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Guide and Walkthrough by dothackersnet

Version: 1.1HD | Updated: 11/08/2017

.hack//G.U. Volume 1 - Rebirth (And the HD Remaster)

- Guide and stuffs
	- by Zer0


This guide is written and compiled by Zer0. This is not a sole work of just
Zer0 though, by any stretch of the imagination. Many people from the 
dothackers.net forums helped me write this guide. Their forum is so awesome, 
I came up with this idea November 1st, and a couple hours later, I already 
had a lot of it done thanks to them. Check them out: www.dothackers.net

Special Thanks to: 
Wing (For helping me with the Doppleganger)
Mystre Man (For that huge keyword list <3)
Red Frost (For the Spin Locust)
VideoSpud(For Codebreaker codes)
Akunaeru (For re-writing my horrible doppleganger FAQ)
OlinMercury (For the weapon list)
.circum//FERENCE (Wrote that giant AIDA/Avatar thing herself x_x)
matrix3 (For reminding me that the arena has a shop -_-;;;)
NeoPhoenixTE for his write-up on the Abyss Quest
Dekronoth (For finding that stupid mantis nail :p)
Dark_Hacker (For finding the Spin Locust x_x)
weblink11265 (For finding the Spell Omen)
thegreekking2000 (For finding a better location of the Qi Lin)
MournBlade (For finding the Alternate Holy Potion locations)
Lon3wvlf (For finding Gan Bezel's and correcting my spelling)
vblackodragon (For finding that Mind Egg ><)
limeownsj00 (For finding the Magic Crest)
Manuel Garcia C. (For finding what was wrong with the Lucky Animals. :D)
Torma (For helping me find a bunch of the people)
Pyrosphere (For some more avatar help stuffs)
.hack//BICTIOUS (For helping with the people flyer thing)
Nukasa (For the same as the above)
Mystere Man (For the Monster Drop/Stat list)

You may not copy or reproduce this text file under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide 
on any other web site other than:

Steam Forums

or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
copyright. And you may not quote it in a post if your name is JonFireblade.
Just kidding.

       Topic                            Codes
--------------------                  ---------
 1. Introduction/FAQ .................. INTRO
 2. Item/Accessory Guide .............. ITAM
 3. Ryu Books ......................... RYU
 4. Bounty Hunter Guide ............... HUNT
 5. (Un)Lucky Animals ................. LUCKI
 6. Mecha Grunty ...................... MECHA
 7. Chim Chim Guide ................... CHIMC
 8. Weapons/Armor Guide ............... ARMOUR
 9. Monster/Monster Stat Guide ........ MONSTA
 10. People Hunt Guide ................ POOPLE
 11. Keyword Guide .................... KIWORD
 12. AIDA/Avatar Battle FAQ ........... EYEDA
 13. Conversion ....................... CONVRT
 14. Doppleganger ..................... DOPPEL
 15. Abyss Quest ...................... AQUEST
 16. Codebreaker/ARMAX Codes .......... ARMAX
 17. Credits ............. CREDIT 

Phase 1 - Introduction/FAQ (INTRO)

Congratulations! You've got your hands on one hell of a game. .hack//G.U. is 
the industrial revolution of the previous 4 games. Before we go on to the rest
of the fun stuff, there's some stuff I'd like to address. This is my first
walkthrough of any sort, so excuse me if parts of it suck. :)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why don't I have the keywords listed in this guide?!

A. Keywords can be unlocked in two ways. You will collect some from reading the
 Forum and emails, but the majority are earned from scoring an A or S rank when
 you've cleared an area. Unfortunately, there's no way to collect all the items
 and monster data you need using the keywords you collect from the Forum and
your emails, so if you don't have a keyword that is listed in this guide, go
clear out a few areas and aim for high rankings. You can find out how to get
the keywords at the Keyword Guide.

Q: How do I change weapons really fast? I saw it in a trailer!

A: Unfortunately, that ability is not available in Volume 1 of .hack//G.U. It
is available in Volume 2 though.

Q: What happens if I convert/don't convert my saved data from old .hack games?

A: Check the Conversion section (Ctrl + F and type CONVRT)

Q: What is the Terminal Disc?

A: The Terminal Disc is a DVD that explains the previous four .hack games, and
brings people up to speed on .hack. As you play along the three .hack//G.U.
games, more videos become unlocked, and you can watch more and more.
Unfortunately, the Terminal Disc was only included in the Pre-Order Special
Edition of .hack//G.U. Volume 1 - Rebirth. You might be able to find it on eBay

Q: Where can I get the Haseo Action Figure?

A: The Haseo action figure was also a Pre-Order Special Edition only exclusive.
Sorry. Don't worry, you're not missing out on much.

Q: How can I level up my weapons faster?

A: In the town Mac Anu, there is a person named Corporal Yano. He is a human
tribal grappler. Once you find him, trade with him. He usually has a beginner
book or beginner text, which level up your weapons quite fast. Trade with him,
and then use them to raise your weapon level. After you trade with him, go
fight some baddies or walk around for a bit, and then find him again to trade
again. You can also trade with Henako, a female harvest cleric. She has the
same items. (Credit to Dark_Hacker and Kuukai from the dothackers.net forums)

Q: What's the max level I can get?

A: 50.

Q: What are the blue and yellow people in the Area Status at the Chaos Gate?

A: The blue number is the people at the location you're about to warp to. The
pink people are the number of people you've already met out of the blue number.

Current version:
- 0.1 - November 1st, 2006
  - Begin Item List
  - Finished Ryu Book Section
  - Started FAQ section
  - Started Weapon/Armor Guide
  - Begin Accessory List
  - Begin Monster List
  - Finished Accessory List
  - Finished Monster List
  - Finished Bounty Hunter Guide
  - Begin Lucky Animals Guide
  - Finished Mecha Grunty Guide
  - Finished Chim Chim Guide
  - Finished Conversion Guide
  - Finished Doppleganger Guide
- 0.2 - November 3rd, 2006
  - Revamped the Item Guide
  - Completed everything but the Alchemy help and Walkthrough.
  - Need a few monsters here and there.
  - Scrapped Glitch and Alchemy.
- 0.3 - November 4th, 2006
  - Revamped Weapon, Armor, Accessory, and (Un)Lucky Animals Guides
- 0.4 - November 5th, 2006
  - Broke a controller, had to buy a new one :p
- 0.5 - November 8th, 2006
  - Completed Monster guide
  - Completed Item Guide
  - Completed Armor Guide
- 0.6 - November 8th, 2006
  - Taking a small break, will begin the new people hunt section soon :)
- 0.7 - November 9th, 2006
  - Fixing misc. spelling errors
  - Added People Hunt Section
- 0.9 - November 19th, 2006
  - Sorry for taking so long, lots of stuff has been happening lately :/
  - This one contains a bit more info in the Lucky Animals section
  - The next update should be the LAST one
  - Finished the People Hunt Section
- 0.91 - November 27th, 2006
  - Yeah, this SHOULD be the last one, but it won't be
  - Added the keyword guide section
  - Added the monster droppings (heh) to the monster guide
  - Check out the monster droppings list to see how you can help.
- 0.95 - January 16th, 2007
  - Just about everything is done, some information was updated/corrected.
  - Removed the Walkthrough. Just not enough time :(
- 1.00 - January 19th, 2007
  - I believe everything that we need is done.
  - It's time to work on Volume 2 now :O
- 1.01 - April 16th, 2007
  - Added the "Unlock ALL Member Addresses" code.
- 1.1HD - November 8th, 2017
  - Updated a bit to reflect that all the information should be accurate for
  the HD remaster.
Phase 2 - Item Guide (ITEM)
 Item            |            Effect                         | Location    
Health Drink     |Recovers 100 HP                            |Magic Item Shop
Healing Serum    |Recovers 200 HP                            |Magic Item Shop
Healing Rain     |Recovers all allies' HP by 100             |Medic Guild Shop
Revive Rain      |Recovers all allies' HP by 200             |Medic Guild Shop
Sprite Drop      |Recovers 50 SP                             |Magic Item Shop
Sprite Rain      |Recovers all allies' SP by 50              |Medic Guild Shop
Weird Black Tea  |Recover an ally's HP and SP by 50         |Trade with Aryosha
Holy Potion      |Recover all allies' HP and SP by 50        |Medic Guild Shop
Antidote Soda    |Cures Poison                               |Magic Item Shop
Stimulant Soda   |Cures Sleep                                |Magic Item Shop
Blessing Soda    |Cures Curse                                |Magic Item Shop
Revival Medicine |Revive an ally with 25% HP                 |Magic Item Shop
Asian Mango      |Recover HP by 60                           |Magic Item Shop
Caramel Sauce    |Recover SP by 30                           |Kiosk
Fire Storm       |Fireball falls from the sky                |Magic Item Shop
Tidal Wave       |Toss an enemy with water                   |Magic Item Shop
Tornado          |Create a tornado                           |Magic Item Shop
Earth Spike      |Boulder falls from the sky                 |Magic Item Shop
The Death        |Inflict Poison on one enemy                |Trade with Quasar
The Moon         |Inflict Sleep on one enemy              |Trade with Tiphereth
The Devil        |Inflicts Curse on one enemy                |Trade with Mile
Warrior Blood    |Temp increase physical attack by 3        |Dancing Doomed Bum
Knight Blood     |Temp increase physical defense by 3        |Trade with TomCat
Wizard Blood     |Temp increase magical attack by 3          |Kernel Store
Astrologer Blood |Temp increase magical defense by 3        |Trade with Aryosha
Warrior Seal     |Temp enemy's physical attack - 3          |Dancing Doomed Bum
Knight Seal      |Temp enemy's physical defense - 3|Creeping Tragedys Hand Song
Wizard Seal      |Temp enemy's magic attack - 3            |Trade with Wang Lin
Astrologer Seal  |Temp enemy's magic defense - 3             |Trade with Boltz
Smoke Screen     |Escape from battle                         |Medic Guild Shop
Fairy's Orb      |Show everything on the map                 |Medic Guild Shop
Return Feather   |Warp to the last platform                  |Medic Guild Shop
Fire Mouse Skin  |Weapon: fire attack                        |Material Shop
Olm Shell        |Weapon: water attack                       |Material Shop
Wing Of Lufu     |Weapon: wind attack                        |Material Shop
Soil Bug Antenna |Weapon: earth attack                       |Material Shop
Scorpion Tail    |Weapon: adds poison to attacks             |Arena Town Store
Midoro Flagellum |Weapon: adds curse to attacks              |Arena Town Store
Sleeping Powder  |Weapon: adds sleep to attacks              |Arena Town Store
Mantis Nail      |Weapon: critical attack+10%      |Immovable Blazing Two Wings
Bear Paw         |Weapon: backstab                           |Empireo Clerk
Turtle Shell     |Armor: lower physical damage 10%           |Arena Town Store
Turtle Crest     |Armor: Decrease magic damage 10%           |Arena Town Store
Cleansing Pill   |Armor: nullify Poison                      |Arena Town Store
Jinx's Bane      |Armor: nullify Curse                       |Arena Town Store
Caffeine Drink   |Armor: nullify Sleep                       |Arena Town Store
Poison Leaf      |Armor: Counter with poison when hit        |Arena Town Store
Curse Plant      |Armor: Counter with curse when hit         |Arena Town Store
Dream Wood Leaf  |Armor: Counter with sleep when hit         |Arena Town Store
Body Egg         |Armor: Increase maximum HP by 10%         |Dancing Doomed Bum
[Mind Egg]|Armor:Up maximum SP by 10%|Trade w/ Shirochan @ Lumina Cloth (Demon)
Body Scale       |Armor: maximum HP + 50                     |Material Shop
Mind Scale       |Armor: maximum SP + 50                     |Material Shop
Fire Resist Seal |Armor: Decreases fire damage 50%          |Lucky Animal Quest
Aqua Board       |Armor: Decreases water damage 50%     |Buzzing Blazing Resort
Calm Propeller   |Armor: Decreases wind damage 50% |Rough Song Dusk's Hand Song
Dustproof Lens   |Weapon: Decreases earth damage 50% |Trade w/ Lieutenant Okada
Iron Shell       |Armor: physical damage - 25                |Black Market Shop
Iron Crest       |Armor: magic damage - 25                   |Black Market Shop
Red Sun Stone    |Accessory: Arts SP-10% / other SP+5        |Material Shop
Blue Moon Ore    |Accessory: Attack SP-10% / other SP+5      |Material Shop
White Star Sand  |Accessory: Recovery SP-10% / other SP+5    |Material Shop
Gray Comet Dust  |Accessory: Status SP-10% / other SP+5      |Material Shop
Gold Snake Skin  |Accessory: acquired GP + 10%               |Trifle Guild Shop
Dowsing Rod      |Accessory: drop rate + 10%                 |Trifle Guild Shop
Amber Dragon Eye |Accessory: EXP + 10%                       |Trifle Guild Shop
Beginner's Text  |Increase weapon level points by 50         |Trade with Henako
Beginner's Book  |Increase party's weapon level points by 50 |Trade with Henako
Text of Power    |Increases physical attack by 3             |Quest Shop
Text of Stamina  |Increases physical defense by 3            |Quest Shop
Text of Wisdom   |Increases magical attack by 3              |Quest Shop
Text of Sense    |Increases magical defense by 3             |Quest Shop
Word of Vigor    |Increases HP by 50                         |Quest Shop
Word of Spirit   |Increases SP by 50                         |Quest Shop
Life Scroll      |Learn Repth                                |Magic Item Shop
Antidote Scroll  |Learn Rip Duk                              |Magic Item Shop
Dawn Bird Scroll |Learn Rip Mumyn                            |Magic Item Shop
Priest Scroll    |Learn Rip Maj                              |Magic Item Shop
Hellfire Scroll  |Learn Vak Don                              |Magic Item Shop
Tidal Scroll     |Learn Rue Kruz                             |Magic Item Shop
Tornado Scroll   |Learn Zan Rom                              |Magic Item Shop
Avalanche Scroll |Learn Gan Bolg                             |Magic Item Shop
Chim Crown       |Crown sometimes dropped by King Chim Chim  |King Chim Chim
Coupon           |A discount coupon for guild shops          |From people

