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    GM Mode Guide by Drunky

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    Smackdown vs. Raw 2006
    General Manager Mode FAQ
    Written by: Drunky
    Last Updated: June 26th, 2006
    	Table of Contents
    1.	Updates
    2.	Introduction
    3.	Walkthrough
    	 3.1) Drafting a Roster
    	 3.2) Menus
    	 3.3) Selecting Matches
    	 3.4) Promo Spots
    	 3.5) CAWs
    	 3.6) PPVs
    4.	2-Player / Trick Ways
    5.	Superstar Specialties /
    	PPV Matches
    6.	Setting Cards
    7.	Tips
    	 7.1) General Tips
    	 7.2) RAW Tips
    	 7.3) Smackdown! Tips
    8.	FAQ
    9.	Contact/Legal Information
    1.	Updates
    12/05/05 - Started FAQ
    12/07/05 - Added Tips/Matches
    12/10/05 - Added in tips suggested by:
    	   Frogman, Dandonia, and Kyz
    03/29/06 - Added more tips from accumulated
    06/27/06 - Even more email additions
    06/28/06 - Realized I didnt explain match
    	   cards. Added a section for it
    2.	Introduction
    General Manager (GM) mode is a new addition to the WWE videogame franchise. GM
    mode allows you to take control of your own brand, and compete against the other
    brand for fan support. Successfully completing this task will also earn you a
    GM of the Year award, given to you by Vince McMahon himself.
    To accomplish this you are given the ability to draft your own roster of
    superstars, plan matches, manager your money, and use promotions. You'll have
    to schedule one show a week, two if you happen to have the current months
    Pay-Per-View. The PPV is the key to winning GM mode, the potential for stealing
    the other brands fan base is far greater than during a regular show.
    3.	Walkthrough
    	3.1	Drafting a Roster
    Okay, its time to pick your roster. You can have a roster of up to 20 people,
    however for the current time you should only pick a handful of wrestlers. You
    will also have to choose the brand you wish to represent.
    Things to keep in mind:
    	-Smackdown has the cruiserweight belt.
    	-RAW has the Womens Championship.
    	-Popularity is the most important aspect when determining matches.
    	-Some wrestlers will give certain matches higher ratings.
    	 (See Section 5)
    	-RAW will get the Elimination Chamber
    You'll be given 10 million to start the drafting, whoever gets to pick first is
    randomly chosen, so you might want to restart if you dont get first pick. It
    doesnt take much time.
    First you want to go for the popular wrestlers. These will be your main rating
    grabbers, and you'll need them to win the fans over. Try and get stars like
    Kurt Angle, who are some of the top draws and also have their own specialty
    match. How many you choose to draft depends on how many Legends you've unlocked.
    Legends are the best way to fill out your roster. For the stars use 3 or 6
    month contracts, they cost more up front, but you lose less to them every week.
    You'll be keeping these guys around for quite awhile, so try to ration your
    money to get long term contracts on these guys.
    Once you've grabbed a handful of superstars (roughly half your roster or less if
    you've unlocked some legends), you need to go for the extras, these should be in
    the second tier of popularity. A few of these guys also have their own specialty
    matches, so be sure to grab ones like Edge or Benjamin. Use 5 week or 3 month
    contracts on them, because you'll be releasing or trading them soon. If you
    are using RAW, you should also pick up 3 Divas, preferably Trish Stratus, Stacy
    Keibler and Lita. They have the highest overalls and popularity for Divas, and
    you can start a feud between two of them, while leaving the other to be a
    manager in order to start raising their popularity, just remember to align them
    with a superstar who wins most of the time.
    Again, depending on how many CAWs and Legends you have, you'll want to leave
    several spots open for them as they have high overalls and high popularities.
    They do cost an arm and a leg, so you may want to fill out the Promos using
    Once thats done you'll have to assign your brands belts to the wrestlers. It is
    recommended that you dont immediately give the belts to the most popular
    wrestlers, but rather the second or third most popular wrestlers, and then push
    them for awhile to raise their popularity so they can go and challenge for the
    title. It tends to make the matches a bit higher rated.
