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Dodge Challenges Guide by harvickfan2919

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 03/03/2006

BB%#Q((R@/# G#^(QQ@@R/#^R~%sG7(R^@@@/~(@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@B@BKQQSRB@
@@7#B@(/@(RC/B@R^Q@ B~#/@~(QR~(@ #O#t@B@B@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@B%(RQC6#s6R
                                     (/              (6#B@@@B@@@B@B#t3e7^
                                   ^(~///            %3@@B@@BRBBB@@@G77G/
^                             ^      ^/((/          (KB#Sss#RS66CCRGOSRQ
^^                           t(   ^~(7#@@Qs/        ^KBB@BRB6RRBRBRReeRSt
^^^     ^                   //%~7t(7R@@@@@RK/       3/%SRBR(~G#BBK#3t7GO(
  ^^  ^                      /^s%OOSRR@@@RR#%        //^//~7//CsC7t7%%3Q76
^^^/                        ^CB%S#SR@@(3BBR          /////^/6G3t777%373t~
^/                            %^ /CQC~/^(t6           ^/^/^^/(7%7tt%6%%t
^/^   ^/                       ^ ^/^^///(O(3           /^/(/C#QSC%C%C33/
/^ ^                         ^^/ ^^/^/~3G6~           /////(((t%COOOsO(
^/     ^^//                     /^^^/^/~76S            /(((~(73OGeK####KO
/ ^ //                        (O%((///^/((S            7(GK##RRRRRRR###Q/
// ^   /                     %s6GQR%QR#RR6             O(ttCS#RRRRRR#QS#G~
^^^/^                       /%sSQQKK#Q#BB^           /~O%(((~7#RRBBRSSSGSs
/^///^                    /3666C((#RR##R#        /(GGGOOO67%CCsGQSOGeQC66Q
//////                    tt337GSQ//#####3(  (COOOOsOOsOOsO6OOOOGGGGSe6GGs
/(/~(/~((((/^~//~/////  %G^    %KQQ/KC#s%ssOOOSS6(~/3%GG6%%Cs3%%s#OGOGO6%C
/(~((~%7ts//~//~(/(~/^ /       ^ (Re/# 7O6OOOO%GSOGQGeOOGOsSsQ3%SCGGGOO(33
~%3C(%eSSQQQS((t((/~/     /6ee6e^  Q^Q 6366GOSsS##QSGsOOOOOOO677%%Cs6sCt/(
(773%(((((7(((((t(~(/    7C(/(%S( ^^^73GCCsOsGOOeeOsOOOsGOOOsC(7%C66ssC3%t
~%%%%3%(t7%77ttt7(~(^/^  %(%7/^ ^ ^ ^~C%s6%ssKGsGs/7%((%(6ssOsCOOOCsOCC(O6
(C33%3%76733%%7(/(t~ t   ^/(^((^(   ^/%~(7OS#@RCSs%%C%%3%OOOOOsesC%%COsOOO
tC%%(/~CO~%C(/////^  /   /(/^^/^^^^^^^/^//^#RR3SsOsO///ssOOt6%t~(~/7GOsOsO
//~C6OSG3/eC^////^/      ^/             ///^/G6sQ/OOGs6O/OCOG   /(^/%6O66O
~/QQK6^/7C7///////^/       (^/             /^^(6OOO3tt%6667O (/  /% 76(/~t
/~%6%S////t(///////^       ^^   ~6CC6C^S/   //^/CC/s(/sOsOCG^     ts7OC(((
^/~~tCG//7%#KO(^///^^      %~  3sCC3(~6(S(   ~C //((/3GOOOOOO(t((/tsss6C%t
^(~tCtQ~t~(~/~S(t%/~^^     R   (O/^  e/tGQ(  ~O^^/t~/COOOOOsOOsOOGssOOOsOO
^////6//(%sQR#(~(tsQ6^    ^#   eeQGGe     S/ (G/(Oss6OsOOsOsGC7%~(~(3/(CCO
^////3(Q(/~((((((~eOt(^    R  (7~t~7%%%/st%6 (B^/  ~t%C~   ^/%OsGOs6sG77//
^^^// %%^((~%(/(7CGeQS%    C~^~%/  %(%/^( %6/OS s/K/GK6/^O%  7SG%/ (GeGO%~
/~~/^^^^/(%Ctt~(O%///^      O              ^tS (%7#^QS~S/e QQ C #O/( ^//~(
^^ ^//^^^^^^   ^/////^^^ ^ ///^/          (/~^ tGOQ QQ^6~/^   ^/^^/^//^^^/
       /////////^            //^ //^  ^~(/~^/^ ^         //////////^
                           ^  ^^  ^////^   ^
      R@@C/B#/ %BBBe  %@@@@Bt~RBB@@O /@R@@3 ~@BRB@Q^  7eGOee%^SSeQQ3
      @B@R(RK/ eBC@B/ Q@Q^//^tBS//// (@Rs@Q ~BR7~BR(  GS7/GG%/SQ(//^
      BBC@CR#//@@C@@% 6@R@Rs/7@e     #@s(@@ /@@B@@G/  eS%/SS%/SQSSQQ
      @@~BB@K/t@RCB@6  t(G@B3(@G^    @@GCR@/~@@6O@R~  eS%^Se7~SK7~QQ^
      B@t%B@#/QBS7%@R(//~~@R%(@S/////@B%%G@%/@@%/BB(  eQ7/SS%/QQ(7QQ/
      B@t/RBK(BBC /@@%GB@B@K(/K@@@@O/@G^ (@%~R@%/BR(  /SSSQS7 SQQQKO
            // // //^^^ ^  ^^^^/ // /^^/  ^/ /  ^^^/^^^^  /  ^
           ^R~OOQ(Rt(GQ/# /6s(R(^Re(QsQB/~K(ss#7RGt(#~#G6#7BCO
            @^COK/R(SsR(K/ Cs @~~#OOQ#OR^/R/3sR(#@(/# #s6#%R%S/
///~/~//~  /  ~/ /// ///~ // ^//~^////~^ /~ ~^^/// ~ ///^/^ //
K#SQeGeOQ       ^^////////^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^         ^/////^
S/ (SB~ S/~(((((~////////((((((~((~(/////~~((((~~//////^^///////^^
~e @@/tG O////^             ^/~//^^ ^^ ^  ^  //////////////~((/^^^////~((t
~Q KRRRs Q   3(%/(7^(/C%t(( ~~(6( / ^ %^//7 ~(t%O(s(CCt                 t(
Q ^B@@B#S                 //~(~/((~///////  ^~^///////        ^ ^~^~t/~t/
S  G(   e                  ^///^/^^          ///////^^        // ~/ /~ t
6(e~#~%~S^^^               ^///////^      ^/ ^//^/////  ((   (7((~ /((/%/
(/~/~/(~(^^^^^             ^///////^       ////////~//^s6t6C%OC%7%~%%7%7/
          ^^^^               ^^^^^^^/^      /////////////////^////////~~/

