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    Gameplay Guide by BlindParagon

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/31/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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            Gameplay Guide for WWE Smackdown VS. Raw 2006 for PS2
                        Editor: blindparagon@cox.net
                             Special Thanks to:
    *****-----=====/////       VERSION UPDATES       \\\\\=====-----*****
    Scroll to the very bottom of this document to view every update that
    was made since version 1.0
                           (X)  = The X Button
                           (0)  = The Circle Button
                           ([]) = The Square Button
                           (/\) = The Triangle Button
                       ^    = The Up Directional Pad Button
                       <    = The Left Directional Pad Button
                       >    = The Right Directional Pad Button
                       v    = The Down Directional Pad Button
                       +    = A "plus" symbol meaning the button
                              to the left and to the right of
                              this symbol must be pressed at the
                              same time
                       /    = Meaning "or"
    *****-----=====/////      TABLE OF CONTENTS      \\\\\=====-----*****
                               1. Strikes
                               2. Grapple Moves
                               3. Grapple Attacks
                               4. Grapple from Behind
                               5. On the Mat
                               6. Corner Moves
                               7. Rope Attacks
                               8. Diving Attacks
                               9. Dash Attacks
                              10. Tag Team Moves
                              11. Special Moves
                              12. Signature Moves
                              13. Getting In & Out
                              14. Counters
                              15. Ring Posts
                              16. Taunts
                              17. Irish Whips
                              18. Playing Possum
                              19. Quick Climb
                              20. On the Edge
                              21. Barricades
                              22. Announcers' Tables
                              23. Finding and Using Weapons
                              24. Argue with Ref
                              25. Leg Grab from Outside
                              26. Submission Meters
                              27. Super Dirty Moves
                              28. Stolen Finishers
                              29. Interference
                              30. Double KO
                              31. Stamina
                              32. Damage Meter
                              33. Extra Damage
                              34. Pre-Match Mini Games
                              35. PSP Connectivity
                              36. Match Tactics
    *****-----=====/////         1.  Strikes         \\\\\=====-----*****
    A "strike" is any move performed while the competitors are both on 
    their feet and walking or standing still without the need for a 
    grapple. These include basic punches and kicks, and more advanced 
    techniques like clotheslines or flipping kicks. Each Superstar has 
    six different Strikes and one combination attack. Perform the 
    different Strikes by pressing in any direction on the directional 
    pad and pressing (X). A combination attack is a series of three 
    linked Strikes that can only be used in sequence. These are usually 
    two minor Strikes and a major strike at the end, which is often 
    unique. These attacks tend to be more difficult to block, but when 
    used repeatedly, opponents are more likely to discover the pattern 
    and counter with ease.
    Strike 1 - V + (X) 
    Strike 2 - < + V + (X) / > + V + (X)
    Strike 3 - < + (X)
    Strike 4 - < + ^ + (X) / > + ^ + (X)
    Strike 5 - ^ + (X)
    Strike 6 - > + (X)
    Combination Attack - (X), (X), (X)
    *****-----=====/////      2.  Grapple Moves      \\\\\=====-----*****
    Grapples are generally more powerful than strikes, but require 
    grabbing the opponent prior to executing a move. Press ([]) after a
    grapple to let go of the grapple (also works with pin or submission
    hold). Each Superstar has access to five different front-grapple 
    categories, which translates into 25 Grapple moves. To execute a 
    grapple move, approach the opponent and press (0). If successful, 
    the Superstars enter a ready state. The button held on the 
    directional pad as (0) is pressed determines which grapple category 
    is available. For instance, pressing v + (0) prepares for a 
    submission move, or (0) alone selects either Clean or Dirty moves 
    depending on the Superstar's style (selected prior to the match).
    Once the Superstars are in the ready state, choose a move by 
    pressing any direction on the directional pad and (0) at the 
    same time. For example, to use Submission Move 4, a Superstar
    must first grapple the opponent by pressing v + (0). The Superstar 
    then has a few seconds to enter the command for Submission Move 
    4 which is ^ + (0)
    NOTE: Not every move in the Submission moves category is a true 
    Submission hold. They won't all result in a tap out. However, those
    that aren't true submission holds (voluntarily released) aren't 
    subject to rope breaks and are generally good ways to damage an 
    opponent's limbs or head.
    The three unnamed grapple categories vary from Superstar to 
    Superstar based on his or her personal style. There are seven 
    different categories. Power, Speed, Technical, Brawler, Martial 
    Arts, Luchadore, and Old School. Most Superstars use three of the 
    seven. No style is superior to any other. It has less to do with 
    power and more to do with visual styling. Think of it as a failsafe 
    system designed to keep cruiserweights acting like cruiserweights 
    and ultra heavyweights from accidentally performing acrobatic 
    Hurricanranas. It doesn't mean that a cruiserweight can suddenly 
    lift a heavweight just because someone has blessed him with Power 
    The following are performed after initiating a type of grapple...
    Grapple 1 -     (0)
    Grapple 2 - v + (0)
    Grapple 3 - < + (0)
    Grapple 4 - ^ + (0)
    Grapple 5 - > + (0)
    *****-----=====/////     3.  Grapple Attacks     \\\\\=====-----*****
    Grapple attacks are another option once two Superstars are locked 
    together. A Grapple attack is a strike performed while holding onto 
    the opponent's head or body. These are just as powerful as normal 
    strikes, but allow the Superstar to be unpredictable during a grapple
    and avoid counterattacks. They can be used consecutively, or a 
    Grapple move can be performed after the first or second grapple 
    attack. After a grapple attack, the Superstar is able to grab the
    hair of the opponent and move them around the arena. This enables the
    user to perform Special Grapples when near certain items. For
    example, in a Bar Brawl match, grabbing the opponent's hair followed
    by pressing circle when your back is facing a certain item will allow
    interaction with that item.
