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Reviewed: 08/09/05

They are all wrong

Don't be fooled by the reviews saying that this game is sub-par or mediocre. This is the best Madden BY FAR. I have owned every version since Madden 64, and if you are a fan of Madden you will love this game. I'll do the usually rundown. This is for the Playstation 2. I am a little tired since I was at Wal-Mart at midnight earlier this morning waiting in line to score this awesome game, and it was worth the wait...

•Graphics: I personally love Maddens graphics, and this year they are better than ever. The only thing I can't wait for is high resolution graphics because that is the only problem. Running with the Sony component cables on my 30" high def, the action looks a little pixelated and its starting to get more noticable as the Playstation 2 ages. (Anyone else notice that?) If this game ran in 1080i the graphics would be phenomanal. But since it's not, I'd have to give the graphics an 8. There is nothing wrong with them, and don't get me wrong I feel they are the best in the series. Anyone who tells you different has never played it. Another thing is the fixed the little TV numbers on the players shoulders, they are now much LARGER and it looks WAY better. 05 had tiny numbers that looked out of place and made the players look like they had wider shoulder pads.

• Audio: The sound effects and the music are spectacular! For all you people who are Madden nerds they even remixed the trademark Madden intro music right before the coin toss! I was stoked! I am not one of those wann be gangstas either, I like punk rock and Madden has me covered. Yeah it has some Memphis Bleek and thats fine, the song is a good one. So far the songs are all good. And the sound effects are all fine, EXCEPT when is EA gonna get it through their head that the crowd DOES make noise at a professional football game! In other words the crowd is lame. There wasn't hardly any noise at all in the Metrodome when Culpepper through a touchdown to Nate Burleson. IMO the metrodome is the LOUDEST dome in the NFL.
Here is another take on the crowd noise, EA could be going for that broadcast booth presentation, where all you hear is the commentary and not much else except for the occasional hard hit. If that is the case, then EA has it spot on, just not the way I would prefer it.

• Presentation: This years presentation is a visual extravaganza! The menus are all clear and easy to read, the teams have 3D logos too! I really like the new menus.

• Gameplay: Here is where it counts, the gameplay if you are smart enough is top notch, I tell you what I mean. You probably will not be able to play this game unless you know how to act like a real QB, that is what the precision passing is. I would like to see all the maddens from now on include this feature or inprove upon it somehow. The precision passing IS revolutionary, and anyone who says otherwise why don't you go play Pokemon or NFL Blitz. This is the kind of feature I have been wanting for a long time. No longer can you just fall back and heave up passes you no actually have to read the defense and go through your progression. Its awesome, but if you can't handle it and don't like it you can turn it off, no need to insert 2005!

In my opinion, being a huge NFL fan, and of the style of football that they play I give Madden 06 for Playstation 2 a 9.8. Not quite a ten but definatly not a nine either. It will be in my console for the next 4 months period, non stop.

Well that pretty much sums it up, yes I'm a Madden and Playstation fanboy, but this game is worth it, and is a definite buy in my book IF you are an NFL fan. If you just like football in general and want something that plays something like back during your high school glory days definitaly go with NCAA 06.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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