NOTE: This may look dumb from where you are sitting, but if you back up
from where you are sitting, you will see the NASCAR 06: Total Team
Control box.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. My settings
4. Rookie Challenges
5. Veteran Challenges
6. Legend Challenges
7. Bonus Challenges
8. My thanks
9. Copyright

1. Introduction

Hello, welcome to my Dodge Challenge guide. This is my first guide, so please
bear with me. The purpose is to help you the player, blah blah blah. Anyway,
I hope this helps and feedback is encouraged. Think you know something I
don't. Need more information. Email me. My email is:


This is how my guide will be set up.

Challenge name


Nothing else to see here.

2. Version History

Added PirateoftheFAQs ASCII picture


Added ign.com to the sites allowed to use my guide.


Added a tip for Club California sent in by dopper43.


Added supercheats.com to the sites allowed to use my guide.


No major updates. Just added neoseeker on the permission list of sites that can
use my guide. Also added this section.


Done with all Dodge Challenges.

3. My Settings

How I have my settings.

Difficulty: Legend
Assists: On (It's way too hard otherwise)

I have the default for everything else.

4. Rookie Challenges


2 Lap Shootout

Jeff Gordon
New Hampshire

A caution flew late in the race. That set up a green-white-checkered. In the
end, Kurt Busch drove away and won the race. Gordon has another shot, get
around Busch on the restart and send Jeff to victory.

