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    FAQ by baubeta

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    Smackdown versus Raw 2006 FAQ/Strategy Guide
    Play Station 2
    Version .8
    Copyright Matthew Culkin
    Contact me at bobeta5@gmail.com 
    This guide is allowed to be posted on Gamefaq.com, and Gamespot.com
    Hello and welcome to (Trumpet plays) my first guide, the Smack Down VS Raw 2006
    FAQ/Walkthrough. After using Gamefaqs for over three years I have finally
    decided to give back to the website I love so much. In this guide, I have
    included help for all aspects of the game (Most of Story, and GM not included.)
    My name is Matt my E-mail is bobeta5@gmail.com and I am more than happy to take
    and answer any questions you have. And with that, on with the guide.
    Table of contents
    1) Game Overview............................................................HBK
       A) Controller Set Up.....................................................HBK1
          1) Menu.............................................................HBK1.1
          2) Standing.........................................................HBK1.2
          3) Opponent on mat..................................................HBK1.3
          4) You on mat.......................................................HBK1.4
          5) Other............................................................HBK1.5
    B) Basic strategy...........................................................HBK2
          1) Stamina..........................................................HBK2.1
          2) Finishers........................................................HBK2.2
          3) Pre Match Minigames..............................................HBK2.3
       C) Advanced Strategy.....................................................HBK3
          1) Possum Pin.......................................................HBK3.1
          2) Reverse Finsiher.................................................HBK3.1
    2) Exhibition...............................................................ROFL
       A) Basic Matches........................................................ROFL1
          1) Single..........................................................ROFL1.1
          2) Tag Team........................................................ROFL1.2
          3) Triple Threat...................................................ROFL1.3
          4) Fatal Fourway...................................................ROFL1.4
          5) Handicap........................................................ROFL1.5
          6) Royal Rumble....................................................ROFL1.6
       B) Main Events..........................................................ROFL2
          1) 3 Stages of Hell................................................ROFL2.1
          2) Backstage Brawls................................................ROFL2.2
          3) Battle Royal....................................................ROFL2.3
          4) Buried Alive....................................................ROFL2.4
          5) Elimination Chamber.............................................ROFL2.5
          6) First Blood.....................................................ROFL2.6
          7) Fulfill Your Fantasy............................................ROFL2.7
          8) Hardcore........................................................ROFL2.8
          9) Hell in a Cell..................................................ROFL2.9
         10) Iron Man.......................................................ROFL2.10
         11) Ladder.........................................................ROFL2.11
         12) Last Man Standing..............................................ROFL2.12
         13) Slobber Knocker................................................ROFL2.13
         14) Special Referee................................................ROFL2.14
         15) Steel Cage.....................................................ROFL2.15
         16) Submission.....................................................ROFL2.16
         17) Table..........................................................ROFL2.17
         18) TLC............................................................ROFL2.18
         19) Title Match....................................................ROFL2.19
    3) Season Mode...............................................................F4W
       A) Smack Down Season (Half Done).........................................F4W1
          1) Torrie’s Contract................................................F4W1.1
          2) Urning Your Spot.................................................F4W1.2
          3) Wrestlemania, WWE Version (Coming Soon)..........................F4W1.3
          4) Wrestlemania, ECW Version (Coming Soon)..........................F4W1.4
       B) Raw Season (Coming Soon!).............................................F4W2
          1) Uneasy Allies (Coming Soon)......................................F4W2.1
          2) A Very Special Story (Coming soon)...............................F4W2.2
          3) Wrestlemania SCSA version (Coming Soon)..........................F4W2.3
          4) Wrestlemania SCSA version (Coming Soon)..........................F4W2.4
       C) Multi-Brand Season (Coming Soon!).....................................F4W3
          1) Time to Rumble (Coming Soon).....................................F4W3.1
          2) Legend’s Tour (Coming Soon)......................................F4W3.2
    4) GM Mode (1/3 done)........................................................TNA
       A) Before You Start......................................................TNA1
          1) Brand Choosing...................................................TNA1.1
          2) Draft............................................................TNA1.2
       B) Options...............................................................TNA2
          1) Schedule...........................................................TNA3
       C) Week by week guide (Few Days Done)....................................TNA4
    5) Challenges................................................................BCB
       A) Amateur Challenges (1-15).............................................BCB1
       B) Rising Star Challenges (16-30)........................................BCB2
       C) Superstar Challenges (31-45)..........................................BCB3
       D) Legends Challenges (45-60)............................................BCB4
    6) Trophies .................................................................WII
       A) Match based trophies..................................................WII2
       B) Season Based Trophies.................................................WII3
    7) Shop......................................................................HLA
    8) Closing...................................................................END
       A) Contact me............................................................END1
       B) Thank yous............................................................END2
       C) Version History.......................................................END3
       D) Legal Stuff...........................................................END4
    Game Overview (HBK)
    All the simple stuff that makes you feel all warm and good inside. And is a
    delicious excuse for free KB if I may add.
    Controller Set Up (HBK1)
    /Menu\: (HBK1.1)
    Triangle: De-Select
    Square: NA
    X: Select
    Circle: NA
    D Pad: Moves the highlighter up and down
    R1: NA
    R2: NA
    L1: NA
    L2: NA
    Right Analog: NA
    Left Analog: NA
    /Standing\ (HBK1.2)	
    Triangle: Run
    Square: Grab/Use weapon (when available)
    X: Punch
    Circle + Direction: Grapple (Circle + Direction changes grapple move type)
    Triangle + Circle (press): Irish Whip
    Triangle + Circle (Hold): Strong Irish Whip
    D Pad: Move
    R1: NA
    R2: Reverse Grapple
    L1: NA
    L2: Reverse Strike, Finisher
    L2 + R2: Reverse Finisher
    Right Analog: Taunt 
    Left Analog: NA
    Start: Pauses Game
    Select: Regains Stamina
    /With opponent on mat\ (HBK1.3)
    Triangle: Run
    Square: Grab/Use Weapon (When available)
    X: Stomp
    Circle: Picks up opponent, will leave in daze 
    Circle + direction: Several different attacks and grapples 
    (Down + Circle is pin) 
    D Pad: Move
    R1: NA
    R2: NA
    L1: NA
    L2: NA
    Right Analog: Taunt
    Left Analog: NA
    Start: Pauses Game
    Select: Regains Stamina
    /With you on mat\ (HBK1.4)	
    Triangle: NA
    Square: NA
    X: Select Jam to get up
    Circle: Hold for Possum Pin
    D Pad: Jam to Stand Up
    R1: NA
    R2: Reverse Grapple to Possum Pin
    L1: NA
    L2: Reverse Strike for Possum Pin
    Right Analog: NA
    Left Analog: NA
    Start: Pause Game
    Select: NA
    /Other\ (HBK1.5)
    Triangle: Climb Turnbuckle, Open HIAC Door
    Square: Make Tag, (Plus direction) Climb ladder/Cage
    X: Jump off Turn Buckle
    Circle: NA
    D Pad: NA
    R1: NA
    R2: NA 
    L1: NA
    L2: NA
    Right Analog + L2 with full finisher meter: Steal Taunt 
    Left Analog: NA
    Start: NA
    Select: NA
    (If I missed something, which I’m sure I did, please tell me.)
    Basics (HBK2)
    This is basically some of the stuff that has been added or changed form the
    last game:
    /Stamina\ (HBK2.1) A huge addition to the game. The stamina bar adds a ton of
    strategy to your matches (I hated it and turned it off immediately). In a
    nutshell, your stamina bar goes down whenever you do a move, or run, or do most
    anything. The bar will recharge Its self automatically as long as you aren’t
    doing anything, you can also recharge it manually by holding the select button.
    If you run out of stamina, you will find it much harder to do moves, and will
    have a slowdown after any amount of physical activity. 
    /Finishers\ (HBK2.2) The finisher system has been changed from last years to
    make it more realistic. The finisher meter is still there and raises and falls
    depending on the damage you give and take. When the meter is filled, it will
    begin flashing meaning a finisher is available. Here you can either land a
    finisher or store it away. Although a stored finisher is left powerful, it
    lasts longer so It’s a tossup. Likewise, once you store a finisher you can
    raise your meter once again and have two finishers. You can not store this
    finisher, so you must use it quickly. If you have two finishers, then you can
    do several moves such as low blows, and Stolen Finishers. 
    /Pre Match Mini-Games\ (HBK2.3) Before some matches, the option to play a pre
    match game is offered. None of these are particularly useful if you win. But
    they are a fun way to start a match. The matches are...
    Test of Strength: A first to press type match. One of the four main buttons
    will appear on screen, the first person to correctly press that button will
    kick there opponent. If they win the second as well, they will knock them to
    the mat. If not a third and final round will happen deciding the victor
    Stare Down: A Duel type mini game. A button will appear on the screen and the
    first to press X wins the game.
    Lock Up: My favorite game: Both of you have a flashy bar that goes up and down.
    The point is to stop the meter, when it is as close to full as possible. The
    person who stops it when the bar is higher wins it.
    None: Nothing happens, and no mini game happens...sissy.
    Advanced moves (HBK3)
    These are the moves that are a bit more advanced then just a grapple.
    /Possum Pin\ (HBK3.1) This is a fun little feature that has won me quite a few
    close matches against my friends. Start by gaining and storing a finisher right
    away. Now hold down the circle button. Allow your opponent to do his worst to
    you before sending you to the mat. Remember to not let go of Circle at any
    time. Now here’s the tricky part. You must wait until your opponent attempts to
    either strike or grapple you, and successfully counter the attack by pressing
    L2 if it is a strike, and R2 if it a grapple. If you are successful, a cut
    scene should play of you striking upwards, and roll your opponent into a very
    difficult to escape, roll up pin. If you are not successful, your stored
    finisher will be removed, and you will have to store another one and try again.
    Patience is key here as you only need to land the move one time to complete the
    /Reversing Finishers\ (HBK3.2) 
    I don’t know about you, but this seems a lot harder then last years. Either way
    this challenge is very doable and shouldn’t be too difficult. To reverse a
    finisher you must press R2 + L2 when your opponent uses his finisher, but
    before contact is made. The window of escape is very small so several attempts
    may be necessary. If you really find yourself having trouble, use someone with
    a high Technical skill like Benoit or Kurt Angle against an opponent that has a
    finisher that can only be done when you are groggy and standing. (Triple H’s
    Pedigree for example) When Trips or whoever has a finisher allow him to grapple
    you without resistance and when you become dazed, quickly know what to do and
    make the reverse.
    Exhibition (ROFL)
    For those looking for a quick match against friends, or CPU. This is also the
    place to be for challenges.
    Basic Matches (ROFL1)
    For those looking to jump right into the action. Offers you all the matches to
    play with one or two players. Subcategorized by match type.
    /Single\ (ROFL1.1) The most basic match type. Win by pinfall, submission, count
    out, or DQ. Has three match types.
    No Manager: Like I said, your basic one on one no thrills match.
    No Manager Vs. W/ Manager: same rules as regular match, but one person has
    someone on their side helping them out. The manager can be told to distract the
    ref, or to get a chair. 
    W/ Manager Vs. W/ Manager: Basic match, but now both wrestlers have someone in
    their corner.
    /Tag Team\ (ROFL1.2) A 2 V 2, or 3 v 3 match. I really don’t like playing these
    much but there important to get good at, there are thirteen match types
    Normal Tag: Just like the kinds on RAW or Smack down (In every main event for
    the last year) to tag your opponent, have your character close to your partner
    and press the Square button while pressing the D-Pad to where he is. To get
    yourself tagged back in hold square. Your man should hold his hand out, and
    your partner will tag you back in. Winning is the same as regular matches so a
    pin or submission is necessary.
    Tornado Tag: Much more fun then regular tag. In this match, both men from both
    teams are in the ring at the same time. First one to pin a member from the
    other team wins if for their team.
    Tag Vs Tag W/ Manager: What it sounds like, regular tag with one team having a
    manager. All other rules apply
    Tag W/ Manager Vs. Tag W/ Manager: Just like the one above, only both teams
    have a manager
    6-Man Tag: Same rules at 2 V 2, but an extra man on each side.
    Tornado 6-Man Tag: Great match here. All six men in the ring at one time, first
    team to get a pin wins it.
    Elimination Tag: Same rules as regular tag. But once someone is eliminated. The
    match turns to a 2-1 handicap tag match.
    Elimination Tornado Tag: Starts as a regular Tornado Tag Match, but once a team
    mate is pinned the match turn into a 2 on 1 handicap match.
    Captains Fall Tornado 6-Man Tag: In this match, a wrestler on each team is
    considered the team captain. While the captain gains nothing from being the
    captain, if he is pinned, the other team wins the match. If someone else is
    pinned. He is eliminated and the match becomes a 3 on 2 and so on until either
    captain is pinned.
    Elimination 6-Man Tag: Normal 3 V 3 tag match with elimination rules. Match
    goes from 3 V 3 to 3 V 2 and so on.
    Tornado 6-Man Elimination Tag: This is (you guessed it) Like a regular 3 V 3
    tag match, only once someone is pinned, the match becomes a 3 V 2 and so forth.
    Table Tornado Tag: Instead of pinning your opponent, the way you win this match
    is by putting your opponent(s) through a table. Because it is Elimination, once
    someone is put through a table, the match becomes a 2 on 1.
    Table Tornado 6-Man Tag: Same as above, but three on three instead. One of my
    favorite matches.
    /Triple Threat\ (ROFL1.3) There is only one match here, so no sub category is
    needed. In this match, the first person to pin someone, or make them submit is
    the winner. Because there are three people in this match and not two, you don’t
    actually have be pinned or made submit, in order to lose the match. Because of
    this it is important to always be on your toes.
    /Fatal 4-Way\ (ROFL1.4) Same rules as Triple Threat, but with four men instead
    of three. First man to score a pinfall or submission is the winner. The other
    three are losers. Due to its tendency to make one man look strong, but the
    other three week, WWE tends not to do these much. 
    /Handicap\ (ROFL1.5) A match where the odds are stacked against one person or
    team, while giving a handicap to the other
    One on Two: Simple a two on one match. The extra man gives a huge advantage to
    the user making this match very hard to won as the single player.
    One on Tag: Much easier to win then the One on Two Match. Basically same rules
    as a regular match. Only you don’t have a tag partner. Because I rarely tag in
    during tag matches in the first place, this really wasn’t that hard for me.
    One on Three: Also known as a Fatal 4-Way in Day Of Reckoning 2, this just what
    you think it is. Three men against you in tornado style. Even against three
    super weak Divas. This is incredibly difficult to beat. The only way to win it
    seems is by submission.
    One on Trio: Like a one on Three, except a tag match. Amazingly not that hard
    as they can’t beat you up all at once.
    Tag on Trio: A two on three tag match. This Really isn’t that hard to do. 
    /Royal Rumble\ (ROFL1.6) A WWE yearly stable is the Royal Rumble in January.
