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Special Items Guide by TheTranceMan

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 12/07/06


              *                                                 *
              *       Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence           *
              *                                                 *
              *         EZ Gun / IFP / Stealth Camo             *
              *                                                 *
              *                    and                          *
              *                                                 *
              *           All Special Items Guide               *
              *                                                 *
              *                   v 1.6                         *
              *                                                 *
              *       by TheTranceMan, copyright 2006           *
              *                                                 *


         01       Version History
         02       Contact Info
         03       Introduction
         04       The Virtuous Mission
         05       Operation Snake Eater
         06       Food Collection Checklist
         07       Camouflage and Face Paint Checklists
         08       Boss Guide (Stamina Depletion)
         09       "Persistence" Special Items
         10       Special Camo Properties
         11       Legal Stuff
         12       Conclusion

         001       Version History

April 18, 2006     v 0.9    -First edition completed

April 26, 2006     v 1.0    -Water Face Paint added
                            -Fixed some ambiguous language and corrected some
                            -updated the location of the Parrot in EXTREME and
                             EUROPEAN EXTREME
                            -Tidied up the checklists
                            -Added the Persistence items

May 29, 2006       v 1.2    -Added the Boss Guide section
                            -Added special camo properties section

June 15, 2006      v 1.3    -Added the sprit camo property of draining stamina
                             from enemies in CQC
                            -Fixed lots of spelling and grammatical errors
                            -Added reader tips to Boss section
                            -Added more tactics to the Boss sections
                            -Cleaned up the Introduction

June 28, 2006      v 1.4    -Added some reader tips to Boss sections
                            -Cleaned up the formatting to make it a bit easier
                             to read
                            -Added the calorie mate info (005-ai)

July 30, 2006      v 1.5    -Added the Athor's Note to the Stealth Camo
                             requirement section
                            -Some general retouches and rewrites
                            -Added Tactical Notes to the Intro

Dec 6, 2006        v 1.6    -Fixed the tactical notes instructions.
                            -Altered the Contact Info section.
                            -This guide is now nearly flawless; don't expect
                             another update.  You may consider this the FINAL

         02       Contact Info

I am absoluteley appalled at how many idiots have sent me email in violation of
the following conditions.  I'd say 90% of the emails were from morons asking me
questions which are ANSWERED EXPLICITLY IN THIS GUIDE.  If you have a question
and can't be bothered to read the introduction to this guide, piss off!... I do
not want to hear from you.  

Now, before you send me email, READ THIS!

1.  If your email subject line does not read "MGS3" it will not be read, so 
    don't bother sending it.

2.  Do not ask me a question that is answered in this guide because I will not
    respond to it (i.e. "where do I find such-and-such item?" will be ignored).

3.  Do not send insults.

4.  Do not send complaints.

5.  Do not send compliments.  (I already know how great I am; hearing it from
    other people will only swell my head)

6.  Do not send me information that would not result in a correction or
    addition to this guide; it is far more complete and detailed than it
    necessarily needs to be, so unless you spot an inaccuracy or omission,
    please don't send me the email.

7.  Do not send me an email with ANY sort of attachment as it will be deleted,

8.  Do not ask me how to play this game in any way, shape, matter, or form.  
    Try the gamefaqs message boards.  In my experience, most people who hang
    around the message boards are complete dickheads who look for newbees to
    insult.  However, chances are that there is someone friendly waiting to
    help you out.
    Try the search function first; chances are that if you have a question,
    others have also asked it recently.

9.  If you DO have a correction or if you would like to share information that
    would result in a better, easier, faster method for completing any part of
    the given tasks, you will be given full credit if it is worthy of inclusion
    in this guide.  (I am specifically looking for details on the many
    different strategies and tactics you people have found success with in
    defeating the bosses through stamina depletion).

10. Know that if you do not receive a reply from me it is because you are a
    stupid fucktard who didn't bother to follow the simple aforementioned

Having read the above conditions, I can be contacted by email here:


If you find that, since I have made your life easier, you would like to send
me your appreciation, why not donate a buck for my efforts.  Contributions can
be sent to my paypal account at: 


Using the following email address:


Your generosity will be rewarded!  In return, I will email you a bitchin'
hi-res wallpaper image in .jpg format that will fit displays up to 1200x900.

         02       Introduction

This guide is meant to help a player earn the EZ Gun, the Infinity Face Paint,
and the Stealth Camouflage all from a single play-through of MGS3: Subsistence.
IN ADDITION, you will also find instructions here for obtaining ALL of the
other special or bonus items that can be had during your play-through that will
be retained in inventory for your next play-through on that particular
difficulty setting, (i.e. camos and face paints).

Keep in mind, however, that this is NOT a walkthrough; I will NOT tell you how
to actually play the game, beat the bosses, inform you of the secrets and
easter eggs, or anything of the sort, UNLESS it directly involves completing
the EZ Gun/IFP/Stealth Camouflage/Bonus Camo requirements.  What I WILL tell
you is exactly what you need to accomplish, area by area, in order to complete
the requirements successfully.  

So, what are the requirements?

-The requirement to earn an EZ GUN is simple; just collect into your food
 inventory a sample of each of the 48 unique food items in the game during a
 single play-through.  You do not have to keep the items in your inventory,
 simply collect it and discard it if you wish (several items serve no purpose
 in the game other than to aggravate Snake's palate).  Collecting a sample of
 each food item is not particularly difficult, by the way, so it shouldn't pain
 you to accomplish this task.  The EZ Gun is also automatically available while
 playing the 'VERY EASY' difficulty setting.

-The Infinity Face Paint is awarded after having either cleared the game with
 a live Tsuchinoko in your food inventory OR for having completed the game with
 the following game-clear statistics:

          Clear Time:                   Less than 5:00:00 hrs.
          Saves:                        Less than or equal to 25
          Continues:                    0
          Kills:                        0
          Alerts:                       0
          Life Medicine Used:           0
          Times Seriously injured:      Less than or equal to 25
          Use of "special items":       Prohibited

(I will not be covering the stats method and I shouldn't have to explain why).

-The Stealth Camouflage is awarded after having either shot all 64 'kerotans'
 with a projectile or after completing the game with zero humans killed and
 zero alerts.  While not particularly difficult and a bit less work than the
 "kerotan" method, I will not be covering the "zero kill/zero alert" method
 other than the occasional tip or suggestion.  You can also opt to do both (as
 insurance in case you happen to miss one of those damned frogs or somehow end
 up with a kill or alert).  I would also recommend that you defeat the bosses
 through stamina depletion; there are some pretty groovy camo uniforms that you
 will be awarded for doing so.  Hence, I will give you what advice I have to
 impart concerning defeating bosses through stamina depletion.

******************ATTENTION READERS********************************************
*                                                                             *
* Author's note:  On my very first play-through of this game, I played on     *
* NORMAL and finished with 0 Alerts and 1 Kill (it was the Volgin-Shagohod    *
* battle; I didn't realize that killing him would count as a kill, but it     *
* did) and I did NOT receive the stealth camouflage.  Naturally, I assumed    *
* that the one kill in my stats was the reason I wasn't rewarded the stealth  *
* camouflage.  HOWEVER...                                                     *
* Since publishing this guide, I have received emails from some readers       *
* stating that they received the stealth camouflage with kills in their       *
* stats.  I have now completed a game from scratch that included a kill and   *
* WAS rewarded the stealth camouflage.  Perhaps my game glitched, (although,  *
* that would be an odd glitch) so I leave it to you to decide whether or not  *
* to snuff anyone during your playthrough.  It is, in my opinion, much easier *
* to avoid alerts when tranquilizing guards rather than killing them; upon    *
* the discovery of a dead comrade, a guard will initiate "Caution Mode" often *
* resulting in a search-and-destroy team being called in to sweep the area.   *
* If you are going to kill guards, you best make sure they aren't found.      *
*                                                                             *
******************End of author's note*****************************************

What are the EZ GUN, IFP, and Stealth Camo, you ask?

-The EZ GUN is a small tranquilizer pistol with infinite ammo, suppressed
 rounds, a laser sight, a very nice zoom-in feature with L1, and the same ROF
 (rate of fire) as the Mk22.  IN ADDITION, while holding the EZ GUN, your
 stamina will be replenished and your camo index will increase to 80x, or more,
 automatically.  So if you have the EZ GUN, you will not have to scrounge for
 food to eat or worry about the camo you're wearing.  If you would like to try
 it out and test its virtues, start a new game on the 'VERY EASY' difficulty
 setting, retrieve your backpack, and equip it.

-The Infinity Face Paint is a face paint that will grant infinite ammo while
 wearing it.  Understand that if the weapon you are holding is out of
 ammunition when you equip the IFP, no additional ammo will be granted (an
 infinite amount of zero is still zero).

-The Stealth Camouflage is a utility item, like the binoculars, which when
 equipped will make Snake virtually invisible to enemies.  I say "virtually"
 because if the enemy discovers your location in a combat situation ("ALERT",
 during CQC maneuvers, or otherwise touching an enemy's body), the camo index
 will drop from 100x to 95x (allowing Snake to be seen and shot at) until the
 "ALERT" phase drops to "EVASION", or until you let go of the enemy.