OK. I'm sure you noticed that Kurt Busch is your rival. He will not bump you.
He will just block like everyone else. I was able to pull beside him in 1 and
2 and complete the pass in 3 and 4. From there it's pretty simple. Next

Excuse Me While I Win This Race

Matt Kenseth

Matt Kenseth put a bump n' run on Ryan Newman to go on and win the All-Star.
With two to go, can you hold off the field for the win? Look out for Newman,
he may try a bump n' run if he catches you.

4 words: Stay off the apron! It says Ryan Newman will try to bump you.
Before you take control of your car, he does a bump that does nothing.
From there it's pretty simple. There is an alternative way of doing this.
This goes for any other challenge where you hold someone off. If you have
a teammate, swap to him. The AI will hold them off, but not pull away. You
will still get credit for beating it. Next challenge.

The Drought Is Over

Mark Martin

Mark Martin ended his winless streak of two years by holding off the field
on the restart with 9 laps left in the race. Restart with 9 laps to go. See
if you can help Mark end his streak and hold off the field.

4 words: Stay off the apron! You can do the same thing listed above if you
insist. This track is very difficult to run on without assists. So I
recommend you turn them on. This is 9 laps. That can be a long time. It goes
both ways. It's good because if you make a mistake, you have a long time to get
back by. It's bad because 9 laps is a long time, which means more opportunities
for mistakes. Just stay 1/2 lane above the apron and you should be fine. Next

Kansas City Star

Joe Nemechek

Joe completed a weekend sweep in Kansas by holding off a hard charging Ricky
Rudd to win the Banquet 400. This time it's your turn. You're in the 01 car
with 2 laps to go and Ricky Rudd is hot on your right quarter panel. Hold off
Ricky for the win.

You may do the other way of swapping to Scott Riggs, blah blah blah. Ricky
Rudd will be beside you when you take control. 1/2 way between you start and
turn 3, block Ricky and you pretty much beat it. Not very hard. Next

Flat Out Fast

Kasey Kahne

We're going to change history and pretend that flat tire never occured. So
we're going to line 'em up again with 5 laps to go, and put Kasey in 5th.
Take him to the lead and give him his much deserved first NEXTEL Cup victory.

4 words: Stay off the apron! How I did it. I got by Kurt in 3 and 4. Shane
Hmiel on the frontstretch. Gordon in 1 and 2. Johnson in 1 and 2 the next lap.
Use the same driving strategies as Excuse Me While I Win This Race. Next

A Little Help From My Friends

Kevin Harvick

At Lap 186, Junior passed Kevin Harvick and went on the win the race. It's the
last lap, you're in the 29 car running in second behind Junior. The 31 is behind
you and ready to give you some drafting help. Get around Junior and get the win!

Well this one isn't too challenging. You don't have to have Burton's help, even
though it is recommended. So select the 31 and have him follow you. At first
he'll say no, but he will eventually. So keep asking him to follow until he
does. From there it's pretty easy. Next challenge.

Not This Time

Jamie McMurray

Mayfield and McMurray were side by side with 2 to go. They got togetherm and the
40 ended up passing them both on the inside to take the win. This time you're in
in the 42 with 2 to go. Can you hold off the hard charging 19 and 40 for the

4 words: Stay off the apron! You can swap to Sterling, blah blah blah. I don't
really know how you could not lose this one. It can be helpful to have Sterling
block for you. Piece of cake. Next challenge.

Whatever It Takes

Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman had one car to pass to win the Subway 500 but he also had the 42
filling up his rear view mirror. With the 42 right on your back bumper catch
the 48, pass him, and get the win for Ryan.

One point of interest. If you have the Chase Plate for the night race at
Martinsville it will be the night race, not the day race. Another point of
interest. I was at this race. I didn't believe the person that said the
Hendrick plane crashed. I wondered why they didn't have a victory lane
celebration. Then I thought that maybe the guy was right. Turns out he was. Oh,
I'm not supposed to ramble on about my personal life, right! For this
challenge, auto brake was very helpful. It is a long way until you get to Jimmie
Johnson. I was able to pull beside him in 1 and 2 of the last lap and pass him
going into 3. Unless you run great at Martinsville, you really should use auto
brake. Next challenge.

I'll Take A Coke

Michael Waltrip

Michael restarted from a caution in 3rd with just 3 laps remaining in the race.
Jimmie pulled away on the restart leaving the 42 and the 15 in 2nd and 3rd
respectively. With 3 laps to go, can you get around the 42 and the 48 to get
Michael the win?

