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    Gogeta by WingedRegent

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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi.  Gogeta FAQ
    by L.M. (WingedRegent)
    1.  Intro (READ THIS FIRST)
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly at any time. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    I finally got around to do this one.  In the Broly FAQ, I wrote that I might do
    a Gogeta or Vegito FAQ.  I have decided to work on Gogeta's FAQ first.  In the
    FAQ, there are spoilers to Dragon Ball Z Movie 12 and the battle toward the end
    of Dragon Ball GT.  You have been warned.
    2. Table of Contents
    1. Intro (READ THIS FIRST)
    2. Table of Contents (You Are Here)
    3. Version History 
    4. Why a Gogeta FAQ?  [WAGF]
    5. Gogeta Super Saiyan [GSSJ]
        5.1  Character Ilustration and Stats [GSSJCIS]
        5.2  Move Set [GSSJMS]
    6. Super Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 [SGSSJ4]
         6.1  Character Illustration and Stats [SGSSJ4CIS]
         6.2 Move Set [SGSSJ4MS]
    7. Z Battle Gate [ZBG]
        7.1 Z Battle Gate as Gogeta[ZBGG]
        7.2 Z Battle Gate against Gogeta [ZBGAG]
    8. Author's Notes [ARN]
    9. Q and A [QNA]
    10. Thanks [THK]
    11. Contact Info [CTI]
    3. Version History
    Version 1.00- FAQ started and finished on the same day.  All sections
    and sub-sections completed.  Updates will be made when errors and new info
    are found. Ready to submit to GameFAQs. 
    Date of Version 1.00- 10/17/06
    Version 1.05- FAQ posted on GameFAQs.  Updated Character Illustration and 
    Stats sub-sections for both forms.
    Date of Version 1.05- 10/18/06
    Version 1.05:Revision 1- Happy Halloween to all readers of this FAQ.  No update
    this time.  However, I did look over this FAQ to make sure I wasn't missing 
    Date of Version 1.05:Revision 1- 10/31/06
    Version 1.05:Revision 2- Happy Thanksgiving to all readers of this FAQ and 
    everyone at GameFAQ's.  Just like Halloween, no update, but I looked over the
    FAQ again.
    Date of Version 1.05:Revision 2- 11/23/06
    4. Why a Gogeta FAQ? [WAGF]
    The reason for this FAQ is to help people use the strongest character in the 
    game.  I was surprised to see that a FAQ was not written on him yet, so I 
    decided to write one myself. 
    5. Gogeta Super Saiyan [GSSJ]
    Gogeta is the result of a sucessful fusion between Goku and Vegeta.  This form
    of Gogeta is only seen in DBZ Movie 12- Fusion Reborn.  Goku and Vegeta fuse as
    a last resort to defeat the monster Janemba.  Gogeta uses a new move that he 
    invented himself against Janemba as well: the Stardust Breaker.  It exorcises 
    the evil from the target, destroying Janemba as he is pure evil.  
    Overall, he is a very cool character in the game.  To unlock him, you need to 
    fuse the items Goku's Fusion + Vegeta's Fusion. 
    5.1  Character Illustration and Stats [GSSJCIS]
    This is Gogeta Super Saiyan's Character Illustration.
    Note: I corrected a mistake from the CI.  In the CI, it states he appears in 
    Movie 13.  I corrected it to Movie 12.
    "The personas of Goku and Vegeta, merged together by means of the Fusion
    Technique. He appears in Dragonball Z Movie 12.
    He is a warrior created by the Fusion of Goku, who had come to rescue
    King Yemma, and Vegeta, who had been revived by the disruption taking
    place in Other World, in order to oppose the evil monster Janemba. His
    hairline is taken from Vegeta, while the hair drooping over his brow is
    Goku's. The clothes he wears are in the fashion of the Metamorans, the
    aliens from whom Goku learned the Fusion Technique.
    While neither Goku nor Vegeta were a match for Janemba on their own,
    Gogeta has the strength and speed to overpower the monster.
    The prismatic energy attack that he used to finish Janemba is his
    favorite technique.
    With Vegeta reluctant to perform the Fusion, he and Goku botched the
    first attempt. The result was the creation of a roly-poly warrior named
    Since the Fusion that created him had been a blunder, Veku's power level
    was extremely low, and perhaps his stomach was upset as well, for he
    pathetically and repeatedly passed gas. Due to his unpredictable motion
    and repeated gas attacks, Veku somehow managed to survive for 30 minutes,
    after which a second Fusion was performed and the situation was
    dramatically reversed."
