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No Alert/No Kill Guide by goldeneye86

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 12/22/2004

 ###########     ###########  #######################  #######################
 #         #     #         #  #                     #  #                     #
 #         #     #         #  #                     #  #                     #
 #   #     #     #     #   #  #    ##################  #       ###############
 #   #     #     #     #   #  #    #                   #      #
 #   #     #     #     #   #  #    #                   #     #
 #   #     #     #     #   #  #    #    ###########    #      #
 #   #      #   #      #   #  #    #    #          #   #       ###############
 #   ##      # #      ##   #  #    #    #           #  #                     #
 #   # #      #      # #   #  #    #    #           #  #                     #
 #   #  #           #  #   #  #    #    ######      #  ###############       #
 #   #   #         #   #   #  #     #         #     #                 #      #
 #  #     #       #     ####  #      #        #     #                  #     #
 ###       #     #             #      #########     #                 #      # 
            #   #               #                   #  ###############       #
	      #	                  ###################  #                     # 
                                                       #                     #
         METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER               #######################

				No Alert/ No Kill Guide

                                      Version 1.4

=================================Table of Contents=============================

1. Legal Junk
2. Updates
3. Introduction
4. Requierments 
5. The No alert/No kill Walkthrough
	Part One: Virtous Mission
	 1-1 Dremuchij South, Swamp, North
	 1-2 Dolinovodno
	 1-3 Rassvet	
	Part Two: Operation Snake Eater
	 1-4 Dremuchij East, North
	 1-5 Dolinovodno
	 1-6 Rassvet
	 1-7 Chyomij Prud
	 1-8 Bolshaya Past South, Base, Crevice
	 1-9 Chyomaya Peschera Cave Branch, Cave, Entrance
	 2-0 Ponizovje South
	 2-1 Ponizovje Warehouse exterior, interior
	 2-2 Graniny Gorki (all areas)
	 2-3 Warehouse 2nd Visit
	 2-4 Svyatogernyj South, West
	 2-5 Sokrevenno 
	 2-6 Krasnogorje Tunnel, Mt.Base, Mt.Side, Mt.Top, Mt.Top(2nd)
	 2-7 Graznyj Grad (all areas until torture)
	 2-8 Graznyj Grad (all areas torture and after torture)
	 2-9 Tikhogornyj, Behind water fall
	 3-0 Graznyj Grad (2nd visit)
	 3-1 Motorcycle Chase (all areas including Bosses)
	 3-2 Zaozyorje South, East
	 3-3 Rokovoj Bereg

6. Frequently Asked Questions
7. Conclusion 

==================================Legal Junk===================================

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright. This FAQ may only be displayed on GameFAQs.com unless noted 
otherwise. Please contact me if this FAQ is found on any site other than 
GameFAQs.com. My email is at the bottom.


Version 1.0 - Submitted the No Alert/No Kill guide.

Version 1.1 - New Email so be aware.

Version 1.2 - Alternate motorcycle chase scene suggestions sent in by: 
ericatuva. Added to the FAQ.

Version 1.3 - Added to the FAQ.

Version 1.4 - Added speed stratagies.


Hello. This guide explains how to get past every area and boss w/o alerts or
kills on the normal difficulty. I will star(*), the extra guards on extreme and
post tips on how to get around them too. I will also state the requierments to 
get the Infinity Face Paint and Stealth Camo. I will star(*), the areas where I
saved and what time you should be at if you are going for the extras which, I 
assume is the reason you looked here. Also please E-mail me if you are 
troubled in any way. Also send in the extra guard locations on the extreme 
difficulty if you like. Well enough chat read on. 


1. This should be your second playthrough, if not do not worry.
2. Get the Spirit Camo ASAP!! (at the end of sorrows river, use revival pill.)
3. Get the Sneaking suit ASAP!! (same locker as you put raikov in.)
4. Pick up every camo I mention if you do not yet have it.
5. Tranq every boss.
6. Grab suppressors where ever possible.
7. When I say shoot a guard in the head I will always refer to the Mk22.
8. Hurry through each area as the guards always start out in a certain spot.
9. Last, but not least, patients.

