad you're enjoying the FAQ thus far.


 [ IX.  Thanks! ] - 

Thanks to Koichi Ishii for keeping his head up and bringing us a great game,
and to Square-Enix for considering the creation of another MANA game (PLEASE,
GOD?!) despite DAWN OF MANA's financial failure.  I repeat -- God, if You're
listening, please get Square-Enix to make another MANA game, even if it requires
globe-spanning tribulations and threats of spiritual doom.  We will suffer any
and all injustices cheerfully.

Thanks to the Overwritten.net crew for... uh... well, nothing, I guess.  Why
aren't you slackers helping me with this?  HUH?  Thanks also to Seikens.com and
Kassidy + Sheexy + Daques + everyone else for being equally obsessed.  Thanks to
Idolminds for at least humoring me and saying he'd consider picking up a copy of
the game at some point.

Thanks to the people at my job for being too stupid to realize how much of this
I've written at work when I was supposed to be working.  Or if they did realize
it, for not giving me the axe and forcing my wife and I out into the cold
reality of a life lived without things like... I don't know, food?  And, of
course, thanks to my wife, who enjoys MANA games along with me and supports all
my stupid ideas and projects regardless of the concentrated stupidity generally
surrounding said things.

And thanks to everybody who sent notes on / information for the FAQ.  You've all
earned a special place in... well, here, I guess:

* Kassidy from Seikens.com for keeping an eye out and noting some issues.
* Kow Cing for additional information on the FENCING STUDENT emblem.
* Dragon Slayer for his tip about spinning enemies to up a combo count.
* Francisco Saldana for sending in a tip about some possible RARE creatures.
* Jack Cracker for helping with the RARE GRIM RABITE entry.
* Erik Aloy for confirming the above entry, also mentioning a possbly-overlooked
RARE Du'Bam, and confirming the RARE MUSHBOOM egg drop.
* Nick Chaney for contributing a path in the GLOW SPOT section.
* Alexander Gibbs for offering his experience with the prize wheel.
* Michal Polanski for reminding me to include the mobile Mana games in the
series entry list!

Thanks everyone!

 [ X.  Version History ] - 

08.12.2007 - v0.50 - 
Added some notes from fellow fans.

06.29.2007 - v0.37 - 
Finished up the pet egg/arena bout glow spot list.

06.22.2007 - v0.33 - 
Added missing entry for Wisp hexorb, more info on FENCING STUDENT emblem, all
rare monsters from chapters 4 - 6 (though still lacking info on the Rare Grim
Rabite), a basic Battle Arena bout list, and a player S rank tip.  Also added
THANKS section, fixed path to Rare Great Boa, and changed the "legal" section
a bit.

06.15.2007 - v0.21 - 
Added more detail to Buju, gave Buju a speech bubble thing, all rare monsters
from chapters 1, 2, and 3 should now be accounted for.

06.14.2007 - v0.17 - 
Got supplemental material up, did some editing, fixed some misinformation,
manually drew, converted, and cleaned a Buju graphic for title art.

06.12.2007 - v0.06 - 
Finished emblem list, completed early FAQ skeleton, began rare monster list.

06.11.2007 - v0.01 - 
Wrote introductory fluff, started emblem list, started FAQ skeleton.

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