    *****-----=====/////   4.  Grapple from Behind   \\\\\=====-----*****
    A quick way to perform a back grapple would be to press (R1) while
    in a front grapple. Some grapple moves are performed from this
    position. Each Superstar has 10 rear grapples. The moves are 
    performed immediately instead of requiring a ready state. Thus, 
    they're generally harder to reverse, but there are fewer options. 
    Note the "GY" at the start of some commands (Standing for Groggy). 
    These moves require special circumstances. The opponent must be 
    stunned by an attack and still wobbly. Not simply a little wobbly 
    after being picked up from the canvas, or from running out of 
    stamina. The best way to prepare opponents is with a quick punch 
    that doesn't knock them over, or by grabbing their leg from outside
    of the ring. The grabbing trick doesn't work with every Superstar, 
    though. Another great way is to use a non-GY rear grapple that 
    doesn't knock over the opponents (i.e. Undertaker's Elbow to Back 
    of Head). While opponents are stunned from the hit, they're 
    vulnerable to a "GY" move. It's a solid one-two punch.
    Rear Grapple 1    -     (0)
    Rear Grapple 2    - v + (0)
    Rear Grapple 3    - < + (0)
    Rear Grapple 4    - ^ + (0)
    Rear Grapple 5    - v + (0)
    Rear Grapple 1 - (GY) -     (0)
    Rear Grapple 2 - (GY) - v + (0)
    Rear Grapple 3 - (GY) - < + (0)
    Rear Grapple 4 - (GY) - ^ + (0)
    Rear Grapple 5 - (GY) - v + (0)
    *****-----=====/////       5.  On the Mat        \\\\\=====-----*****
    The fight doesn't stop when the opponent hits the mat. In fact, some
    Superstars are even more deadly in this situation. Prone opponents 
    can be struck, grappled, or wrapped up in Submission holds. They can
    also be picked up from the mat, or sat up for a head or back attack.
    Strike attacks are easy to perform. Stand near the opponent and press
    (X) and any direction on the directional pad to change the attack. 
    Damage is inflicted to whichever part of the opponent's body is 
    truck. So a move that's listed as causing 4 points of damage to each 
    area actually causes 4 points of damage to the area that's hit.
    Grapple moves are performed on either the upper (U) or lower (L) 
    body. Stand near the head to use a "U" move or near the feet to 
    employ an "L" move. Grapples tend to be more powerful than strike 
    attacks, but shouldn't be used exclusively. Mix it up a bit by 
    striking the opponent once or twice and performing a grapple, and 
    sometimes initiating a grapple immediately. It should help to keeep 
    opponents off balance and unable to counter.
    Tapping (0) twice places the opponent in a "Sitdown" position. This 
    opens the opponent's back to an attack for a short amount of time. 
    Pressing (0) two more times from this position forces opponents to 
    rise with their back to your Superstar, so a rear grapple can be 
    performed immediately. Stand next to the opponent and press v + (0) 
    to go for a pin when at least one portion of his/her body is 
    severely damaged and shaded red on the Damage Meter.
    Raise    - (U) -     (0)
    Sitdown  - (U) -     (0), (0)
    Pin Fall - (U) - v + (0)
    Upper Body Grapple 1 - <+(0)
    Upper Body Grapple 2 - ^+(0)
    Upper Body Grapple 3 - >+(0)
    Raise   - (L) -     (0)
    Sitdown - (L) -     (0), (0)
    Sleeper - (L) - v + (0)
    Lower Body Grapple 1 - < + (0)
    Lower Body Grapple 2 - ^ + (0)
    Lower Body Grapple 3 - > + (0)
    Note: Hold (0) to drag the opponent around
    *****-----=====/////      6.  Corner Moves       \\\\\=====-----*****
    The four corners of a ring allow for high-flying antics and 
    devastating power moves. A Superstar can either leap from the top 
    turnbuckle and attack an opponent inside or outside of the ring, or 
    whip the opponent into the corner and perform a move on the leaning 
    opponent. To toss the opponent into the turnbuckles, grapple the 
    opponent with (0) then press and hold ^ + >,v + >, ^ + <, or v + < 
    on the directional pad and then press (/\) to perform an Irish Whip. 
    When opponents hit the turnbuckles, they turn to face the middle of 
    the ring, unless whipped into the corner at extremely close range.
    Strike attacks are performed while running at the opponent. Those 
    listed as "GY" are used when the opponent is standing against the 
    corner. "U" attacks take place when the opponent is sitting on the
    mat leaning against the turnbuckles. The player must be running, 
    or the normal standing Strike attacks are used.
    Front Grapples are those applied to an opponent that's facing the 
    ring. "GY" moves are used against standing opponents and "U" moves 
    occur when the opponent is sitting. Unlike Strike attacks, the 
    player should be standing still when performing these attacks rather
    than running toward the opponent.
    Rear Grapples take place when the opponent is facing the ring post 
    and leaning on the turnbuckles. The opponent always stands when 
    placed in this pose, so all of the moves are referred to as "GY" 
    moves. Don't run at opponents. Just stand behind them to execute 
    the attacks.
    Note: EASY TURNAROUND - There's a much easier way to spin around 
    opponents so they're facing the turnbuckle than trying to whip the 
    opponent at close range. Run across the ring while the opponent is 
    facing forward and leaning in the corner. Grapple the opponent with
    (0) while running and without pressing on the directional pad. The 
    opponent is grappled, spun around, and slammed back into the 
    turnbuckle face first.