    These are his stats in the game:
    Health: 3 (43,200)
    Ki: 2 (38,000)
    FT: 5
    FM: 5
    SFM: 1
    His stats are very well-rounded.  His SFM is bad, but it is naturally strong
    5.2 Move Set [GSSJMS]
    These are the moves that require you to hold L2 to execute:
    L2+Circle -- Explosive Wave (uses 1 ball)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 2,700
    A good move for wanting to keep distance between you and the opponent.  Also, 
    it can prevent all Ki blasts from hitting you.  However, this move leaves you 
    vulnerable to a finishing move from an opponent, and it doesn't deal good 
    L2+Up+Circle -- Finish Sign (uses 1 ball)
    Rating :1/5  Damage: 0
    I never liked these power-up moves unless they give you MAX Power when you used
    it.  I do not recommend using this move unless you are in a moment of 
    L2+Triangle -- Super Kamehameha (uses 45000 ki)
    Rating: 5/5  Damage: 15,500
    Always one of my favorite moves to use in a fight.  It deals decent damage, can
    engage in a wave struggle, and can cancel out Full Power Energy Blast Volley's.
    It also costs little Ki.  This is the best move he has.
    L2+Up+Triangle -- Final Flash (uses 95000 ki)
    Rating: 1/5  Damage: 18,500
    I rarely use this move.  It costs too much Ki and does only slightly more 
    damage than his Super Kamehameha.  I do not recommend the use of this move at 
    L2+Down+Triangle -- Stardust Breaker (uses 91000 ki)
    Rating: 4/5 Damage: 27,500  
    Costs less than the Final Flash, but does almost twice the damage of the
    Super Kamehameha.  When it hits, the opponent is paralyzed, and Gogeta 
    detonates it inside of them.  The only problem would be that it can be negated
    by a Kamehameha type of attack.
    6.  Super Gogeta Super Saiyan 4[SGSSJ4]
    The strongest fighter in the DB Universe.  He is also the strongest in the 
    game.  He appeared only once in Dragon Ball GT.  When SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta
    fought Omega Shenron, they knew they did not have a chance on their own.  
    Vegeta then suggested to do Fusion.  Goku agreed and the fusion worked.  At
    SSJ4, Gogeta's power and speed surpassed Omega's by a large amount.  He was 
    able to deflect his strongest attack with ease.  He used the Big Bang 
    Kamehameha against him,  which almost killed him.  Gogeta's arrogance in this 
    form, however was apparent, as he dragged out the fight on purpose for fun.  
    When he was about to finish off Omega Shenron, the fusion ended early due to
    the power SSJ4 exerts on the body.  This is the only appearance of SSJ4 Gogeta
    in DBGT.  To unlock him, you need to fuse the items Super Saiyan 4 Goku's 
    Fusion + Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta's Fusion.
    6.1 Character Illustration and Stats [SGSSJ4CIS]
    This is Super Gogeta Super Saiyan 4's Character Illustration:  
    "In Dragonball GT, he emerges as the mightiest of warriors, born of the
    Fusion between Goku and Vegeta, and transformed into a Super Saiyan 4.
    With the ability to defeat even the most fearsome adversaries using only
    one finger, as he did with Omega Shenron, it would seem that his power is
    exponentially greater than that of any individual Super Saiyan 4.
    Featuring a wild crimson hairstyle, the upper portion of his body is
    covered in red fur, as is the case with any Super Saiyan 4. The Metamoran
    clothes that he wears are the same as Gogeta's in his regular state.
    Being an ultimate warrior created from the combination of Goku and
    Vegeta, Gogeta is able to combine their respective attacks into the
    ultimate fighting technique: the Big Bang Kamehameha. He is completely
    invulnerable to any attack, with his only weakness being his inability
    maintain the Fusion for longer than 10 minutes."
    These are his stats in the game:  
    Health: 4 (53,200)
    Ki: 3 (34,000)
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 3
    Speed: 4
    FT: 5
    FM: 5
    SFM: 1
    Even better than his previous form,  he is truly the best in the game.  
    Again, the SFM is a bit low, but it can still kill an opponent in one hit.
    6.2 Move Set [SGSSJ4MS]
    These are the moves that require you to hold L2 to execute: 
    L2+Circle -- Explosive Wave (uses 1 ball)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 2,700
    Same review as Gogeta Super Saiyan.
    L2+Up+Circle -- Full Power Charge (uses 1 ball)
    Rating: 2/5  Damage: 0
    This move is useful in a tight spot.  The best time to use it is after a 
    100x Big Bang Kamehameha, since it regenerates all of your Ki.
    L2+Triangle -- Big Bang Kamehameha (uses 55000 ki)
    Rating: 4/5  Damage: 15,500
    Same review as the Super Kamehameha for Gogeta Super Saiyan.  The only thing
    is that it costs more Ki.
    L2+Up+Triangle -- High Power Rush (uses 44000 ki)
    Rating: 2/5  Damage: 12,100
    Another move type that I rarely use.  Rush moves leave you vulnerable when you
    start them, so your opponent can use any type of finishing move to prevent your
    rush from connecting.  I only use them when the opponent has little Ki left and
    cannot dodge it.