What the hell is a "Kerotan", anyway?

As far as I can tell, it's a bastardized Japanese version of Kermit the Frog.
You will see that it appears to be a small toy that, when shot, hit with
shrapnel, etc, will bounce and make a strange noise (waka-waka).  When you
get a hold of the GA-KO Camo, you will be able to locate the kerotans entirely
on your own, just as I did, if you wish.  When you equip the GA-KO and return
to the game, the kerotan in that specific area will "call out" to you for
several seconds.  Using the directional microphone, you can chase him down and
"feed" him the hot-lead meal of your choice.  Once you have hit the kerotan in
a specific map area, he will no longer "call out" to you.  This is how you can
confirm that you have indeed gotten a specific kerotan.  I will instruct you
to fetch the GA-KO camo when you arrive in the correct map-area.

******************  Some notes about this guide:  *****************************

-This guide is NOT a walkthrough.  It assumes that you understand the mechanics
 of the gameplay and that you understand the controls.

-While not technically a walkthrough, the format will look similar to a
 walkthrough guide; you will find the areas listed in order, in which you can:

1) Collect bonus camouflage and face paints (if present/available).
2) The location of that map-area's kerotan and possibly a recommended method of
   making him croak.
3) Collect new food items as they first become available, in said area with,
   from time to time, some extra info that you should find helpful regarding
   the food items, their acquisition, and/or use.
4) Any tips, special instructions, or descriptions, for bonus items to be had
   for that specific map-area.

-The food section is NOT a food guide, rather it is a food COLLECTION guide.
 You may find a little information here about how a particular food item tastes
 or its effects, but that information is merely cursory and is not relevant to
 collecting them.

-The food collection begins with operation 'Snake Eater', NOT the
 'Virtuous Mission', you will be entering 'Snake Eater' at almost the same
 location with the same food items available (plus several more).  If you wish
 to collect what food you can find during the 'Virtuous Mission, go right
 ahead.  There's even a checklist at the end of this guide for you to keep

-If you are having trouble finding an item and you know that you're in the
 correct area, KEEP LOOKING, it's there.  You may, through the course of
 following this guide, notice that there are more food items available in a
 given area than are listed; the best way to collect the food items is as soon
 as you possibly can and since this is not in any way, shape, matter, or form,

-The Progression of the map-areas is, in my opinion, presented here in the best
 order for bonus item collection.

-All directions (North, South, East, West) are relative to what appears on the
 "Survival Viewer" MAP

-All of the following information was gleaned from my own personal experience
 while playing MGS3: Subsistence on the 'HARD' difficulty setting.  My disk is
 clearly marked NTSC.

***********************   Gameplay Notes:   ***********************************

A few things to keep in mind while playing...

-You need only to collect the food items into your inventory, you do not need
 to eat them or finish the game with it in your inventory for it to count.
 (With the notable exception of the tsuchinoko)

-Most animals can be tranquilized and captured alive, however, a few of the
 larger animals must be killed to collect the meat.

-It is a good idea to carry the collected items from one area into the next
 before discarding them or saving your progress.  If, for whatever reason, you
 either "continue" after failing or reload your game, you will be placed into
 the current area as if you were never there.  SO... if you collect some
 mushrooms, save, then reset-reload-continue, you will find that those
 mushrooms are not in your inventory as the game only saves your state as you
 entered the area, not anything you've done since arriving.  SAME GOES FOR
 KEROTANS.  You must enter a different game area before saving for your new
 acquisitions to be saved.  The exception to this is that cut-scenes sort of
 act like entering new areas; if you collect some items and tag a kerotan then
 get a cut-scene, you can save your progress no problem.  Don't rely on this
 during boss battles though; most bosses have a cut-scene when you deplete half
 of their stamina.  Just don't bother saving after these cut-scenes as it
 doesn't seem to work like other cut-scenes for game-save purposes.

-Before you leave Rassvet during 'Snake Eater', make sure you have at least one
 Baltic Hornets Nest in your inventory.  You will need it to collect an
 additional food item later and you cannot return after exiting 'Bolshaya Past

-It is a good idea to neutralize any guards in an area that will interfere with
 your searching for items.  Method of pacification is player's choice (if
 you're going for 0 kills/ 0 alerts you will need to tranq' many of them.

-If you want to know that you're in the correct area, open the survival viewer,
 then select MAP and it will show you the name of your current location at the

-If you are having difficulty finding a particular item, try using the Thermal
 Goggles.  If you still cannot find the item, well... sucks to be you, I 
 guess... (there is enough hand-holding in this guide, learn to cope).

-When hunting for food items, use common sense; fish are found in water,
 mushrooms grow near the ground, fruit grows on trees, etc.

***********************   Tactical Notes:   ***********************************

There are two tactical tricks that I refer to several times in this guide.
Each make completing the tasks quite a bit easier so I will describe and
explain them both.

 1)  The "scope-trick" - First equip a weapon.  A pistol will do.  Now equip
     the binoculars and zoom in on a distant target.  Tap the L2 button to
     unequip the scope and very quickly press and hold R1.  If you did it fast
     enough, the aim camera will not have had a chance to reset before the FPV
     took over.  Press square and you will find that you are now aiming exactly
     where the binocular zoom was focused, allowing you to make insanely long
     distance shots with the Mk22 or M1911.
     Please note that when Snake is crouching or lying down when you raise the
     pistol to take a shot, the aim will ever so slightly shift upwards.  Be on
     the lookout for this tiny shift because if you are trying to hit
     something very distant and you don't make a correction, you'll miss.

 2)  The "FPV quick-reload-trick" - Equip a weapon and Hold R1 to aim in FPV.
     Now tap R2 twice in between shots.  You will find that you can increase
     the rate of fire for any weapon that requires a reload between shots.
     Holding R1 also locks the aim on your target in FPV when switching between
     weapons.  This trick is most useful during boss battles when you need a
     faster ROF for the Mk22, Mosin Nagant, RPG-7, M37, -OR- when you need to
     change weapons as fast as possible without losing your aim.

***********************  Before You Begin:  ***********************************

If you haven't already, start a new game on whichever difficulty setting you
wish to obtain the bonus items for your next play-through.  Keep in mind that
once you have started a game, there is no way to change the difficulty setting
of that game-save.  Also, I highly recommend that you choose "I LIKE MGS3" as
you will receive some very useful extra camos and face paints as a result.

   FLECKTARN Camo- - - - - Prevents battery drain
   AUSCAM Camo - - - - - - Drops all damage to 2/3
   DESERT TIGER Camo - - - Prevents suppressors from wearing out
   BROWN Face Paint  - - - Unlimited Oxygen when underwater

   (Most of the Boss' Camos have special properties as well)

         04       The Virtuous Mission

This mission serves as an introduction to the game.  Other than shooting the
kerotans, there is actually nothing else to do besides getting Snake to the
meet with Sokolov.  There are no items to collect during this mission that will
be retained in your inventory after 'Virtuous' is completed, EXCEPT the
mousetrap, but it's not really an exception and you'll see why later.

The food collection for the EZ Gun will not begin with this mission, it will
begin with 'Operation Snake Eater'.  If you would still like to start your
item hunting here, then by all means, do so.  There is even a checklist near
the end of this guide for you to use.

Remember to save each time you enter a new area and update your checklists when
you do so.

         04-a      Dremuchij South

Kerotan- Once you retrieve your backpack, reclimb the tree and turn around so
[01]     that you are facing South.  Go into FPV (First Person View - Hold R1)
         and look about 45 degrees to the left (Southeast).  The frog is near
         the crest of the hill at the base of some bushes.

         04-b      Dremuchij Swampland

Kerotan- On the exit path when leaving this area heading North, stop after the
[02]     second patch of weeds and use FPV to face directly East and scan the
         right side of the embankment.  Depending on your line of sight he may
         be hidden behind a tree, so if you don't see him, move around and
         rescan the hillside.  He is above eye-level, if that helps.

         04-c      Dremuchij North

Kerotan- In the lowland on the Eastern side of the map you will find a stump.
[03]     The frog is on top of the stump.  The ideal place to stand is on top
         of the nearby log or behind the stump itself.  While in FPV you can
         press and hold L2+R2 to peek up if you need to.  L2 or R2 by
         themselves will peek side to side while in FPV.

         04-d 	   Dolinovodno

Kerotan- After the cut-scene, whip out your binoculars and zoom in on the top
[04]     of the left (Western) anchor beam of the foot bridge.  He is sitting
         atop the post.
Notes-  *If you are going for 0 Alerts/0 Kills ("0/0" from now on) you may find
         it helpful to shoot the hornet's nest when the soldier nears the
         bridge.  The Hornets will swarm him and he'll run down the bridge
         getting all of his pals infested as well.  They will all vacate the
         map-area for a few minutes leaving you a golden opportunity to cross
         the bridge unseen without any deaths.  I have heard it reported that
         some people have problems when tranq'ing the guards on the bridge;
         they tend to slide off into the gorge when you cross leaving kills in
         your wake.