    Note: EXPOSE TURNBUCKLE - To remove the padding from the top
    turnbuckle in one of the ring's corners, walk towards that corner
    and tap ([])
    Strike Attacks
    Turnbuckle Strike 1 - (GY) -      (X)
    Turnbuckle Strike 2 - (GY) - ^/</v/> + (X)
    Sitting Turnbuckle Strike - (U) - (X)
    Front Grapple
    Front Turnbuckle Grapple 1 - (GY) -     (0)
    Front Turnbuckle Grapple 1 - (GY) - v + (0)
    Front Turnbuckle Grapple 1 - (GY) - < + (0)
    Front Turnbuckle Grapple 1 - (GY) - ^ + (0)
    Front Turnbuckle Grapple 1 - (GY) - > + (0)
    Raise the Opponent Up - (U) - (0)
    Sitting Turnbuckle Grapple - (U) - ^/</v/> + (0)
    Rear Grapple
    Rear Turnbuckle Grapple 1 - (GY) -     (0)
    Rear Turnbuckle Grapple 2 - (GY) - v + (0)
    Rear Turnbuckle Grapple 3 - (GY) - < + (0)
    Rear Turnbuckle Grapple 4 - (GY) - ^ + (0)
    Rear Turnbuckle Grapple 5 - (GY) - > + (0)
    Note 2: EASY DIVE ATTACK - When the opponent is laying against the
    turnbuckle, run towards the opponent and tap ([]) when near them
    to place your opponent on the mat while climbing to the top rope
    for a dive attack.
    *****-----=====/////       7.  Rope Attacks      \\\\\=====-----*****
    The ropes that surround the ring do much more than keep Superstars 
    from falling out. In fact, they rarely keep the fight in the ring and
    often become a part of the fight itself. There are several ways to
    use the ropes in a fight.
    Sometimes a Superstar leans against the ropes after being hit with a
    punch or kick. The Superstar is then temporarily vulnerable to a Rope
    attack. Quickly grapple the opponent by pressing ^/</v/> + (0). Each 
    Superstar has one such attack. The opportunity to use the attack is 
    rare, so be ready to react when brawling near the ropes.
    Rebound attacks allow a Superstar to spring off of the ropes and 
    deliver a powerful running attack from close range. It's a great way 
    to punish opponents when they're being too aggressive. Run toward the
    ropes by pressing ^/</v/> + (/\) and quickly press (X) while bouncing
    off of them. The Superstar attacks while coming off of the ropes, so 
    the victim must be near. There are three moves listed for each 
    Superstar. The first is the default attack used when the opponent is 
    standing. The second is used only when the opponent is on the ground 
    near the spot where the rebound attack is performed. The third is 
    performed when the opponent is outside of the ring and the Superstar 
    is standing against the ropes. It's an excellent way to punish a 
    taunting opponent. There's no need to touch the directional pad in 
    this situation.
    The Diving out of Ring Attack is a running rope move that's used to 
    attack an opponent outside of the ring. It varies greatly from 
    Superstar to Superstar. Some use the Baseball Slide, which is much 
    like a short dropkick, while others risk it all and fly over the 
    ropes. These moves take practice, but are extremely valuable for 
    Clean Superstars since they're real crowd pleasers and a great way 
    to thwart a taunting opponent. To use the move, run toward the ropes
    and press ([]) followed by (X) at the edge of the ring.
    *****-----=====/////      8.  Diving Attacks     \\\\\=====-----*****
    Diving attacks are performed from the top turnbuckle. Climb the 
    turnbuckles by standing in a corner and holding the directional pad
    toward the corner while pressing (/\). Every Superstar has five 
    options from the top turnbuckle. The <+(X) and > + (X) options are 
    meant to be used against standing opponents only. The ^+(X) option 
    is for opponents that are on the mat, but a distance from the 
    turnbuckle. v+(X) is a close range attack that only works when the 
    opponent is on the mat and directly below the attacker. The (X) 
    option usually works in any situation, but it's primarily meant to 
    be used when the opponent is on the mat or rising.
    It is also possible to run onto the ring apron and perform high risk
    maneuvers when outside of the ring. Just run directly towards a side
    of the ring and tap ([]) when close enough to the edge.
    *****-----=====/////       9.  Dash Attacks      \\\\\=====-----*****
    Dash attacks are performed while running at an opponent, except for 
    counterattacks, which are performed when the opponent is running at 
    your Superstar. They're usually a good way to catch opponents off 
    guard, but they burn stamina faster than normal grapples and strikes.
    Use them to keep the opponent off balance. Just don't overuse them.
    Running strikes are quick attacks that typically knock opponents to 
    the ground. These are the best way to catch an opponent sleeping on 
    the job.  Running grapples are a little trickier to use because of 
    the timing involved. Thus it's better to save them for taunting 
    opponents, or when the opponent is rising from the mat or climbing 
    back into the ring.
    Rear Grapples are especially tricky. There aren't many opportunities 
    to use them in most matches.  Some Superstars have moves that expose 
    the opponent's back (i.e. Hulk Hogan's Power Up 1 & 2), which are a 
    perfect way to set up these attacks. Moves marked as "GY" only work 
    when the opponent is stunned and wobbly from an attack.
    Running ground attacks are used against opponents that are flat on 
    the mat. It's a fancier way to attack a downed foe than a normal 
    strike attack and tends to cause a bit more damage. This tactic is 
    most useful in matches that feature multiple Superstars in the ring 
    at the same time. It allows the player to quickly dash across the 
    ring and take advantage of opponents that have been knocked down by 
    other Superstars.