    The basics of this match are as follows. Two men start in the ring. After 10
    seconds, another man enters. This continues until there are six men in the ring
    in which the PS2 can’t take any more till someone is eliminated. Instead of
    eliminating someone by pinfall or submission like a normal match, you eliminate
    them by using the rehashed and poorly made ring out meter. To use this, first
    strong Irish whip your opponent against and over the ropes onto the apron. Once
    that happens, run up to him and press Circle to start the meter. Once this
    happens, button mash your controller in order to deplete their bar. Likewise,
    if it is you on the apron jam buttons to avoid having yourself thrown off. Be
    the last man standing to win. Although the Rumble is 30 men by default. Options
    of 10, 15, 20, and 25, men can be chosen.
    Main Events: (ROFL2) Eighteen main events are available in this game; most of
    them are very fun. Because most of them have sub categories as well, I will
    address all of them as main categories. 
    /3 Stages Of Hell\ (ROFL2.1) This isn’t really a match, but instead a 2-3 falls
    with you choosing which three matches to play. This match is 1 V 1 only,
    therefore the available matches are Single, First Blood, Hardcore, Hell in a
    Cell, Ladder, Last Man Standing, Steel Cage, Submission, Table, and TLC. First
    to win two matches wins.
    /Backstage Brawls\ (ROFL2.2) Brought back from HCTP but not even half as fun.
    These matches all take place in one of three backstage areas, none of which are
    particularly cool.
    Backstage Brawl: Takes place in large concrete area. Lots of weapons and props
    line the arena for you to use line the area. To use many of the props, strong
    Irish whip your opponent into them.
    Bar Brawl: Take place in what I can only assume is the bar that Tim White
    killed himself at Armageddon. Like the Backstage, this is a hardcore match with
    a bunch of stuff to throw your opponent into. Much smaller then the Backstage.
    Parking Lot Brawl: Takes place in a circle, surrounded by cars. Each can be
    used as a different weapon if you throw there opponents into them.
    /Battle Royal\ (ROFL2.3) Multi men free for all matches where you eliminate
    someone by pinfall or submission.
    4/5/6-Man Battle Royal: As I stated, multi man elimination mask. When someone
    is pinned or made submit, they go to the outside to grab people’s legs and
    stuff. The last person remaining wins.
    4/5/6-Man Battle Royal over the Top Rope. This is almost identical to the Royal
    Rumble, only with six starting people. The Ring-Out meter is in use here. Be
    the only remaining player to win.
    /Buried Alive Match\ (ROFL2.4) This is the biggest additional Match Type and
    one of my favorites. The match starts inside the ring, but is likely to quickly
    drift into burial area to the back of the stage. In the area is a coffin, in
    which you must place your opponent to win. To do so, strong Irish whip your
    opponent directly into the coffin until he falls down, leaning on the coffin.
    Now run up to him and press Circle to start the first of two mini games. The
    first is a straight up button mashing contest. Where if the red bar reaches the
    top of the meter in five seconds or so, the second mini game will begin. If not
    the character will just hop up. In the second game a blue bar will be at the
    bottom of a tube, with a ball on the top. When the first player presses the
    right control stick the ball will drop down the tube. It is the second player’s
    job to press the R2 or L2 button when the blue ball is inside the blue line. If
    successful, your character will throw his hand out, therefore escaping the
    cage. If not, player one closes the door and wins the match.
    /Elimination Chamber\ (ROFL2.5) This is a six man Elimination Match with some
    very special rules. The match starts with two wresters in the ring. Surrounding
    the ring is a very large chain link chamber. There are also four glass
    chambers, all of them holding the other superstars. Every minute, a chamber
    will be open at random, adding another wrestler to the mix. Likewise, the cage
    and chambers can be used as excellent weapons, doing almost a full body’s worth
    of damage if you strong Irish whip them into it. Last man unpinned or submitted
    6-Man Tag Elimination Chamber: This match starts out normal, but soon becomes a
    handicap match when the first chamber is opened. It then becomes a 2 V 2, and
    then a 3 V 2, and finally becomes an even 3 V 3. From here it is a standard
    elimination match. Last team with any remaining members wins it for their team.
    /First Blood\ (ROFL2.6) The famous botched match that resulted in Kane getting
    the Title for a day. In this match, the goal is to *shocker* be the first to
    make your opponent bleed from the head. This can be done by getting your
    opponent’s head into red, and then landing head injuring moves like the DDT, or
    you can just go grab a chair and go to town. Either way, making your opponent
    bleed instantly ends the match.
    /Fulfill Your Fantasy\ (ROFL2.7) Grab a pillow, beat them up, down plus Circle
    to disrobe them. To win the match have your fantasy bar reach the top...there
    you go. 
    /Hardcore\ (ROFL2.8) Very similar to a regular match, only no DQ or count out.
    Single: As I said, nothing much different from any other match, except that you
    are free to grab a chair or table to beat your opponent with.
    Single V Single W/ Manager: Actually a big advantage here, as the manager can
    now grab a chair and help in whaling on the opponent
    Single W/ Manager V Single W/ Manager: Not much to say here. You both get a
    manager, HURRAY!
    Tornado Tag: This one is a lot of fun. Like a regular tornado tag match, only
    with weapons. Using said weapons is highly recommended to win the match.
    Tornado 6-Man Tag:  See above, add a member to each team.
    Triple Threat Tornado Tag: Note that this is 2 V 2 V 2. This is also a lot of
    fun, if not a bit over crowded. Similar rules apply to other hardcore matches.
    Triple Threat: It’s a Triple Threat...With Weapons! Look at the madness!
    Fatal 4-Way: Another thrown in match because Yukes wanted to have 100 matches.
    I honestly doubt more then 10% of people reading this guide know this match
    exists, I didn’t.
    /Hell in a Cell\ (ROFL2.9) The ultimate feud breaker. The Hell in the Cell
    Match is a favorite of almost everyone.
    Single: HIAC in short, is a giant cage (with roof) that surrounds the ring,
    with about three feet of give on each side. The cage can be used as a weapon,
    however it isn’t very effective. The main damage dealer comes from escaping the
    cage. To do this, press Triangle a couple times while facing the door. You
    should quickly escape. Press Triangle again while pressing against the cage to
    climb it. Whether you’re playing a human or a CPU, they should quickly follow
    you to the top. By throwing your opponent off or through the cage, you can deal
    a massive amount of damage to your opponent, often enough to get the pin.
    Throwing them off the cage is easier, but it doesn’t look cool so through the
    cage is the way to go. To do this, land a power move on top of the middle cage
    area which looks differently. Do two power moves on the cage and your opponent
    should fall through, you hopping down safely. This is generally an awesome 
    Tornado Tag: Like you guessed, this is a normal HIAC, with teams! I still
    recommend heading to the top of the cage, while your partner holds the other
    guy off.
    Triple Threat: There isn’t a whole lot for me to say. A three man HIAC. Just
    keep yourself in the action because you don’t have to be pinned to lose the 
    Fatal 4-Way: See above, add one guy.
    Armageddon HIAC: A seriously awesome match, and probably one of the most played
    by myself and many others. In this match, six superstars duke it out in the
    cell. Now if only it was elimination...
    /Iron Man\ (ROFL2.10) A time limit match, which counts total pinfalls and
    Single: An Iron Man Match in a nut shell is a timed match, in which you do not
    win by scoring a pinfall or a submission. Instead, each time you pin or make
    your opponent submit your player scores a point. Once the time runs out, the
    person with the most points wins. This used to be (with the cage) the feud
    ender, but is now not used as much. While the default time is at 15 minutes,
    times of 10, 20, 30, and 60 are also available. But come on, the only real
    man’s time is the full hour.
    Single V Single W/ Manager: Not much to say here. Like every other Manager Match
    Single W/Manager V Single W/ Manager: No different here.
    /Ladder\ (ROFL2.11) A belt is hung above the ring, well...you gunna go get it?
    Single: Yukes really Botched this match. They could have just kept last years,
    but instead decided to remove a bunch of stuff, and add an extra unnecessary
    ladder, blech. Either way, the goal of this match is to climb a ladder, planted
    under the belt, and grabbing the belt hanging below. To do this grab a ladder,
    and press Square only to plant it under the belt. Then press any direction plus
    Square to begin climbing. When you reach the top, press Circle to make a grab
    for the belt, you will hang from the belt, and after a few seconds fall to the
    ground and a winner is you. 
    Single V Single W/ Manager: Completely obsolete, we all know no one will ever
    play this, moving on.
    Single W/ Manager V Single W/ Manager: Moving along.
    Tornado Tag: Fun stuff here. A two V two ladder match. Not much I can about
    this that you don’t already know. This is my favorite match to play with me
    friend If that means anything to you.
    Triple Threat Tornado Tag: A 2 V 2 V 2 Ladder match. This is really fun, but so
    wild and crazy, that it becomes difficult to play. Still, if a few people leave
    the ring, this is really fun and exiting.
    Triple Threat: Surprisingly easy to win. For some reason, computers seem to
    love duking it out on the outside of the ring, giving you plenty of time to set
    up and climb the ladder. If in the match you want to play fair then dual
    finishers may be needed to win the match.
    Fatal 4-Way: Always an intense match. Very difficult to get the sneak win, as
    someone always seems to find a way to knock you down, or pick you off. This is
    tons of fun to play, if you can somehow get more then four controllers to go. 
    /Last Man Standing\ (ROFL2.12) This is a super fun match, as long as you’re not
    on expert.
    Single: To win this match, you must beat your opponent crapless until they
    can’t answer a ten count. This is actually really easy while playing on easy,
    normal, or even hard for the most part. Beating this match on Legend is near
    impossible however. The only way I found I could do it was to have them
    entirely in red. And then land a Power Bomb finisher, when they had almost no
    stamina, and an empty finisher bar. He was still getting up as 10 were counted.
    Single V Single W/ Manager: Uh...ya. Same match. One person has a manager.
    Single W/ Manager V Single W/ Manager: See above for my very highly detailed
    write up
    /Slobber Knocker\ (ROFL2.13) A gauntlet type match with weakened opponents.
    No Limit: Raise your hand if you actually are a fan of this match. No one?
    Didn’t think so. As the match goes, your character starts in the ring with full
    health. Another character will join you with I believe a 1 in every stat bar.
    Because of this, after only a few moves, you should be able to pin him. A
    pinfall or submission scores you a point. These points continue to total, until
    you are pinned in which the match ends.
    Rankings: Where you can see the current high scores for the Slobber Knocker
    Match. The default number one is Eddie Guerrero with 30.
    /Special Referee\ (ROFL2.14) Normal rules with a wrestler referee.
    Single: Everything is the same as a regular singles match, except with the
    wrestler ref. The ref uses the square button to count the pin falls, and count
    outs. And that’s about it.
    Normal Tag: Same as above, only a tag match
    Iron Man: Same as above, only an Iron Man match
    Hell in a Cell: Same as above: Only a HIAC match
    Last Man Standing: The ref is a huge factor in this match as he basically
    decides how fast the ten count will be. As far as I’ve seen, all human refs
    always count fast, making for much faster matches.
    /Steel Cage\ (ROFL2.15) Formerly the ultimate feud ender, now rarely the main
    event of Raw.
    Single: As you may have guessed, this match takes place in a steel cage. While
    the Match can be won by pinfall or submission, escaping the cages by either the
    door, or by going over the top wins you the match. To escape by door, Irish
    whip (not strong, regular) your opponent into the bottom left turnbuckle. Next
    go up to your opponent and press circle plus any direction. A superplex should
    result, and a cut scene should play starting the cage escape mini game. In this
    game, you want to stop the bar, when it is at its peak. If successful in this,
    you should reach the door and win the match. As far as escaping the cage goes,
    first, don’t expect to escape the cage unless your opponent is very weak
    already. Land your finisher and press square while next to the cage. You man
    should begin to climb. Press square again to begin the mini game. Like the cage
    door mini game, the point is to press x when the flashy bar is at its peak. If
    your opponent is knocked out, this should be easy. If not, you may need to get
    lucky in that your opponent will often miss in knocking you off.
    Tornado Tag: A much more practical cage match, as you can actually win through
    strategy, and not just landing a finisher. As you guessed this is a 2 V 2 Cage
    match, only one person has to get the pin or escape the cage to win it for
    their team.
    Triple Threat: Your best bet here is to wait for the other two to get into a
    fight, and then make a quick run for the cage. Your opponents will probably
    knock you off. But sometimes you might get lucky and escape. And dat, das cool.
    Fatal 4-Way: What I believe to be the most difficult match in the game besides
    the handicaps. In this match, escaping the cage is seemingly impossible, and
    getting the pin is just as hard. I found the only way to win was to let some
    one land a finisher, and then deal two more to get all three down. Then get a
    pin or try to gun it out of the cage.
    Single Pin & Give Up: Basically a cage match, where you have to win by pinfall
    or submission. I personally would have preferred an escape only cage but that’s
    just me.
    Triple Threat Pin & Give Up: Same as above, only a triple threat.
    Fatal 4-Way Pin & Give Up: Every bit as hard as the original 4 way. Only you
    know, you have to get a pin or submission.
    /Submission\ (ROFL2.16) A normal match, where you can’t pin people or leave the
    Single: As stated, rules in this match are the same as a normal match. The
    difference is that the only way to win your match is to make your opponent
    submit, or pass out.
    Ultimate Submission: Like an Iron Man match only with submission only rules.
    The default time is set at 15 minutes, but times of 10, 20, 30, and 60 minutes
    are available.
    /Table\ (ROFL2.17) A match where you win by putting your opponent through a 
    Single: This is a normal no DQ match with a twist on how you must win it. All
    around the ring you should find several tables. The point of the match is to
    set up one of the tables, and put your opponent through it however necessary.
    This can be done by doing a power move while you both are standing on the
    table, or by doing an ariel move when your opponent is lying on the table.
    Tornado Tag: The only difference between this and the Tornado Tag is that the
    one above is elimination. Therefore that one is more fun to play. But you can
    still play non elimination if you want.
    Triple Threat: This match has a weird way of ending in about 50 seconds. Still,
    it’s a triple threat Table Match and kind of fun.
    Fatal 4-Way: see above, make 50 seconds 30 seconds. Add one person.
    Tornado 6-Man Tag: This is a pretty wild match, but just isn’t as exiting as
    the elimination version, you should probably play that.
    Triple Threat Tornado Tag: Pretty similar as the once above. Decently fun match.
    /TLC\ (ROFL2.18) A hardcore match, where weapon use is highly encouraged.
    Single: The match has the same rules as any no DQ match. You win by pinfall or
    submission. The only difference is that several chairs and other weapons line
    the ring for your use. Using these weapons is highly recommended as they will
    give you a huge upper hand in this match. 
    Tornado Tag: A tag team match with weapons. God writing these match types has
    been a pain.
    Triple Threat: Lots of fun, if you like Triple Threat TLC matches.
    Fatal 4-Way: And the final Match type. This is actually one of my favorite
    matches to play. Using the weapons is a must to get the win here.
    /Title Match\ (ROFL2.19) Not an actual match, but instead an option to put a
    championship belt on the line in a match. The belts (and defaults holders are)
    World Heavyweight Championship: Batista
    WWE Championship: John Cena
    WWE Tag Team Championship: Muhammad Hassan and Daivari (Because MNM isn’t in
    the game)
    World Tag Team Championship: William Regal, and Robert Conway
    Intercontinental Championship: Carlito
    United States Championship: Christ Benoit
    Cruiserweight Championship: Paul London
    Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus
    The Million Dollar Championship: Ted DiBiase
    The Hardcore Title: Mankind
    When you choose any of the titles, you will go to a list of available titles
    for the belt. Choose one and your players. (The current champion is pre
    selected. Besides that there are no differences to the matches.