4 words: Stay off the apron! I got by the 42 on the outside in 3 and 4 and the
48 coming out of 2 and on the backstretch. From there you should just pull
away. Piece of cake. Next challenge.

Fifth Time's The Charm

Kasey Kahne

A restart with 10 to go leaves Kahne in 3rd behind race winner Elliott Sadler.
With 2 laps to go, pass Mark Martin and Sadler to get Kahne his first NEXTEL
Cup victory.

I passed the 6 in 3 and 4, and the 38 coming off 2 and on the backstretch.
Nothing too hard here. Next challenge.

Brotherly Love

Kyle Busch
Las Vegas

Jimmie Johnson won the race while the Busch brothers finished 2nd (Kyle) and
3rd (Kurt). With 3 laps to go, take control of Kyle's car and hold off brother
Kurt to the checkered flag. You don't need to win the race, just make sure
Kurt doesn't beat you.

I don't see how you couldn't beat this one. You can swap to Jimmie or Jeff, or
you can pass Jimmie and have him block. Or you can just hold him off in your
car. Piece of cake. Next challenge.

Never Count Me Out

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon came from 3 laps down to win at Martinsville. A late caution made
for an exciting finish with Jeff Gordon holding off the field in a 2 lap
shootout. Can you hold off the field for 2 laps and take the win.

Once again, I can't see how you couldn't beat this. As with all heavy braking
tracks, auto brake is very helpful. You don't have the luxury of swapping to a
teammate. Very simple. Next challenge.

A Night In The Desert

Michael Waltrip

Kurt Busch held off a hard charging Michael Waltrip to win the first ever night
race at PIR. With 3 laps to go, take control of the 15 car and get around Kurt
for the win.

This one is more challenging. This challenge requires patience.I finally caught
him in 3 and 4 coming to the white flag, but I couldn't pass him until I came
off 2. Auto brake was helpful. Next challenge. Actually, that's it for rookie

5. Veteran Challenges

I Won Race One

Michael Waltrip

Michael passed Junior a few feet before the start/finish line to win his
qualifier race for the Daytona 500. You're on the backstretch on the last lap
of the race. Use the final turns to pass Junior and get Michael the win.

There are a couple of ways to do this one. You can change the commands and
have Junior drop back to let you win. You can pass him normal, or you can
slingshot him David Pearson style. You follow him through the turns, and on the
tri-oval right as you would bump draft him, pull to the inside and with your
momentum, you can pass him. If needed, you can bump him if you're side by side.
Next challenge.

Runnin' On Empty

Bobby Labonte

On the last lap, Labonte ran out of gas and ended his chances to catch Gordon
for the victory. This time Bobby will not run out of fuel. There are 2 laps to
go. Pass Gordon and get the win.

Well this wasn't too hard. He blocks a lot. I couldn't pass him until 3 and 4.
If you go to the outside Newman and/or Johnson will pull up to the inside. So
the inside is recommended. Once you pass Gordon, you won't pull away like the
other challenges. Next challenge.

What If?

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Junior was dominant all day long. He led the field for the entire race, and
never looked back. You have 5 laps to go. Hold off the field and get Junior
the win.

The description lied. He didn't lead every single lap. You should pass McMurray
as soon as possible. He is your best friend. Once you get by, he will block the
rest of the field. You won't pull away though. Next challenge.

2 Or 4, You Make The Call

Mark Martin

Martin and his crew chief chose to take only two tires on their final pit
stop, while Biffle and the rest of the leaders took four. That gave Mark track
position, but he was unable to chase down Biffle for the win. With 4 laps to
go can you catch and pass Biffle for the win?

There are a couple of ways to do this one. You can try to chase him down. I
caught him in about 1.5-2 laps. Or you can adjust the settings to make drop
back a command. Keep telling him to until he does and you pass him. He
eventually cracks, don't worry. Once you pass Biffle, have him block. That
makes it much easier. Next challenge.

Let's Get Him

Dale Jarrett

Jeff Gordon won the Brickyard 400, with Robert Yates Racing teammates Dale
Jarrett and Elliott Sadler finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. With two to go
take both Yates cars around Gordon and make it a 1-2 finish for RYR.