 Accessory       |            Effect    | Level | Location    
Simple Bracelet  |Fire + 1, Wind + 1    |1      |Equipment Shop
Simple Necklace  |Water + 1, Earth + 1  |1      |Equipment Shop
Seal of Yu Wang  |Fire + 2, Water - 1   |1      |Kestrel Guild Shop
Crown of Lu Ming |Fire - 1, Water + 2   |1      |Moon Tree Guild Shop
Medic Badge      |Wind + 2, Earth - 1   |1      |Medic Clerk Guild Shop
1 Line Reference |Wind - 1, Earth + 2   |1      |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop
Secret News Book |All Elements + 1      |1      |Empireo Guild Shop
Simple Fire Idol |Fire + 5, Water - 3   |15     |Equipment Shop
Simple Water Idol|Fire - 3, Water + 5   |15     |Equipment Shop
Simple Wind Idol |Wind + 5, Earth - 3   |15     |Equipment Shop
Simple Earth Idol|Wind - 3, Earth + 5   |15     |Equipment Shop
Simple Steam Ring|Fire + 3, Water + 3   |15     |Save Mecha Grunty 5 times
Simple Gloves    |Fire + 3, Water + 3   |20     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Earrings  |Water + 3, Earth + 3  |20     |DXArmor Shop
Steam Bracelet   |Fire + 5, Water + 5   |20     |Save Mecha Grunty 20 times
Simple Pendant   |All Elements + 3      |24     |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop
Simple Fire Bell |Fire + 15, Water - 7  |30     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Water Bell|Fire - 7, Water + 15  |30     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Wind Bell |Wind + 15, Earth - 7  |30     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Earth Bell|Wind - 7, Earth + 15  |30     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Pouch     |Fire + 10, Wind + 10  |35     |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop
Simple Head Band |Water + 10, Earth + 10|35     |A reward for saving people
Simple Watch     |All Elements + 10     |40     |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop

----Key Item

Canard Key - Guild master's key to enter Canard's @HOME
Kestrel Key - Guest key to enter Kestrel's @HOME
Moon Tree Key - Guest key to enter Moon Tree's @HOME
Icolo Key - Guest key to enter Icolo's @HOME
Raven Key - Guest key to enter Raven's @HOME
Hunter's Symbol - An ID for bounty hunter
Lucky Ball - Collects lucky data from Lucky Animals
Leaflet Bundle - A bundle of flyers given by Bikman
AIDA-011 - AIDA <Anna>'s structure data
Phase 7 Epitaph - Tarvos' structure data
Phase 3 Epitaph - Magus' structure data 
Phase 6 Epitaph - Macha's structure data
Azure Flame God - Azure Flame God's structure data
Own King - Proof that you defeated Doppleganger

Phase 3 - Ryu Books (RYU)

Also called the Book of 1000, this keeps tracks of many interesting statistics
in your game. Each book keeps track of different things, and as you fufill
certain requirements, you unlock movies, wallpapers, and greeting cards. When
you complete a book, it's rank is raised. When you have raised the rank of all
the books, your guild rank goes up, and unlocks a new guild function. The guild
 level is capped at 3 in Rebirth.

----Ryu Book 1 - Battles

Description: This keeps track of how many battles you have won, how many
successful suprise attacks you've done, how many Rengeki attacks, and how many
Awakenings you have used.

Strategy: Don't really need a strategy, just keep fighting monsters. The level
doesn't matter.

----Ryu Book 2 - Trades

Description: This book keeps track of your trades with Party Members, how many
times you've invited a party member to join you, how many gifts you've given a
party member, and how much all the gifts are worth.

Strategy: Give your party members a bunch of crap, over and over. It'll get
your gift amount up real fast. :)

----Ryu Book 3 - Treasures

Description: This keeps track of how many times you've opened Beast Temple
Treasures (The treasure chests at the end of the level, in front of the
floating statue), how many normal treasure boxes you've opened, how many trap
boxes you've successfully opened, and how many objects (jars, muchrooms, etc)
you've destroyed.

Strategy: Go into a dungeon and play through it, opening every treasure chest
and object you see.

----Ryu Book 4 - Items

Description: Keeps track of all items, weapons, armors, and accessories you've
ever had in your inventory.

Strategy: Use the Item/Accessories List (Press Ctrl + F and type ITEM to find
it) and the Weapons/Armor List (Ctrl + F and ARMOR)

----Ryu Book 5 - Play time/Warps

Description: Keeps track of Play Time, and the number of fields you've gone to.

Strategy: For play time, you can leave your PS2 on overnight, and for the other
3 entries, just warp to different types of places.

----Ryu Book 6 - Arena

Description: This book keeps track of how many Arena Matches you've fought in,
how many times you've counterattacked (Using Rengeki), and how many Winner
Points (WP) you've acquired.

Strategy: Fight in the arena a whole lot to get your Arena matches and WP up.
To get your counterattack up, when the match starts, wait until someone
(probably the leader) begins to glow, and then hit R1 and attack that person.
Then back up, and wait for them to do it again. Repeat this process as many
times as you wish.

----Ryu Book 7 - Monsters

Description: This book keeps track of how many types of monsters you've fought.

Strategy: Use the Monsters list (Ctrl + F and MONST)

----Ryu Book 8 - Drive Time

Description: This book keeps track of how long you are on your bike, and how
many times you've crashed.

Strategy: Get on your bike, then ride around the town. Or leave your PS2 on
overnight while on your bike.

Phase 4 - Bounty Hunter Guide (HUNT)

Basically, if you go to any area with the last word as Beserker, you're more
likely to get a Player Killer once you enter a battle area. There are many
areas that will give you a battle right next to where you warp, such as
Protected Wraths Berserker (Submitted by johucoba) or
Counting Red Plum's Berserker (Submitted by Kirby).

Phase 5 - (Un)Lucky Animals (LUCKI)

Most fields and dungeons contain at one unlucky or lucky animal. You can
determine which animal it is based on the fact that lucky animals have a
musical note above their heads.

NOTE: NOTE: The lucky animal you find in each location depends on your
party. If these keywords don't work for you, try switching to Solo or
Partying with Kuhn and Pi. 