    Created Championship: Same rules as above, only with your own created Title,
    with your own created rules.
    Season Mode: (F4W)
    Season Mode can be summed like this. There are ten different storylines. Four
    are exclusive to Raw, and four to Smackdown. The other two challenges, Legends
    tour, and The Royal Rumble, happen in both seasons. I will do week by week run
    down of each storyline. Note that this should become much more in depth with a
    coming update. (Spoiler warning)
    SmackDown! Season: (F4W1)
    Takes place during a hit by a car Teddy Long Rein
    Prologue: (Note, this always starts the Smack Down Season, despite the
    storylines you get: The cut scene starts with Torrie Wilson walking in the
    parking lot. The Smack Down GM teddy long calls out to her, and says there is
    something he needs to tell her. Torrie explains that she has to make a flight
    leaving soon. Teddy tells her that he will talk to her later. As Torrie is
    walking away a car is heard from off stage. The mystery car floors it, and hit
    Teddy Long. Torrie hears the accident and runs to Teddy crying for help.
    /Torrie’s Contract\ (F4W1.1) 
    (Don’t use JBL, Orlando Jordan, RVD, John Cena, or the Bashams
    Week One: This storyline begins with John Cena and Torrie Wilson talking in the
    locker room. You quickly enter the room as well and begin questioning Torrie on
    what she saw at the incident. John quickly comes to her defense, this causing
    you to suspect him instead. This argument is broken up when Rob Van Damn enters
    the locker room as well. RVD says he was running some errands (a cookie for
    whoever gets the reference) while Teddy was being hit. He gives no witness
    however making his alibi seem weak. You are then presented with two choices.
    You can either choose and therefore call out Cena, or RVD. Your choice here
    will effect who you face in the following Match.
    Match: You Vs. John Cena or RVD
    Single No Manager
    Just an average singles match here. RVD is much easier to be due to his weaker
    skills and lack of finishing move. If you’ve been playing this game for a while
    this should be no sweat
    Week Two: 
    This cut scene has you walking down the hall way where you quickly bump into
    whoever you chose not to fight last week. They thank you for not accusing them,
    and instead accusing the other person. You then tell them that you do not think
    they are innocent; this leads them to get angry with you and challenge you to a
    match tonight. While your opponent leaves Cole and Taz note that although your
    opponent is usually calm, tonight they are particularly defensive.
    Match: You Vs. John Cena or RVD
    Single No Manager
    Just like that last match. I had Cena here and is still wasn’t much trouble at
    all. Just stay on the offensive as much as you can and this should be pretty 
    Week Three: John Cena starts this scene in the ring, bad mouthing RVD in a Rap
    and accusing him of running down Teddy Long. RVD then appears microphone if
    hand. He enters the ring and confronts Cena. He calls Cena Vanilla ice and
    challenges Cena to a match. Cena accepts and says to go right now. At this
    Torrie Wilson makes her way to the ring. She asks the two to shake hands and
    call it off. They both deny this claim. Cena says he would beat RVD right now
    is Torrie wasn’t there. RVD says that he will be the one giving the beating, so
    ends the scene with Torrie standing in the ring alone.
    Torrie is later confronted by JBL who jokingly accuses her of hitting Teddy.
    JBL asks Torrie is before he was hit, Teddy asked her about any contracts. You
    show up and JBL runs off. Torrie asks you to help her out in the match between
    John and RVD. You recommend letting the two go at it, but she asks you to be
    the special referee in the match as a favor to her. You head off to change
    ending the scene.
    Match: John Cena Vs. RVD With you as special Referee
    Special Referee Single
    Impossible to win or lose this match, and it seemingly doesn’t matter who you
    let win or lose. Just fast count for whoever you like. The problem with Special
    Referee matches is that there terrible with only one player.
    After the match, all three of you continue to argue in the ring. Torrie comes
    out yet again and yells at all of you to stop it. She says she doesn’t like it
    that they are all fighting just to impress her. She says she knows there is one
    way to get them to stop fighting. She says that at Judgment Day there will be a
    Triple Threat match for her contract. The winner will acquire her services for
    a year, and if either of the two losers don’t act like gentlemen to her, she
    will never talk to them again. Taz notes that because there is no GM, anyone is
    able to make matches.
    Week Four (Judgment Day): Cole opens the match by saying that there are no
    titles on the line, but Torrie Wilson’s contract is more then enough. Taz says
    that he is heavily considering strapping his boots back on and making this a
    fatal four-way. 
    Match: You Vs. RVD Vs. John Cena
    Triple Threat
    Cena and RVD are both formidable foes in this match, so know that you will have
    to take it seriously to get the win. The only real advice I can give you is
    that after you land a finisher and know you can get a pin to work, strong Irish
    whip your other opponent over the ropes onto the concrete outside. This allows
    you to get the pin without it being broken up.
    After the match JBL comes out. He says that it is unfortunate that the three of
    them were fighting over something that was already his. He says that before
    Teddy Long was hit by the car, he signed an agreement with him that gave him
    Torrie Wilson’s valet services. He thanks the three of them for the show, as
    you, RVD, and Cena look angry.
    Week Five: JBL enters with Orlando to begin the scene followed by a reluctant
    Torrie. JBL thanks the booing crowd. JBL says he is a millionaire, the greatest
    champion ever, and very humble. But he says of all his achievement, acquiring
    Torrie is his proudest. You enter and tell JBL that despite all his money, he
    couldn’t get women without buying her. JBL defends himself by saying he is a
    WRESTLING GAWD! You challenge JBL to a match tonight for Torrie’s contract. JBL
    laughs you off and says you aren’t in his league. He does tell you to get one
    of your boyfriends backstage and challenge his cabinet instead.
    You are now given a choice of who to team up with, either RVD or Cena.
    Match: You and RVD, or Cena Vs. Orlando Jordan, and the Basham Brothers
    Tag on Trio Handicap Match
    A pretty difficult match that I usually skip because I hate Tag and Handicap
    matches. Still both of your players should be higher then any member of the
    cabinet making this easier. Try to keep one of the Bashams from getting the
    tag, and then land a submission move to get the win.
    After the match, the Bashams sneak in the ring and beat you and your partner
    with chairs. They then set up a table as well. Your partner gets thrown up, And
    is hit with a snapshot through the table.
    Week Six: The scene starts with Torrie visiting you and RVD/Cena (whoever you
    didn’t choose last scene) in a locker room. Torrie says that JBL has agreed to
    put his contract on the line in an Iron Man Match. She says that whoever wins
    the contract will have it for life, meaning that if JBL wins, he will have it
    forever. Torrie also says that whoever wants the contract shot must defeat
    Orlando Jordan in a match tonight. This causes the two of you to begin a fight
    over who gets the right to take on Orlando Jordan. RVD/Cena says that the two
    of you will settle this like he used to back in the day, in a hardcore match.
    Cole notes that it’s crazy for there to be a match, to decide who gets a match,
    to be in a match.
    Match: You Vs RVD/Cena Hardcore Match
    Hardcore Single
    Hardcore matches are still pathetically easy. Just use and abuse the weapons
    available and the win should come easily.
    Match 2: You Vs Orlando Jordan W/ JBL
    Single Vs Single W/ Manager
    Due to the fatigue of the Hardcore match, you start this match in all yellow
    making it much more difficult. Even more so, Orlando seems to be on some
    serious steroids in this match as he is much harder then any other normal
    opponent I have ever faced. This is one of the very rare branching paths in the
    story line, I will address if you win first.
    Week Seven (Win against Orlando):
    On the way to the ring, Cole and Taz address that JBL must be surprised that
    Orlando could not handle you last week. Cole also note to the fans (you) that
    this match is not for the title, and only for Torrie’s contract. Taz says that
    he would prefer Torrie over the title anyway.
    Match: You Vs JBL
    Iron Man Match
    The most important part of this match is always staying on the offensive. The
    more Color JBL is in then you the better. A good idea is to work on one part of
    the JBL’s body and then continuously lock in submission B types as much as you
    can. This is pretty cheap but it makes this match much easier.
    After the match you celebrate with Torrie and her contract is yours!
    Week seven (lose against Orlando) 
    Match: You Vs Renee Dupree
    Surprise! Your on Velocity! This match is about as hard as you would think it
    would be because your facing Renee Dupree. Renee should probably have no stats
    higher then you so just go to town on him. I was personally offended however
    that my CAW Bobeta, who has been World Champion in every Smackdown, DOR, No
    Mercy, and every other game ever made, is now a lowly jobber on Velocity. Who
    am I Benoit? And that’s it. Kind of a weak way to end the story line huh?
    /Urning you Spot:\ (F4W1.2)
    (Don’t Use Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Booker T, or Eddie Guerrero)
    Week One: The scene starts with you confronting Booker T in the locker room
    about Theodore long. Booker becomes very defensive and says you are wrongfully
    accusing him of running Teddy Down. Booker says you don’t have the right to
    play detective, and that he isn’t answering any question from someone like you.
    He says that if you really want him to answer your questions, to beat him in
    the ring tonight.
    Match: You Vs Booker T
    Just a little thing that made me chuckle, the first match of the night was
    Undertaker and Charlie Haas Vs Eddie Guerrero and Orlando Jordan. I just
    thought it was funny considering the storyline. Anyway, Booker T is pretty
    tough in this match, but shouldn’t be anything you can’t handle. Just keep him
    on the mat and the win should be yours.
    After the match, you attempt to confront Booker T when suddenly The
    Undertaker’s music hits and blue fog fills the ring. Taker gives a choke slam
    to Booker that looks like it was Hogan taking it. Cole comments that he has
    never seen Taker so focused on destroying someone as the scene ends.
    Week Two: You start the scene, stretching in the hall. Kurt Angle addresses you
    on convincing Taker to attack Booker. You tell Angle you didn’t do anything,
    and the two of you begin to feud. Kurt says it’s odd that you are accusing
    everyone of taking down Teddy, but when it is you on trial for taking someone
    out, you have nothing to say. You say you don’t need Taker, or anyone else to
    help yourself, and challenge Kurt to a match. Kurt says he can’t believe you
    are challenging him, an Olympic gold medalist to a match. He says that it will
    be a submission only match, and that if Taker shows up, he will put both of you
    six feet under. Cole notes that Kurt is out tonight to get revenge for your
    actions last week. Taz adds that Kurt is mentally prepared to take care of the
    Undertaker if he happens to show up.
    Match: You Vs Kurt Angle
    Submission Match
    First, if your character has an eight or so submission stat or less, understand
    that you will have to beat Kurt by submission B. He will be too tough to out
    button mash. Otherwise treat this like any other match, go to work on a certain
    body part of Kurt’s and make it red. Then slap on a submission. (B type
    recommended.) If he escapes, slap the same move on again and repeat.
    After the match you stare at Angle as Taker’s gong hits and smoke fills the
    arena. Again Taker appears in the ring and stares down Angle as you watch on.
    Angle tries to attack Taker but nothing seems to affect him. Taker hits Angle
    with a bunch of punches and lands a really weak looking Last ride on Angle.
    Taker death pins Kurt as his music sounds. Taz notes that you are getting off
    damage free yet again.
    Week Three: The scene starts with Kurt and Booker in the ring. Kurt says he fed
    up with what is going on. He says that Booker and he have little in common but
    they have come together. Booker says he doesn’t like him much either, but they
    have both been punked out by Taker and his friend. They both call out Taker and
    his little buddy (you). Instead, Eddie Guerrero’s theme music is heard as he
    walks to the ring. Eddie tells Angle to hold on and that the two of them have a
    match tonight. Eddie says that Angle is just using this as an excuse to getting
    out of fighting him. Angle says this Eddie knows this isn’t true, and that
    Eddie just needs to wait his turn. Eddie then says that instead it will be him
    and you Vs Booker and Angle. Booker and Angle agree as the scene ends.
    Match: You and Eddie Guerrero Vs Kurt Angle and Booker T
    Normal Tag
    What else can I say? It’s a tag match. Let Eddie deal the major damage and then
    go in and get the pin or submission. I just skipped it because, well I hate tag
    Eddie is seen on the locker room afterwards talking to an urn. You address
    Eddie and tell him that Taker didn’t appear in the match. You see Eddie is
    hiding something and tell him to show you. Eddie shows you an empty hand, and
    you demand to see the other one, he swaps the item and shows you another empty
    hand. You tell Eddie to show you what he has or you’ll make him. Eddie shows
    you the urn of the Undertaker and says he found it a couple weeks ago. He says
    that because there is no GM it is survival of the fittest. He says that you can
    join him as well to make the unstoppable force of you, him, and Taker. He tells
    you to make a choice of if you are with him or against him. And you must decide
    before next Sunday’s PPV No Mercy.
    You are then given two choices, to be with, or against Eddie. I highly
    recommend with as it make the following match quite a bit easier. I will assume
    you picked with as I’m pretty sure only the match is different and not any
    Week Four: (No Mercy)
    Booker and Angle are in the ring again. Booker says that Eddie stole the urn,
    and is now starting a posse. Booker says that it isn’t gunna happen. Angle
    calls both of you out for a no DQ rematch. Angle says that if you and Eddie
    have any respect at all, you will do the match without the urn, Taker, or
    cheating. Eddie reminds Angle that the PPV is called No Mercy and that is what
    will be given. He agrees to the match but says the match will not be what Angle
    wants and Taker will be there.
    Match: You and Taker (With Eddie) Vs Kurt and Booker
    Tag W/ Manager Vs Tag
    Note that DQ is turned off in this match, instantly making it ten times easier,
    and ten times more fun. Use the no DQ here to your full advantage by grabbing a
    weapon, and going to town with it. Work on Booker T as he will be easier to
    make submit.
    After the match you are seen celebrating with Taker in the ring. Taz notes that
    as long as Eddie has the urn, he is calling all the shots.
    Week Five: You and Eddie are seen backstage. You tell Eddie that you and Booker
    have a hardcore rematch tonight, and for Taker to help him out. You say you are
    tired of Booker, and want to take him out of the picture, permanently. Eddie
    says he can’t give you Taker because he lost the urn even though he is holding
    it in plain view. You confront him on the urn and Eddie says that he has a big
    match against Kurt Angle and that he needs Taker for himself. Eddie says that
    you don’t need Taker to beat Booker T. You become very angry at this and tell
    Eddie that this wasn’t part of the deal and that he isn’t keeping his end of
    the bargain. You then tell Eddie that you don’t need his or Taker’s help. You
    storm off as Eddie looks on. Cole says that even Booker T must be relaxed that
    Taker will not be showing up in your match.
    You Vs Booker T
    Single Hardcore
    Weapons = easy. The Bookman will have no chance when you go to town on him with
    chair shots. Just stay on the offense and never let Booker get a shot on you
    with a weapon. Keep your cool and pick up the win.
    You are shown in the Eddies locker after wards. You break into Eddie’s locker
    to find Taker’s Urn. You grab it and walk away quickly with it.