    Counterattacks are used when the player is running either on his or 
    her own or due to an Irish Whip. The timing is tricky. Initiate the 
    grapple while the opponent is halfway across the ring. For instance, 
    if Batista whips Ric Flair into the ropes from the center of the 
    ring, he must initiate the counterattack while Flair is bouncing off
    of the ropes. Improper timing typicaly results in a grapple rather 
    than the intended move.
    Running Strikes
    Running Strike 1 - (X)
    Running Strike 2 - ^/</v/> + (X)
    Running Grapple
    Running Grapple 1 - v + (0)
    Running Grapple 2 - ^ + (0)
    Rear Techniques
    Rear Technique 1 - (0)
    Rear Technique 2 - (GY) - (0)
    Running Ground Attack
    Running Ground Attack 1 - ([]), (X)
    Running Ground Attack 2 - ([]), ^/</v/> + (X)
    Counterattack 1 - (0)
    Counterattack 2 - ^/v + (0)
    Counterattack 3 - </> + (0)
    Note: Try pressing ([]) or (L3) during a dash. Each are different
    *****-----=====/////      10. Tag Team Moves     \\\\\=====-----*****
    Tag Team moves allow two Superstars to gang up on a single opponent.
    Standing tag team moves can be used in any match with multiple 
    Superstars in the ring at the same time. To initiate a standing tag
    team move, grapple an opponent that's already being grappled by 
    another Superstar. The move that's used is based upon the initial 
    grapple by the first Superstar. For example, if Orlando Jordon uses
    a (0) Dirty grapple, the (0) Tag Team move is used when JBL joins 
    the attack.
    Corner Tag Team moves are only used in normal 4- or 6-man Tag Team 
    matches. To initiate the attack, whip the opponent into your corner 
    of the ring. Grapple with the opponent leaning against the 
    turnbuckles and a tag is automatically made. The direction pressed 
    while grappling the opponent determines which move is used. This is 
    the best way to tag in and out in a Tag Team match unless the 
    Superstar is desperate to tag out quickly.
    *****-----=====/////      11. Special Moves      \\\\\=====-----*****
    Every Superstar has two finishers that can be used when the momentum
    meter is full and flashing, or when there's a stored finisher icon. 
    Finishers are the best way to force a pin since it takes longer for 
    the opponent to recover and the damage cuased is usually greater than
    a normal move. Some finishers even pin the opponent automatically, or
    they're Submission holds and may for the opponent to tap. Opponents 
    must typically be stunned, or in a grapple for a finisher to work, 
    but the situation for each finisher varies greatly.
    Chair finishers work just like normal finishers except the attacker 
    must be holding a steel chair. These moves should only be used in 
    matches where the DQ rule is turned off, or when the referee is 
    distracted or knocked out. Set up the opponent with a quick jab to 
    the gut, >/< + (X), and tap (L1) to perform the chair finisher.
    Note: STORE FINISHERS - Superstars have a limited amount of time to 
    pull off their finisher while the momentum meter is full. The 
    momentum is lost if the move isn't perfrormed quickly enough 
    (within 20 seconds). A player can store an unused finisher by 
    pressing (L1) + (L2) before the momentum fades. The only 
    disadvantage is that stored finishers cause considerably less 
    damage than a normal finisher. However, stored finishers also allow 
    the player to steal the opponent's finisher, easily prevent being
    eliminated during a Royal Rumble (when used while on the apron) or
    to perform a Super Dirty Move, or a Possum Pin.
    *****-----=====/////     12. Signature Moves     \\\\\=====-----*****
    Every Superstar has three Signature moves. These are the bread and 
    butter moves - the ones WWE fans expect to see each time that 
    Superstar steps into the ring. They're the moves that really get the 
    crowd riled up and quickly build momentum. Otherwise, they're no more
    powerful than any other move.
    Use Signature moves frequently to build momentum quickly and punish 
    opponents with repeated finishers. These moves aren't the only way to
    build momentum, but they're an easy way to turn the tables.
    *****-----=====/////     13. Getting In & Out    \\\\\=====-----*****
    Knowing how to climb in and out of the ring is imperative. Superstars
    get thrown out of the ring often and typically have 10 seconds to get
    back in before being counted out. A player may even want to chase 
    opponents out of the ring to prevent them from resting or taunting. 
    The most basic way to get in or out is to stand next to the ropes and
    press ([]) while pressing toward the ropes on the directional pad. 
    Some Superstars get in and out faster than others. When needing to 
    exit the ring quickly (i.e. getting chased with a weapon or to prevent
    a taunt) run toward the ropes and press ([]) at the edge of the ring.  
    The Superstar slides out quickly. Getting in quickly is a little 
    easier. Just run toward the ring's edge and the Superstar 
    automatically slides back in.
    *****-----=====/////         14. Counters        \\\\\=====-----*****
    Every attack can be countered by pressing either (L2), (R2), or 
    (L2) + (R2). (L2) is used to counter Strikes of any type. (R2) 
    counters Grapples and grapple moves of any kind. (L2) + (R2) can 
    reverse any finisher. The trick is initiating the counter at the 
    proper moment. This is a skill that develops with practice. It's 
    essential to winning matches, especially on harder difficulty 
    settings. Turn on the Reversal Help Indicator, found under the 
    In-Game Options, at first. This system displays a message under the 
    Superstar's name whenever there's an opportunity to counter an 
    attack. It's a good way to learn the system, but don't completely 
    rely upon it. Sometimes intuition is more important than the visual 
    *****-----=====/////        15. Ring Posts       \\\\\=====-----*****
    The ring post makes an effective weapon in any match. It's also an 
    easy way to bloody an opponent during a First Blood Match. Whip 
    opponents into the ring post while outside of the ring. The easiest 
    way to do so is to whip opponents into the corner of the barricade, 
    then into the ring post. There are two options once the opponent is 
    leaning on the post. Pressing (0) or (0) + >/< smashes the opponent's
    head into the post and pushes the victim back into the ring. Pressing
    (0) + ^/v smashes the opponent's face, who then falls to the ground.
