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Reviewed: 08/22/05

John Madden's NFL 2006 - More than I Expected

It's back and, at first, I was totally against the buying of this game due to me being an NFL 2k5 fanboy [the Visual Concepts game last year]... But I am glad my brother doesn't listen to me and has no loyalty to video games because this has certainly surpassed my expectations...

Gameplay 8/10
Ah.. the most important thing in any video game and possibly the biggest surprise I recieved this year from the Madden series. The last Madden I bought was 2003 and 2001 before that and in 2003' case I used to just do Franchise mode, seeing as I am the type of guy who does the management but this year's Madden made me want to play football games.

Precision Passing/Vision Cone
An excellent touch which gives the player more control over where the ball goes, and gives the defense to know exactly who the QB might be throwing. And the Vision Cone is exceptionally realistic.

The Hit Stick and Playmakers
E.A. Incorporating the right joystick into all their video games back in 2004/2005 has really effected gameplay. These features were in last year's version, I know, but I didn't buy last year's version. As mentioned above, more control is given to the player which can never be bad, can it?

The Kicking System
I did buy E.A. Sports football games, NCAA College Football and I can't understand why they can't make the systems the same. This is the only thing that annoyed me in the whole game until I got used to it.

Superstar Mode
Can I say something? This is the absolute best damn feature in any sports game, ever. Not the Superstar mode itself, but the "Control a single player on a team" mode. Like in NCAA [Race for the Heisman] this does not disappoint. With all the media attention and sponsership deals you can get to the complaints you could make about your coaches... You have the ability of becomming an even cockier player then Terrell Owens!

The only bad parts is the fact you can edit the Depth Chart and the customability of the player in this mode. I wanted a skinny white guy with a beard and mullet dammit!

Franchise Mode
Haven't really gotten in-depth with it yet, but from what I saw when looking around, it's definately more in-depth then previous years.

Graphics 7/10

The Playstation 2 graphics aren't exactly something to drool over but they are improved and pushed to the limit for the limited ability of the Playstation 2. The detail on the crowd though is stunning and I expect to be improved with the Next-Gen systems.

Sound 8/10

Once I turned off most of te music I didn't want and put on all the old NFL Classic Films music, I must say that the menu music became quite enjoyable. Sam Spence, is a genius.

As far as in-game sound is concerned, on a surround sound system, this sounded absolutely brilliant. I had a small problem with the crowd effects as MVP Baseball 2005 had awesome crowd effects but it seemed to lack as it was just cheering.. Although that's what a crowd does I suppose.

Value - 5/10

I don't believe any sports game is worth $50, no matter how good it is but Madden is definately worth free for me. [remember, my brother bought it]

Replayability - 10/10

No matter how many times you play this, you'll most likely seem to find something new [a new animation, a new play or even just a new fan] plus the customability E.A. gives makes this game replayable.

Final Score - 38/50 or 7.5/10
Definately a rent for even those who don't like American Football for a quick night of matches, and if you can find it used or want to shill out $50 [American] it's a good buy.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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