    Week Six: 
    Match: You Vs Eddie Guerrero
    No more or less hard then any other match you have ever played. Eddie is pretty
    strong but nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle. And with no Taker helping
    out this is even easier.
    After the match you knock Eddie off the apron and you begin celebrate, suddenly
    the lights dim and Taker appears in the ring. You grab the urn but is doesn’t
    do anything. Taker knocks the urn out of your hand and delivers a choke slam to
    you. Taker looks at you as Eddie grabs a mic and enters the ring smiling. Eddie
    tells you that next time to leave stealing to the expert. Eddie says that you
    stole a fake urn from his locker, while he kept the real one. Eddie says that
    you look like you are in a lot of pain, but that your pain will come to end
    soon. Eddie says that at Survivor Series you will have a buried alive match
    with Taker. Taker taunts as the scene ends.
    Week Seven: (Survivor Series)
    Match: You Vs Undertaker
    Buried Alive Match
    Taker is surprisingly not too terribly hard in this match. However you will
    have a hell of a time winning the real way. Instead I highly recommend winning
    with a casket finisher, to do that have a stored and flashing finisher. Then
    Strong Irish whip Taker to the coffin, and press L1 to win the match. For more
    help check out the challenges section for tons of Buried Alive flavored 
    Eddie comes to the coffin area any is visibly angry. He opens the casket and
    begins to yell at Taker. Taker grabs Eddie by the throat and choke slams him
    into the coffin then closes the door. You are seen with an urn which is
    seemingly the real one. You give Taker back his urn thus ending the story line.
    /Wrestlemania, WWE version\ (F4W1.3) Coming Soon!
    (Don’t use John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, or JBL)
    /Wrestlemania: ECW version\ (F4W1.4) Coming soon!
    (Don’t Use RVD, Booker T, Tajiri, Spike Dudley, Big Show, 
    Chris Jericho or Chris Benoit)
    Raw Season Mode (F4W2) Takes place during a Evil Bichoff Rein 
    /Uneasy Allies\ (F4W2.1)
    (Don’t use Triple H, Ric Flair, or Shelton Benjamin)
    The Raw season starts and...Someone has stolen the Championship belt! Just
    kidding, the match instead starts with a match with the current champion Triple
    H. After the Match, Trips and Flair beat you all over and until Shelton
    Benjamin helps you out. The feud between you and Triple H continues until The
    Big Show and John Cena invade from Smack Down. This causes you and Triple H to
    team up in taking down the team of Cena and TBS.
    /A Very Special Story\ (F4W2.2)
    (Don’t use Eugene, William Regal, Christian, or Edge) 
    This match involves you going for Edge and Christian’s tag team title with the
    partner of Eugene, because William Regal is injured. The plot is made much more
    complex when Heel Trish tricks Eugene into missing the big match. This ends
    with a final match against E & C for the belts. However is and when you win,
    evil Bichoff decides to take your titles as you were defending Regal’s titles,
    which I guess you can’t do.
    /Wrestlemania SCSA version\ (F4W2.3)
    (Don’t use Stone Cold, Batista, JBL, Chris Benoit, Kane, or Randy Orton)
    This match involves JBL attempting to buy the WWE from under Vince’s nose,
    something that I don’t think is at all possible in real life. He is able to do
    this do to a Mole on the Raw roster. This story involves you trying to find out
    the culprit and bring him to justice. Your final opponent you fight at
    Wrestlemania, who he is depends on a choice you must make.
    /Wrestlemania Jimmy Hart version\ Coming soon!
    (Don’t use Triple H, JBL, The Hurricane, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, 
    Multi season Story lines: (F4W3) While the Rumble is guaranteed, the legends
    tour happens randomly, depending on the character you pick.
    /Time to Rumble\ (F4W3.1)
    This story line only lasts a few weeks. It starts with you entering Vince’
    office and him offering you two choices. The first is an Iron Man match, where
    for every point you end with higher the your opponent, your spot will move up
    one spot. The other option is a triple threat, where winning it will make you
    the last entrant, but losing will make you the first. This leads into the Royal
    Rumble. If you win, you get the Royal Rumble trophy. If you lose, a scene plays
    and you are entered into a six man Battle Royal. If you win this the story
    continues, if not GAME OVER MAN!
    /Legends Tour\ (F4W3.2) This storyline is meant to be a RAW storyline, however
    Smack Down has it too. You get this storyline if you use a character when they
    would normally be in a storyline. For example, the urning your spot storyline
    is the default second storyline for SD. However, if you choose Taker, Eddie,
    Angle, or Booker T you will receive the Legends storyline instead
    In the storyline RAW decides to host a WWE Legends tour. In this tour, all the
    WWE legends have matches and as you are a future legend, you are invited as
    well. Several different matches are included against WWE legends such as a
    submission match with Bret Hart, a Bar Brawl with Mankind, and a huge 6-Man
    Legends Battle Royal. 
    GM Mode: (TNA)
    In this mode, you take the role of the GM of either RAW or Smack Down, 
    and compete against the other brand to become the number one show. You will do
    this by making your own feuds, matches, and PPV cards. At the end of the year
    the brand with the highest number of fans wins the coveted GM of the year award
    and a GM mode trophy as well. Note that this can be played, and the trophy
    gotten with two players,
    Before You Start (TNA1)
    /Brand Choosing\ (TNA1.1) To begin select whichever brand you like more. Please
    note that if you choose default rosters then Smackdown will have a slightly
    superior roster. Also note that either way Raw receives the Elimination Chamber
    at the New Years Revolution PPV. Finally please note that Smackdown is the B
    show and you should pick RAW as it is superior in every way. Next you’re given
    the option of default rosters or to pick your own through a draft. If you
    choose default, feel free to skip the next section, if you choose Draft please
    read the next section 
    /Draft\ (TNA1.2) As the Tips menu says, the draft is a single pick alternate.
    If your first, pick either Taker or Trips. If your second, pick who wasn’t
    picked between Taker and Trips. For the rest of your pics use your best
    judgment for who you think is good. To make it easier highlight the popularity
    colum and press the Circle Button. This will sort everyone into popularity.
    This by far the most important stat. In fact I don’t even think skill matters.
    (Cough Hogan Cough). For contract deals give a year to your first three guys, a
    six month to your fourth guy, and then three monthers and weekers depending who
    you pick. At the end you should somewhere between 500k and a million left over.
    A important note for Raw is to not bother picking up divas like Trish when you
    normally would, but instead at the very end. Smackdown has no women’s division;
    therefore they will never take them. If you are on Smackdown however, cruisers
    like Rey Mysterio will be swept up just the same so you must get them on time.
    Also a great tip for Smackdown is to take Trish Stratus and Stacy Kiebler.
    Despite not having a title, Trish and Stacy will bring a constant three star
    match for you in an under card spot. Once their feud gets thumbs down, simply
    don’t have them fight for a week and put them in another match the next week,
    it’s like real wrestling! Once you have sixteen or so people drafted, end it
    and begin GM mode. You will now have the choice to either assign your titles,
    or keep them vacant, I will assume (and recommend) you keep them empty.
    Options (TNA2)
    /Schedule\ The big option, this is where you will go to your current match
    card, and set up any matches and fueds that will happen this week. 
    /E-Mail\ Where you will hear from Tazz and Doctor James Andrews about the
    current ongoing for your brand. All minor and major injuries will be documented
    here, so you check it often.
    /Roster\ Where you can check all things related to your super stars, six sub
    View Roster: Where you can check the current Morale, popularity, Fatigue,
    contract status, and current injury status for any of your wrestler. If a
    morale is anything but happy click on the wrestler and move right once to see
    what the problem is. He will most likely be upset about his loosing streak, if
    so play as him and win a match. If he wants a title shot give him one. And if
    he wants a new deal, click on his contract and add five weeks to it. If the
    Fatigue meter is high, rest the wrestler with only single or tag matches until
    it goes down
    Current Champions: Where you can see who holds the current belts. Is a champion
    is injured for more then five weeks, you can vacate the title here as well.
    Rivalry: Where you can view your current ongoing rivalry. To start a rivalry,
    make a singles match between the two. To keep the rivalry going you must keep
    them both in the same match every week. The number of thumbs is how good the
    Rivalry is. 1 is good, 2 is great, and 3 is excellent and should be ended with
    a big pay off match. Thumbs down means the feud is boring and should be ended.
    Propose Trade. Here you can trade your superstars with the other brands. The
    CPU will never offer trades and won’t except yours unless it favors them so you
    may not want to bother with this.
    Free Agency: Almost always useless, but vocationally your opponent will drop
    someone usefull and you will be able to swipe them from here. This is also
    where you can enter both legends and your CAW by pressing start and turning
    them on. They will be there, ready to draft next week.
    Customize Attributes: Where you can add stats to your CAW. No idea why it’s 
    /Reports\ Where you can see ratings (in stars) of all the previous shows and
    PPV five sub categories
    PPV Results: Shows ratings for all the matches on the last PPV card.
    Smackdown Results: Shows ratings for all the matches on the last SD card.
    Raw Results: A Giant donkey dances on the sc...I mean shows ratings for all the
    matches on the lst RAW card.
    Fan support: A graph that shows the ratings each week for each show. Raw is
    red, SD is blue.
    Tazz/J.R. Reports: a training manual of sorts that tells you all about the
    Basics of GM mode...Mines better. 
    /Financials\ A confusing and ugly looking menu that tells you how much money
    you made/lost last week due to various things like merchandise sails and Match
    costs. The fact that this could have actually been useful if it didn’t look so
    bad is annoying.
    /News\ Shows you the latest headlines from the previous matches. There is one
    section for Raw, one for SD, and one middle for an important news story. There
    are also three random news blurbs at the bottom as well.
    /Save\ saves game
    /Exit\ Exits GM mode.
    Basics: (TNA3)
    On your first week go to schedule and click again to get to your card.
    Something should pop up that looks like this.
    Match 1
    Match 2
    Promo 1
    Match 3
    Match 4
    Promo 5
    Match 5
    Main Event 
    (Coming Soon!)
    Week by Week: For those looking for a week by week guide to follow, I will
    write it out, for at least the first ten weeks or so.
    If this is your first week, you should spend it making all of your fueds. Put
    your two most popular wrestlers in a singles match in the main event. Likewise
    put your third and fourth stars in a singles match in match 5 but in this one,
    press right while there match is highlighted to make it for the
    Intercontinental championship. Continue doing this down the line, making one of
    the matches for the cruiser weight or women’s championship. If you have extra
    people, feel free to turn match three or so into a battle royal and throw them
    all in. Now play, watch, or sim whatever you like and go to week two.
    Week Two: You should have four or five feuds going and that’s great. Keep the
    matches coming; don’t be afraid to mix it up. Feel free to make tag and every
    other kind of match, as long as the two stars are in the same match. Even if
    there on the same team it doesn’t matter. Keep all the fueds going like this
    and maybe start another if you like. 
    Week Three: You should be noticing about now that the Computer is whipping you,
    get used to it. Out of the 52 week rotation, I lost 47 of them. Just do you
    best to keep the losses under 100,000 and you should be fine. “But Bobeta” you
    say, “How will I ever win then?” Well the answer is in your many PPV. For some
    reason the other brand loves to put there crappy 25 popularity guys in their
    PPV making the even much worse. You should not do that however thus getting
    huge returns upwards of over a million per PPV. Like the last weeks keep the
    feuds going
    (Coming Soon!
    Challenges (BCB)
    While Challenges are not considered a main feature of the game, there are
    several perks to doing so. They are a great way to obtain WWE buck as tons of
    money is awarded for completing them. Also, with every set completed come
    several new features. These include things like the Legends cage, and the Junk
    Yard Dog. But in the end, these challenges are simply a great way to get ten
    more hours out of the games, and gain a lot of experience from doing so. That
    should be your main reason for doing them. 
    /Amateur challenges\ (BCB1)
    These challenges are worth $1000 each and supposedly have an easy difficulty,
    most of them are pretty dull, but some may spark your interest.
    Challenge 1. Reverse 10 strikes
    Any match
    Any Arena
    An easy challenge for you to start with that I recommend be completed in the
    same match as you complete challenge 2. To reverse a strike, press the L2
    button when the enemy attempts to punch you, but before contact is made. It
    successful, you character should grab the enemies’ fist, leaving them stunned
    and open to attack. If you’re having a rough time, try punching as they seem to
    follow your strikes with their own more often then not. Likewise, using a
    technical expert like Angle makes this challenge much easier. Reverse ten, and
    then finish the match to complete the challenge.
    Challenge 2. Reverse 10 grapples 
    Any match 
    Any Arena
    While still easy, reversing ten grapples is a bit more difficult to do then
    challenge one as the CPU seems to use grapple moves less then he uses striking
    moves, making them harder to catch. Still, like the above, wait for your
    opponent to make a grapple attempt, and before he can connect press R2. If
    successful, your character should do any number of reversal moves and put your
    opponent in a daze. Learning to reverse moves is very important for first time
    players. Once Superstar and Legend challenges are reached, knowing how to
    reverse moves is essential for victory.
    Challenge 3. Complete three double team moves in a match. 
    Any tag match (Normal tag recommended, no tornado tag)
    Any Arena
    At first this may seem a bit difficult but it is actually quite simple. To do a
    double team move first strong Irish whip your opponent into the turn buckle
    where your tag partner waits. (Hold Triangle + Circle + direction you want them
    to go) Keep doing this until your opponent hits the turn buckle dead on and
    sticks to it. When this happens, Quickly move to near where your partner is and
    press any of the four directions + Circle to deliver a (not so much)
    devastating attack which will have you and your partner performing a different
    tag move depending on the direction pressed.  Since your partner is very
    unlikely to do a tag move, hold Square to get yourself tagged back in, rinse
    and repeat two more times to finish the challenge. 
    (Note) rising star challenge 1 (five tags in one match) should also be
    completed in this match.
    Challenge 4. Perform three finishers.
    Any match 
    Any Arena
    Really a lot easier then expected. Simply pick someone you are confident with,
    has a high charisma bar, and who’s finisher hits often, (basically don’t use
    Rob Van Damn) To fill your finisher meter use high impact moves followed by
    taunting and do your best to keep the CPU from getting too many attacks in as
    you need to last long enough to land three finishers. By the third finisher
    your opponent should be in a perfect pinning predicament. Pin him and complete
    this challenge.
    Challenge 5. Steal a Taunt
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    You must be a clean or good guy wrestler to complete this challenge which is
    why I couldn’t get it for the longest time using my Heel CAW. The
    actual challenge is really quite easy. To start, gain and store a single
    finisher. To actually steal the taunt, hold L1 and move the right control stick
    this is usually used for your own taunts. If you did it correctly, You not do
    your own taunt, but instead the taunt of your opponent. Because the taunts can
    take a little
    while and they must finish before the challenge is complete, make sure your
    opponent is really down for a while before taunting.