    Okay now that you've got a roster, this shouldnt be your permanent one. You
    need to add in any CAWs or legends you've been saving. Its a good idea to keep
    legends off the roster card until you've gone a few weeks in GM mode. You'll
    have the money to buy them, and if you unlock them during GM mode you'll get
    first chance to pick up any and all of them without having to share them with
    the other brand. Go to the roster menu, free agency, press start, and select
    the wrestlers to be on. The change will not take effect until next week, at
    which point you can pick up all of them.
    Now you're ready to begin scheduling matches.
    	3.2	Menus
    For those new to General Manager mode, here is a quick rundown of the menus
    you need to familiarize yourself with in order to get the hang of GM mode.
    You'll be able to see the calendar month for upcoming events, and highlighting
    your brand icon for the current week will take you to your match card.
    This is basically a hint system, you'll recieve e-mails from either JR (RAW) or
    Tazz (Smackdown) giving you hints about stealing fans back. In addition to
    those, you'll also receive notifications about expiring contracts and injuries
    that occur to your superstars.
    Here you can view anything roster related and even manage your created
    superstars attributes. Viewing the roster will give you a quick rundown of all
    the things you need to know regarding injuries, contracts, fatigue, popularity,
    and morale.
    If you select a wrestler, you will also be able to negotiate their contracts,
    view their status regarding championships and air time as well as their feelings
    about how they're being used on the show.
    The Rivalry menu will tell you which superstars are currently participating in
    a rivalry or which superstars have the option of starting one. You'll be able
    to see the rating given to each rivalry and how long its been going.
    The Propose Trade menu is exactly that, you can offer to trade your superstars
    to the other show. This is not always a good thing, because you usually get the
    short end of the stick, but you can sometimes trade 2 mid level superstars for
    one high rated superstar. Saves on contract fees but at least you'll have a
    higher rated match.
    Free Agency is where you can sign superstars who werent drafted originally or
    were recently let go. From here you can also turn Legends and CAWs on/off.
    Press Start and you'll see a list of the available characters, you can toggle
    whoever you want, but the changes wont take effect until the next week, and 
    superstars who are currently wrestling for a brand will not be changeable.
    Here you can see the results of your matches along with the fan support and
    ratings. Selecting J.R.'s or Tazz's Reports will give you a quick tutorial on
    a few aspects of GM mode.
    Here you can see the income statement for the previous week, and how much you
    gained or lost, if you're losing too much money, you may want to consider
    running advertising or merchandise promos, and if you're doing that already,
    you may have to choose cheaper matches or release a few superstars.
    This is where you can see the support ticker (it shows the ratings of the shows
    and the change in fan base along with the current fan base), and the news
    results from the weeks matches.
    	3.3	Selecting Matches
    First select the spot you want to enter a match in, then select the type of
    match you want to use. As you scroll through the match types, take a look at
    the bottom of the screen, you'll see your balances, and it'll show the
    Cost/Profit and Fatigue bar. The Cost/Profit will show you how much the match
    will cost, most matches cost nothing but some will cost anywhere from $1000 to
    $50 000.
    Once you select the type of match you want, you'll be shown the match screen,
    with default superstars. You can have anywhere from 2-6, and you'll need to
    pick the superstars to compete. If a superstars name appears in yellow it means
    they've been double booked, and will be competing in two matches. Try to avoid
    this, it will make them tired quickly and will most likely result in injury.
    When you've got all the matches lined up, you can choose to have the title put
    on the line. First you must have the current champion(s) in the match, and then
    highlight the match on the card screen and press either the left or right arrow
    to select the title you want to defend.
    	3.4	Promo Spots
    In addition to your 6 matches, you'll be given 2 Promo spots to run whatever
    promotion you want. These promos will not appear in PPVs and instead you will
    just have 5 match spots.