         04-e      Rassvet

Kerotan- Enter the Western-most section of the wrecked warehouse and face
[05]     North. Do you see that hole in the wall between the crates?  Run right
         up to it and look into the hole in FPV.

Notes-  *After the cut-scene of Snake using CQC to wipe his ass with the ocelot
         unit, find the unconscious Ocelot and shake him down to receive the
         mousetrap (he's the one not wearing a mask).  It is the first one
         available and you will need it.  Once you have the mousetrap, equip it
         and set it somewhere in Rassvet.  When you return during 'Snake Eater'
         it will be waiting for you right where you left it, but if you don't
         leave this item here, you won't get to keep it. When you return, just
         crawl over it to pick it up again.

         05       Operation Snake Eater

This mission constitutes 99% of the game.  You will start very near the
starting point for 'Virtuous', so you will be seeing some familiar territory
for a little while.  You will not be able to return to Dremuchij East after
entering Dremuchij North, so be sure to collect what you need before departing.

         05-aa    Dremuchij East

Kerotan- Run North into the wide part of the path and look West.  You should
[06]     be able to see a group of fallen trees and a large stump on the edge 
         of the path.  The frog is sitting on the ground behind the mess.

New Food Item(s)- Baikal Scaly Tooth
                  Flying Squirrel 
                  Otton Frog
                  Reticulated Python
                  Russian Oyster Mushroom
                  Siberian Ink Cap
                  Yabloko Moloko

Notes-  *Don't miss the Baikal, it's growing on the stump nearest the kerotan.

         05-ab    Dremuchij North

Kerotan- Near the center of the map there is a climbable tree.  So climb it
[07]     already and look directly West at the nearby crest of the hill.

New Food Item(s)- Golova
                  Green Tree Python 
                  King Cobra
                  Sunda Whistling Thrush

Notes-  *From here you should backtrack to Dremuchij Swampland and Dremuchij
         South.  You could wait until after collecting the Thermal Goggles in
         Rassvet (the Thermal Goggles make hunting a cinch), or you could just
         skip it altogether as there is not a single item down there that you
         can't acquire later, but it is definitely easier to get them now and
         because this is where you can first obtain them, this is where I am
         listing them.  The thermal goggles, by the way, can be found in the
         locker in the room in the warehouse.

         05-ac    Dremuchij Swampland

Kerotan- Get to the Western-most piece of real estate in the swamp.  The frog
[08]     is on the ground behind the Northern-most group of trees here.

New Food Item(s)- Indian Gavial
                  Baltic Hornet's Nest
                  Tree Frog

         05-ad    Dremuchij South

Kerotan- Go to the starting point of the 'Virtuous Mission' and head West.
[09]     There is a log here to climb over to access a small area.  Stand on
         the log and look up on the hill looking directly West and you should
         spot him easily.

New Food Item(s)- European Rabbit
                  Giant Anaconda
                  Russian False Mango

Notes-  *Now return to Dremuchij North and continue.

         05-ae	  Dolinovodno

Camo-    Raindrop Camo: in the alcove underneath the North side of the bridge.

Kerotan- Cross the footbridge and stop the moment your feet hit solid ground.
[10]     Now turn right to face East and look up on the hill next to the gorge.

Notes-  *There are hornet's nests on either side of the gorge.  It's a great
         food item and you can make them even better a little later in the
         game.  Before traveling to Rassvet, it may suit you to return to
         Dremuchij Swampland and then back to Dolinovodno again to obtain more
         (they reappear after having traveled 2 map-areas away).

        *After crossing the bridge, take the small side-path on the left and
         either hug the wall or hang-and-shimmy to the alcove under the bridge.
         There you will find the Raindrop Camo.

         05-af    Rassvet

Paint-   Zombie Face Paint: To the extreme North go West and look behind the

Kerotan- The frog is hiding underneath the first landing of the stairs in the
[11]     Western section of the warehouse.

New Food Item(s)- Instant Noodles
                  Russian Ration

Notes-  *Tranq the ocelots, then shake them down for 2 items apiece to find the
         noodles and ration.  If for some reason you don't get them, don't
         worry; you will not even have to try to get these items later.  The
         opportunities will be numerous and obvious.

        *Also, be sure to retrieve your mousetrap and have at least one Baltic
         Hornet's Nest in your food inventory before you continue to Chynoryj

         05-ag    Chynoryj Prud

Camo-    GA-KO Camo: In the far Northeast area of the water.  Use the thermal
                     goggles if you have difficulty locating it.

Kerotan- Find the Northeast exit from this area and stand on dry ground as far
[12]     West as possible.  Use FPV to look straight West to spot a tree
         growing out of the water against the North side of the swamp.  The
         frog is under water at the base of this tree.  You might find this one
         tricky to pin down so it might be a good idea to test the GA-KO Camo +
         directional microphone technique.  (The easy way is to toss a grenade
         into the water at the base of the tree).

New Food Item(s)- Arowana
                  Coral Snake
                  Milk Snake
                  Poison Dart Frog

Notes-  *To use the GA-KO Camo to locate a kerotan, press 'START' to enter
         the survival viewer and equip the GA-KO uniform, then exit the
         survival viewer and the kerotan will "call out".  This noise is
         different from the noise it makes when you shoot it.  After shooting
         it you will hear "waka-waka (pause) waka-waka (pause)".  When using
         the GA-KO Camo it will call out with "waka (pause) waka (pause).

        *It definitely helps to have a decent stereo-capable sound system or at
         least headphones.  Using the GA-KO Camo + directional microphone, you
         should be able to triangulate the frog's position by taking readings
         from different locations.  Now is a good time to practice using the
         directional mic for when you need to be able to do this during a boss

        *Once you have tagged a specific kerotan, he will no longer "call out"
         to you.

         05-ah    Bolshaya Past South

Camo-    Splitter Camo:   On the Eastern path on the ledge.  You'll need to
                          shimmy or hug the wall.  (tip: you can spy the
                          kerotan from this item's location)
         Choco Chip Camo: Inside the hollow stump in the extreme Northwest.

Kerotan- There is an opening in the Northernmost fence guarded by soldiers.
[13]     On the South side of this fence to the East you'll find the frog on
         the ground at the base of a grouping of trees.

New Food Item(s)- Tsuchinoko

Notes-  *The Tsuchinoko is an invisible, mythological, and undetectable snake
         that can be found in any map area of the game, but it's easiest to get
         here as there are no other creatures in this area to get caught in
         your trap.  Set your mousetrap(s) wherever you please and go a short
         distance away and wait 5-6 minutes.  If you haven't caught one yet,
         pick up the trap(s) and set in a different spot.  You'll get one
         eventually.  I have not had any problems catching it here.  There are
         a couple more mousetraps in the next area that might help if you are
         having difficulty.  If so, go get them and come back here.

        *Once you have caught one, make sure you keep it alive in your food
         inventory.  You will need to recapture it later, though.  I will let
         you know when.

         05-ai    Bolshaya Past Base

Paint-   Snow Face Paint: In the Western trench under a small bridge.

Camo-    Water Camo: On the roof of the main building, Northwest corner.

Kerotan- Inside the main building under a desk in the bunk room.

New Food Item(s)- Calorie Mate

Notes-  *There are two more mousetraps in this area.  Setting multiple traps
         in Bolshaya Past South may help you increase your chances of catching
         a Tsuchinoko if you're having trouble.  One is under a bed near the
         kerotan, the other is in the provisions shed.

        *Be certain that you have at least one Baltic Hornet's Nest before you
         exit this area to continue.

        *You only need to collect the calorie mate if you are playing HARD,
         EXTREME, or EUROPEAN EXTREME.  Otherwise, you begin the game with one
         already in your inventory.  

         05-aj    Bolshaya Past Crevice (Boss fight: Ocelot)

Kerotan- You will have to shoot this bugger during the Ocelot fight.  Run to
[15]     your right (East) and then turn and face South so that your back is to
         Ocelot.  Now use FPV to find this frog on the ledge in front of you.

Notes-  *This is your first opportunity to "win" a special Camo.  Tranq' Ocelot
         until his stamina gauge is completely depleted and you will have a new
         Camo waiting for you in the next area as your reward.  Make every shot
         count and remember that headshots deal the largest blow to the stamina
         gauge.  See section 08-a regarding tips and tactics to defeat him.

        *On the harder difficulty settings you should find one or two baltic
         hornet's nests on your side of the crevasse hanging from tree limbs.
         Shoot them if you want them.

         05-ak    Chyomaya Peschera Branch

Camo-    Animals Camo: Will be right next to your starting location if you
                       defeated Ocelot through stamina depletion.

