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  1. Is there a ring robe that can be worn to the ring and then taken off I want this code for wrestlers who wear robes

    User Info: jimbo43

    jimbo43 - 10 years ago

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  1. First off, I don't think there's an option to actually show the CAW removing the robe...
    But, you can "fake" the effect some...

    During the create/edit process, you should stumble upon a "layer" screen. This is the screen with a bunch of lines (layers) and 3 checkboxes per layer (cutscene, match, entrance)...

    This screen has a lot of power in determining the final look of the CAW...

    One of the features of this screen is to determine what layers are shown in the 3 different places you can find a wrestler:
    Cutscene = Story Mode cutscenes
    Entrance = during the ring-in scene
    Match = during the bout

    Now, the first dozen or so layers (all green) are "essential" parts to the wrestler (skin, underwear, etc.) and can only be edited on this screen.
    The remaining layers, all blue, are the ones you added and, therefore, can be fully adjusted.

    By using the "display _____" option on one of the blue lines (like, for example, a ladies' jacket/robe), and unchecking "match", said robe (jacket) will only be visible during cutscenes and the entrance mode, but not during the match itself (assumed to be removed in the off-screen time when the music winds down and the ref's going over the rules)...

    I don't think that you can actually see the wrestler remove a garment (well, maybe a hat using Taker's entrance moves, never tried it)...

    The select button will have the display on the right show exactly what the character will look like in each mode...

    User Info: svpaladin

    svpaladin - 10 years ago 1   0


  1. svpaladin's right.

    The entrance moves that involve clothing (Taker's hat, Bret Hart's sunglasses) don't actually remove the clothing. Hart's was a particular disappointment as my CAW didn't even leave the ring, just stayed in and posed. :-(

    User Info: 00509

    00509 - 6 years ago 0   0

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