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Superstar Entrances FAQ by ZurickSavesYOU

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/05/06

Superstar Entrance Faq

This is a listing of all in game superstar motions


Andre The Giant: Stands tall, steps forward, 
rubs hands together, raises right arm, begins walking slowly.

Batista: Trots to right side of ramp, turns left, 
throws arms up, gets in center, touches stage, 
motions fake tommy guns, raises arms.

Big Show: Walks slowly, rubs hands together

Booker T: Walks out, pats chest, raises arm right, pats chest, 
raises arm left, pulls hand down, looks down at it, hops up with both arms.

Bret Hart: walks out, turns back to ring, turns around, puts arms out forward

British Bulldog: Walks out, Extends arms, turning a little left and right

Carlito: Cocky walk forward, with open hand at his side (holding an apple)

Charlie Haas: Fast walk out, stomps the crowd, swings arm

Chavo Guerrero: Cocky walk out, leans to the right, both arms in air, 
motions with fingers, puts them down, then up again

Chris Benoit: Walks out, shakes head then right hand

Chris Jericho: Back to ring, extends arm, turns around with one leg.

Chris Masters: Kneeling, looking down, comes up, both arms in air extended, 
slowly, turns around slowly, puts arms down, then up, then down, then up in a 
flex position, then down then straight up, then flexes, hands at hips, walking

Christian: Walks out, puts hand to mouth, points it to crowd, slaps right 
hand on chest, points to crowd

Christy Hemme: Hemme comes out, hopping, arm in air, puts it down, puts 
it back up, wiggles

Danny Basham: Slow walk, puts right hand up, then left, moving his 
hands back and forth

Doug Basham: Slow walk, hands at sides

Edge: Walks out, hops, runs right, flailing arms to the crowd, 
runs left, flailing arms to the crowd, walks forward.

Eugene: Walks out fast, opening mouth, sticking hand in it on occasion, 
flailing arms around

Heidenreich: Motions fingers, moves arms in and out from his stomach

Hollywood Hogan: Points to ring, struts air guitar, nods head and walks

Hulk Hogan: points arms to right bleachers, hand at ear taunt to the right, 
middle ,then left

The Hurricane: Trots out, points to right, spins, 
puts right arm in front of him, spins, points right arm to crowd

Jake Roberts: Carries bag on right arm, rubs nose like a cokehead

Jimmy Hart: Speaking in megaphone, using left arm pointing around

John Cena: Flairs arms around, points to chest, 
at left side, does same for right side..

Joy Giovanni: Walks up, puts arms up, moves right hand at hip

Junkyard Dog: Walks out, points to right, then left, looks behind himself

Kane: Slow Walks out

Khosrow Daivari: Walks out, puts right arm up, 
turns to the right and left, walks forward, stops, walks forward

Kurt Angle: Gets himself ready, puts arms up, holds them there

Lita: Trots out, puts right arm up with the horns, walks forward

Mankind: Walks out, leaned, looks out, puts left arm up, continues walking

Mark Jindrak: Walks out, puts arms up, puts down, walks forward

Michelle McCool: Walks out, puts arms up, puts down

Muhammad Hassan: Hands at stomach, walks forward, looks around, 
spits on the ramp

Orlando Jordan: Walks out, looks around, raises arms in an eagle like stance, 
walks forward

Paul London: Walks out, very big steps, preps himself, runs

Randy Orton: Walks out cocky, poses with arms in air, 
continues walking, turns around with arms in air

Renee Dupree: Walks out, puts hand on chin, turns head

Rey Mysterio: Pops out from the stage, Winds up, throws arm in air

Ric Flair: Walks out, puts arms to side, spins, NATURE BOY WALK!!, WOOO!