Kerotan- Find the cave area with the big pit in the floor.  You'll know the
[16]     place to which I refer when you find the NVG (Night Vision Goggles).
         Once you pick up the goggles, don't move; he's only a few feet away
         (although he's really tough to see).  He is about eye-level on the
         wall directly opposite the entrance to this area.  You can try using
         the NVG, but I found them to be pretty worthless when looking for this
         particular frog (he seems to remain very dark until you hit him, then
         he becomes somewhat visible).  Do yourself a favor and use the torch,
         which you should have grabbed from the alcove in the waterfall area on
         the way here.

New Food Item(s)- Kenyan Mangrove Crab
                  Maroon Shark
                  Russian Glow Cap
                  Taiwanese Cobra
                  Vampire Bat

         05-al    Chyomaya Peschera Cave (Boss Fight: The Pain)

Camo-    Snow Camo:     At the start of the map, take the right-hand fork in
                        the path and continue crawling through the openings
                        to reach it.
         Hornet Stripe: Found on the Pain's platform after the battle if you
                        defeat him through stamina depletion.  See section
                        08-b for tips.

Kerotan- When you come to the point where it opens into a huge cavern, STOP
[17]     before you trigger the boss fight.  Equip your scope and scan the
         opening in the cave ceiling.  you should see the frog chillin' up
         there.  Use the "scope-trick" and shoot him.  He's rather distant so
         you may need to use the directional-mic to verify your successful
         snipe.  You may also wait until you beat the Pain; you will be able
         to get a bit closer to it.

New Food Item(s)- Hive of Pain Hornets  

Notes-  *Equip the Hornet Nests so you can throw them.  Stand on the little
         rock and wait until The Pain throws pollen onto you, then quickly toss
         a nest directly at your feet.  The pain Hornets will infest your nest
         and it will become a Hive of Pain Hornets.  Pick it up after you hear
         the magical food jingle.  Do NOT, as some faqs mention, throw the
         nests onto the Pain's platform; I have tried this several times and
         the items NEVER ONCE persisted after the cut-scenes.

        *I have discovered a second, easier method of obtaining the Pain
         Hornet Hive (quite accidentally).  Simply equip the desired number of
         Nests and wait until the Pain Hornets swarm around you (you'll know
         the swarm I'm referring to when you lose control of Snake for a few
         seconds).  After the swarm vanishes, check your food inventory, all of
         your equipped nests should now have become Hives of Pain Hornets!

        *Pain Hornet Hives will COMPLETELY restore stamina and they do not rot
         like normal nests do, so they are very worthwhile to have.

         05-am.     Chyomaya Peschera Cave Entrance

Kerotan- Run forward until you spy an alcove on the left.  The frog is on top
[18]     of the arch, but you can only see it while standing inside of the
         alcove.  Before you go running in there, take notice of the claymores
         on the floor.  Either pick them up or shoot them (sometimes when you
         shoot them, one of them sends shrapnel that hits the kerotan).

New Food Item(s)- Thai Cobra

         05-an     Ponizovje South

Paint-   Water:      Not available yet.  You will need to return here after
                     battling the Fear.  It will be in the water near the
                     start of this area.  - Thanks, "chriee"

Kerotan- From the very moment you start this area, all you have to do is wade
[19]     forward a little and look to your left (West); he's on those rocks

New Food Item(s)- Bigeye Trevally

         05-ao    Ponizovje West

Kerotan- He's under water.  Swim down into the Northern corner between the
[20]     docks and look behind the grate of the large drain pipe.

New Food Item(s)- Cobalt Blue Tarantula

         05-ap    Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior

Kerotan- There is a large red traffic control gate to the West.  Find him atop
[21]     the support beam to the left of this gate.

         05-aq    Ponizovje Warehouse

Paint-   Desert Face Paint: lower level, Southwest corner.

Kerotan- Head to the lowest level and stand near the Southwest corner.  Get out
[22]     your scope and scan the beams near the ceiling.  This frog is sitting
         atop a beam all the way to the right side (East).

         05-ar    Graniny Gorki South

Kerotan- When you reach the Northern exit of this area, stop and use FPV to
[23]     turn to the West (left) and look up.  He is on a branch in a tree

New Food Item(s)- Fly Agaric

Notes-  *If you are collecting boss camos and want the Fear's Spider uniform,
         stock up on fly agarics and dart frogs While you're here; the
         poisonous foods will make the upcoming battle easier.

         05-as    Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls

Kerotan- Inside the electric fence, head to the western corner of the brick
[24]     wall.  Face the hill West of the wall and look up.  He is in plain
         sight on the hill.

New Food Item(s)- Red Avadavat

Notes-  *You should find the Red Avadavat in the very first patch of grass you
         come upon.  I recommend that you use the thermal goggles because this
         bird is tiny.

         05-at    Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls

Kerotan- South of the armory is a building which you cannot enter.  Look into
[25]     the window that faces West to find this one.

         05-au    Graniny Gorki Lab 1F

Camo-    Fly Camo:      Go up to the second floor and enter the bathroom.  Kick
                        down the last stall door.

Paint-   Oyama:         Enter the duct in the courtyard.

Kerotan- He is sitting on top of some lockers near the door to the courtyard.

New Food Item(s)- Spatsa

Notes-  *Check the tree in the courtyard for the spatsa.

         05-av    Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East

Kerotan- Check the last prison cell.  He's obvious.

         05-aw    Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West

Kerotan- Check the break room on top of the magazine rack.  He's obvious, too.

         05-ax    Graniny Gorki South (Boss Battle: The Fear)

Camo-    Spider Camo:    Defeat The Fear through stamina depletion.  See
                         section 08-c for tips.

Notes-  *Before you continue to Svyatogornyj South after battling The Fear,
         return to Ponizovje South to collect the Water Face Paint.

         05-ay    Svyatogornyj South

Kerotan-  He is on a ledge on the building you just exited.  Run forward a
[29]      little bit then turn around.  Look up into the corner above the
          doorway.  If you can't see him, move further from the building.

New Food Item(s)- Vine Melon

         05-az    Svyatogornyj West

Kerotan- Take the Western path when it splits and use the thermal goggles to
[30]     find the pit-trap covered in leaves.  The frog is on the hill at
         eye-level directly Northwest of the trap.

New Food Item(s)- Ural Luminescent

Notes-  *The Ural Luminescent looks like the Baikal, only a bit darker and
         harder to spot (despite its name, it does not glow).  Use the goggles.

         05-ba    Svyatogornyj East

Kerotan- This one is inside the building.  You can actually see it through the
[31]     window from the climbable tree in the ravine South of the building.
         You can also snipe it from here using the scope-trick.  It is waiting
         for you on a shelf in the bedroom.

         05-bb    Sokrovenno South (Boss Battle: The End)

Camo-    Moss Camo:     Sneak up behind The End and hold him up.  Point your
                        weapon at the back of his head 3 times and he'll give
                        you this bonus camo.

Kerotan- Find the armory shed.  This frog is on the hill right behind it.  If
[32]     you are gunning for this one during the boss fight, you may want to
         stay on the ground below to avoid exposing yourself.

New Food Item(s)- Parrot

Notes-  *The following is a list of where I found the parrot on each difficulty

   "VERY EASY"  - - - - Sokrovenno South, right next to your starting location
                        perched on a log.
   "EASY" - - - - - - - Sokrovenno South, right next to your starting location
                        perched in a tree.
   "NORMAL" - - - - - - Sokrovenno West, perched on the dead tree toward the
                        top of the falls.
   "HARD" - - - - - - - Sokrovenno West, perched at the very top of a dead tree
                        on the topmost tier of the falls.
   "EXTREME"  - - - - - Sokrovenno West, perched very high up in a tree just
                        East of the water on the topmost tier of the falls.
   "EUROPEAN EXTREME" - Exact same place as in "EXTREME".

         *Try tranq'ing the parrot and then let him go after you catch him.  He
          will fly to The End's location and start making noise.  You can then
          recapture him over and over making this boss battle quite simple.

         *While not technically a bonus item, you will win the Mosin Nagant if
          you defeat The End through stamina depletion.  It is a sniper rifle
          that fires tranq rounds.  I only mention it because it can make your
          life much easier soon if you're going for 0/0 and helps immensely
          during some upcoming boss fights if you are collecting camos; the
          Mosin packs about twice the punch of the Mk22. See section 08-d for

         05-bc    Sokrovenno West

Kerotan- Follow the stream to its end and look into the space that the water
[33]     flows into.

         05-bd    Sokrovenno North

Kerotan- Open the MAP and notice that there are 4 entrances/exits in the South
[34]     of this area that all lead to Sokrovenno South.  The two in the middle
         are lower and the two on the outside are higher up.  Start at either
         of the middle/lower entrances and follow the huge hill around to the
         other lower exit from this area.  Near the Northernmost apex of this
         hill is a single tree.  Next to that tree, on the ground, is the frog.

         05-be    Krasnogorje Tunnel

Kerotan- He is sitting on the floor about half-way down the corridor.  You need
[35]     to run down the corridor and then turn around to see him behind a
         pillar on the West wall.

         05-bf    Krasnogorje Mountain Base

Kerotan- Locate the Northern exit from this area and then travel West to the
[36]     edge of the cliff.  The frog is atop the rock-hill directly on your
         right (North).  You may need to seek higher ground to get a shot at
         this one.

