Review by ridtleboxx

Reviewed: 08/15/05

A huge leap foward.

I bought this game a day before it went on shelves and at first I hated it. I hated the passing cone and the much smarter defense. But now after almost a week. I LOVE it! The graphics are the only bad part of it but they are still good. The gameplay surpasses and Madden before its time and all football games period. The SuperStar mode is awesome could be better, but is still awesome for its first appearance. In previous Maddens I could as well as a lot of others pass with quarterbacks like AJ Feeley and complete every pass, not this year. The better your QB the better you are. I also love the Truck stick. It kinda reminds me of ESPN NFL 2k5 how you could plow over people with ease. But the Truck Stick is very realistic does not always work. Its all with the timing. Bad timing, you get burned just like with the hit stick.

It really made me mad when I first bought this game looked on IGN before I played it and the game had horrible reviews way worse than last years. Dont believe it this is the best football game ever. It does have some glitches like: wrong logos (ex. playing at Lambeau and the Panthers logos will be there) freezing booting up SS mode. Well from what Ive figured out these only happen when you load bad rosters. Go to These rosters work with everything and are updated.

The franchise is as awesome as ever. The Mini Drills are still a fun thing to do. And all of the usual game modes and extras are there. The only bad thing is for some reason this year you can not use custom playbooks in Franchise.

Overall I give this a game a score of an A-. When this game gets released on a next-gen console. It will be an A+ because it will (should) have better graphics. The player animations are smoother than last year. If you are a football fan buy this game. This game will keep you busy for weeks even months on end.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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