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Reviewed: 08/10/05

Madden, new and improved to better fit you.

Madden, new and improved.

Madden 2006 is a huge step up from last years game. I have only had the game for a day but have already explored many of the new features, modes, and gameplay. The game starts off good with a tutorial of the new QB sight feature. That made me very impressed. Usually for new features in a sports series, you would have to read the little instructional manual. Right here, you get an in-depth explanation of this new feature.

The first thing I did when I got Madden 06 was start a new franchise and start from training camp. The training camp is pretty much the same as last years, so nothing new here. But when I actually started pre season play, I noticed a big difference in the gameplay. The QB sight is the most obvious and it makes the game somewhat more challenging, but not so challenging that you can’t complete passes. In some ways it probably makes the game easier. With the left directional and analog stick you can actually aim the ball exactly where you want it on the receiver you are intending to throw it to. Once you get the hang of it, I think it is much easier.

The gameplay improves in many other areas as well. One thing that I noticed was that on kick returns you get much more yardage than usual. It adds a more realistic vibe to returns, instead of getting pinned down at the 20 most of the time. Kicks and punt meter speed seems to have increase a little bit because the first few times I tried kicks and punts I screwed up on the accuracy bad, but this is no big deal.

The hit stick is still working good, and I have also found that interceptions are more common and real, unlike in 05 how many defensive backs would go for an interception and then drop the ball. Fumbles seem to be slightly more frequent as well. I have fumbled the more seemingly more today, but maybe I just need some more getting use to, to the game.

One thing that is another improvement in my book, is the challenges are more fair and today I think I was 4/5 on winning challenges. Now what this says, I don’t really know. Weather the refs are less accurate now or challenging plays has become more in our favor, I don’t know, but I certainly like it a lot.

On to the graphics and sound. The graphics and sound are great. I noticed that the picture is clearer than last year and the sound is better. The game is more colorful and alive than before and are just amazing. The sounds are very well crafted, too. You come in tact with many different voices in NFL Superstar mode, and all of them are clear and sound good. I give the sound and graphics a perfect ten.

Speaking of the Superstar mode, the biggest new feature, and probably my favorite is this. Although there are some flaws to it, it is still a great system. You sketch out your character starting from his parents DNA to determine his position, then you can customize his apparel. Then you get drafted by a random NFL team(in older Madden games I would try to create a player based on me and have him drafted or places on an NFL team, and I could NEVER get it done, this system does it right for me).

Once drafted, you gain access to more things in your apartment and you will get a schedule of events that you will have to do. You can either do them yourself or allow the computer to simulate it for you. Once you are drafted, you can get haircuts, tattoos, and once you get a good enough agent go to a gym.

As your player progresses, he will gain popularity and soon be offered contracts by different teams other than the one that drafted you, just like real NFL players.

I have only had this game a day, but I am sure that it will be great in the long run, it will entertain me until the next one, and I look forward to multi-playing with my family and friends. To me this game is flawless(except for the fact that it may become too easy in the long run). But to me this game is flawless.

In conclusion, get out there and buy this game. If you didn’t have it reserved at a local store, you may not be able to get it from there, so you would probably have to get it off the internet if you want it fast. Otherwise just wait a few days till the store gets more. But this is definitely a game, you want to buy and have in your collection.

Overall: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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