New Food Item(s)- Emperor Scorpion
                  White-Rumped Vulture

         05-bg    Krasnogorje Mountainside

Kerotan- This one is on the roof of the provisions shed.  you'll need to seek
[37]     higher ground some distance away to see him.  (Southeastern-most
         building = provisions shed)

         05-bh    Krasnogorje Mountaintop

Kerotan- Find the lower-most gun turret and stand next to it.  Face the
[38]     rock-wall to the South and scan in FPV.  He stands out well.

         05-bi    Krasnogorje Mountaintop: Behind Ruins

Kerotan- Standing on the ledge overlooking Grozynj Grad, use the SVD or scope
[39]     to scan the radio tower.  He's sitting on a cross-beam about halfway

         05-bj    Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins

Kerotan- He's on a shelf above the bed.  Mind the scorpion, eh. 

         05-bk    Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel (Boss Fight: The Fury)

Camo-    Fire Camo:   Defeat The Fury through stamina depletion and it will be
                      waiting for you after the cut-scene.  See section 08-e
                      for tips.

Kerotan- You start this area by coming down some stairs and then running North
[41]     down a long hallway.  When you get to the end of this hallway stop at
         the railing and use FPV.  Look straight ahead and look for a large
         pipe at eye level in the distance.  He is a little tough to see
         because of the distance and darkness.  If you can't find him, wait
         until the boss battle begins and immediately run to your right  (East)
         and then turn left to face North.  He is above you sitting on a red
         water pipe.  It may help to move a little South to get a better angle.

         05-bl    Groznyj Grad Southwest

Kerotan- There are six buildings in the West of this area.  Look through the
[42]     slit in the middle Westernmost building's doors to spy him sitting on
         the barrel of a tank.

Notes-  *You may want to consider obtaining the Raikov Uniform before tagging
         the Groznyj Grad kerotans; Snake can travel throughout Groznyj Grad
         with impunity while wearing this disguise.

         05-bm    Groznyj Grad Southeast

Kerotan- This one is on the roof of the detention center.  The Southeast
[43]     corner, to be precise.

         05-bn    Groznyj Grad Torture Room

Kerotan- Check under a desk in the office.

Notes-  *The Camera can also be found in this office.  It IS a bonus item in
         the sense that you will get to keep it for your next play-through.
         Although, besides acting like a new scope, it doesn't serve much
         purpose in gameplay.

         05-bo    Groznyj Grad Northwest

Kerotan- There is an inaccessible set of stairs in the West of this area, just
[45]     North of a watchtower.  This frog is sitting at the top of those

         05-bp    Groznyj Grad Northeast

Kerotan- Head to the North side of the provisions shed and jump into the
[46]     drainage duct.  Crawl until you see a split to the right (West) and
         crawl into it.  You should find this frog staring at you through the

         05-bq    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing

Kerotan- Upstairs in the office/breakroom on top of the shelving against the
[47]     Northern wall.

         05-br    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: West Corridor

Kerotan- Look out the windows to your left (South) and look at the top of the
[48]     pole with the sirens.  He's sitting on the very top of the pole.  A
         good choice of weapon would be the M1911 with the suppressor (use the
         scope trick if need be).

Notes-  *After the next few scenes you'll find yourself in jail sans-backpack.
         If you are playing HARD or EXTREME and are also trying for 0/0, you
         might want to obtain the cig-spray from Johnny the jailor.  When he
         tosses food into your cell, quickly pick it up and throw it back out
         so Johnny can eat it.  After he eats three food items, it will trigger
         a cut-scene in which he gives you your cig-spray back.  The benefit to
         using the cig-spray is that when a guard sees another guard sleeping,
         he walks over to investigate and develops a severe case of tunnel-
         vision enroute (you can run right up to him and he won't see or hear
         you).  Avoiding ALERTS in Groznyj Grad Northwest can be a real pain on
         the harder difficulty settings, but with the cig-spray "bait-and-lure"
         tactic, you can have a big pile of sleeping guards in no time.

         05-bs    Groznyj Grad Sewers

Kerotan- none (I didn't want you to wonder)

         05-bt    ? (Boss Fight: The Sorrow)

Kerotan- none

Notes-  *To get the Sorrow's Spirit Camo, reach the end of the river and die by
         touching the Sorrow's dead body.  The Screen will go to the "SNAKE IS
         DEAD" screen.  Press L2 and use the Revive Pill.  The Spirit Camo will
         then be waiting for you in your backpack when you get it from EVA.
         See section 08-f for tips.
        *If you're going for 0/0, the only ghosts you should see during this
         "battle" are the bosses that you've defeated.  If you see anyone else,
         i.e. soldiers or scientists, it means you had a kill.

        * Yes, "?" is the name of this area.

         05-bu    Tikhogornyj

Paint-   Kabuki:        In the pool at the waterfall, underwater.  You will
                        have to wait until after you hook up with EVA to get
                        it.  Grab it when you go back for the Tsuchinoko.

Kerotan- Where the stream exits this map-area. He's obvious down behind the
[49]     branches.

Notes-  *This is the area to get the Tsuchinoko again, but first, meet with EVA
         under the falls and get your backpack from her.

         05-bv    Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall

Camo-    Spirit Camo:   Already in your backpack inventory if you made it to
                        the Sorrow's corpse.

Kerotan- When you get to the room with the ladder, instead of climbing it, go
[50]     into FPV and find him sitting on the pipes near the Southwest corner.

Notes-  *Be sure to exit back out under the falls back to Tikhogornyj to
         retrieve the tsuchinoko and Kabuki face paint.  If you had a live
         tsuchinoko in your inventory when your backpack was confiscated, you
         will find it just a little south of the falls (quite visible this
         time) on the path flopping around.  Tranq it or catch it in a
         mousetrap again, just make sure you don't kill it; you must finish
         the game with it alive in your inventory to receive the Infinity Face

        *If you are collecting Camos from the bosses, be sure to tranq two of
         the tree frogs in the tunnel and grab the glowcaps.  They come in very
         handy during the Volgin battle.

         05-bw    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing 2F

Camo-    Sneaking Camo- Check inside the locker with the red stripe on your way
                        through here for the second time to get this camo.

Notes-  *You should also find the Technician's Lab Coat in the second locker
         South in the Easternmost row.  You don't get to keep this camo for
         future playthroughs, but it's definitely the best camo to use in the
         hangar to avoid ALERTS.  Just remember to keep your distance from
         technicians, or they'll blow your cover.

         05-bx    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing

Kerotan- Go to the Western side of the Shagohod and find him between the
[51]     computers (behind the short yellow railing).

         05-by    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing B1 (Boss Fight: Volgin)

Camo-    Cold War Camo: Defeat Volgin through stamina depletion.  When he
                        finally falls, be quick; you only have a couple of
                        seconds to pick it up.  See section 008-g for tips.

Kerotan- Immediately when the battle begins, toss a chaff or a glowcap to
[52]     divert the electricity-attack.  Look directly left of your starting
         orientation and look up.  You should find him on a ledge toward the

Notes-  *The next several kerotans are one-shot deals that you will have to hit
         on the fly while riding shotgun in the side-car of a motorcycle.  MAKE
         should miss one (and you will) you will need to reset and reload (soft
         reset = L1+L2+R1+R2+SELECT+START).  I suggest that you take the D-mic
         out of your backpack so you can use it to confirm your hits (there
         will be a lot of extra noise and you may not hear the kerotan
         otherwise.  I would also suggest that you use the SVD or RPG-7 for all
         of these.

        *If you're going for 0/0 you will need to use the Mk22 (exclusively) to
         shoot the soldiers chasing you/ shooting at you.

        *Equip the Cold War camo and you'll find that soldiers that you are
         facing will not shoot at you (very handy for the next several areas).

         05-bz    Groznyj Grad (Motorcycle Side-car pt. 1)
Kerotan- Eventually, Eva will stop the motorcycle facing the Grozynj Grad
[53]     Weapons Lab West Corridor (the covered walkway).  Turn right (East)
         and face the watchtower.  Use a sniper rifle or the scope to find this
         one sitting on the spotlight.

         05-ca    Groznyj Grad (Side-car pt. 2)

Kerotan- Keep an eye out for forklifts in this area.  The frog is sitting in
[54]     the seat of one of them.  Eva stops again closer to this one (albeit
         a very quick stop) so you'll get a second shot at this frog,
         in case you miss it at your first opportunity .

         05-cb    Groznyj Grad Runway South (Side-car pt. 3)

Kerotan- Go ahead and take care of the motorcyles chasing you, but when Eva
[55]     turns and starts driving down the actual runway, turn around and face
         forward.  This frog is sitting on top of a sign just to the left off
         the runway.  It is quite distant at first and you won't get anything
         close to an ideal opportunity to fire upon this one.  Have the D-mic
         handy so you can confirm your hit.

         05-cd    Groznyj Grad Runway (Side-car pt. 4)

Kerotan- From the start face forward and scan the signs to the right of the
[56]     runway.  This one is on top of the fourth one that you will pass.