    You can choose to 11 different promotions, however two will only be available
    under certain circumstances.
    | Promotion	  | Cost/Profit  |                   Effect                   |
     New Superstar	   -$50 000	  This option is only available once you
    				  purchase a Free Agent or have a superstar
    				  switch shows. It builds popularity for the
    				  wrestler without them competing in a match.
     Rivalry (In	   -$2000	  This builds the hype for a rivalry currently
     Place of a			  taking place. Rivalries can only continue if
     Match)				  the two superstars are put in a match
    				  every week, OR if this promo is run.
     Start a Rivalry    $0		  Instead of putting superstars in a match
    				  together, you can just use this promo to get
    				  the ball rolling.
     Inactive	   -$2000	  If a Superstar isnt put in matches or promos
     Superstar			  their popularity will start to fall, so if a
    				  superstar is injured or tired, using this
    				  promo will help maintain their popularity.
     Injury Return	   -$50 000	  If a superstar is injured and hasnt been
     Promo				  given an Inactive promo, their popularity
    				  will suffer, using this promo will help bring
    				  it back up to what it use to be.
     Advertising	   +$150 000	  Using this promo will guarantee you $150 000
     Promo				  the following week. Good for quick cash.
     Merchandise	   +$?????	  This promo will earn you money, but if you
     Sponsorship			  just begin to use it, the profits will be
    				  low, consistently using it will earn more
    				  profits in the future.
     Main Event	   -$50 000	  This promo hypes up the main event, so the
     Hype				  match will receive higher ratings, good for a
    				  week where the main event is just midcarders.
     PPV Hype	   -$10 000	  Builds hype for an upcoming PPV, using this
    				  consistently for a few weeks will earn the
    				  PPV a higher overall rating but will cost
     Interference	   -$50 000	  You'll send a superstar to the other show to
     Promotion			  screw it up, giving the show a lower rating
    				  due to the sabotage. Doesnt count towards the
    				  superstars fatigue level.
     Slander	   -$50 000	  You'll spread rumors over the air about the
     Promotion			  other show, but this should only be used once
    				  a month, otherwise the rumors will backfire
    				  and you'll be the one who loses fan support.
    	3.5	CAWs
    Putting Create-A-Wrestlers in season is a tough task, mainly because of their
    low popularity. Putting CAWs with low overall stats on your roster is useless
    unless you plan to play every single match with him and win. You'll be able to
    build up your CAW stats in the roster menu.
    With a 20 man limit on your roster, you have to remember that filling the roster
    out with Created Superstars will cripple your brand. Its best to build up only
    one star at a time and then replace your midcarders with them.
    When you first draft a CAW you'll probably want to bring up their popularity as
    high as possible as quick as possible so you can get a title on them. You
    shouldnt immediately put the main championship on your CAW, because without
    popularity the title matches will be incredibly low in the ratings.
    Once you draft a CAW, run a New Superstar promotion, this will give a slight
    boost to the wrestler before even entering a match. Once you've run that
    promotion put him in a feud with any superstar, it doesnt matter who, but if
    your CAW has a low overall, play the match and make sure he wins. You dont need
    to play the whole match, just play as the opponent and get yourself DQ'd.
    Then start a rivalry, keep this going for a few weeks until your CAW has a
    popularity around those of the midcarders, and then put him in a title match for
    one of the titles below the main championship (tag team, cruiserweight, or
    intercontinental depending on your brand). Once he has the belt you should keep
    it on him for awhile before dropping it to another star and challenging for the
    WWE/Heavyweight once you've reached a high popularity. This should put him in
    your rosters top tier.
    4.	2-Player / Trick Ways
    If you dont feel like playing the "honest" way, you can just as easily use
    questionable methods to complete GM Mode.
    	2-Player Way
    GM Mode is no easy task, one bad decision can completely mess up your season
    and injure one of your superstars. This mode takes a bit of practice and some
    luck. If you're just playing to get the trophy to add to your collection, then
    there is an easy way to win.