    *****-----=====/////          16. Taunts         \\\\\=====-----*****
    Superstars have access to four taunts. Press the right analog stick 
    in different directions to initiate a different taunt. Superstars are
    unable to stop a taunt once it has begun, so taunt carefully or get 
    thwacked. Taunts vary in length. Get to know them right away. Short 
    taunts can be used commonly. Longer taunts should be saved for 
    special situations. Taunts exist for special situations. Taunts exist
    primarily as a way for Superstars to build momentum, but they're also
    great for just rubbing it in. Performing a taunt, uninterupted,
    depleats the opponent's momentum meter.
    Stealing an opponent's signature taunt is the ultimate "in your face"
    move. To steal the signature taunt, store a finisher and hold (L1) 
    while tapping on the right analog stick. Keep in mind that the stored
    finisher is consumed with the taunt so it's a fun and costly move.
    Note: Doing the same taunt over and over again will result in lesser
    and lesser momentum for your Superstar until it starts to actually
    cause the Superstar to lose momentum.
    *****-----=====/////       17. Irish Whips       \\\\\=====-----*****
    Irish Whips are used to throw opponents into the ropes, turnbuckles, 
    or even out of the ring. They're most commonly used in a Royal Rumble
    where opponents must be thrown over the top rope to be eliminated. To 
    perform an Irish Whip outside of a grapple, face opponents and press 
    (/\) + (0). Opponents are whipped in the direction they are facing 
    unless the directional pad is pressed and held in a desired 
    Strong Irish Whips are used to whip the opponent over the ropes 
    without standing near them. Press and hold  (/\) + (0) to perform 
    the Strong Irish Whip. Even if opponents don't flip over the ropes, 
    they will run across the ring two times as opposed to the normal one 
    time.  Strong Irish Whip opponents into the turnbuckles to knock 
    them over.
    Fakes are unusual. To perform one, press (/\) + (0), and then ([]). 
    The normal fake can be used to temporarily daze the opponent. The 
    opponent can also be pulled back and struck at close range, which 
    temporarily stuns the victim.  To do so, tap (/\) + (0) and then 
    tap (X).
    Irish Whips can also be performed from a Grapple. Just eliminate the 
    (0) press from the command. Irish Whips from a Grapple are no 
    different from those performed outside of a Grapple. They're a good 
    way to mix it up and keep the opponent guessing and off balance.
    *****-----=====/////     18. Playing Possum      \\\\\=====-----*****
    The Possum Pin is a brand-new way to trick an opponent. Store a 
    finisher before getting knocked to the mat. As the opponent 
    approaches, hold (0) and press (L2) or (R2), depending on the 
    predicted attack, to counter an anticipated Strike or Grapple from 
    opponents. If the counter is successful, the player grabs opponents 
    and wraps them up for a quick 3 count. Possum Pins are a great way to
    steal a victory. The opponent can escape the pin, but it isn't easy.
    The Superstar can also Play Possum after they have been knocked down.
    Hold (0) to stay on the ground.
    *****-----=====/////       19. Quick Climb       \\\\\=====-----*****
    Get to the top rope from outside of the ring in no time at all. Stand
    in the corner next to the ring post so that it's above, below, to the
    right, or to the left of the Superstar. Press and hold the 
    directional pad toward the ring post and tap (/\). The Superstar 
    climbs to the top with amazing speed. This is an excellent move for 
    anyone with a top-rope finisher that requires the opponent to be 
    standing and stunned. Grab the opponent from the outside to stun 
    them, then quickly climb the ring post from outside of the ring. It 
    takes far too long to slide into the ring, then climb  the 
    *****-----=====/////       20. On the Edge       \\\\\=====-----*****
    Superstars sometimes come to rest with their heads sticking over the
    edge of the apron when being thrown back into the ring. This presents
    an opportunity for a devastating hit. Approach the Superstar's head 
    and press (0) or ^/</v/> + (0) (both are the same) to perform an 
    apron attack. The only reliable way to get an opponent's head to 
    stick over the edge is to use a Strong Irish Whip.
    *****-----=====/////       21. Barricades        \\\\\=====-----*****
    A barricade surrounds the ring to seperate the Superstars and fans 
    (for their safety, of course). The barricade also offers an excellent
    opportunity for a nasty attack. Strong Irish Whip opponents into the 
    barricades along the sides of the ring, then grab them with (0). 
    Opponents are picked up and dropped, head and chest first, onto the 
    barricade's steel top.
    The barricade also has four corners just like the ring. Strong Irish 
    Whip the opponent into these corners to use turnbuckle moves outside 
    of the ring. >/< + (0) performs one move, while ^/v + (0) performs 
    The player is also able to run onto the barricade and perform several
    of the moves possible when on the top turnbuckle of the ring.
    Barricade Attacks
    Barricade Attack - (Along Side) - (0)
    Barricade Attack - (Along Side) - ^/</v/> + (0)
    Raise Opponent - (In Corner) - (0)
    Barricade Corner Attack 1 - (In Corner) - >/< + (0)
    Barricade Corner Attack 2 - (In Corner) - ^/v + (0)
    *****-----=====/////   22. Announcers' Tables    \\\\\=====-----*****
    Announcers' tables are found next to the ring in some arenas. These 
    can be destroyed just like ordinary tables in Table or TLC Matches. 