Rob Van Dam: Walks out, nodding

Robert Conway: Walks out, Raises arms in air, 
puts hands to hips, all while nodding

The Rock: Walks forward, looks left, then right

Scotty 2 Hotty: Dances....what else can I say? o_O

Shawn Michaels: Hops out, spins, shaking head

Shelton Benjamin: Walks out, Slaps face, walks, stops, 
walks, all while moving arms loosely

Snitsky: Walks out

Spike Dudley: Walks out, shaking head, extends arms

Stacey Keibler: Walks out, raises arms, waves to crowd

Steve Austin: Walks out very fast paced

Steven Richards: Walks out to left stage, raises arms, 
centers self, moves hands up then snaps them down

Sylvain Grenier: Walks out, raises right arm to crowd, 
does it again, then left

Tajiri: Walks out hunched, spins

Ted Dibiase: Walks out, arms at stomach, laughs

Torrie Wilson: Kisses Finger, points it in the air

Triple H: Stands still, head down, looks up and walks out

Trish Stratus: Walks out, hands at side, wiggling

Undertaker: Stands at stage, SLOWLY walks forward, head down

William Regal: Shakes left hand, checks wrist, all while skipping


Andre The Giant: Walks down the ramp slowly swinging arms as he walks

Batista: Walks half way down, pauses, 
then poses flexing bicepts with left leg ahead of him

Big Show: Walks out faster than Andre and has head up looking straight ahead

Booker T: Slaps chest with right hand points out to the crowd, 
then does it with left hand further down the ramp

Bret Hart: Walks down the ramp looking side to side

British Bulldog: walks down in sort of a strut-like 
fashion moving his shoulders and arms

Carlito: Walks down the ramp holding an "invisible" apple tosses 
it up once or twice and  gestures towards the crowd once in a while

Charlie Haas: Short quick steps towards the ring; shakes head a couple times

Chavo Guerrero: Raises both arms up and does his two fingered gesture 
then has a laid back walk; Pauses and points to the crowd a few times.

Chris Benoit: walks out, 
raises both arms up while walking and lowers them, 
then continues to walk to the ring

Chris Jericho: Head held up and a strut-like walk...cocky entrance walk

Chris Masters: Hands on hips walking sort of swinging his hips

Christian: walks out, slaps chest and points to the crowd, 
does a finger gesture similar to chavo's and points to 
the crowd again while walking

Christy Hemme: very flamboyant and bouncy walk

Danny Basham: Looks towards the right side of the crowd 
and points towards face with both hands, walks further down 
the ramp then does it again looking at the ring

Doug Basham: Walks backwards with arms out and then turns 
around at the end of the ramp

Eddie Guerrero: walks down and does Eddie's 
shoulder wiggle dance followed by a hand gesture simliar to Chavo's

Edge: Fast walk; wipes mouth with right arm once

Eugene: Waves to the crowd; wide stance walk waving arms

Heidenreich: elbows tucked into sides; then swings arms 
infront of body a couple times

Hollywood Hogan: Walks down to the end of the ramp, 
then flexes to the crowd

Hulk Hogan: swings finger around and points to crowd

The Hurricane: Hunched over sideways walk to the ring  
with arms out and bent

J.B. Layfield: hand up in the air the whole way down the 
ramp with a slow walk

Jake Roberts: walks with a bag >_>

Jimmy Hart: quick walk shifting from side to side of the ramp;  
Moves left hand around a bit and has right hand up and bent 
like he's holding a megaphone

John Cena: Walk down the ramp from side to 
side of the ramp in sort of long steps

Joy Giovanni: flamboyant with small waves all the way down the ramp

Junkyard Dog: points to the ceiling and then holds head back 
and appears to shout at the end of the ramp

Kane: regular pace walk looking at the ring

Khosrow Daivari: Slow walk; pauses to look at the right 
side of the crowd twice

Kurt Angle: normal walk down the ramp

Lita: Flamboyant, flashes the "rock on" hand simbol to 
both sides of the crowd

Mankind: slow walk turning side to side

Mark Jindrak: Slow walk; Turns around, walks then repeats it

Michelle McCool: flamboyant walk; waves to the crowd

Muhammad Hussan: slow walk down the ramp

Orlando Jordan: slow walk, points to the crowd on each 
side of the ramp a few times

Paul London: Sprints down the ramp

Randy Orton: slow walk with arms out

Rene Dupree: Spreads arms out and walks down the ramp

Rey Mysterio: turns around sort of bouncilly and walks down the ramp

Ric Flair: Turns around with arms out; strut down the stage 
and slicks hair back at the end