Animal Name   |Description                             |Location    
Gold Bird     |Objects turn into treasure boxes        |Dancing Doomed Bum
Moon Rabbit   |All members recieve 200 EXP             |Elegant Superior Exile
Leviathan     |Recieve 3 items                         |Paling Dusk's Bum
Sleipnir      |Sleipnir will help you in next 5 battles|Buzzing Blazing Resort
Tsutsuga      |Saves you from Game Over 3 Times   |Graceful Starting Holy Relic
Ganesha    |Max HP/SP increased for next 5 battles|Halberd Daybreak's Berserker
High Wolf     |Gives you an item set              |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song
Fate Worm     |Gives you 2000 GP                  |Counting Red Plum's Beserker
Totetsu       |Objects turn into treasure boxes       |Lazy Marble's Generation
Kudan         |Gives you 150 EXP                   |Disputing Blazing Dark Tree
Tengu         |Recieve 2 items                         |Sacred Unlimited Scud
Chimera       |Chimera will help you in next 5 battles |Lazy Kourin's Nemesis
Qi Lin        |Saves you from Game Over 2 Times  |Unknowing Advice's Metal Doll
Tohkoh        |Max HP/SP increased for next 4 battles  |Peaceful Black Freedom
Baku          |Gives you an item set                  |Fly Away Military Resort
Ouryu         |Gives you 1500 GP                     |Unknowing Doomed Beserker
Nue           |Summons King Chim Chim                  |Chim Crown Quest
Two-tailed Fox|Takes some money away from you      |Rough Song Dusk's Hand Song
Malice Cat    |Max HP/SP will be half for next battle|Agonizing Wrath's Nemesis
Dark Goat   |Max HP/SP will be half for next battle |Sacred Unlimited Berserker
Black Sleipnir|                                        |Animal Mania Quest

You can get your rewards for collecting them by visiting Dr. Pao in the Alchemy

Phase 6 - Mecha Grunty (GRUNT)

Mecha Grunty is a robot grunty who needs Chim spheres in order to fly away.
Every time you give him chim spheres, the net time he'll need one more than
that. Mecha grunt lies facedown in dungeons and on the field, and has a sweat
sign above his head. To get rewards for Mecha Grunty, go to the Harbor and
enter the house near the ship.

Hint: To finish this quest fast, warp to Counting Red Plum's Berserker. There's
a Battle Area right by you for the PK quest. If you look to the right, there's
a warp that will take you to the next island. Mecha Grunty is right by the gate
once you teleport. If you need Chim Chims, there's two trees on the original
island. Just kick one, get all the Chim Chims, then kick the other one, get the
Chim Chims, then go back to the other tree, and kick it. Repeat until you have
enough Chim Chims. This is what I did :]

Phase 7 - Chim Chim Guide (CHIMC)

Chim Chim carry the main form of energy used in the game, chimspheres. There
are 4 kinds of Chim Chims, and you kick them to get the chimspheres they have:

Chim Chims - The blue ones, worth one Chimsphere each.

Rare Chim Chims - The yellow ones, worth ten Chimspheres each.

King Chim Chim - The large golden ones. Be careful, they will attack you by
trying to squish you. Move out of the way and kick it three times. Move out
of the way again, then kick 3 times. Do it a few times, and it will give you
50 Chimspheres and sometimes a Chim Crown, which you can sell.

Chim Assassin - These don't actually have chimspheres, they take them away
if you stay in a dungeon too long. When red chimspheres start flying around
you, watch for these black and red Chim Chims, and kick them right away.
Otherwise, they'll start taking Chimsphere from you.

You can get rewards for your Chim Chim kicking abilities by visiting Dr. Kubo
in the Mercenary District.

Phase 8 - Weapons/Armor Guide (ARMOUR)

NOTE: An item name surrounded by brackets [] means that it cannot be
bought/gained without an accessory item.

NOTE2: Sometimes the Guilds don't have the armors and items you might want.
If they don't, go do a few quests or a level up a bit, then check back.

 Weapon Name     |     Type     | Level |Location    
Spin Gai Gu      |Spin          |1      |Starting Weapon
Spin Kouga       |Spin          |4      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Spin Man Que     |Spin          |8      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Spin Rasetu      |Spin          |14     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Spin Corpse      |Spin          |18     |Trade with Ninjato
Spin Locust      |Spin          |23     |Lazy Forbidden Scud
[Spin Ban Mu]    |Spin          |26	|Kestral Guild Merchant (Water Ban Mu)
Spin Piney       |Spin          |30     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Spin Axe         |Spin          |35     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Spin Needle      |Spin          |35     |Buy from Kestral Guild Merchant
Ripper's Blade   |Spin          |45     |Kill all of the Blacklisted PKers
Broad Demon      |Broad         |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Broad Wheel      |Broad         |10     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Broad Maiden     |Broad         |15     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Broad Legged     |Broad         |20     |Recieve after completing Job Extension
Broad Zhen       |Broad         |25     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Broad Tu Wan     |Broad         |30     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Flame Sword      |Broad         |32     |Receive after the 2nd Arena Tournament
[Broad Wings]    |Broad         |43     |Trade with IGA (Wrath Wings)
Gun Steel        |Gun           |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Gun Fu Yue       |Gun           |8      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Gun Waves        |Gun           |24     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Gun Ocher        |Gun           |31     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Water Bayonet    |Gun           |13     |Trade with Kuhn
[Gun Hong]       |Gun           |41     |Trade with Sidewinder (Fire Hong)
Blade Guifei     |Blade         |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Blade Fern       |Blade         |4      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Blade Thorns     |Blade         |10     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Blade Thread     |Blade         |17     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Blade Sun        |Blade         |35     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Tiger Fist       |Fist          |14     |Trade with Pi
[Fist Altair]    |Fist          |32     |Trade with Mihirogi (Poison Altair)
Golden Spear     |Lance         |15     |Trade with Piros the 3rd
Lance Yantie     |Lance         |24     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector 
Lance Law        |Lance         |42     |Trade with Aralagi
Spell Xialin     |Spell         |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Spell Xinzhu     |Spell         |15     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Spell Baiyan     |Spell         |32     |Buy from Kestral Guild Merchant
[Spell Omen]     |Spell         |38     |Trade with NAOO (Wind Omen)
Magic Amber      |Magic         |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Magic Hosei      |Magic         |15     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Magic Nymph      |Magic         |28     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector 
[Magic Crest]    |Magic         |37     |Trade with Nagare (Sleep Crest)

----Armor Guide:

   Armor Name    |     Type     | Level |Location    
Sub Gear         |Robe          |1      |Equipment Shop
Sub Robe         |Robe          |10     |Equipment Shop
Sub Gown         |Robe          |20     |Delta Blurry Cursed Pure Bred
[Sub Attire]     |Robe          |28     |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Vigil Attire)
Sub Yin Yang     |Robe          |36     |DXArmor Shop
Sub Garment      |Robe          |42     |Trade with Nogmung
Wild Robe        |Robe          |47     |Complete the Lucky Animal Quest
Loose Sash       |Light Armor   |1      |Equipment Shop
Loose Guard      |Light Armor   |10     |Equipment Shop
[Loose Kimono]   |Light Armor   |20     |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Remedy Kimono)
Loose Vest       |Light Armor   |28     |Graceful Humbling Holy Relic
[Loose Plate]    |Light Armor   |36     |Trade with DOMINATOR (Dry Plate)
Loose Sheath     |Light Armor   |42     |Trade with Encephalon
Rough Armor      |Heavy Armor   |1      |Equipment Shop
Rough Shell      |Heavy Armor   |10     |Equipment Shop
Steam Plate      |Heavy Armor   |20     |Complete the Chim Chim Quest
Rough Mail       |Heavy Armor   |20     |Equipment Shop
[Rough Defense]  |Heavy Armor   |27     |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Wall Defense)
[Rough Jiongjia] |Heavy Armor   |35     |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Haunt Jiongjia)
Steam Armor      |Heavy Armor   |35     |Mecha Grunty Quest
Rough Metal      |Heavy Armor   |42     |DXArmor Shop
Rough Alloy      |Heavy Armor   |47     |Trade with -COOH
Black Armor      |Heavy Armor   |48     |Complete Abyss Quest
Steam Suit       |Heavy Armor   |50     |Complete Mecha Grunt Quest

Phase 9 - Monster Guide (MONSTA)

Note: If you imported data from a previous .hack game, Kite will be named
whatever your character was named in the previous games.

Name             |Class         |Location    
Goblin Rookie    |Ogre          |Great Forbidden Empire
Goblin Guard     |Ogre          |Graceful Past's Cathedral
Goblin Knight    |Ogre          |Protected Wrath's Beserker
Goblin Mage      |Ogre          |Buzzzing Wrath's Two Wings
Goblin Sage      |Ogre          |Protected Wrath's Berserker
Goblin Abyss     |Ogre          |Delicious Humbling Snow Caps
Gun Giant        |Ogre          |Buzzing Aster's Shadow
Baz Giant        |Ogre          |Graceful Humbling Holy Relic
Gigamouth        |Ogre          |Essential Bustling Generation
Apititer         |Ogre          |Protected Idling Globe
Wight Ride       |Ogre          |Abyss Quest
Poisoned Dead    |Ogre          |Abyss Quest
Living Corpse    |Ogre          |Abyss Quest
Gurugon          |Ogre          |Defeat Gurugon Quest
Carrie           |Demon         |Paling Dusk's Bum
Carrianne        |Demon         |Counting Red Plum's Beserker
Fat Lancer       |Demon         |Playing Unlimited Offerings
Gaze Knight      |Demon         |Roaring Doomed Snow Caps
Angelic Gore     |Demon         |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song
Holy Eater       |Demon         |Counting Red Plum's Beserker
Cernunnos        |Demon         |Abyss Quest Boss
Spear Fish       |Sea Monster   |Unknowing Advice's Metal Doll
Lance Marine     |Sea Monster   |Counting Red Plum's Beserker
Vak Bezel        |Supernatural  |Submissive Love's Puddle
Rue Bezel        |Supernatural  |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song
Zan Bezel        |Supernatural  |Elegant Superior Exile
Gan Bezel        |Supernatural  |Rough Song Vane Vagabond
Vak Juggler      |Supernatural  |Roaring Superior Exile
Rue Juggler      |Supernatural  |Crying Blazing Two Wings
Zan Juggler      |Supernatural  |Saddened Gray Metal Doll
Gan Juggler      |Supernatural  |Roaring Superior Exile
Chickie          |Avian         |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song
Chickie Dada     |Avian         |Endless Aster's Resort
Raven Claw       |Avian         |Unknowing Obsessive Vagabond
Black Raptor     |Avian         |Spring's Red Plum's Gate
Trainee Owl      |Avian         |Rough Song Vane Vagabond
Hermit Owl       |Avian         |Counting Humbling Holy Ground
Scalvenger       |Avian         |Maze Of The Bird Monster Quest
Onion Mash       |Plant         |Wealthy Heretic's Cathedral
Truffle          |Plant         |Rising Joyous Puddle
Crumple Tree     |Plant         |Buzzing Blazing Resort
Elder Growth     |Plant         |Paling Blazing Alga Grass
Vak Fang         |Demon Beast   |Truthful Marble's Bum
Rue Fang         |Demon Beast   |Elegant Superior Exile
Zan Fang         |Demon Beast   |Warm Superior Exile
Gan Fang         |Demon Beast   |Wealthy Military Malt Town
Vak Ziger        |Demon Beast   |Entwined Season's Drunkard
Rue Ziger        |Demon Beast   |Counting Heretic's Frog Lake
Zan Ziger        |Demon Beast   |Agonizing Tragedy's Cat's Eye
Gan Ziger        |Demon Beast   |Counting Dusk's Cathedral
Bravo Nose       |Demon Beast   |Wealthy Dusk's Bum
Don Elephant     |Demon Beast   |Agonizing Failing Dark Tree Boss
Wild Kettle      |Mecha Beast   |Buzzing Blazing Resort
Buster Kettle    |Mecha Beast   |Dancing Doomed Bum
Steam Shell      |Mecha Beast   |Rough Song Dusks Handsong
Metal Fist       |Mecha Beast   |Concealed Leading Bulwark
Knuckleman       |Mecha Beast   |Steam Scientest's Invention Quest
Lizard Hunter    |Dragon        |Buzzing Wrath's Two Wings
Lizard Assassin  |Dragon        |Paling Dusk's Bum
Fever Horse      |Dragon        |Graceful Wrath's Shadow
Blaze Drake      |Dragon        |Protected Wrath's Berserker
Drygon           |Dragon        |Blurry Cursed Camellia
Dryas            |Dragon        |Roaring Doomed Snow Caps
Ruby Cutter      |Crustacean    |Courting Starting Nightmoon
Fate Crab        |Crustacean    |Spring's Red Plum's Gate
Hecatonfoot      |Crustacean    |Dancing Doomed Bum
Horn Archelon    |Crustacean    |Spring's Red Plum's Gate
Mad Jaws         |Crustacean    |Disputing Gray Tiny Beast
Great Jaws       |Crustacean    |Crab Monster Party Quest
Kite (See Note)  |???           |Final Boss