    Whip the opponent onto the table, then use any DDT or slam with a 
    short range of motion to put the opponent through the table. You can
    even perform a high risk maneuver onto an opponent who happens to be
    laying down on a table.
    *****-----=====/////23. Finding and Using Weapons\\\\\=====-----*****
    There are many weapons around the ring. Most are hidden, but a few 
    are not. A weapon can be found hidden under the ring apron on each 
    side of the ring. Stand in the middle of the side and press ([]) to 
    search. In normal matches, hammers are found on the left side, ring 
    bells to the right side, and steel chairs at the top or bottom of 
    the ring. Hardcore matches feature steel chairs along the bottom, 
    ring bells to the right, and barbed-wire 2x4s to the left and along 
    the top. One weapon from each side can be present at a time. So there
    can be two chairs, a ring bell, and a hammer in the ring 
    simultaneously, but never three chairs, two hammers, or two ring 
    The steel steps on either side of the ring can also be used as 
    weapons. Stand next to them near the ring post and press ([]) to pick
    them up. The (0) attack with the steel steps is the ultimate weapon 
    attack. It damages the entire body so it can quickly decimate the 
    opponent. The only problem - the steel steps are heavy and slow, so 
    they're easily countered.
    Weapons have a short lifespan. Then can be used four times before 
    breaking. Some (0) attacks count as two uses, so they shorten the 
    weapon's life considerably. Weapons are easily replaced when 
    destroyed. Steel steps can't be destroyed, but the attacker drops 
    them after three hits. They can be picked back up immediately, if 
    General Weapon
    Pick Up / Drop Weapon - (0)
    Enter / Exit Ring with Weapon - (/\)
    Running Attack - (/\) + (X)
    Ground Attack - (X)
    Chair Attacks
    Overhead Attack - (X)
    Body Blow - >/< + (X)
    Homerun Swing - ^/v + (X)
    Homerun Swing - ^/</v/> + (0)
    Chair Finisher - (L1)
    Ring Bell
    Lunge Attack - ^/</v/> + (X)
    Head Shot    - ^/</v/> + (0)
    Head Shot - (X)
    Body Blow - >/< + (X)
    Leg Shot  - ^/v + (X)
    Choke     - ^/</v/> + (0)
    Barbwire 2x4
    Head Strike   - (X)
    Body Blow     - >/< + (X)
    Homerun Swing - ^/v + (X)
    Choke         - ^/</v/> + (0)
    Steel Steps
    High Strike   - ^/</v/> + (X)
    Double Strike - ^/</v/> + (0)
    *****-----=====/////      24. Argue with Ref     \\\\\=====-----*****
    Superstars can argue with a ref after a 2 count. Tap (L1) once after
    rising from the mat. Complaining to the ref is a good way to build 
    momentum as a Dirty Superstar. Be careful, though. A Superstar is 
    open to attack while complaining.
    *****-----=====/////  25. Leg Grab from Outside  \\\\\=====-----*****
    When opponents are in the ring and the player is outside, the player 
    can grab those opponents. Heavyweights pull the feet out from under 
    Divas and cruiserweights. Cruiserweights and Divas poke heavyweights 
    in the eye. Heavyweights tend to choke each other with the rope. If 
    opponents' backs are to the ropes during this grab, they spin around 
    and threaden the player. This allows the player to grab the 
    opponent's leg a second time, quickly climb the turnbuckle from the 
    outside, or dive into the ring and attack the opponent's back. It's 
    also a great way to set up a finisher that requires attacking a 
    stunned opponent from behind.
    *****-----=====/////  26. Submission Meters  \\\\\=====-----*****
    There are three different Submission hold meters that are used during
    matches. These are known as Sub A, Sub B, and the third is used for 
    basic Sleeper Holds.
    The Sub A meter is a tug-of-war style meter. The left side is 
    "submit" and the right is "escape". Both players tap buttons 
    furiously until the hold is broken, or until the arrow reaches the 
    left or right side. The arrow's starting position is determined by 
    the condition of the body part being attacked. A healthy body part 
    starts the arrow close to the right (escape) end. A severly damaged 
    body part results in the arrow starting near the left (submit) end. 
    On some occasions, a rope icon also appears on the meter, which 
    allows the victim to break the hold by reaching the ropes. Sub A 
    meters give the advantage to whichever player can tap the fastest.
    The Sub B meter features a moving ball that slides back and forth 
    from left to right. In the center of the bar is a large blue box. 
    The victim must stop the ball inside of the blue box to escape the 
    hold. Some holds also feature two smaller red boxes on either end. 
    The victim can reverse the hold by stopping the ball within one of 
    those red boxes, but this is difficult to do. The speed of the ball 
    and the size of the ble box are determined by the attacker's 
    Submission skill and the state of the attacked body part. This style 
    of Submission hold tends to be the most effective when fighting the 
    The Sleeper meter is different. It's a vertical scale with a ball 
    that drops from the top to the bottom. A blue box sits near the 
    meter's base. The victim must stop the ball within the box to break 
    the hold. The victim gets three opportunities to break the hold and 
    it gets easier each time. The size of the blue box is determined by 
    the damage the opponent has suffered to that point. An opponent must 
    be severely beaten before a Sleeper is effective. On the third 
    attempt, a second red box appears just below the blue box. Stop the 
    ball in the red box to reverse the hold. This is to tempt players 
    into waiting until the third try to break the hold rather than 
    breaking it immediately.
