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    Trophy FAQ by baubeta

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    Trophy Guide
    Version 1.1
    Copyright Matt Culkin
    This guide is allowed to be posted on Gamefaq.com, Gamespot.com, and 
    Hello, welcome to my Trophies FAQ. There aren’t a whole lot of bells and
    whistles on this as it is merely a smaller part, of a bigger guide I am working
    on. But if you need trophy help, you should find all you need here. Note that
    is something seems odd. (Like me alluding to challenges that don’t exist in the
    guide. Please know that a challenge guide will accompany this in the guide.
    Table of Contents
    1) Trophies
    A) Match Based trophies
    B) Season mode based tropies
    2) Closing
    A) Contact me
    B) Thanks Yous
    C) Legal Junk
    Match based trophies. These trophies can be gained by playing one, or several
    exhibition matches. Only one of these required true skills, the others rely on
    perseverance more then anything.
    Trophy 1. Win 100 matches in all modes put together.
    First of all, to see how many current wins you possess, (10,000 words hurray!)
    check your computer in your club house. My best advice is to forget about this
    for at least until you have done most if not all of the challenges and
    trophies. The challenges alone should give you forty or so wins, and the
    seasons are worth fifteen wins each. Still, to round things out you can simple
    play some exhibition matches you enjoy and can win quickly. Or you can have a
    go at GM. And play all the main events. Either way, this challenge isn’t much
    of a problem so don’t worry about it.
    Note: I’ve heard a glitch about reaching 100 wins, and not getting the trophy.
    If this happens fear not. Just win ten or twenty more matches and it should
    show up eventually.
    (Gaining this trophy unlocks a couple of figurines to buy for your crib)
    Trophy 2. Win an Elimination Chamber Match on Legends difficulty against 5
    other people and pin them all yourself.
    Remember to set the difficulty level to Legend before attempting this. I beat
    it on hard once, and I’ll just say I was less then thrilled to not get my
    trophy. There are two ways to do this and I’ll break down each.
    The manly way: Well, you’re going to want to be someone who you’re very good
    as, and have excellent stats. A great suggestion is making your own 99 CAW with
    10 Strength, endurance, and submission if you plan to make them tap. Likewise,
    you’re free to choose your opponents but seriously, you’re not going to want to
    pick HHH or Taker. Remember, your going to have to pin all these men, don’t let
    your pride blind your judgment. Make yourself first and start the match. In
    this match, your concern should be avoiding damage above all else. Start the
    match by carefully working down your opponent and if you feel like risking it,
    strong Irish whipping him into the glass or chain fence. Once the next man is
    released. Run far, far away and let them duke it out while you taunt to raise
    your special meter. From now on, it should be your point to break up any pin or
    submission attempts. Likewise whenever someone falls into red, you should do
    anything necessary to get to them, land a finisher and or Strong Irish whip
    them into the glass cell, and get the win. Please note that I have written this
    as if it is easy to do. Trust me when I say it isn’t. I attempted this a
    counted twelve times on hard, and seven on Legend before I got the win on a
    mostly fluke. I say if you try and fail this match more then ten times, feel
    free to try the attempt below.
    The not manly way: Trust me when I say I am going all out cheap here. First
    stop is the CAW mode. Make any CAW look you want, but make him a diva weight.
    Next go to his stats. Leave them all at three. Save him and make five copies.
    (I think you know where I’m going with this.) Next have a 99 CAW and make sure
    he has a 10 Submission stat. and 10 Strength stat. Make the match against (You
    guessed it) those five CAW. Make your self number one and lead your first
    opponent outside the ring. Strong Irish whip him into the cage and that may
    very well be enough. If not, pick him up and do it again. He shouldn’t last
    long. Do your best to get a pin before the next man is released, but if you
    can’t just change your pin to a submission and you should still pick up the win
    as CPU’s never break up submissions. Even so, you may still lose this match
    once or twice showing how damn hard this challenge really is. 
    (Gaining this trophy unlocks several new roster loading screens that you can
    turn on in your locker room at your T.V. Area.)
    Trophy 3. Play a match in every match category in exhibition mode.
    O.K. don’t even bother with this until you finish all of the challenges. Doing
    so will have you competing in a majority of the required matches automatically.
    Either way, It’s important to note that you only have to do one match from
    every category, and all of the main events. To make things easier, I will post
    a little check list that has what I believe to be the easiest/most enjoyable
    match from each category
    Single no Manager
    Table Tornado Tag
    Triple Threat
    Fatal Four Way
    One on Three Handicap (you as one of the three)
    10 Man Royal Rumble
    3 Stages of Hell (Whichever matches you like)
    Parking Lot Brawl
    4 Man over the Top Battle Royal
    Buried Alive Match
    Tornado 6 Man Tag Elimination Chamber (Why not?)