Monster Stat List

NOTE: Anything with a ???? in it means we don't currently know.
Please e-mail me if you find out.

NOTE2: Anything with the word "Element" will be replaced with the element.

 Monster Name   |Type   |  HP|  GP|Drops
Goblin Rookie   |Normal |102 |1   |Health Drink
Goblin Guard    |Normal |378 |40  |Health Drink, Spin Corpse
Goblin Knight   |Normal |882 |330 |Health Drink, Blade Sun
Goblin Mage     |Normal |289 |15  |Spirit Drop, Sub Robe
Goblin Sage     |Normal |789 |320 |Spirit Drop, Element Crest
Goblin Abyss    |Normal |486 |68  |The Death, Element Baiyan/Xinzhu
Gun Giant       |Normal |354 |10  |Health Drink, Revival Medicine, Spin Kouga
Baz Giant       |Normal |1492|289 |Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out
Gigamouth       |Normal |728 |114 |Loose Kimono
Apititer        |Normal |1997|930 |Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out
Wight Ride      |Normal |351 |42  |Antidote Soda
Poisoned Dead   |Normal |561 |55  |The Death
Living Corpse   |Normal |1058|85  |Antidote Soda
Gurugon         |Normal |????|????|Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out
Carrie          |Shell  |427 |5   |Health Drink
Carrianne       |Shell  |698 |340 |Health Drink
Fat Lancer      |Shell  |507 |139 |Mantis Nail, Wrath Yantie
Gaze Knight     |Shell  |922 |491 |Mantis Nail, Wrath Yantie
Angelic Gore    |Normal |307 |18  |Health Drink, Spin Man Que
Holy Eater      |Normal |861 |267 |Health Drink, Healing Serum, Spin Axe
Cernunnos       |Normal |????|????|Black Armor
Spear Fish      |Normal |382 |55  |Tidal Wave
Lance Marine    |Normal |710 |284 |Tidal wave
Vak Bezel       |Normal |117 |1   |Fire Storm
Rue Bezel       |Normal |268 |28  |Tidal Wave
Zan Bezel       |Normal |109 |2   |Tornado
Gan Bezel       |Normal |248 |10  |Earth Spike
Vak Juggler     |Normal |701 |280 |Fire Storm, Fire Piney
Rue Juggler     |Normal |845 |410 |Tidal Wave, Water Piney
Zan Juggler     |Normal |645 |195 |Tornado, Wind Piney
Gan Juggler     |Normal |737 |320 |Earth Spike, Earth Piney
Chickie         |Flying |209 |20  |Smoke Screen
Chickie Dada    |Flying |589 |208 |Smoke Screen
Raven Claw      |Flying |381 |39  |Health Drink
Black Raptor    |Flying |894 |440 |Health Drink, Healing Serum
Trainee Owl     |Flying |552 |80  |Sub Robe
Hermit Owl      |Flying |1793|780 |Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out
Scalvenger      |Normal |????|????|Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out
Onion Mash      |Normal |137 |1   |Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out 
Truffle         |Normal |512 |94  |Health Drink
Crumple Tree    |Normal |559 |45  |Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out
Elder Growth    |Normal |1881|600 |Vigil Vest
Vak Fang        |Normal |259 |7   |Health Drink, Fire Storm
Rue Fang        |Normal |162 |2   |Health drink, Tidal Wave
Zan Fang        |Normal |268 |7   |Health Drink, Tornado
Gan Fang        |Normal |228 |2   |Health Drink, Earth Spike
Vak Ziger       |Normal |560 |162 |Fire Storm, Fire Altair
Rue Ziger       |Normal |504 |86  |Tidal Wave, Water Altair
Zan Ziger       |Normal |393 |63  |Tornado, Wind Altair
Gan Ziger       |Normal |672 |180 |Earth Spike, Earth Altair
Bravo Nose      |Normal |401 |12  |Healing Rain
Don Elephant    |Normal |1537|420 |Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out
Wild Kettle     |Normal |171 |2   |Turtle Shell, Rough Shell
Buster Kettle   |Normal |315 |50  |Rough Defense, Turtle Shell
Steam Shell     |Shell  |773 |150 |Turtle Shell, Rough Mail
Metal Fist      |Shell  |1921|1150|Rough Metal
Knuckleman      |Shell  |????|????|Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out
Lizard Hunter   |Normal |255 |4   |Blade Thorns
Lizard Assassin |Normal |429 |71  |Blade Thread
Fever Horse     |Shell  |572 |82  |Fire Mouse Skin, Fire Legged
Blaze Drake     |Normal |756 |400 |Fire Mouse Skin, Simple Fire Bell
Drygon          |Normal |1379|240 |Fire Mouse Skin, Simple Fire Bell
Dryas           |Normal |2234|1500|Wing of Lufu, Simple Wind Bell
Ruby Cutter     |Shell  |574 |100 |Knight Blood
Fate Crab       |Shell  |827 |460 |Knight Blood, Broad Wings
Hecaton Foot    |Shell  |868 |195 |Naja Defence
Horned Archelon |Shell  |2078|1320|Naja Alloy
Mad Jaws        |Shell  |????|????|Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out
Great Jaws      |Shell  |????|????|Unknown, E-Mail me if you find out

Phase 10 - People Hunt Guide (POOPLE)

 Name            |Type           |Location    
Ninjato          |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Eddie            |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Rudolph          |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Nogmung          |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Oimatsu          |Human Male     |Mac Anu
IGA              |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Vergililus       |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Midnight-Head    |Human Male     |Mac Anu
DOMINATOR        |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Rider Chyob      |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Lieutenant Okada |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Corporal Yano    |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Ookami Itto      |Human Male     |Mac Anu
SideWinder       |Human Male     |Mac Anu
tres             |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Ubadama          |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Heretic          |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Kunio            |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Encephalon       |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Lonely Wolf      |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Boltz            |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Dimitri          |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Maxburst         |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Aralagai         |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Aryosha          |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Mihirogi         |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Nagi             |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Kazuki           |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Blue Eye Samurai |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Mark             |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Wise Dragon      |Human Male     |Mac Anu
Battery Tomekichi|Human Male     |Mac Anu
Yoshio           |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Katar            |Human Male     |Kestrel Guild
Nagare           |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Dragonfly        |Human Male     |Kestrel Guild
Colt 31          |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Pokuri           |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
EXILE            |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Fang             |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Chamnosuke       |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
NonBE            |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
AK47	         |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Pilgrim          |Human Male     |Kestrel Guild
Lettuce Taro     |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Machida Man      |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Takowaza380Yen   |Human Male     |Kestrel Guild
Great Leo        |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Ayuo             |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
JJ               |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Flamberge        |Human Male     |Lumina Cloth
Schrodinger      |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Trigger          |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
NAOO             |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
IsoIde           |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Wang Lin         |Human Female   |Kestrel Guild
Chobi            |Human Female   |Mac Anu
dr. D            |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Henako           |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Syake            |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Senion           |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Inui             |Human Female   |Kestrel Guild
angel hair       |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Olive            |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Heavenly Flower  |Human Female   |Mac Anu
-COOH            |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Mile             |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Moonlight Dance  |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Alice            |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Pen Pen          |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Abcinian         |Human Female   |Mac Anu
1/2              |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Aira             |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Menou            |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Chrysanthemum    |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Punisher Witch   |Human Female   |Mac Anu
Black Pearl      |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
memuru           |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Heart in Brochade|Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Hiira            |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
NiangNiang       |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Ayame            |Human Female   |Kestrel Guild
Rental Daughter  |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Kiira            |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Sapphire         |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Madame Insane    |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Jade             |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Joanna           |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Ruby             |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Aleneor          |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Onyx             |Human Female   |Lumina Cloth
Barson           |Beast Male     |Mac Anu
Pale             |Beast Male     |Mac Anu
Nuada            |Beast Male     |Mac Anu
Tanu             |Beast Male     |Mac Anu
Vanguard         |Beast Male     |Mac Anu
Sky              |Beast Male     |Mac Anu
Seisaku          |Beast Male     |Field (Medic)
Hideyo           |Beast Male     |Field (Medic)
BJ               |Beast Male     |Field (Medic)
Osamu            |Beast Male     |Field (Medic)
GENPAKU          |Beast Male     |Field (Medic)
Ryotaku          |Beast Male     |Field (Medic)
Towa             |Beast Male     |Mac Anu
Shirochan        |Beast Male     |Kestrel Guild
Eteman           |Beast Male     |Lumina Cloth
Yatsuhusa        |Beast Male     |Lumina Cloth
Chamee           |Beast Male     |Kestrel Guild
Susuzi Pig       |Beast Male     |Lumina Cloth
Pochi            |Beast Male     |Lumina Cloth
Ingrid           |Beast Female   |Mac Anu
TomCat           |Beast Female   |Mac Anu
Sagittarius      |Beast Female   |Kestrel Guild
Quasar           |Beast Female   |Mac Anu
GATES            |Beast Female   |Mac Anu
b1u3             |Beast Female   |Mac Anu
Mikatan          |Beast Female   |Mac Anu
Tiperath         |Beast Female   |Lumina Cloth
Lady of the Lamp |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Florence         |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Rintaro          |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Ougai            |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Agnes            |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Telese           |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Amber            |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
William=G        |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Doyle            |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Watson           |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Phelix           |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Jill             |Beast Female   |Field (Medic)
Yoko	         |Beast Female   |Lumina Cloth
Cecile           |Beast Female   |Lumina Cloth
Kanko            |Beast Female   |Lumina Cloth
Evil Woman       |Beast Female   |Lumina Cloth
Ishikari Cat     |Beast Female   |Lumina Cloth