    *****-----=====/////    27. Super Dirty Moves    \\\\\=====-----*****
    Super Dirty Moves are performed by any Superstar using "Dirty" 
    tactics. They are performed from a Grapple or from the front when the
    opponent is stunned by pressing (L1) + (L2). The player must have a 
    stored finisher and a full and flashing Momentum Meter at the time.
    *****-----=====/////     28. Stolen Finishers    \\\\\=====-----*****
    There's no better way to humiliate opponents than to hit them with 
    their trademark finishers. Stealing a finisher is fairly easy, but 
    requires three things. First, the player must have a stored finisher
    and a full and flashing Momentum Meter. Second, the player must know
    the requirements for the victim's finisher and meet those conditions.
    Third, the player must be using the "Clean" style.
    Under normal circumstances, a prompt appears on screen when 
    Superstar is in the proper position for a finisher, but not when 
    attempting to steal the opponent's finisher. This information is 
    included in the guide and summarized accompanying foldout. Press 
    (L1) + (L2) to steal the finisher once everyone is in the proper 
    position. The stored finisher and Mementum Meter are consumed so 
    stealing a finisher is costly. However, it can also be rewarding if
    the opponent's move is more powerful than the player's normal 
    finisher or in a Submission match when the opponent's finisher is a
    lethal Submission hold.
    *****-----=====/////       29. Interference      \\\\\=====-----*****
    Superstars that are part of a stable, can call for interference 
    during a match. Press R3 to summon a random member of a Superstar's 
    stable to the ring. The summoned member charges down the ramp and 
    slides into the ring and attempts to deliver a few punches and slams.
    After a few moments, the stable member exits the ring never to 
    return. Interference can only be called once per match and only if 
    the interference option has been turned on in the rules.
    Note: INTERFACE THWARTED - The best way to handle interference is a 
    quick exit. There's no coming back once intruders leave the ring 
    under their own power. Slip out of the ring immediately and lure out 
    the interloper.
    *****-----=====/////        30. Double KO        \\\\\=====-----*****
    It's rare, but there are times when both Superstars are so tired and 
    beat up that they both collapse onto the mat. In such situations the 
    ref begins a 10 count. The match is over if neither player stands up 
    before the ref reaches 10. During this time a double meter appears. 
    Stop the arrow in the green stamina box near the top of the meter. 
    Each successful stop increases the player's stamina significantly. 
    Recover full stamina to stand up and continue the battle.
    Trying to force this situation?  It's actually easy to do, but rare 
    without being forced. The victim should be falling over from a lack 
    of stamina while the player is in the red or orange (low enough that 
    using a finisher completely drains the Superstar of stamina). Use a 
    finisher, during this moment and the opponent is knocked down as 
    usual but the player also collapses.
    *****-----=====/////         31. Stamina         \\\\\=====-----*****
    Stamina plays a large role in every match. As Superstars run and 
    perform moves, they drain their own stamina (the green bar below the 
    Superstar's name). When stamina runs low, the Superstar is slower and
    has a tough time evading the opponent. A Superstar collapses 
    momentarily when stamina runs out completely. This leaves the player 
    wide open to attack and unable to move for a few seconds.
    Keep your Superstar's stamina high thoughout each match by resting 
    periodically. Hold (Select) to rapidly regain stamina at the cost of 
    momentum, or stay inactive for a few moments to slowly regain stamina
    with no cost. It may even be necessary to slip out of the ring for a 
    moment just to get some separation from the opponent and a chace to 
    *****-----=====/////       32. Damage Meter      \\\\\=====-----*****
    There's a damage meter next to each Superstar's name, which displays 
    the damage caused to the Superstar's head, body, arms, and legs. All 
    body parts begin the match as white (undamaged). The sections slowly 
    turn from white, to yellow (light damage), to orange (heavy damage), 
    to red (severe damage) as the Superstar is attacked. Most Superstars 
    can't be pinned until at least one section of their body has taken 
    severe damage. Submission holds are also more effective when used on 
    red sections of the body.
    Another side effect of a severely damaged body part is that the 
    Superstar often stops to grasp the injured area. This can delay 
    attacks and gives the opponent time to recover.  Red sections can be 
    healed slightly by holding (Select), but no area can be repaired 
    beyond the orange status. Also, one hit to the injured section 
    immediately returns it to the red status. Always repair injured 
    areas at the first opportunity to prevent an easy pin or submission.
    Note: Having any red on the damage meter will result in an easy
    elimination during a Royal Rumble match.
    *****-----=====/////       33. Extra Damage      \\\\\=====-----*****
    Grapple moves from the front or rear are more effective when the 
    opponent is in a stunned or groggy state. Thus, low damage moves that
    temporarily disorient the target without knocking it over 
    (i.e. Eye Rake, Eye Poke, Elbow to Back of Head) can increase the 
    damage more powerful moves cause.
    *****-----=====/////   34. Pre-Match Mini Games  \\\\\=====-----*****
    Superstars have the opportunity to engage in one of three different 
    mini-games before most one-on-one matches: Stare Down, Test of 
    Strength, or Lock Up. Those that don't wish to participate can 
    choose not to and can shut off the mini-games in the options.
    Stare Down is a reflex test. The two Superstars stroll to the center 
    of the ring and taunt each other for a random amount of time. At some
    point an (X) icon appears in the center of the screen. The first 
    player to press (X) after the icon appears, wins the mini-game and 
    decks the opponent. Don't jump the gun. Pressing too soon 
    automatically gives the opponent the victory.
    Test of Strength is much like the Stare Down mini-game except that 
    it's the best two out of three. A random button icon appears on the 
    screen. The first person to hit the proper button wins that press. 
    Whoever wins twice gets the victory and knocks down the opponent. 