Once again, there are a couple of ways to this one. You can get Jarrett by and
swap to Sadler and get him by, or my way. Have Sadler follow you and make sure
both cars get by. I don't recommend using the swap way is because by the time
you get by Gordon with Jarrett, Sadler is out of contention. Have Sadler follow
you and get on the inside of Gordon. Once your right rear quarter panel is at
his left front fender, run him up the race track. It slows Gordon down, and
gives Sadler time to get by. Once you're both by, have Sadler block and you
beat it. BTW, get use to this, because there are many more challenges like this
one. Next challenge.

Meet Me In Victory Lane

Greg Biffle

At the green-white-checkered finish, Biffle was able to pass Stewart for his
second win of the year and Kurt Busch finished 5th to clinch the point
championship. Can you pass Tony with a green-white-checkered and make sure Kurt
Busch is at least 5th at the end of the race?

See, I told you there would be more of these. Well, this one is harder than it
seems. I say that because when you swap to Kurt Busch, Biffle almost always
gets passed. Then when you swap back, Busch gets passed and so on. Getting by
Stewart is easy, he must have a bad restart or something. You can be clear in
the middle of 1 and 2. Then swap to Busch and get by Kvapil and pray that
Biffle doesn't get passed. If he does swap back to him and get him back by.
Next challenge.

Wheel Man

Tony Stewart
Watkins Glen

Tony won the race by more than 2 seconds over the rest of the field. This time
we are going to put them right on your back bumper for the final lap. Make sure
you don't overdrive the car, and hold off the pressure for the win.

Just like the description says, don't overdrive the car. I know there are some
people saying "Heck yes, a road course" and some people like me are saying
"Ugh. Not a road course. I'll do anything." Well if you are like me, turn on
auto brake. It helps a lot. I sometimes get a glitch that screws me up (EA has
plenty of those). In the inner loop, Truex goes off in the grass, and I get a
message saying Failed-Reckless Driving. Just keep restarting until that stops.
Next challenge.

The Rainbow's End

Jeff Gordon

A wreck on lap 11 took out All-Star contender Jeff Gordon and marred the return
to glory of the Rainbow paint scheme. Running in the 12th spot, see if you can
get the 24 car through the wreck unharmed so Jeff can go on to compete for the

4 words: Stay off the apron! Notice that you are running in Jeff's ugly rainbow
car. When you start, right before you take control, the car bobbles a little
bit, allowing Burton, and possibly the 198 car to go by on the inside. That
makes this challenge more challenging. If you get to the inside, you will win
guaranteed if you get off the gas a little bit, the brakes if needed. It still
can be done if you are stuck on the outside. Once the wreck happens, slam on the
brakes immediately. You will probably have to slow the car down to passenger car
speed. Then once it seems like you are going again they check up again. A major
concern there would be staying above 20th. Just get to the inside. Next

Not My Beef

Tony Stewart
New Hampshire

Robby Gordon and Greg Biffle caused a wreck that Tony Stewart was unable to
avoid. This time when Greg and Robby get together try to avoid the wreck, to
Tony a contender in the race.

Dang! EA is making me mad by talking about Robby Gordon in this challenge, and
not having him in the game. This one is pretty easy. One point of notice. If
you swap to Bobby Labonte, you can get as much damage as you want (not that you
would want any) and you won't fail. You will not complete this challenge if you
try to go to the outside. To beat this one, you will need to go to the inside,
and get off the gas a tiny bit, to avoid Greg Biffle going up the race track.
Easy. That's because I pushed the easy button. Next challenge.

Need A Push?

Jimmie Johnson

Hendrick Motorsports drivers Gordon and Johnson worked very well together all
night long in the Pepsi 400. There's two laps to go in the Pepsi 400. Junior
is in the lead, Gordon second, and Johnson third. Can you get around Junior to
give Hendrick Motorsports a 1-2 finish?

This challenge is pretty simple. You select the 24, and select Work With Me.
Just keep moving up and down the race track until Gordon is on the inside of
Junior. From there just keep following him until you finish. Easy. Next

Take Me To The Chase!

Jeremy Mayfield

Jeremy Mayfield and his 19 crew did everything they needed to do at Richmond to
make it into the Chase for the Cup. Can you hold off the field for 2 laps and
get the win?

This one is really easy. If you run the bottom, you pretty much automatically
win. If you run a groove up you will be side by side with Junior or Gordon and
have a photo finish. Easy. Next challenge.