Phase 11 - Keyword Guide (KIWORD)

(First Word) 
[ ] Buzzing -Topics 
[ ] Elegant – (Buzzing Wrath’s Puddle) (S) 
[ ] Forgotten – (Elegant Swift Phoenix) (S) 
[ ] Essential - Knuckleman Quest 
[ ] Screaming - Animal Quest 
[ ] Chasing - Crown Quest 
[ ] Creeping - Art Quest 
[ ] Dancing - Bounty Hunter Test Quest 
[ ] Hidden - Story 
[ ] Wealthy -Topics 
[ ] Peaceful - Story 
[ ] Submissive - Story 
[ ] Great - Story 
[ ] Blurry -Story 
[ ] Gallant - Story 
[ ] Lazy - Story 
[ ] Sneering - Story 
[ ] Pulsating - Story 
[ ] Delicious - Story 
[ ] Setting - Story 
[ ] Disputing - Crab Monster Quest 
[ ] Crying - Maze of the Bird Monster Quest 
[ ] Coiling - Underground Exploration Quest 
[ ] Rising - Gurugon Quest 
[ ] Choosing - Topics (LotD) 
[ ] Heartless - Topics (LotD) 
[ ] Entwined - Topics (LotD) 
[ ] Endless – Lord of the Dead Quest 
[ ] Sacred -Topics 
[ ] Upfront -Topics 
[ ] Fly Away - Topics 
[ ] Heavenly - (Peaceful Leading Freedom) (A) 
[ ] Truthful - Topics 
[ ] Halberd - Mail 
[ ] Warm - Topics 
[ ] Rough Song - Topics 
[ ] Unseeing - Mail 
[ ] Harvesting - (Dancing Medium’s Snow Caps) (Essential Bustling Generation) 
[ ] Croaking - Topics 
[ ] Overjoyed - Topics 
[ ] Graceful - Topics 
[ ] Paling – (Delicious Past's Weed Eater) 
[ ] Agonizing - Topics 
[ ] Piling - Mail 
[ ] Restful – (Lazy Advice's Exile) 
[ ] Wandering - (Halberd Eternity's Twin Rocks) 
[ ] Unknowing - (Dancing Doomed Bum) (A) 
[ ] Obstructed – (Lazy Wrath’s Generation) 
[ ] Saddened - (Piling Red Plum's Twin Rocks) (S) 
[ ] Counting - Mail 
[ ] Dreaming – (Saddened Your Fortune) (S) 
[ ] Decadent - (Counting Leading Pilgrim)(Obstructed Red Plum’s Blue Cloud)(S)
[ ] Playing – (Counting Heretic's Frog Lake) 
[ ] Beloved - Topics 
[ ] Fattening - (Coiling Destiny’s Whicker) (A) 
[ ] Unending – (Wandering Eternity’s March)
[ ] Roaring - Topics
[ ] Spring's – (Concealed Ruined Cassiopeia)
[ ] Concealed – (Counting Blazing Foot Stones) 
[ ] Protected - Topics 
[ ] Closed - (Entwined Joyous Venom Fang) 
[ ] Freezing - Mail 
[ ] Immovable - (Counting Failing Two Wing’s) (S) 
[ ] Dawning - Mail 
[ ] Starting - Start with it 
[X]Courageous - Only for Tutorial 

(Second Word) 
[ ] Wrath’s - Topics 
[ ] Swift - Topics 
[ ] Black - Topics 
[ ] Ruined - Topics 
[ ] Honor - (Fly Away Daybreak’s Bodhi Tree) (S) 
[ ] Marble’s - Topics 
[ ] Military - Topics 
[ ] Aster’s – Mail or (Fly Away Military Resort) 
[ ] Bustling – (Halberd Black Bodhi Tree) 
[ ] Vane - Topics 
[ ] Daybreak’s - Topics 
[ ] Kourin’s - Topics 
[ ] Humbling - Topics 
[ ] Heretic’s - Topics 
[ ] Dusk’s - Topics 
[ ] Sunshine’s – (Fattening Wrath’s Bum) (S) 
[ ] Nirvana’s – (Spring’s Seasons Evergreen) or (Protected Love's Bum) 
[ ] Cupola - Topics 
[ ] Friend’s - Topics 
[ ] Forbidden - Story 
[ ] Idling - Knuckleman Quest 
[ ] Retuning - Animal Quest 
[ ] Cupid’s - Crown Quest 
[ ] Fortune’s - Art Quest 
[ ] Mourning - Bounty Hunter Test Quest 
[ ] Medium’s - Topics 
[ ] Leading - Story 
[ ] Tragedy’s- Story 
[ ] Cursed - Story 
[ ] Obsessive - Story 
[ ] Season’s - Story 
[ ] Advice’s - Story 
[ ] Failing - Story 
[ ] Unlimited - Story 
[ ] Past’s - Story 
[ ] Eternity’s - Story 
[ ] Gray - Crab Monster Quest 
[ ] Gambler’s - Maze of the Bird Monster Quest 
[ ] Destiny’s – Underground Exploration Quest 
[ ] Love’s – Gurugon Quest 
[ ] Superior – Topics (Lotd) 
[ ] Starting - Topics (Lotd) 
[ ] Joyous - Topics (Lotd) 
[ ] Corpse’s – Lord of the Dead Quest 
[ ] Blazing - Topics 
[ ] Discord’s – (Lazy Dusk’s Night Moon) (S) 
[ ] Red Plum’s - Mail 
[ ] Doomed - Topics 
[ ] Your - Start with it 
[X]Engaging - Only for Tutorial 

(Third Word) 
[ ] Two Wings - (Dawning Failing Blue Cloud) (B) 
[ ] Phoenix - (Saddened Love’s Fast Horse) (Fattening Military Pure Bred) 
[ ] Hand Song - Topics 
[ ] Pure Bred - Topics 
[ ] Fast Horse - Topics 
[ ] Belladonna – (Creeping Wrath’s Two Wing’s) (A) 
[ ] Bum - Topics 
[ ] Generation - Mail 
[ ] Nemesis - Topics 
[ ] Alga Grass - Topics 
[ ] Old World - Knuckleman Quest 
[ ] Princess - Animal Quest 
[ ] Phantom - Crown Quest 
[ ] Paradise - Art Quest 
[ ] Masquerade - Bounty Hunter Test Quest 
[ ] Holy Ground - Story 
[ ] Bulwark - Story 
[ ] Camellia - Story 
[ ] Freedom - Story 
[ ] 1000 Oaks - Story 
[ ] In-Laws - Story 
[ ] Slacker - Story 
[ ] Drunkard - Story 
[ ] Exile - Story 
[ ] Empire - Story 
[ ] Metal Doll - Story 
[ ] Weed Eater - Story 
[ ] Night Moon - Story 
[ ] Tiny Beast - Crab Monster Quest 
[ ] Footsteps - Maze of the Bird Monster Quest 
[ ] Whicker - Underground Exploration Quest 
[ ] Gate – Gurugon Quest 
[ ] Offerings - Topics (Lotd) 
[ ] Pilgrim - Topics (Lotd) 
[ ] Venom Fang - Topics (Lotd) 
[ ] March - Lord of the Dead Quest 
[ ] Ocean - Topics 
[ ] Fountain - (Freezing Tragedy's Life Boat) 
[ ] Life Boat - (Spring’s Discord’s Nemesis) (S) 
[ ] Bodhi Tree - Topics 
[ ] Snow Lamp - (Truthful marble’s Bum) (S) 
[ ] Cathedral - Topics 
[ ] Puddle - Topics 
[ ] Tide Road – (Essential Idling Old World) (A) (AKA Knucklemans Quest) 
[ ] Frog Lake - Topics 
[ ] Blue Cloud - Topics 
[ ] Scud - Topics 
[ ] Gold Bird - (Agonizing Friend’s Nemesis) (A) 
[ ] Dark Tree - (Gallant Your March) or (Elegant Aster's Berserker) 
[ ] Vagabond - Topics 
[ ] Pinwheel – (Upfront Blazing Camellia) 
[ ] Evergreen - (Immovable Love’s Berserker) (S) 
[ ] Malt Town - Topics 
[ ] Ignorance - (Rough Song Dusk’s Hand Song) (S) 
[ ] Globe - Topics 
[ ] Snow Caps - Topics 
[ ] Foot Stone - (Dawning Love’s Two Wing’s) (B) 
[ ] Twin Rocks - Mail 
[ ] Holy Relic - Topics 
[ ] Cat’s Eye – (Great Cursed In-Laws) 
[ ] Whiplash - Topics 
[ ] Crawl Tree - Mail 
[ ] Fortune - Topics 
[ ] Resort - Topics 
[ ] Cassiopeia - Topics 
[ ] Shadow - Start with it 
[ ] Dead Wood - 
[ ] Radiation - 
[ ] Berserker - Bounty Hunter Quest Email 
[X]Daydream - Only for Tutorial

Phase 12 - AIDA/Avatar Battle FAQ (AIDA)

--About AIDA and Avatars

Without giving too much away, AIDA is an "entity" you will see a lot of in the
//GU series. It's represented in the game thus far by strange black dots, and
sometimes manifests strange bug-like creatures that you will eventually fight.
Its official purpose and role in the //G.U. universe is as of yet still a
mystery. Contact with AIDA can cause comas in normal player characters.