         05-ce    Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge (C3 Sniping Part)

Kerotan- Stand up (you'll have to to see this one) and scan the lower support
[57]     arches underneath the bridge.  He is on the furthest support arch
         almost all the way to the left.

         05-cf    Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge (Boss Battle: Volgin/Shagohod)

Kerotan- During the second part of the battle, while on foot, you start out
[58]     facing a radio tower on a white building.  This frog is on the
         edge of the roof at the base of the tower.  If you're a glutton for
         punishment you can get this one during the first part of the battle
         while in the motorcycle side-car (Side-car pt. 5).

         05-cg    Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North (Side-car pt. 6)

Kerotan- Very near the end of this area you should see 3 red and white
[59]     barricades.  this one is sitting on the ground between the leftmost
         and center barricades.

         05-ch    Lazorevo South (Side-car pt. 7)

Kerotan- Watch the right side of the road for a large rock with a log in front
[60]     of it.  The frog is on the ground in front of the rock.  I would
         recommend hitting the rock with an RPG; the shrapnel should be enough
         to do the trick, but confirm it with the D-mic nonetheless.

         05-ci    Lazorevo North (Side-car pt. 8)

Kerotan- This frog is on a rock on the left side of the road very near the
[61]     start of the run.  Once again, your best bet is to hit the rock with
         an RPG (try to aim towards the top of the rock).  Be sure to confirm
         your hit with the D-mic.

         05-cj    Zaorzyorje West

Kerotan- When the path splits, take the right (Western) path.  Stop when you
[62]     get to the middle of the log-bridge and turn to your left (East).
         Look down in FPV to find this one against the rock-wall in the chasm.

Notes-  *If you are tying for 0/0 and you are having a hard time avoiding
         alerts, be really fast with the Mk22 (supressed) and try laying down
         a couple of pornography mags.  Oh, and be sure to wear the highest
         index camo you have (the Fear's Spider camo works great, just don't
         wear it the entire time, unless you like having to scrounge for food
         every 30 seconds).

         05-ck    Zaorzyorje East

Kerotan- When the path narrows and then forks, look behind the tree at the
[63]     apex of where the path forks.

         05-cl    Rokovoj Bereg (Boss Fight: The Joy)

Camo-    Snake Camo:      Defeat The Boss through stamina depletion.  Don't
                          dawdle when she finally drops; you have a only a few
                          seconds to pick it up.  See section 008-h for tips.

Kerotan- Be sure to save at the beginning of the fight; even when knowing where
[64]     this one is located, it can still be tricky to spot.  This area is
         filled with decaying trees and this frog is at the very top of one of
         them.  Try going to the extreme South and looking North or go to the
         extreme West and look East.  If you don't see him anywhere, move a
         little and try again; your line of sight may be blocked by a
         foreground tree.  It's hard to say exactly where the tree is, but if
         you liken the map-area to the face of a clock, I would say it is
         slightly off-center (10-15 feet) at around 4 or 5 o'clock.

New Food Item(s)- Snake Liquid 
                  Snake Solid 
                  Snake Solidus

Notes-  *These three snakes are white and very hard to see without the thermal
         goggles.  They can be found hanging out near each of the three large
         logs in the area.

        *After this battle, you still have one more thing to do; duel Ocelot.
         Choose the pistol on the right if you want to keep it for your next

         05-cm    Over the Soviet Border (Credits)

After the credits roll you will get a statistics screen showing some data about
your game-clear.  Look at it closely, you should have 48 kinds of food, the
title of "KEROTAN" at the bottom (and/or 0 Alerts/0 Kills if that was your
chosen method).  You will be prompted to save the game after being shown what
items you've acquired for your next play-through when you load the game-clear
file.  If you followed the instructions in this guide, you should receive all
of the special bonus items (as well as any Camos you acquired, although they
won't be listed):

              Single Action Army
              EZ Gun
              Infinity Face Paint


         06       Food Collection Checklist

         In-Game Code        Inventory Name
01       B Nest              Baltic Hornet's Nest
02       Bat                 Vampire Bat
03       Bird A              Parrot
04       Bird B              White-Rumped Vulture
05       Bird C              Red Avadavat
06       Bird D              Magpie
07       Bird E              Sunda Whistling Thrush
08       C Mate              Calorie Mate
09       Crab                Kenyan Mangrove Crab
10       Fish A              Bigeye Trevally
11       Fish B              Maroon Shark
12       Fish C              Arowana
13       Frog A              Otton Frog
14       Frog B              Tree Frog
15       Frog C              Poison Dart Frog
16       Fruit A             Yabloko Moloko
17       Fruit B             Russian False Mango
18       Fruit C             Golova
19       Gavial              Indian Gavial
20       Markhor             Markhor
21       Mushroom A          Russian Oyster
22       Mushroom B          Ural Luminescent
23       Mushroom C          Siberian Ink Cap
24       Mushroom D          Fly Agaric
25       Mushroom E          Russian Glow Cap
26       Mushroom F          Spatsa
27       Mushroom G          Baikal Scaly Tooth
28       Noodles             Instant Noodles
29       Rabbit              European Rabbit
30       Rat                 Rat
31       Ration              Russian Ration
32       R.P.H. Hive         Hive of Pain Hornets
33       Scorpion            Emperor Scorpion
34       Snake A             King Cobra
35       Snake B             Taiwanese Cobra
36       Snake C             Thai Cobra
37       Snake D             Coral Snake
38       Snake E             Milk Snake
39       Snake F             Green Tree Python
40       Snake G             Giant Anaconda
41       Snake H             Reticulated Python
42       Snake I             Snake Liquid
43       Snake J             Snake Solid
44       Snake K             Snake Solidus
45       Spider              Cobalt Blue Tarantula
46       Squirrel            Flying Squirrel
47       Tchnko              Tsuchinoko
48       Vegetable           Vine Melon

         07       Camouflage/ Face Paint Checklist

     Camouflage Uniforms          Face Paints

   ----------------------       ---------------
   01   Raindrop                01   Zombie
   ----------------------       ---------------
   02   GA-KO                   02   Snow
   ----------------------       ---------------
   03   Splitter                03   Desert
   ----------------------       ---------------
   04   Choco Chip              04   Water
   ----------------------       ---------------
   05   Water                   05   Oyama
   ----------------------       ---------------
   06   Animals                 06   Kabuki
   ----------------------       ---------------
   07   Snow
   08   Hornet Stripe
   09   Fly
   10   Spider
   11   Moss
   12   Fire
   13   Spirit
   14   Sneaking
   15   Cold War
   16   Snake

         08       Boss Guide (Stamina Depletion)

This section covers defeating the bosses through stamina depletion to obtain
their special bonus camos.  You're not going to find step-by-step instructions
here as this is not a walkthrough.  But, for each boss you WILL find 4 distinct
sections; 1) Basic Info, which will detail the battle mechanics and general
information you need to know, 2) General Strategy, which contains information
and an explanation of how to approach a battle, 3) Tactics, which contains the
minutia of effective maneuvers for victory, and 4) Reader submitted tips.

         08-a     Ocelot

Basic Info:  

-You are fighting Ocelot while separated by a chasm.  You will not be able to
 get across to the other side so you will have to use your Mk22 and stun
 grenades exclusively.
-At times, after shooting Ocelot, his comrades will fire at you so you'll need
 to dive for cover when you hear them yell out.
-After his buddies shoot at you, Ocelot will walk out and scold them, giving
 you a couple of seconds to get in a free shot.
-Mind your step as there are not only chasms to fall into, but there are also
 poisonous snakes about.
-Ocelot is a quick shot; even when you are running, he does not have much
 trouble hitting his mark.
-The Colt Single-Action Army Revolver that Ocelot is using ricochets its
 bullets easily.  Simply hiding behind a tree or a rock is not going to prevent
 him from shooting you.
-If you shoot him while he is actively aiming and shooting, he usually makes a
 very fast return shot (and he normally doesn't miss this type of shot).
-There are ammo boxes here, but bear in mind that you have a very limited
 supply of rounds.  Don't shoot unless you have a high probability of hitting
-Stun grenades will knock down his stamina gauge.

General Strategy:

-Always be aware of Ocelot's location and the location of available cover
 nearby; as Ocelot moves, you may need to move as well.
-Be aware of how many shots Ocelot has left before he has to reload.
-Clear your area of poisonous snakes ASAP.  It's a good idea to tranq and
 capture them as you can use them to your advantage.  They happen to be located
 at the best places to take cover from Ocelot's buddies when they open fire on
-Don't try to shoot him when he's actively shooting.  Instead, concentrate on
 shooting him while he's either exposed and preoccupied, or when he's peering
 around cover to spot you.
-lying down behind proper cover is essential to evading the bullets being fired
 at you.
-This battle is all about shooting Ocelot when he's distracted and taking cover
 when he or his pals are shooting at you.  Essentially, the more you are able
 to distract him, the more successful you will be.