If I Had Another Chance

Mark Martin

Jimmie Johnson had been dominant all day long. Mark Martin was just starting
to catch him when the race ended. There are only two laps to go, and Jimmie
is about 1.5 seconds ahead. Catch the 48, pass him, and get Mark the win.

Mark says you should pass him in turn 1. I got to him in turn 1 but passed
him in 3. This requires patience, because he's a long way away, and will be a
full lap  before you catch him. But other than that, it's easy. Next challenge.

Dodging Disaster

Kurt Busch

On lap 312 of the event, a multi-car wreck occured just in front of Kurt Busch
as he was exiting turn 4. He had already survived another wreck on lap one of
this race, and despite all the problems, he went on to finish fourth. Can you
avoid the wreck?

4 words: Stay off the apron! There is no way you can fail this challenge.
You're on the inside, Kahne wrecks on the outside and doesn't come down, it's
a single car wreck, you can't lose. Next challenge.

Orange Crush

Jeremy Mayfield

There was a wreck on the caution restart of lap 127 involving Kasey Kahne.
Mayfieldmade an incredible move across the track to miss his teammate's
spinning car, along with several other cars that were involved. Can you get
through the wreck without damaging the car?

This is very difficult unless you do it how I did. First, you must get on the
inside. You must cut off Sadler or Johnson. Then, you must get on the brakes
and wait for Stewart to go back up the race track. If you try to go outside of
him, you will be wrecked. Then you're done. If you do it on the outside,
please tell me how you did it. I almost stop, when Rusty comes spinning up
taking lots of other cars with him. Can be very difficult. Next challenge.

Tough Night In TN

Rusty Wallace

Rusty Wallace, Carl Edwards, Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, and Bobby Labonte
were all involved in a wreck after checking up behind Mark Martin and Brian
Vickers on lap 389. Can you get through the wreck without damage?

For this one you need to just slam on the brakes and pray that Mayfield
doesn't run you over. Just stay on the bottom and get on the brakes until
everyone starts moving again. Like I said, your biggest concern is having
Mayfield run you over. Next challenge. Actually that's it for veteran

6. Legend Challenges

And This Is My Backup

Greg Biffle

On the final pit stop of the race, while under a yellow flag, Casey Mears took
2 tires in order to beat Biffle off pit road. It took Biffle only 3 laps to
work himself around the 41 and continue on to victory. Can you pass the 41 in
3 laps like Greg did?

4 words: Stay off the apron! On the restart you can pull beside Casey but not
pass him. For this one, I recommend doing the crossover. You should go in the
corner on the outside and when Casey blocks, move back down to the inside and
you should be beside him and can go by him in the next turn. Next challenge.

Settin' Up The Six-Peat

Dale Earnhardt Jr

Junior and J. Gordon had been battling for the lead in the Aaron's 499 when the
caution came out with 5 laps to go. Jeff was in front by a nose to win the race.
Can you get ahead of J. Gordon before the caution comes out at lap 184.

Don't even bother telling Michael to follow you. Kevin will pass him and
Michael won't be able to help you. I recommend the slingshot for this one. So
when you're making a run at him, dart to the inside and slingshot him David
Pearson style. Easy. Next challenge.

I'm Staying Out

Ryan Newman

A late caution bunched up the field, and set up a restart with 4 laps to go.
It's a caution restart and a 4 lap dash to the finish. You need to hold off
the rest of the field and get the victory, just like Ryan was able to do.

Don't listen to Kenny. He says you're on wore out tires. You have perfectly
fine tires. This one is very easy. The main concern is protecting the bottom.
It's much easier to do in 1 and 2 than in 3 and 4. If you can hold the bottom,
then you've pretty much beaten this challenge. Next challenge.

Never Say Never

Kurt Busch

Busch dodged disaster in this race by surviving a blown right front tire on
lap 93. Kurt fought to make it back to 5th and clinch the championship. Can you
start in 28th at the restart and gain 10 positions before the next yellow flag
drops in 3 laps?

This one looks harder than it really is. You can pass these cars with ease.
What I would do is this. Just stay on the bottom for the whole challenge. Even
on the straightaways. No one blocks you down there except in the corner. You
should be able to get a good run off the corner and keep passing them. Next

All But Locked In

Elliott Sadler

Elliott Sadler raced to his second victory of the season and all but wrapped up
a spot in the Chase for the Cup. You're in Sadler's car with 2 laps to go. Hold
off the hard charging 9 and 6, and get Sadler the victory.