An Avatar is basically data from one of the original eight Phases of Morganna
(those of you who played the original .hack games should be familiar with them)
that has been attached to certain player characters in The World: R2. This
special data gives those characters the ability to summon the Avatar data in
the form of one of the Phases, and control that data to some extent. These
characters are known as Epitaph Users, and can summon their Avatars to collect
information on and quarantine AIDA. However, sometimes you will find yourself
using Haseo's Avatar, Skeith, to battle other Avatars as well.

--Basic Avatar Controls

- Normal Mode:

[] button = Shoot
>< button = Slash
() button = Dash

- Protect Break Mode:

>< button = Data Drain
() button = Dash

--Basic Strategy

Skeith has a health bar, and so does your enemy. The obvious goal is to take
the enemy's health down to zero by inflicting damage, thereby inducing
Protect Break status, then put it down for good with a Data Drain attack.

Keep in mind that Skeith also has a set of stats for strength and defense,
which are based on Haseo's current level. If you are having a stupidly
tough time defeating an enemy during an Epitaph battle, take some time to
level up Haseo and then attempt it again when Skeith will be a bit tougher.

If your current level isn't a problem, the most basic strategy for Avatar
battles is to shoot the enemy with [] until it is stunned. Electricity will
appear around the enemy, and the word "Stunned!" will appear on your screen.
This is your signal to swoop in close to the enemy and use your friggin' huge
scythe to slash at it with the >< button in order to do massive amounts of

But it's not so easy as that. Every AIDA/Avatar enemy will have special attacks
that can make it quite frustrating to get it to stunned status in order to get
a few good whacks in. Luckily, these attacks are fairly predictible once you
realize the pattern, and you should be able to weather them without too much
damage to Skeith.

Once you manage to do enough damage to get the enemy's health bar down to zero,
a timer will show up at the top of the screen. As it counts down, you have that
time to attempt a Data Drain.

Again, it's not so easy. First, you have to press and hold the >< button. While
avoiding various enemy projectiles, you must wait until your Data Drain is
completely charged (you should hear a high-pitched, continuous sound when it's
fully charged, and the Data Drain bar will light up at the top of the screen),
and let go of the >< button when you've got a clear shot. If you get hit by a
projectile while charging your Data Drain, you have to start over from 0 charge
and redo it. If you let go of the button while the enemy is moving, you're
unlikely to hit it, so make sure it's stopped before you let go, otherwise,
back to the drawing board. If you don't manage to Data Drain it before the time
limit is up, it's back to the beginning.

On to specific enemies...

--AIDA <Anna>

This is the first AIDA enemy you will encounter that you are able to fight. It
looks like a microorganism that's been supersized. Not too tough, really, but
they're just for practice before you get to the big, mean stuff.


A. Normal Shot (small damage): <Anna>'s standard, run-of-the-mill projectile.
Little energy balls spray out in a nondistinct pattern, aimed in Skeith's
general direction.

B. Kobold Bullet (small-medium damage): <Anna> shoots three larger energy balls
at Skeith that behave like missiles.

C. Agol Laser (large damage): <Anna> shoots out a huge laser beam directly in
front of her. It can hit Skeith up to three times per go, and <Anna> cannot
be stunned while performing this attack.


This is pretty straightforward. Keep shooting until <Anna> is stunned, then
close in to slash with the scythe. Dash to avoid the Normal Shot, and smack
her Kobold Bullets away with the scythe when she uses the attack. When she
starts gearing up for the Agol Laser attack, you'll get fair warning if you
pay attention - not only does she stand still and start lighting up, but the
attack name will appear on top of the screen for a good couple seconds before
she lets go, along with the ever-helpful advice to "Dash to Evade." Not
surprisingly, I highly suggest dashing to evade...

Once you get her health bar down to zero, start charging for Data Drain. This
is actually kind of agitating. Since her Normal Shot is a spray, it can be very
 hard to evade... do your best to dash away from the spray while continuing to
hold ><. You have 60 seconds to manage a successful Data Drain, and if you're
patient, it's not a big deal. She'll wiggle back and forth for a while using
random Normal Shots, and occasionally stop for about 2 seconds. Make sure to
let go as soon as she stops, otherwise, you'll miss her and have to start over.

--TARVOS (Pi's Avatar)

When TARVOS becomes infected with AIDA and goes berserk, you get your first
real taste of what the Avatar battles to come will be like. It's tough, but
still more of a practice. TARVOS is interesting to look at, sort of an angel
with her hands bound above her head.


A. Normal Shot (small damage): Small energy missiles.

B. Orb of Revenge (medium damage): Big energy ball that stuns Skeith upon

C. Strike of Death (medium to massive damage): TARVOS shoves a huge stake
through Skeith. Damage dependent on how many stakes TARVOS conjures.

D. Data Drain (small to massive damage): A damage-over-time effect. Smash
buttons wildly to curb damage done to Skeith.


TARVOS is actually easier to stun than <Anna>. On the flip side of that coin,
however, she's got some nastier tricks, too. She'll start off with a small
Normal Shot, which in this case is a small burst of energy missiles. They're
actually easy enough to avoid, just start moving Skeith forward after she
shoots them at you. She sometimes closes her "wings" protectively around her
main body, and while she can be stunned in this state, you won't be able to do
damage, so try to avoid wasting your shots when she's in defensive mode.

As for the nastier stuff - after a few bursts of her regular Normal Shot,
she'll send a round of bigger missiles. Bigger equals more damage, but luckily,
you can swat at them with your scythe to destroy them before they hit you. She
also has an attack called Orb of Revenge that sends a couple big nasty energy
balls at you that stun Skeith if he gets hit. Smacking them each three times
with the scythe will prevent them from doing major damage. Unfortunately,
she has two more attacks that are unavoidable - the first is Strike of Death,
for which TARVOS will conjure up to three huge stakes and send them flying
into Skeith's body. The amount of damage done is dependent on how many stakes
she conjures. The final attack is her Data Drain attack, also unavoidable, but
thankfully it can be a minor concern - just smash all the buttons as fast as
you can, which will decrease the effect time considerably enough that Skeith
will take little damage.

Wear her down to zero to get a Protect Break, and then it's Data Drain time.
This one isn't hard at all. She'll send another barrage of small missiles, so
just move forward to avoid them while pressing ><. Then, she'll wrap her wings
around her body and float back and forth for a bit. Wait until she sits still
for a while, and then she'll open her wings (I guess she's playing Peek-A-Boo)
as soon as she does, let go and you'll put her down for good.

--MAGUS (Kuhn's Avatar)

MAGUS is basically a really huge sprig of leaves with a head, torso, and arms.


A. Normal Shot (small damage): Rapid bursts of energy.

B. Leaf Guard (small damage): Rotating shield that sprays out Normal Shots.
While in place, MAGUS is immune to stun.

C. Unforgiving Bud (medium damage): floating energy mines that follow Skeith.

D. Flash of Green (medium damage): Lasers that surround Skeith and slice up and


MAGUS doesn't do a great deal of damage, and he takes massive damage while
stunned. The tough part is actually stunning him. He's quick, and has several
skills that makes him immune to your shots. He'll start with a regular burst
of his Normal Shot, which like <Anna>'s, tends to follow a nondiscriminant
pattern in Skeith's general direction. You can dash out of the way, but that
makes it harder to shoot him, so just try calmly moving back and forth while
he tosses them at you, all the while doing your best to shoot him back. Next,
MAGUS will bring Leaf Guard into place. This makes things more annoying, as
he is surrounded by a rotating ring of green shields that make him immune to
stun, while they each toss rounds of Normal Shot at Skeith. Shoot all of the
green shields to destroy them. Next, he'll probably try using Unforgiving Bud,
where he tosses about 10-15 floating mines at Skeith. Destroy them using the
scythe before they can really hurt you. 

His last attack, Flash of Green, looks a lot scarier than it actually is. When
he pulls this one out, Skeith will be surrounded by green lasers. Once in
place, the lasers will move first down, and then back up. When they go down,
watch closely and move slightly to the right, in between the descending lines.
When they start moving back up, move back to the left slightly, and they should
completely miss you. MAGUS is immune to stun when he's using this attack, so
just concentrate on avoiding the lasers until it's over.

Once you've stunned him a few times and manage some good whacks with the scythe
(3-5 stuns is probably enough, dependent on Haseo's level), it's Data Drain
time. Just charge up as per usual, and calmly move back and forth to avoid his
Normal Shot (you shouldn't need to dash). The problem is that he barely stops
moving long enough for you to actually hit him with a Data Drain, so watch him
carefully and let go the moment he pauses.

--MACHA (Endrance's Avatar)

Definitely the spiffiest Avatar, MACHA is an AIDA-infected Avatar that looks
like Mia from the first games dolled out in a bridal costume. With her plethora
of attacks, she's definitely a bridezilla.


A. Normal Shot (small damage): Flaming discs thrown at Skeith.

B. Scratch Attack (small damage): Two-slash rush attack.

C. Bolt of Love (small damage): Multiple laser attacks. MACHA's immune to stun
while this is in effect.

D. Seductive Voice (no damage): Slows Skeith's movement if he's hit.

E. Bewitching Wind (small damage): Will knock Skeith back if he's too close
and do some damage. MACHA's immune to stun while in effect.

F. Data Drain (small to massive damage): A damage-over-time effect. Smash
buttons wildly to curb damage done to Skeith.


MACHA is not an offensive powerhouse, but man is she tough, and incredibly
fast. Her rapid succession of small attacks will wear Skeith down quickly
if you're not careful. The best strategy is to take your time and just deal
with what she throws at you, the only thing rushing to stun her will do is
cause Skeith to massive amounts of health and possibly die.