    L2+Down+Triangle -- 100x Big Bang Kamehameha (uses 100000 ki)
    Rating: 4/5  Damage:  34,000
    Costs all of your Ki, but can kill an opponent in one blast.  The blast is a 
    bit larger than the normal Big Bang Kamehameha.  The most powerful SFM in the 
    7. Z Battle Gate [ZBG]
    This is story mode of the game. Here, I will give strategies for the battles 
    that involve Gogeta. 
    7.1 Z Battle Gate as Gogeta[ZBGG] 
    There is only one battle where you play as Gogeta.  The secenario is the 
    Evil Monster Janemba.  To unlock it, clear the Majin Buu Saga.
    The Evil Monster Janemba:
    SSJ Gogeta vs Janemba- Treat the fight as normal.  Do not forget to finish him
    with the Stardust Breaker.  He is a bit difficult because of his strength, but 
    nothing to hard.
    End of The Evil Monster Janemba:
    7.2 Z Battle Gate against Gogeta [ZBGAG]
    The Plan to Conquer Earth: To unlock this Z Battle Gate, you have to clear 
    The Revenge of the Saiyans story.  To unlock that one, you need to clear 
    The Cosmic Emperor story.  To unlock that one, you need to clear A Lonesome,
    Final Battle story.  Finally, to unlock that one, you need to beat the Saiyan 
    Cooler Final Form vs. SSJ Gogeta- Treat this fight as normal.
    Baby Vegeta vs. SSJ4 Gogeta- This fight is hard due to his strength.  Treat 
    this fight as normal.  
    Super 17 vs. SSJ4 Gogeta- This fight is harder than the last one due to Super
    17's lack of abilty to charge Ki like normal.  You need to adjust strategy for 
    this battle because of this.  
    End of The Plan to Conquer Earth:
    8. Author's Notes [ARN]
    What do you think of this FAQ? I used Yamcha to test out the damage.   Also, if
    anything I typed contradicts the Character Illustration, go by the Character 
    Illustration.  Until next time.
    9. Q and A [QNA]
    The first five questions are questions I made up, but I will update this 
    section with real question when the FAQ is posted, and the questions start 
    coming in.
    Q1: Why do you have a bio for the character if you copied the in-game
    Character Illustration?
    A1:  The reason for that was to introduce the character a bit.  The Character
    Illustration has much more info than I could give.  I give my POV, while the
    Character Illustration gives what actually happened.  Also, some of the 
    bios I typed may include info that the Character Illustration does not have.
    Q2:  Why did you not include Ultimate Battle/Potara Earring suggestions in the
    A2: Recently, it has come to my attention that any earrings you use will not 
    work in UB mode.  This may be a flaw that Spike looked over when making this
    game, and I am hoping it is fixed for the next game.  Thanks goes to 
    ssj4warrior for telling me this on the message boards.  As for Potara 
    suggestions, they can only be used in Dueling, World Tournament, and Practice, 
    so I let the reader decide what to equip on their character.
    Q3:  Can I put your FAQ on my website?
    A3: No.  I will only put this FAQ on GameFAQs and no where else.  I prefer it
    this way, because that means there is only one site to keep track of that has
    this FAQ posted.
    Q4:  Will you do other FAQ's for this game?
    A4:  I am not sure.  If I do, Vegito is next on my FAQ writing list.
    Q5: Why did you not include the controls of the game in the FAQ?
    A5: There are two reasons for this. The first one is that the controls or in
    the game manual.  I understand it if someone lost the manual, but that leads me
    to reason two:  the game has a tutorial mode, so you can relearn the controls
    10. Thanks [THK]
    Thanks go to:
    Akira Toriyama- For creating the Dragon Ball and DBZ mangas for people to enjoy
    as one of the greatest anime and manga ever created.
    Toei Animation- For creating the TV anime series for people to watch.
    Pioneer (now Geneon) Entertainment- For bringing DBZ to the states when anime
    was non-existent in the U.S.
    Funimation Productions- For finishing the dub of DBZ.  Also, for dubbing DB and
    Spike- For making this game.
    Atari- For producing the game.
    OkraTron 5000- For providing the English voices and script translation.
    GameFAQs- For being the best gaming website in the world. Also, for posting my
    FAQ in their website.
    GameFAQs Message Boards- For being a good source of info and help.
    Wikipedia- For being a good research website.
    ssj4warrior - For providing the info about the earrings not working
     in Ultimate Battle mode.
    11. Contact Info [CTI]
    If you want to contact me about something in the FAQ, send me a message at 
    Gamespot.com. On Gamespot.com, I use the same name there that I use here: 
    WingedRegent. Make sure the subject has something to do with this FAQ, or 
    it may be deleted.  You may contact me also on the message boards on GameFAQs.
    I am a frequent visitor of the message boards and will help if you ask a
    question pertaining to this FAQ.  I will accept messages about corrections,
    mistakes, contributions,or inaccuracies in the FAQ. I will also accept feedback
    about the FAQ.  Again, I may only accept contributions on those two sources.   
    Copyright 2006 WingedRegent

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