    All you have to do is use two controllers. Plug in a 2nd controller, and when
    you start General Manager mode, select the brand you want to control on the
    first controller, and put the second controller on the remaining brand. You'll
    each be given the opportunity to draft the superstars you want. You can either
    divide up all the superstars evenly, or pick the most popular ones for yourself
    and leave the other brand with a bunch of Divas and cruiserweights.
    From here you'll have to control both brands for the rest of the season. You
    can unplug the second controller, because all decisions are made from the first
    one. You can cruise through GM mode now, you can schedule just one match and
    leave the other show with all vacant matches and still steal fans from the
    other show with a half a star rating.
    You can also play the second brand if you want, but if you want the trophy you
    need to make sure you end up on top in the end.
    To switch between the shows, go to the main GM mode screen and press R2 or L2.
    Both shows have to be finalized before you can start the week.
    	Create-A-Wrestler Way
    Similar to the 2-Player way, draft all the good wrestlers to your own show,
    but give the other player nothing but CAWs. Due to their low overall scores
    they will perform very poorly and quickly bankrupt the opposing show.
    5.	Superstar Specialties / PPV Matches
    Some Superstars are known for specific match types, these are matches the
    superstars excel in and will usually receives a higher rating than regular
    matches. If you have a preferred match type that you like to use in GM mode as
    main events, picking up these superstars and including them will give you a
    slightly higher rating.
      |	  Superstar	   |          Match Type         |
    	Chris Benoit		Submission
    	Chris Masters		Submission
    	Christian		TLC / Ladder
    	Eddie Guerrero		Parking Lot Brawl
    	Edge			TLC / Ladder
    	JBL			Bar Room Brawl
    	John Cena		Parking Lot Brawl
    	Kane			Buried Alive
    	Kurt Angle		Submission
    	Mankind			Hardcore / Backstage/ HIAC
    	Ric Flair		Submission
    	Rob Van Dam		Hardcore / TLC
    	Shawn Michaels		Iron Man / HIAC
    	Shelton Benjamin	Submission
    	Stacy Keibler		Fulfill Your Fantasy
    	Stone Cold		Backstage / Hardcore
    	Tajiri			Hardcore
    	The Rock		Handicap
    	Triple H		Hardcore / HIAC
    	Undertaker		Buried Alive / HIAC
    In addition to having some superstars having their own specialty matches, there
    are some main events that are Pay-Per-View specific. Meaning these matches can
    only be used once a year during a specific PPV, so if your brand has that PPV,
    you may want to consider getting the superstars who will raise your ratings.
      |	   Match	     |        Pay-Per-View         |
    	Elimination Chamber	New Year's Revolution
    	Buried Alive		Survivor Series
    	Fulfill Your Fantasy	SummerSlam
    6.	Setting Cards
    The most important part of the General Manager mode is setting up a match card
    that will guarantee you do better than your competitors. Now the major problem
    with this is the random factor, not every match will play out the same even if
    you get all the exact same superstars, matches, promos, etc. So writing a
    step-by-step walkthrough would be near impossible.
    I can offer you various tips and hope that you use them wisely to help get you
    your trophy, and if I cant, hey theres always Section Four. So please use the
    following advice in conjuction with Section 7 (below).
    Now depending on who fills out your roster, just remember to build upwards.
    Use the first few matches on your superstars that need to get their popularity
    built up, and save your superstars for the main event, and try to keep a few
    superstars together in a consistent tag team.
    So for the first match, use your lower popularity superstars in just regular
    matches. You can play the matches yourself if you want a certain wrestler to
    consistently win and rise in popularity. Remember, if you want to do this
    efficiently, play as the other guy and get DQ'd.
    The second to last match use as your tag team spot, keep a certain tag team
    that doesnt perform well together ratings wise and stick them against another
    team. This is what I use to build up wrestlers popularity. Let the lower
    rated superstars hold the title, but dont put it on the line. Keep letting the
    popular guys win and then have them win the title in a PPV.