She'll start by throwing her Normal Shot at you, which is a series of flaming
discs that are really easy to avoid. Depending on your play style, you can
either dash out of the way, or bravely stand your ground and move slightly
left to avoid the first set, then slightly right to avoid the second. After
that, things get sucky real quick. Her next move will probably be a Scratch
Attack, which is a rush attack in which she dashes at Skeith and slashes at
him two times. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Unlike the previous
Avatar Battles, this one doesn't plaster helpful advice all over the screen way
before you have to do anything. The training wheels are off, so they give you a
one second warning that you need to dash, and don't announce the attack type
message at the top of the screen. Be prepared, and scoot Skeith out of the way
as quickly as The good news is that whether you successfully avoid the attack
or not, MACHA will be vulnerable to stun while her back is turned to Skeith,
so shoot the crap out of her and then get a few good swings in (don't start
celebrating yet, though, because it will take tons of stuns to take her down,
as MACHA has incredibly high defense). After that, things get even suckier.

MACHA has a really annoying attack called Bolt of Love in which she conjures
a number of sentinel-type objects that will hover agitatingly out of your
reach as they shoot laser beams at you, then move close enough to attack, one
at a time. Forget stunning her, as she's immune to it during this attack, and
focus on the sentinels. Just keep moving in one direction (dash = unnecessary).
The sentinel will start flashing, and then shoot the laser beam. If you're
moving, it will harmlessly pass behind you, and then the sentinel will move
close enough to destroy with the scythe. You can't move on to the next round
until they're all gone, so just take them out one by one.

After all of that (if she doesn't bust this little nasty trick out previous to
using Bolt of Love), she will start glowing with a white aura. Start dashing
as soon as you see this. Soon after, a very long stream of glowing white rings
will come after you, and if you get hit by it, you'll be sorry. This attack is
called Seductive Voice, and will cause Skeith to move slower than frozen 
butter, making it a thousand times more difficult to deal with her next move,
which is to immediately use her Bewitching Wind skill. Again, she is immune to
stun during this time (while she is surrounded by the swirling red rose petals)
so don't bother shooting at her, and just watch closely. She'll first throw a
few rounds of her Normal Shot at you, which is harmless enough. Directly after,
though, and with almost no warning, she'll use a Scratch Attack, which, coupled
with Bewitching Wind, is particularly nasty. Watch for her to move upwards
slightly, and the camera angle to change a little, and start dashing to avoid
it. Then, shoot her from behind when the Bewitching Wind dissipates, and kick
her butt as I'm sure you wish to do at this point.

MACHA also has Data Drain, and she is most definitely not afraid to use it. You
could be hit with it several times if the battle lasts long enough, so get your
button-mashing fingers prepared, and just deal with it as you did when TARVOS
used it.

So, once you get her to Protect Break status, I suggest you end it as quickly
as possible. If you're quick about it, you can manage to do this in 5 seconds
or so. If you miss the first opportunity, you must avoid her barrage of Normal
Shots and Cat Scratches until she stays still long enough to get a successful
Data Drain off.

--Azure Flame God

Unless you're one of the lucky ones who speaks Japanese and has played further
into the //G.U. series, you don't know much about this... evil, evil thing
other than that it is somehow connected to Tri-Edge. Perhaps it's an Avatar,
perhaps it's a chunk pure AIDA, who knows, who cares, we're just here to kick
its ass (to be fair, it tried to kick ours first). Whatever this being is, it's
big, it's mean, and it looks like a flaming blue cranked up stick-figure angel
with antlers for wings.


A. Normal Shot (small-medium damage): a wave of energy balls.

B. Azure Fire Ball 1 (large damage): Large blue flame attack (close range).

C. Azure Fire Ball 2 (small-medium damage): burst of small flame attacks
(long distance).

D. Azure Tiger Claws (medium damage): a series of spinning blades.

E. Azure Wild Flower (massive damage): very painful rush attack.

F. Data Drain (small to massive damage): A damage-over-time effect. Smash
buttons wildly to curb damage done to Skeith.


This is The Final Confrontation, and if you aren't level 50 for this battle,
you might want to go level up a bit before going for it. You can probably
manage to take him down a few levels lower, but even at level 50, he gives
you a tough time. The Azure Flame God does not hold back - he has lots of
attacks, all of which do some hefty damage, is ridiculously fast, is tough
to stun, has a lot of defense, and will generally do a good job of wiping
the floor with Skeith. If you're a masochist, by all means, go suffer through
this fight using a non-maxed-out Skeith.

First off, you'll want to keep a fairly healthy distance between the Azure
Flame God and Skeith throughout the battle. This will give you more reaction
time, as well as preventing the first form of his Azure Fire Ball attack from
smacking the crap out of you, as it's only effective at a close range.

He'll start by tossing his Normal Shot at you, which is a line of energy balls
that come at you in a sort of wave pattern, alternating from each side. It
comes at you real fast, and the recommended course of action is to just watch
closely and slip between two of the balls as they come at you. This way, you
can still manage to get in a few much-needed shots as the onslaught drags on.
If you want to play it safe, though, you can dash out of the way in the
opposite direction from the side the attack is coming from.

Then comes the Azure Fire Ball attack I mentioned earlier. He'll start by
busting out with three large fireballs close to his body. If for some reason
you are close to him when he does so, it will hurt Skeith a lot. After that,
the fire balls divide into a bunch of little fire balls which come at you like
missiles and can be harmlessly avoided by moving forward slightly.

He may toss his Azure Tiger Claws attack at you next. With this attack, do your
best to slash like crazy at the spinning blades as they come at you, though I
will not lie, it is extremely difficult to get them all, and it's likely you'll
be hit by one or two. They occasionally will spin off the screen and then come
out of nowhere at you like boomerangs. In the grand scheme of things, though,
this is not so bad.

The Azure Wild Flower attack (aka "The Attack You Must Avoid At All Costs")
will likely follow, though the order isn't always the same. Whenever you see
the words, "Dash to Evade" pop up on the bottom of the screen, start dashing
like a maniac to avoid this attack. If you don't avoid it, it does about 300
damage to Skeith (which you really can't afford). Even more fun is that he
often does this attack several times in quick succession. Just keep on your
toes and be prepared for him to turn around and rush you again.

He also uses Data Drain, but thankfully isn't as trigger-happy about it as
MACHA was. Just deal with it by smashing buttons, dum dee dum...

When you get him stunned, dash in and slash until after many successful stuns,
you get him to Protect Break status. And here's probably where it really starts
hurting. As in all the other Avatar battles, the Azure Flame God will still
throw his Normal Shot attack at you while you're trying to Data Drain him....
in a seemingly endless succession. If you try dashing to avoid them, you could
miss the half-a-second opportunity you to get a successful Data Drain off.
On the other hand, it is a real pain avoiding those energy balls in order to
keep your Data Drain fully charged. I used the bob and weave through energy
ball waves tactic... if you can manage to focus on the waves and slip between
the energy balls while still keeping an eye on whether the Azure Flame God is
moving, I recommend it to the "dash-like-a-madman and hope you can stop in time
to get a good shot off and end this insanity" plan.

Note: You can also dash either left or right the entire time and fireballs
won't hit you. Only thing you need to watch out for is the tiger claws and
his dash attack. When he uses the circular fireball attack (the big ring one)
right when he casts it, you can dash towards him through the center of the
fireballs, attack 3 times and the fireballs will miss you, but be sure to
dash backwards after hitting him with a combo and continue dashing to the
side when you do this.

Phase 13 - Convert (CONVRT)

When you select the Convert option from the title screen, you can convert a
saved game from one of the four .hack games and use it to unlock special
features in .hack//G.U. If you use a save file from Part 1 - 3
(Infection, Mutation, and Outbreak), you'll recieve an E-Mail from Blackrose
that was meant for Kite. Also, when you fight the final boss, he will have
the same name you gave your character in the first four games. If you use
saved data from .hack//QUARENTINE, you'll unlock those and another E-Mail from
Hokuto (from .hack//ANOTHER BIRTH) to

Phase 14 - Doppleganger (DOPPEL)

NOTE: The Doppleganger ONLY appears after the Doppleganger thread appears in
the Rumor Section of the Community Forum! He will not exist before then!

What is he? 

The Doppleganger is a very rare monster that looks like a dark and twisted
version of Haseo, surrounded by red flames. Doppleganger is ALWAYS 8 levels
higher than you. 

What if I've reached the level limit(50)? 

He'll be 58. 

Where do I find him? 

It appears at random when you're in any area. Due to the extremely low chance
of it appearing, the best method is to wait in an area for a while, 10 minutes
should be enough. It appears at random when you're in any area, although you
are more likely to find him at Elegant Your Shadow.

After you're done waiting, walk around the area until you find a red arrow
right next to Haseo (like when you've got a group of monsters close-by but not
in the camera view). Follow this arrow and you'll find Doppleganger. 

You'll know it's him when the edge of the screen glows red and a creepy song
begins playing. 

How strong is he exactly? 

He has the exact same amount of health as you do, but all his stats are
notably higher and he heals often. 

He's slaughtering me! What should I do? 

Zer0 suggests this: 
First build up your morale gauge through normal fights before you encounter him
Now get a suprise attack on him and immediately use Beast Awakening and "pound
him like there is no tommorrow". If you've got decent equipment and don't do
anything wrong, he should be dead or very close to it as soon as the Awakening
wears off. Just hit him with everything you've got if he's still standing. 

Why should I even bother fighting him? 

1. Bragging rights. 
2. Beating him yeilds the key item "Own King". This item can be used in
.hack//G.U. Volume 2 to unlock Doppleganger's weapons (Twin blade and Edge
Punisher) . They are lvl 50 weapons that are as powerful as the strongest
weapons in the game, lvl 100 weapons.

Phase 15 - Abyss Quest (AQUEST)

Okay, here's the whole deal with the Abyss Quest.

It starts when there's a community forum post talking about a strange treasure
chest at:

Choosing Superior Offerings (level 11 area with no monsters except at the end)

Just go kick the box, and it'll explode. This strange NPC will come walking out
and go on a whole thing about mark of the offering, blah blah. I forgot the
exact text, so feel free to read.

After you do this, you'll notice another new forum post talking about a
"Confusing Event" that a player ran into. you'll have a chance to reply. Go
ahead and pick the "give me more details" post. Log into The World and come
back out (giving them "ample time" to reply). You'll see a whole string of
replies, including another set of keywords:

Heartless Starting Pilgrim

The dungeon design is the same, no monsters except at the end. Like the last
dungeon, I wiped the floor with them at level 50. The NPC goes rambling on
again and takes off.