Rob van Dam: RVD thumb taunt at the top of the ramp 
then walks to the end

Robert Conway: Walking with hands on hips, 
then points to the right side of the crowd, and back at 
himself a couple times, then raises his arms up and continues walking

The Rock: normal walk down the stage, 
pauses to intimidate the left side of the crowd, backs up a step, 
looks at the right side of the crowd and then continues on

Scotty 2 Hotty: Dance like; 
hops around from side to side moving arms 
and high fives both sides of the crowd with both arms

Shawn Michaels: Hops down the stage, 
pauses in the middle, drops to knees, 
then spreads arms apart and leans back; Hops up 
and walks the rest of the way

Shelton Benjamin: Walks normally down the ramp

Snitsky: Slow walk; looking side to side with arms out a bit

Spike Dudley: Slow walk; puts arms out and shakes head side to side

Stacy Keibler: Flamboyant walk; blows kisses to the crowd, 
and waves alot

Steve Austin: Quick walk looking side to side

Steven Richards: Fast walk to the ring

Sylvain Grenier: A sort of slide to the left 
side of ramp and walks to the end

Tajiri: Hunched over wide stanced walk with arms out 
ahead of himself in a martial arts-like fashion

Ted DiBiase: Points to self with both thumbs and then makes 
a money gesture with his hands

Torrie Wilson: Flamboyant walk, waves to the crowd with hand

Triple H: Normal walk down the ramp

Trish Stratus: Flamboyant walk, waves at the crowd, 
and holds hand next to ear

Undertaker: very slow walk down the ramp looking at the ring

William Regal: quick short-step jog to the ring


Andre The Giant: walks slowly the stairs up goes over the top rope

Batista: walks in front of the stairs points at the crowd runs the stairs up

Big Show: walks slowly the stairs up goes over the top rope

Booker T: walks the stairs up and goes through 2nd rope

Bret Hart: walks ringside up through the 2nd rope and taunts (bret hart taunt)

British Bulldog: walks slowly the stairs up goes through 2nd rope

Carlito: walks with an invisible "apple" the stairs 
up points on the ringside to the crowd goes through 2nd rope

Charlie Haas: walks quickly the stairs up goes through 2nd rope

Chavo Guerrero: points at crowd walks stairs up goes through the 2nd rope

Chris Benoit: is on the front ringside goes through 2nd rope 
rises arms inside the ring

Chris Jericho: walks to stairs dances up the stairs, 
walks on ringside hook into the ropes, goes through 2nd rope shakes ropes

Chris Masters: walks stairs up goes through 2nd rope

Christian: walks the stairs up stands on ringside and 
points at the crowd goes through 2nd rope

Christy Hemme: jumps to the stairs waves with arms walks up stairs 
raises arm on the stairs going through 1st rope

Danny Basham: slides through first rope on the front ringside

Doug Basham: same as Danny Basham beside turns around in the ring

Eddie Guerrero: walks the stairs up and walks on the ringside 
goes through the 2nd rope

Edge: runs and slide inside the ring looks around

Eugene: walks with finger in mouth to the stairs waves with 
hand on the stairs walks on the ringside going through 2nd rope

Heidenreich: stands in front of the ring waits, goes up the 
ringside jumps up and down, goes through 2nd rope

Hollywood Hogan: waits, walks slow to the stairs and up, 
goes through 2nd rope

Hulk Hogan: waves with arm, goes stairs up through 2nd rope

The Hurricane: slides through first rope inside the ring

JBL: walks slow to the stairs looking at crowd 
goes through 2nd rope rising arms

Jake Roberts: walks with a invisible "bag" ring 
slides through first rope

Jimmy Hart: walks to the ring with an invisible "megaphone" 
shouts to the crowd on the ringside goes through 2nd rope

John Cena: slides through the 
first rope taunts in the ring (word life taunt)

Joy Giovanni: walks up the stairs through 1st rope

Junkyard Dog: walks up the stairs 
taunting on the ringside (barks)

Kane: walks slow to the front ringside goes over top rope

Khosrow Daivari: walks to the stairs looks around 
walks up the stair to ringside waves arm goes through 2nd rope