    First Blood
    Fulfill Your Fantasy
    Hardcore Single
    Single Hell in a Cell
    10 Min Iron man
    Triple Threat Tornado Tag Ladder (It’s easier then single)
    Single Last Man Standing
    Slobber Knocker
    Hell in a Cell Special Referee
    Single, pin and give up
    Single submission
    Single Table
    Fatal Four Way TLC
    Do those and the trophy should be yours.
    (Acquiring this trophy wins you two new exercise machines... Woohoo.
    Trophy 4. Win 10 Matches with a CAW
    You know how to do this, just use a CAW and go through Season mode, or just win
    ten exhibition matches, trophy won
    (Acquiring this trophy allows you to buy The mouth of the south Jimmy Hart
    for 28k.)
    Trophies 5-8 complete all the challenges.
    There already is a guide available for you to check out, I can’t say I’m the
    biggest fan of it, but It’s there.
    (Completion of these challenges unlock a bunch of stuff which is written in the
    coming guide as well)
    Note, this will totally be in the big guide, as it’s already done.
    9. Win GM mode.
    I am a huge fan of GM mode, and may very well add a moderately detailed guide
    for it eventually, but for now, there is already a quite good guide available
    so I recommend using that. Also note that you can win this by playing with two
    players. And if you manage to beat your friend fairly then I don’t think there
    is any shame in getting it that way.
    Season mode trophies. All of these trophies are acquired by completing certain
    storylines and matches in Season Mode. I decided the best way to do this would
    be to give a list of the Superstar who I used to get the trophy, and a write up
    if the match you will need to win to get the trophy.
    Trophy 10. Win the Bar Room Brawl Match in the Legends tour Storyline
    Either Brand Story Line
    I used JBL
    The Legends Tour storyline was the first storyline I was shown in the Smack
    down storyline, before I even knew about the trophies. So imagine my surprise
    when I decide to challenge Austin to the First Blood, and look for Foley before
    the show (What you should do) I was then entered into a match which Mick Foley
    in a Barroom Brawl. This match is 10 times easier then the challenge mode match
    against John Cena. JBL has an excellent hardcore stat, and you should use that
    to your full advantage. Get your uses out of the cue stick before strong Irish
    whipping Foley into the Basketball game which does some seriously heavy damage.
    Get the finisher ready and land the Powerbomb. Good fight, good night.
    (Acquiring this trophy wins you the Jukebox, in which you can listen to stuff
    in your Club House.)
    Trophy 11. Win both Trish Status’ and Torrie Wilson’s contract in season mode
    Contract one Trish on Raw
    I used a CAW
    I will split this up as it takes place in two separate storylines. First up is
    Trish Stratus’ contract, as far as I know, you will receive this match as long
    as you use any Raw wrestler besides Eugene, Regal, Edge, or Christian. (If I’m
    wrong, E-mail me) as a CAW this was the second story line I received and
    involved me tagging with Eugene against Edge and Christian. The story line
    ended with me and Eugene, against Edge and Christian with Trish’s contract on
    the line. As far as tag matches go, this wasn’t much harder then I expected it
    to be. Eugene has some seriously juiced stats in this game, therefore making
    this pretty easy. I let Eugene get Edge into red, then tagged in and slapped on
    my CAW’s Figure Four to win it. Now finish the season up and on to Smack down.
    Trophy 11 cont’
    Contract two, Torrie on Smack Down
    Now is it just me, or are Torries breast almost robotic looking in this game?
    They almost look too perfect and kind of creepy. But that’s really off topic. I
    received this as my first story line with my CAW, Mick Foley, and Kurt Angle.
    The story line should start with you coming between RVD and Cena, with the
    storyline cultivating in a triple threat for Torrie’s services. In this match
    you will want to do your best to let the two men fight amongst themselves.
    Meanwhile, you should do everything you can to raise your special meter and
    stay fresh. When one guy is in red, land your finisher and strong Irish whip
    the other guy out of the ring and go for the pin. If you get the pin, Torrie’s
    robo-boobs and a nice new trophy are yours. But wait! That dasderdly JBL runs
    off with her. Instead you have an Iron Match with JBL. This match shouldn’t be
    too hard as long as you keep JBL on the mat and on defense. He is very
    powerful, but has a low endurance and submission stat so go to town on me.
    (Acquiring this trophy unlocks several diva loading screens which can be turned
    on in your club house.)
    Trophy 12. Win the Legends Battle Royal in the Legends tour storyline
    Raw or Smack down season
    I used JBL
    A random match that pops up in the Legend’s tour storyline is the legends
    Battle Royal between you and The Rock, Mankind, Bret Hart, SCSA, and Hulk
    Hogan(Thanks to liampd for that). Strangely, this match isn’t half as difficult
    as the ECW match. Likely because this is on normal which is way easier. Like 
    All multi men matches, spend most of your time on the top rope hiding, or just
    avoiding getting hurt. When it’s down to two, head on in and finish the job.
