How can I change the color of the arrows?

  1. I got a save from this site and the arrows are all in red. How Can I change this?

    User Info: Victor_Cam

    Victor_Cam - 10 years ago


  1. From the title screen, go to it's Options > Graphic Options > Step Mark Colors > Type#. Change that type number to something you like. Type1 is the more traditional "vivid" arrows that will cycle colors at different timings, which is what you may be most familiar with. My favorite is "Note" (Type2) which has solid colors depending on the note's timing to differentiate timing speed and is handy at harder difficulties (red = 4th, Blue - 8th, Yellow = 16th, etc...), which is what I bet it's set to. On Light difficulty, said "note" arrows often show as all red because they typically only have 4th notes. But you may come across others every so often thrown in the mix.

    User Info: PkGam

    PkGam - 1 year ago 0   0

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