    Challenge 6. Steal a finisher
    Any match
    Any Arena
    Yet another mostly simple challenge, like challenge 5 you must be a clean
    wrestler and gain and store a finisher. You then must fill your bar again so
    you have a stored finisher and a blinking finisher bar. To steal a finish, hold
    down L2 and then press L1 whenever you would do a finisher normally. Something
    to remember when picking your opponent for this match is that you must be in
    certain situations (like both of you against the turnbuckle) to land the
    finisher. To make things easier chooses a character that you know has a ground
    or grapple finisher that can be easily applied. (Basically, don’t use Rob Van 
    Challenge 7. Perform five diving attacks to the outside
    Any match
    Any Arena
    Easier then expected. This challenge is made easier by the fact that you don’t
    have to land attacks while your opponent is lying on the ground. Even if your
    opponent stands up once you jump, and you only manage to clip his leg, it is
    still counted, any way, it is beneficial to use someone who can land top robe
    moves and get back to the turnbuckle to deliver another before your opponent
    can get back up. (Basically, Use Rob Van Dam) This match can and probably
    should be done with other challenges as it really isn’t that big or difficult.
    Challenge 8. Destroy the Commentators
    Any Match 
    Any Arena
    While I write all of challenges assuming that you are using the single no
    manager match type, certain challenges like this are highly recommended to be
    done in a hardcore, or TLC match. In this case, the lack of a very annoying ten
    count makes the match quite a bit easier. To complete this small challenge pick
    the smack down arena as Its announce tables are very close. In the challenge,
    you must put your opponent not on but through both of the black tables to the
    right side of the ring. Start by either Irish whipping your opponent onto the
    tables yourself, or if there is no counting out climb the table by pressing
    Triangle + the direction of the table to climb upon it. Then taunt until your
    opponent follows. With both of you standing on the table, quickly strong
    grapple them and do some sort of bomb like maneuver. If the table does not
    brake, try different moves until one works. Proceed to break the other table
    and I just wrote a really long write up for a very simple challenge.
    Challenge 9. Perform a possum pin
    Any match
    Any Arena
    This is a fun little feature that has won me quite a few close matches against
    my friends. Start by gaining and storing a finisher right away. Now hold down
    the circle button. Allow your opponent to do his worst to you before sending
    you to the mat. Remember to not let go of Circle at any time. Now here’s the
    tricky part. You must wait until your opponent attempts to either strike or
    grapple you, and successfully counter the attack by pressing L2 if it is a
    strike, and R2 if it a grapple. If you are successful, a cut scene should play
    of you striking upwards, and roll your opponent into a very difficult to
    escape, roll up pin. If you are not successful, your stored finisher will be
    removed, and you will have to store another one and try again. Patience is key
    here as you only need to land the move one time to complete the challenge.
    Challenge 10. Reverse a Finisher
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    I don’t know about you, but this seems a lot harder then last years. Either way
    this challenge is very doable and shouldn’t be too difficult. To reverse a
    finisher you must press R2 + L2 when your opponent uses his finisher, but
    before contact is made. The window of escape is very small so several attempts
    may be necessary. If you really find yourself having trouble, use someone with
    a high Technical skill like Benoit or Kurt Angle against an opponent that has a
    finisher that can only be done when you are groggy and standing. (Triple H’s
    Pedigree for example) When Trips or whoever has a finisher allow him to grapple
    you without resistance and when you become dazed, quickly know what to do and
    make the reverse.
    Challenge 11. Perform a Super Dirty Move
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    Ahh super dirty moves. A true fan favorite in SD 04, worthless gimmick attack
    in 05. Either way selected a dirty or heel character for this match as they are
    the only ones who can do said move. Like all special tactics begin by storing a
    finisher and getting your bad flashing so you have two finishers. Daze your
    opponent and Hold L2 before pressing L1 like a normal finisher. If
    successful...well you’ll know it when you see it. If not, try, try again. 
     Challenge 12. Kick out of a possum pin
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    O.K. This match is really annoying in the fact that you must rely on the
    Computer performing a possum pin (see challenge 9) on you. Considering this
    move is an advanced move and the computer is any idiot, feel free to use two
    players to make this challenge MUCH easier. When using two controllers simply
    let player two gain a stored finisher and execute a possum pin on player one.
    While player two does not press any buttons, player one presses them madly and
    escapes the pin, easily winning the challenge. But if you really want to get
    them all the hard way there are a few things you can do. First, and foremost,
    let your opponent get a stored finisher. No stored finisher means no chance of
    your opponent getting a possum pin. Second, use many power moves that leave
    your opponent on the mat for a while. Walk away from the opponent. If he rises,
    hit him with another power move. If after ten second he is still go ahead and
    try to strike him. One of three things will happen. He may just miss and lose
    his finisher. (This sucks.) He may succeed with the possum pin and actually get
    the three count meaning no challenge victory (This also sucks) or you may beat
    the odds and beat the hardest challenge in the game thus far.
    Challenge 13. Interrupt a stolen taunt
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    Welcome to the new hardest challenge in the game so far. If you used a second
    controller to do the last challenge then don’t bother taking it out as you will
    be using it again in this challenge as well. Make player two a face character
    and have him store a finisher. Have player two perform a stolen taunt (see
    challenge five), quickly, as player one, punch player two before he can finish
    his taunt and complete the challenge. Now, if you are hardcore, and I mean
    REALLY hardcore then this challenge can be done against the computer I suppose.
    I personally have never seen the computer do this in over thirty hours of
    matches but I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy who said he
    completed this challenge. The only advice I can give you is to (of course) let
    your opponent stores his finisher so the taunt can be done. Besides
    that...seriously, just cheat and pretend you didn’t.
    (Note) I have heard on the boards that by taunting outside the ring with your
    opponent inside will result in him doing said Stolen Taunt. I have not tested
    this, but I suppose it is more then worth a shot.
    Challenge 14. Throw 10 opponents from the Royal Rumble.
    30 man Royal Rumble
    Royal Rumble Arena
    An important note about this challenge is that your opponents must be thrown
    over the top rope, as apposed to knock off using the Rumble meter (which is
    terrible by the way). I very highly recommend The Big Show. In fact, without
    him or another super heavy weight this challenge is near impossible. To
    complete this easy challenge more easily, substitute the heavyweights like
    Batista or John Cena, as Show can’t throw them. Instead replace them with
    cruisers or wimpy CAW. Selected you to be the #1 entrant and begin the match.
    Unlike in SD 04 you no longer have to big boot an opponent to make them dazed
    long enough to carry. Instead by doing a high power grapple, the circle to put
    your opponent on his feet while still dazed. Quickly followed by Circle + up
    will have Big Show pick up the unfortunate fool and hold him above his head.
    Next simply walk to the nearest ropes and toss the poor sucker. Do so ten
    times, win the rumble or not. And move on the last amateur challenge.
    (Note) There seems to be a glitch where the game won’t register this challenge
    being completed. This happened to me, but after resetting and doing the
    challenge again it was there. It’s a moderately easy challenge anyway so no big
    Challenge 15. Break four weapons
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    Just do this in a TLC or Hardcore match. Grab a chair from the ring; smash your
    opponent silly four times. Get a new one and smack some more. This is a fun
    little challenge and therefore gets a fun little write-up.
    Completion of all fifteen challenges wins you the Wrestlemania-21 Arena and a
    sexy new trophy for your case.
    /Rising Star Challenge\ (BCB2)
    These Challenges are worth $1500 each and are supposedly
    normal in difficulty. These are a lot more fun to play the Amateur challenges
    and besides that damned spank challenge are seemingly easier the amateur
    challenges. Also note the challenges will be numbered up to 60 instead of 15
    for easier reference to both you and me.
    Challenge 16. Make 5 tags in one match
    Any tag match (no tornado tag)
    Any Arena
    Should already be completed after doing challenge 3 (strange they put this one
    afterwards isn’t it?) Any way if you haven’t completed this for any reason Make
    a tag, make five tags, and then win the match. There, that was easy.
    Challenge 17. Win a FYF (Fulfill your Fantasy) Match with your clothes intact.
    Fulfill your Fantasy Match
    Summer Slam Arena
    This is a very simple challenge that no one will ever use an FAQ for, yet I
    have to make a write up for it in order to be complete. Besides that there
    really aren’t many tips to this except to play the match a couple times until
    you really have the mode down, and then go for the kill. Use the pillow for the
    cheap win, or disrobe your opponent which is a bit more difficult.
    Challenge 18. Receive two finishers, and still win the match.
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    This match is exactly as hard as you want it to be. If you want to take the
    easy way out (besides using a second controller of course) making the match
    type a buried alive match makes the challenge much easier because you can take
    two finishers in the ring, and then proceed to destroy your opponent with the
    shovel. Likewise, using a super strong character like The Big Show, against
    Cruisers or anyone with low strength should have you being able to kick out
    despite both finishers. But if you’re looking to do it the real way, playing
    against Kurt Angle is your best bet. While Kurt has high stats all around, his
    only finisher is the submission maneuver The Ankle Lock (Why in gods name won’t
    they give him the Angle Slam?) Despite the fact that it is a submission and
    therefore not a real finisher in the purest sense, it is still counted allowing
    you to pick up the victory without too much trouble on your part.
    Challenge 19. Win without any of your own body parts in yellow or worse
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    If by some miracle chance you have done all the challenges in order and you
    still have this challenge available then don’t sweat because this challenge
    isn’t hard at all. Just pick a character you dominate with, against whoever you
    want and dominate the match the best you can. If have completed all challenges
    up to this point then this should be no problem.
    Challenge 20. Complete three successful spanks in a row in a FYF Divas Match
    FYF Divas Match
    Summer Slam Match
    Yukes fails miserably at making in-game mini games and we all pay the price
    because of this. This match isn’t difficult in that you have to be very good 
    at the game to beat it. It is difficult in that the spank system is so
    infuriatingly stupid, that it seems that luck is much more important in this
    then anything. First of all use a second controller. There’s no need for pride
    here, this challenge sucks and the quicker the quicker it is finished the
    better. To start, Irish whip (regular, not strong) your opponent into the bed
    until they are stunned by it. Press Circle + Down next to them to start the
    spank mini-game. The point of this game is to use the right control stick to
    raise the spank bar into the top colored part and then bring it back down to
    spank, while this sounds simple on paper, this system is incredibly difficult
    to use, especially on the second and third spanks. If you choose to be noble
    and face the computer then the screen will shaking during this time making it
    even more frustrating. Seriously, cheat this one last time and I’ll never
    mention it again, promise.
    Challenge 21. Win an Iron Man Match by Five or more points
    Iron Man Match
    Any Arena
    I assume any time period will work here so choose whatever you feel like. As
    for my broken record advice use a character that (you guessed it) are familiar
    with and someone who I highly recommend can successfully use a submission move
    as it is an excellent way to rack up points. Likewise while you don’t have to
    pick a wuss to face if don’t want, however I can’t really recommend facing Bret
    Hart or Chris Benoit unless you really want a challenge (but by the fact your
    reading an FAQ, I assume you don’t.) Otherwise treat this like any other match.
    Get your opponent into red then start locking on submissions and finishing
    moves and watch the points fly in. If you fall too far behind, just reset.
    Nothing sucks more then losing it at the last second...except that spank
    challenge of course
    Challenge 22. Win a match without using any finishing moves
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    If this challenge isn’t completed yet, then I have to ask why in the world you
    decide to start your challenge hunt on number 22. Either way this isn’t tough
    at all. Just use a strong character and use a bunch of power moves to get the
    win. But you’ve already beaten this so it doesn’t matter.
    Challenge 23. Win a match without storing a finisher
    Any Match
    Any Arena
    You have to wonder why these challenges are here and doing tag team moves and
    eliminating ten in the Royal Rumble are in Amateur but that’s not important.
    You should probably get this along with challenge 22 (or in about 5 other
    challenges) so worry about it even less then you did. (Note) You can use a
    finisher and get this; you just have to use the finisher when it is flashing
    Challenge 24. Land a casket finisher in a Buried Alive Match
    Buried Alive Match
    Survivor Series Match
    Before you do anything, go ahead and play this match a couple times normally
    until you are comfortable with it, and more importantly can knock your opponent
    into the casket by strong Irish Whipping him into the middle part, or until he
    falls down. This game has some seriously lousy hit detection, making this
    harder then it has to be. A hint to do this is to drag your opponent, (hold
    Circle + where you want to go) until you are right in front of the coffin. Once
    you are ready, start a match against however you like, and head strait out to
    the burial area. Quickly grab the shovel as it is going to be your new best
    friend. Use the shovel to gain a finisher and then store. Get a second finisher
    flashing and then go for the Irish whip into the casket. If you miss two or
    more times your special will likely disappear. Simply grab the shovel and get
    it flashing again. If you do manage to get him against the coffin, and have
    both finishers in tact, run at him and quickly press L1. Then sit back and
    enjoy one of the more badass moments in the game.
    Challenge 25. Throw someone off the Cell, and then win the match.
    Hell in a Cell Match
    Any Arena
    Man I love these matches. This is a mostly easy challenge to enjoy. To start,
    pick a wrestler who has a move set you are confident and has a bomb or slam
    type move that can be applied easily. Start the match. Break down the door
    (Didn’t Yukes they say they were going to fix this?) Climb to the top of the
    cage and move to the middle. When your opponent follows, grapple and execute a
    slam move on top of one of the two middle panels. If the panel cracks from the
    impact, just do the same move on the same panel, and it should give way
    completing the challenge. If not, try getting closer to the middle of the
    panels or try a different move.  Also note that you must also win the match to
    complete the challenge. But considering a ride through the cage deals a ton of
    damage, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
    Challenge 26. Beat the number one score (30) in a Slobber Knocker Match
    Slobber Knocker Match
    Any Arena
    Seriously, who plays ever plays this match except to do this challenge? For
    some reason the timer is no longer here, and it is simply thirty points through
    Pinfall, submission, or KO before you are pinned to get the win. Unfortunately,
    the new finisher system makes this match very difficult as you can no longer
    exploit it to get twenty second knock out as before. But that doesn’t mean you
    can’t be cheap! Using Triple H I managed to rack up thirty pin falls in under
    ten abusing his spine buster move. (Circle + left the Circle + right) Using
    this move I pinned my opponent 25 times out of 30. If he escapes just land the
    move again and he will surely be down. If cheating is less your thing then pick
    a strong and durable character your familiar with and do your best to avoid any
    possible damage. Save your Finishers for guys like Batista or HHH who can
    really do a lot of damage. In the end however, patience is key as sometimes you
    just need to play until none of the last 10 guys are able to land their
    finisher and pin you. This is one of the hardest challenges up to now so don’t
    be frustrated if it takes a few tries.
    Challenge 27. Complete a match without you or your opponent getting a rope 
    Any Match (Must be a match with rope breaks)
    Hooray for Challenges you’ve already beaten! If not, play the match like any
    other match, but before going for any pin drag your opponent so they can’t, you
    know get a rope break. Seriously though if you’re starting challenge mode on
    this challenge in particular then there may be something very wrong with you.
