How do I get past the truck level?

  1. Trucks are loading up and moving away

    User Info: tlgrubbs

    tlgrubbs - 11 years ago


  1. The goal is to defeat all the enemies as quickly as possible, so:

    1) The key is using combos that don't send your enemy flying so far away from you, because most enemies require several more hits than a three hit combo to be defeated completely.

    2) Try not to relay in hold-button attacks, because they take too much of the needed time here. If you must used a charged attack (i.e. when surrounded), try to take 4 to 5 enemies with the same attack, or limit their use as finisher "plus" (a.k.a. finishing an enemy and hurting others).

    3) AVOID wasting time on "beach-volleying" enemies, you don't have that luxury even if there is only one remaining.

    4) If you are playing co-op this will be MUCH easier, concentrate on attacking one enemy at a time, attack them sideways and quickly go to the next one until you get them all.

    5) If you are playing by yourself, pray that the AI of your team mates realizes the urgency of the situation... that and watch your surroundings, plan your next target as you attack one enemy and avoid charged attacks, specially if they are not meant to finish your opponent or have multiple targets.

    6) Do not underestimate the power of tossing an explosive barrel at an enemy. They randomly take care of 2 or 3 foes at a time, just don't waste time on them if the barrels are to far from the action zone.

    User Info: Kasekage

    Kasekage - 10 years ago 0   0

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