Review by nairby

Reviewed: 08/16/05

I used to hate football in all it's forms.

Up until October of 2004, I was one of the biggest anti-football people you would have ever met. But then I gave the sport a chance. Four Super Bowl DVD's, some dude named Pinhead, and Toronto Argonauts season tickets later, I became obsessed. All I needed was a game to hold me over until the NFL season started again. Enter Madden 06.

GAME PLAY...9/10

The only problem one may have with the game play is the new Quarterback Vision feature. It takes some getting used to but at the same time adds more realism to the game. And I got used to it rather quickly. The other downside to it is that your opponent, whether human or on-line, can see your QB vision light on, too. But I hear you can turn the feature off. Personally I haven't checked that bit yet.

The truck stick is amazing for plowing through defenders and gaining that extra few yards if not more. Overall the controls are quite easy. And as a new fan to not only the sport but the football video game, if it is easy for me it should be easy for anyone.

GAME MODES...10/10

As of this writing I have only been playing the new Superstar Mode. Many people do not like this mode due to the seemingly never ending amount of practices and training camp days. But the whole point to this mode is to actually live the life. I love it. The practices help you get better used to you team and the plays, and helps you build your superstar's attributes up. During the season you hire agents, have your own website, receive offers to appear in movies and more. It is a great simulation experience in my book. If you have NCAA 2006 or NFL Street 2 you can import your created players into Madden's Superstar Mode. As your career progresses, hire better agents and move into more lavish locations.


I don't really care for the soundtrack. To much hip-hop/rap. But that of course is just a menu thing. During games it is not too far away from watching an actual game on television. But then again I've only been watching the sport for a few months so I am not much of an expert here.


If you select auto save it can be a bit of a pain especially in Superstar mode. Save times can be pretty time consuming, so just don't use auto save.


Once again, I am a new fan to the sport, so if you are a veteran, don't take my word for it. At least rent it and give it a try. But rent it with a clear head and not a, "Damn EA for monopolizing the football video game industry!" attitude. Do that and you will miss out on an awesome game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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