    Challenge 28. Win a match without leaving the ring
    Any Match (Ring out must be on)
    Do you know there isn’t a single Last man standing challenge in the entire
    game? Yukes could have easily put that challenge here but no. They got lazy and
    in result we get yet another already done challenge. Either way wins a match as
    you will with (shocker) leaving the ring. This also applies to using the top
    rope so don’t do that either. (Basically don’t use Rob Van Dam)
    Challenge 29. Win a 10 man Royal Rumble as the #1 entrant
    10 man Royal Rumble
    Royal Rumble Arena
    Now why can’t all the challenges be interesting like this one? Obviously you
    can take the noble route and use a character you are comfortable with and stay
    near the middle of the ring so as not to be tossed over yourself while going in
    for the kill whenever you get an opportunity. But why do that when there are
    game flaws to exploit?! By simply climbing any of the turn buckles, you will
    become impossible to be tossed out as your opponents don’t seem to know how to
    knock you off in this mode. After a minute or so you may fall off the turn
    buckle, simply climb it again before anyone can catch you. Wait on the
    turnbuckle until there is only one challenger left and then hop on in and
    finish him off. Naturally using Show or Andre and exploiting there throw out
    Moves are also an option if you wish to pursue that Route. 
    Challenge 30. Reverse the casket door from closing
    Buried Alive Match
    Survivor Series Arena
    For this challenge pick a character with a high technical skill, and likewise
    an opponent with low technical skill (How I miss using Divas in all these
    challenges.) Immediately head out to the coffin are and let your opponent toss
    you into the coffin, likewise give no resistance to the first button mashing
    video game. If you some how escape any way, let the CPU beat you up some more
    and then get thrown in. Once you loose the first mini game the real part of the
    challenge begins. Much like the sleeper hold mini game that you’ve only seen
    like twice and have no idea hop to escape which is fine because you can’t
    anyway You will see a bar with a blue line at the bottom, Your job is to press
    either R2 or L2 when the blue ball moves inside the blue line. If successful
    you should block the coffin with your hand in typical WWE style. The simply
    throw your opponent into the coffin and win the match. If you’re not
    successful, well the rematch option is right there.  
    Congratulation on reaching the half way point for challenge mode, for all your
    hard work you are rewarded with the ECW One Night Stand Arena, a new trophy,
    and best of all Superstar Challenges are now unlocked.
    /Super Star Challenges\ (BCB3)
    Welcome to the third set of challenges and my personal favorite set. No longer
    will you be doing things like reversing grapples, and breaking taunts, but
    instead rewriting history in some of WWE’s greatest matches. Before you start,
    set your match difficulty to hard as it is necessary now. These matches are
    worth $2,000 each. Huge note. With these challenges comes the quick start
    feature. Simply press start while highlighting the challenge you want to have
    all the option predetermined for you. Isn’t that nice?
    Challenge 31. (With Stacy Kiebler) Defeat Trish Stratus in a FYF match.
    Fulfill Your Fantasy match
    Summer Slam Arena
    God FYF matches are stupid. Because spanking is impossible, the two ways to go
    at this are to fill your win bar by smacking Trish with the pillows, or
    disrobing her by pressing Circle + Down whenever your opponent is down or
    dazed. Winning by pillow is easier so I recommend that. Complete the match and
    be happy that you never have to play another FYF match again as long as you
    live. Also note the extreme jump in difficulty in this match. Welcome to hard
    mode where your moves are reversed all. The dam. Time.
    Challenge 32. (As Kurt Angle) Defeat Shawn Michaels in a match
    Single No manager
    WM 21 Arena
    Note that you must be in the WM 21 arena to complete this challenge. This match
    will likely be one of the toughest you have faced thus far. Michaels is very
    strong in this game, and you may find it quite difficult to get the pin. A much
    smarter idea is to exploit Shawn’s low submission stat by continually locking
    on leg hurting moves. When Shawn is in red, lock on the Ankle lock and go for
    the win. (Note) To make Shawn tap much easier, wait till the Angle Lock is
    first applied and then press start and go to the options. Then change the
    controller type from type A to type B. Now instead of jamming the buttons to
    make Shawn tap. Rotate both joy pads as fast as you can wand watch as Shawn’s
    hand slaps the mat for the win. 
    Challenge 33. (As Chris Benoit) defeat HHH and Shawn Michaels
    Triple Threat Match
    WM 21
     Michaels is just getting screwed in these challenges isn’t he? Manually make
    this match and make all three of you Face. At the ten minute mark a heel Triple
    H will get himself DQ’d costing you the match that sucks. I highly recommend
    playing a couple practice rounds with Benoit on an easier difficulty before
    trying this match. Benoit is one of the more advanced characters to use so a
    little practice is always good. In the match, don’t think that you have to be
    the one to lock on the heavy damage. Instead, hang out either outside the ring,
    or simply away from the action. More so proceed to taunt while HHH and Michaels
    fight so you can get a finisher stored. When one character gets his body/head
    in red go for the kill, eliminate the non red character by any means necessary
    (I highly recommend a strong Irish Whip over the ropes) and then slap on the
    cross face to your opponent. Switch the controller type to B again and rotate
    as fast as your hands will go. Make him tap and you win the challenge...AFTER
    18 YEARS!
    Challenge 34. (As current day Hulk Hogan) Defeat Shawn Michaels (again)
    Single no Manager
    Summer Slam arena
    Ok Brother this is how this challenge is gunna go brother. Well brother the
    most important thing brother is to use and exploit Hogan’s seriously
    overpowered Hulk up move brother. This move does tons of damage brother and
    leaves your opponent stunned for another brother. Likewise brother Hulk Hogan’
    Leg Drop of Doom is a great finisher brother. Get your opponent in red brother,
    then land the drop brother, and say goodnight brother. This challenge is
    actually really easy brother, which is why I didn’t really take this write up
    seriously brother.
    Challenge 35. (As Chris Benoit) defeat Eddie Guerrero 
    Single no Manager
    ECW Arena
    Benoit has superior stats to Eddie especially when it comes to submission, so
    us that to your advantage. Work down Eddie’s body and head with Germans and
    other suplexes. When he is weakened, slap on the cross face and win the match.
    Challenge 36. (As The Undertaker) defeat Kane in a buried alive Match
    Buried Alive Match
    Survivor Series arena 
    Now this is what challenges should be. Clever matches that you want to play.
    Start by wither working down Kane in the ring, or just heading strait out to
    the burial site. Once there, grab the shovel and proceed to beat Kane sill with
    it, because it is so hard to get the damn thing closed manually, you will want
    to with the match through a coffin finisher. For advice in coffin finisher see
    challenge 24. Simply substitute opponent for Kane and your character for
    Taker and there you go.
    Challenge 37. (As Cena) Defeat Batista 
    Single no Manger
    WM 21 Arena
    Just a quick note that this match would SUCK as a WM main event. Neither man is
    talented enough to keep the match going and it would quickly turn into boring
    brawl match. But you probably already knew that. As far as this match goes,
    know that Batista is very strong and can get you in the red much faster then
    you can get him. Because of this do your best to avoid any and all grapple from
    him, and instead deliver your own grapples and top rope moves (Make Cena Face)
    until you can land an FU, Which in this game is slightly more powerful, then a
    Burning Hammer, or Vertebraker. This is another not so hard challenge that if
    you’re any good with the game, should come moderately easily.
    Challenge 38. (As Rob Van Dam), defeat Chris Jericho, Tajiri, Benoit, Eddie
    Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio in a six man Battle Royal
    Six Man Battle Royal
    ECW One Night Stand Arena
    Dear lord this challenge is a pain! First of all, RVD pretty much has no
    finisher, so don’t expect to get any help from that. The best advice I can give
    is to stay away from all action going on as best you can. If being cheap is
    your thing, climb to the top rope and stay there until you fall down, or the
    CPU pulls you (very rare.) By doing this I was in full health to destroy
    Jericho at the end. However that tactic is super cheap, and this is a fun
    challenge so I recommend beating it like a man. To do this first understand
    that Taking advantage of RVD’s high agility is a must in this match. Use it to
    strike a foe with a quick move, and then get the heck out of there before
    anyone can grapple you. By doing this, you should begin to see all of our
    opponents become injured quickly, while you stay fresh. Perhaps the most
    important part of the match is when there are only you and two others left. You
    must get yourself out of any red you are in before it is down to the final two.
    A good way to do this is hide in the corner resting, but break up any pins that
    happen before your in orange. Once it comes down to you and only one opponent,
    the CPU seems to kick into super awesome mode, and always seems to manage to
    roll you up in the school boy for the win. If you’re in red, you’re done. If
    you’re in orange, you can kick out and win the match. Although this match is
    really hard, it’s a great bit of fun, and one that you shouldn’t get too upset
    if you have to replay a couple times...which you probably will.
    Challenge 39.
    (As Triple H) Defeat Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista in a Four man Hell In
    a Cell Match
    Hell In a Cell Match
    Any Arena
    Considering I use Triple H as one my normal every day characters this was
    pretty easy. I simply broke through the door. Then I Led Orton up to the top
    while Flair and Batista dooked it our below. I Beat him up a bunch and landed
    my finisher through the cage. While things may go slightly differently for you,
    this is how I recommend doing this challenge. But Matt! You day, Isn’t that
    kina, sorta cheap? In my book no. Using the Cell to your advantage is hardly
    cheating in my opinion. Besides, it’s not like I’m telling you to down grapple
    punch your opponents head until it bleeds, and then landing your finisher. Now
    THATS cheap! 
    Challenge 40. (As Big Show) Defeat Paul London, and Rey Mysterio in a Handicap
    One on two Handicap match
    Any Arena
    Hey! Paul London’s in a challenge!...and he’s jobbing, of course. This
    challenge is actually a lot easier then I expected it to be. While Paul’s, and
    Rey’s moves seem to not even harm you. Your high powered moves will seemingly
    put them in the red after only a handful of moves. Because of this your special
    meter should rise quickly. Save it, and wait for one of the two’s bodies to be
    in red. Then Strong Irish Whip the other out of the ring, and land Shows big
    choke slam on the poor sap. The move may very well KO your opponent right
    there, but if not, pin him for the almost certain victory. If not, Rinse,
    Lather, and Repeat.
    Challenge 41. (As Kane) Defeat Edge (With Lita) 
    Single Vs. Single W/ Manager
    Vengeance Arena
    What kind of crappy challenge is this? If my memory serves me correctly this
    match was only slightly above average, and wasn’t even as good as the following
    stretcher, or Cage matches. But Trips and Batista seem to already be busy in
    the Cell so I’ll bite. There isn’t a whole lot to say here that hasn’t already
    been said. Kane is actually a lot of fun to use in this game thanks to his
    large arsenal or high power moves, so get you best out of them. Do your best to
    stay in control until you can land you choke slam and that’s that. Oh...and
    watch out for Matt Hardy near the end.
    Challenge 42. (As Carlito) defeat John Cena in a Bar Room Brawl
    Bar Room Brawl
    Hey...Where’s Jesus? They must really be running short on feuds to have you
    play a not very good one from over a year ago. Despite that, this match is very
    difficult, and unfortunately not in a hard but satisfying way. It seems the
    match will be completely going your way, until Cena gets you with a weapon or
    something. Then hits you, then again, and again, and again. He does this until
    he gains and hits you with a scorpion Death Lock esq. FU, and picks up the win.
    To avoid this be cheap your self. Go to town on Cena with all the weapons you
    can find, and whatever you do don’t let him get on the offensive. Just keep
    smacking him around and soon enough you should be able to land your crappy
    Carlito finisher (Change it to Rolling the Dice, seriously) for the win.
    Challenge 43. (As Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair) Defeat John Cena, and Randy Orton.
    Normal Tag
    Any Arena
    Have I mentioned yet how much I hate tag matches? In both this game, and in the
    real WWE. They always seem to suck when it comes to psychology or excitement.
    And there just plain slow...but that’s not important, is it? As I hate Hulk
    Hogan, I used Ric Flair for this match. I let Hogan go in for the first ten
    minutes to soften Cena and Orton up, while I waited on the out side, Wooing it
    up to raise my Finisher Meter. Once I had one I stored it and patiently for
    Hogan to be completely annihilated before calling for the tag. Once in I Worked
    on Cena’s Legs and back getting them both in red. Then I landed a power move on
    Cena, and ran attack Orton off the Apron, before locking the Figure Four on
    Cena to get the win. Your results shouldn’t be too different from mine...It’s a
    tag match. What other advice can I give?
    Challenge 44. (As Christian) Defeat Edge in a TLC Match
    Tables Ladders and Chairs (Oh My!) Match
    Any Arena
    Oh Christian. We hardly knew you. TLC Matches are luckily every bit as easy as
    they were in the last game. Just start the match by rolling out of the ring and
    grabbing your self a weapon. Make sure to make you Heel and Edge Face so only
    you profit from weapon attacks. And profit you should. Once a weapon breaks, go
    back and get another one. Edge seems to go down pretty easy from weapon
    attacks, so this shouldn’t be too bad. Once you get Edge in red, land your
    super awesome unprettier move and win the match.
    Challenge 45. (As Shawn Michaels) Defeat Triple H, Booker T, Kane, RVD, and
    Chris Jericho in an Elimination Chamber Match,
    Elimination Chamber Match
    NYR Arena
    This isn’t quite as hard as one would assume it would be. Obviously, place
    yourself as either the number one, or number six entrants to give you the best
    chance of winning. As Number one, do your best to get the pin on your opponent
    as soon as possible, hopefully before a third opponent is released. To do this
    abuse the glass chamber doors and steel arena to your full advantage by Strong
    Irish Whipping your opponent into them as often as possible. If a third is
    released, do your best to stay with your opponent. But know to retreat if you
    are overwhelmed. Likewise, if entering as the sixth entrant. Use your freshness
    to your advantage by doing everything in your power not to get hurt. The CPU in
    this game is unlike DOR’s in that free for all actually are such, as apposed
    to handicapped matches, where your opponent can pin each other on accident.
    Because of this, unless you make yourself obvious, the Computer will likely not
    choose you as a target or at least until there are only two or three left. When
    there are only one or two opponents left in the ring. Go ahead and unleash on
    them to pick up the last Star challenge win.
    With that...YOUR 75% WINNAR! Not to mention your will recieve the legends cage
    and the WM 9 Arena (Didn’t WM 9 kind of really suck?) You will also recieve Ted
    /Legends Challenges\ (BCB4)
    Like the Super star Challenges, these matches will have you repeating famous
    WWE match, in arenas that they did not actually take place. The difficulty for
    these matches must be set to Legend difficulty, making all of these a huge pain
    to do. However, if you can do all of them without cracking and cheating, you
    will be a better gamer because of it.
    Challenge 46. (As Shawn Michaels) Defeat Bret Hart in an Iron Man Match
    Iron Man Match
    WM 9 Arena
    The first thing you should notice here is how freaking cheap Legend mode is.
    Seemingly everything you throw will be reversed...get used to it. Because
    making Bret submit is almost impossible, you will have to rely on your finisher
    to win this match. Self make this Match, and put you face, and Bret Heel. In
    the match, launch many top rope moves to quickly raise your special meter. When
    you get a finisher, unleash it and repeat. You should eventually find Bret
    getting red, along with your self. Be careful here, and do your best to land
    moves for pins, without getting yourself caught instead. This match should test
    everything you have learned so far, and some luck could never hurt.
