Review by AmazinAsian24

Reviewed: 10/13/05

Madden 06...Best Football game ever? or an image of last year?

The graphics of Madden 06 are only a tad better then 05. The facial models look practically the same and the uniforms do too. Not much of an improvement from 05 but it still looks great.

The gameplay in Madden 06 is still great. In my opinion though, using vision cone is just a useless tool to add to this game. Others may like it but i don't. To me, following a light on the screen doesn't seem very interesting to me. Other than the vision cone, running the ball seems a lot more easy this year. The offensive line really makes holes for you to run through. The defensive AI is just very frustrating especially when you are playing on all madden. The defensive backs just keep on attacking the ball and when you think you have a player wide open, the defensive back seems to receive super speed and jumping ability to catch up to you and swat the ball to the turf. But overall, the Gameplay is pretty well done.

Franchise mode in Madden 06 is practically the same as 05. Little changes have been made to this mode that would make it more exciting. The draft is the same, the radio show repeats the same things every year, and the offseason os the same. In my opinion, franchise mode needed serious changing to separate it from 05.

The tackling animations of this game are exactly the same as last years models. I don't even think one new animation was put into this game to make it better and apart from last year's game. I would've also liked to have seen gang tackles like there were in the 2k5 game but only a few gang tackles made it in the game. That really disappointed me. The truck still animations were okay but not great. I didn't like how when you ran over someone, you slowed down and that meant that other players could rackle you right away. That just defeats the whole point of truck stick. I couldn't even manage to do one truck stick move in the open which meant there is no point to it. The hit stick animations are the same as last year. Once again I would've liked to see more animations over last years version of madden.

The online mode in this game is well done.. The menus are easy to figure out and you can start a game easier and faster than ever once you get online. The lag in this game isn't bad at all considering there is barely any lag at all if you play on broadband. When i first started playing Online, it was easy to start a game up really fast and get right into it. The online in this game is very well done if you ask me.

Overall I give this game an eight because this game is a great, realistic football game but it has its problems. Superstar mode gets very repetetive because you practically to the same things everyday. The franchise was almost exactly like last year's version of the game and in my opinion, needs major tweaking. The gameplay is great except the defensive AI when you pass the ball. This game is a great game and is a must have for any football fan out there!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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