========================The No Alert/ No Kill Walkthrough======================
                            Part One: Virtous Mission

1-1: Dremuchij South - This is the first area in the game, there are no guards 
in this area. Skip the scenes if you want then head north and grab your 
backpack off the tree branch and continue heading north.

Dremuchij Swamp - This is an interesting area because of the quicksand, watch 
out for it. Head North avoiding the alligators as they can cause some good 

Dremuchij North - This area has guards you need to worry about. Start by 
equiping your best camo and face paint (not including stealth incase you have 
it). Lie down on the ground in front of the tree facing north. Wait for the 
guard to come into view and pop him in the head with the Mk22. Now continue 
heading North and take out the next guard, following the path as it bends 
right. Near the north exit is the third guard. You should be able to run right
past him, if not then take him out.

1-2: Dolinovodno - After the scene, shoot out the hornet hive and watch the 
first guard scream away. Now run across the bridge and you should see the 
second guard, pop him then proceed North.

(Speedy) - Shoot the hive and follow him across the bridge staying right on his
tail. At the north exit the last guard will turn and watch the screaming 
soldiers run past giving you time to slam him.

1-3: Rassvet - (* I saved here 1-25, w/time of 7 mins). Start out by poping the 
guard directly in front of you. Now run east along the south side fence and 
face North at the corner. Walk forward until you see the second guard and pop
him. Climb the ladder on the side of the building and drop off the south side
directly in front of the door. Go through the door and skip the scenes if you
like, then head out the South exit and watch or skip the next set of scenes.
(* I saved when I was asked 2-25, w/time of 11 mins).

                         Part Two: Operation Snake Eater

1-4: Dremuchij East - Just head north here. There are no guards so shoot up 
some food if you like.

Dremuchij North - Drop off the ledge and follow the path until the cut-scene.
After that, run South as fast as you can into the swamp area thus avoiding the
Caution. Now head back North running straight up to the guard slamming his face 
into the dirt (past the drone landing area). Now continue right and take the 
North exit.

1-5: Dolinovodno - After the scene lie down right next to the tree and wait for
the first guard to start crossing the bridge. Now slide down, run up and slam, 
him. Cross the bridge and lie in the tall grass on the North wall and wait for
the second guard to be facing away from you, go up and slam him. You can now 
run down the path to the left to get the raindrop camo. 

(Speedy) - As soon as you enter the area roll off the slope right in front of
you and slam the guard befor he notices. Run across the bridge and exit the 

1-6: Rassvet - Run in and out of Sokolov's room to trigger the scene. (* Saved 
when prompted 3-25 w/time of 16 mins). As soon as you gain control, hide under 
the bed, shoot the door with the pistol and take the Mk22 out of your pack. 
When the door gets opended wait for them to file in, throw a stun grenade a 
foot to the right of the door. When it explodes it will take out 3 guards 
instantly, now pop guard 4. Now use the trap door right behind the bed. Look 
left and go straight till you find the broken hole in the north. Crawl out, 
turn and head right. (Notice the sniper on the corner). Now wait for him to 
head left. Crawl around the corner and pop guard 5. Climb the ladder and pop 
guard 6. Jump off the side with the ladder and shake the guard down for a 
suppressor. Run South a bit, face right and pop guard 7. Head all the way to 
the east side, before you reach the corner of the complex. Lie down and crawl 
around the corner and pop the final guard. Now head Northeast and watch the 
scene. Before you exit be sure to pick up the zombie face paint. (to the left
of crawspace exit).

1-7: Chyomij Prud - No guards here. Just dive into the water and swim under all
of the alligators. (snatch the GA-KO camo in the Northeast under water).

1-8: Bolshaya Past South - (* saved here 4-25 w/time of 23 mins). Run to the 
Northeast corner and craw under the fence. Continue crawling straight North
picking up mines on the way. When you get to the fence, get up and run West 
staying along the fence to avoid mines. Climb the tree and drop onto the other
side of the fence. Pop the dog, head east past some logs then lie down and take
out the guard that comes to investigate. Get up and run along the right side of
the quicksand and climb a ledge to get the splitter camo in the Northeast. Now 
Run back and run along the left side of the quicksand. Now lie down in some 
bushes next to the trap and pop the 2 guards. Now quickly get up and run 
between the fence and take out the last guard before he turns around. Exit 
through the NORTHEAST!!