    Challenge 47. (As SCSA) Defeat the Rock in a No DQ match
    Normal (No DQ)
    WM 17 Arena
    No DQ makes me a happy boy. Instead of what would be a truly hard fought match
    between you and the Rock. All you have to do is head outside of the ring and
    grab a weapon. Then proceed to go rattle snake all over the Rock. Of course, if
    you don’t want use weapons. Keep Rock on the mat so he can’t build up his
    special meter. Austin has some pretty sweet stats in this game so you should
    win moderately easily either way. 
    Challenge 48. (As 80’s Hulk Hogan) Defeat Andre the Giant
    Single No Manager
    WM 9 Arena
    Hmm, I didn’t know this match happened in 1993! Seriously, how hard would it
    have been to put in a WM 3 Arena or something? Most of these matches just don’t
    have the impact they should, fighting in a toga arena. But that has nothing to
    do with this challenge. Anyway, all time lapses aside know that what Hogan
    lacks in size on Andre. He has highly superior stats which should make this not
    too bad. As Hogan, make it a note to either keep Andre on the mat, or find a
    grapple move that is effective, and doesn’t involve picking Andre up. Abuse
    this one move to bring the big man down. Land the Leg drop of Doom (sucks) and
    win the match.
    Challenge 49. (As the Rock) Defeat Current day Hogan
    Single No Manager
    WM 21 Arena
    How does Rock keep getting into these games? He never shows up. His voice isn’t
    in the game, and I just don’t think too many people would notice or care if he
    just wasn’t in it. Despite that, this match is pretty much like all the other
    singles challenge that are in this game. Just know at least a few moves with
    Rocky, and destroy Hogan with your mostly superior stats. And please tell me
    which you think is a stupider finisher, the Rock Bottom or the Leg Drop.
    Challenge 50. (As Bret Hart) Defeat SCSA in a Submission Match
    Submission Match
    WM 9 Arena
    Good thing Austin passed out eight years ago, or this challenge would be quite
    a bit more difficult. Luckily, you get to use Bret Hart with a massively
    superior submission stat. Go to work on any part of Austin’s body (I recommend
    his legs). Keeping beating on Austin, then slap in the submission. But you
    already knew all of this didn’t you?
    Challenge 51. (As Ted Dibiase) defeat 80’s Hogan with manager Jimmy Hart
    Single Vs Single w/ Manager
    WM 9 Arena
    Hey! They got a time period right! Because you have very likely never used Ted
    Before this match, you may end up plating this match a couple times. Slowing
    you should be able to keep Hogan down and keep your specials coming. Lock in
    the Million Dollar Dream Defeat 80’s Hogan and party like its 1993 which it
    actually is.
    Challenge 52. (As The Undertaker) Defeat Mankind in a HIAC Match
    Hell in a Cell Match
    Any Arena
    Like any other hardcore based specialty match in this game, this one is pretty
    easy. Lead Mankind up to the top of the Cell. Then somehow throw him off it.
    (100 Bonus points if he hits the table) Let him get back up and put him through
    it. By this time Foley should be pretty weak and you should be unharmed. Work
    him down until It’s tombstone time. Then you auto pin him so I don’t have to
    tell you to win the match.
    Challenge 53. (As Current Day Hulk Hogan) Defeat Hollywood Hogan
    Single No DQ
    Any Arena 
    Just a quick note. I don’t think I would ever call any Hogan good. He was
    always pretty much evil in my book. First, despite that, thanks to that lovely
    No DQ stipulation, It’s Weapon time! Grab a chair and go to work on evil
    Hogan. Beat him silly till he is in red. Then go back in the ring and launch
    off a couple Arial moves. Get that finisher. Drop the Leg Drop. And once again
    know that good always triumphs over evil
    Challenge 54. (As JBL) Defeat Ted DiBiase in a ladder Match
    Ladder Match
    Any Arena
    This is a really fun match. Both men have equal speeds so it is unlikely you
    will get screwed out of the belt. The best advice and can give is to get Ted
    knocked out side the ring. The best way to do this seems to be to knock Ted
    senseless till he is in red. Then get and store a finisher. Set up the ladder
    where it needs to be and then head out side the ring. Land the Power Bomb on
    Ted on the ramp and then run back to the ladder. Get that belt and hope you
    made it in time. Because there are a lot of random factors in the game, this
    may take one time. Or it may take ten. Don’t get too frustrated.
    Challenge 55. (As Angle and 80’s Hulk Hogan) Defeat Muhammad Hassan and Daivri
    Tag team match
    Any Arena
    Both of your guys have massively superior stats, so this shouldn’t be so hard.
    Choose Angle, because Hogan sucks to play as. Let Hogan go in there first to do
    some damage. And then when he is in the red, put your hand out for a tag. Do
    your best to keep Divari in the ring while you work on his legs the best you
    can. Get them into red and lock in the Ankle Lock. For some reason, the CPU
    doesn’t really seem to break up submissions in tag matches, and this is good
    news for you. Angle has almost double the submission stat of Daivari, so an
    Angle Lock in red should equal a win quite quickly.
    Challenege 56. (As The Big Show) defeat Andre the Giant
    Any Arena
    Considering last year had you as Rey Mysterio in this match. This years version
    is quite a bit easier. TBS and Andre are similar in almost every way, so this
    match isn’t much different then any other singles match you have played. Work
    the power moves, and keep Andre to the mat. Because both of you are so strong,
    it will only take a few moves to get one another in Red. Once Andre’s chest or
    Head is flashing red, land the Choke slam and win the match.
    Challenege 57. (As William Regal) defeat British Bulldog in a First Blood Match
    First Blood Match
    Any Arena
    As a huge Regal mark, I loved this match. Like all other First Blood Matches,
    head out of the ring and grab your self a chair. Go crazy on Bulldogs head
    while doing your best to avoid his attacks. These matches are never that hard
    so there isn’t a whole lot more I can say about it. Just note that Regal seems
    to be broken open really easy in this match, so really try not to get hit with
    a chair.
    Challenge 58. (As Eugene) Defeat Junkyard Dog in an Iron Man Match
    Iron Man Match
    Any Arena
    What kind of weird challenge is this? I think they just wanted to put Junkyard
    and Eugene in a match, so they put them together. Meanwhile, my main man
    Shelton Benjamin gets screwed for the second year in a row. Luckily you get
    Eugene in this match who has vastly superior stats and some pretty powerful
    moves. In broken record style keep JYD on defense while keeping you fresh. When
    you can land the Eugene Stunner, do so. You should quickly find yourself
    racking up pin falls. In a fifteen minute match I won 12-4 so this isn’t too 
    Challenge 59. (As Christ Benoit) Defeat Bret Hard in a Cage Match
    Cage Match
    Any Arena
    A seriously awesome match if you play it correctly. You can simply escape out
    the door and win within twenty seconds but that would be lame. Instead you
    should certainly win the match by pinning your opponent, or escaping the cage.
    Winning by Cross face is also possible but I’ve never been able to do it.
    Instead, use and abuse Benoits many suplexes and slams that do a ton of damage
    and keep Hart on the mat. When Benoit is weak, land a bridge pin (Circle + up
    then Circle + down) If Bret is in red, this should finish him off. If not, keep
    trying or land a high impact suplex then make a run for a cage. It’s very
    likely that you won’t escape the cage, but occasionally Bret will miss when
    trying to knock you down and you will be able to escape. Overall one of my
    favorite challenges and should have been number 60 as apposed to...
    Challenge 60. (As John Cena) Defeat The Rock in a TLC Match
    TLC Match
    Any Arena
    I don’t like Cena, and I don’t like Rock. You can imagine how I was less then
    thrilled while playing this match. Still, the TLC stipulation is one of my
    favorites so that saved this match quite a bit. Like all hardcore matches, head
    on out of the ring and grab your favorite weapon of choice. Proceed to bash Mr.
    Rock with it until he is in red. Do the wavy hand thing and land the taking a
    shot gun blast straight to the head Esq. FU. And win this terribly anti
    climactic final match.
    And just like that. You will receive your Final Challenge trophy and an
    alternate outfit for SCSA. You also acquire the Million Dollar, and Hardcore
    belts. Time to get the rest of those trophies
    Trophies (WII)
    Like challenges, trophies are not very important in completing the game.
    However having them does make you seem like a better player, and they look
    cool. Likewise, each trophy unlocks things like loading screens, and items for
    your club house, so there is some reward. Unlike challenges, most of these
    trophies are not unlocked by doing a certain match with certain rules. Instead,
    certain objectives must be completed to gain them. Because of this, trophies
    are much harder to get then most challenges.
    /Match based trophies\ (WII1) These trophies can be gained by playing one, or
    Exhibition matches. Only one of these required true skills, the others rely on
    Perseverance more then anything.
    Trophy 1. Win 100 matches in all modes put together.
    First of all, to see how many current wins you possess, to do this you should
    check your computer in your club house. My best advice is to forget about this
    for at least until you have done most if not all of the challenges and
    trophies. The challenges alone should give you forty or so wins, and the
    seasons are worth fifteen wins each. Still, to round things out you can simple
    play some exhibition matches you enjoy and can win quickly. Or you can have a
    go at GM. And play all the main events. Either way, this challenge isn’t much
    of a problem so don’t worry about it. 
    Note: I’ve heard a glitch about reaching 100 wins, and not getting the trophy.
    If this happens fear not. Just win ten or twenty more matches and it should
    show up eventually. (Gaining this trophy unlocks a couple of figurines to buy
    for your crib)
    Trophy 2. Win an Elimination Chamber Match on Legends difficulty against 5
    other people and pin them all yourself.
    Remember to set the difficulty level to Legend before attempting this. I beat
    it on hard once, and I’ll just say I was less then thrilled to not get my
    trophy. There are two ways to do this and I’ll break down each.
    The manly way: Well, you’re going to want to be someone who you’re very good
    as, and have excellent stats. A great suggestion is making your own 99 CAW with
    10 Strength, endurance, and submission if you plan to make them tap. Likewise,
    you’re free to choose your opponents but seriously, you’re not going to want to
    pick HHH or Taker. Remember, your going to have to pin all these men, don’t let
    your pride blind your judgment. Make yourself first and start the match. In
    this match, your concern should be avoiding damage above all else. Start the
    match by carefully working down your opponent and if you feel like risking it,
    strong Irish whipping him into the glass or chain fence. Once the next man is
    released. Run far, far away and let them duke it out while you taunt to raise
    your special meter. From now on, it should be your point to break up any pin or
    submission attempts. Likewise whenever someone falls into red, you should do
    anything necessary to get to them, land a finisher and or Strong Irish whip
    them into the glass cell, and get the win. Please not that I have written this
    as if it is easy to do. Trust me when I say it isn’t. I attempted this a
    counted twelve times on hard, and seven on Legend before I got the win on a
    mostly fluke. I say if you try and fail this match more then ten times, feel
    free to try the attempt below.
    The not manly way: Trust me when I say I am going all out cheap here. First
    stop is the CAW mode. Make any CAW look you want, but make him a diva weight.
    Next go to his stats. Leave them all at three. Save him and make five copies.
    (I think you know where I’m going with this.) Next have a 99 CAW and make sure
    he has a 10 Submission stat. and 10 Strength stat. Make the match against (You
    guessed it) those five CAW. Make your self number one and lead your first
    opponent outside the ring. Strong Irish whip him into the cage and that may
    very well be enough. If not, pick him up and do it again. He shouldn’t last
    long. Do your best to get a pin before the next man is released, but if you 
    can’t just change your pin to a submission and you should still pick up the win
    as CPU’s never break up submissions. Even so, you may still lose this match
    once or twice showing how damn hard this challenge really is. And so ends me
    completely stepping up my A game for the trophies. (Gaining this trophy unlocks
    several new roster loading screens that you can turn on in your locker room at
    your T.V. Area.)
    Trophy 3. Play a match in every match category in exhibition mode.
    O.K. don’t even bother with this until you finish all of the challenges. Doing
    so will have you competing in a majority of the required matches automatically.
    Either way, It’s important to note that you only have to do one match from
    every category, and all of the main events. To make things easier, I will post
    a little check list that has what I believe to be the easiest/most enjoyable
    match from each category
    Single no Manager
    Table Tornado Tag
    Triple Threat
    Fatal Four Way
    One on Three Handicap (you as one of the three)
    10 Man Royal Rumble
    3 Stages of Hell (Whichever matches you like)
    Parking Lot Brawl
    4 Man over the Top Battle Royal
    Buried Alive Match
    Tornado 6 Man Tag Elimination Chamber (Why not?)
    First Blood
    Fulfill Your Fantasy
    Hardcore Single
    Single Hell in a Cell
    10 Min Iron man
    Triple Threat Tornado Tag Ladder (It’s easier then single)
    Single Last Man Standing
    Slobber Knocker
    Hell in a Cell Special Referee
    Single, pin and give up
    Single submission
    Single Table
    Fatal Four Way TLC
    Do those and the trophy should be yours.
    (Acquiring this trophy wins you two new exercise machines... Woohoo.
    Trophy 4. Win 10 Matches with a CAW
    You know how to do this, just use a CAW and go through Season mode, or just win
    ten exhibition matches, trophy won (Acquiring this trophy allows you to buy The
    mouth of the south Jimmy Hart for 28k.)
    Trophies 5-8 complete all the challenges.
    Please look above to find advice on all 60 challenges in the game. As far as
    miscellaneous advice goes, patience is key. If you keep trying something and it
    won’t work, try going at it another way. Besides that practice and luck is the
    ultimate key to success.
    (Completing of the challenges unlock a bunch of stuff which is written above as
    Trophy 9. Win GM mode.
    I am a huge fan of GM mode, and may very well add a moderately detailed guide
    for it eventually, but for now, there is already a quite good guide available
    so I recommend using that. Also note that you can win this by playing with two
    players. And if you manage to beat your friend fairly then I don’t think there
    is any shame in getting it that way. 
    (There is now)
    /Season mode trophies\ (WII2)
    All of these trophies are acquired by completing certain
    storylines and matches in Season Mode. I decided the best way to do this would
    be to give a list of the Superstar who I used to get the trophy, and a write up
    if the match you will need to win to get the trophy.
    Trophy 10. Win the Bar Room Brawl Match in the Legends tour Storyline
    Either Brand Story Line
    I used JBL
    The Legends Tour storyline was the first storyline I was shown in the Smack
    down storyline, before I even knew about the trophies. So imagine my surprise
    when I decide to challenge Austin to the First Blood, and look for Foley before
    the show (What you should do) I was then entered into a match which Mick Foley
    in a Barroom Brawl. This match is 10 times easier then the challenge mode match
    against John Cena. JBL has an excellent hardcore stat, and you should use that
    to your full advantage. Get your uses out of the cue stick before strong Irish
    whipping Foley into the Basketball game which does some seriously heavy damage.
    Get the finisher ready and land the Powerbomb. Good fight, good night.
    (Acquiring this trophy wins you the Jukebox, in which you can listen to stuff
    in your Club House.)
