Review by Dagannoth

Reviewed: 08/18/05

Madden NFL 06 = Great Game!

Well, they've done it again folks, Madden 06 now brings us plenty of new features! such as Precision Passing, Truck Stick, Superstar mode, and more!! If you enjoyed playing Madden 05 last year, trust me you will LOVE playing this years Madden, & I'm not even too big of a football fan, but its caught my attention.

Game-play 10/10

Alright, lets start out with Game-play, there is Precision Passing for your quarterback, when moving back & looking for an open receiver to pass though, you will be like a car with a headlight scanning the field to find somebody open to catch the ball. You can move that vision light with the Right Analog stick & if you get the vision light on the player your gonna pass the ball to, there's a very good chance he will catch that ball rather than miss it. However it will most likely backfire if you're using the Precision Passing and the person you pass to is out of your vision lights range. Then there's new addition to Madden 06, the Truck Stick, man is this awsome! I have had numerous fumbles when tackling people when I used the Truck Stick, it makes your players tackle much harder & all you have to do to use it is press up or down on the Right Analog when you are about to tackle somebody. Sometimes helmets will come flying off, you just never know. Also let me not forget to mention Superstar Mode, here you can take control & play the role of your own player, whether it be you starting on your own from the bottom working your way up, or you export your character from NFL Streets 2 or NCAA 06. First off, you pick your parents kind of fun here lol, You then get to take place in interviews with the media, hire an agent, even take an IQ test. Best thing about this, it all happens before the draft! So you think to yourself wow, if all this happens before the draft I can't wait for whats gonna happen after I get drafted! Now, after the draft thats when your career starts you can take place in training camps, receive endorsements, get a movie role and so much much more.

Now after all that gameplay, you STILL have classic, franchise mode, online mode and exhibition games. So much you can do in this great football game.

Graphics 9/10

The graphics in Madden 06 isn't too big of an improvement from Madden 2005. It's basically the same which is still pretty darn good but hey, don't complain when you got everything else Madden 06 has to offer you.

Sound 8/10
Music 7/10

Music..well it isn't all of my taste but there's quite a bit of rap & quite a bit of rock, I personally prefer rock over rap. All in all the soundtrack is pretty good there's quite a few addictive songs that will repeat themselves over and over again in the back of your head. Now the game sounds, are pretty improved I think the commentary is better, they don't seem to repeat the same lines over and over like they did in Madden 05. You still hear all the hard hits, grunts from the players and the big tackling sounds!

Buy or Rent? Definitely a buy! Especially if your a big football fan definitely buy this game, it is worth your money to pick up from your local gaming store. If your unsure about it, go to your local video store & try renting the game see if you like it which I'm sure you will.

Overall Score 9/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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