(Speedy) - Craw under the fence and brush the tree infront of you avoiding the
mine. Run along the fence and climb the tree. When you drop run north and dive
through the hole in the fence. Now run straight up to the fence and head right.
Slam the guard you come aross. DO NOT worry about the other guard right next to
you, instead run along the fence righ behind him and exit through the NE.

Bolshaya Past Base - Look to the Northwest a tad from you current spot. See 
that guard walking? Well take him out. Run North between the broken brick wall
and the building. Lie down at the end of the brick wall and start crawling. 
Take out the guard on the right, then the one to the North manning the gun.
Exit through the North. (Pick up the water camo on the Roof of the building in
the middle and the snow face paint hidden in the ditches)!

(Speedy) - Run straigh up and slam the first guard. Run straight through the 
middle and slam the guard manning the machine gun, then exit through the north.

Bolshaya Past Crevice - (* Saved at start 5-25 w/time of 30 mins). First take
off your suppressor (Mk22), and lie on the ground. Shoot Ocelot until you run
out of ammo. If this happens there is some to the right of your position.
(You will get Animals camo for the stanima kill).

1-9: Chyomaya Pschera Cave Branch - Start by picking up the animals camo if you
have not already. After that run North and into the craw space if your going 
for time, if not feel free to explore. If having trouble refer to the cave map
guide on GAMEFAQS.

Chyomaya Pschera Cave - (Pick up the snow camo, take the right path before the
pain). Head North through the winding Paths until you come across "the Pain."
(* Saved at start 6-25 w/time of 35 mins) Start by whipping out the Mk22 and 
unequip the suppressor. Shoot him a few times in the face if possible. When he
protects himself with hornets, dive into the water and get right in front of 
him and wait until he uncovers himself. If you need ammo there is some on the 
platfrom north of the Pain. After the battle be sure and pick up his camo.

Chyomaya Peschera Cave Entrance - Nothing much to do here except run toward the

2-0: Ponizovje South - Watch out for the hover guards in this area there are 2
of them. Start by Equiping the water camo and diving under water, swimming as 
fast as you can toward the other end. Once you get about half way resurface to
catch your breath and continue on.

2-1: Ponizovje Warehouse Exterior - (* saved here 7-25 w/time of 45 mins). 
Start by looking ahead in first person view, see the 2 docks that stick out 
(one on the right has a guard at the end)? Well dive into the water and head 
for the left dock staying at the very bottom. Surface right at the end of the 
dock and equip the black camo. Now climb up quickly and lie down on the end and
pop the guard in front of you. Now crawl forward a bit and take out the guard 
toward the NE area. Now run through the exit into the warehouse.

(Speedy) - Swim to the left dock as stated above and pop the guard QUICKLY no
stalling. Once you do that run straight up the stairs and slam the last guard
and enter the warehouse.

Ponizovje Warehouse Interior - Run up the stairs and equip the spirit camo if
you have it. If not then equip the splitter camo you picked up. Now quickly 
jump over the rail to the south and creep to the South west corner and pick up
the thermal goggles. Now lie down and take out the guard that comes around the
corner, if the next one comes take him out too. The guard on the top shoud see
that and make his way down. Pop him as he goes down the stairs, then exit.

2-2: Graniny Gorki South - No problem here just take note of What the area 
looks like.

Graniny Gorki Exterior: Outside Walls - Run along the right side of the hill,
and take out the guard on the corner of the building. Pick up the suppressor on
the right along the fence. Now head left and take out the dog near the middle.
Lie down and take out the guard that comes to investigate. Run all the way to 
the left Lie down and crawl through the fence and run all the way to the NE 
side and knock on the door and hide behind the boxes. When the guard emerges
take him out and proceed in.

Graniny Gorki Exterior: Inside Walls - (* saved here 8-25 / time of 53 mins).
Run around the building right in front of you and notice the guard. Go a bit 
wide and run through the door.

