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Reviewed: 06/05/06

Moving in the.. same direction?

Every single year a new sports game is released corresponding to the year. With that new game, New improvements are expected to be made. With that being said, This years' madden had very many expectations. EA Sports decided to improve the offense and as a little bonus they created one new mode. But for some reason, This feels like the same exact game as last year.

Gameplay 7/10- In my opinion, Madden failed on the offense upgrade in this years version. The new feature is called "QB Vision." The idea behind QB vision is simple- A player with a better throwing accuracy and field awareness will have a better chance at throwing the ball than one who has a lesser ability of both attributes. For example, Payton manning will have a "bigger vision" than Rex Grossman of the Chicago Bears. This is a great idea until you try to utilize the feature. With a complex move of the analog stick, while defenders are chasing you, you need to move the field of vision towards a receiver that is open. If you don't and hit that receivers button, A terrible throw will result- Usually ending up in an interception. I ended up shutting this feature off, because of the difficulty.

The second new edition is superstar mode. For me, My superstar was a graduate from NCAA 06. He was a four time Heisman trophy award winner- and was picked in the fourth round; That fact alone tells you that something is not right with superstar mode. My imported player was ranked overall 73, and was a bench wide out for the Denver Broncos. Luckily, I cheated superstar mode a bit by going into the depth chart and moving my receiver up to number one on the slots.

Superstar mode does have a few positives. For example, You can demand a trade or become a free agent- However, You cannot choose what team you would like to sign with unless they offer you a contract. Also, You can elect to make movies during the off-season. Although these movies don't result in any money directly given to you to buy upgrades to your home- That is done automatically. In the end, These "cool moves" end up just being a one time wonder as there is no real award for completing the mode.

Franchise mode itself seems to be imported from 2005. The same commentary by Tony Bruno is heard as you search for the next player of the year to make your team better. Storyline central has turned into a bore with repeatable stories.

Graphics- 10/10- As usual, there is not much to be said about this aspect of the game. The ball looks like a regular football and it feels as if you are sitting at the game watching the game from the field. At least EA Sports didn't change this part of the game.

Sound 10/10- The music mainly consists of rap, i`m disappointed that they could not follow up on last years tunes but, in the end it is something minor and a matter of opinion. Again, you can hear the plays being called as you audible the ball. You can hear the taunts- Another aspect that makes you feel as if you are in the game. However, there is no drastic improvement from 2005. The commentary by John madden and Al Michaels is essentially imported from the older versions. The only new commentary that I was able to pick out would be _____ has returned from the game after being injured earlier, or _____ is filling in for the injured cornerback. Hearing the same stuff over and over again gets depressing.

Rent or buy? In my opinion, This is a huge "disappointment" in the expectations department. In football terms- A playoff team followed up the next season with a 3-13 season. If you have 2005- Don't even touch this years edition unless a lackluster superstar mode interests you. If you don't have 2005- Forget this years version and find a collectors edition of madden 2005. That purchase would be better than the forty that you dish out on this years version.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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