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Reviewed: 12/02/05 | Updated: 01/04/06

Be prepared to lose your social life

As we are almost done with the 05-06 football season, we are still left with the only football game, or any sports game, with the one name big enough, and trust me, he’s big, to shine over all other football and any other sports title ever. Madden 06. The new game of a long time icon in gaming history.

Ah, the year of the quarterback is upon us. 06 really takes a look off of the great running backs in the league, and the talented wide receivers and defensive lines, and shines on what really makes a football team, a football team. The one player that gets more recognition than any other sports player, the quarterback.

The big new feature of 06 is the new vision of quarterbacks. What is supposed to add more realism and drama to the game, really only makes it a needless addition and I didn’t really feel like it was as big step forward. Sure, if your playing with a third string quarterback, he wont have as much view and precise aim as say, Peyton Manning.

But as we look past the quarterbacks and their new features, we look to controls. The controls, I found flow a lot more smoothly on the ps2, mainly because of the button layout of the controller and of course the overall feel of the controller. You should never make a lot of mistakes in the game, because the game pretty much tells you what to do in every passing situation, and defensive, is pretty straight forward also, get the quarterback or stop the play. Even though its great to threw for 1000+ yards in a game, and dominate on the field in the run game and most sacks, a lot of it really didn’t feel that real, just another NFL Blitz type deal, but it does stick to limits for what the players can do, and as games drag on, players do slow down and tire out, which was cool.

Story is the same as it is in all Madden, or any football game for that matter, get to the Super Bowl. As you play through the long and tiring weeks of the NFL, players get hurt, you can make trades, draft, train, sign, release, pretty much have total control of your players in the game. It si the most indepth football game, and it shows, and does go into a lot of realism within real life standards. Franchise mode is outstanding, from draft day, to training camp, to the season, to teh Super Bowl, and everything else im between is plain genius.

By far the best thing of the game is the awesome song track. A long list of music from hot artist, and lesser known but great bands. The music is very varied from rock to hip hop, and of course you get the great NFL music in game to, like when you’re watching on T.V. Sound effects are also top notch, and sound really realistic. From the crashing of helmets to the radio show that plays in game.

Yes, the game does look outstanding in game, and the players look outstanding, unfortunatly once again, the crowd is just simple moving paper people. Sure, when the camera moves onto custom created fans after big plays, they look good enough, but it just still fails to impress me in areas. Yes, the fields do get the wear and tear as games drag on, and rain and snow effects look awesome, but I just felt as if I was not getting all that could have been.

Yes, it is the best Madden game out now, and it all goes beyond in some key areas, a lot of things just didn’t look right, and the new quarterback addition was more of a chore than a great innovative feature. If you’re a football fan, this is a definite buy. If not, rent it, and see how it feels. 06 does give gamers a new realism that past games didn’t, but it still doesn’t flow right into game play. Madden 06 will have you coming back for more constantly, and there is always something to do. And there is always next year to get it perfect at least.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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