Graniny Gorki Lab 1F - Start by equiping the scientist outfint and mask. Run 
past the guard all the way to the north and through the door. Now run right and
down the stairs.

Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West - Run around to the left and then up. Smash the door
in on the right hopefully knocking out the guard there, if not then do 2 ppk 
combos on him and grab the Cig spray. Now run into the room across the hallway
and spray the guy if you need to and run into the next room. The scientist 
should have both moved by now, if not just wait until you see the opening to 
run to the door on the upper left.

(Speedy) - When goin for the cig-spray, slam the door open and grab them, now 
equip them. Run through the door across the hall then the one to the North. If
you were quick enough there should be a scientist in the corridor, smoke him.

Graniny Gorki Lab : Escape - (* saved here 9-25 w/time of 56 mins). WALK back 
out of the hallway making sure snake opens the door not slam. Now once past 
that scientist run south to the next door, once again walk and open the door. 
Now cig spray the guy before he spots you. Now exit through the cells the way 
you came in back to 1F. Back track from here all the way to exterior: outside 
walls where the guards and dog are back up. Make sure to equip the best camo 
by now. Carefully go toward the corner along the fence to your left. Lie down 
and take out the guard. Get up and take out the dog and the other guard once he
comes to investigate. Pick up the suppressor once again on your way out.

(Speedy) - RUN through the door and smoke the sci-fi guy, run down the corridor
and dive past the second one. Slam the next door open and cig the guy and 
continue toward the exit.

Graniny Gorki South (2nd) - (* saved here 10-25 w/time of 58 mins). First shoot
some mushrooms right around your area, 3 should be enough. Now equip the 
thermal goggles and unsuppressed Mk22. Shoot the fear like no tomarrow. Once he
goes to get food he will pick up the mushrooms and poison himself. Pop some 
more darts into him. After that pick up his camo and head back to the warehouse.

2-3: Warehouse (2nd visit) - (* saved here 11-25 w/time of 1:06).Equip the 
splitter camo and run toward the stairs. Now heres the tricky part, while 
running past the Barrels hugged against the wall make sure the guard says 
"huh, who's there," or somting of the lines. Now DO NOT go down the stairs,
instead hang over the very southern edge and drop to the ledge below you then
all the way. AS SOON as you hit the ground equip the spirit camo if you have it,
if not then creep strait up and hide behind the boxes. Now wait for the guards
to cross paths, when they do that then creep right between them, up the stairs
and through the door. (You may backtrack to get the water facepaint).

2-4: Svyatogernyj South - Nothing much here, just head North.

Svyatogernyj West - Run to the north and down the slope to the left. Lie down
and take out the guard coming toward you. Now after the bend there is a big 
area with a guard in the middle. Take him out along with the 2nd guard and head

2-5: Sokrevenno - (* saved here 12-25 w/time of 1:08). Head Northwest and into
the building with some Mk22 ammo if you need it. Take the north exit and follow
the hill to the left and you should be able to sneak up on the End, thus gaining
you the Moss camo. Shoot him 3 times and follow him, repeat. After the fight is
over head to the left from your current position and pick up the Mosin Nagant.

2-6: Krasnogorje Tunnel - Run North pickin up items on the way and climb the 
extemely long ladder.

Krasnogorje Mt.Base - (* saved here 13-25 w/time of 1:26). Equip the animals
camo and run along the cliff on the left. About half way right infront of a big
rock is your first guard. Take him out w/Mk22. Wait a few seconds and run along
the left side of that big rock toward the exit avoiding the guard.

Krasnogorje Mt.Side - From here run straight up and pick up the Mk22 ammo, then 
start heading up the slope. Be sure to grabe the stun grenades from the alove.
Lie down and pop the guard. Now get up and Zig zag to the level right above you
continue heading left Fast. Go up around the next slop and take out the guard 
on the corner. Run to the right and you should see a guard in the middle, wait
till he is facing away from you then take him out and proceed on. Before you 
get off that small path, take out the guard in the opening. Now crawl so that 
you can see the guard up on the ledge in first person. Take him out now. Go up
by that guard and crawl around the backside of the building and take out the 
last guard. Now exit through the north.