    Don't attempt to anticipate the icon and press too early, or the 
    opponent automatically wins that press.
    Lock Up is all about timing. A bouncing bar appears under each 
    Superstar's name. The player must stop the bar as close to the 
    center of the screen as possible. The player that stops the bar 
    the closest to the center wins and knocks over the opponent.
    *****-----=====/////     35. PSP Connectivity    \\\\\=====-----*****
    You can copy a Created Superstar and Season Mode progress from the 
    PSP to the PS2 and vice versa. However, you will not be able to copy 
    over a Season when using a Created Superstar as your character.
    You can "sync" up your unlockables on both platforms. So, if you 
    unlock someone on the PSP, you can unlock it on the PS2. PSP also has
    an exclusive unlockable: Legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts. If you 
    unlock him on the PSP, you can bring him over to the PS2.
    *****-----=====/////      36. Match Tactics      \\\\\=====-----*****
    A Superstar's tactics in the ring are extremely important. They help 
    to either excite the crowd, or make them furious. Clean Superstars 
    attempt to excite and win over the crowd. Dirty Superstars use every 
    dirty trick and infuriate the crowd as they attempt to steal a 
    victory. Both styles allow a Superstar to build momentum throughout a
    match. Superstars can then use their trademark finisher when momentum
    is in his/her favor. Every Superstar has a default style, but can be 
    played in either fashion. The following are the actions that affect 
    momentum for both sides. Learn them well and use them often.
    Positive Boost - Perform signature Grapple moves.
    Positive Boost - Perform any diving attacks (Including Cage and Hell
                     in a Cell)
    Positive Boost - Perform dives from inside the ring to the outside
    Positive Boost - Counter a weapon attack
    Positive Boost - Taunt the opponent
    Positive Boost - Break out of a submission move with a Rope Break
    Positive Boost - Kick out of a pin after a 2 count
    Positive Boost - Perform moves on and destroy the announcers' table
    Positive Boost - Perform a submission counter while in Sub B
    Positive Boost - Refuse to tap out even when affected limb is in red
    Negative Boost - Perform dirty moves
    Negative Boost - Weapon attacks
    Negative Boost - Remove turnbuckle covers
    Negative Boost - Perform an Irish Whip to an exposed turnbuckle
    Negative Boost - Perform any grapple moves on the exposed turnbuckle
    Negative Boost - Break your superstars pin after a 2 count
    Negative Boost - Ignore a referee's rope break and hold a submission
    Negative Boost - Complain to the referee about a 2 count
    Negative Boost - Attack the referee
    Negative Boost - Attack your opponent's partner / manager
    Positive Boost - Perform Dirty moves
    Positive Boost - Weapon attacks
    Positive Boost - Remove turnbuckle covers
    Positive Boost - Perform an Irish Whip to an exposed turnbuckle
    Positive Boost - Perform a grapple move onto an exposed turnbuckle
    Positive Boost - Break your Superstars pin after a 2 count
    Positive Boost - Taunt from outside of the ring when an opponent is
                     inside the ring.
    Positive Boost - Attack opponent while he or she is taunting
    Positive Boost - Ignore referee's rope break and hold a submission
    Positive Boost - Complain to the referee about a 2 count
    Positive Boost - Attack the referee
    Positive Boost - Attack your opponent's partner / manager
    Positive Boost - Throw an opponent off the top of the Hell in a Cell
    Positive Boost - Attack illegal opponent at his Tag Team's corner
    Positive Boost - Call for interference
    Positive Boost - Perform moves on and destroy the announcers' table
    Negative Boost - Perform any diving attacks
    Negative Boost - Perform rope-type and plancha-type moves
    *****-----=====/////           The End           \\\\\=====-----*****
    If you can think of something important to edit or add onto this 
    guide, contact me through an E-Mail or through AOL's Instant
    Messenger with the following...
                        E-MAIL: blindparagon@cox.net
                           AIM:    blindparagon
    *****-----=====/////       VERSION UPDATES       \\\\\=====-----*****
    Version 1.1
    2.  Grapple Moves: Press ([]) after a grapple to let go of the 
    3.  Grapple Attacks: After a grapple attack, the Superstar is able 
    to grab the hair of the opponent and move them around the arena. 
    This enables the user to perform Special Grapples when near certain 
    items. For example, in a Bar Brawl match, grabbing the opponent's 
    hair followed by pressing circle when your back is facing a certain
    item will allow interaction with that item.
    4.  Grapple from Behind: A quick way to perform a back grapple would
    be to press (R1) while in a front grapple.
    5.  On the Mat: Note: Hold (0) to drag the opponent around
    9.  Dash Attacks: Note: Try pressing ([]) or (L3) during a dash. Each
    are different
    18. Playing Possum: The Superstar can also Play Possum after they 
    have been knocked down. Hold (0) to stay on the ground.
    Version 1.2
    6.  Corner Moves: EASY DIVE ATTACK - Note 2: When the opponent is 
    laying against the turnbuckle, run towards the opponent and tap 
    ([]) when near them to place your opponent on the mat while climbing
    to the top rope for a dive attack.
    11. Special Moves: Stored finishers also allow the player to steal
    the opponent's finisher, to easily prevent being eliminated during
    a Royal Rumble (when used while on the apron) or to perform a Super 
    Dirty Move, or a Possum Pin.
    16. Taunts: Note: Doing the same taunt over and over again will 
    result in lesser and lesser momentum for your Superstar until it 
    starts to actually cause the Superstar to lose momentum.
    32. Damage Meter: Note: Having any red on the damage meter will
    result in an easy elimination during a Royal Rumble match.

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