• Access Endless Mode, Survival Mode, and Combo Challenge Mode.

    Unlock all the hidden songs in the game, and buy them from the shop. Upon accomplishing this task, Endless Mode, Survival Mode, and Combo Challenge Mode will be open for purchase in the shop.

    Contributed By: Pokemon Emperor.

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  • Unlock character costumes

    To unlock a character's alternate costume, play Dance Master Mode with that character for about 5 missions, and the character's costume will be available in the shop. Each costume costs 100,000 points except for J.C.'s and Sa-Ja's, which cost 200,000 points

    Contributed By: jampack411.

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  • Unlock Secret Missions on Dancer Master Mode:

    To unlock those secret missions you have to do the mission challenge AND the secret challenge to open the new areas.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mission C-21Do less than 100 'PERFECTs' in mission C-18
    Mission C-27Get 36,000,000 points or more in mission X-21
    Mission D-44Get a MAX COMBO of 1000 or more in mission X-30
    Mission D-45Get 50 or 'BOOs' in mission X-31
    Mission D-47Get 35,000,000 or more points in mission D-43
    Mission E-9Get less than 8,600,000 points in mission E-6
    Mission X-1Get a rank of 'AA' or better in mission A-5
    Mission X-10Do less than 4 'GOODs' in mission B-45
    Mission X-11Do 30,000,000 points or more in mission B-34
    Mission X-13Get a rank of 'C' in mission C-4
    Mission X-14Get 'OK' on all Freeze Arrows in mission C-17
    Mission X-15Get 'OK' on all Freeze Arrows in mission C-5
    Mission X-16Get a rank of 'AA' or better in Mission C-5
    Mission X-17Get a MAX COMBO of 30 in mission C-16
    Mission X-19Get 'OK' on all Freeze Arrows and 180 or more 'PERFECTs' in mission C-22
    Mission X-2Get a rank of 'AAA' in mission A-6
    Mission X-21Get 8,500,000 points or more in mission C-12
    Mission X-23Get a rank of 'AA' or better in mission D-4
    Mission X-24Get 'NG' on all Freeze arrowns in mission D-10
    Mission X-25Do less than 5 'GOODs' in mission D-14
    Mission X-26Get 65 or more 'PERFECTs', 'GREATs' and 'GOODs' in mission D-26 or Get less than 6,800,000 in mission D-12
    Mission X-27Get a MAX COMBO of 200 in mission X-24
    Mission X-28Get 200 or more 'MARVELLOUS' in mission X-26
    Mission X-3Get a rank of 'A' or better at mission B-6
    Mission X-32Get 100 or more 'GREATs' in mission D-18
    Mission X-5Do less than 5 'GREATs' in mission X-3
    Mission X-7Get 8,500,000 points or more in mission B-30
    Mission X-9Get 8,500,000 points or more in mission X-8

    Contributed By: fepnascimento.

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  • Unlockable features

    To unlock most things, you must do something in dance master mode. Most of the time, you either have to beat a stage while completing a special requirement. To find some special requirements, you can buy them from the shop, but you don't need to buy them in order to unlock the new songs. Here are a few unlockable songs and how to get them so you won't have to buy them:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Stage X-01Get rank AA on stage A-05
    Stage X-02Get rank AAA on stage A-06; this means you must do all steps with a rating of perfect
    Switch screens option on quick menuComplete either stage A-07 or A-08
    Unlock new areaComplete the red (special) missions in the current area
    Unlock new missionsComplete a mission and it might light up other missions for you to do
    Unlock new songsPlay through dance master mode and new songs will eventually become buyable from the shop

    Contributed By: gmXpert2000.

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