Well, this one's pretty easy. You just need to protect the bottom. If you're
on the outside you will just be side by side with Kahne or Martin. Easy. Next

Gimmie 3 More Laps

Bobby Labonte

Bobby was running in third with five laps to go when the caution came out and
the race. This time the caution does not come out. Pass the 6 and the 48 with
3 laps to go and get Labonte the win.

As Bobby said in the interview, get on the inside of Johnson in turn 3 and
pass him going into 1. You should be able to get Martin going into 1 on the
first lap. I couldn't get by Johnson in the tunnel turn. I got beside him in
3 and passed him going into 1 just like Bobby recommended. Next challenge.

Bingo Fuel

Rusty Wallace

Jeff Gordon had been dominant all day long, but he was giving up some valuable
time to Rusty. Rusty ran out of fuel on the final lap, giving the win to Jeff.
There's 2 laps left, and Jeff is ahead of you. Can you catch Jeff and pass him
for the win.

This your first difficult, true challenge. I know there are some people saying
"Heck yes, a road course" and some people like me are saying "Ugh. Not a road
course. I'll do anything." Well if you are like me, turn on auto brake. It
helps a lot. This one also requires lots of patience. It will be a while before
you catch him. I caught him in turn 4 of the last lap and was able to get under
him and pass him in 7. Very hard. Wish I had the easy button now. Next

Club California

Greg Biffle

Greg Biffle drove the wheels off his car while holding off the field to win the
race. Jimmie is 1.5 seconds back and you have worn tires. Can you hold off the
field for 3 laps and win the race just like Greg was able to do?

Another difficult challenge. This one is much harder than it looks. You will
probably think that because you have a 1.5 second lead that this is very easy.
Wrong. It is very hard. That 1.5 second lead will shrink in a heart beat. For
this challenge, it is highly recommended you swap to Edwards or Martin. You
have worn tires, and that car is wicked loose. Or as Rusty would say, loose as a
goose. If you are going to do it the hard way, good luck. Because you will need
it. Coming off the corners, that car will start turning sideways. The second
you see any trace of skid marks on the track, immediately turn to the right.
When I beat it that way, Jimmie was on my bumper at the end of the race. Very
hard. Wish I had the easy button. Next challenge.

Thanks to dopper43 for sending me this:

It seems EA has made the directional pad less responsive, which is an advantage 
in this case. By using the d-pad, the car does not break loose as much. Just be 
sure to roll out of the throttle a little bit before entering the corner.If the 
car does break loose, just tap the break once and the car should straighten 

Unscheduled Stop

Elliott Sadler

Elliott Sadler had a top-10 run going when he felt a vibration and came to the
pits in the late stages of the race. This time Elliott has 4 good tires and
doesn't need to pit. Start 9th with 5 laps to go, can you get Elliott to the
front and get a win?

4 words: Stay off the apron! This is the complete opposite of the last
challenge. This one looks much harder than it really is. This car is wicked
fast. I'm not joking when I say I passed all the cars in one lap. That's
because I had assists on. Without them, this one is very difficult. I just ran
the bottom all over the race track, just like Never Say Never. Easy. Next

I Almost Didn't Make It

Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards was sliding the back end off of every corner in the closing laps
of the race. He caught and passed Jimmie in a very exciting fashion on the last
lap. Catch and pass Jimmie to win the race. You only have one lap to pull it

For this challenge, you must do the opposite of what Carl did in real life.
You need to pass him on the inside. If you go the the outside, two things will
happen. He will block, and Biffle will most likely pass you. You should do the
crossover move to get on the inside. In 3 and 4 get way up high. When Jimmie
blocks you should go back to the inside and pass him. Just like And This Is My

Working My Way Through

Kevin Harvick

In reality, it took Kevin just 92 laps to get into the lead after starting dead
last. Here, you need to pick them off even faster than that. Starting 10th you
will have 5 laps to get the lead in the closing laps of the race.

Well, this one can be hard. It's hard because it's hard to pass at Bristol. But
with assists on, it's very easy. I passed Sadler for the lead going into 3 of
the last lap. One thing that you might notice. Those 5 laps go by quickly. Just
run the bottom all over the track like Never Say Never and Unscheduled Stop.
Easy. Next challenge. Actually, that's it for Legend Challenges.

