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Those who are about to rock, we salute you. 05/21/06 blahblahblah176
This puts all other music and rhythm games to shame! SHAME! 12/08/05 Def Freak7
Rock hard, Rock On... Just dont smash the guitar! 08/09/06 demonslay113
Guitar Hero makes fingering A-minor look like a piece of cake. 12/30/05 DJ cream
The most addictive game I have ever played (and I've played a lot of games) 04/24/06 Don Vercetti
A must have game for anyone 07/05/06 DragulaZombie420
Forget Jukebox Hero, be a full blown GUITAR HERO! 12/19/05 EightBallLast
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. This gives the rock and roll, you can figure the others out on your own. 12/26/05 Fett II
If You're Ready To Rock, Then You've Come To The Right Place 07/27/06 Gunfire2468
I can't say this any simpler: Get this game, by whatever means necessary. 12/16/05 Hannibal222
Rock fans, rejoice! 02/21/06 Jet Black88
Simply Irresistable... 02/22/06 mack2283
A decent music game with a catchy gimmick, and terrific to play with other people. 09/22/10 neonreaper
Ah finally, a fun rythym game with GOOD MUSIC 11/10/05 Ninjujitsu
Guitar Freaks on Steroids 11/14/05 redcomet2007
The Guitar anyone can Play! 02/06/06 Rune
Rock Out With Guitar Hero! 01/17/07 SaxMyster
Ever heard a song and thought, "I wish I could play that"? Hear's your chance. 12/02/05 Silverplated
An excellent piece of work, a future franchise, for sure. 01/18/07 SirDomino
If the Good God in Heaven made a music game... 02/23/06 trh
Music to my ears 01/16/06 VashYsk
Now people can melt faces without knowing anything about music! 12/30/05 Wist

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