Krasnogorje Mt.Top - (* saved here 14-25 w/time of 1:31). Quickly run up and 
slam the first guard you see. follow that path toward the little bridge and 
drop in the ditch and take out the guard that emerges from the corner. Now
quickly run through the ditch and exit through the Northeast. 

Krasnogorje Mt.Top (2nd) - Run back through the ditch and just before you get 
to the part where it turns, lie down and take out the flame guard. Get up and 
hop the ledges, stay on the right and drop down to the area w/the red door. 
Enter here.

2-7: Groznyj Grad Underground - Pretty simple here, until you fight the fury.
(* saved here 14-25 w/time of 1:34). For the fury, run to the right from the 
start, then north. Climb up the ledge by the red door. Then snipe him. He will
throw fire at you, but if you get him from a good distance he wont hit you.
Just before he takes off you should be able to shoot him again. Simple huh?

Groznyj Grad Southwest - Start by running up the red stairs. Run to the left 
past the freights and you should see 3 warehouses lined up. Run North between
the warehouse and the freights and take a left after the first warehouse. Now 
go straight north from the truck and through the door.

Groznyj Grad Northeast - Run right, behind the building and take out the guard.
Then from here just run straight up and through the red door.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing - (* saved here 15-25 w/time of 1:44). 
Quickly equit the splitter camo and run up the stairs to the east of the 
entrance. Lie down when you get to the top and take out the guard that comes 
around the corner. Wait and Raikov will come around the corner, take him out 
too. Now run up to where they are and face the entrance of where you entered
the place and take out that guard. Quickly drag Raikov north then left across
the little bridge to the locker room. When you gain control equip the officer
uniform and head for the West wing corridor.

2-8: Groznyj Grad Torture Room - After the scenes and you are in the cell,(* 
saved here 16-25 w/time of 1:50). Pick up the fork and dig the TRANSMITTER and
the fake-death pill out of your body. Use the fake-death pill and wait till the
guard runs out of your cell. Revive yourself and run straight across the hall
and outside. Once outside go straight down to the wall and lie down. Crawl left
all the way and head North. Go through the open vent opening.

Groznyj Grad Northeast - Get up and run left staying against the wall. Go North
a bit and exit through the door.

Groznyj Grad Northwest - From your current position run north past the 
spotlight and just before you get to the dog that is sleeping, lie down and
crawl past him. Head under the pipes in the Northeast area and down into the 

Groznyj Grad Sewers - Run down the stairs and head North. Find the crawl space
and continue heading North until you get to the light. After the scene you will
be in sorrows river continue following him and you should see the bosses you
TRANQUED. If you see any soldiers you killed one somewhere. At the end sorrow
kills you, just use the revival pill. Now when you get your gear back you will
have the SPIRIT CAMO, yes!!

2-9: Tikhogornyj - Not much here just head north or explore. If you failed to 
take the transmitter out of your back you will start in caution, thus having to
avoid the ocelot patrols.

Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall - (* saved here 17-25 w/time of 2:00). Nothing to
do here either, just grab all of the items and head up the ladder back to 
Groznyj Grad.

3-0: Groznyj Grad Northwest - Just run to the right from your starting point
and through the door.

Groznyj Grad Northeast - Run down and right staying along the wall. Once again
take out that lonely guard hidden behind the building and proceed North again.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing - Lie on the ground w/the splitter camo on 
and wait for the guard to come around the corner and into the lab. Now get up
and run up the stairs in the North this time. While in the locker room GET THE
SNEAKING SUIT from the locker you put Raikov in.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing - Equip the olive drab camo and run down
the stairs. Pick up the Mosin Nagant ammo too. Now run North and take out that
scientist in the middle. Look up and take out the other scientist. Run to the 
Southeastern corner, run up the stairs and climb on the wooden crates. Take out
the guard you see and get up. Run North, take out the scientist on the right,
(hidden from view). Run to the railing and take out the guard standing there.
Now plant C3 on the fuel tanks in that area. Now go down those small stairs and
between the 2 trucks where you dropped that guard. Face North and take out the 
guard standing there. Watch to the right as a scientist will walk out, MAKE 
SURE YOU TAKE HIM OUT. Now go where he was and plant the 3rd C3 charge. Lie
down on the slope and take out the last guard and plant the last C3.
(* saved here 18-25 w/time of 2:20). After the scenes Equip the Sneaking suit
and stun grenades you saved up. You should have 10. When Volgin starts walking
toward you start throwing stunners. Do not stop until you have thrown 5, from 
here slam volgin into the ground and pop him with the Mk22. After the scene 
wait for volgin to start walking at you and repeat the process.