-When the battle starts, immediately get a quick shot off as he runs for the
 tree.  Then quickly dive for cover as his buddies start shooting and then
 shoot Ocelot again when he comes forward to scold them.
-Throw the tranq'ed snakes over to Ocelot's side and he will pause to stomp
 them giving you another opportunity to get a shot off.
-If you manage to shoot Ocelot's cap off of his head, he will return later to
 pick it up and put it back on giving you another opportunity for a shot.
-Shoot the hornet's nest when Ocelot is underneath and the distraction will
 give you another opportunity.  Keep in mind, however, that on harder
 difficulty settings there are nest(s) above your head as well and Ocelot will
 return the favor.
-It takes a second or so for Ocelot to get off a shot when he's peering around
 a rock.  Once you get to know how he peers around the given cover, it gives
 you ample time to aim where he's going to be and get a shot off.
-It takes 8-10 seconds for Ocelot to reload and he often does it out in the
 open.  Use this opportunity to aim carefully at his head.  The first shot will
 knock his hat off and the second shot will deal a headshot.  He will then
 return to this spot later to pick up his hat.  Shoot him again when he does.
-Approach the chasm in the open with no weapon drawn and it will initiate a
 "Quick-Draw Duel" which is an easy way to get a free shot.
-When hiding behind cover toss stun grenades in Ocelot's vicinity.  Be sure to
 put enough muscle on the throw or you may blind and deafen yourself.
-Smoke Grenades are mildly effective at confusing him for an instant.  Use them
 to give yourself a window to run across the open.  Don't rely on them to get
 an opportunity to shoot.

Readers' Tips:


         08-b     The Pain

Basic Info:

-You are fighting The Pain while he stands on a rock platform in an
 underground pool.  You will not be able to get on to his platform so don't
 bother trying.
-Most of the time The Pain will be covered in hornets which acts as a shield.
 Don't waste Mk22 ammo shooting at him at this time.  Only shoot when he has no
-Hornets don't like smoke and they can't get to you when you're under water.
-Baltic Hornets Nests will attract the hornets with the yellow contrails.
-The Pain has enormous difficulty spotting you when you're underwater and
 wearing effective camo.  The deeper you go, the harder you are to spot.
-The Pain is capable of tossing grenades with extreme precision.
-Even if the Pain cannot see you under water, his Hornet Grenade will still
 seek you out so get moving when it is on its way.
-Almost all of the Pain's attacks are preceded by a specific indicator. they
 are as follows:
    Stinging Hornets: He shouts various things and tosses pollen onto you
    Hornet Grenade: He shouts "grenade"
    Tommy Gun: He shouts "tommy gun"
    Thrown Grenade: He usually shouts "take this"
    Hornet Swarm: He does a back-flip
    Bullet Bees: He shouts various things and bends over

General Strategy:

-Some of his attacks cannot be dodged without getting in the water.  Namely,
 Tommy Gun, Hornet Swarm, and Bullet Bees.
-The hornet grenade is easy to avoid; simply shoot the small swarm until they
 dissipate.  Do it quickly enough and the grenade will drop at the Pain's feet.
-Although the safest option, if you choose to fight this one out under water
 using the Brown Face Paint prepare for a lengthy ordeal because this strategy
 takes a very long time.
-Concentrate on clearing away the bee-shield and getting in a few shots with
 the Mk22.
-Always be aware of what attack the Pain is using at any given time.  Just
 because you're well hidden under water doesn't mean that he can't hurt you.


-Grenades and smoke grenades both clear the Pain's bee-shield, as will a few
 shots with the M37. 
-Hold R1 throughout most of this battle.  Holding R1 and quickly tapping R2
 twice in-between shots to unequip-reequip will allow you to shoot more
 rapidly, ESPECIALLY when using the shotgun to clear the bee-shield.
-If you have to dive to dodge an attack, go deep and try to get a shot in.
-Swimming around often is essential when you're under water avoiding attacks.
-If the Pain throws pollen, toss a Baltic Hornet's Nest at your feet, it will
 divert most of them and then transform into a Hive of Pain Hornets.

Readers' Tips:


         08-c     The Fear

Basic Info: 

-The area in which you have to fight the Fear is filled with booby-traps.  Mind
 your step.
-The area is also filled with poisonous foods which come in handy if you stock
 up your first time past this area.
-The Fear is wearing stealth camouflage so you'll have to use the thermal
 goggles to see him.
-The battle begins with Snake shot with a poisoned arrow.  First thing you
 should do is cure him.
-The Fear will get hungry and hunt for food when his stamina gauge reaches less
 than 50%.
-When hungry, the Fear will first seek and eat food that is ready-to-eat before
 he hunts for his own.
-The Fear does not know the difference between good food and poisonous or
 rotten food.
-The Fear leaps from limb to limb and only comes to the ground to eat or to
 make an attempt to attack Snake bare-handed.
-The Fear will occasionally stop on a branch and begin firing arrows quickly
 (like an automatic rifle) so either shoot him before he gets a chance to shoot
 or take cover.  I would say that you only have about 2 seconds before he
 starts firing.

General Strategy:

-Don't move around too much during this battle.  You can defeat him easily
 without ever taking a step.
-Be quick with your aim and use the R1+double-tap-R2 to reload the Mk22.
-Always be aware of exactly where the Fear is.  Losing track of him is the best
 way to get pumped full of arrows.
-Don't waste Mk22 ammo firing wildly.  Aim carefully (albeit quickly) and only
 fire when quite certain of a hit.


-If the Fear starts shooting arrows, you'd better take cover behind a tree, and
-Pick up 5-6 fly agarics and/or dart frogs your first time through this area
 and equip them.  When the Fear's stamina gets near 50% start tossing them
 in-between shots.
-Throw the poisonous food items in the same spot and keep a clear line-of-sight
 on them.  When the Fear starts feeding you'll know where he's going to be to
 shoot him.
-Be ultra-conservative with your shots when the Fear starts to eat your
 poisonous food; hits only seem to register after he pukes and comes back for
 more food.
-Do this right and you should easily defeat him inside of 90 seconds.

Readers' Tips:


         08-d     The End

Basic Info: 

-The End is actually easiest to defeat through stamina depletion.
-There is simply no substitution for thorough knowledge of the three map-areas.
 Specifically, the path in the Southwest corner of the Sokrovenno North map
 that leads to ledges in both of the other map-areas.
-The End tends to fall asleep when it is raining.
-The End's parrot can be tranq'ed and captured.  When released, he flies
 straight to the End's location and proceeds to fly around his head making a
 lot of noise.
-The End's sniper rifle scope reflects sunlight and the glint reveals his
 location.  Your scope does likewise, revealing your location to him.
-The Directional microphone is an indispensible tool when locating the End.
-If you shoot the End while in close proximity, he will toss a stun grenade at
 you.  The closer you are to it when it detonates, the more pronounced the
 grenade's effects will be.
-When the End's stamina gauge gets low, around one-third, don't leave him to
 his own devices as he will pray to the forest and regain his stamina.
-The lower his stamina, the more easily the End tires, frequently having to
 stop to catch his breath when running.
-The End runs almost twice as fast as Snake.
-Thermal goggles can reveal the End's footprints and makes tracking him pretty
 easy, but don't follow his footprints out into the open; he uses this tactic
 to lure you into a shooting lane.
-Crawling is not silent.  Make sure Snake is standing before sneaking with the

General Strategy:

-Always locate the End before making any tactical decisions.
-Be sure to wear the most effective camos.
-There are 2 approaches to this battle; 1) sneaking up behind him and following
 him around, and 2) sniping him from a distance.  I suggest utilizing a
 combination of both, depending on your respective locations.
-Whenever moving between map-areas, always use the d-mic to check the area
 before leaving and upon entering.


-When shooting from a distance, equip the Mk22 with a suppressor so that the
 muzzle blast doesn't reveal your location.  If you miss, you won't get beaned
 with a tranq dart.
-When using the scope-trick, be very fast; the End will spot the glint rather
 quickly if you are in his line of sight.
-Make it a point to catch him running and shoot him mid-stride.  3 hits and he
 falls down, when he gets up shoot him 3 more times.
-If you are sneaking up on him it is wise to keep some distance; after he gets
 to his feet he won't throw a stun grenade choosing instead to just run.
-If you have any spatsa mushrooms, you can toss them and the End will fall
 asleep after eating them.

Readers' Tips:


         08-e     The Fury

Basic Info: 

-The area this fight occurs in is somewhat restrictive to your movements.
-The Fury is capable of flying around with his jetpack and can move around with
 great speed.
-Running through fire is a bad idea.
-Shooting the red pipes above you will unleash water which will extinguish
-No skill compares with quick aiming at a distance in this battle.
-Before you trigger the battle it is a good idea to shoot the explosive barrels
 from the railing overlooking the battleground.  It will make moving around a
 little easier.
-If you are on fire, rolling will extinguish the fire faster than letting it
 burn out on its own.
-The Fury's jetpack makes a specific sound.  Learn to listen for it as it will
 notify you of his moving about.
-The Fury seems to know exactly where you are during the second half of this
-You cannot shoot the Fury when he is shooting flames, unless you manage to get
 behind him.
-Stun grenades are pretty effective if you can land them close to the Fury.