    You can also use handicap matches to your advantage. A handicap match will
    have 2 winners and only 1 loser, meaning you can boost popularity more
    As for main events, use the best you have as much as you can. Keep feuds going
    through matches, never use the Start Rivalry promo, as its just a waste of
    money and a good promo spot. Make sure one of them is always a title holder
    (preferably the brands main title) and until you can build up financially,
    use low cost matches excluding PPV matches.
    The week before a PPV, let your main eventers rest to lower their fatigue, you
    can use the Continue Rivalry promo to keep the feud going. PPVs are the best
    way to turn the crowd, so pull out all the stops. If it works in your favor
    you can easily afford to spend the following week recovering financially and
    Now that you have a general idea of how to set up match cards, you have to
    deal with the promo spots. Use the slander promotion once a month, and only
    once a month, or else it will backfire. Dont use high cost matches as you
    start out, or you will go bankrupt. Focus on building popularity and building
    up finances. So use advertising and merchandising promotions as you see fit.
    Try to get a merchandising promo every week if possible, as it will pay off in
    the long run compared to the quick money advertising brings in. The week
    before a PPV, be sure to use a PPV Hype promotion.
    7.	Tips
    	7.1	General Tips
    General Tips:
    -Every week check where your event is being held, if you have a superstar on
     your roster who hails from that town, make sure they win the match. It will
     give the match a higher rating.
     (You can find the Superstars hometown by selecting them from the Roster menu
      and pressing the left arrow to view their biography.)
    -Only use Fatal Four Way, Triple Threat, or Battle Royal matches in PPVs. The
     superstars who lose will have a slight drop in popularity, but the matches
     rating will make up for that. This match is particulary good if you combine
     two sets of feuding superstars.
    -Only use the Slander promotion once per month, using it anymore than that will
     result in it backfiring.
    -Try to avoid double booking superstars, this will make them more prone to
    -If a superstar has a minor injury, schedule them for a low fatigue match such
     as a singles match. They'll rarely aggravate it and you'll save an injury
     return promo for something more useful while still maintaining their
    -PPVs are the events you should worry about. The potential for a ratings change
     is much greater. Booking the event carefully will help keep up or surpass the
     other show.
    -If a feud is doing well with the fans, the popularity of both stars regardless
     of winning or losing will rise.
    	7.2	RAW Tips
    -You have the Womens Championship, you can use it in two ways. You can either
     draft two divas and keep them feuding (remember to occasionally put titles on
     the line) and trade one of them off every once in awhile for another diva so
     your feud doesnt go stale.
     The other way is to simply not use the title at all, use your spots for other
     superstars. Diva matches are usually low rated and they can serve better as
    	7.3	Smackdown! Tips
    -As General Manager of Smackdown you'll have the cruiserweight title, only
     take  three to four cruiserweights at a time. After building up their
     popularity you  can trade them off to RAW for higher rated superstars and
     start fresh.
    -Or instead of trading them off you can keep them, but you'll have to push the
     small group of them every week.
    8.	FAQ
    Does the 2 Player method still earn you the GM of the Year award?
    How do you draft Legends or CAWs?
    	Go to the Free Agent screen in the Roster menu, and press Start, then
    	toggle the Legends and CAWs On/Off.
    How do you get a Superstar to defect to the other brand?
    	If they keep losing a match or just arent being used, they will send
    	you an email asking to join your show. If one of your superstars is
    	unhappy, you will see a News story about a possible defection. If the
    	rival GM wants to purchase the superstar, you'll lose her to the other
    How do you put a title on the line?
    	Make a match with the current champion(s), and add in the opponents.
    	Then on the match card screen, press the right or left arrow to select
    	the title you want to be defended.
    Can you unlock Jake the Snake without the PSP?
    	Not as far as I know. This was a rumor that was proven false.
    9.	Contact/Legal Information
    Questions/Comments/Suggestions? Then please email me.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    The following sites have permission to use this FAQ as long as it is credited:
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2006 Brandon Duve (Drunky/GimpyTheGreat)

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