    Then watch a hilarious cut scene where the audio is like 20 seconds behind the
    (Acquiring this trophy wins you all of the legends loading screens.)
    Trophy 13. Complete the Raw season trophy with anyone
    Not much of a guide I can give for this besides making an entire Season mode
    guide for it. I’ll probably have that in my big guide so don’t worry.
    (Acquiring this trophy gets you 80’s Hogan and the World Heavyweight 
    Trophy 14. Complete the Smack Down season trophy with anyone 
    Pretty much the same thing I wrote for the Raw trophy.
    (Acquiring this trophy gets you Hollywood Hogan and the WWE Championship)
    Trophy 15. Win the Royal Rumble in Season mode
    Anyone on either brand
    Between the second and final storyline always comes the Royal Rumble. Before
    the match, take the option for the triple threat and win it so you get the
    number 30 entry. Start the match; now go eat dinner or something because you
    won’t be in there for 45 minutes or so. Once you finally enter, make it a point
    not to lose because if you do, you’ll need to wait another 45 minutes. When you
    enter head strait up to the ring post and Road Dog it out (A cookie if you get
    the reference). When it’s down to two, head on down and clean some house.
    (Acquiring this trophy wins you a couple outfits, and some new collectables.)
    Trophy 16. Defeat the Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match
    Smack down storyline
    I used JBL
    I used JBL in the Smack Down
    storyline and got this storyline second. When I got the choices from Eddie
    Guerrero, I chose the one against him, but I assume both will get you the story
    line. After a very lengthy feud between me and Eddie it ended against Taker in
    a Buried Alive match. Taker is damn near impossible to finish in this match
    without using a casket finisher so that is how I recommend you do this. You
    will be a face in this match so use top ropes moves inside the ring to get a
    stored finisher, then work out up your second bar and go in for the kill.
    Strong Irish whip him into that casket and finish him and get your last trophy.
    (Acquiring this trophy wins you a bunch of random stuff to buy for your club
    Contact me
    If you have any question, concerns, comments, anything at all. Please feel free
    to E-Mail them to me at bobeta5@gmail.com. Things I will appreciate the most
    Any thing with correct spelling. I’m not asking you to make it perfect. But
    please have respect for me by typing in a way I won’t have to squint to read
    and understand.
    Constructive Criticism, This is my first guide, and therefore I don’t really
    know what people really want to see. If there is anything you dislike or would
    like see change PLEASE tell me. And don’t just flat out insult the guide.
    Please tell me why you dislike it.
    Compliments. I’ll admit it. This guide has taken over fifteen or twenty hours
    to make and I really want people to like it. If you enjoyed the guide and want
    to thank me. Just send me an E-Mail saying thanks. I know It’s cheesy but I
    really will appreciate it more the  you think.
    Any questions you have. Seriously, if there’s something I don’t talk about, or
    leave to vague in the FAQ tell me. I’ll make sure to answer your question
    directly, and then update my guide with some more info as to answer your
    question here as well. I’ll also add a real FAQ section soon enough, if I get
    enough similar questions.
    Pretty much anything you want. As long as what you have to say in any way
    involves the guide. Feel free to send me a note. AOL may be the devil but it
    doesn’t cost any extra money to read E-Mail...Yet.
    Thank Yous
    You, the reader. Without you reading this, then this whole thing is a failure.
    Oh, and if you want to thank me, just exit out of this FAQ then go back in like
    twenty times to raise my hits...Or E-mail me at bobeta5@gmail.com
    The Wrestle rant Pod cast. Found at  http://www.wrestlerant.com/main/ is one of
    most interesting, and entertaining Podcast I know. I highly recommend everyone
    to check it out.
    My friend Doug for keeping me company with some Arena 
    The SD VS Raw Board for getting a lot of good advice
    Board 8, because Board 8 is awesome.
    acidfreeze30 and his SD VS Raw guide. Not to say I copied it, but I did use it
    for the last game and therefore remembered quite a few tactics that I may have
    used in this guide. Just filling in a gray line by thanking him.
    Yukes for making a darn fine video game
    PWB for a couple jokes and fads in the guide. 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    Respective trademark and copyright holders
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright. And please don’t E-Mail me to use my guide. The only web site I
    visit is Gamefaq’s and only they may use it. Any one else will simply be denied
    so don’t even bother.. And please do not steal it. I made it and worked very
    hard on it and will fight you if found stolen. Likewise, if you find this FAQ
    on any site other than (currently) Gamefaqs.com and Gamespot.com please alert
    me immediately so I can get it removed.
    Copyright 2005 Matthew Culkin.

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