General Strategy:

-Spend most of your efforts keeping track of exactly where the Fury is.
-Wear camos with a high index.  The Fury shoots the moment he sees you.
-There are a couple of places where it is easier to move between hallways.  Try
 to stick close to these locations as mobility is your biggest disadvantage
 throughout this fight.
-Don't be in the same hallway as the Fury unless you are taking a shot at him.


-Remain out of his line of sight unless you are taking a shot.
-Hide behind walls and move between hallways when he starts torching the one
 you're in.
-It is possible to defeat him using only stun grenades.  The advantage to this
 tactic is that you can remain mobile and completely out of the Fury's line of
-At times, the Fury will start a countdown before he blasts off down a hallway
 on his jetpack.  Be quick and you can use this opportunity to jump out and get
 some shots in.
-Toss stun grenades through the high openings in the walls and at the end of
 the hallway he will emerge from.
-The Fury can be distracted for a very short moment by throwing an empty
-Try to shoot him as he enters the hallway that you're currently in.  You can
 wait for him to come around the corner into view, but be quick with your shot 
 because you won't have time for a second shot if you miss.
-Try the Mosin Nagant with the quick-reload-trick.  Three shots pack a whollop.

Readers' Tips:


         08-f     The Sorrow

Basic Info:

-You will see every person that you killed thus far during this battle.  If you
 haven't killed anyone, the only ghosts here to harass you will be the bosses.
-Although you are waist-deep in water, you cannot dive and swim.
-The Sorrow usually warns you before his attacks.

General Strategy:

-Stick to one side or the other so you will have space for lateral motion to
 avoid the Sorrow's attacks.
-This "battle" is entirely about avoiding ghosts and the Sorrow's attacks.
-If you haven't killed anyone, you should be able to simply walk all the way to
 the Sorrow's body while ignoring everything; there's no way that you'll die
 before reaching his corpse.


-The torch seems to keep ghosts at bay.
-When the Sorrow unleashes his attack, move directly left or right to the
 opposite side of the gully to avoid it.
-Keep moving forward.

Readers' Tips:


         08-g     Volgin

Basic Info: 

-The lack of space here is not a disadvantage.
-There is a time limit here so you need to work fast.
-Volgin has a shield from his electrical powers so you can only shoot him from
-You can only CQC or shoot Volgin from the front during the moment that
 directly follows his attack (when his electro-shield is down).
-Volgin despises tree frogs.
-There are water pipes above the arena that will leak when shot.
-Chaff grenades divert Volgin's electricity arc attacks.
-Russian glowcap mushrooms absorb Volgin's electric attacks, but only once then
 it disappears shortly thereafter.  You can, however, pick it up before it
 vanishes and repeat ad-nauseum.
-Equipping the Raikov mask will cause Volgin to trance out for several seconds.
-At times, Volgin will turn his back to you to bitch at Ocelot.  This is a good
 opportunity to strike.
-Each of Volgin's attacks are preceded by words, arm movements, or body
 movements.  Get to know what he's about to do so you can avoid the attack.
-Whatever weapon you are holding when you are struck by an electricity attack
 will lose it's ammo.

General Strategy:

-Concentrate on avoiding or diverting Volgin's electricity attacks while
 sticking close to him.
-During the moment after his attack is the time to strike, don't miss even a
 single opportunity to strike; you simply don't have the time to waste.
-Use frequent diversions like tree frogs, chaff, and the Raikov mask.


-Toss chaffs during the first half of the battle; this is when he mostly uses
 electricity attacks.
-When his shield drops, CQC him and throw him down.  Quickly tag him 3-4 times
 with the Mk22 (the quick-reload-trick works great here).
-Try to get behind him.  If you do, you can shoot him 3-4 times without having
 to CQC him.
-Tree frogs are the best because Volgin will try to fry it with an electricity
 attack.  Before he is able to kill it, shoot him in the back 3-4 times.  The
 frog will still be alive and Volgin will once again try to kill it.
-If he attacks with his machine-gun arm, put some distance between him and keep
-If he attacks with the multi-directional gun blast, get prone.  Also a good
 opportunity to shoot him the moment his attack ends.
-Dodging his attacks isn't particularly tough once you get to know what's
-If you stay on him, you won't have many attacks to dodge.  This is the key.

Readers' Tips:

-Try using the knockout handkerchief.  -Thanks, "Jamek"
-Stock up on lots of stun grenades preferably maxed out, when he looks at
 ocelot, or his shield isn't up, throw them like crazy.  -Thanks, "Ross"

         08-h     The Joy (Boss)

Basic Info: 

-The map area here, Rokovoj Bereg, is visually stunning.  Don't let it distract
-To counter the Boss's CQC, simply press circle firmly (and hold) the instant
 she grabs Snake.
-Do not try to CQC the Boss as she will counter it every time, only counter her
 CQC attacks.
-The Boss seems to have a sixth-sense for dodging your Mosin Nagant shots.

General Strategy:

-High Camo index is essential.  You are very difficult to spot when wearing the
 snow combination.  Get low if you want to lose her.
-Keep your distance and use thermal goggles to shoot her from afar.  When she
 decides to come in close for some hand-to-hand combat, let her.


-After countering her CQC attack use the Mk22 to pump her three times then 
 quickly run.  If you stick around she will tear you up with the patriot.
-Throw empty magazines to distract her.
-Use the suppressor on the Mk22.  If you miss, she probably won't spot you and
 open fire.
-Stun grenades are pretty effective, but don't stun Snake in the process.

Readers' Tips:

-At the start of the battle, find boss and throw a stun grenade at her.  Turn
 around to avoid stunning yourself and when the grenade explodes run at her,
 punch/kick her twice so she falls, then shoot her in the head twice with the
 MK 22.  Run a short distance away and hide behind a tree while she shoots.
 Then grapple with her and counter the grapple.  Kick/punch her twice and then
 shoot her in the head twice.  If, after you counter her graple, you end up in
 front of her, run around her and knock her down or she will counter you and
 you will get hurt.  If boss gets too far away, just use your Stun Grenades and
 repeat.  -Thanks, "Ross"

         09       Persistence Special Items

Disc 2 of MGS3: Subsistence, entitled "Persistence" contains additional
gameplay features.  Completion of these challenges will reward you with some
additional bonus items that will be available while playing disc 1 -
"Subsistence".  The following are the challenges and special bonus items you
will receive.

DUEL MODE:     Obtain the high score in each of the boss battle scenarios.

Reward-      NORMAL:    Green Face Paint (Unlimited GRIP GAUGE while wearing)
             SPECIAL:   DPM Camo  (Restores the LIFE GAUGE while wearing)

SNAKE vs. MONKEY:   Obtain the best time on each of the seven challenges.
Reward-      Monkey Mask  (no real use besides getting Snake mocked)
             Banana Camo  (Makes all food items taste great)

         10       Special Camo Properties


   BROWN - - - - - Unlimited Oxygen when underwater
   GREEN - - - - - Unlimited Grip while wearing
   INFINITY  - - - Unlimited ammunition while wearing


   ANIMALS - - - - Same effect as Pentazamin
   AUSCAM  - - - - Drops all damage to 2/3
   BANANA  - - - - Makes all food taste great (doesn't seem to work, though)
   COLD WAR  - - - Enemies you are facing will not shoot
   DESERT TIGER  - Prevents suppressors from wearing out
   DPM   - - - - - Doubles the LIFE GAUGE restoration rate
   FIRE  - - - - - Drops damage from fire and explosions to 1/2
   FLECKTARN - - - Prevents battery drain
   FLY   - - - - - Smells bad enough that enemies avoid contact
   GA-KO - - - - - Enables you to hear kerotan calls
   HORNET STRIPE - Tames hornets and wards off spiders and leeches
   MOSS  - - - - - Regain health and stamina from sunlight
   SNEAKING SUIT - Drops all damage to 1/2 and reduces stamina consumption
   SPIDER  - - - - Offers stealth capability at the cost of stamina
   SPIRIT  - - - - Eliminates footstep noise and drains enemy stamina in CQC

         11       Legal Stuff

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This document is copyright 2006, Adam Stirek 

This means that...

1. You may not distribute this guide without written permission by me.

2. You may not sell this guide or otherwise make money from its use unless you
   give the proceeds directly to me.

3. You may not plagiarize this work.

At this time the only site(s) allowed to host or post this guide is/are:


*please note that I will only be updating the gamefaqs edition.

If you see this guide posted anywhere else, please let me know so that I can
begin copyright infringement lawsuit proceedings.

         12       Conclusion

I would just like to use this space to give thanks to Hideo Kojima for making
the most kick-ass video games ever.  Also, I just have to say that the
environment for the final boss battle (Rokovoj Bereg) is the most visually
stunning and beautiful environment I have ever seen in a video game.  I can't
wait to see what he does with the PS3...

Copyright 2006 Adam Stirek

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