Kurt Angle: walks to the stairs and runs them up 
goes through 2nd rope and taunts (hero spin taunt)

Lita: slides through first rope and taunts (rocking taunt)

Mankind: rises arm and rolls inside the ring

Mark Jindrak: walks up the stairs waits on the stairs 
goes through the 2nd rope

Michelle McCool: walks up the stairs waves arm 
on the stairs going through 1st rope

Muhammad Hassan: waits in front of the ring rises arms 
going into the ring through 2nd rope

Orlando Jordan: walks to the stairs 
looks into the crowd walks up the stairs going through 2nd rope 

Paul London: slides under 1st rope into the ring 
(kind of like edge but quicker)

Randy Orton: jumps slow onto the ringside 
looks to the crowd goes through 2nd rope

Rene Dupree: walks to the stairs waits short time walks up 
the stairs on the ringside showing his body off goes through 2nd rope

Rey Mysterio: walks up the stairs goes 
through 2nd rope jumping inside the ring

Ric Flair: walks slowly the stairs up does a "WOOOOO" cleans 
shoes on the ringside goes through 
2nd rope does another "WOOOOO" inside the ring

Rob Van Dam: rolls under the 1st rope 
raises arms inside the ring and spin around

Robert Conway: walks to the stairs points at someone in 
the crowd walks up the stairs rises arm on the ringside goes through 2nd rope

The Rock: walks up the stairs looks to the crowd climbs turnbuckle 
raises arm looks into the crowd goes through 2nd rope

Scotty 2 Hotty: dances up the stairs goes through 2nd rope

Shawn Michaels: goes up the ringside goes through 2nd rope

Shelton Benjamin: jumps up the ringside goes through 2nd rope

Snitsky: waits ,breaths , walks up the stairs quickie goes through 2nd rope 

Spike Dudley: walks to stairs (shakes head) walks up stairs 
raises arm on ringside goes through 2nd rope

Stacy Keibler: blows kiss walks up stairs waits on ringside 
goes very slowly through 2nd rope

Steve Austin: walks up stairs goes through 2nd rope

Steven Richards: walks to the stairs prays in front of it? walks 
up the stairs looks to the left and right 
on the ringside goes through 2nd rope

Sylvain Grenier: rises arms walks up stairs 
looks to the left and right goes through 2nd rope

Tajiri: walks up stairs climbs turnbuckle looks to the crowd 
jumps off the turnbuckle into the ring (airplane walk)

Ted DiBiase: taunts "I’m the man to the crowd" walks up the 
stairs laughs on the stairs 
taunts "I’m the man to the crowd" goes through 2nd rope

Torrie Wilson: walks up stairs blows kiss to the 
crowd on the ringside goes through 2nd rope

Triple H: walks slowly to the ringside puts water on the head 
and mouth climbs the ringside spits water in the air 
and into the crowd goes through 2nd rope

Trish Stratus: walks up the stairs goes through 1st rope

Undertaker: waits, walks slowly to and up the stairs, 
raises arms on the stairs goes through 2nd rope

William Regal: walks to the stairs (shakes hand) up 
the stairs cleaning shoes on the ringside goes through 2nd rope


Andre the Giant:
Slowly walks about the ring anti 
clockwise and half way round, wipes his face.

runs up to turnbuckle, raises arms, 
and flexes muscles, then points into crowd 
and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle.

Big Show:
Raises arm ay ropes, and walks round the ring anti clockwise.

Booker T:
raises arms, climbs turnbuckle and raises arms, and walks about 
the ring clockwise, and then jogs on the spot.

Bret Hart:
does the bent knee arms out bret hart taunt 3 times.

Bristish Bulldog:
Walks and look around the ring slowly, then flexes muscles and 
then turns round and flexes muscles again.

Walks around (holding apple?) and talks to 
the crowd throwing (the apple?) up and down

Charlie Hass: 
Jogs on spot, then sways back 
and forth (stretching arms and legs?)

Chavo Guerrero:
Taunts on 1 knee, and then the turnbuckle.

Chris Benoit:
Stretches on ropes and walks anti clockwise around the ring.