Once this is done, you'll notice yet -another- forum post, talking about
"an irritating mob" and you'll have a chance to reply to this one as well.
Ask about the NPC, then log in and out of The World to make them reply.
The reply will give you yet another set of keywords:

Entwined Joyous Venom Fang

Guess what? Same dungeon design! Once again, at level 50, the mob at the end
was nothing but a hole in the ground after my broadsword got done with them.
Being "The Terror of Death" feels good!

Once you beat this mob, you'll get an email from CCCorp telling you that a new
Abyss Quest by the name of "Lord of the Dead" has been added to the quest shop
in Mac Anu. This is the big showdown!

The dungeon they send you to is level 47, and I'm gonna tell you that it took
more than 5 hits to kill some of the mobs in here at level 50. Meaning if
you're not maxed out in level, I would recommend taking as much healing junk
with you as possible...and leave your sanity at @HOME (har), because this is
gonna be a whopper of a boss.

I wont spoil the boss himself, because you gotta see this guy. You may need
new pants after seeing him. ;)

Phase 16 - Codebreaker/ARMAX Codes (ARMAX)

Note: These are NOT official Codebreaker/ARMAX codes, these were found by the
people at dothackers.net.

Codebreaker format
Master Code for CB6+/GS3+/XP4+ 
901300D0 0C04BFDC 

Master Code for CB/GS/XP 
F01300D0 0000000E

Unlock ALL Member Addresses

Save Dump (7Mb) 
20145B50 3C030010 
20145B54 3C050070 
2045BD58 00100000 
2045BD4C 00700000 

D0452842 0000???? 
D0452942 0000???? 

Inf Money 
209F9FD0 05F5E0FF 

Exp Mod 
D0555B28 00000292 
20555B1C 2403???? 

Use Item For Max Items 
201EF904 2403270F 

Gain Item For Max Items 
201EF9C4 2402270F 

Gain Money For Max Money 
201EA7EC 2403270F 

Gain 1 Item For Max 
001ef9d6 00000000 
001efafe 00000000 

Gain Money/EXP for ???? (Needs testing) 
201ea878 10000003 
201ea880 10000003 

Inf Item Usage (May Want to joker 
201ef908 00000000 

(Off Code for Jokering use with above) 
201ef908 a5230002 

Max Keys 
20A07640 00630063 

Max Greeting Cards 
20A03210 63636363 
20A03214 63636363 
10A03218 00006363 
00A0321A 00000063 

No Play Time 
209F9FC8 00000000 

Max Play Time 
209F9FC8 05F5E0FF 

Character Mod 
10A023F4 0000???? 

Party Member Mod 
10A023F6 0000???? 
10A023F8 0000???? 

FFFF - Nobody
0000 - Haseo
0001 - Atoli 
0002 - Kuhn 
0003 - Pai 
0004 - Silabus 
0005 - Gaspard 
0006 - Piros 
0007 - Alkaid
0008 - SakuBo 
0009 - Endrance 
000A - Antares
000B - Matsu
000C - Yata
000D - Ovan
000E - Zelkova
000F - Taihaku
0010 - Gabi  
0012 - Tenrow
0013 - IYOTEN 
0014 - Asta 
0016 - Bordeaux 
0017 - Sakaki
001B - Azure Kite
001E - Negimaru
001F - Grein

Sell Item in town for 90 items 
10A08C28 00000303 
00A08C2A 00000003 
00A08856 0000005A 
00A08858 0000005A 

Sell in Guild Shop to max 15 
00A089C4 0000000F 

Max Arena Win Points 
10A082B0 0000270F 

Haseo Max Weapon Skill 
109FAB0E 0000000A 
109FAB10 0000000A 
109FAB20 0000000A 
109FAB32 0000000A 
109FAB44 0000000A 
109FAB56 0000000A 
109FAB68 0000000A 
109FAB7A 0000000A 

Sickle addition to arms proficiency of Hasewo 
009FAB0C 00000002 
109FAB12 0000000A 

Platform enhanchment 
00A0232C 0000003B 
00A08C2B 00000003 

Haseo Mod 
10A024D7 00000256 

Item Mod 01 
009FC114 000000yy￾@Classification 
109FC116 0000zzzz￾@Type 
109FC118 0000ssss￾@Ability 1 
109FC11A 0000ssss￾@Ability 2 
109FC11C 0000ssss￾@Ability 3 
109FC11E 000000xx￾@modifier value (?)-> maybe weapon attack value.

Item Mod 02 
009FC11E 000000xx￾@ Correction value (?) 
009FC120 000000yy￾@ Classification 
109FC122 0000zzzz￾@ Type 
109FC124 0000ssss￾@ Ability 1 
109FC126 0000ssss￾@ Ability 2 
109FC128 0000ssss￾@ Ability 3 

modifier value xx=00(+0)~63(+99) 
Classification yy=00 (weapon),01 (cloth),02 (decoration, like rings etc) 
Type zzzz=in the different list 

0000 (fire attack attribute) 
0001 (water attack attribute) 
0002 (wind attack attribute) 
0003 (earth attack attribute) 
0004 (light attack attribute) 
0005 (dark attack attribute) 
0006 (poison attack attribute) 
0007 (curse attack attribute) 
0008 (sleep attack attribute) 
0009 (seal attack attribute)

Twin Sword (sword name, prerequisite level, rare value) 
00 ->akutabane 
01 ->kouga 
02 ->banjaku 
03 ->ransetsu 
04 ->chirimukuro 
05 ->hikou 
06 ->madarame 
07 ->yama arashi 
08 ->naginata 
09 ->koshinata 
0A ->kebari 
0B -> nodogirimaru 
0C -> haine shin, lv1 rare value 1 
0D -> haine shin, lv1 rare value 1 
0E -> kaita zangeki 2, lv51 rare value 1 
0F -> kaita zangeki 1, lv74 rare value 2 
10 -> kai Twin Lancer 1 lv 62 rare value 2 
11 -> Chainsaw2, lv87 rare value 2 
12 -> rare kaita zangeki, lv94 rare value 4 
13 -> kaikari aitemuwaku, lv999 rare value 1 
14 -> kaikari aitemuwaku, lv999 rare value 1 
15 -> kai kari aite mu waku, Lv. 999 Rare Value 1 
16 -> Kai Kari Aite Mu Waku, Lv. 999 Rare Value 1 
17 -> Chainsaw3, Lv. 101 Rare Ralue 2 
18 -> Kaita Zan Geki, Lv. 113 Rare Value 2 
19 -> Rare Kai Chainsaw5, Lv. 999 Rare Value 2 
1A -> Kai Twin Lancer2, Lv. 125 Rare Value 2 
1d -> Empty Skies, Lv. 1, Rare Value 2 

Haseo weapon 
Kaishiki/Twin Sword 

Taiken/Big Sword 

Taikama/Big Sickle/Scythe 

Max Level 
209F9FCC 000003E7 

Max Money 
209F9FD0 05F5E0FF 

Max HP 
209F9FD4 0001869F 

Max SP 
209F9FD8 0001869F 

Max P-ATK 
109F9FDC 0000270F 

Max P-DEF 
109F9FDE 0000270F 

Max M-ATK 
109F9FE0 0000270F 

Max M-DEF 
109F9FE2 0000270F 

Max Fire 
109F9FE4 0000270F 

Max Water 
109F9FE6 0000270F 

Max Wind 
109F9FE8 0000270F 

Max Earth 
109F9FEA 0000270F 

Max Light 
109F9FEC 0000270F 

Max Dark 
109F9FEE 0000270F 

Action Replay MAX/EVO Codes

ARMAX ID (Also known as a GAME ID): 09CB 

Master Code 

Remove your Member Addresses 

Get ALL Member Addresses

Characters Always Online 

Characters Never Busy

Save Dump

99999999999 Money 

Max Dark Element 

Max Light Element 

Max Earth Element 

Max Wind Element 

Max Water Element 

Max Fire Element 

Max Magical Defense 

Max Magical Attack 

Max Physical Defense 

Max Physical Attack 

Max SP 

Max HP 

Max Level (Level 999) 

Haseo Mod (Test code) 

Platform enhanchment 

Haseo Max Weapon Skill 

Sell in Guild Shop to max 15 

Max Arena Win Points 

Sell item in town for 90 items 

Sickle addition to arms proficiency of Haseo 

Max Keys 

Infinite Item Usage (Consider Jokering) 

Off Code for Jokering use with above code 

Gain 1 Item For Max 

Gain Money For Max Money 

Gain Item For Max Items 

Use item for Max Items 

Max Greeting Cards 

Max Play Time 

No Play Time 

Character Modifier Codes (You become these characters) 






















Azure Kite 



Party Member Modifiers (You are in a party with these people) 

Haseo (Primary) 

Haseo (Secondary) 

Atoli (Primary) 

Atoli (Secondary) 

Kuhn (Primary) 

Kuhn (Secondary) 

Pai (Primary) 

Pai (Secondary) 

Silabus (Primary) 

Silabus (Secondary) 

Gaspard (Primary) 

Gaspard (Secondary) 

Piros (Primary) 

Piros (Secondary) 

Alkaid (Primary) 

Alkaid (Secondary) 

SakuBo (Primary) 

SakuBo (Secondary) 

Endrance (Primary) 

Endrance (Secondary) 

Antares (Primary) 

Antares (Secondary) 

Matsu (Primary) 

Matsu (Secondary) 

Yata (Primary) 

Yata (Secondary) 

Ovan (Primary) 

Ovan (Secondary) 

Zelkova (Primary) 

Zelkova (Secondary) 

Taihaku (Primary) 

Taihaku (Secondary) 

Gabi (Primary) 

Gabi (Secondary) 

Tenrow (Primary) 

Tenrow (Secondary) 

IYOTEN (Primary) 

IYOTEN (Secondary) 

Asta (Primary) 

Asta (Secondary) 

Bordeaux (Primary) 

Bordeaux (Secondary) 

Sakaki (Primary) 

Sakaki (Secondary) 

Azure Kite (Primary) 

Azure Kite (Secondary) 

Negimaru (Primary) 

Negimaru (Secondary) 

Grein (Primary) 

Grein (Secondary) 

Phase 17 - Credits (CREDIT)

Bandai - For the first four .hack games. Classics.

BandaiNamco - For the .hack//G.U. games which, of course, kick major ass.

d5t - For creating dothackers.net, the place that let me know .hack//G.U. even

Piros The 3rd - For always being there when I needed a motivation.

Everyone on the dothackers.net forums - For all their work in this guide, they
deserve just as much credit as I do.

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