    Trophy 11. Win both Trish Status’ and Torrie Wilson’s contract in season mode
    Contract one Trish on Raw
    I used a CAW
    I will split this up as it takes place in two separate storylines. First up is
    Trish Stratus’ contract, as far as I know, you will receive this match as long
    as you use any Raw wrestler besides Eugene, Regal, Edge, or Christian. (If I’m
    wrong, E-mail me) as a CAW this was the second story line I received and
    involved me tagging with Eugene against Edge and Christian. The story line
    ended with me and Eugene, against Edge and Christian with Trish’s contract on
    the line. As far as tag matches go, this wasn’t much harder then I expected it
    to be. Eugene has some seriously juiced stats in this game, therefore making
    this pretty easy. I let Eugene get Edge into red, then tagged in and slapped on
    my CAW’s Figure Four to win it. Now finish the season up and on to Smack down.
    Trophy 11 cont’
    Contract two, Torrie on Smack Down
    Now is it just me, or are Torries breast almost robotic looking in this game?
    They almost look too perfect and kind of creepy. But that’s really off topic. I
    received this as my first story line with my CAW, Mick Foley, and Kurt Angle.
    The story line should start with you coming between RVD and Cena, with the
    storyline cultivating in a triple threat for Torrie’s services. In this match
    you will want to do your best to let the two men fight amongst themselves.
    Meanwhile, you should do everything you can to raise your special meter and
    stay fresh. When one guy is in red, land your finisher and strong Irish whip
    the other guy out of the ring and go for the pin. If you get the pin, Torrie’s
    robo-boobs and a nice new trophy are yours.
    (Acquiring this trophy unlocks several diva loading screens which can be turned
    on in your club house.)
    Trophy 12. Win the Legends Battle Royal in the Legends tour storyline
    Raw or Smack down season
    I used JBL
    A random match that pops up in the Legend’s tour storyline is the legends
    Battle Royal between you and The Rock, Mankind, Bret Hart, SCSA, and Hulk
    Hogan(Thanks to liampd for that). Strangely, this match isn’t half as difficult
    as the ECW match. Likely because this is on normal which is way easier. Like 
    All multi men matches, spend most of your time on the top rope hiding, or just
    avoiding getting hurt. When it’s down to two, head on in and finish the job.
    Then watch a hilarious cut scene where the audio is like 20 seconds behind the
    video. (Acquiring this trophy wins you all of the legends loading screens.)
    Trophy 13. Complete the Raw season trophy with anyone
    I may, and by may I mean it is very unlikely I will make some sort of Raw and
    Smack Down guide, but don’t count on it.
    (Acquiring this trophy gets you 80’s Hogan and the World Heavyweight Title)
    (<.< >.> I made it)
    Trophy 14. Complete the Smack Down season trophy with anyone 
    Pretty much the same thing I wrote for the Raw trophy.
    (Acquiring this trophy gets you Hollywood Hogan and the WWE Championship)
    Trophy 15. Win the Royal Rumble in Season mode
    Anyone on either brand
    Between the second and final storyline always comes the Royal Rumble. Before
    the match, take the option for the triple threat and win it so you get the
    number 30 entry. Start the match; now go eat dinner or something because you
    won’t be in there for 45 minutes or so. Once you finally enter, make it a point
    not to lose because if you do, you’ll need to wait another 45 minutes. When you
    enter head strait up to the ring post and Road Dog it out (A cookie if you get
    the reference). When it’s down to two, head on down and clean some house.
    (Acquiring this trophy wins you a couple outfits, and some new collectables.)
    Trophy 16. Defeat the Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match
    Smack down storyline
    I used JBL, after all this, It’s nice that this is the last you thing you do.
    And what a thing you have to do it is. I used JBL in the Smack Down
    storyline and got this storyline second. When I got the choices from Eddie
    Guerrero, I chose the one against him, but I assume both will get you the story
    line. After a very lengthy feud between me and Eddie it ended against Taker in
    a Buried Alive match. Taker is damn near impossible to finish in this match
    without using a casket finisher so that is how I recommend you do this. You
    will be a face in this match so use top ropes moves inside the ring to get a
    stored finisher, then work out up your second bar and go in for the kill.
    Strong Irish whip him into that casket and finish him and get your last trophy.
    (Acquiring this trophy wins you a bunch of random stuff to buy for your club
    Shop: (HLA) 
    Located in your Club House on the computer, this is the main place for 
    you to spend your money on.
    Andre the Giant: 28K, available from start
    Bret Hart: 28k, available from start
    Mankind: 28k, available from start
    British Bulldog: 28K, available from start
    Jimmy Hart: 28k, unlocked by gaining the Tough Enough trophy.
    Hulk Hogan 80’s: 28K, unlocked by gaining the Raw season trophy.
    NWO Hogan: 28K, unlocked by gaining the Smack Down season trophy. 
    Junkyard Dog: 28k, available form start
    Ted DiBiase: 28K, available from start
    Jake the Snake Roberts: 28k, available from start
    2P Costumes:
    John Cena Jersey: 8K, unlocked by gaining the Rising Star Trophy
    Carlitio T-Shirt: 8K, unlocked by gaining the Rising Star Trophy
    Legend Belts
    The Million Dollar Belt: 8K, Unlocked by gaining the Challenge Mode Legend 
    Hardcore Championship: 8K, Unlocked by gaining the Challenge Mode Legend 
    Collection Items
    The Rock BobbleHead: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Rock
    Name: Hulk Hogan Bobblehead: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring Hulk Hogan
    Eddie Low-rider: 1.5K, available from the start
    JBL Limousine: 1.5K, available from the start
    Undertaker Motorbike: 1.5K, available from the start
    Carlito Apple, 1.5K, available from the start
    JBL $100 Bill: 1.5K (That’s a really expensive $100 bill!), available from the
    Eugene Stuffed Animal: 1.5K, available from the start
    Name: Regal Brass Knuckles: 1.5K, available from the start
    Jimmy Hart Megaphone: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Rock
    Bret Hart Sunglasses: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring Bret Hard
    British Bulldog's Bulldog 1.5k: Unlocked by acquiring British Bulldog
    Kane Mask: 1.5K, available from the start
    Batista Figure: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the 100 Wins Trophy
    John Cena Figure: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the 100 Wins Trophy
    John Cena Lock Chain: 2.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Elimination Chamber 
    Kurt Angle Gold Medal: 2.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Elimination Chamber 
    Stacy Stand Cut-Out: 1.8K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Trish Stand Cut-Out: 1.8K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Lava Lamp: 1.8K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Leather Couch: 1.8K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Furry Couch: 1.8K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Lowrider Couch: 1.8K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Glass Coffee Table: 1.8K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Name: Casino Table: 1.8k, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Sledgehammer: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Bar Brawl trophy
    Barbie Weapon: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Bar Brawl trophy
    Guitar: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Bar Brawl trophy
    John Cena Football Jersey: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Royal Rumble trophy
    John Cena Baseball Jersey: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Royal Rumble trophy
    Y2J Hockey Jersey: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Royal Rumble trophy
    Rey Mysterious Basketball Jersey: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Royal Rumble 
    Shane McMahon Jersey: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Royal Rumble trophy
    ECW T-Shirt: 2K, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Torrie Poster: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Torrie Poster 2: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Trish Poster 1: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Trish Poster 2: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Trish Poster 3: 1.5k, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Stacy Poster 1: 1.5k, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Stacy Poster 2: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Name: Christy Poster 1: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Name: Christy Poster: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Michelle McCool Poster: 1.5k, Unlocked by acquiring the Collect-A-Diva Trophy
    Bret Hart Poster: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Legends Battle Royal Trophy
    The Rock Poster: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Legends Battle Royal Trophy
    Mankind Poster, 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Legends Battle Royal Trophy
    Austin Poster, 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Legends Battle Royal Trophy
    Hogan Poster: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Legends Battle Royal Trophy
    D-X Poster: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Legends Battle Royal Trophy
    Evolution Poster: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Legends Battle Royal Trophy
    N.W.O Poster: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Legends Battle Royal Trophy
    Hall of Fame Poster: 1.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Legends Battle Royal 
    Metal Locker: 3K, available from the start
    Glass Locker: 4K, available from the start
    Survivor Series Steel Chair: 1.5K, available from the start
    SummerSlam Steel Chair: 1.5K, available from the start
    Royal Rumble Steel Chair: 1.5K, available from the start
    WrestleMania 21 Steel Chair: 1.5K, available from the start
    Trophy Case 
    Metal Trophy Case: 3K, available from the start
    Glass Trophy Case: 4K, Available from the start
    Belt Case
    Metal Belt Case: 3K, available from the start
    Glass Belt Case: 4K, available from the start
    Training Machines
    Training Machine 1: 3K, Unlocked by acquisition of the Match Veteran trophy
    Training Machine 2: 3K, Unlocked by acquisition of the Match Veteran trophy
    Tiger Skin Rug: 3K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Fancy Component Stereo Set: 3.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Ceiling Fan: 3.5K, Unlocked by acquiring the Urn Trophy
    Closing (END)
    All the stuff not really about the Guide
    /Contact me\ (END1)
    If you have any question, concerns, comments, anything at all. Please feel free
    to E-Mail them to me at bobeta5@gmail.com. Things I will appreciate the most 
    Any thing with correct spelling. I’m not asking you to make it perfect. But
    please have respect for me by typing in a way I won’t have to squint to read
    and understand.
    Constructive Criticism, This is my first guide, and therefore I don’t really
    know what people really want to see. If there is anything you dislike or would
    like see change PLEASE tell me. And don’t just flat out insult the guide.
    Please tell me why you dislike it.
    Compliments. I’ll admit it. This guide has taken over fifteen or twenty hours
    to make and I really want people to like it. If you enjoyed the guide and want
    to thank me. Just send me an E-Mail saying thanks. I know It’s cheesy but I
    really will appreciate it more then you think.
    Any questions you have. Seriously, if there’s something I don’t talk about, or
    leave to vague in the FAQ tell me. I’ll make sure to answer your question
    directly, and then update my guide with some more info as to answer your
    question here as well. I’ll also add a real FAQ section soon enough, if I get
    enough similar questions.
    Pretty much anything you want. As long as what you have to say in any way
    involves the guide, and hell even if it dosn’t Feel free to send me a note. 
    /Thank Yous\ (END2)
    You, the reader. Without you reading this, then this whole thing is a failure.
    Oh, and if you want to thank me, just exit out of this FAQ then go back in like
    twenty times to raise my hits...Or E-mail me at bobeta5@gmail.com
    The Wrestle rant Pod cast. Found at http://www.wrestlerant.com/main/ is one of
    most interesting, and entertaining Podcast I know. I highly recommend everyone
    to check it out.
    My friend Doug for keeping me company with some Arena 
    The SD VS Raw Board for getting a lot of good advice
    Board 8, because Board 8 is awesome.
    http://members.optusnet.com.au/astroblue/writing_guide.txt for helping me out
    acidfreeze30 and his SD VS Raw guide. Not to say I copied it, but I did use it
    for the last game and therefore remembered quite a few tactics that I may have
    used in this guide. Just filling in a gray line by thanking him.
    Yukes for making a darn fine video game
    PWB for a couple jokes and fads in the guide. 
    Guide History (END3)
    12/2/05: Started guide and wrote without stopping for nine hours, end of day
    totals 23/60 challenges, 8 pages, 3446 words, 20,497 Characters (with spaces),
    117 paragraphs, and 362 lines
    12/3/05: Did a lot less then I would have liked, corrected some spelling and
    grammar, and then did challenges 24, 25, and 26. End of day totals 26/60
    challenges, 10 pages, 4,223 words, 24,759 characters (with spaces), 129
    paragraphs, 425 lines  
    12/4/05: Whole bunch more done. Hope to have this thing finished by next
    Friday. End of day totals, 37/60 challenges, 14 pages, 6,094 words, 36,046
    characters (with spaces), 196 paragraphs, 645 lines.
    12/5/05 nothing done
    12/6/05 I have finals tomorrow, but who cares when theres FAQ’s to write! Added
    contact me section, and some other stuff. End of Day Totals 42/60 challenges,
    17 pages, 7,412 words, 43,374 characters (with spaces), 224 paragraphs, 764 
    12/10/05 I actually have done some stuff all week...but I forgot to update, so
    I’ll just say I did it all today! I got quite a bit done...today. Submitted
    guide 75% done, with guide .75  End of day totals: 18 pages, 8,062 words,
    47,410 characters (with spaces), 261 paragraphs, 811 lines.
    12/13/05 Rejected on basis or poor format, Oh Noes!
    12/14/05 Fixed a bunch of stuff rejected for, and re submitted. Now working on
    Legend Challenges. End of Day Totals 48/60 challenges 20 pages, 8,511 words,
    49,273 characters (with spaces) 740 paragraphs, 902 lines.
    12/15/05 Rejected on basis of Duplication. But It’s fine. I’ll add a few more
    things and re submit as a trophy FAQ. 
    12/16/05 Went to town on this bad boy and raised some serious hell. Finished
    challenges and did all the trophies. Submitted for what will have to be an
    accepted version at version 1.2. End of day totals 60/60 challenges, 16/16
    trophies 27 pages, 12,218 words, 70,481 characters (with spaces), 894
    paragraphs, 1,224 lines
    12/19/05 Rejected on duplication again. I fixed the grammar and re sent with a
    much more aggressive additional info.
    12/20/05 And so the gloves come off. This is no longer just a challenge mode
    guide, but instead, a full fledged FAQ. Since there aren’t any of those, this
    (should) be accepted. End of Day Totals: Still need to do GM Mode and a bunch 
    of other stuff, 45 pages, 19,096 words, 110,783 Characters (With Spaces) 1,507
    paragraphs, 2,021 lines. E-Mail amount 3.
    12/21/05 made stuff much easier to read, also started story mode (long version)
    End Of Day Totals Story and GM mode mainly still needed, 40 pages (changed
    format to Courier New 10 so smaller letters), 20,927 words, 121,503 characters
    (with spaces), 1,549 paragraphs, 2,274 lines. E-Mail Count 7
    12/23/05 It was accepted! Hooray! Did like half of GM mode, did a little story,
    and stupidly started character lists which now I’m going to have to finish. O
    well. End of Day totals: 2/63 characters, still need to finish GM and season,
    52 pages, 26,385 words, 151,864 characters (with spaces), 1,922 paragraphs, 
    2,917 lines, E-Mail Count 9
    12/25/05 Did oodles upon oodles of characters. (Like five) Also reformatted
    which made the like look slightly less cluttered. Re submitted as Version .75
    End of Day Total: 8/63 characters, Story Mode and GM mode coming soon I swear!
    , Pages 73, 35,000 Words, Characters (With Spaces) 199,559, 2,835 Paragraphs,
    4,117 Lines.  
    12/28/05 Still just a potato. Finished Urning your spot storyline, and more
    character lists! HOORAY! End of day totals: GM and Story coming, also going to
    do the options, 13/63 character lists done, 92 pages, 42,780 words, ,242,921
    characters (with spaces), 3,610 paragraphs, 5,204 lines.
    4/27/06: Fixed the Table of Contents. Realized that this guide sucks
    terribly...my bad.
    Legal Junk (END4)
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    Respective trademark and copyright holders
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
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    highly credible web site. The only web site I visit is Gamefaq’s and only they
    may use it. Any one else will simply be denied unless I have heard good things
    about them. I f you know you are not one of those sites, please don’t even
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    will fight you if found stolen. Likewise, if you find this FAQ on any site
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    This document is Copyright 2006 Matthew Culkin.

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