3-1: Motorcycle Area 1-4: - For all the chase areas, only use the Mk22 or Mosin
Nagant. Just cruise along for the ride with the Sneaking suit equiped and take
out the guards when ever EVA stops. Watch the rooftops too. (Equip the cold war
if you picked it up from Volgin the guards on the motorcycles will not shoot at
you. Sent by: ericatuva). 

Rail Bridge - Take out the explosive on the left first. Now find the one on the
right, put your crosshairs over it and wait till EVA gives you the ok to shoot.
Now you will have to fight the Shagohod. Nothing too much here shoot the threads
and do a quick reload with the R2 button and shoot out the back of the shagohod.
(* saved here 19-25 w/time of 2:35). You will now have to fight Volgin+Shagohod
in the same area. Blast out the threads and whip out the Mosin Nagant. When
Volgin looks away shoot him in the head. Takes 3 shots.

Motorcycle Area 5-7: - Same as before just use the Mk22 and Mosin Nagant all the
way until the big crash.

3-2: Zaozyorje South - (* saved here 20-25 w/time of 2:45). Start by shooting
Eva in the head with a dart. Pick up food and then drag her south until you see
the cut scene. After the scene equip the thermal goggles, throw a smoke grenade
to the north, and snipe the 4 guards. Now quickly drag EVA to the Southwestern
part taking the right path not left. You should have plenty of time. Wake her
up when you reach the end of this area.

Zaozyorje East - Start by shooting her again. Now go forward a bit and snipe the
5 guards in this area 4 in the middle and 1 to the left. Drag EVA North staying
along the left path all the way. Stop when you get to the drop off and set EVA
down. Now snipe the guard in the middle, a guard comes to investigate take him
out. Take out the guard on the left then the 2 on the right. Now pick up EVA 
and drop her off the ledge. If her legs hang off the edge then just wake her up
and jump down yourself. Proceed to the final area of the game.

3-3: Rokovoj Bereg - The final area of the game. (* saved here 21-25 w/time of
2:55). After you take the first beating from the boss, run North and equip the
Snow camo and paint. Crouch down and take out the Mosin Nagant. Give her 
head shots everytime she looks around a corner or when she is coming at you.  

Well congratulations I hope you got the No Kill/Alert. If you have any problems
just email me. My email is at the bottom.

=======================Frequently Asked Questions==============================

Q: What are the requierments for Infinity Face Paint?
A: Under 5 hours
   0 kills
   0 alerts
   0 contines
   0 Life meds used
   under 20 injuries
   under 25 saves
   Absolutely No stealth camo or EZ gun, they count as special items.

Q: Can I get the stealth the same time as Infinity Face Paint?
A: Yes, you can if you want more details read Katamari's Infinity Face Paint
Guide he will tell you all the requierments.

Q: Will shooting the guards during the chase result in a kill?
A: Nope, if they fall off thats their problem, Nothing will count as a kill as
long as you use the Mk22 and the Mosin Nagant. Also make sure they dont get 
electocuted by a fence or fall off a bridge or that will count as a kill.

Q: Do dogs count as alerts?
A: No, not at all as long as the guard does not see you, your fine.

Q: Do dogs count as kills?
A: Nope, shoot it as many times as you like.

Q: Will somebody help me with the extra guards on expert. That would be greatly
appreciated. My email is at the bottom.

Thanks to Konami and Hideo Kojima for producing this great game. Please send in 
extra guards on extreme and you will get credit. Well thats about it for now 
until I get more updates.

Copyrite 2004, Goldeneye86, Email: genocapranica@yahoo.com


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