Chris Jericho:
Walks round the sing back and forth

Chris Masters: 
Arms out and spins round, 
and then looks into the crowd and talks.

Slaps chest and points to the crowd 
then kisses his fingers and points to the crowd.

Christy Hemme:
Prances around ring, shakes head on the ropes, 
and taunts to the crowd.

Danny Basham:
gets on ropes and raises left arm, 
and then does it with his other arm 
and then walks around the ring.

Doug Basham:
gets on ropes and raises left arm, then taunts to the crowd (heel)

Eddie Guerrero:
gets on ropes and taunts to crowd, raises arms, 
and then walks across the ring 
and does the same on the other side.

Jumps on turnbuckle and talks to crowd, 
then gets on the ropes.

gets first turnbuckle then waves,
 and then does the same on the turnbuckle next to it.

Boxes in the ring and stretches arms.

Hollywood Hogan:
plays air guitar then raises arms

Hulk Hogan:
points to the crowd and put hand to ear, 
and then flexes muscles and then thumbs up the crowd.

The Hurricane:
Gets on ropes and does superhero pose, 
and then does the same on another turnbuckle.

Gets on ropes and raises arms, then stands in the middle of the ring.

Jake Roberts:
Sits down in turnbuckle, then pulls self up using the top rope 
and waits in turnbuckle for opponent/match to start.

Jimmy Hart:
Points to the crows and runs round with (a megaphone)

John Cena:
walks around ring, raises arms, jumps on turnbuckle 
and taints to crowd. 

Joy Giovanni:
Prances around ring, and taunts to the fans.

Junkyard Dog:
walks around ring from side to side.

raises arms and bring them down again, 
then walks around the ring anti clockwise.

Walks up to turnbuckle and spits down on crowd, 
and then walks around the ring and taunts at crowd. 

Kurt Angle:
Jogs on the spot.

gets on turnbuckle and raises left arm at the crowd, 
and then gets on the opposite turn buckle 
and does the “rock on” hand gesture at the crowd.

gets on first turnbuckle and raises arms.

Mark Jindrak:
Raises arms and turns on the spot.

Michelle McCool:
Prances round ring and taunts to the crowd.

Gets on turnbuckle and raises arms 
and then spits to the floor.

Orlando Jordon:
Gets on turnbuckle, raises arms (kind of like a bird O_o)

Paul London:
Gets up on turnbuckle, does a back flip off,
and then stomps around the ring 
and then runs back and forth off the ropes. 

Randy Orton:
Slowly gets on ropes and old arms out 
and then holds them out and turns.

Rene Dupree: 
Gets on ropes holds arms up, 
and then does the French tickler in the ring.

Rey Mysterio: 
Kisses hands, and holds arms up.

Ric Flair:
Turns with arms out, and points.

Talks to crows, and then does the thumb pointing RVD.

Robert Conway:
Raises arms at ropes, then stands with hands on hips.

The Rock:
Gets on second turnbuckle and raises left arm 
and then walks round the ring.

Scotty 2 Hotty:
Dances in the ring. 

Spins with arms out, and then does HNK pose, 
then goes on first turnbuckle, and claps to the crowd.

Shelton Benjamin:
Raises arms on turnbuckle and jogs around the ring.

Pushes down rope and yells on 2 sides of the ring.

Spike Dudley:
Arms out, cockily shakes head, 
then raises arms at the ropes.

Stacy Keibler:
Waves to crowd, prances round the ring and waves. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Gets on second turnbuckle and raises arms 
and points the finger. 
Does it on all 4 turnbuckles.

Steven Richards:
Gets on turnbuckle and raises arm.

Sylvain Grenier:
points to the crows and raises arm 
and then taunts the crowd, and raises arm again.

Crouches and spins and then moves mysteriously around the ring.

Ted DiBiase:
Points to self, walks across the ring
Torrie Wilson:
Waves at the crowd, and poses. 

gets on second turnbuckle and does the HHH raise arm taunt. 

Trish Stratus:
Points to crowd on 2 sides of the ring, and then poses.

Stands in ring, (removes hat?)

William Regal:
Bounces off ropes and shakes his hand.

Mr. Monkey
Jack Hardy


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