7. Bonus Challenges

All For One And One For All

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie took his 3rd straight checkered flag to remarkably pull himself right
back into contention for the NEXTEL Cup. With 5 laps to go, get Jimmie the win
and the rest of the Hendrick cars into the top ten.

This one is very difficult. It's difficult because with EA's AI the cars
always fall back once you swap to someone else. Once you start, swap to Gordon
and get him into the top ten. Actually move him up to about 7th or as many spots
as you can without passing a teammate. Then, swap to Kyle Busch. He'll be in
about 15th or so. Work him up into the top ten and stay there. If one of your
teammates is falling back, just pass him and pass a couple more cars. Then,
swap to that teammate and get him back in the top 10. This whole time, you need
to watch that track in the top right corner. If Jimmie loses the lead,
automatically swap to him and get him back in the lead. It's very difficult but
it can be done. Next challenge.

It Just Broke

Jeff Gordon
Watkins Glen

Jeff was in contention for much of the day for his fifth win of the season but a
transmission problem on lap 82 relegated him to a 21st place finish. This time
the transmission does not give out, and there are two laps to go. Can you pass
Tony and get the win?

I know there are some people saying  "Heck yes, a road course" and some people
like me are saying "Ugh. Not a road course. I'll do anything." Well if you are
like me, turn on auto brake. It helps a lot. This one isn't too hard with
assists. I got on his back bumper in the inner loop but took me a while to pass
him. I got beside going into 1 on the last lap, but I couldn't complete the
pass until I got in the inner loop. If you're patient, you can pass him. Just
wait one full lap and pass him in 1. If you can, don't wait until the inner
loop to complete the pass him. Next challenge.


Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie's got another chance to win the Cup. It's a green-white-checkered finish
with Johnson in 4th, Gordon 3rd, and Kurt Busch 5th. Get Johnson up front as
soon as possible, then keep Kurt Busch third or worse by switching to Gordon's
car and blocking.

This one isn't too hard. Once you get by Biffle, it's smooth sailing. For this
one, go around just like Never Say Never, until you pass Biffle. Once you get
by Gordon, tell him to block until he cracks. You don't need to swap to Gordon.
Basically, if you pass Biffle you've won. Biffle will stay right on your back
bumper, and that guarantees Busch to have a finish worse than 3rd. Next

The Daytona 507.5

Jeff Gordon

The Daytona 500 went 3 laps longer than scheduled distance. We're going to
re-stack the cars for the green-white-checkered finish. Hold off Kurt Busch,
Dale Jr., and the rest of the field just like Jeff did to win his 3rd Daytona

This is pretty easy. It is harder than the past restrictor plate challenges,
though. I say that because cars can pass on the outside. Before, you could just
stay on the bottom the whole time and win. Not any more. But, once they get by,
it's easy to get back by if you do a David Pearson style slingshot. If you get
through the restart lap without losing the lead, you've won. Next challenge.

McMurray, Mears, Marlin

Jamie McMurray

Chip Ganassi Racing had a great day in Texas, with all 3 cars finishing in the
top 5. This time, we want to give Chip Ganassi Racing a 1,2,3 finish. You'll
start in the 42 with 6 laps to go.

Don't listen to Kenny. Listen to the description. You start with McMurray. As
with All For One And One For All, your teammates will fall back when you swap
to a teammate. What I would recommend doing is this. With McMurray pass
Biffle and get a half second lead. Then McMurray will fall back, but not lose
the lead. Then swap to Mears and push McMurray and yourself to another half
second lead. Then swap to Marlin and get him to third, and pray that Mears
didn't pass McMurray. I learned the hard way that McMurray has to win. From
there, once they're in the top 3, swap to Mears or Marlin, whoever is in third
and make sure that the 2nd place driver doesn't pass McMurray. If there were
realistic AI this would be easy. Next challenge. Actually that's it for bonus
challenges. Actually that's it for all Dodge Challenges. My guide is done. Hope
it helped out. Enjoy.

8. My thanks

My thanks go to:

GameFAQs for putting this guide up
EA Sports for making this game
You, the reader for reading this
All the troops overseas
dopper43 for sending in the tip for Club California
PirateoftheFAQs for the ASCII picture

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