Review by shAdo_1253

Reviewed: 09/18/06

Two new features....while the same football...

Game play: 10/10

Game play, well the new thing and probably the most important thing to know about is the new quarter back vision; it actually shows where the QB is looking. If he is looking at where he is throwing than you can get more of an accuracy pass but if pass to someone you don’t look at then you will get a least accuracy percentage chance…you can always take it off if your no good at it, but I get really messed up if I don’t have it on so I can’t really tell you how good it is with it off...Another new feature is the superstar mode where you can import your character from NFL street 2 or NCAA 06, doing this will start your character off with better stats then everyone else. Or you can go the other way if you don’t have a file and start a character from scratch. Anyways in story mode you can work your way from being nobody to a superstar on-field and off-field. Off-field you can train, get movie roles, ask for a trade, find a agent, look at your website and do interviews. In movie roles, you just read your lines try and remember them and pick the correct sentence. Asking for a trade isn’t as good as it should be since if you do then they will randomly pick a new team for you so if your looking for a specific team than you might as well give up hope for it since if you ask too much then they stop allowing you to ask for trades. The agents are all almost the same except for that if you can actually get your self up to a known person you can actually train since only high level agents are the only ones with access to the training building. Looking at your website allows to find out about your stats, find out about your team, what the public thinks of you, and everything else associated off-field stuff. In the interviews, you just pick an answer for their questions, in every answer comes with a consequents like pick selfish stuff and people will not like you. While everything else that is not part of what you just read is basic the same from last years football game. Online mode is really fun as usual and there is only headset support in this game well there’s keyboard chat support in this game too but you have to pause the game send the message and wait for the other person to pause the game and send back a message. I believe there is no friend search in this game either. My personal favorite is rushing attack, where one person rushes the ball while the other person is trying to tackle him. The person with the most points before time runs out is the winner. Connection in this game is not as good as other games, not only football games. There’s usually a tournament going on that you can win real life prizes, I never entered one but I just thought that just had to be noted…

Customization: 100

Everything is the customization is the same as every football game too except for NFL street of course plus in this game you can’t wear any headgear like a du-rag under that helmet. Clothing doesn’t even give you stat boost.

Audio: 9.5/10

The music is typically rap but there is some rock in the game. I personally think that a football game is better with rock music. The only time you get to hear the music is between plays and the main menu. In the game you can hear john madden talk. It mostly is the same as last hear except two new lines. And I wish that you can listen to the music while playing in the games since it gets quite annoying listen to madden and the QB calling the plays before listening to it again.

Graphics: 9/10

Of course, the graphics in this game is a little cartoonist like every other madden game. But other than that the graphics are good except for if you replay and watch the ball get put into the hands, it looks like they are using psychic powers or something…

Rent it or buy it?

Rent it first if you like it than buy it. Recommendation is too have a saved file with NFL street 2 or NCAA 06 before even starting this game. I personally would buy this game since its so fun and the online mode is always great.

Pros: little load time
Online mode
Use of other games
QB vision
Cartoonist graphics
Superstar mode

Cons: QB vision
Cartoonist graphics
Mostly rap
No stat boost on gloves or shoes
Superstar mode is only a one time hit wonder…

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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